Why Your BEST is Rarely Good Enough.

Last Update: May 3, 2022

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I hear this all the time from fellow aspiring and even successful entrepreneurs.

"I will do my best!"

A BIG problem lies in that very statement. First, it is hard to determine what your "best" actually is. Second, you often times will define your best as what you feel like doing in that very moment, rather what is required of you to be your best.

So when someone comes to me and they indicate to me that they are going to do their best, I fear that this is a way for them to make themselves feel better for the same level of effort they have put forth in the past that has lead to failure.

So, today I want to open up the conversation about what your best actually looks like, and why your best over sustained period is a requirement for success.

Let's go!

What is Your Best?

First, what exactly is that? What is your best? Is it what you think you are capable of, or is it what you are actually capable of?

I know for myself, my best is yet to even be achieved, and perhaps that is how "best" should always be viewed. I don't even know what my best is. The idea of that is limiting, because if I am performing my best at something it means there is no room to improve. The reality is that there is ALWAYS room to improve, at anything.

I want you to take a long moment to think about the last time you did something that you were really proud of, that is likely the closest moment to "best" that you can remember in recent memory.

What did you do to accomplish that? Looking back do you feel that there was room for improvement, or a way that you could have done this with more efficiency? If so, was it really your best...or was it your "current" best. In other words, your best is temporary because it can always be improved upon.

In business, and life the best you is somewhere in the future if you are willing to work for it and focus on constantly improving. That leads me to.

How Long Do You Try Your Best For?

How long do you plan on trying your best, because there is a big difference between doing your best for a minute, and working to achieve your best for many years or even decades.

When someone comes to me and says they are going to try their best, that is a completely ambiguous statement. Does that mean the next week? If so, we all know how that is going to end (hint: failure).

You have to be willing to work towards your best, without an "end" date. If you do this, you will constantly improve, you will continue to learn and grow, and the level of success you can achieve will continue to go up as you hit new "best" milestones.

Not knowing your best, is realty. The exciting idea that you can always achieve a new best, is something that should really motivate us.

Be Your Best. But Give Your Best Time.

I think you see where I'm heading with this conversation.

We don't know what our best days, or when we are going to be at our best. Working towards the best self that we want to be or the best skill set that we want to obtain, will lead us to a better state and more success.

If your best is a fleeting idea and you are only willing to give your best for a particular time frame, it won't truly be your best. Not even close.

Work to be a better BEST. Your future success will thank you.

How do you "define" your best, and do you ever find yourself saying you are "doing your best"? I would love to hear your feedback on this topic.

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Recent Comments


I think that of doing your best depends on the person. Such as someone like me who has nerve damage In the right side of the body. And doing my best is what I can do for now. You really never know someone’s situation. Yes there’s always ways to improve but physically sometimes the body just won’t let you. So I think it depends on one’s situation. Thanks for sharing Kyle.

Of course, your best will differ from someone else's best...and your best now, will different from your best you in the future (as we can always improve).

That is the main point I am trying to make, is that your best is always yet to be determined because we can always get better and improve.


Depending on the age of the average member here, that may have been what they heard Mom and/or Dad say to them as children. It's implanted in their brains and comes out automatically. If they're parents, they'll probably say the same things to their children... UNLESS they read your post and/or some really inspirational book that shares that same concept with them... and they actually "Get It!"

As a member of the over 70 crowd, my parents just set basic levels of success that I HAD to achieve or else! Go "Do your Best" was NEVER mentioned! Maybe it's time to being that back?

David in Maryland

Good morning Kyle,

I hope you're all doing well. Thank you for your blog post, it's deep and very thought-provoking!

I'm not really quite sure how to see your question Kyle as it makes me think so much, in a good way!

I would say my best is when I rise at 5 AM or sometimes earlier and get to bed at a sensible time, between 9 and 10 PM, ideally. On this schedule, I feel I'm at my best, 2 to 3 hours of work first thing in the morning, with no disturbances! I can manage this schedule quite well in the winter and in the quieter season. However, this time of year when I'm busy with my off-line business, I do find that things go out the window a bit. So in other words, right now is not my best!

