What Are You Great At? It Wasn't Always That Way.

Last Update: February 23, 2021

There is the natural tendency to fear anything new. The most common excuse preventing someone from starting something is the fact that they are totally "green" to it. I hear this on a daily basis.

"I don't know if I can do this because I am totally green to this whole internet business/marketing thing".

Yeah, well guess what. I was once green too. In fact, there was a time when I didn't even have a computer, or know how to turn on a computer. A time when I didn't know the first thing about affiliate marketing and a time where I hadn't made a cent online.

This could go for anything in my life. Whether it was riding a bike, driving a car, being a parent, playing basketball, or how to properly use a fork an knife to eat my dinner.

I was once green to all of them.

Think of the one thing that you are the best at, the most efficient at, that you feel you are an expert in. You were once totally green to that as well.

Now if it ever crosses your mind that you are GREEN to something as you move forward in this journey, that is OK. Any expert you see around you was also in your exact same "state" at one point being totally new to the topic or the subject matter. It doesn't take long to go from being green, to being knowledgeable and proficient at something.

You can learn this. You can learn anything.

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MyraBeth Premium
Thanks so much. As someone just mentioned in her blog, it is scary to move on to the next lesson. But the lessons are designed for anyone who is 'green' and even those who are techy challenged, like myself.

I find that I have gained a lot of confidence in myself as I complete each lesson, and I realize that I can do things; such as write blogs, do anything techy with my website, that I really didn't think I could.

Yes, it is sometimes scary to move on to the next lesson. What I appreciate about the WA training course is that it is self-paced and the lessons are just enough to be challenging, without being overwhelming. And they really have moved me forward towards my dream of working online at home or wherever there is internet access and wherever I may go.

Green also means: GO!
weemrst Premium
Hi Kyle and thank your for your encouragement.
Throughout my life I have been quite good at a lot of things but never really good at one particular thing.
I truly think, given time which is sparse at the moment, I could be really good at affiliate marketing. It means so much being finally courageous enough to actually write that down.
Thank you again and take care.
AnthonyMLM Premium
Thanks for the reminder, focus is what I'm good at sense joining WA, I wasn't always good at focusing on what in life, I've learn how to tune into dream and learn something totally out of my element. The more I became focus, the more I became focus on my dream and goal. Thanks kyle.
theresroth Premium
Thanks for this, Kyle, it's so timely for me!
Be it online here at WA, where my current thought is creating a live chat for college students on my site.....( overcoming technical fears),
or offline, my starting training in care work.....( overcoming fears of not feeling and responding correctly to people's personal needs).

Yes, it's exactly that again! Overcoming fear and getting out of the comfort zone!

Again, thanks a mill, it's a "direct hit"!☺

Kyle Premium Plus
One thing you can do is TRY, if it doesn't work, you can either make it work or come up with a solution that might be better.

We have done a lot of things that simply didn't work here at WA, have pulled them back, and ditched some projects along the way that we have been working for a year on.

It happens, but you never know until you get your hands dirty and do it!
sjones2 Premium Plus
I was just talking with a buddy last night about everything I learned here at WA. He has great podcast, I shared with him some of the things I saw on his website that he needs to fix and was explaining other SEO things he can do. He was like I didn't know that; the whole time I was talking and feeling like an expert!!! So we're getting together next week! Thanks Kyle