The Woohoo Train

Last Update: June 24, 2021

woohoo woohoo jump on the woohoo train woohoo woohoo jump on the train the woohoo train going to Vegas.

The Woohoo Train jump on we headed to Vegas for 2021 get your 300 referals and Wealthy Affilate will chug you right in to Las Vegas on the The Woohoo Train.

I thought this was funny should have a video but i didn't think about it at that moment.

Had two flat tire helping a friend out had to walk to a Farm Market road I walk till I get to it I see this big old oak tree nice shade I get to the tree" IT IS HOT". Its by a dairy farm I just sit down I sit there a minute, I tell myself to get up cause I might fall out. Theres about 50 jersey calfs under the tree when I walked up, I didn't see them and they hadn't seen me. When I stood up they took off they ran off about a couple of football fields and look back in my directions. Then one got curious to see what I was she came over then another and another till there was about 15 calfs eyeing me I got bored waiting on my daughter-in-law and it was hot.

I mooed at them a couple times then it hit me . I had an audience it was calfs but I had and audience I stink at singing. but I started singing woohoo woohoo jump on the woohoo train woohoo woohoo jump on the train the woohoo train going to Vegas. I did this a few time 2 of the calfs were really listening head up ears all perked out. The best was 1 start walking away and the rest stood still till she was about 5 steps and stepped in a perfect line going back to the herd it made my day I told myself it.s not that bad of a day when God's creations make you feel good at your worst moment.

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DivineGood Premium
Ahh! I love it, Kyle and
honestly, I am getting
emotional now just by
reading it because I
can feel how the little
audience of yours had

They needed your own
company for them that
is why they stayed and
they felt your presence
with your singing.

Thank you, Kyle for
sharing this. I love it.

Sending you more

Where you are, God is.

miloncashgal Premium
I wanna ride the train, but don't care to go to Sin City. I'm concerned I might get into trouble lol
KyleKey Premium
Hello welcome to WA

Hello you got to get moving if you are going to be on the Woohoo train to Las Vegas in 2021. Its building steam right now but it building fast. Jump on get that 300 referrals to Las Vegas on the Woohoo train with Kyle K.

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No ma'am you won't get into no bad trouble always good trouble lol
Only1Hugh Premium
All Aboard!!!
Newme202 Premium
Let's all keep pressing along!
Rohan34 Premium
Keep on chuggin' Kyle :)
KyleKey Premium