Work Hard. Create an Internet Business. Get Ahead in Life.

Last Update: May 07, 2018

When my parents grew up there was a great deal of opportunity. As the statement went, you could...

"Work hard, get ahead in life."

That was true, you didn't even need a high school education. Many of the most successful people of that generation started working hard while they were in high school to the point where making an income became more important than finishing off their education.

It wasn't uncommon to "drop out" of school back then (and in particular college/uni). There was a great deal of demand and through the 60s, 70s and even 80s there was plenty of opportunity if you were simply willing to work hard. Then things changed and there were new requirements.

The WAVE of Education.

get an education

That is the focus of my generation and to a certain degree, the existing generation.

"Work hard, go to school, get ahead in life."

But this very idea is becoming increasingly incorrect as we as a society evolve in a direction where "most" have a degree in something. It is hardly a competitive advantage these days to have a university degree, and when the government loans people money to educate themselves, and when most jobs require it, there are going to be mass amounts of people doing it.

We now see people with college diplomas and university degrees working at Starbucks and working "McJobs". I have nothing against this and I respect EVERY person that is working for a living, but it shouldn't be that way. You don't spend 4 years on a university education only to get a sub par job and one that has very little to do, if anything to do, with your desired path.

Instead, you have a flood of people out there graduating with a degree only to end up in mediocrity. Hardly "getting ahead" in life like we have been conditioned to believe up to this point.

This formula no longer works. There is a new formula, one that has worked up to this point and that will continue to work as long as humans roam the worth. It is...

Work hard. Create an Internet business. Get ahead in life.

There is a fundamental process to being successful NOW, is fairly straight forward. There is just one new element, that is replacing the "go to school". No longer do we live in a world where we can simply go to school and get great jobs or earn a great income.

And SCHOOL certainly does not lead to self fulfillment, as often times you don't get to dictate your career, you end up choosing one that either pays the best or in most cases, that you get hired for (even though it may not be doing something you love to do).

The formula is different now and it will be different moving forward. It includes "working hard", "creating an internet business" and as a result, you will be able to get ahead in life (and be fulfilled int he process.

Step 1: Work Hard.

It has always required "hard work". It did back during the industrial revolution, it did during the education revolution, and it does now with the Internet revolution.

If you are not willing to work hard, you are not going to "get ahead" in life and you certainly are not going to achieve the success that you are capable of. This goes for anything from relationships, to athletics, to becoming a scholar, to operating a thriving business. Hard work is KEY.

So if you are willing to work hard, read on. If not, then I am afraid you are never going to be able to experience success within the online world, or the offline world. Hard work and success go hand in hand and success cannot exist without the hard work ingredient.

The next element to "getting ahead in life" is starting an internet business. It allows you to qualify for all the aspects that are defined as "getting ahead" which I will be explaining.

Step 2: Create an Internet Business.

Creating an online business has never been more viable, for ANYONE. There was a point in time when it was actually quite a technical process to build a business. There are some very uplifting things that have taken place in recent years and are the REALITY of creating an Internet business. They are as follows.

  • Never Been More Efficient. There has never been a time in our lives, or within any generation where you can create a successful and thriving business with such cost efficiency. And there is no other platform in the world that comes close to the thorough, comprehensive and technical "internet business" environment that you have access to here at WA.

    You can literally create, run and maintain a business for the price of a membership here at WA and have EVERYTHING you need (for less than $1 per day). This is our new and very exciting reality as entrepreneurs.

  • You Can Follow a Passion, Hobby or Interest. The Internet has afforded us all with the ability to chase our passion or greatest interests in life, and pursue this as our "business".

    This is something that has always been much more awkward to achieve, in particular with the high costs of operating a business within the offline world. Although you don't have the head in the direction of a "passion project" as your niche, it certainly can be your direction.

  • Continual Education. The Internet is full of resources and education, and here at Wealthy Affiliate you get an ongoing education that will allow you to continue to advanced your skill set (and ultimately your business) as time goes on. If you are constantly educating yourself, you are growing.

    This creates personal and long term fulfillment as well as a great deal of value to your business.

  • Anyone Can Do It. There is no gap between who can accomplish success online and someone who can't. You see people of all origins, of all shapes and sizes, of all ages, with different personalities and characteristics building amazing business online.

    Regardless of who you are, where you are located, your quirks, your current skill set and what "motivates" you, an Internet business can be a vehicle to any level of success you are willing to WORK for.

When I look back to when I started out back in 2002, even things such as building a website or publishing content were very arduous. Something that I can do now in 30 seconds, could have literally taken 30 days when I started out.

That is the beautiful part about innovation and evolution. I am sure the same will be the case as we continue to move forward and as we continue to provide you with an environment here at WA that allows you to operate a business with much more efficiency in your respective online businesses.

Result: Get Ahead in Life.

Get ahead in life
The ultimate goal for us. Of course, getting ahead means different things to different people and as you evolve as a person, as you experience new things, as you have life events, "getting ahead" will mean something different.

Ultimately, we all want to be comfortable in life. We want freedom of time. We don't want to have to worry about paying our next electricity bill and car payment. We want to be able to travel. We want to be happy. We want to learn new things. We want to spend more time with our family and friends. We want to enjoy life and feel good!

These are some ideas of "getting ahead in life", and you likely share many of these. These are some of mine indeed, but getting ahead requires several things. It's not just money.

Having an Internet business will allow you to check of these boxes.

(1) Earn Money. There are 4 BILLION people online and over 550 MILLION products/services online that you can promote as an affiliate marketer. And that is just one of the many ways in which you can make money online. As you establish an audience, a brand and a reputation within the online world, there are going to be a wide array of "money" business models that you can leverage to scale your business. The sky is truly the limit.

(2) Be Happy. To be happy, you have to enjoy what you are doing. But also a critical component of happiness is solving problems, without this we are not going to be able to have the same sense of "purpose" in life.

Purpose is created out of self education and this is something that comes hand in hand with an internet business. You will be constantly learning, but doing so within a category that you love. And if you ever get sick of your niche or want to do something new, you can shift directions or create multiple businesses at any time.

(3) Flexibility. This is a big one for me and you will hear this as one of the big advantages to running an online business. Not only do you have time flexibility, you have location flexibility. You can work when you want, from wherever you want. All you need is a computer/phone and access to the internet.

To this day I still have to pinch myself that I am able to operate my business from my house, a coffee shop, while on vacation, on a beach, in a coffee shop in Italy, or wherever I chose. It comes with me, it allows me to work during any hours I want for as long as I want, and it gives me the flexibility I need to focus on other things. That leads me to...

(4) Family. Many people operate their lives going to work for 8 hours per day, commuting several hours per day in traffic, and then they are lucky if they see their family for a few hours at night to see their family, wife/husband, and children.

That is the OLD way of living and with an Internet business, you truly can spend more time with your loved ones. Work and family can co-exist and work does not need to impact the time that you get to spend with your family when you work online!

(5) Travel. There is a big world out there and there is a lot of beautiful places to visit, amazing things to see, and delicious food to eat. When you run an Internet business, as mentioned earlier, you can operate it from anywhere in the world that you want. It will also allow you to generate enough income where you can travel more frequently, and generate income while you are on vacation.

The Internet never sleeps, nor does your business. Every day is a work day, and every day is a day in which you can travel. The two will go hand in hand. It's truly one of the most brilliant aspects about running an Internet business.

So I encourage you and welcome you to move forward within the new world. The Internet. It is where we are at and I can't see it going anywhere.

As we move forward through the next 20-30 years, those that work hard and build an Internet business are going to get ahead in life. There has never been a better time and you truly have the KEY to the Internet world here at Wealthy Affiliate with the tools, services, training, live classes, expert coaching, and networking capabilities. As far as I am concerned, if you are not working on the Internet, you are investing your time in the wrong place.

As always, I would love your thoughts and feedback on the Internet business world, the role it is currently playing in your life and where you see the next generational jobs/opportunities headed.

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evancruz1 Premium
You know Kyle, I'm very much agreeing with your post here. I have a situation though. I am in college, but I'm not just in college. I'm doing it without debt and a full ride scholarship. I am really looking at opportunity cost though in what I could be making without going to college. Assuming that all living, food, and necessary expenses are paid for, as they are with college at the moment, building my blog (let's not call it a business yet, that's the goal though as you might know) full time consistently for 12-14 hours per day while leveraging WA for the help, support, training, etc. would yield a far greater ROI than college would ever yield. BUT, I have a big question for you specifically to justify my thinking and serve as validation for a potential vendor (those who would pay for needed expenses; I'll convince someone trust me on that). Have you ever seen a blog and/or a business built on WA lose their credibility amongst a target audience or have lost sales and missed out on certain flows of income as a result of not having a college degree? I would really appreciate a truthful and thoughtful answer to my question. And no, I will not drop out now, but your answer might change that if I am 100% guaranteed to win provided that it gives me a clear picture that if I put in that MASSIVE action (12-14 hour days) consistently day in and day out, I would be successful with my venture. As far as my progress goes, I am consistently publishing 2-3 articles per week and working on average 2-3 hours per day (not what I would like, but that's school for ya) with the thinking, as per the training, that if I am just putting more posts there following the SEO criteria, Google will become more familiar with my blog and will increase the chances of indexing. Any thoughts or feedback on my strategy thus far? I'm really thinking long term with my strategy (think being like the Warriors and the Celtics starting at the bottom of the league and then using the draft and building the foundation to get to the top instead of being like the Heat and getting the Big 3 and magically going from 1st round and out to the finals in 1 year). Thank you very much as always Kyle.
billarmstron Premium
My two cents is finish your College and keep going with WA and one of the two will click and go from there. Good Luck
evancruz1 Premium
Thank you for your input.
Kyle Premium
I have always thought this. Looking back, what if I spent all the time I dedicate to school, dedicated to my business instead. Would I be further ahead than I am now? My answer, probably.

I also have the same argument for education and getting a job. What if you offered to work for FREE for the first year of your employment, doing a job that you were passionate about. If you learned the ropes that way, and learned on the job with applied knowledge.

