Wealthy Affiliate Review in 2017, An Open Discussion

Last Update: March 22, 2017

I know there are plenty of folks that want to hear my insights into WA and get an overview of not just what we offer here, but also get some insights into our ideologies and motives that drive the Wealthy Affiliate platform forward.

Because of this, I have spent some time breaking down all of this stuff down in a very through, forward thinking Wealthy Affiliate review. Not just today, but tomorrow...and the future of WA.

To be honest, the future has never been brighter and there has never been a better time to be part of WA.

First though, I want to give you my elevator pitch and how I perceive Wealthy Affiliate and how if someone asked me on the street what Wealthy Affiliate is, what I would tell them.

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is an affiliate marketing community boasting close to 850,000 active members. It provides folks with an all-inclusive experience providing it’s members with state of the art hosting, websites, expert help, training resources, live video classes, and even access to the founders, Kyle & Carson.

There is big emphasis on the “all inclusive” component of WA. We not only want to offer a service within the online business space, our goals have and always will be to remove the “extra” costs and to centralize all the services, tools, training, and support within ONE environment so you don’t need to be managing 10 different services and spending WAY more than you need to operate your business.

Wealthy Affiliate has become, far and away, the most cost efficient platform in the industry. The most technologically advanced platform. The most helpful and altruistic community. The plan is to keep things this way.

That is our goal. That is what we are striving for, but we know that as with any platform we can always get better. No system or platform is perfect and we definitely would never say anything we do at Wealthy Affiliate is perfect. If you live in that mind frame, you simply won’t get better.

Our egos are checked at the door every day when we come to work, and we go to work hard with our team of over 25 people that are working diligently building and improving upon WA behind the scenes. We come up with ideas, we shut down ideas, we design things that never get rolled out, we roll things out that we don’t love and pull them back, and sometimes we simply nail it with certain projects (which we intend to do with all, but it just doesn’t happen this way).

Some things that we have already improved at Wealthy Affiliate in 2017.

SiteSSL, Free SSL.

Every website hosted here at Wealthy Affiliate now has the ability to get FREE SSL. This is something that has conventionally cost $50+ per domain, completely included with your Premium membership here at WA.

It is as easy as a "toggle" to turn SSL (which makes your site https:// vs. http://) in Google and other search engines.

Updating Training, by Design

A well trained affiliate marketer is a successful one. That is something that we will never lose sight of and as we move forward (as we have in the past), our training will continue to evolve and stay ahead of the industry.

But training is not just the “words” or the “videos”. A proper training facilty offers an environment that is designed in a very clear and concise manner, that makes the process of learning efficient, and that leads to getting quick and expert help. These are things that we have focused on in two significant updates recently.

Update 1: Courses, Tasks in SideBar

As you are going through the training now, you can see from an Eagle’s eye point of view where you are at within any given Course. The main training modules of Certification have 5 courses and 50 lessons, while Bootcamp has 7 courses and 70 lessons. It is important to understand where you are at within the training.

We have also improved the design through the ease in which you can get help within the main training. There is a help button that is clearly visible within every lesson that you can simply click to get access to community support. .

Update 2: Smart Training Menu Design

When you are starting out, it is nice to have an understanding not just where you are at within the training, but where you are headed. With so many “distractions” out there, we wanted to bring clarity-of-process to the forefront within the menu structuring at Wealthy Affiliate.

When you click either the “Get Started Here” (Online Entrepreneur Certification) or the Affiliate Bootcamp buttons within the main menu, you now get a full overview of all the courses offered within each, with a high level progress bar as to what you have accomplished within each.

This has been well received and it has offered incredible clarity to everyone, not just Starter members.

Live Classes. Months of Stuff.

We have already done a Facebook Ads month this year, and coming in the month of April, after the success of the last “niche project” that was done, Jay is going to be doing a micro-niche website from start to finish.

There are millions and millions of pockets of opportunity just about everywhere and Jay is going to dig into a few year, start to finish, case study on how to leverage another one of these pocket niches. It is going to be a brilliant series that you are not going to want to miss.

And if you wanted to check out the 5 Class Series on Facebook Ads, you can find all the training here.

As with every year, we have no less than 52 Live Classes with Full Q&A sessions coming your way. It is going to be another year of amazing training.

New & Improved Training.

This is something that is constantly taking place within Wealthy Affiliate. Every year there are 100’s of new training modules released to the community at Wealthy Affiliate. 2017 is going to be no different.

As the Internet and technology evolves, so do we and all fronts of the training are going to be updated this year. Affiliate Bootcamp is going to get updated. Online Entrepreneur is going to get updated. New training coming on brand new, current topics relating to SEO, Niches, Keyword Research, PPC, Social marketing, E-com and Drop Shipping.

2016 was the most proactive year yet on the training side of things, and 2017 is going to truly be next level. Lots to look forward to for all members within the community.

SiteBuilder 2.0. Coming VERY Soon.

What Else is Coming in 2017. LOTS.

The engine behind the scenes at Wealthy Affiliate is always churning, a lot can be accomplished in few months (as you can see) let alone an entire year if you have a the ideas and the team that is able to implement these ideas.

Here is a sneak look into just some of the projects that we have going on behind the scenes. I am not going to elaborate into too much detail as we will be announcing MORE as we near the roll out dates or when we actually launch these new platforms, but 2017 is going to be the busiest yet here for Wealthy Affiliate members.

Project 1: Mobile, Mobile Design and Mobile Features.

Project 2: Activity Dashboard 2.0, Dynamic and Enhanced

Project 3: Ambassador Platform, Rankings and New Goodies

Project 4: Events. The Platform.

Project 5: Jaaxy 3.0. New Design, Improvements, Technology and Integration.

Project 6: Bootcamp 2.0, Enough Said.

These are just "some" of the new platforms and features coming in 2017, there are many others that I have left out (intentionally, lol), but are going to be next level, game changing platforms.

Of course you will notice these new platforms and they will be acknowledged as we roll them out with launch posts and new system/platform training. Lots to look forward to in 2017 and I wanted to offer you my personal review and insights into Wealthy Affiliate.

What Do You Want From Wealthy Affiliate?

I want to open the discussion here to you, the member and the most valued aspect of WA. Over the years we have grown and evolved because of you, the community. I want to ask you a few questions here and I would love your feedback on both of them.

What are you favourite aspects of Wealthy Affiliate currently, what do you love about the platform?

What are some things that you would like to see in the future added to or improved upon with Wealthy Affiliate? As I mentioned, we have lots of projects on the go and some of these may be in line with your "wants", but no idea here is too crazy and we really want your feedback.

Please leave your feedback, comments, and questions below.

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Recent messages
Leeside Premium
I feel there should be specific training on mindset.A lot of people come into this business and fail because of incorrect mindset and the wrong attitude.
There is a myth out there that this industry is a get rich quick industry.
Correct mindset may also help our referrals to stay longer in this membership.
mtatar Premium
I totally agree with you!
Odam65 Premium
I agree but really thats where we come in. If we get a referral we need to help them understand that this isn't a get rich scheme. I get it. it's frustrating when they were premium and quite. you just have to let them go and help and work with the ones that are here.
jewels44 Premium
your are correct
ownonlboss Premium
Hi Kyle and Carson,

First of all, I am amazed with the system of Wealthy Affiliate. Amazed that there is such a great community build up here and that it is kept alive. I mean, I know plenty of places where they build a community site and then the people lack to keep stuff going such as forums and chat. That could have happened here easily as well, as people would be busy with their own website and so everything would come to a standstill, which it has not ever here so far I know.

Also I'd like to say that most systems here on WA are fantastic, if not perfect. I really like what is under the hood right now and what is to come and to be improved. I love to be part of beta stuff such as the SiteSpeed I just became part of. It looks really good and will do a big thing for websites on WA.

Having that said, I have come also across some small things that cause annoyance or at least mild irritation among us WA-ers. So having said all the positive first, I come with my constructive feedback now, as I do with all my feedback reports.

1) Live Chat
Live Chat is fantastic, but it needs a little update in two areas.
First of all the biggest annoyance or irritation among members is that it goes really really fast. Sometimes it is hard to follow the replies on stuff. This is difficult for both the one asking questions and the one helping out. Especially when there are several people being helped, it can become messy. The quick popup version under the dark blue button is nice, but is perhaps a little small for following, plus that it pops away easily too. I am not asking to remove that anyhow.

I see the same Live Chat within Activity Dashboard. There it is a bit easier to follow, but it is still very small. I know that one can open Live Chat in a separate window (tab) I do that most of the time. This however bugs from time to time and doesn't load at all. When it does work it goes fine, but after some minutes it stops working all together and a refresh or a re-opening of tab is in place.

The live chat in separate window misses all WA navigation.

My suggestion is to make that live chat in a WA with full navigation page, where the chat becomes part of the middle column. The area of chat is than a static box with scrolling content and below that the area to type.
Possibly you could add tabs to chat that automatically appear when you are in different conversations with people, as in to follow replies easily, whether that is a question you get replied to or as a helper a function to easily track questions. I am not entirely sure what is best there. Maybe colour coding can be enough already, but I thought of extra tabs per 'customer' as they have this sort of mechanic in livechat support for sites (bit experience with them).

I also often wonder whether the person I was asking for is still active or not. A way of seeing all members-in-chat would be great for as far as possible.

2) The Green "Success?" Button.

This was a question I asked recently: Many answered with their view. member 'TheBuilder' also gave me a great answer.

After that TheBuilder posted a blog: The community responded massively on this.

Okay, I will go into detail now. This is a two fold story. In Activity Dashboard there is this category to sort on Successes. Here I personally always looked for monetary successes, because they motivated me as a newbie member that this actually works and that I should just continue with what I was doing. Unfortunately many successes were not of the monetary type, so I scrolled just along until I found a few monetary and congratulated these people.

When you write a blog there is this extra green button saying "Success Post?" I have never used the button so far, because I always felt it was about the monetary success. I have not made a monetary success yet. As soon as I do, I will report it and use that button.

After the discussions on both "my question" and "TheBuilder's blog", I figured that this button was used by many for many smaller successes such as building a site within siterubix, starting the first course, completing a course, writing their first blog on WA etc etc etc.

So on TheBuilder's blog I had a little discussion on how to improve this button's functionality. We came up with the following:

What if when one clicks on the green famous button Success Post, there would come an extra question saying:
"Congratulations on your success!

What did you achieve? Was this a monetary success or an other success?

[Monetary Success] [Other Success]"

That way you will be able to sort on monetary successes within Activity Dashboard.

It will perhaps also be an option to build a javascript / iframe code for us website builders to implement the 'testimony' of WA (because of the monetary successes) to put on our Bootcamp sites and on the WA frontpage outside login.

3) SiteComments
I understood much later that SiteComments and SiteFeedback share the same credits. I am not sure if that is a good idea, because it becomes than perhaps easier to send feedback to get credits to request comments. I leave that decission to you two, but I do see the behaviour of very short and non-constructive feedback on my sites, while I do my best to make big feedback on everyone's request.

My main problem and I think many with me, is that it is easily misunderstood sofar. Comments on a website.. unless you are an active surfer on the internet and been commenting sites before, you maybe do not know this term and so a comment can easily be feedback and vice versa.

For one part it has to do with the explanation in both the system itself and the course material.

Nathaniell had an excellent post on the problem recently: For another it is perhaps the naming. I have my suggestions, I am not sure if they are ideal either, but here it comes.

SiteComment should perhaps be named SiteEngagement because we have to make our content engaging and so we need engagement of the community or any visitors in general. It could also be named SiteVisitor or something, but that is perhaps less describing the actual matter of commenting the posts.

SiteFeedback for that matter is perhaps properly named, but could in the event that someone misunderstands it, also be renamed in something else, such as: SiteOpinion, because we like to hear people's opinions on the website you created.

I also noticed that when you click on Give Feedback, that the describing part of which we want to have comment/feedback on is very small. I think it is easily to oversee that someone wants "General Feedback" or "Content Feedback". I have seen several cases where the requester is totally ignored and just gets some feedback on the colours while there was a request on the content itself whether it was written properly or not.

Perhaps we need an extra describing field (textarea) where we can actually write a bigger explanation on what type of feedback we are looking for. If not, at least make it bigger and easier to see for the feedbacker, so that we can minimize wasted credits.

On the SiteComments side of things: In SiteFeedback it actually links back to the person. It is still possible to contact the person posting the feedback afterwards.
In siteComments it links to gravatar for some reason. I am unable to find members with the gravatar name.

Does one have to deny a comment if the comment was a feedback instead? I have sofar never done so. I have always just edited the original poster to something of my suiting. That way I didn't waste a credit and the person didn't get a warning.

Of course I would have loved to take contact with the person to tell them that they did their comment wrong and whether they would bother to go back in there to edit there comment accordingly.

4) Member search
Searching members can be a drag sometimes. There are many of the same name with all sorts of numbers. Its hard to find anyone, except for the one's with clear profile images or normal sounding names. There are neither enough results coming up in the top search bar.

