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Last Update: Sep 2, 2022

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Each and every year, we do something really special for affiliates at the beginning of September. We renew the Vegas challenge, to give EVERYONE the opportunity to achieve “Vegas Status” and attend the upcoming Super Affiliate Conference.

Well today is that day!

If you can make 100 unique Premium referrals as a WA affiliate between September 1st - December 31st, 2022 you are going to be getting an invitation to Vegas, all expenses paid!

That is right. You will be hanging out with us in style in Las Vegas. All inclusive!

The reason we are making this offer is that we know that if you have the potential to make 100 sales, you have the potential to make 1,000’s of sales and we want to help you create and grow your business.

We also know that many people start Affiliate Bootcamp and their WA promotions at various stages throughout the year, so we want to give all the late bloomers and those that want to get rolling now the opportunity to make our Vegas trip that we are planning already for early 2023.

The Trip. It’s Amazing, It’s Exclusive and It’s Inclusive!

The Vegas experience is like no other. Each and every year we sit down in Vegas with some top affiliate marketers in the world in a round table fashion. We review our year, discuss our upcoming plans with Wealthy Affiliate, and has out many new ideas that lead to improvement of the community (which subsequently leads to more revenue for affiliates).

Not to mention the fact that we have an action packed FOUR days with awesome entertainment, 5 star accommodations and culinary experiences, and the company is unparalleled.

So we want to get you there!

And beyond this, you are going to be in the best shape in terms of your own personal business for the year ahead. We will help you personally with your business and you will be able to mingle with many other VERY successful affiliates to gain some additional insights into how you can improve and scale your business.

We have some amazing discussions every year in Vegas and it is not only going to rejuvenate you and get you ready for the year ahead, you are going to be prepared with new-found knowledge and insights into your business.

Refresh, & Thrive in 2023.

We have never been more excited about the direction of the community here at Wealthy Affiliate, the quality of the service, and the future plans we have for ALL members here within WA. We are going to continue to evolve in the coming months and year ahead at a faster pace than ever.

A better platform and community here, leads to more opportunity for members of the community. Not only that, it makes it easier and easier to promote WA to others, leads to high conversions, and a greater affiliate opportunity. It truly is a win/win.

100 sales, ready set go!

I look forward to seeing many of you in Vegas early next year, it is going absolutely brilliant and our largest and most forward thinking group yet!

If you need a hand with your campaigns, research, keywords, etc... feel free to drop me a PM (I will be more than happy to help you with site reviews as well).

Buckle down and focus in the coming months, the prime time months are ahead and I can honestly say that each and every person here within WA is wholeheartedly capable of achieving Vegas.

Also, make sure you tune into my class on Pay Per Click marketing next week, where I am going to be outlining how to scale WA promotional campaigns quickly. If you have a budget to drive paid traffic to your WA promotions, this could be a surefire way to be sitting with us in Vegas next year.

You can subscribe to this class using here:

Affiliate Bootcamp Strategy Session - Creating Highly Scalable PPC Campaigns



PS. You will notice your Las Vegas counter will show the updated 100 sale countdown starting on September 1st.

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Literally the best affiliate marketing incentive on the planet. And you’ll leave this trip truly inspired.

It inspires us every year, and we look forward to seeing you there in just a few months time Eric!

Thank you kyle

No problem Violet, we would love t have you down in Vegas next year!

Kyle, i don't know if you got my last message...
Christie, If you need a hand with your campaigns, research, keywords, etc... feel free to drop me a PM (I will be more than happy to help you with site reviews as well).
Yes, I need assistance. Please reply.

That is awesome, thank you for the invitation. Kyle.


Or course David, we would love to see you there!

Very exciting, Kyle 😊👍🏼


Let's make it happen this year Chigs, I am counting on your being there!

Will do my best, Kyle 👍🏼

That's a GREAT offer, Kyle... and appreciated!

No problem Richard, we hope to see you there next year!

Oooohh… Exciting!!

Indeed, we would love to have you there next year!

So do I, Kyle! 😊

Let's make it happen, in your corner and here to help you every step of the way!

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