That is the best education, no you don't have certification, but I believe you could be in much less debt and much further ahead if you took this approach.
evancruz1 Premium
Let me respond with this:
1. I don't have debt; it's being paid for with a scholarship.
2. I have realized what you have just said about experience first as I have gone through college and have begun to appreciate this and to accept it as the truth and hence why I asked you the questions that I asked to get an extremely informed decision about this. Because just leaving a full ride scholarship with no validation whatsoever on a viable alternative is foolish. I hope you understand the difference between loans and a full ride scholarship.
And let me suggest this: If I just dropped out of school and I put 12-14 hours per day for at least 1 year into my online business while utilizing WA to its maximum potential like asking questions when I need them answered, getting feedback for my site, helping others, etc., how successful would I be in terms of authority, revenue, and scalability?
billarmstron Premium
As i stated before Get your schooling in and as much as you can get on your scholarship ( you earned them ) and look at WA as a part time job and when school is finished then you can change from part time to full time or go with what you went to school for.

Just my 2 cents worth.

Also FYI I have my GN ( grade nine ) and i kick myself for not getting more schooling.
evancruz1 Premium
Bill, thank you very much for your input. A full ride scholarship is definitely not something that comes by every day.
WorthMillion Premium
I can't wait to have this internet business to be sleepless and continuously churning greenbacks to put to great use feeding starving children, and helping the many helpless animals that are losing their habitat due to human greed and somehow help remove plastics that is overtaking and suffocating this planet!

Thanks for the encouraging post.
JackieSmith Premium
Feeding the starving and homeless children are my goals too.
So much need in the world...
StefanieT Premium
Hi Kyle, really inspiring post, and I'm glad you've kept it real! It really is hard work building an internet business, but it is also SO rewarding.

I have learnt so much at WA in the past year that it blows my mind; it's been both exhilarating and frustrating at times, but the key is to not give up and you will achieve all your dreams :-)
Bibian2 Premium
Hi, Kyle, apart from internet business not giving immediate money which I consider as disadvantage but in order hand realising the benefits it might bring in future I close my eyes and continue to push on (working hard).
Internet marketing is in no doubt one of the best marketing plan, because you will have all the time for yourself and you can make your business from anywhere .
That's a great encouragement. Thanks
tommmm111 Premium
Thanks Kyle for this great post. Very inspiring and encouraging to read. I like having WA and growing by the day and I sure hope you are right that the internet is not going anywhere. I guess it is that we are in this together. Good luck for you,

JohnBochtis Premium
I would really love to completely agree with you because the things that you mentioned as your motivating factors in life are mine, too. However, for most people, this model will not work until they actually start getting paid by their internet business. I understand that it is not about the destination but the path that leads to it but people have to find a way to pay bills. AN internet business needs time and hard work for years, something many people are not willing to invest. Working on your business without getting paid can also be frustrating even for me, although I really enjoy what I am doing.

Living off of your online business is the ideal goal or destination but until you reach that point you have to find something that keeps you sane and gets the bills paid. This is a job. Most people would be better off having a regular job they enjoy at least a little bit and then devote part of their free time to their business. I know that it can set them back because if they would be working full-time on their business they could leverage the results.

This is a reality, sadly. The only thing you can do is keep believing and working towards your goals incrementally. But until you create your dream life, you need something to keep you going in life. You even need something that pays your WA membership.

Thank you, Kyle for this great post, I just wanted to share my opinion.
kimgwinter Premium
Hi Kyle, thanks for your very interesting post. I completely agree, and it's so relevant for me right now, not only as I learn to establish my online business which I'm really excited about. But also as my 18 year old son is about to complete his final year at High School. The normal thing to do would be to decide on what degree he will study next year, but there is also the option of bypassing a degree and getting him involved in WA. I believe this would be an amazing gift from me to him, and I'm very serious about doing that. Thank you for this amazing opportunity!
AudreyLN Premium
I'm attempting to do both next year! I have a summer to get started with the bulk of the work and then take baby steps that add up when I go back to being a full-time student.
kimgwinter Premium
That's very brave of you Audrey, but you can do it, I'm sure of that. All the very best to you!
Melissa901 Premium
Hey Kyle another inspiring post! I chose this because I am tired of struggling all of the time. My kids mean everything to me and I hate to tell them no I can't afford to or can't take the time off. I really want to make this my life. I am working very hard at it and hopefully soon I will see some of this success.
jwaffil2018 Premium
Melissa, you WILL make this work! You are light-years ahead of me in the training here at WA! We have an excellent program here in Wealthy Affiliate and two AWESOME leaders! Keep going, I know I'm trying!
jwaffil2018 Premium
Melissa901 Premium
Thank you for the confidence backer. I am going to keep at it. I wish you the best as well. And thank you for the Happy mother's day :)
jwaffil2018 Premium
You're welcome Melissa and don't think that I did not catch my spelling-mistake! Lo! Its fixed now.
Melissa901 Premium
Good eye :)
louisaparson Premium
Today I received a call from Career Services for my Alma Mater. They asked me if I found a job.

I said, "I am self-employed."

"So you're working part time."

"No. Full time"

"So you are going back to school?"

"No. I'm self-employed."

"Is there anyway we can help you?"

"No. I'm self-employed. I won't be spending anymore money on tuition. I'm out of the rat race."

There was a silence on the phone and I hung up.

I would never have been that bold before, but I have confidence in WA. I want the hard work I have given to other people to work for me for a change.
jwaffil2018 Premium
This is truly the place to leave the rat race!
Kyle Premium
Brilliant, thanks for sharing your call with us. Some people truly don't understand, in particular because we are becoming conditioned to think the "school" factories are the right way to do thing.

Perhaps 20 years ago, but no longer. Educate yourself yes, but keep yourself open to opportunities and question anything that is charging you $20K per year for an education. It is your right to question that.
AlbinoP77 Premium
Very True!!!
Right on the Spot!!
The Industrial age is dying.
The Information age is thriving.
There is no better business opportunity right now than the
"Internet Business"
I believe right now what separates the Poor and the Rich is the INTERNET.!!!
It is now our best OPTION to GET AHEAD!
Our world is Changing,But the concept of "WORKING HARD" does not CHANGE!

LucilleN Premium
I totally agree. And, I'm still taken aback that children are not taught entrepreneurship in school. But here I am as an adult, having gone through loads of professional education (or glorified hoop-jumping) and realizing that becoming an online entrepreneur has to be the next chapter of my life, for all the reasons you site. I'm only too grateful that WA is providing me with the education and support I need. Thanks Kyle.

(By the way, isn't that image at the top the same one you used for your "Wootcoin" blog? It was one of your best - lol!)
5-qpq Premium
Hi Kyle,

You pretty well nailed it, lol. Great post and nothing to add - other than truth. I’ve learned a lot from Wealthy Affiliate and I’m proud to be here.

I still have to pinch myself. Like, is this real? Where can you find an honest opportunity to create an online presence and a healthy income working from home and not to mention a positive one too? I would not want to be anywhere else, but here. So my online experience has been a good one. I appreciate your professionalism and the way you do business.

Thanks for that.



P.S. I can see Wealthy Affiliate expanding. There’s room for everyone. BUT the ones that do the work will be the ones’ that will be rewarded generously. Take care.
Kyle Premium
Thanks for your kind words Becky, we definitely have YOU as the community in our best interest with every decision we make.

There is definitely room for EVERYONE on the internet, anyone willing to work hard and build an online business, can get ahead. I know this from my personal experience, but also the 1+ MILLION folks I have worked directly with in the last 12 years.

The opportunity online continues to grow and the internet online continues to play a larger and more direct role in all of our lives. Gone are the days of expecting school to carry you to wherever you want to go, hard work and the internet is in my opinion and experience the best path.
5-qpq Premium
Hi Kyle,

A big thumbs up. 1 + a million and still growing. Again, there’s always room for more.


amexrn Premium
As always a very intelligent post. Thanks a lot for the reminder, Kyle. Sharing it and hopefully I get a sale through this, lol ... seriously I hope that when they read this, people will see how important it is to consider an internet business and that through Wealthy Affiliate platform and with what is offered here, it is very doable and possible.
NicoAlpaca Premium
Thank you Kyle for sharing. I am reading this and remember how someone told me you get from a business what you put in. If you invest no time, you get no money. When you invest a lot, you get a lot. That is my definition of Work. Thanks again, Nicole
JudyStrong Premium
Well said. I grew up in a family business - a hardware store to be exact. Everyone had a job. Mine was to sort nails.
My business gives information to older women who find themselves needing financial help. The internet is really the best place - low overhead, work in your pj's, keep your own hours. Our biggest problem is tech savvy, but here we can always get help.

Thanks everyone.
Freisia Premium
Motivating and practical, however it seems like every man/woman and his/her dog are working online one way or another. Perhaps the next generation will revert to the old fashioned , but more personal approach. They might be satisfied with earning less, and having more time to spend with the people they care about.
I think an internet business can be as time consuming as any other job.
DBlanchard Premium
Very well written and inspiring Kyle!

When I first started to try and make money online about 8 years ago, I did not know what I was doing and got discouraged. Even quit for a long while. Then I found this place!

I have never been this close to my goal before! WA has made it possible! I would like to be there right now, but I know it is a process.

I have learned here that you have to put in the foundation, raise the wall, and then the rooftop. Not the other way around like so many other programs offer out there.

I may sound redundant here but the main thing is to be persistent and take action!

My daughter is about to finish high school, and I will definitely introduce her to this "new" way of fulfillment!

AJunTan Premium
Sometimes we do have passion about internet business, everyone want to own an internet business. The things are that if you don't have enough patience, then you are gonna to lost the key to unlock the door of success!

I don't know if any niche could be successfully, ranging from selling other products or services, owning your own platform to operate business and many more, but I know if we never give up and just continue what we are doing now with passion, then everything should be good to go! Time flies while we moving forward!

Kyle! Same question again, any niche could be very successful? You told me yes, any niche! :)

Ludomi Premium
Here is a subject, can be a long debate and that should be introduced in the university. The old education model is dead, the internet changed our way of life. Everything is now related to the internet, just go there to learn whatever you want to, the only thing is to work hard, especially for me who belong to the old education system. But I am happy to have met WA, that takes me to a new dimension.