I wish a more google approach to searching where:

A) There is a certain amount of results when one just types on autoComplete (remembering jquery now) functionality in the top.

B) When one also presses ENTER/RETURN a full search results page comes up where one can also specify what category to search for. Such as members, classrooms, training etc.

5) Where are my favourite Tagged trainings, blog posts etc?
I keep tagging stuff I think is important, but where do they end up? I cannot find them anywhere. I am sure it was once a function and not anymore.. or it was meant to become functionality and it isn't yet?
Either way, I favourited and tagged stuff that is still as hard to find as it is without those.
I just started making bookmarks in my Chrome browser for WA with subcategories such as WA Liked sites, WA Tools, WA Daily Stuff to WA Rank, WA Daily Tools to Website Rank etc.

EDIT: I just found out how it works. You click on the star on the top search box, and you get to see all your liked content. Not sure if I like it the way it is however, as it becomes a lot of links and a long list this way, in a popup window.

But I miss an option to easily link my favourite stuff, an extra menu item on the left that lets me get to a page full of my own links by category so that I can quickly get stuff done on WA.

6) Open suggestions
A) I miss a suggestions forum/classroom, where this type of posts can be placed and easily reviewed by both community and the developers. There is a good chance that my 'comment' will disappear below, while when I create separate posts such as in a forum, they will not easily disappear.
B) Would WA build their own version of a theme perhaps for WordPress that is simplistic, yet powerful for SEO and powerful in the form of being able to modify about everything. "Make" is such a theme I am currently using, but am not that much happy with it either. Would be cool if WA had their own theme that many can use.
C) Would perhaps WA build their own localisation plugin for Amazon? Currently there are only a few plugins and they all require some type of monthly subscription. I'm in the border of writing a plugin myself.
D) Keyword Lists is horribly outdated. Perhaps give the community the option to add more stuff here for new members. Replace the entire system from pdf's to something more dynamic as well.
E) So far I haven't used the Link Tracking option yet. It is neither described in the main course material. Perhaps I should find some tutorials on it, but I was surprised to see that it was an external system and not something integrated on WA platform.
F) I think we could have more options within automatic messages for Affiliates.
G) Perhaps add a little bit of formatting to comments on posts like this one, but perhaps that's not a good idea either because then you can get a lot of problems with formatting, but anyway, some simple options such as bold would be nice. Would have made this long comment more readable. :-)

Other than that I'd like to say that the courses need updating. Stuff has changed a lot lately and so we end up answering a lot of the same questions over and over again simply because there is either missing info or things that have been replaced by different tools nowadays. To name an example: Sometimes there is talk about Yoast or Allin1SEO functionality, google webmaster tools functionality etc that is not existing any longer or not installed by default. Some plugins have changed as default install on siterubix too since the new hardware, so things need updating and reviewing. I gladly proofread, as long as I can report it somewhere, like I did now.

Sorry, became a bit long ;-)

TheBuilder Premium
Fantastic, I'm amazed by your participation and contribution in the discussion.
Indeed very constructive.
You are Awesome my dear Steven.
Doug-A Premium
It has been quite a journey for me also. I was moving quite slowly at first, but then I began trying to help others as well. Then I started moving faster through the courses. I moved more quickly until I finished C3.
I then began to have back problems and got away from working WA. My rank level began to drop and I didn't have the motivation I had before.
Now I my back is getting better. I am trying to get more motivated by helping others again. I am now in C4L6. and hope to finish C4 near the end of the month.
My major problem now is I am not getting any real response on my website. Only family and friends have commented other than from the comments section.
If I do everything that the course tells me to do, when should I begin to see some real results. (comments and buying books, experiments, science equipment, etc.)
I enjoyed the summary . There is so much to learn.
My website is science-books.org
Odam65 Premium
It all depends on how much traffic you get to your website. Doing the lessons is great but you need to repeat some of the presses multiple times. Like posting to your social media when you write a new post. Writing a new post daily is hard at first but necessary to attract new viewers. And a better chance to have them share your website. The key is having something that everyone wants.

The more you work at it the better chances you have of making sales. To put a time frame on it can take six months to a year depending on the product or service your offering.
teaherbalist Premium
Well, so far it's been a journey. I am not particularly tech savvy, and the process of learning something new can be very frustrating, especially if the information you are given in the lessons is not current. However, the one thing I am is persistent. I've made it to level 7 and though my head frequently feels overloaded, I will continue to press onward. I do appreciate WA for making the process easier. Had I tried to learn all of this by myself, it would have been much more frustrating and long. I will mention many of the videos require a bit of creative thinking since the information is not as current as it could be and not only WA, but also all the social media have changed. I hope these are some of the issues you are already addressing. Thank goodness for the WA community who have saved me great amounts of frustration! That unique feature of WA is priceless!

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Author: teaherbalist
Kyle Premium
Thanks for your feedback Janet and sometimes with a platform as sophisticated and progressive with Wealthy Affiliate, changes happen frequently and some of the videos take a few weeks or months to catch up in terms of showing the correct interface.

An example of this is the new bootcamp that is coming, we are rolling out the first two new phases next week at Wealthy Affiliate and you are going to see this rolled it in parallel with a significant platform that is going to have a huge presence and utilization within your affiliate marketing activities moving forward.

Thanks for stopping by and dropping your review.
teaherbalist Premium
Thank you, Kyle, for taking some of your valuable time to acknowledge my concerns. I'm glad you already had a plan for it.
Nikosth Premium
Well i have a suggestion. Better late than never. I don't know if it can be done though or if it's practical.

Anyway, my idea is:

Site Social

The same way we have site comments and feedback, if we could have a similar place but for social shares.
The same principal would be applied. You have to share 2 posts through your social media accounts to request 1 social share. Members will have to add their social media URLS let's say the 3 big ones (Facebook, Twitter, Google+) from the beginning and they will only be able to share through those accounts. That way we prevent fake accounts that some may try to create.

The negative aspect could be that it might look like you are encouraging members to spam. Some members may do that, or don't realize they are doing it. For that a limit might be introduced. Like you can't share more than 4 posts in 24 hours.

The only reason i make that suggestion is that social media shares are being a factor on how Google ranks websites. Not sure if that's true but i read somewhere.

Maybe the whole idea is a bit unethical for some and it can't be done just for that. But i don't see it like that. Just a recommendation.
Kyle Premium
We have thought long and hard about this idea and the proper implementation of this will be key if we make this work.

The one aspect of this that would be difficult to monitor is whether or not something actually gets shared and when it does, whether or not it actually stays live (ie, someone could just delete the post right away).

There would need to be all sorts of validation with a social type platform and another consideration is to avoid being deemed as "spam" by these platforms, which can happen when you have a platform the size of WA driving links to it.
judebanks Premium
I'd like to see the premium access period for Starter members to be extended from 7 to 10 days, and a selection of Jay's 'older but still relevant' webinars be added as a bonus. So 7 days premium access + 3 days with bonus webinar training.

It could even be added with a tick box option that says at the end of 7 days: "Not ready to upgrade yet? Tick box if you would like additional free training.

If the free member opts in for the additional training, it is an indicator of their interest.

Such access could give starter members a stronger and more immediate sense of connection to WA.

It would be interesting to see if it affects the percentage of upgrades.

DaveSw Premium
Hi, Jude...This seems like a very good suggestion...Some people are so busy that the 7 days somehow slips away from them in spite of their intent...Adding this additional 'carrot' might be the thing to tip them into premium membership! Good call! Cheers! Dave : )
Barryw1 Premium
It makes sense from a physiological perspective. I wonder if it makes sense from a business perspective?
Kyle Premium
There has never been a 7 day trial, ever. A Starter member has access to WA as long as they want, just their communication is for the first 7 days.

And yes, we have consider some of the webinars being available to Starter members as well, something that you will likely see in the future.

Do know that the Starter membership is not a 7 day trial though.
DaveSw Premium
Thanks for the clarification...
judebanks Premium
Yes, thank you for correcting me, Kyle. I did not explain myself clearly. I know the Starter member is ongoing for as long as they want.

I meant to say the 7 days that new members can access premium content, which I guess is a trial of premium benefits. I will edit that accordingly.

Glad to hear that you are considering making some webinars available to Starter members. ~Jude
ThomasPaul Premium
I just thought of another suggestion:

When someone reaches ambassador status have them take a short multiple choice test on the acceptable posting guidelines as outlined here: Don't make them an Ambassador until they have passed the test. Give them unlimited attempts and make it open notes/open book, but don't give them ambassadorship without passing the test with 100% score.

This way all Ambassadors are aware of the guidelines/rules.
Kyle Premium
Yeah, this is a good idea or they lose status if they are reported for spamming more than X times.

We have some significant updates coming to Ambassador rankings though, which will help with lots of this.
KerriM Premium
I would like to see the Spam is a No No posted as a sticky on the activity feed or a link in the sidebar- quick access. I know it is at the bottom of blog posts when creating them, but maybe a more visible place.
RisingAbove Premium
Thing is, it's not only ambassadors that are posting spam.
Odam65 Premium
I'm loving the new update's that are coming. I'm really interested in the Mobile features coming. Is one of the features on the mobile side going to be a app? Something that I can share with prospects on the go. And I can run my business from on my phone. Using the internet on my phone is challenging and not very comfortable.

A app where I can show a prospect WA, the prospect can down load the app and we can communicate with each other and they can sign up from there. (And that prospect would be affiliated through me)

A app, once they down loaded it I could walk them though certain topics. (Thing there interested in, Hot topics that peak there interest, ) Instead of me showing them my phone, they can experience it on there own phone and we can go though it together. To me this would give them ownership, and feeling like there already apart of the WA community.

I don't know if this is possible but it would be a great tool to share for new possible affiliate's.

Kyle Premium
An App is not on the table at this point, simply because it would dilute quality of the service here at WA. We don't want people thinking they create and run a business from an APP, because that is not the reality of things.

In saying this, the mobile side is going to be really awesome and we are looking forward to implementing this. It is a HUGE project though as it is basically creating a different version of WA.

I do agree there are applications for an APP, and you might see some of these in the future.
Odam65 Premium
Great! I was wanting something that would be easy to use and show new affiliates prospects while I was out on the road. This sounds much better. Very excited!

Thank you for replying! This is a rarity in most company's

ThomasPaul Premium
Hi Kyle,

I haven't been around lately, but learning about the Facebook Ads training is a pleasant surprise. I'm glad to see WA continuing to provide training in the PPC space.

Things I would like to see:

-Currently there are toggle buttons in the Activity Feed for "Everyone", "Friends", and "Referrals". It would be nice if there was an "Excluded" option. This would essentially be all of the activity from people who you don't want to see their content in your "Everyone" feed, but still allows you to check in periodically and see if they have problems/questions you can help them out with.

-Be able to opt out of receiving notifications of blog posts, questions from certain people. This ties into my recommendation above. Currently, you either have to look at "Everyone" and filter through content that you may consider to be junk and spam or you can just look at "Friends" and "Referrals". If you have a person that clogs the activity feed with a bunch of junk, the only thing you can do is to follow everyone on WA except for the people that you don't want to see their content, then you would be able to use the "Friends" tab effectively. Obviously, it's impossible to follow everyone on WA.

-More fine tuning of the Ambassdor system. I realize there is a social aspect to WA, but people shouldn't become Ambassadors by having a group of 20-30 people that "like" their frequent posts that have absolutely nothing to do with internet marketing/online business.
wb5yjs Premium
Kyle, I sent the following (long) message to you as a PM & did not get a reply, so I am posting it here:

WA - Evolution

Kyle’s Blog Post about WA… now & in the future
In response to your Blog-Post: “ Wealthy Affiliate Review in 2017, An Open Discussion "

In the Animal-Kingdom, what causes a new & superior Species to Evolve?
It happens when a Mutation occurs, that gives rise to an improvement within a present Species. This results
is a Superior-Species… it's Evolution.

This same Evolution can happen within WA, as it has several times in the past.
The first step would be adding another Feature/Benefit to the platform.
This falls in line with the ideologies and motives that drive the Wealthy Affiliate platform forward.

In addition to WA’s current Features/Benefits: (state of the art hosting, websites, expert help, training resources, live video classes, and access to the founders), this new addition would be something that is not readily available on the Internet, elsewhere.

This would be an expansion of the most helpful and altruistic community. It would be an extension of the current "Community-Support". It would be another addition to the “Smart-Training-Menu” and a way to bring clarity-of-process to the forefront.

ebm47 made an interesting statement [Quote]: My only downside of WA is the community at times tends to be more FB then online marketing. I bet I get 50 emails a day and only 50% are about business. The people are all great, and making business friends is great but this is a business. I am probably way off base on this.
This new addition would solve this Problem.

Everlight also had an interesting comment [Quote]: What i would love to have is a guestposting platform. A platform that make us easier to match with other members that have similar niche…
Having a place to chat with other people with similar interest would augment the Community experience.