I believe I mentioned to you that I have put my off-line business on the market, as I am confident in a good way that I can make a living full-time online. I just need to be given that time to achieve that!

Wishing you a great day.


Roybretton, thanks for your reply bc you mentioned that you have put your off-line business up for sale. For me, that comment makes me feel like you are a hero walking among us. And I want to do that too.
That gives me confidence.
All the best in achieving your goals.

Good morning Corinne,

Thank you for taking the time to join in the conversation, it's appreciated.

The power of the Internet has never failed to amaze me, the Internet really is a fantastic invention. I find it absolutely amazing that we can reach so many people from the comfort of our own home!

I've been working online since 2004, so I know how the Internet marketing game works. I believe that consistency is the biggest key to success. However, with an off-line business that keeps me fairly busy, it means that my online business can be a bit sporadic at times. I believe that selling the business will free up time for me to focus on the Internet business. I know that it wouldn't take much to increase my income online.

I just read your profile and it looks like you are enjoying your experience here at Wealthy Affiliate, that's fantastic.

I wish you all the best.


Hello Roy
Yes, I am enjoying my WA experience. I started as a free associate five years ago. I quit in one week. When I looked at WA this year I realized that in five years nothing had changed for me. So I started again and became a Premium member right away.
Best decision I ever made.
I am getting the Rolls Royce of tutoring and help and I am loving every bit of this process.
I wish you well and I am sure you will succeed.

Hello Corinne,

Thank you for your reply, it's appreciated.

I'm really pleased that you are enjoying your Wealthy Affiliate experience. I noticed that you joined several years ago when I looked at your profile page. It's great that you were able to look at your situation and be honest with yourself that nothing had changed! So now you are taking massive action, well done!

The training is amazing here, many of the successful members came to Wealthy Affiliate with absolutely no knowledge whatsoever. There are many members who have literally turned their life around which is absolutely fantastic.

I started out or start researching Internet marketing back in 2004, it took me three years to get my first moneymaking website up and running. It was professionally built, how times have changed! I believe that a Wealthy Affiliate member who is focused could probably learn in six weeks what I learned in three years! Plus they would spend a lot less money than I did! Unfortunately, I was buying products that were not very good, not deliberately. But I was just hungry to get something going online as I really could see the power and the potential of the Internet!

We also have to remember that Wealthy Affiliate is not a get rich scheme. It is a proper training programme that teaches you how to build an online business.

Wishing you all the best and a great Sunday.


I like this thought process. When are you at your best, that is not something that I covered here and I certainly have my peak moments through the day as well.

I am at my best around an hour after I wake (usually after a coffee lol), and after the gym at night when I have granted myself a full refresh with exercise. It does wonders.

But generally speaking, our best even in our peak hours now, may not be even close to our best during our peak hours down the road if we continue to work towards a new best.

I agree Kyle.

My best after hour waking up, and if the full moon time...
Guess what, I discover that when Schumann Resonance is high, and general universe energy is high...I improve my best all the time.

See the attached image.

When overall external energy not good, I run some of good frequencies and yes, Schumann resonance frequency is one of my fav. By the way, Schumann resonance used to reduce the electronic-pollution caused by wi-fi and most electronic devices.

Even when we down in term of energy, we still capable to do another best if we stop judging ourselves and we become open more to possibility when ever exist.

Have great day.

I must admit, I've never considered what people mean when they say are going to do their best. You have made some very valid points.

In order to keep life exciting, I hope my "best" will be a moving target for many years to come.

I hope that you have an awesome month.

Yeah, either have I. I have never used that phrase as the idea of that is so ambiguous and we tend to "undershoot" what even our best right now is...let alone the best in the future.

I hope you have an awesome month as well Sondra! :)


I agree with your words, Kyle. Best is relative and when used thoughtlessly, it hampers our growth. I believe there's always room for growth, regardless of where we are in life.

For me, 'best' is an elusive goal. I aim to do better instead. Little steps of improvement make up a great deal in the end.

It is used so frequently, and it actually isn't true. People can be doing awesome, but the idea of that being their "best" ever is self-limiting.

Always can grow, evolve, and become better. That is what is so exciting about business and life. There is always room for improvement.

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