Thank you for this very interesting post

Bayou1 Premium
great post Kyle,couldnt agree with you more.The traditional model of living is changing,rapidly.I love this online stuff.Its online,portable,has potential to do anything with it.Allows me to be creative and flexible.An entrepreneurs dream and ultimate playground for the free spirited....that's me man....couldn't agree with @ContentBySue more and yourself !! :)))
ContentBySue Premium
I come from a generation that has seen incredible technological progress, from the first "home" computers to the dawning of the internet age.

I've had the blood of an entrepreneur coursing through my veins for the better part of 40 years but nothing, and I mean nothing has created more growth in me than Wealthy Affiliate.

Here, you can start any dream you desire and make a life for yourself. No where else can you do that.

I enjoyed your post very much, Kyle. Thank you.

All the best,
Debbiejaege1 Premium
I agree with many of the comments below. This is an amazing opportunity. The platform is amazing in how easy well it is put together. The lessons, Jay's Video webinars, the community and the support are great. Your blog page inspires us to keep working because we will be successful.
VSoles1 Premium
Great post. I totally agree. The internet is the future. I grew up with the "old" idea-go to college, get a good job-but it didn't work for me and it hasn't worked for my son who can't get any decent job without "sales" experience. So most college students and graduates are only able to get simple jobs that are well below their education and abilities. I'm trying to change things in my household with WA..
herc01 Premium
I just want say thank you for the amazing opportunity that lies before me . I can’t believe how well this program/platform is put together. The support is amazing .
I have joined many business opportunities in recent years , but have always felt that after some initial training I was left in a dark room wondering where everyone went .
I’m currently working through the training and setting up my website with content and loving it . I’m trying not to rush as I’m dying to start seeing earnings rolling in .
Keep up the good work guys it’s awesome .
MB83 Premium
If the majority of want to be internet entrepreneurs knew this half of them would actually stand a chance at making it. I say half because I was one of the lucky people who realized years ago that as with any business and internet business will take time and hard work to make it a success- my problem, up until I found WA, was that I simply didn’t know the right way to do it. I spent likely a few grand buying different BS programs that all turned out to be garbage. While I did make some money- all in I think I’ve made probably $2-$3k online, it simply wasn’t enough to achieve what I wanted. While I have yet to make a dime from the training on WA (just started a few days ago) I can tell already that within the WA training are all of the little tidbits of gold the other programs all leave out.
rexwee Premium
It almost sounds too good to be true, but it is! I believe this is my way out of my financial struggle to create more time and freedom for me and my family. I'm learning this new skill not just for me, but to pass it on to my son and his son and for generations to come. I don't want them to be enslaved by the old model of work and never get ahead in life. Thanks, Kyle for everything you're doing!
Kerjackie Premium
Hi, Rex, this is the best online business opportunity to learn how to be your own boss.
Good luck to you.
CarolMeador Premium
Thanks for a great post, Kyle. I agree that "work hard, go to school, and get a job" is obsolete due to the technological revolution in the job market.

We are so blessed to have WA to assist us in building our own internet business to change our lives.

Thank you, Kyle and Carson.

Kyle Premium
You can still get a job, but getting ahead in life isn't always a particular when you graduate you could have $100K-$200K in debt. A lifetime of chasing your way to pay that off.
CarolMeador Premium
True. I really agree with your post, especially the section when you were talking about college graduates being under employed and having mountains of debt to repay. Getting ahead in life with a 40 hour/week job just doesn't happen much nowadays. Even without college debts, many wages don't keep up with the cost of living for a lot of folks.
dpanic63 Premium
Hello Kyle

Am just wanting to say "Thank you" to you and Carson at WA for giving the older professional an opportunity to "Dream" again, and for giving that professional a "Purpose and Passion" to rebuild there life anew with vigor and energy.

Einstein was quoted in saying "If you always look to add VALUE Success will follow"
That has always followed me as a professional, just that when the economy tanked, and the companies are looking to streamline there cost well your value is no longer needed, add the concept of "Agism" to the equation and you have a formula for a lot of uncertainty, introspect and lack of PURPOSE.

I started this Online business journey in 2012 but had to put in on the shelf because of a "Real Job", but now am back saying NO to the offers of a real job, knowing that my VALUE will only be needed as long as the project is active and after, you are out in the wind looking again for the next project..

So the message here is when you make decisions with "Integrity" it will always be the right decisions for you.

"Integrity" is living in accordance with your VALUES.

So if you know Your VALUES, and you live them, you are back on track for a PURPOSE filled life.

Again Thank you for helping me "Live on Purpose"

AlanJE Premium
Hi Kyle, That´s a very factual and logical post demonstrating that it is perfectly feasible for anyone to build a business online. I am on the case and following the WA training, despite being short of time recently owing to work commitments. Nevertheless I will keep trying to succeed with WA: Best Alan
WorthMillion Premium
A WA member (abesnexus) mentioned in a post to have fun on the journey! When we do make it fun it isn't hard work but rather a fun journey . The internet business world is an Ocean with huge waves that can come crashing down flooding my little row boat, though cute as it may be, getting in the right yacht will certainly give more security in not sinking in the big ocean of internet business.

I found so far the right yacht for my internet business! Now to continue my fun journey of mastering sailing into oodles of traffic!
ecs1957 Premium
Very cute I like your reply... very original...have a Super Day WorthMillions.
Flash4 Premium
Hi Kyle, life started for me in the 60's, many jobs on offer, it was fun. Went straight to work as soon as I turned 15.
Never been without work. Now days there is still plenty of work available but people get too choosy and feel some jobs are too menial. I love to work, but now as you are saying it's the internet that holds the best potential. I still tend to like "hands on" work, but as I age it seems important to learn a new skill.
Thanks for a great post that encourages us all to better ourselves.
Cheers Jae ☼
alan47 Premium
Love the article, and fully agree that this is the way forward if we are willing to learn and work hard. Despite being a Senior and having retired from being a mental-health community nurse, I am going forward reflecting on much of what you have shared. Thanks for sharing it.
JackieSmith Premium
I try to introduce "starting an internet business" to friends and family as the way to go, however, as my background is in Computer Studies they believe it is only for me.

This is so not true. Anyone can do this business.

The Internet Business world is the way to go.
I believe this 'topic' should be made mandatory in the curriculum of secondary schools so that the students have a choice.

The only choice they are given is higher education or being an employee.
Debs66 Premium
I have to admit I do say to my children that education is good for the basics but the real learning comes in when we have left school.

Anyone now been more open minded to doing an online business thinking they cannot do it is just silly.

Anybody can do it. Like you say it is hard work its not overnight success and if done and followed correctly then we can have businesses for a life time.

Also getting the right training as we do here but also meaning we need to follow the exact steps that Wealthy Affiliate has planned out for us.

If not like I found out myself I had to backtrack. A hard lesson I had to learn.

However I have never accomplished as much as I have now since I gave up my work in Spain. I learn every day. Now my hours fly by. Working to me is enjoyable now for the first time in years.

Knowing I will be able to travel too is important for me. I like the fact that my businesses are like an ATM machine. Cash flow 24/7 365 days a year. Only to get better and stronger as the years go by.

Thats without the great people I get to meet and interact within this brilliant platform Fabulous.

Thank you Kyle.

~Deborah :)
HarveyBrown Premium
Interesting blog Kyle. As I read it two thoughts came to mind. The first was how far we have come with computers. My Mother was a Key Punch Operator at one time in her life and it always fascinated me how that system works. Fast forward to my working days and seeing what we have on our telephones as storage capacity, fill a whole floor with computers. That to me is real evolution and we are still evolving as to how we research, store information and communicate.
The second thought that came to my mind is the generation you have described, the Internet Generation or simply Generation Z. They have the desires of the Millennials and the work ethics of Generation X.
I noticed at Wealthy Affiliate the number of high school age members that are joining and seeking to create their own business online before they reach college or university. To quote a famous Prime Minister of ours “The universe is unfolding as it should.”
Foxhenley Premium
Education never hurt anyone, we know that. College to get your bachelors is good basic for everyone if they can.

Unless you are studying for a profession as a physician, lawyer, or other of the life professions, it is time for technical colleges.

Wealthy Affiliate is such an Online University that fills a very basic need for far more than just affiliate marketing. An education at Wealthy Affiliate will serve you in many careers!

Start watching for all the ways you can use you education to make an six-figure income!
CJDodaro Premium
Well written, Kyle. While schooling can be good for some, the majority will be sorely disappointed when they have finished, as you have pointed out. An internet business is available to just about everyone, but you are absolutely correct in stating that only those who are willing to work hard at it will have any chance at success.

tkysar Premium
Great advice, and well worth a regular read. I too, have been a bit slow in developing my business. I have some family issues that need to be resolved before I can put all my attention to the business. One of the issues is money coming my way so I can then afford to not only attend to business, but not worry about family demands. Sometimes, one just needs to prioritize instead of doing what I've always done - do too many things at the same time and get nothing accomplished except get more frustrated and guilty - you know... doing the same thing and getting the same results! I'm happy to have learned to focus from my association with WA.... and its already starting to pay off!
Marcus2020 Premium
Great post and shake on me as I have being a bit slow. But it was a fantastic message and you couldn't be more clear than you were.
Thank you for taking your time to post such a powerful message ( it hit me on the forehead ).
The Community spirit is left sideways it is always present and we need it the most.
DeeMoi Premium
Very inspiring post. I always knew why I want to do an internet business. Especially the three things

* Geographical freedom
* Financial freedom
* Time freedom

are my three biggest goals and desires. Unfortunately, what I have not understood for a long time, is that it does not work without hard work. For too long I was not willing to adapt my everyday life to my future online career or invest 1 hour every day on my website..yes, shame on me.

Now finally I have understood that I have to work my butt off, after all, I want to be able to live from my online business!