“WA-Wiki-Chat-Rooms” could be a Gathering-Place/Community of a Population of Residents chatting about various, common, relevant topics.

Such a “Chat-Destination” could be a “Meet-Up” & “Chat-Up” location with “Chat-Threads” & “Chat-Profiles” for Collaboration & Archiving of relevant information.

Such a “Chat-Location” could be a "Source/Resource-Location" for a populace to congregate.

It could embellish our Community-Environment & provide a location the find & meet friends with similar interests.

There could be an ever expanding Sidebar of Room-Topics.

It could be superior to a Forum or FB Group.

I would love to have a place to connect, communicate, build Relationships, exchange information & help others.

jewels44 Premium
I like this post but I will say this you can do that yourself on your own sites this is something given to you so that you can build you and also Wealthy Affiliate.

Any member here can set up a group on any social panel to gain access to the same people looking for the same things we were looking for when we started out.

Being social is where it's at that's why you hear a lot about FB, it is the largest social network out there that's why people talk about FB it's a goal mind for prospects. Also here At WA they have a "Pay It Forward system" so that others that have business the same can talk and build all together. You must begin with a foundation first so going social is not a bad thing. You can tie your site into groups on FB so you can target the people who have the same ideals and so they can help you build.

The more you post the better response you will have from these social sites so what I am saying is think you first get you and your name out there and promote how you got started and you will find that there is a whole new world when it comes to the groups, fan pages, communities and any other social network is the best way to get your response. Wealthy Affiliate gave you the tools to build your passion so I really don't think that they should change anything with all the free stuff when you first start here.

Granted they may need to do some tweeks here and there but I really don't think they should change anything they are doing. This is just my opinion, not saying you are right or wrong just wanted to add this to the discussion.
wb5yjs Premium
I broke you post into paragraphs with one thought per paragraph, trying to understand what you are suggesting.

Kyle’s post was a listing of the various stages of improvements that WA has gone through and then he asked for suggestions for additional features/benefits that could be added for future improvements.

My suggestion is to have a new feature/benefit… "Chat-Rooms”.

Currently on the WA Dashboard (left column) there is:
- Activity Dashboard
- Certification
- Live Chat
- Site Rubix
-Affiliate Bootcamp

I am suggesting the addition of “Chat-Rooms”.
Members could click-on & go-to “Chat-Rooms” and see what topics are being discussed. This would become a Resource-Of-Info & a Gathering-Place for Collaboration.

You mentioned “Pay-It-Forward” which is just an advertisement for "Earning-Ambassador-Credits”. The Q&As; in the “Pay-It-Forward” could be more efficiently handled in “Chat-Rooms”.

You suggested that the “Chats” could be done on your own sites or on Social-Media-Platforms like FB-Groups. But why send member off WA in search of "Chat-Collaboration”? It’s better to keep members congregated on the WA platform in

You spoke of “Building-Yourself”. If folks find you to be knowledgable & helpful in
a “Chat-Room”, you will Build-Yourself.

Yes, being social is important but you don’t need to go off WA to a Social-Site… you can be Social in a Chat-Room and remain on WA.

You stated that you don’t think WA needs to change anything. I’m not suggesting that WA change anything. I’m suggesting an Improvement, an additional Feature/Benefit… something that does not exist… a gathering place to strengthen our Community and make it more functional.

Kyle Premium
We definitely do have some ideas in terms of threaded chat rooms, the one thing we want to avoid here is creating a "cliquey" atmosphere and we have actually had the ability to offered threaded chats for quite some time (think of Live Classes, they all have their own chats).

We have some really awesome solutions for this though and you are going to see integration of this as you move through the 2017. When we do this, we want the chats to be more interactive than just a "chat" (hint, hint).
DaveSw Premium
I think you are thinking like I am Kyle...

Here are my thoughts...

Having the ability to make calls and video calls, share files and images, share screens and conduct conference calls are the options I am looking to add to our upcoming e-commerce membership site...

The threaded forums idea is also one we are looking at, similar to what the Reddit site offers...I like that and it kind of fits with what you are saying...

There are certainly some checks and balances that would have to be built in so it does not get out of hand in both cases...It sounds like you have had some experience here already if these are not in place...

In our case...

Since potential members will have options for levels of membership, they will either be focused on one particular system of e-Commerce (our system), or interested in other e-commerce opportunities (i.e. eBooks, drop shipping)...

Threads would be visible based on their interests and level of membership...

Other related areas we are building in are visible depending on if members are affiliates, drop shippers, or as partners managing their affiliate programs...

As opposed to the paid membership model used by Wealthy Affiliate, we are taking a different approach...All membership levels will be free to join...

Monetization sources will come from a combination of income streams to include...

(1) Charges for paid training (on top of our free training) that other educators can add to the site for members (for which we take a commission as hosts when they make sales).

(2) Our partner program.

(3) Drop shipping sales and services (i.e. sales of our products and order fulfillment).

(4) Sales affiliates make on our behalf, and of course.

(5) Sales from our own stores...

In this membership support system, the conversation threads and other elements applicable to one or the other level will be visible to members based on their membership level...It means only interested folks could see related entries/threads...

I love building things!

Good stuff and I am enjoying this thread! Lots of ideas...

Dave : )
jewels44 Premium
Nice good luck to you and your journey here at WA you will do great!
DaveSw Premium
Thanks and I am sure it will be the same for you! Cheers! Dave : )
Allie1 Premium
Mostly very happy with what is available at WA. Some of my concerns have already been covered in other comments(updated training etc.) One thing I am constantly coming across when I run scans or speed checks is being told-" Reduce server response time". I receive this warning from several different testers. Is this something that is in the future plans at WA or ?? as this is not something we can deal with ourselves.
judebanks Premium
Yes, there is. You might have already seen this but for those
who haven't: ~Jude
DebbieRose Premium
Thanks so much for the update and your thoughts. I'm fairly new but that is the one thing I respect about WA. The owners are engaged in the site, keep it relevant, and look for our feedback. There is still so much training for me to take advantage of, I don't even know what I don't know yet so I'm just trusting that all the enhancements will benefit me.

I have experienced that some of the videos in the training do not match what I see on my screens. But I realize updates occur all the time and you can't redo the training at every turn.

I'm still able to get the facts of the training and move forward. This has been an eye opening experience so far. Thank you. Debbie
Kyle Premium
Yeah, there is an abundance of training here at WA, more than one could ever need to create 100 different types of online businesses, but the key is getting the fundamental elements down and the proper initial process down, and that is what the Get Started Here training will walk you through.

Some of the screens don't match as UI changes and we are constantly pushing forward with updates in this respect. It is almost daily that something changes, and we adapt and improve.
Ljw5432 Premium
I've been very pleased with Wealthy Affiliate. I'm not sure how this can happen because it's different with everyone and niches are all over the place, but is there a gauge or barometer of 'success' or when we should abandon ship for another niche? I guess what I'm saying is, most of us don't want to spend more time on mistakes. How do we know if we're moving forward? Say if we've been posting 3 times a week for a year, and we still have zip going on, time to give it up? Anyway, something like that might be helpful. :-)
DimensionB Premium
It definitely is interesting, seeing all the great progress being made here at WA, and how much more efficient this site has become since its humble beginnings.

Honestly, I have only one suggestion, and I think it is one that needs to be taken very seriously.

Many members start here for free because they are unsure whether this is a scam or not. They have a free trial where they are given nearly all of the premium member benefits for seven days, and that is a good idea.

The only issue I have is that free members have a massive paywall on almost every resource after their trial ends. I understand the need to limit content so that they will buy your product; that's simply good business.

However, some of these restrictions seem a bit harsh. Coming from someone who has always struggled with money and who originally had a hard time paying for this site, I can safely say that the lack of outreach towards free users is baffling at best and overly harsh at worst.

What is the first thing people want to do before they purchase anything?

Ask questions.

It's been stated both in your official lessons AND in the resources you've linked in those lessons that the very first step in the customer purchase lifecycle is RESEARCH.

Free members, after their first week, do not get to research.

Instead, they have their ability to ask questions restricted/limited, cannot use the live chat, and cannot use many of the resources and features of this site that would normally help them make an informed decision on whether they should invest in this site.

One week is a very short time to decide whether a very large series of lessons is a good investment, as the typical working man would only have a couple of hours a day to put into working through the lessons. That means by the time the week is up, most people would just barely be getting close to the end of the first lesson, and wouldn't see really any success other than the small satisfaction they get from completing them. They would be receiving zero dollars and zero cents, have zero promotion, and the basic skeleton of a website.

Now, the argument could be made that a week's time is plenty of time to ask questions, but the first lesson in the course is very basic, and most people who are computer literate can easily complete it with very little trouble, meaning that the first week where people are given time to ask questions is essentially WASTED.

On top of this, most people who end up contacting entirely new members are people who have already had success with the site, and who may have a bit of a bias towards Wealthy Affiliate and away from the newer user. After all, they worked hard and got where they were, right? They've already run the race.

As a result, members who don't pay anything end up being given little to nothing to go on before they are forced to decide on making a purchase.

When I first started, I took a chance, and I don't regret it one bit. But most users aren't that trusting or naive. They want solid answers, and this can be hard to provide with only one trial week.

That being said, I have a solution I think will make all parties happy:

Two weeks.

A month I believe is too much for free. An entire month of essentially free membership? No, that isn't fair for you or Carson. They get to use all those tools for an entire month for free, and potentially begin making money without spending a cent. Not OK.

But with two weeks, they get to see how their website has the potential for growth, and the potential to make money. They have an extra week to begin promotion and finish setting up the foundation, and possibly start writing content for their site. They have the chance to get excited about things, and they actually get a true taste of what this site is all about.

They also have an extra week to ask all the questions they need, which is one of the best things about this idea.

Please feel free to tell me what you think of this by replying. I'm always open for civil debate and suggestions!
jewels44 Premium
I am with you on this my friend it took me a whole year to decide if I wanted to go premium. They did send me emails trying to get me to ask questions but I didn't I wanted to do my own research. Then once I found that they were legit I then went pro.
I have two people that got on through my site but has never went premium yet, I have tried to reach out so has Kyle but they just won't bite but I do agree taking everything away from them after 7 days is not along time to make a decision to start with WA.
I am also one who is working a 9to5 and it's hard to juggle both this and your job.
Thanks for the comments and suggestions you will do well here at WA to your success.
Zarina Premium
ebm47 Premium
WA is my online marketing tool box. If I forget something, I have a place I can go back to and look it up. If I have a question on how to do something I have a place to go to and get the answer. I have my websites, and domain names all in one place. I also have a place where I can make money (someday) with a product I believe in, besides the products I promote on my websites and landing pages.

The biggest hurdle is getting people from the free subscriptions to the premium. Maybe lifetime free is too generous? Or 30 day trial with a credit card for auto charge after the 30 days unless canceled.

My only downside of WA is the community at times tends to be more FB then online marketing. I bet I get 50 emails a day and only 50% are about business. The people are all great, and making business friends is great but this is my business. I am probably way off base on this.

You have done a great job with WA. Keep improving it.... It is a great service and a worth while investment for me/my business.

Allie1 Premium
I don't agree with the credit card for auto charges after the free trial. I have walked away from many ventures because of that, & I would have walked away if WA asked for a CC up front. A 2 wk. free trial would be nice.
NannaGoosey Premium
Hi, Ed.

I agree with Allie: If any site requires I give them my credit card information - so they can give me something for free - I leave immediately.

It doesn't matter if (they say) there's a money back guarantee, or promise I can "cancel any time!" - I don't touch that offer.

Too many shady people make those promises, then make it next to impossible to cancel or get your money back without filing a lawsuit against them

Some people, too, put a site up, grab all the credit card numbers they can, then disappear.

No, I think Kyle and Carson do it right: offer something for free, no strings attached, and give people the option to spend money for an upgrade IF they want to.

And they go WAY beyond awesome with the option to keep the free membership forever. I've never seen this on any other training site

ebm47 Premium
I was speaking from the standpoint of getting premium members as opposed to all the people who just stay forever as free. Kyle and Carson may be nice but without the premium members there would be no WA. And yes it is very nice that people can stay for free. But the premium memberships is how they generate their income. So basically the premium members support WA. To get the most out of what WA has to offer then the premium material that WA offers will give someone the most help. On your website do you have things to sell? I don't think you would build a website, spend hours on it just to offer your services for free. So my comments were addressing an idea to have more premium members. Even a 60 day free trial would be more generous than any other sites that may be close to WA. There definitely are none that are the same.

Allie1 Premium
I certainly see your points but with our economy being what it is, there are probably lots who cannot afford a paid membership immediately. I think a lot of them would eventually become full members if they are allowed to stay in the community & continue the learning process.
ebm47 Premium
You are 100% correct.
NannaGoosey Premium
April 3, 2017

Hi again, Ed.

I apologize for the late reply.

