You CANNOT Fail, It's Impossible.

Last Update: May 24, 2021

I have long looked at failure I think differently from most. I realize that we all have moments that we deem as "failure" in life, but the reality of what is happenin is much different from most people think. So today I wanted to take a moment to discuss failure.

First, what does failure even mean? How do you know when you have failed, and I am going to beg to ask if there is even such a thing as failure? When is that moment where you know that you have failed?

Failure, Is it All An Illusion?

We have all heard the famous quote from Thomas Edison:

"I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work."

When he was attempting to create the light bulb, his approach was that a failure was just a learning experience. That is a correct presumption, because that is all a failure is.

One little trick I want you to do here is to think of your very last thing that you feel like you failed at.

Maybe you tried cooking, and the smoke alarms went off. Maybe you edited your theme on your website, and it completely broke your site. Maybe you had a very unproductive week, and didn't accomplish anything. These could all be deemed as failures right?

What if you changed your view? What if these were all GREAT learning experiences.

Yes, you smoked out your kitchen because you burnt whatever you were cooking, but you also learned a lot. Next time you will set a timer...or turn the heat down, or use less oil. You learned, and you will become a better cook as a result of that.

Same with your theme update that went wrong. Now you know how to not update your theme, and perhaps which theme you should avoid. This is useful information to have, and through the process you learned how to efficiently recover your website and manage different themes.

And what about that unproductive week that turned out to be a failure? Well, that was actually a brilliant learning experience. You can look back at the reason why it turned out to be unproductive, the fact that you didn't organize your schedule, you were wasting time on social media, and you were not focusing on specific tasks (you were trying to multi-task). That served as a really good learning experience.

See where I am headed here? If you replace any time you say "failed" with "learned", not only will your outlook on success change, but you will realize just how much you are learning as you move forward with your business.

When you "fail", you are ruling out ways that don't work...or don't work as well as you would like them to work. Simple as that. :)

Let's get a discussion rolling here. I would love to hear about recent "failures" that you had, that were actually learning experiences. What did you learn?

Also, have you always deemed a failure as exactly that, something that inhibits your progress indefinitely? If you have, you are not alone but you need to be honest with your views on failure, in order to overcome this significant hurdle in accomplish massive success!

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klww14 Premium
The greatest success in my life (to date) occurred after I gave myself permission to fail. I learned so much about myself, I ended up changing the entire course of my life.
Being willing to learn also requires a willingness to change. I am willing to learn. I am eager to change. I look forward to the new course my life will take.

Thanks for the reminder.

Kyle Premium Plus
Wonderful story and amazing to hear about permission to fail. The sooner one can have this realization in their business, they sooner they are going to be free themselves up to succeed at whatever level they are willing to work for!
ElizabethRo2 Premium
Start something with out following through is my downfall in terms as "failed" I want to reach the top without massive dedication and consistency, when no result comes, I see myself as being "failed"

When in truth, it's my own lacking attitude to proceed through to the end. Looking back, there are so much things I have stated and not finished, yet I see where I have learned to bring things to the level they are, I have really learned and not failed.

Thanks Kyle.

Kyle Premium Plus
Exactly, one of the things I always tell people that are worried about making mistakes is that "inaction" is the greatest form of failure that anyone can make. If you don't take action, you can't fail (learn), and you certainly cannot succeed as you are ultimately doing nothing.
ElizabethRo2 Premium
That’s for sure Kyle I am a perfect example laugh is on me. I’m not giving up though! WA is my home.

That’s Kyle.

NicholaJames Premium
Hi Kyle,

Thanks for the great post that you have shared to help us to look at failure in a different way that will be benfical to us. There is no real failure once I get the learning from not geting it right the first time around. For me, real failure is starting and then giving up or not starting to do what you really want to do.

Have a fantastic day! Wishing you the very best!

Kind regards,
Kyle Premium Plus
Yes, absolutely the case. Real failure, and the only form of failure in my mind is quitting.
NicholaJames Premium
Nina64 Premium
As a teacher, I always tried to emphasize that a failure is not a failure....rather it's a learning experience. If you can look back and analyze what went wrong and come up with ways to improve upon it, then you are moving forward. Failures are just steps forward. Thanks for the post.
Kyle Premium Plus
Absolutely the case, my wife is a teacher and naturally you approach educating others in this way. The problem is when you educate yourself and you try things for yourself, you naturally become much more critical.

Thanks for sharing your insights here Nina. :)
genxmaro Premium
I literally am not good in the cooking world. I burn stuff, my flavoring is off and i am not really really good at cooking.. period.. i thought that is one of my biggest Failures in life aka "one of my To Be Improved talent".

i had to buy new pots and pans now and then because i kept on burning them. I kept on cooking for years, experimenting and just following recipes after recipes until i developed my own standard of cooking and i know that my actions paid off because I can cook now.. i can cook edible food. yey.

Did i overcome a failure in my life... yes! what did i learn, FOCUS. you have to focus in order to improve or get something out of something and most importantly, you should have the DRIVE to improve yourself because without this driving force... you are doomed to fail.
Angell70 Premium
Hi Mary, same here same!
But hey, we are awakening, in everything don't you think?
many blessing to you