Thanks for the great post, Kyle!
ecs1957 Premium
this is Grand Mastery of the new work system, I have seen people with Doctorate degrees standing in the food line to be fed. And there are multi million companies out that became like that thanks to the hard working people. Lindedin is the latest one There was no people to talk to, Amazon, Facebook...there are hundreds of companies who became rich thanks to the internet. It is a shame, ordinary hard working people put them there, as most governments, they do not care. WA, Kyle and Carson are a dying breed...such a shame. Even if they make millions they are there for the people who helped them get there. Hats off to you you are the professional model of how business should be.
Toml82 Premium
Great post.

It's funny because I was thinking of this very same thing when I was in work today. I still work 40 hours a week while trying to build my business at night and on weekends.

My motivation is to just keep going. I have been running my blog for 5 weeks and I have given myself a goal of 2 years to get to £150,000 in my bank by April 2020. I just need to keep my thoughts on that goal and it draws me to create more posts and pages each day.

I have not made any sales as yet but I am pretty sure I will soon.

Thanks for sharing this post Kyle,

Igor13 Premium
Hi Kyle!

What an awesome article! I love it. I have to agree that some things remained as used to be some things changed "from the bottom up"!

Many people say that internet has brought good things and bad things into our world, what might be true. But, the internet is bad only if people are using it for bad things and in a wrong way.

Otherways, the internet has many great things to offer. I have also to agree that having a university degree it is still an advantage and sometimes it is easier to get better jobs, but it is also a truth that it is not a guarantee you will succeed in life.

Actually, many famous and reach people didn't actually finish their universities and get such diplomas, but they made it big in their lives.

The Internet is offering the same possibility. In fact, It is "biggest university" with the biggest number of students from all over the world.

Nowadays you can learn about anything you want online, it is the biggest university at all,

There would always be about having at least some knowledge, education, and skills, but working, learning and going forward is nowadays more accessible than ever, regardless of age, education level.

Through the internet, the world came closer to the majority of populations and it is only growing. We use to say metaphorically: "The world is becoming a big village!".

Great post and thanks for sharing!

I will share it on my Google+ account.

Best regards!
Pernilla Premium
Kyle your post is incredibly motivating and I'm so thankful that you and Carson have created this platform, making it possible for everybody to start an own business, a business where you can reach out to the whole world. I have mentioned this in many, many comments, but I can't tell it enough times. It must be said over and over again :-)

Freedom of time is one of the most precious things in life. I embrace the new way of living, the new way of working. It is a dream coming true, being able to work wherever you are whenever you want, working with the topic you are passionate about.

The absolute best way of learning something is "learning by doing". Here at WA we are "learning by building our business" and we can even start earning money while learning. This is the new way of learning, the new way of education. With help of internet, more people can get education and education means a better standard of living for more and more people.

The future looks bright and exciting!
SeasideFunk Premium

I graduated from High School in 1971 (ouch!) so I think you know the internet was not around. I screwed around working different jobs until I had to get serious so in 1982 I graduated from college with a degree in accounting and promptly got a job. Pretty lucky!

I have been working on systems and PC's since 1982. I remember getting the 1st IBM PC and thinking I was in heaven. For an accountant not having to fill out those huge sheets of ledger paper was a dream come true.

Watching what has evolved over years has always been exciting and intrigued my interest. I had a successful career as an accountant even reaching senior management status.

But you know what? I hated it, hated being a slave to a corporation, relocating because I had to, and traveling because it was my job even though it meant being away from family.

Fast forward to today and there are so many exciting options available within the internet space. What business or person does not rely on the internet.

I value my education but the price for young people to acquire funds to get a degree is amazing. My kids were fortunate that my wife and I could afford to pay for theirs.

I don't know how anyone else can realize the return on the investment.

So for the young bright eyed people, this is an exciting time where your creative juices have no limits.

Grab it and run!!!
ThongN Premium
Thank you Kyle for inspired. Since within my personal life, my mom just added more pressure about money issue because my mom wants to buy a house, and as oldest son in Asian culture....I can't run away..... I know going to school-> work hard-> get a great income job is just the one solution. Online business is better choice since it provides that 5 benefits, of course, after work hard and study hard about affiliate marketing online. I'm taking that better choice, and I need to follow this path, this adventure to meet the point in the future where I would experience the benefits (earn income, be happy, flexibility, family and travel)

Now, I just keep it fit with my first niche as Yves said. I need to grab more the education, the knowledge of affiliate marketing online first.

Thank you Kyle and other members to help me in past 4 months, and Happy National teachers day in America.

Thank you all of you since you guy at some parts consider as one kind of teacher (teachers in affiliate marketing online business :P )!
Nadja3 Premium
Encouraging post. Very important issues of education are addressed. I have seen so many young people who are having kind of university degree which is useless. Here, we have an issue... Some young people are getting degrees and Diplomas just to have it, others are misled by adverts. Why universities and colleges are offering programs which are not needed anymore. I have checked several reports the huge deficit of skilled people across the world. Education as a system is far behind of current developments. The online world is offering multiple opportunities but if the person has no skills, passion, experience, or desire to work, these opportunities can't solve the problem. Learning and skill development opportunities offered by WA are outstanding. I wish to see more young people in WA community who are ready to take the challenge of online business development, constant learning, and adjustments to changes.
JNeill22 Premium
Thanks Kyle for the reminder that there are other options available than the normal 9-5. I see this as my future and I'm determined to do it.

I've been telling my teenaged daughters to think about internet businesses as a future for them instead of a traditional career. 50K for a college education is rediculous, and should be avoided at all cost. Hopefully when they see me succeed in this venture, their minds will open up to the prospects.

I can't wait to get this moving forward.
XavierTapia Premium
I definitely am totally agree with you Kyle, the Internet Business is the way to go to achieve freedom financially, personal and family wisely speaking. Mindset are a must in this business and in any project or goals worthwhile seeking and setting up to conquered. Strong ,determine,resilience and persistent MINDSET are required.!

Best regards and thanks amigo.
Lez01 Premium
Thank you for yet another engaging blog Kyle. You address some very pertinent issues that I believe are at the very core of the challenges faced by the majority of people. The regimented lifestyle of extended education, employment (with a greater or lesser degree of fulfilment) and servicing of debt brings with it severely restricted lifestyle options. A university education while not always the "key" to a fulfilling channel of employment or career, should position the graduate to make more expansive choices.
The world of internet based entrepreneurship is expanding at time warping speed and a platform like WA is an invaluable educational tool for anyone wanting to access online opportunities. As someone who has researched and continues to research online business opportunities, I'm convinced that WA together the time honoured "work hard" ethic , is a worthwhile pursuit offering a very viable alternative to the modern lifestyle trap.
JohnDoe76 Premium
As a young guy who was always force fed the idea of "if you don't have a college education you won't make it", I understand and really respect those who can see through it and understand hard work can get you anywhere.

I finished high school, but a website and the training here on WA to me along with my current full time job is a much better investment than a four year scam to get a piece of paper that usually doesn't mean anything and won't help you better yourself.

Hard work, determination, a little USEFUL education I believe is what's going to help me better myself, and I believe it can work that way for anyone else as well.
Tmckibben1 Premium
Kyle thanks for the words of wisdom.How true it is if you are not willing to work then forget about not getting ahead.I will keep this blog and refer to it when I have a bad day.Thanks again.You will hear from me soon.Nice job.Tom
you get it right in this, mostly... at least. we all as persons have our own beliefs, and most of people will think the same as you, but i have a different opinion. i am not here giving you i big negative NO, and i too think that internet is the future and has a lot of incentives and have too much potential. But, we cant see the uni life as a prison, and yeah it is hard to get by, but the essence of an university is that it is a place where you go to absorb knowledge, so there have never been a rule that by going to uni you got a guarantee about any job to get or stuff like that, in our century, we are all too lazy to think in the right way and wave. so what i am saying is that an uni is like a sanctuary of knowledge, and to learn something from there and using what you learn to succeed in life IS OUR OWN RESPONSABILITY, and we cant blame the mortgages and all of our personal problems, and yeah there may be someone who can succeed without going to college but that was 10, 20 or 50 years ago. our century is the century of knowledge and even by being part of this wealthy affiliate community if you dont have enough knowledge you wont succeed.
ps-and yeah, uni is just an auxiliary mean to prepare for life, so you are not obligated to go to tone, now you can use internet and it is the same.
ps2-nowday people just go to school to get that piece of paper that say that you went to school, and dont even bother to learn anything.
ps3-no, thats all hahaha xD
this is just an opinion of my so, hahaha but you are right though lol
HAhola Premium
Thanks Kyle for reminding me that internet is the key to a successful future. I have years of experience in international trade and traditional import/export. The experience I currently have is hopefully useful for online business. The basics are the same, but the tools are different. I have piles of books and CDs and my computer is chock-full of downloaded e-books and other study aids. Now it is time to Take Action – Revise Later.
buffetearns Premium
Hey wonderful post as usual Kyle, you may have just said a few things to motivate me again!

I feel a little guilty, encouraging my nephews to go to University, I was the only one to go to University from friends and family in my circle and so I thought it would be good for them to.

I see them now with £30,000 to 40,000 loan debts in there mid 20's and they earn £20,000 to 30,000 in salary per year and as a result have these huge financial burdens at the start of their career - at the the start of their lives!

Fortunately, they are a darn sight cooler than there Uncle! They will manage.

I worked hard, I had full time jobs whilst studying full time, I sold my car to pay towards my fees and I remember selling my car again and everything I had, to buy my very first property!

Big decisions and sacrifices but some very positive outcomes in hindsight!

I have just come home from my travel adventures and briefly mention Wealthy Affiliate to family and friends and they are very despondent and almost certain that I have gone mad, wasting my time and his head is up in the clouds again! A labor of love is one phrase used? So not to supportive in my ventures!

I wonder in the UK if we are still in the mindset of, I have a job and I will do this job until I retire - or in some cases die? There are many that see the internet as a negative rather than a positive.

They do see the internet as a scam but I have never seen so many white van - Amazon deliveries in my life where I am presently in the UK! The niche market business is a positive in my opinion! We need to keep pushing forward.