WA claims* a(n overall) conversion rate of >12%. It amazes me that so many as one out of roughly every eight people to join WA - people from (nearly) all over the world and from all walks of life - when given the opportunity to have a membership, repeatable beginner lessons, two sub-domains, hosting for both, and a mind-boggling amount of information available via the search bar - all for free, for life - choose, instead, to pay for a Premium membership.

That ~one of every eight people in such a diverse group sees the value of Premium membership, and is willing to pay for it, speaks volumes about WA's ability to convey that value to 'the masses.'
* https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/share

I could be wrong, but I believe not asking for credit card information upfront and not limiting the duration of the free membership puts WA head and shoulders above the competition. I believe those two things contribute greatly to drawing people in and allowing them to see how incredibly trustworthy WA is.

Considering how little WA charges for what they provide - and how much commission they pay for referrals - I'm astounded, truly astounded, they manage to stay in business! But, they do, and continue to add more value every year, without increasing the cost of a Premium membership. So, even though I can't imagine how, they not only stay afloat, but prosper.

I agree: we Premium members help finance WA. But, the business seems to be doing smashingly well with it's current conversion rate.

You asked: "On your website do you have things to sell?" No, in fact, I don't. For the last several months - beginning well before I "officially" brought my site online - I've been creating non-monetized content aimed at helping people raise themselves up from deep poverty.

For a poor person to advance from going hungry and having utilities shut off, to having enough money to invest in creating their own business takes an almost unimaginable number of steps. It's helping people through the early steps I've been working on and will continue to work on for the foreseeable future.

I've never before been motivated to earn great deal of money. If I have a little left after paying for basic necessities, I'm happy. My brother calls me a minimalist and he's right. So, yes, I certainly "would build a website, spend hours on it just to offer your services for free." I've spent months doing exactly that.

However, for the first time in my life, I am motivated to make more money than I need. I was quick to grasp the fact that WA is the perfect vehicle for me to help the people I most want to help.

With that realization, came a passionate motivation to make as much money as possible and "live the good life." My site will, eventually, be monetized and there are two reasons for that:

1. I intend to promote WA because I truly believe utilizing the education and resources it provides, especially those in the Premium membership, is the very best way for poor people to permanently escape poverty. If I come across any other resources I believe will help them do that, I'll promote them, too - whether or not I make any money from them.

2. If I create demonstrable proof that a highly-profitable online business IS within the reach of someone like myself, someone who started out with very little money and zero prior experience, even with building a website, it will hearten the people in my target audience. It will help them see - and believe - it's not, like so many other things in their lives, an empty promise.

Every financial success I have will stand as proof that people CAN achieve it, even those who begin in less than ideal situations. The more financial success I'm able to create, the more poor people will be able to allow themselves to believe the same is possible for them.

I mean no harshness by my reply. You asked me about myself and my site, so I've answered you as best I can. That doesn't mean I don't understand what I believe to be your main point.

I am one person, with what will become a relatively small business. My business - in no small part, thanks to WA - won't incur huge expenses. WA, on the other hand, does.

I agree completely with what I believe you're saying: without the money brought in by Premium membership fees, WA would go bankrupt. Additionally, I feel - if the conversion rate were to decrease - WA might have to offer fewer resources.

Regarding free versus Premium membership at WA, your opinions and mine seem to differ only on two sub-points. Even though I disagree with you on asking for credit card information in advance and limiting the duration of the free membership, I certainly understand and agree with your reasoning.

Have a great week!
katzee Premium
Hi Kyle
What do I love about Wealthy Affiliates? Where do I start? I think the knowledge that there is a "hot line" (PM feature) to "the brass" of Wealthy Affiliates (yourself and Carson, and other members who have distinguished themselves as movers and shakers and goal oriented,obviously the Ambassadors, should you feel the need to contact them.
Then there are the awesome resources and support every step of the way.
That I haven't made it to Vegas yet is not a reflection on WA, just my own circumstances and priorities for the time being - but it's wonderful being here.
Kyle Premium
You can contact anyone here as a Premium member, myself and Carson included.

If you head over to my profile, you will see a Private Message at the top of the page:


This goes for every single profile here at WA, other than your own (as you can't PM yourself).

We would love to have you down in Vegas one day and I know that you are hard work and dedication will absolutely pay off.
Allie1 Premium
I thought one of the WA rules was we are not to PM anyone with- out their permission first?
Everlight Premium
Wow some great and exciting updates here. thanks Kyle.

What i would love to have is a guestposting platform. A platform that make us easier to match with other member that have similar niche with us and then we can trade guestposting or pay with WA credit (if you don't want to trade).

Kyle Premium
You are not the first to request this and this is likely something that we will be integrated into the platform in the future. At this point though, there are a few other things that need to come first that will be important aspects of such a system.
Everlight Premium
Thanks Kyle, much appreciated :)
NannaGoosey Premium

I LOVE this idea! <3

Everlight Premium
You're welcome Nanna :)
pringle Premium
I'm just a beginner and staring out but very much enjoying what I'm learning. I realise that if I want to get to where I want to go I must be willing to be mentored and guided along the way and most probably this will never end but a time will come when I'm off my training wheels and able to move forward and realise my goals.
I'm a sponge at the moment and I know I need to be and WA is providing what I need to move forward and reach my goals.
Thank you.
Kyle Premium
Lots of training and help here every step of the way Bruce and that is what we are all about here at WA.

I really do look forward to working with you and if you need a hand with anything at all moving forward, please do let me know and I will be more than happy to give you a hand. :)
qoxter Premium
I would love to see training on using Google Webmaster Tools & Analytics. I know there is already training, but the interface has changed and I don't know what to look for anymore! Also, in the Bootcamp training the PPC videos on Bing are outdated because that interface has also changed :(
Barryw1 Premium
I like to go right to the source when dealing with Google and Bing.

Google has a ton of info on about their products and so does Bing.

Just keep in mind with PPC that their training and info is designed to get you to spend more money.

I have used Bing quite a bit and still do if I can be of assistance just PM me.

I found the best way to learn with Bing was to go there set up ads but not run them. Use the "pause" function until you know what's going on.

Good luck.
NannaGoosey Premium
Hold your skirt down Nancy or these trainings by WA members will blow your bloomers off! ;)

Google Search Console (previously Google Webmaster Tools) by PjGermain ("PJ")

Google Analytics all by magistudios (Jay) by Nathaniell

Bing PPC (Bing Ads) (Even if you aren't at this point in the training yet, this information is helpful.)
by VitaliyG
If you don't mind going off-site, there's a link in the last paragraph to a very helpful post on Vitaliy's own site: "Bing Ads Vs Google Adwords. Which Is Better?."

Bing / Bing Webmaster Tools
(Skip this one of you already know this subject. It's from 2013.) (2014) (2015) (all live webinar recordings by Jay)

No matter where you are in your journey to huge success, I think you'll find something in these trainings that will help you. (But, please, if you already know all of this - make a training and share it with us!)

qoxter Premium
Woohoo! Looks like I have some watching to do! Thanks so much for posting these :)
NannaGoosey Premium
You're ever so welcome, Nancy!
neilc Premium
Also, could you guys please look at enhancing our atmail webmailers or replacing them with a better alternative? lol. I've had a couple of issues with mine...

Today and on a few occasions, my browser has had a problem with loading my webmailer login page, and I can't even bulk delete any of my emails for some reason. Over a 1,000 have built up, but I'm having to manually delete each one. It's been like that for the last few months.
KatieMac Premium
Sounds amazing, I love the diversity of training that WA offers, have always received good support over the 3 yrs I have been here , When I was searching my choice was WA and Chris Farrell after carefully weighing it up I felt WA had the edge as you were transparent about costs and that is important when setting out to do something you have zero experience with , I feel this has been the best use of my money for sometime now and I so look forward to the year ahead
Kyle Premium
Transparency is something that we are all about here at WA and this will continue as we move forward.

This is one of the major reasons that we moved to the Starter membership back in 2013 so folks could try and utilize the platform here at Wealthy Affiliate before they even have to consider making a "purchasing" decision.

It has been wonderful to get to you know and it is awesome to have you here as part of the family!
jewels44 Premium
Awesome stuff Kyle what you guys are doing here st WA is more than enough to help anyone to get a business started and get it making money. No I haven't made any money yet because I am so focused on getting leads for my business that I find myself on the social panels just posting away. I have gained 35 leads in the past 2 and half months here, not that great, yes I know but I attend on improving and if it takes e a whole year to figure this out then so be it but I will be successful. There is no other programs out there that offer what you offer here at WA I have tried alot of them their training can't stand up to your training here at WA. I can't thank you enough for this opportunity to be apart of a growing and successful network here with you and this amazing community thanks so much you guys.
jofa Premium
Wealthy Affiliate Changed and i am now equipped with lot of skills on making money online. I LOVE THIS PLACE!

My wish list is this:
1. I am from Africa and it is not all of us that are scammers. I have been here for almost a year now on premium. Some countries are still restricted from joining WA Please do something about that.

2. Can You please incorporate other payment methods aside PayPal. Something like direct payment to account of members (let the members pay the charges); Payoneer MasterCard etc.

WA is like home for me and i am liberated with a lot i have learn here and i am still learning.

Thanks You
Kyle Premium
Thanks for your feedback here.

(1) We realize that not all people from Africa are scammers, 90% of countries in Africa here are allowed to join as a Starter member and EVERYONE can join as a Premium member. We definitely don't limit people from Africa from joining and some of our top members here are from Africa.

(2) We do have "other" options coming, things like Payoneer may not be part of that but we definitely have alternate solutions coming for folks.

I appreciate your feedback here and I am really glad that Wealthy Affiliate has become your "home". :)
jofa Premium
Thank for your response. The good news is that i am making money here already. Though i dont know yet how i will cash out but i have faith in the system.

For me it is not all about money but the help i can render to my readers and fans around the world.

Thanks again for your response.
grannyjou Premium
All the wealth of experience about online marketing is what I want from Wealthy Affiliate[lol]. On a more serious note, Update 2, this has helped me know where I am at, what has been done and what has been undone. Very great Carson, Kyle and your crew members, KUDOS to you all.

Eagerly awaiting all the other up dates.
BrigitteB Premium
Kyle great update. I’m really looking forward to their implementation especially the updated training.
Many thanks to you, Carson & the whole team.

I love so many things about WA, here are some of my highlights:
- The fact that you interact, update & listen. Just like this fabulous open discussion, so many great ideas from members.
- The fact that the WA platforms are continuously evolving to make it an even better user experience.
- The fact that we have an awesome, helpful - community; siterubix support team & behind the scenes team.
- The fact that WA is a University for building an online business, with a mastermind group, Website Host with ssl, Domain seller all under one roof. Great foundation to becoming the “all inclusive”.

Fabulous open discussion. So many great ideas from members. A few that they’ve mentioned that would be part of my wishlist too…
- Autoresponder as suggested by several members, glad to hear it’s not off the table.
- Improved email platform as suggested by several members.
- Members own dashboard, a blend of what thriftymom & Pernilla suggest below.
- Service Exchange area for members, sort of what DaveSw & Dustinb talk about below.

As you’re not giving too much away of what’s in the pipeline here’s my wishlist & thoughts:

Time Saving Features
For the majority of us time is of the essence. As much as we may want to we just can’t read, absorb & evaluate the authenticity of the solution given in absolutely every post / question & comment. Many times there is conflicting or inaccurate or out of date advice. Help us save time & sift through the noise. Making it a much more efficient & useful knowledge base.

So here are some thoughts on improving this.

- Search for help here…
~Great to have, I use it a lot.
However I feel it’s also a very time consuming exercise going through every result to find the ones that will actually help with the issue at hand. What defines what order the search results appear in?

It would be really useful to have the date created & its usefulness to members displayed in the results. Liking a post doesn’t necessarily mean it was useful, there are many different reasons for liking a post or training, including I like the sound of this but I haven’t tried it out or I too am looking for the answer. Someone implementing the training or whatever the post discusses then able to grade how it worked for them would be useful to others searching. So a “useful” button or star system would be advantageous.

- Ask a Question
~Could we have a button say “Solution Found” that only the person asking the question can activate when they’ve received the solution?
& maybe encourage the person asking the question to edit their question by adding a Solution Found section with the answer to the question.

This together with a symbol/icon representing “Solution Found” in the search results & in the activity post roll would help in 2 ways:

1) It would improve members asking the question in getting their answer. Often a question that is still waiting for an answer or solution is missed. Just because it has comments doesn’t mean it has been answered or the issue has been resolved.

2) When other members search the same thing they’re sure to get the solution quicker, without having to open all search results.

- Activity Dashboard post roll
~Last few months I’ve noticed many posts/questions being at the top as if they were recent. On opening them I notice that they were last updated maybe months even years beforehand. Even scrolling down through the comments nothing jumps out that it’s a current discussion. Why is that?

~It would really be cool if we could see which posts we’ve read & which ones have an update since we read it whether it was edited or comments were made. Somewhat like our email inboxes do.

