You are in control of ONE thing.

Last Update: June 03, 2021

And this ONE thing is all that really matters.

Your ability to work hard, never changes.

No matter what is thrown at you, and what is out of your control, you can still work hard. You can still push forward. And this is something that cannot be dictated by something else.

This is something that was taught to me at an early age. If I want to make money, and build an income for myself, it is not correlated to my upbringing, it is directly related to my desire to work hard. If I want to rise to the top of the success ladder, I will work harder than the others that are around me.

Hard work is one thing that cannot be taken away from you in the business world, and in the entrepreneurship world. It is also the one thing that you are in full control of.

A Quick Story...

I remember a few years back. I broke my finger in a baseball incident and was required to wear a cast for a few weeks and then splint on my finger for subsequent weeks. Obviously this makes it hard to type, which is something that is required of me all day, every day. Surely that would curb my ability to work hard, would it not?

Well, actually it did the opposite. I couldn't type, so I looked for alternatives. I found that I could actually be just as proficient, if not more, in terms of writing, communicating, and running the support side of our business through dictation. Instead of typing 90-100 wpm, I found that I could type 150-180 words per minute through talk to text dictation.

Something that didn't cost me anything (as it is included on all computers, and mobile devices for free), and something that didn't require a learning curve. But I was able to immediately pivot, and continue working hard...during a time that I feel many people would have felt they were disabled or incapable...and thus would have stopped working altogether.

Now, I do have the pressures of providing for me family and also remaining committed to the family here at Wealthy Affiliate (and the company as a whole), but I know there are many people that would have taken time off when they hurt themselves or used it as an excuse they couldn't work.

I took a lemon, and made lemonade from it...improving my overall efficiency and developing new skills.

Moral of the story, work hard, at all times. Don't stop working hard. Work harder than the person next to you. The result will be something of substance, and a successful business.

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larryaries Premium
Yes thanks for the insight. I should work harder or as hard in this affiliate marketing that will build great rewards vs working hard at a job that will only pay me so much but only in my off time. Robert Kiyosaki said keep your day job but when your not working consistently continue to work on your asset column.
Angell70 Premium
that's perfectly right Larry. keep going take the training and keep asking as much as you want.
and you will succeed,
Blessings to you
YvonneBray Premium
Yes, Robert Kiyosaki, so true.
AlexEvans Premium
I remember the time when you broke your finger, Kyle, my take home from that time was, if things happen to create, difficulties then search for another way. Over time I have come to the realization that success in business and life is based on hard work, we are made to work and the thing is, is there can be a lot of enjoyment to be had from getting stuck in, thanks for the reminder.
Kyle Premium Plus
It comes down to remaining flexible in business, and willing to change your "ways" if you need to on the drop of a dime. That is how we have always approach business, and I have approach my personal activities in business.
Zoopie Premium
This hits home as just this last week I have been bed bound for 5 days straight. I could easily have taken off a few more days but now I'm back behind the keyboard I feel a damn lot better.
The talk to text dictation sounds like a good idea if it understands "Australian"
Kyle Premium Plus
Haha, well it understands Canadian English. So it will work for you, and there is more sophisticated software like Dragon Speak that you can use that understands your accent and will learn from your dictation activities.

One thing that I have always been able to do is work while being sick as well, even with the flu I have always been able to get things down. The beauty of the internet.
NicholaJames Premium
Hi Kyle,

Indeed, hard work is one thing that is in our control so we have to use it to our advantage always.Thanks for the great story of how to overcome a difficulty and turn it into an opportunity for growth and devlopment tthat will eventually lead to success.

Have a fantastic weekend! Wishng you the very best!

Kind regards,
Kyle Premium Plus
Thanks Nichola. Hard work is truly a path to success, even when you aren't doing things as efficient as they could be...or even working as smart as you could.

But you can work smart, and efficiently...but if you are missing the hard work component, no success will happen.
NicholaJames Premium
You are welcome. Well said!
HildeRegine Premium Plus
Great Story Kyle! I could not agree more. Life has taught me that we need to capture every second of it. Many good advice here. I think your committment to WA is inspiring and impressive. You have really managed to make people feel like home here. What I have learned here at WA is priceless and I am very grateful for this.
Kyle Premium Plus
That is so wonderful to hear, and we make others feel like it is home by putting their concerns and interests ahead of anything else.

That is our focus moving forward as well, and that will only become more and more evident as time goes on. Wonderful to have folks like yourself as part of the family Hilde, I really mean that!