In many parts of the world, I seem to see so many entrepreneurial types of individuals?

These days I have to do things for my own happiness but it will be nice when I create a business that generates income, if only to share the WA platform with friends and family and to show them that there are some alternative avenues available to them in order to generate honest income.

Lot's learned from you knowledge and experiences again Kyle, thank you!

There is no response necessary from you, please go on with your day - time is most valuable!

Off the topic: There are words circulating about Niero, not being supported, I am using Niero and I am just wondering, should I flip it and change themes? I like this theme.

Have a fantastic day and thanks for sharing your excellent advice again!

Labman Premium
The Hiero theme hasn't been updated since last October. You are welcome to continue to use it but you may be leaving the door open to hackers and other problems related to WordPress compatibility.
CristyTaylor Premium
The main aspect of an online business that attracts me the most is the flexibility you mentioned.

While I don’t work the normal 9-5 job, I do work 7-3-being off roughly 2 months in the summer. Just the thought of being so much more flexible where I can work on MY schedule with my internet business is almost a relief. I want to be able to spend more time with my family.

I’m so ready to do this!

DShensky Premium
What you're talking about is the era of people going to work for corporations where you started at the bottom and when you worked hard you were rewarded with management positions.

then in the 90's when corporations merged and they had 3 people doing the same jobs, corporations started to cut back by offering buy-out packages as a way to cut back on salaries and management level positions,

This was about the same time as the Y2K and the dot-com rise and collapse. It was the beginning of the technology era when schools didn't teach the courses needed--it was being created.

The mentality that many live by is they want the guaranteed income so they trade hours for $$$$ and haven't learned to use a computer or thought about an online business and don't want to.

As the older generation dies off and the Millennials and Generation Z come of age you'll see that paradym change because they grew up with computers and using them
TBeukes Premium
I have been trying to understand how websites and people in general were making money on the internet for years. All I got was being invited to sites that I had to first pay a fee upfront, and with the exchange rate it was always very expensive and lost a fortune over the years.
Now as a Retiree surviving on a pittance I discover WA ..... my aim is to make UP for lost time. I need to go into the Enemies Camp (The Scam and Bogus Businesses on the Internet) and take what was stolen from me.
The only way to do this is to make a SUCCESS of WA
firstlearn Premium
Gone are the days when a good degree meant walking into a good job.

Far too many leave university expecting to walk into a highly paid job when they have little or no life experience or work experience.

Many seem to take a degree just for the Kudos instead of a step up the ladder. Many take degrees in subjects of areas they have no intention of working in.

AlexEvans Premium
Well said Kyle, there is a revolution happening as we transition to a world of total connection, every aspect of our lives will be affected as new technologies wrap themselves around us.

From one that has worked hard in offline business on both sides of the fence, there is no comparison to creating that positive online presence.

As long as folks walk on the face of the earth some will be buyers and some will be sellers.................................. the jury is back and their verdict states that creating an online business will definitely create opportunities to enhance lifestyles.

Immersing in the culture that is WA definitely helps many of us move towards making those opportunities a reality.

Working hard out can be a really rewarding endeavor and as we are continually reminded here in the community, it is even better when we see the results come flowing in, whether they be our own or that " life changer " that is shared by another member.

The really cool thing is that this platform is so dynamic and continues to grow, both in terms of the knowledge base but also the resources that are provided by way of premium membership. Giving everyone involved the possibility of getting ahead.

This little piece of the " work hard create an internet business get ahead universe " is working pretty well from the vision I get from my little perch and by the looks, I am not the only one that agrees with that one.

Really appreciated your post, Kyle just what the doctor ordered today.
RAFStuart Premium
Wow, what a post, so much truth in there. Regarding University Degrees when I ran a business I would have people with good degrees expecting to be employed on a high salary the minute that they graduated. They would get most upset when I would ask the question just what can you do, what skills can you offer my business, the usual answer was either none, or I do have a good degree. My point is in agreeing with you Kyle, on line you can develop your own skills, on WA thanks to the superb training. In the real world you have to start at the bottom to develop those skills. Will stop before this becomes a blog post.
Keep up the good work.
davehayes Premium
Great post, Kyle, ful of good advice and truth.

From past experiences and as others have demonstrated here, writing blogs can lead to all sorts of opposrunities and openings

Being a blogger / reviewer is one of the most entertaining and rewarding careers you can have

All we have to do is work to create the content once and then promote it
Pio Premium
Thanks Kyle. Very true!
Most people I know of who got higher tertiary qualifications are now in jobs that anyone regardless of level of education can do. Mine is in tourism but I'm working in Prison as a Prison Officer in New Zealand due to high competition for the tourism jobs. Best choice is to start an online business!
Surfdude123 Premium
The problem with the net is everyone thinks it's a one way ticket to success. It's not. And I know most people my age don't trust 90% of what the see on it. My dad used to say money talks but#shot walks and there's a lot of talk on the net. Creepy people with fingerless gloves.typing away in the middle of the night stuff. Sure there's 4 billion people searching but I would suspect a good majority of those are kids trolling other kids, creepy Pedo's and scammers from third world.countries. I think we have to be real here. There's a certain kind of feeling of working hard and putting in a good.days work you get from manual exertion. Sitting on a computer all day is not that rewarding. And I don't think most people are doing tha t if they have a any type of life at all.
Fintyd Premium
i get the whole sitting at your computer thing, to be fair in most jobs nowadays there is a lot of computer work involved in the job, so I suppose if you can get paid in a job for working part of your time on the computer then it should be possible to get paid for working smart on your computer full time.However i do feel that there needs to be a balance between spending more than eight hours per day on your computer and having a life. I would like to think that if I work hard on my website over the course of this year, at that stage I would like to think that the site will be generating an income for me. I will only need to update it weekly and I won't need to spend as much time on it which leaves me with time to have a life!
Kyle Premium
People are doing all kinds of things online, some not so good of course, but they are spending billions of dollars online...moving a high percentage of their spending. People research online. People review stuff online. People educate themselves online. People learn how to do stuff online. People buy stuff.

That is the reality of the world we are living in and never before in our existence have we had access to an audience of this size, which such a low barrier of entry to capitalize on it.
Ndabeni Premium
Hi Kyle
Thanks for the motivational,educational and anchoring guidance. I am wholly dependent on you as a newbie and will take every word that you say and act upon it.I really feel at home here at WA. Something so strange about WA community members:All willing and available to assist.What a wam welcome!
jetrbby80316 Premium
Wonderful post, Kyle. The has been a paradigm shift in recent years and I completely agree that an internet business is the new get ahead-be successful model.

This post is an inspirational reminder of the great position we all are in to be part of this massive wave. In the right place.
HennieSteyl Premium
Thank you for this very encouraging post, Kyle. The thing that baffles me in the education system (in South Africa) is the low priority given to IT in general, let alone online entrepreneurship. I think that the school system is way behind what is going on in the world, especially the online world.
Thanks again for very wise words.
Ganeshsharma Premium
Kyle, your words are true literally and realistically But I believe cost efficiency is still challenge.

Someone who has core responsibilities and hardship can't wait much long for returns with financial investment in online industry.

I believe there should be something system to provide return in short term and long term both.

Because such people can't wait long with their hard earned money. If I tell you some true recommendation, then you can do something for people belong to developing and under developed nations.

There is hell like unemployment, lack of resources, high rate of hardships and responsibilities, cut throat competition .

May be you are familiar with all these terms at simpler level but I want you to give think about it to create and design system for such billions of helpless people.

And If i tell you about myself, I can relevant myself with above lines and took me around 8 years simply to find good learning opportunity in form of here.

There are billion dreams and passions born every day on earth but don't get into shape due to zero opportunities.

And there are many things which are beyond words and thoughts.
But these lines are enough to summarize the real picture of an average human today, who need relevant opportunity and support to get fulfill their dreams.

I hope you will consider about this, Thanks for reading.
Kyle Premium
Yeah, it is all very much proportional though. What is a long time? Is 4 years a long time to create a successful business? Most people would think so. Is 4 years a long time to get a decent job? Most wouldn't think it is simply because of the "school" element.

A year is a blip in the scheme of things. A year within the online world you can accomplish a great deal and set yourself for a long term business online.

A year with a job, well, that behaves much differently. You may get a nominal raise, or be in jeopardy of losing your job in this environment.

A year in school, well it is very expensive and you don't learn much. You don't earn money, and you typically have very little to show for it other than transient knowledge. That is a reality.
Ganeshsharma Premium
Yes, I believe with long term efforts one should be getting success not only online industry but anywhere in industry.

But even though right information, opportunity and education still lacks in majority of place.

The actual challenge is for limited and tight budget individual who need stream of money to keep up with lifestyle.

And I can say, it is kind of major hindrance in path of online business efforts and can be made more diverse to provide flexibility to people of all kinds.

Well, you are right in your place and industry, just we have to take actions)
Docutac Premium
I think it's time to change the school curriculum add this course Internet Marketing.
I wonder why schools never teaches the students to become rich. How to earn money for a living. They impart us all the knowledge but they never teaches how to use it practically.
Were studying a lot of numbers hut in real life were not using calculus or proven formula. They teaches Us to become an ordinary employee not to be a Boss someday.

In China its big difference in Elementary they teaches the students in innovation. They are making toys at very early Age. So it's means at young age they are earning money. Schools focus on actual not merely on theories. In Philippines more on theories that's why Poverty Increases and Jobless rate is higher.
More college graduate working not related in their major courses and mostly like Me left Philippine to work here in Qatar as a housemaid.
I can find a decent job in the Philippines but very low salary not enough for basics needs, and even to provide education for my kids.
But when I found WA it opens a lot of opportunity for me, for my Family. Now I have a right path moving ahead. I can open a small computer shop or even Photoshop if I finish my contract this coming 2019.
No reason to working abroad again. Now I'm saving capital for the business I want. And I will continue this online business.
Kyle Premium
You can't really teach someone to become rich, they have to experience the failure and the process of getting there in order for it to happen.