Transparency of how WA works
WA information is so spread out & not that easy or quick to find. Many a time they’re hidden in posts &/or comments. Many times questions are raised and answered by well-meaning members with their interpretation of something they have read which is not necessarily correct. This leads to misinformation being spread through the grapevine. This can also be seen in numerous WA reviews.

I do feel that anything that is WA should come from WA authority, and made easily noticeable & accessible to its members. Possibly in the form of an FAQ section which can easily be found in the side menu & under our profile picture. In other words one central point, with a very obvious name, with its own search facility, explaining how things work, what they mean in WA. Broken up by category & kept up to date by the powers that be. The request update button for each section could be employed to help with keeping it up to date.

I understand that WA questions will still be raised by members as they may have forgotten about the FAQ section but then those helping can direct them to the applicable section in the FAQ & thus give the official information.

I also realise that this could be a fairly big project to put together but I’m pretty sure many members would be willing to help in its compilation. Which you could then review / edit / amend and then publish.

I believe this would help reduce unnecessary posts, suspense & ambiguity.

Some of the FAQ’s off the top of my head:

WA membership, levels & prices
- What exactly does a starter member have access to if they don’t go premium after the first seven days
- Can’t downgrade
- Can we go from yearly to monthly?
- How to cancel membership
- What happens if one cancels membership

- what to do / where to go if need to change card details


Purchasing Domains through WA
- who can purchase? Can non-members purchase?
- Can members promote Purchasing Domains through WA? Are there any benefits for doing so?
- Not sure how to word this one: I was surprised & disappointed to find that my sister who is not a member couldn’t buy her domain through WA & for me to host her site. Yet if the domain is elsewhere I can host it. I could buy it in my own name through WA but then it’s not her asset.

Hosting on WA
- Is it 30gb per website or a total for all websites?

Spam / conduct

I could go on with examples, but I think you get the idea.

Thanks again Kyle for this great open discussion & to all the WA team. What an exciting future we have! :)
EricWogbe77 Premium
Very lovely open request. I am new to the community and as such I try to gauge the responses from veterans and I believe you just made me a strong supporter of WA. I hope these issues get addressed for they will further solidify the strength and opportunities available here.
Thank you so much for this.
SquidooSlfMstr Premium
First of all, thank you Kyle, Carson, and team for keeping WA updated and always improving!

Favorite parts of WA:
the website features, i.e. wordpress builder, anti-spam protection, secure wordpress hosting, daily backups, etc. Also, Tech Support is awesome.

What I would like to see:
Members Services - I believe EVERYONE has skills and (unique) resources/connections they can offer other members as a service. Instead of buying (mundane) tasks on Fiverr like platforms, we could give business to our members. It's one way new members could earn some money online.

Thanks again WA team!
Kyle Premium
Thanks for your WA review here Charles, all very good points you have made here in terms of your "member services".

We actually use to have a platform called WA jobs which was exactly what you are talking about, but too many people were getting solicited too and taken advantage of, and a lot of low quality work was being done.

I agree that we all have a large subset of skills as a community and we have some projects that we are definitely working on that is going to leverage this very idea. We just need a very controlled and predictable environment (and one that cannot be abused) when it comes to offering services.

Definitely a forefront of our focus in 2017 and you are going to see some incredible roll outs here at Wealthy Affiliate in this respect.
SquidooSlfMstr Premium
Yeah, I remember WA Jobs.

I'm sure there are ways to make it beneficial for buyers and sellers, as other sites have proven. Just gotta have the right infrastructure, I guess.

Excited to see what you guys come up with. Thanks again for all your guy's hard work!

Hope the families are well.
HVella Premium
I love the new upgrades and all the work you are putting into the site to make it even better. I love Jay's training but as I never watch it live I would like to know if you can edit it so that we just get the training and not all the spaces and banter :)
immistermike Premium
Thanks to you, Kyle, and to Carson and to the entire team - the changes I've seen so far make it a snap to see exactly where I am in the training system. I'm looking forward to seeing what Site Builder will have - I'm sure you only skimmed the surface on all of this.

tudogz Premium
Hi Kyle.
My favourite aspect would be the value for money that your training reflects. I've looked at other platforms prior to joining, and see WA as the best, most organised, and up-to-date affiliate training program there is.

What I would like to see improved, is the follow-up on specific problems not covered in the basic training. I have emailed yourself and Carson on occasions asking for help on specific issues and received no replies. I know you can't respond personally to every query, but you do state in your welcome email that you will be there anytime we need help. I need help right now, and don't like having to rely on other members who may, or may not, have the expertise to solve my issues.

Cheers, Thomas.
NWTDennis Premium
While I think the request for personalized feedback from Kyle or Carson is not realistic given the size of our community, I concur with the desirability of having some way to assess the knowledge base of a community response.

Perhaps there is a way to incorporate this assurance through the planned Ambassador program upgrading. How about a "Qualified Trainer" sub classification?
Kyle Premium
If you ever need help with any aspect of your business, email is not the best solution Thomas. We offer real and direct support here within WA and if you ever need personal help, drop me a Private Message and I will be happy to give you a hand.

Email support is used for people whom don't have access to WA, if you have access to the members here the best way to connect with me directly is through the PM system or even is the fomrat.
shazzaWA Premium
What do I love about the Platform?
God, don't get me started!! Just brilliant - everything you have here and being here 3 months I have barely scratched the surface on the trainings!!!

To Improve?
You are improving all the time. Like I said 3 months here and just blown away. So not sure at this time, just keep doing what you guys do so well.

Thanks heaps to all the hard work your team puts in. Its an awesome community to be a part of and I am truly grateful !!!
Kyle Premium
Thanks for your feedback and I am really glad you are loving the platform. I can tell you that as with every year, 2017y is going to be one that is chocked full of awesome updates.

We will of course keep you updated as Wealthy Affiliate evolves and expect to see some substantial announcements in the near future.
marjorieugot Premium
I love the platform of WA. I like the willingness of someone to help. But I would like information on the rules. Some of us newbies are stepping in areas that we are not suppose to. Most of us come in and we start the training. I think the training should start out with the house rules. Other than that, I do what you said keep asking until I understand what I need to do. Also, use language that those of us who have no training in this field will understand. Love you all
Kyle Premium
Thanks for the feedback, I do agree with the house rules and I think there should be more emphasis on this, one thing we don't want to do is limit people's ability to communicate here or spook them out of asking for help. So we want to be very careful about the implementation and integration of the house rules, but I do believe we can do a better job here.
Alan-C Premium
It's a really great post, thanks, Kyle. In my opinion, one of the many strengths of WA is that the training keeps getting revamped and added to. Many competitors set up their training and then move on, leaving their websites to become outdated and eventually a money raising venture that is a waste of time for the customer. But not here at WA.

In terms of suggestions I would like to see multiple TAGS on training because some of it relates to 2 or even 3 topics e.g. SEO and social media marketing (SMM). I am big into TAGS on my MAC and now I have a structure there that is easily searchable and does not need many folders.

Lastly encouragement to keep up the good work Kyle and Carson! But, also thanks to the many others like Jay and the top 200 who post really worth while training and then the great posts from thousands of others too. WA is a really amazing community.
Kyle Premium
That is a big difference, Wealthy Affiliate is a service, not a product. We have spent the last 12 years full invested and committed to making our service better here at WA and this is something that remains a constant focus.

A product doesn't behave in the same way and the reason you see so many products popping up everywhere online is because people producing these products rely on the "launch" approach to their business and the consistent churn and burn of new products.

Something that we are not really advocates of as there is no long lasting relationship or trust built when doing this, rather you are alienating your customers and your audience.
Alan-C Premium
Tanks for the reply. You are right Kyle. Some of them do start out with a product and pretend at the start to offer service, the reality it only a product.
Royalkey Premium
Kyle, thank you for taking the time to share your perspective on what WA is and for giving us a look at what's ahead with some many projects. I like a lot of the features hear at WA, but my top picks are the outstanding training, the site comment process of giving and receiving comments, and the excellent support from Site Support and the WA Community. I look forward to my continued personal development here at WA and greater involvement with this community.
Kyle Premium
Thanks for your feedback Roy and I am really glad you are enjoying your experience here at WA. :)
Brooklyn2008 Premium
What I think would be a great idea is if the point system/algorithm for rank was incorporated in the "site comments" and "site feedback" features as well. Those are both important parts of being a part of the community, and while we do earn points to receive comments/feedback back, I think that it would be awesome if the community activity went towards our rank as well.

It's easy to move up in rank by posting short blogs, commenting on blogs and adding friends, but the real reason we are all here is to grow a business. I think that if people knew that they could move up in rank by using SC/SF as well, it might encourage more people to use those features more, which in turn, helps out each other on our sites! :)
Kyle Premium
We are actually going to be making some very significant changes to the Ambassador ranking algorithm to include many more "immersion" aspects within WA including the SiteComments and SiteFeedback platform.

Short blogs will have no benefit within the new rankings, but things like sites, training progress, and of course whom is helping the most will be greatly benefited.

That is just one layer of the ranking updates that are well on their way and I do thank you for your feedback on the Wealthy Affiliate platform Nicki.
Cindy624 Premium
Hi Kyle,
Thank you reaching out to us! This is in incredible run down of all that WA can do for someone. It will be a great link for those who are promoting Wealthy Affiliate.

A few things that may be helpful ~
Social Media - Give an example of how to hang out on those social media platforms for a specific niche. For example, I'm hanging out on Twitter, FB and Google + but everyone else is as well. How do we stand out? Are we hanging out in the right spots?

Niches -- More on niches and sub-niches. What is a perfect balance between being not too broad and not too narrow? I know there is already some training on this but it would be nice to see a training on an actual website being built and how to format that website (menus, categories, etc.)

Ecommerce -- Would like to know how to promote ecommerce sites as another avenue for people who would like to make money online by offering own products as well as affiliating with companies.

Sorry this is so long! Thank you for everything Kyle! You and the whole crew are to be commended for the thoughtful processes that have been implemented to make Wealthy Affiliate such a valuable place for learning and interaction.


TAltman Premium
When I first came to WA I knew that I had found something unique and complete. Everything is here for us to use to make money. And for a mere $49 a month.
Kyle & Carson, your dedication not only to Wealthy Affiliate but to this community is phenomenal. There have been many times when I have wanted to just walk away from my computer and not look back...but I can't. Sometimes I feel as if I am spinning in circles when it comes to learning all new things here at WA and there are even times when an answer to a question seems impossible. But as I make use of the 'search for help bar' members of the community and Kyle personally, I generally find the answers.
Yes I am sure there are some things that could be tweaked here and there but that comes with time. Although I do agree that the limited flexibility of the WordPress site can be more than a little frustrating, I know that changes there will come in time also.
When I look at WA as a whole, yes I see a University, but I also see the hard work and dedication that Kyle and Carson have put into building this awesome platform. And I think what if they had quit? What an opportunity you have given to me, to us. If I am as dedicated to my own success as you are to my success then I cannot fail.

Thank You.
Paul1916 Premium
Hi Kyle
This post and the thread comments below are awesome. For someone on a part time basis like me it's fantastic to have all you need right here in one place and it gives me the support, training and confidence in taking on a project without any prior experience.

I see drop shipping and e com training mentioned also - that would be absolutely amazing to get, how soon do you think that will happen???

Suggestions: (just 2)
1. Themes- give some training on themes and their capabilities. (Headers / page builder plugin / toolbars / widgets)
2. PPC- incorporate into the cert course also .

Looking forward to all your new developments for the year ahead and keep up the good work!
Thomas2011 Premium
Kyle, you have summed everything in this Review. All the things I love about WA are the updates and continuous progress to keep us evolving within the Online Business World.

I want to personally thank You, Carson and all the others behind the scene working diligently to help improve and make life much easier for the WA Community.

I am Grateful to have been involved for 6 years now and I look forward to the next 6.

Thank You for all you do,

PeterVX Premium
Fabulous, all those enhancements! It might be a good idea to start a glossary of terms based on common questions people have, especially beginners who don't know where to look for answers.

Just about everybody who joins wants to make money online and may be impatient about seeing results. Would it be possible to have a fast track route to making some income? Something to do with getting new people joining WA? Perhaps teach newcomers to create posts for one or more websites that promote WA and with an approved post reward them when someone signs up. I could see something like that boosting the morale even further and discourage them from dropping out and encourage them to greater effort. You might kick this around. The idea of shortening the runway to creating income, but without sacrificing the quality of the training.
SimoninAsia Premium
Bootcamp 2.0 sounds really interesting! I love the new graphics and homepage designs, really modern and represents the brand well.

I'm also really loving the whole referral tasks system, really makes work manageable.

Personally, I'd love it if you could make the hosting and domains available for non-members also, similiar to how Jaaxy is also available to non-members. But I understand the 'exclusive' aspect so you probably won't go for that : )

I'd love to see more training on how to launch a successful YouTube channel and produce visual content - the way we consume information is beginning to shift more and more into the video space vs. the text space.