They certainly don't do a good job of teaching finance and are steering away from applied and creative learning, which is leading people away from the knowledge they need to create and grow a successful business.
NiteshMistry Premium
Such an awesome post kyle, could not agree any more than what is said. I think the key world for me from that is put in the hard work now to lay a solid foundation to build up from and hopefully i will be in a posistion simialr to yours in a years time
Kyle Premium
You can and you surely will be. It is just a matter of time, but you have to give yourself time in combination and some hard work.
1signbanner Premium
Wowwww! Now that is an awesome post. I thank you for that Kyle.
Your message resonates with me. You are something else in my books of 64 years here on planet Earth.

I am a maverick when comes to education. Going to college and getting a degree was not the answer for me. Kyle, you mentioned you experienced people with college degrees that settled for mediocre jobs, I too saw this. Are they fulfilled? Not sure they are.

Don't get me wrong Kyle, I respect people who go to higher education. My own daughter is going for her Ph.D. in English but
for me no way. That is not the path I was looking for.

What is the path, you ask? My dang passion, that's what!

I love what I do and I want to share it with everyone.

You, YOU and Carson have shined the light for guys/gals like me and we appreciate all you both have done.
Nothing personal Kyle, I'm not like that, y'know, but I got to say
from the bottom of my heart and I think I speak for members here
at WA, "I love you!"

You have given the shirts off your backs for us, symbolically.

We see that and we thank you!\

Mahalo and Aloha my mentor!

Kyle Premium
Thanks for the kind words and you nailed many points here. One of them being that fact that schools and business are not for everyone, but choosing something that we love to do is something that we can all do.

What is interesting is that when you do this, the education and the business components go hand in hand with this. People can create all sorts of success when they take a passion, the internet and grind it out within the online world.

I look forward to seeing you continue to progress and evolve with your business.
1signbanner Premium
Thank you Kyle! I appreciate your kind words!

Mahalo from Hawaii!

alexjysmith Premium
Kyle, I couldn't agree more with this. Online is really the place to make it happen. Last week alone, and I'm really just starting out, I made over $255 in commissions for 2 digital product review posts, that are ranking on the 1st page of google, all because of this university.

I am starting to crank out 2 reviews a week and move up from there. I have 7 now, Imagine having 100+ :). This community and the tools provided is well worth the cash outlay every month.


KristylaureL Premium
Great Post Kyle! I’ve been a Registered Nurse the past 8 years but was never that happy. Money was good but missing something.

I’ve found my passion now with Wealthy Affiliate and know this is where I need to be. I love writing, researching, and helping others. Thank you so much for every!
carolC2 Premium
Loved this article, and like others I grew up in an era where all of us had to work hard and get an education to get ahead.
I always had a passion which will carry over to WA. There were times when going to college was something I new I needed to do, but it kept me from doing what I really wanted. You have touched a lot people with this article, maybe by giving a little mental shove and / or just letting some know that there is always help when its needed. Thanks Kyle, well done.
Shu-MeeiC Premium
Kyle's, It's long time to mail you, Sorry!

I am living arround in CTTB - City of Ten Thousand Buddhas (DRBA) about 2 min by car. I work for childrens (4-6 years old) as a teacher of Volunteer in Ukiah (Ca. 95482). Since Dec. 2016
I moved from LA (over 30 Years in lare) due I was minor stroked in 2015 - couldn't say (only 30% can say) and write, and now over 90-97% I recovered. That I build up backinh to work as a license nurse, before I like very much - fore a child for 14 years since she
was a 1 year old. But now I don't like to work as a nurse special in
Santa Rosa. (about 70 Min by car)

Now, I have over 200 e-mails daily,... throughs are Surveys or Online Jobs, But I don't finished your WA trainnings special I lated
a lot of learning. I need to do faster beter for the business. After school end on 6/7/'18 till end of Aug. I will finished WA's all trainings. Hopping You still give me time. Appreciated!!!

5/7/'18 20:20 PM
MSnargrass Premium
I wish I would have found WA before I wasted my time and money going to college, but I guess it’s not all bad I met my wife in school.

WA is a great opportunity to gain independence by having the freedom and flexibility to create how you want your future to be! The training and community of people here are top notch!

DenzelSr Premium
Kyle an CORSON
This is amazing peace of information an I must say my time
Was back in the old day's as you were talking of people dropped
From their classes an fell to pickup when the time became available .well I can say I went into.the Army thinking I could finish school but every time I got bout through I sent overseas are to Veitnam that happened from1958 to 1972 finish GED by the time I earned it I was being medical busted out .so I though I w a s a loser till I got to I steel don't know what I'm
LeeMcQuay Premium
Denzel, You didn't give up back then right?
You have an entire community here to turn to anytime you have a question.
If one person isn't ab;e to help, the next one might be.
We are all learning here, and I have no problem helping others.
Even if I don't know the answer, I will help you find it.

Just like Kyle said, we all come from different areas of the world and from different walks of life.

We all have the same thing in common. Creating a business for our self. It may be easier for some, than others, but that just means it will mean even more to those who had a more difficult time.

Best Of Luck In All You Do
Lee Ann
gjshawk Premium
I'm like GaryD, I have 2 degrees also. But I'm also not like GaryD, because during my working life I didn't work in the field of either one. I had 2 different careers, and now I'm on my third, which should have been my first. Well, it couldn't have been my first because I'm so old that the internet wasn't around when I entered the workforce. Anyway, now my career is my online business.
CaryD Premium
Spot on in today's world Kyle. I was one of the lucky ones who actually got a degree (or two) and applied it in the real world. For 31 years. But I too saw the writing on the wall and am making the move to internet commerce. Thanks to you and Carson for making this effort so easily possible. Thanks.
RobertC44 Premium
I totally agree with you Kyle, however I wasn't brought up in the online world so I am still having a problem convincing my peers that what I am trying to do is a 'real' job. They think the internet is where you play games. Part of the problem is my progress is not startling because I am not putting enough time in and convincing people that I need to put more time in when I am not achieving anything at the moment is a bit like the dog chasing it's tail.
Any suggestions?
hugh9905 Premium
Hi Robert, I'm in a similar situation like you. I joined the community in August 2017, and I've not achieved anything significant yet. In fact, I haven't even completed Certification Level 1.

I have a full time job, and I also have to support a growing family. Every day I can only spent a couple hours on my internet business project, and sometimes these hours are the least productive hours during the day. My full time job provides an income that supports my growing family as well as my business, which I cannot afford to loose right now. My wife works a full time job and I have to help her on a lot of house work such as cooking and taking kids to school. When I'm done with all the daily things, I'm usually very tired and sleepy that I can fall asleep in front of my computer if I stare at the screen for over 30 minutes. I have to deal with these struggles, work against the odds, and try my best to make it work.

Glad that I see the value in whatever I learn here, and I love the weekly live training from Jay. Besides, I love reading posts from the members who are inspirational and encouraging.

Slow in my progress? Sure. Slow like a snail if you want to describe it. But, every little bit of progress is still progress to me, and I'm moving towards my goal.


dbriley Premium
Great post Kyle, it is funny many of the times you talk about in this post I have either lived or know as a fact. Here I am going for building my business online. Yes and I am one of those with a four year degree that is doing nothing for me.
TaniaHersel Premium
Thank you Kyle, Carson and the team that have made Wealthy Affiliate a state of the art platform for us to build successful online businesses. It is fantastic to be part of this vibrant community as I build up a business from knowing so little about the world of internet and gradually achieving what I never knew I could.
laurenjean Premium
Wowee. Thanks for another phenomenal post, Kyle. As a Mom and Digitial Entrepreneur, I wholeheartedly agree that working hard on my internet business is affording me more time with my family. It's amazing to be able to work around my son's schedule and be there for him when he needs me. We are mastering the working playdate.
Really appreciate the ongoing learning platform you have created.
martin45040 Premium
Two weeks before my 60th birthday, my company was bought and I lost my job. I had been looking down the road that I could see the end for what I thought would be a sure thing of retiring. Then the floor dropped away and I was unemployed for 8 months and starting anew. Oh, and if you don't think there's no age experience says it's alive and well.

Having grown up in the "hard work gets you ahead" generation made it tough to come to terms and soon realized that I absolutely had to do something to make up the lost income that would carry me to retirement and beyond. It dawned on me one day ordering something off of Amazon that...even a now 63 yr. old with some computer/tech ability (I'm my 88 yr. old Father's IT department) I could find a place in internet marketing. I googled around looking for training in internet marketing, reading reviews etc. and came to the conclusion that WA was the right place to begin my new journey.

I'm a 8 months newbie with one site on line that, oh let's be honest, a great learning experience but a horrible financial success. I really don't care about my rank (5321 as of today) so I focus on the development of my new site. While still in draft I'm getting closer to the launch point.

Thank you WA and my fellow travelers as we make this journey together.

james57 Premium
Yes Martin. Go on till we reach our goal. We can do it with the help of our community!
Jim-Bo Premium
University is a scam if you ask me. Going into severe debt that takes years to pay it off is a scam.

Just think what all that money in student loans and other expenses (4 years hard study) would be better spent on.

A tiny fraction of that money could be MILES better spent on being a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate. At only $359 per year, or $49 a month you could easily be making $10k a month after that first 4 years is up.

I know which I'd rather do.

Wealthy Affiliate v University?

WA every time.
Favner12 Premium
WOW so true WORK HARD PLAY HARD thats how i have always lived my life.By working hard thats what got me where i am today. I make a good living,but lately i have lost the playing hard part.Life has got in the way and i spend all of my days working not complaining just missing the family time.I would just like to say thank you for this great opportunity.I think with this new direction in my life i can finally get some of that family time back.I have only been in the a short time and yes it's still hard work but i think things can only get better,heck they already have.So thanks again
susanmacneil Premium
Excellent post.

A very realistic representation of our reality in this day and age.

I am very grateful that I have the chance to keep on learning, even in my retirement, and from the comfort of my home.

Thank you for creating WA and giving easy access to all of us lucky enough to have discovered it.