I'm super proud to recommend WA!
LouisaB Premium
Wealthy Affiliate has open up many doors for people of all walks of life. To be more specific, I am one of those people. I must say, that when I joined Wealthy Affiliate about nine months ago I didn't have no ideal about terms like SEO, niche, copy/paste, keyword search, and this list goes on.

I am truly grateful to be a part of a wonderful and growing community.

I am intrigued by the wonderful learning tools that Kyle and Carson Allows everyone who wants to learn and grow can do it and pay little to nothing for a year worth of University first class education.

At this point and time, at WA I. want to continue to excel and go forward at my own pace.

I highly promote WA and will continue to do so. I think that said it all for now!

Kyle and Carson, you guys are awesome.
Keep up the good works!

aCHUAman Premium
Everything . so far about WA is impressive and your motivations are Inspirational.

What I like is it seems to be Current; not an Old outdated method that is behind the current Opportunity. This is certainly a Cutting Edge opportunity; E-Commerce and I would prefer being ready for the Wave Of Opportunity instead of always having missed it.

Inspired by what you've done and your willingness to help others and the "Think Tank" you have created with other members within the Community.

THEN, its like have my own LIBRARY, full of Resources for my success.

My background is as a Business Consultant, going into a Company and figuring out how to make things better . . . BUT, here I'm on the Outside . . . . not knowing the full content of what you do have available.

Therefore my thoughts on "HOW to Improve" from a "Newbies" point of view . . . .

Design a several Courses Of Study that align's with Launching your business from different vantage points:

a Website,
a Blog,
a Opt-In Page,
a Landing Page . . . Etc.

That way you could be off and running faster . . . . especially as an Affiliate Marketer, you could be on your way sooner making an Income so you could go "Full Time" . . .

I'll know better a year from now when I'm there and can look back and tell you how I would have done it differently.

THX guys ! ! your Awesome . . . .

Kyle Premium
There is definitely training on how to build an email list here at Wealthy Affiliate, the problem I see though is that people get so caught up into the senseless hype out there about certain things that they totally lose sight of the concept of what an online business is.

In order to have a long term business you need a solid foundation, a website. To have a sustainable business, you need sustainable source of traffic and this will initially start with the content you create.

Email marketing should not be the initial focus of any business online, perhaps when you reach around 100 clicks per day.

And ecom is not new. ecom is older than affiliate marketing and those potraying ecom these days are actually drop shipping products from China, which is diluting the quality of people's experience online as shipping takes 3 weeks to 3 months, depending on your location in the world (creating a lot of unhappy customers consider they are used to 24 hour shipping typically).

So don't fall into the trap of chasing your tail, we teach sustainability here at WA and how to build out your business in a way that will lead to long term success.
ClaudiaWI Premium
I have been only been on WA for a little while, so I am hesitant on any improvement suggestions. But I certainly like the 1-stop-shop-mentality all around websites and keywords and the training and community. What you mentioned, the progress bar in our certification, but also the ranking (who isn't even the slightest little bit competitive?! :)) are great visual tools.

One thing, and I asked/blogged about it, that I am missing is that I am not able to use my iPad for offline blogging through the Blogpad Pro app due to restrictions with the XMLRPC.php file.

With more and more people going online and actually blogging on their mobile devices, maybe you could look into that again?

Kyle Premium
You can always submit a hosting ticket to ask about this. There are things that they may be able to help you out with in this respect. ;)
wealthyvik Premium
Thanks Kyle for giving this opportunity.
I have few thoughts, sharing with you.
a) Distraction free reading & browsing mode would help. Out of 3 column structure, 2 are taken and I have only middle column to read, browse and message.
b) Lots of trainings can be completed in single page (of a website) but here they are spread across pages. If possible, please have an option to allow reader to view the training on a single page (print view or something similar).
c) How about allowing basic formatting in all messages (Bold, Italicized, quote, etc).
d) In videos, some control over speed (like Udemy & Youtube) will be helpful as my reading speed does not always match that of the Video presenter.
e) Some way of tagging people (like in FB or LinkedIn). e.g. if I ask community a question, I am able to tag some specific people or if I see something interesting, I tag somebody.
f) A FAQs or similar section would be helpful because I believe (it's just my feeling and have no support of data) there are lots of trainings, blogs and questions on same topic. FAQ should be kept updated.
g) Whenever I get to a tool, it's good to have "help" section built into it e.g. I go to Rapid Writer or Keyword Tool, and I am left clueless on what are they. Then I go to search area and start searching.
In built help button/section should give me information on what/how/why related to that tool.
h) Do we have any "support" person or id for all the queries (other than Website) ? If not, please have one because people like me are not comfortable shooting messages to you for every small things.
i) Allow us more control over the Wordpress site.
e.g. I cannot change/set my password, I cannot install theme the normal way (I am told theme file is big) & have to upload it through FTP, cannot import theme specific files (using Divi & cannot import Json files which bring in new layouts), cannot use Amazon SES for sending mails (some settings are not allowed yet).

I am definitely eager to see a mobile app which allows me to access WA from my mobile. Please do consider feature of watching videos, even in "offline" mode using the app.

Thanks for patiently reading till here :)

I believe, all the features which are requested by a good number of people, will see the implementation.

Good wishes !
Kyle Premium
Vikas, all really great feedback here and I do appreciate you taking the time to break this down!

I will just respond to your points here.

a) Distraction free reading & browsing mode would help. Out of 3 column structure, 2 are taken and I have only middle column to read, browse and message.

We are actually going to have this within a mobile environment, so this will allow people to move to a distraction free environment when they are using Wealthy Affiliate on mobile.

b) Lots of trainings can be completed in single page (of a website) but here they are spread across pages. If possible, please have an option to allow reader to view the training on a single page (print view or something similar).

Print is definitely a viable option and something that we will likely have when we have uniformity and roll out some of the design updates.

c) How about allowing basic formatting in all messages (Bold, Italicized, quote, etc).

This is something that we do allow within blog posts here at WA. Where are you referring to?

d) In videos, some control over speed (like Udemy & Youtube) will be helpful as my reading speed does not always match that of the Video presenter.

Yeah, this could work, something we don't want to do is "advocate" the idea of rushing through training though. One thing we have learned over the years is that those that race through the training are those that generate the least amount of success. The turtle and the hare mentality.

e) Some way of tagging people (like in FB or LinkedIn). e.g. if I ask community a question, I am able to tag some specific people or if I see something interesting, I tag somebody.

We are moving away from social integration with the platform here at WA, it creates too many distractions and too many spamming opportunities. You will see some social integrations, but we want to be very careful about this.

f) A FAQs or similar section would be helpful because I believe (it's just my feeling and have no support of data) there are lots of trainings, blogs and questions on same topic. FAQ should be kept updated.

We have a search that answer pretty much every question if you do a simple search. There are 100,00's of conversations up there.

g) Whenever I get to a tool, it's good to have "help" section built into it e.g. I go to Rapid Writer or Keyword Tool, and I am left clueless on what are they. Then I go to search area and start searching.

There is a reason we have left these behind. We are going to have help in future iterations of both of these which we are not too far away.

We have moved to a walk-through environment for all of our systems and you are going to see these integrated into newer versions of these platforms.

h) Do we have any "support" person or id for all the queries (other than Website) ? If not, please have one because people like me are not comfortable shooting messages to you for every small things.

There are many mediums for support, including contacting us direction. Live chat, comments, ask a question platform, blogging, SiteSuport (for hosting related issue) or PM'ing ourselves or someone else. We have a platform in dev for this as well to streamline request.

i) Allow us more control over the Wordpress site.

Agreed and something that we will be focusing on.
wealthyvik Premium
Thanks Kyle for responding.

a) Distraction free reading & browsing mode would help. Out of 3 column structure, 2 are taken and I have only middle column to read, browse and message.
> We are actually going to have this within a mobile environment, so this will allow people to move to a distraction free environment when they are using Wealthy Affiliate on mobile.
>> Please do assess/analyze making the same feature available on web too.

c) How about allowing basic formatting in all messages (Bold, Italicized, quote, etc).
>This is something that we do allow within blog posts here at WA. Where are you referring to?
>> I meant here, when I write messages. I cannot do anything to format my text here (while I am writing to you), at Site support, PMs, etc.

f) A FAQs or similar section would be helpful because I believe (it's just my feeling and have no support of data) there are lots of trainings, blogs and questions on same topic. FAQ should be kept updated.
>We have a search that answer pretty much every question if you do a simple search. There are 100,00's of conversations up there.
>> Information overload :( Sifting is a big pain.
Plus, I would love to hear straight from horse's mouth :)
Ibhar Premium
my favorite things are #1 information, you can access when ever you want to learn something at your time, step by step, and stop the video class or stop reading, and implement the info in your business, I love that, the second 2# is you can find all the services here for only 49 usd, it is awesome... even if you have been here for few years, you cannot stop learning, is like college for real entrepreneurs to take action...
AnisChity Premium
I agree 100%
ThomasPye Premium
For me the training is awesome. I would have never dreamed of building my own website.. Even though I don't have a lot of time because of my day job, i'm still getting things done. Without the help support and community of wealthy affiliate I would've given up by now, due to lack of sleep and frustration.
I'm too new at this too really distinguish what should be improved on. But I have showed this to people at my work who know something about building a website, and they are very impressed. And of course I'm trying to encourage them to get involved.
Thank you Kyle, and Carlson, for doing such a fantastic job, and building such a wonderful opportunity!
Matstabler Premium
I do really love WA, and enjoy being part of such an active and supportive community.

There is one thing I think may be worthwhile at look at in terms of refreshing, and that is the original Certification courses. a couple of the modules refer to things like Akismet Plugin, and is therefore a little out of date.

Overall though, I like the improvements already made in 2017, and I am looking forward to continuing my journey here.
NannaGoosey Premium
Hi, Mathew.

I agree. It would be wonderful if, right before, or immediately after, a new feature makes anything in a classroom lesson obsolete or inapplicapable, the lesson was updated.

This is the very suggestion I was going to make, myself, so I'm glad I'm not the only one who think's it'd be really helpful.

Superhero123 Premium
Kyle and Carson,
It is great that you have managed to bring in such a wide range of training within one forum. I am enjoying the lessons but because I am doing them part time, I am slightly behind target for the 7 day premium membership. If one signs up for the Premium membership, does that have to be for the year or can one stop whenever they feel they no longer require the 1:1 support?
Kyle Premium
You are in full control of your membership tenure, you can stay for a month, a year, or 10 years. Totally up to you and whatever works best for you and your situation.

The Premium service offered to you here within WA is unparalleled in the industry and once you have premium, you have everything you need to create, grow and manage one or more businesses online.
Superhero123 Premium
Thanks Kyle. I already like WA and I can see the potential for growth is limitless. I will be upgrading definitely in the next couple of days. Just wanted to know as I wold like to recommend it to a few of my friends in case they ask. Personally, I'm loving WA for what I can foresee.
AK007 Premium
I am very thankful and grateful for all the careful thought and planning that you've made to make Wealthy Affiliate what it is today: an online educational powerhouse which supplies an affiliate marketing school & community.

One small thing I want from the Wealthy Affiliate training courses, which I believe would be helpful not only to me but to everyone else: could you please make a training video which carefully examines the characteristic and fundamental blueprint/DNA/structure of a financially successful page, post or article? I'm refering to aspects such as text, layout, design, language and psychology of financially successful articles and pages.

Some articles/posts/pages do make it to the first page on Google, yet they aren't attracting any customers or buyers, so the psychology of making an article/post/page a "money magnet" would be a desirable educational feature here at WA.
Kyle Premium
Thanks for your feedback. There is actually several training posts on proper architecture of a post here at Wealthy Affiliate, but one idea that you should always hold closely to you when you are building out content is the fact that RELEVANCE is what leads to conversions.

If you have someone coming to your post that is looking for a solution to a given problem, then you need to first, help them with that problem and help them understand it, but then you need to have intent with your page/post where you are driving people to a highly relevant recommendation.

The structure of your posts can be invariably different and still rank well, the core idea of being really helpful within your post, engaging, and having intent will lead to the success of it.
JeffL61 Premium
So much going on behind the scenes at WA to make it even better! Credit goes to Kyle and Carson for never allowing this great organization to get stale, or stand pat.

Looking forward to seeing some of the new projects implemented - like the bootcamp 2 and revised version of Jaaxy!
Kyle Premium
To be honest this is just brushing the surface here as to what we have going on here at Wealthy Affiliate in terms of development. I intentionally left out two of our biggest projects that we have going on, projects that you are going to see come to fruition in the very near future.

Bootcamp 2.0 is going to start very soon (just spec'ing it out) and Jaaxy 2.0 is almost here. So those are both very near term, next month or so.
Jennifer0115 Premium
I'm new to WA. I'm still a starter member but so far I can say that I really love the fact that there are no upsells. Besides the Premium membership which I plan become a part of soon anyway.

I love the idea of being involved in a community of like-minded people, from ones that are just starting out, like me, to professional.

I like the fact that all the tools you need are all in one place, and the lessons are very clear and manageable.

Like I said, I'm new to WA. Can someone please tell me what the cost of the yearly Premium membership is? And where can I find that offer?
mtatar Premium
the yearly is $359.00 or $49.00 monthly. you can find yearly upgrade on your dashboard. where your trainings and live chat are, at the bottom. the background is red. nice to meet you.
Jennifer0115 Premium
Thanks for responding. When I click on the Upgrade To Premium button it only gives me the $19 option. I wonder if the yearly membership is only available for Premium members?
weemrst Premium
Hi Jennifer - $19 is a special offer for the first month of premium. It then goes to $49. Kyle and Carson really do their best to make things easier for us.
I hope this helps some and I am certain that you will never regret your premium membership.
Wishing you good luck with your WA journey.
Take care
Jennifer0115 Premium
Thanks Lynn, I do plan on becoming a premium member. There really is nothing to loose.
NatNiches Premium
Wow, awesome to hear all this :).

The events bit... that looks interesting!

New Jaaxy - great and.. bootcamp 3:0, I will be very interested in the changes there and will go over it from the first lesson again.

As an affiliate, I do feel it's a shame that we can't offer a free membership initially to some parts of the world. But I understand there have been past issues with spam, (I think I read?).

In any case, all really good stuff coming up. Really looking forward to it!

Thanks Kyle! Nat
Kyle Premium
I was very cryptic about the Events for good reason. It is still in the late idea stage, but it is something that you are going to see at some point in 2017 and is likely not what everyone is thinking.

As for the free membership, there is a high rate of fraud and dilution of quality in terms of the communication here with certain countries, so we need to be careful about this.

We do have plans though to offer solutions for certain countries that are currently blocked, so do know that this is on our near term schedule here at Wealthy Affiliate. We don't want to limit folks that truly can benefit from WA and have good intentions.
Barryw1 Premium
An aspect of WA that I like is that it gives me a home base. A place of reference. It's a big plus to belong to a group of people that are like minded.

Not only like minded but WA gives me the ability to tap years and years of experience. That is priceless. You ever try to contact an expert outside of WA. Good luck with that.

No matter where I go online when I come back to WA I feel like I have come home.

It's like having been on an extended trip far from home then returning and finally walking into your own house.

There's no place like home.

The internet can be a big, anonymous, risky place to try and do business. It's nice to have a home.

I'll leave the future to you guys.
Kyle Premium
The internet is a risky place and we want to remove that risk and give people a "safehouse" so to speak from the vultures out there.

There is a reason that we have not raised our price since day 1, back in 2005. We care about people and their success...and we want to make the Startup costs and the management costs of an online business affordable to EVERYONE. That is exactly what we are doing.

Correction, WA was more expensive when we started out. It was $359.88 per year back in 2005. Now it is only $359. :)
Barryw1 Premium
Vultures, indeed. An apt description.
motorcityguy Premium
I am very thankful I found you when I was googling for feedback on a different mentoring program based in Vegas....Which after paying $99 I was contacted by affiliates to upsell me to their $10k elite program. Your building block module system lets me advance at my own speed, and convinced me your affiliate program is based in building skills and income that is worth way more than the annual cost.
Kyle Premium
$10k, that is a 25 year membership here within the most progressive platform in the space. I think you have made the right decision here. :)
DreamQuest Premium
OMG! This is awesome! I'm so excited about the future of WA and I'm definitely going to leverage this article to promote WA on social media too! You've outlined everything and after reading this article, I don't know why somebody wouldn't want to join WA to build a successful online business!
Kyle Premium
Defiant6 Premium
Amazing, Kyle, just simply amazing! What you and the team have done with Wealthy Affiliate in my opinion has made it the best place online to learn how to create a viable online business.

The fruits of my labor are finally showing as I now have my first 2 affiliate commission sales and it proves that the training you have here works and the fact that it is going to be updated, makes the training even better.

I'm very curious to see the improvements you're going to be implementing with Jaaxy.
Kyle Premium
The Jaaxy updates are something that we are REALLY excited about and on the integration side of things, I believe it is going to be a game changer.

More to come on that, but I can tell you that anything that we do has been well thought out, from initial idea phase to roll out at WA, most ideas are about a year behind.

So we are thinking into 2019 already for many of our projects already and 2017/2018 are already fully slated with some incredible projects...all of which will benefit members and the community here at Wealthy Affiliate.
flafun53 Premium
Hey Kyle,
Great questions.. Let's see.
What do I like about Wealthy Affiliates? I love the easy step by step instruction.. I have learned so much in the short time I have been here (less than a month) .. The training here is not offered anywhere else. I love being able to communicate with other members on a day to day basis. And the quick answers to any questions I might have.
You do a great job with this site and look forward to anything new that you do here.
Pernilla Premium
I just love everything about WA. As a newcomer to the internet marketing business, this kind of learning platform is unique to me. Learning and building up my own website step by step, it's perfect. If I get stuck, there is so many possibilities to find the answer - asking the community in general, ask someone directly, search for a training or ask for support from you Kyle or Carson.

The community is awesome! It's great to be able to communicate at any time with your WA-friends. It's such a friendly and helpful attitude amongst the people, just incredible!

The feedback system is a great opportunity to get to know what people think about my website. This opens my eyes up for details, which I was not aware of. This helps to increase the quality of the content and the design and above all it is an indication of being on the right track or not, so to say.

This programme represents excellent value for the money and the guidance is brilliant.

Well there are surely many more positive aspects, which I do not yet know, as this is still rather new to me.

Here some things I would like to see added:

:-) It would be great if there were a possibility to be able to store the posts you think are the most important for yourself on the respective profile page, and be able to save these posts in different folders (like Trainings, Motivation, Tips & Tricks....)

:-) It would also be very helpful if I could somehow sort my friends (don't know how to express this better - please don't feel offended) with help of folders as to whom have great knowledges in different fields (like SEO, Design, Affiliate Programs, Word Press, Technical Problems). Then I would have a better overview in order to find answers of my questions among my friends.

:-) Another thing that I would appreciate is if you could search the WA-websites within the community. Everyone who wants, then can publish their websites there.
1. Then we could easier find websites and get inspiration from eachother.
2. In this way we people in the community could search for articles/services and buy these through our WA-friends and so support eachother.

I am grateful to know, that you are striving to keep up the helpful and altruistic community the way it is now. It is also great to know that you are continuously working on improvements.

Thank you so much Kyle.
Please , send my greetings to Carson
and your other colleagues in the team.

I'm happy to be part of WA and are looking forward to this exciting future.

rich6153 Premium
Kyle, I wish to extend my profound thanks to you for the knowledge, service, support and training you have given to me through Wealthy Affiliate. WA is a university for beginners, like me, who prayed earnestly, for an opportunity to become a affiliate online marketer. I praise God for creating WA through you. I thank God for what you have already given me. I am so proud of you and the blessings you are to me. Thank you.
Dr. Marilyn M. Carr
vlagattuta Premium
Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity to learn how to create an online business. I have tried several other options before only to get frustrated and quit. Here, so far to date, I am happy and I love the quick replys from everyone.

I cannot tell you what else I'd like to see yet, but I'm sure as I progress i ideas will come to mind. Again Thanks for the wonderful support you give.
Calmkoala Premium
This sounds amazing and really exciting. I am sooo glad and grateful to be part of such an inspirational community and am eagerly looking forward to all the awesome learning opportunities ahead.

Many thanks to the whole team for your continuing vigilance in keeping this not just the most technically advanced platform in the industry, but one of the most caring and supportive work environments anywhere!

Onwards and upwards everyone! Sue :)
JennieG Premium
Thank you for the update, sounds great and I'm so excited to be here and be part of it all!
As I think others might have mentioned before I would like to see the blogs become divided into IM/Business relevant posts versus Personal/Motivational type posts.
Also if there was any chance WA members could get a discount to join Jaaxy that would be great too!
GlenPalo Premium
First of all, there is not a better training platform than WA. I have been marketing online for 20 years and have tried Affiliorama, WorldProfit, SiteBuildIt, and others as well as the School of Hard Knocks.

I joined WA May 2016. By doing the certification and affiliate bootcamp courses, I learned that there were many gaps in my knowledge of building websites and promoting them. That's what happens when you go to the School of Hard Knocks. You just don't know what you don't know.

Secondly, it is great to see forward thinking with action. Thanks Kyle, Carson and everyone else behind the scenes. The forward thinking part is essential to being the best. There are other programs with tons of training. But they are outdated and over-priced.

Thirdly, Kyle was spot on saying the community is the most helpful and altruistic community. This is by far the most supportive group I have seen in all my years online.

As Rebecca says, "WA rockssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!"
speedking Premium
Hi Kyle,
Firstly many thanks to you and Carson for this wonderful opportunity by making it possible to be successful in the online marketing world. I don't think there is anything else like it in the world.
As a member of the older generation and with a lifetime of sales and marketing behind me (All offline of course) I find it to be a great challenge finding my way around in this wonder world of digitalisation (suffer from a distinct lack of internet skills...although it is improving).
Now, this might sound like I am just looking for excuses, nothing could further away from the truth. It is a fear and drawback that can spook the living daylights out of many of us.
At the same time, there is help via the internet for people with likewise problems - I have joined an internet group GCF to sort out this very real and frustrating problem.
My question: Is it at all possible to design especially in the initial stages of the training a " very easy user-friendly" training platform?.........step for step........the old saying we use in the sales world - KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid comes to mind.
Who knows, maybe I could well come up with a special training module in the not so distant future on this subject.
Other than that Wealth Affiliate is the best that has happened in my life and I hope to see you all on the other side

Sorry about being so long winded about the above, but I just had to get it off my chest.

Take care.............................Johan.
HarveyBrown Premium
Hello Johan, I think your question/suggestion is a good one. I am part of that older generation (66), and one of the thing I realised is the need to embrace technology, it is not going away. Not an easy choice, but reality. The second thing I realised is the need to understand online marketing and how to create my online business. Thanks to Wealthy Affiliate (WA) I find their Certification Courses and step by step lessons invaluable. I think they answer your question/suggestion. My suggestion as part of the "Baby Boomer," generation is to go through those courses and lessons. Do not skip any and if you get stuck reach out to the community here. They will be more than willing to give you assistance. I know, I have been stuck on several occasions.
nelsonrosa77 Premium
Johan, I think that when you don't understand something that you have to be brave to ask, seek and knock for information. Don't let fear or shame stop you. you can go to my profile and read two kind of knowledge.
speedking Premium
Hi Nelson,
Yes, I had to get myself to ask questions and the response has always been very good and helpful........WA is the best.
Take care.

Rich908 Premium
Hi Kyle

I had to read this twice with 3 cups of coffee. My feedback on WA is one of admiration, wonder! and amazement. It's almost two years since I have been with WA and boy! what a roller coaster ride I have had. My competence and confidence has given me a real boost to my self-esteem since I joined WA

I love the challenges of life and designing my own website was one of them. My website is a working progress like my rose bush which took me two years to grow, and now I have the most beautiful roses giving me absolute joy.

I treat my business exactly the same way with tender loving care and it will grow and continue to give me and others joy. I stayed with you guys because you are ethical and will always have our backs.

You make no false promises and You want us to succeed and help and support from this community is encouraging. So yes Kyle and Carson pat yourself on the back for a job well done. I hope to follow in your footsteps

Whoever has gone through the Wealthy Affiliate training has had successful stories. I will have the next story to tell.

Your wealthy affiliate motto should be

"A well-trained affiliate marketer is a successful one" - these are your own words.

Here is my beautiful rose
YusuffIbhim Premium
Hi Kyle, thanks for your generous post and concerned.

(1)Honestly I don't really can exactly point which aspects of Wealthy Affiliates is my favourites as I have not explored it thoroughly, but presently I can say the Activity Dashboard, Certification Courses, writing blog, ask questions, give and get feedback of websites, give comments/feedback to name a few, an other words, WA already awesome!
(2)I would like to suggest in the appreciation of Wealthy Affiliate Community, having a yearly lucky draw - i.e. $5000, ideally min $10,000.

These are the requirements :

(1)The draw is held on every end of the year, December i.e before Christmas or end of December.
(2)Only for Premium members with at least have joined 6 months in WA. Could begin end of this year.
(3)Each member regardless of their rank have 1 ticket = 1 chance(name).
(4)The picking of a winner name is held live(via webinar), where every member can see it live or later.
(5)20% of winning amount is mandatory to 3 Legitimate Charity Organisation of the World namely :

30% of it to : http://bit.ly/2nFCGeY
30% of it to : http://bit.ly/2mTs7Ao
*40% of it to : http://bit.ly/2nLI7Jx

*The 40% can be the named charity or the choice of the winner. If the winner don't have his/her own choice then it will to the named charity organisation above.

Each Premium member have to inform WA of their own Charity Organisation should they win to get 40% of the winning prize prior the Draw day.