Kudos to you and Carson.

james57 Premium
Yes, technology makes everything more easier, more faster, and more income. This is the name of the game but still, we need the continuous supplies of more educated and expert people in different fields to meet the growing needs of the world. I believe in the power of technology as an important aid to help others that preferred the kind of services that still need their two hands, feet, ears, eyes to be more helpful to protect and save lives. Thanks Kyle for opening the eyes of the readers to see the goodness of technology or to venture in online endeavor as pathway to more fredom, opportunities and more income to uplift and to take care for others!
elores Premium
You have motivated me before to join WA, and you are still motivating me to move ahead. I know that I can achieve success with hard work and I can reach any level of success I would like to reach.

I am trying each day to do a little more to make the grade. I am not saying it is easy, but I am learning each day and I am willing to do whatever it takes to see success. WA is the platform to do this for me.

Thank you very much for your words of encouragement. I know I will make it as I continue on my journey with WA.You have made it possible for anyone to achieve with this program.
wendyg53 Premium
Online is going to be even more important as brick and mortar businesses fade out and people are going online for everything they need.

The next exciting digital evolution will involve 3-D printing. And it will make anyone who owns one and knows how to leverage it a fortune.

Thanks again to you and Carson for always staying ahead of the crowd and being true innovators in the IM field. :-)
jlclayton1 Premium
My internet business is going to allow me to retire from my job early and be available for my grandson in the way that my parents were there for my children. I've set a goal to do that by and know that it is possible by working hard and following the lessons.

As far as the next generational jobs, all I know is that technology keeps creating fantastic opportunities, and I can't wait to see what happens next!

jlclayton1 Premium
My goal is by September--don't know how that happened, lol!
KarenHinkle Premium
All the things that you mentioned, I have thought about in my first month here at WA. I have learned so much, worked really hard and am making progress toward my online business. I really love my work life now and I can say that for the first time in my life. All of the other jobs I had in the corporate world in the past, just left me feeling deflated. I worked so hard, but I never felt like I was not getting anywhere and frankly did not like what I did. Now I love working everyday and actually look forward to it. Thank you everyone for making me feel welcome and for all of your help.
MenLife183 Premium
The thing I have always struggled with is "work hard" versus "work smart". I tend to work smart because I don't know exactly how many hours to put in per day, how many times to post, or how many hours to figure out the techie stuff. What is the definition of "work hard"? I REALLY NEED HELP with this one. My biggest weakness with internet businesses is finding others to delegate tasks to because honestly, while things are going in some ways much better than I thought, it has also been so frustrating that I have been on the verge of quitting. I can't do it all at times as my resources are stretched thin and it is hard to know if the existing work I have put in is paying off.
MariaB4 Premium
I know what you mean. I have days when I work 8h, other days when I work only 2h, depends on other things which are on our plate. Work hard in our case if how soon you want to achieve the financial freedom. If you work only 2-4h/week our dream to be fulfilled is far away, but if you dedicate 20-30h/week, you will achieve your dream earlier. So, it totally depends on you. Usually it takes around 6 to 12 months to see results. I find that you being in control of your business, at least at this stage, it's vital. I never thought at delegation, but probably you can do it later, when your business is mature.
If you are stretched with your resources, take a moment for yourself, make an introspection, analyze and see maybe you can adjust some of them. I do not know your situation, I'm just trying to help :)
I also asked myself if the existing work will pay off, but look around us, many of us in this community did it, why not us?
MikeJoslin Premium
As someone who has lived through the work hard and get ahead era and approach the time of retirement, I see my follow employees who are retiring looking for other jobs as the pension income they recieve will only pay the bills. I want to thank Kyle for putting in words how we all see the world of employment and giving us a platform for changing our futures. Great blog Kyle
LeeMcQuay Premium
We owe you and Carson for the opportunity we all have in order to "work hard, create an internet business and get ahead in life".

I grew up on the 70's and 80's. An education was important, but I quit school on my first year of 10th don't regret it one bit.

I worked hard with every job I had. After moving to Pa from Ark, I landed an awesome job in a doctors office.

Over the years I learned almost everything there was to learn. I could do almost everything in that office with no degree.

I started here at WA knowing nothing about building a site or an online business, but I didn't and I won't let that stop me.

This community is almost like all my co workers at the office. There is always someone to answer your question and will help you out when needed.

After getting a good taste of what we have here, it made it clear what my goal in life had become. To help others find the same opportunity that I have.

I thank you all for that.
I will work hard. I will create an internet business. I will get ahead in life.
MKnuckles Premium
This post is a all in one. I really enjoyed reading your blog. You hit it on the nail for me (family, freedom and fun). My two boys are my world and all I want is more time with them. I am that person working 12 hours shift, overtime mom and doing online school to get ahead in life. Your statement you made is so true you have to work hard to get ahead in life. It is going to feel good just to live life to the fullest.
bgcorki05 Premium
You are so right!
I am writing this at 02:45 South African Standard Time, living on a farm, using solar panels to power my laptop, cell phone and tablet computer.
Although it can be frustrating when the sun disappears behind the clouds, you can always fall back on one of your other devices.
I do all my creative writing on my trusted BlackBerry!
And the resources and training available at WA go a long way to build a decent foundation for an Internet business.
Thanks so much for your help and encouragement!
Hollshope Premium
I’m giving this business my all. I have four websites and am writing weekly posts for all of them while trying to manage my social media accounts. I’m surprised my head hasn’t exploded. It’s always on the verge. I really want this to work so I can let go of my other jobs. Thanks for the post!
Introverted2 Premium
This blog post really spoke to me, and is a motivation. When I attended college, I went for a particular major, dreaming of getting a job that would help be financially stable and give me some leisure in life. But after I graduated, my expectations were not reached.

It’s already 3 years and day by day I feel dreaded. I feel like quitting everyday, but it pays my bills, JUST MY BILLS.

When I found out about wealthy affiliate, it gave me a vision and the opportunity to seek a life I have always wanted: having a business I love and spending free time with my loved ones.

I just started this year with this website but I’m becoming more hopeful everyday for the day when my business is booming and I can finally quit my job.

Thank you Kyle for the motivation and the reason to keep striving and not give up.

God bless.
baritonetom Premium
You have done a good job of putting into words what I think most of us are looking for when we joined WA. Thanks for all your hard word and time that you have invested into the building of this enterprise.
May God bless you and your family as you continue to be a blessing to so many.
baritonetom Premium
You have done a good job of putting into words what I think most of us are looking for when we joined WA. Thanks for all your hard word and time that you have invested into the building of this enterprise.
May God bless you and your family as you continue to be a blessing to so many.
gilliank Premium
Thanks Kyle. I just read this to my 15 year old daughter. She currently has an internet business, and has written and published 2 books 3rd just finishing edits. I initially joined WA to learn how to build a website for her author platform but have found it to be so much more. I am almost finished the certificate training and am preparing to help her build her art site and her author site. Its very exciting what you teach and I thank you so very much. I also live on Vancouver Island I fully agree with you about the internet and the future.
SachiKashi Premium
Thank you for creating such an awesome community! You're so right, everything I need is right here, included in my membership! I'm learning a lot, having fun, getting frustrated at times, Site Support bails me out, pushing forward again, and I am so proud I've learned so much! Who said you can't teach an old dog new tricks! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
TommyPotter Premium
I'm coming from the academic world and can testify that those changes you talk about are real. Schools are understanding now that the traditional model to teach is getting obsolete, and now the students should be more active than ever in acquiring their knowledge, one that allows them not only to get a diploma but do whatever they feel happy with. This is what people in several levels not only the primary or high school but posgraduate levels are discussing all around the world. So you've hit a point that is so real to many people that sometimes amazed at the pace the world has changed in so few years. Thanks, Kyle
TomMarchido Premium
You nailed it Kyle. There were times in my life when I often thought about owning my own business. In fact, I did. I owned and operated a very successful electronics repair business. My first $20 came on a Halloween night what seems like a century ago. I worked my butt off every day, day in and day out for 26 years.

I remember my Dad telling me to work hard, and don't worry about school. Who knew that his words to me about 45 years ago would ring so true today. But, because of course, I knew better and I went to school anyway, got my degree(s) and ended up working 7 days a week for over a quarter of a century! It was very difficult, but in my mind at the time, it was the only choice I had....

Until now. I started toying with Internet marketing back in the mid-90s but I had no direction, and as you can probably guess, I had no time. Fast forward to today and I realize that had I worked smarter back then, things might be a lot different. You're so right about the evolution that has taken place over the last 20 years or so. The Internet changed everything for everyone. It has transformed millions of lives and it will continue.

I appreciate your insight and thoughtfulness in this post to us. It made me think about things and realize that I am on the right path heading into retirement in a few years. I never planned on kicking back during retirement, and now that I see my business growing daily, I'm sure only the best is yet to come. Here's to all the other WA members reading this. You're a great bunch of good-hearted people with genuine concerns about your respective futures. I think we struck gold when we decided to join, and based on the real caring and involvement I see from you Kyle, and Carson, there's no reason to think that this amazing journey won't continue as long as we keep it going together. Well done!
gaxiolapaul Premium
Hi Kyle, I made it to Premium! I'm working hard on my blog and hope to "finish" it within 2 months or so. Then I'll just have to work on maintaining it. I love this article because it gives us perspective on what we need to do to be successful online and in life in general as well. Thank you so much!
dchapman3 Premium
I wish I had found WA 5 years ago.

I am truly enjoying this experience and even though I work on my businesses 24-7, I still have the freedom for my family and my future travel plans.

My wife and I are transitioning into living fulltime in a RV motorhome and I see a new Niche coming out soon.

Probably a lot of videos as well.

Thanks for the post as it strengthens my resolve to succeed.
Swangirl Premium
I can't wait to have the freedom to travel and set my own schedule!!

I am so lucky I have a good job to pay the bills while I simultaneously work to build my internet business. I can take things at my own pace and know I am building something that will pay off for many years to come! I needed a degree to get my jobs, but none of my jobs have been very related to my degrees!

On the other hand, if I didn't have a separate job I could get a lot more done on my websites and be further ahead!

In any case, I am THRILLED to have the opportunity to make a business in a niche I am personally interested in!

I have seen first hand how hard it is to get a good job even with a degree. My husband is highly qualified and has a double major, graduating with honors, was honorably discharged from the military etc. etc. and has a hard time finding a better job.

I know many other people who are in similar situations, college degree and all.

Now, more than ever it is important to have a way to get ahead since hard work and a degree are not always enough.

tomanec Premium
Who else if not Kyle,
Kyle,you have hit the nowadays main,the only ones,quite enough stepping stones for the life path of any person.The road is lit,quite bright for anyone to follow it.
Any passanger on this road will need some tools to help him move onwards easier.But the tools are no problem at all.There are enough of them for all the internet partisipants, at the worldwide known stores of Wealthy Affiliate.
In case some passanger has forgotten to take some important piece of the tools,again there is no problem,just tell the WA comunity your location on the road and the tool in question will be in your hands in no time.
Oh,Just to mention one more thing.Kyle says that no matter who is the passanger on that road,that he has to work hard along the way.Otherwise,the passanger himself steps aside of the road to have a rest.And,for how long he'll be having his rest there,being either aware or not aware of it,it's just up to him.
And again,who else if not Kyle! Of course Kyle!
MarkBa Premium
It definitely takes the right education, tools, hard work and also patience. The right education and tools are easy, we have Wealthy Affiliate for that. :) Working hard is quite easy too for many but patience trips people up. Can you work hard for as long as it takes? Not having patience tripped me up for years until I eventually learned my lesson. :)

~Mark :)
EKaye1 Premium
I really enjoyed reading this article Kyle. It's absolutely spot on and I will keep working hard. Why should people have to settle for working 8 hours a day in a job that they are not happy with, struggling to pay for everything in the current time. The internet as you say opens up all these different opportunities.
DarleneB Premium
Well said. I love working at what I'm interested in. It doesn't seem like hard work when it's something you have a passion for. The benefits couldn't be better. You make money at home. Like you said, you have time & location flexibility. What employer offers that? I don't have to worry about getting laid off. I don't have someone barking orders at me or telling me I'm working overtime again. I get all the training & help I need. All that for about $1 a day! It's pretty obvious why there are so many premium members at Wealthy Affiliate. The Best Job To Have and you even get to be the boss.
AlexandriaD1 Premium
There are so many cool things I want to do in this world: travel, move into my first apartment (with no roommates), make so much money I don't have to worry about any financial issues and help my little sister out with her college finances.

I shudder when people talk about all the things they always wanted to do...when they retire. It's like their employers have their whole lives on hold until they're old and grey. Who wants to live like that?

I know there's a better solution than sticking to one income stream for thirty years. Thank goodness for online businesses!

Thanks for this inspiring article, Kyle! :D
viyee Premium
The world is changing and the people are changing their habits.
We are moving more into A.I. and virtual reality.
The internet is a virtual reality and it is created and moulded by its users, US.
There is a massive move away from traditional retail and into a much more flexible way of planning our lives based on what we want do, not what the shops and businesses tell us.
It is a kind of freedom and we are part of this revolution.
I admit that it is harder than I thought but the pleasure of learning these new skills is almost a reward in its own right.
Then I still have my business and I can make it faster or bigger or even slow it down to a pace that I like.
I think I am lucky to be here in this time and in this virtual place.
smokeywins Premium
Kyle, you are 100% right! My parents became quite successful with their own business, with nothing more than HS diplomas. Of course, as I was growing up, they did not want me to struggle as they did, so it was imperative that I get a college degree.

I was quite artistic and had my sights set on a Computer Graphics degree, but my parents did not want me to be a "starving artist" so I got funneled into a Computer Science degree. This was during the late 90's early 2000's.

I graduated just as the plentiful jobs all but seemed to vanish, and ended up taking a role as a Computer Operator just to get my foot in the door. I spent years in IT support, dealt with my job being outsourced, and finally saw the writing on the wall and worked on transitioning into Marketing. I had landed my first job as a Marketing Analyst, less than a year before my diagnosis.

Had it not been for WA, I never would have even considered following a marketing path, and even now, many of the skills I have learned here at WA, like SEO have become critical in many aspects of my online endeavors.

I know I have disappeared many times since my start with WA in 2009, but I always return as this is truly the best resource for achieving online success, provided you are willing to put in the work to get there!
EddySalomon Premium
Well said Kyle. By the time I realize this business was for me and I could actually make a full time income, I was already in the process of finishing my degree. 

I had finished all my course requirements and I just assumed I was done and they would send my degree. But no, I had to chase after certain people to get documents signed to get my degree. 

I thought to myself, ain't this a bitch. I spent all this money on college, and finished my course load and now I have to chase down people to get some stupid paper work signed so I can get my piece paper?

I said screw that. I never followed up again. I knew I didn't need their stupid piece paper. I got all of my jobs as an adult because I had learned the skills that WA teaches. Employers were always impressed that I had created my own site and was getting traffic and money from it. So they appreciated my real world experience over that piece of paper. I could have saved myself thousands of dollars if I had realized sooner that this internet marketing thing was going to take off. lol

That said for certain industries that piece of paper is necessary. I just find it amusing that people can justify paying for college and putting themselves in years of debt for the chance of working for someone else the rest of their lives. But they can't justify investing in a WA membership that costs a fraction of a college education. You hear nonsense like I'll pay for WA if I see I can make money. But you'll pay for college with no guarantee that you'll get a good job. The school system and society have done a great job in training people to be employees.

So I'm happy that WA can give folks a different path outside the matrix. 
Kyle Premium
Well one of the reasons for justification is that people aren't actually paying for their college, now. They get significant loans and they get their often times "throw away" degrees on the dime of the government.

Then when they actually get a job down the road, they are hit with insurmountable debt, that can take the rest of their life to pay off.

It should be:

Work hard. Go to School. Get a job. Pay off Your School for the Rest of Your Life.

That is what people are doing in the puppy mill of an education system we have these days.

Like you said, real life skills are valuable and can get you hired anywhere. Sure, some places of employment require a degree, but many more would rather have "skills" than theoretical knowledge.
EddySalomon Premium
Indeed Kyle.
Steven-A Premium
SO where would medical doctors for one category come from? Scientists, lawyers, and a list of other very necessary professions that provide invaluable services to our society not based on "theoretical knowledge".
Yes, $200K to become a teacher and make $40K a year is hard to defend economically and with common sense. I advocate thinking through what we are advocating before we paint with such broad generalistic strokes, yes?
EddySalomon Premium
I think Kyle was referring to situations where people get degrees in certain industries where you don't actually use or need the degree you spent all that time and money on.

Obviously there are exceptions to the rule like you mentioned. I didn't get a sense he was making a broad stroke statement. But there are a lot of people getting degrees that are proving less useful and it's not the only path to succeeding in life. There are other paths now and that was the core of the message that Kyle was relaying in this post and it's what I got from it.
Steven-A Premium
College and university education was never meant to be just a "path to a job" that is a falsehood. Colleges and universities have become big business worried about the bottom line which does not help the argument. Why do extraordinary numbers of students from all over the world work so hard to gain acceptance to US colleges and universities - willing to pay full price for the opportunity to attend. It not because they just want to spend $200K or more for the paper at the end. It's because they understand the true value of that education.

A college education is meant to broaden knowledge and understanding in order to develop more well-rounded, thoughtful, and understanding people. Regardless of the job/profession you choose more knowledge is always better than less knowledge.

This is part of the problem, we have lost the understanding that there is an intrinsic value to things more valuable than the pursuit of the dollar. It's a shame and part of the decay undermining our society today.
EddySalomon Premium
Yeah that's what college should have been. And some of us that went did gain some of the things you've laid out. But the majority of people now go because it's a requirement to allegedly do well in life. It's a business now just like prisons have become a business. Either way the point of Kyles post for me is that there are now other options to making a living where college isn't a requirement.
Kyle Premium
Education is important and there will always be "jobs" that require you to have a certain type of education, in the case of lawyers, scientists and doctors, going to school is the best bet, because there are a great deal of regulations around this fields (and rightly so).

Does it mean that is the best way to get educated in these fields? No, probably not. 8-10 years to learn a craft is not unreasonable, but the applied aspect of the education comes post that typically so in theory, up to that point, it is all theory.

So I wouldn't argue that some trades require that level of education, I would argue there are better and much more cost efficient deliveries of that education.

The Internet affords us all to get more educated with every day that passes. If you aren't, then you are not moving forward as far as I am concerned and I personally make a concerted effort to learn new stuff every day.

You can't work hard, go to school, and get ahead in life any longer. That is the point I am making, as this is far from the truth. Education (Uni/College) have streamlined their processes and their "business" to the point where it has become a printing press for degrees, which have become somewhat worthless because of the volume of them being handed out.
suzieq Premium
Kyle, you hit the nail on the head!! I'm of the earlier generation where there was so much work, you didn't need a college education to get ahead in life. After watching my grown children go through the "need an education" to get a job, then end up with no work available in their chosen field, it's been frustrating, to say the least.

This is what I love about WA. You get a top-notch education at very little cost and depending on how hard you work, you can build a very successful business for yourself and enjoy life the way it was meant to be lived. The sky's the limit.

I truly hope everyone can see the benefit of the internet world and take advantage of this amazing platform!
amyr2017 Premium
Okay I will be the first to comment. As usual you are spot on, and your post resonates with me on so many levels. I have a lot of regrets for decisions I should have, could have, made, back in high school and college, and I didn't have the foresight or insight to follow the dreams and goals I had for myself. Consequently, I ended up in a career (graphic design) that was not my first choice, and although I was successful, I really hated it. Now that I am working as a paralegal and focusing on the next stages of my life, I am so grateful that I stumbled, literally, onto your site last year. It has been a life-changer for me. My son is graduating college next week and will be attending graduate school in Manhattan. I don't have to tell you the price tag of that, and the debt he will graduate with. My experience here has given me another perspective, and he and I have had many discussions about how he sees his life going. There is no reason he has to make the same mistakes I did, certainly not with everything the internet, and WA has to offer. It is a brave new world and I thank you every day for this opportunity.