All these done simultaneously after the winning ticket announce via live webinar. The contribution to these 3 parties(either online, check delivery etc) done on real time. So that it's really genuine and transparent for Wealthy Affiliates Community and the World.

Benefit of having year end Draw.

(1)Encouraging Premium members to stay at least 6 months.
(2)Wealthy Affiliates not only to create wealth, but to contribute it too.
(3)A Testimony for Wealthy Affiliates and their Community that we have 'Big Heart'.
(4)Indirectly will increase WA community.
(5)Blessed by our God for blessing others.
neilc Premium
I love EVERYTHING about WA! lol. But what I really like the most is the SiteComments feature because I've found that 50+ word comments really do help towards rankings.

In addition, it would be awesome if we had an actual WA plugin for Bootcampers to add to their sites. I know we already have access to comparison tables and custom WA pages (which are great tools), but I think a simple WA plugin similar to the SiteRubix and Jaaxy ones could have a good impact.

And as for Jaaxy, could us affiliates also have access to some cool banners in the affiliate backoffice? Pretty pleeeeeaaaaaasssssseeeeee? :)

Oh yeah, as for events...

How about an incentive every 6 months? Say, Vegas every Jan, and New York (or Beverly Hills) every July?
NatNiches Premium
Awesome event suggestion :) lol
neilc Premium
Thanks, Nat!

If we fail to qualify for one, we have an opportunity to qualify for the other. ;)

I was also thinking about short WA weekend incentives or a WA world cruise as well lol.
MikaelM Premium
Great to hear about the future plans Kyle.

What I love:
- The step by step training that builds a great foundation.

- The integrity of the oficial trainings - focus on quality and not on quick fixes.

- Hosting, ssl, comment platform, feedback etc. is all included - I know what the cost will be as there is no upselling.

- Jay's live classes every week.

- Your attitude to keep developing WA and helping people build a business.

Suggestions for improvement:

- Ambassador program:
I apprecaite that the ambassador program is part of making people motivated and very willing to help. Unfortunately, it also seems to motivate people to feel like they have to do trainings and posts all the time - that can of course be great, but seems like to many blogs and trainigns are created to get ambassador and ranking points.
It would be great with some kind of quality control and that the ambassadors where people who have actually had success online, and not online based on who is most active.

- Language for KW tool:
I would be amazing if language and location selection would be included in the WA KW tool or Jaaxy. That would make it possible to use for some of use that does not only work with websites in English. And also make it better to easy for local marketing.

- Language for comments:
Maybe it at some point would be able to also make language selection available in the comment tool. So I can say that I can offer comments in English, Danish and German. And when people then need a comment in another language they select which language and the ones that can offer comments in that language will see them.

- Enforcement of the spam rules:
See a lot of people spamming with links to their own websites, and then of course the more obvious spam. This is even done by ambassadors. Don't know how, but great if the rules could be enforced more, or at least make sure long term members are helping to keep spam out in stead of commenting on spam post and doing it them selves sometimes as well.

But overall I am very happy with WA and very glad I found it and joined around 4 months ago. Have learned so much already and excited about the future:-)

And thanks for updating us all on the future plans and taking the time to hear our feedback.

DaveSw Premium
Hi, Mikael...

Regarding your comment on the keyword research tool Jaaxy...I have had problems finding any decent keyword tool for any language but English...

That wish is likely in the "too hard to do" category?

The few languages that are used globally enough to get a good database together may be Chinese (Mandarin), Arabic, and Russian...

Unfortunately, I speak terrible Chinese and Arabic, and a couple of phrases only in Russian...Helpful to me would be German, Thai, and Spanish...

On the spamming, it can slip in, but personally, I do not see it that much...There are some sensitive folks, so a simple message from these people normally takes care of the problem...

Having options for languages with comments can be done using cut and paste for comments (I guess that is rather cumbersome), but it does bring up the multi-lingual nature of the members...

Adding multi-lingual capability to a website is something I can personally attest to as being a heck of a complicated endeavor...

Even with a simple e-commerce website, it is a head scratcher...

Good points, I really like reading through these comments full of good ideas!

Dave : )
MikaelM Premium
Hi David,

Thank you very much for your comment and input. Yes maybe some of the suggestions not be possible technically, but as Kyle mentioned above - no ideas are too crazy at this moment:-)

Appreciate your insight.

Dustinb Premium
It really is amazing how this place has changed over the years, all for the better, I think. As some of the older members here know, I've been around for a bit (Longer than my account says, made this account years ago but had a different one before, don't remember why) and was brought in by Big E. I've gotten the privilege of watching this place GROW and advance (I was most excited when the forums were ditched and live chat became a thing). When I think about suggestions to WA, I have a hard time thinking about new things to add, as it really is the most fully fleshed out program of its kind, so I just decided to rate a few things here on a scale of 1 to 10 and throw out my ideas.

Training - 8
Obviously the flesh and blood here, and it has really really improved over the last few years. My only reason for not throwing a 10 out, is, even after the big revamp and, I'll call it a purge, a few years ago, there seems to still be a lot of old articles by members. One simple way I thought of to, at the very least help members sort through it, would be to add the date the training was added/updated in the search bar search results. That way I can see, "Oh this training was from years ago but this one was just posted two months ago" I think this would be a huge member time saver.

Website Building - 8
I give it an 8 because you guys are great, wordpress is decent, but there is something I have always wanted to see. I would absolutely LOVE to see some WA branded plugins. Ones we know we can trust, ones built by the company we trust, ones tailored to WA hosting. I'm not saying there's not some great plugins out there, but you guys have always had a way of designing programs, UI's etc etc with the new user all the way to the advanced user in mind. Example, a lot of people use SItebuilder (I think, it's 3:30 am here and my brain is fried lol) how absolutely great would it be to have a WA branded plugin, with the new user in mind, complete with in house training and support. I know, personally (Maybe because you guys have built your trust level so high) that I would use a WA branded plugin without even looking at others.

Hosting and support 9/10
Support is a 12, hands down. I had to contact support a while ago due to problems uploading images. I said that I wasn't keen on using ftp (just because I was lazy) and wondering what was up. You want to know what I was told? "We are aware of the issue and we're trying to track down the problem, in the meantime, if you would like to upload your images to a dropbox, we can manually upload them for you" or something on those lines. I ended up just stopping being lazy and used ftp but he point is, where can you find that kind of support at the drop of a hat without paying premium pricing? Another hosting company once told me, about a similar problem "You'll just have to wait till we get it fixed". I've also had other great experiences with support. Hosting gets a 9 because it does seem to slow down/get laggy every now and then, even the wordpress backend. I notice it mostly early to mid morning. Not enough for me to gripe, but I think it could be improved on (Noticed down below that things are already in the works for this because that's just how you guys roll)

Member engagement - 10
I think you guys do a great job, heck you even pop into chat and say hi, which is pretty unheard of for founders to do. I do have an idea though. I think it would be kind of cool for you guys to randomly run some contests of some sort, and generate some excitement and motivation. Prizes could be, a free month of WA or Jaaxy, credits, an hour personal Q&A with Kyle, Carson, Jay looking over the winners website etc etc.

Email Platform - 1
This could have went with a couple above but I didn't want it to drop the score of the above items. I may be alone in this, but I really hate the Email platform. I know I can tie it in with gmail and mobile or whatnot but I personally would like to see the in house platform changed. That being said, I'm sure you guys have more important things on your plates :)

Live Chat - 8
It's great but could use improvement. I see you guys already have some awesome plans for it so I won't go into it further :D

Member Profiles and blogs - 8
I think they work fine but like what was brought up below, I think it would be nice to have different spaces for different types of content. Other than that, I think it would be pretty nice to be able to see if someone was still an active premium member. Also, I've noticed that whenever one comes back to premium even if they've been here for years, the pop up as a new premium member to everyone else. Every time I come back I get tons of welcome to premium messages, I think it would be nice if it only popped for actual new premium members, they're the ones that really need the warm welcome :D

New stuff - 10

I absolutely love the random new stuff you guys come up with, keeps it exciting. Like I said down below, I would love to see the job board implemented again if it could be figured out how to do it without all the problems it caused.

3 of my favorite additions to WA
Live training with Jay - Awesomesauce
Bye Bye forum Hello Live chat - Awesomesauce
Domain purchasing - YAAAAAAAS!!! (I was actually gone when that got put in, I was so crazy excited when I came back and noticed it I got a weird look from my wife I was whooping and all giddy like)
Also, although not quite high enough on my list to make 3 favorite, I was really excited to see the credit system added. I really missed the WA gold and was happy to see it make a comeback in a different form :)

I can't really thing of anything else and I'm sorry it's so long but, you guys put tons of thought into WA, I figured I owed it to you guys to do the same with my post.
AnisChity Premium
I love WA so much but if you ask me what I dont like here are a couple of things.

1) The globe icon where you get notifications is a bit funny and confusing.

2) The mobile version of WA is tedious.

3) More clarity in Bootcamp as some members really call everything a scam.
NatNiches Premium
Oh yes, good points - I don't use mobile WA much, but the other things yes.
Loes Premium
Hi Kyle, as you know, I love it here :)

And as you asked this direct question, what I would like to see to complete Wealthy Affiliate, is an email responder on the house.

Besides that, it would be awesome to have our own inside place/thread where we can share any affiliate link with each other and present interesting ads to our community friends.

This place is really awesome Kyle, you and Carson have created a unique, safe and very knowledgeable piece of art!
AceFlemming Premium
I could not ask for more of what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer at the moment. It is overwhelming in a great way to say the least! I am learning everyday and I am usually in the background observing and digesting information.

My website is in a very slow progress but I love it! One of these days, when I have enough content I will show and tell.

Keep the progress going! Thank you to Kyle & Carson for their vision in creating such a magnificent platform!
Anh Premium

I have no doubt WA is going to be better and better. I've been here for only a year and so much has changed! I went from knowing nothing to actually getting money on my account from something I did all on the internet. It's crazy!

What I love the most about WA is you guys' to the point courses, most of all, your will to always update the lessons and platforms at all times. Other than that, it's the community, you've helped created yes, the most altruistic community I've seen. The best thing about your elevator pitch is that it was true, everyone can say the same thing, but you guy made it. ;)

If there is one update, I want, it's definitively a mobile version for WA, especially for the Comment feature, so when I am not on the computer, I can chuck it out on the go. (And I definitively won't complain about a Bootcamp 2.0, I'll surely go over it again.)

All the best,
VeronicasLuv Premium
Greetings Kyle,

There are two things I love about WA: the training and the sense of community. The training received from your lessons as well as from the community is beyond excellent! The genuineness of the members is really something that cannot be taught.

In terms of improvements:

First, I would have to agree with MKearns. To have posts removed without explanation is a bit diconcerting; if there was a direct violation to any of the rules, why not just completely remove the post, why be able to still see the title. This is especially close to my home since it happened to me; although I appreciated your response to my PM, Ivwas a bit unnerved that I had not received any notice - prior to my PM - to indicate that the post would be removed and why.

Second, there have been blatant disregard to the slam rules, so much so that I often read the rules over again thinking I had overlooked something. I have seen this even by Ambassadors. If the rules are not going to be enforced, why have them.

Third, I think it would be great to have a section in our profile that shows the country of each member. In addition, perhaps have a link within the dashboard where someone could type in a country, then everyone from that particular country would appear.

I appreciate you and Carson opening up this dialog, Kyle. Thank you!
EliasJ Premium
WA is awesome, and dare I say a MUST for beginners who want to learn about affiliate marketing online. However, it lacks on the "advanced" stuff and having so many subscribers makes it very hard for the support team to help those who get stuck.
Jay is doing a tremendous job with the live webinars and really there are huge information there alone, but you guys need to focus more on teaching how users can actually improve their websites and the user experience, rather than just saying "you need to improve user experience". It should be a training or something.
Also would love to see more help and support for those who get stuck without sales, like myself and a lot of others around, what are the reasons, how to improve, etc.
magistudios Premium
Thanks Elias,

So, something like, 'how to improve user experience' for a live training topic?

Jay (magistudios)
WA Live Training Coach
EliasJ Premium
This could be a start but really there's a whole world out there on web design and premium themes that are extremey user friendly and responsive and could do the job just well enough. Also, stuff like how to build better menus, widgets, sidebars etc for easier iser navigation. When you have enough good content, this will usually be the factor whether you rank 10 or 6 for example.
It could be a series of live webinars or part of an advanced training of some sort.

petervcrisp Premium
Thanks for the update Kyle. One thing I would like to see in as far as making WA the one stop shop is an autoresponder. I know there are great options out there to choose from but just as WA now offers domain name hosting, an auto responder service would be really cool.
BeauAndNik Premium
I believe the autoresponder will have to be an additional product, kind of like Jaxxy. So if you are willing to pay for it on top of what you pay to be a WA member then all the power to you
petervcrisp Premium
Happy to pay for the service, currently paying for Aweber. :)
DaveSw Premium
I would also be willing to pay extra for that if it was offered with a level of service that equals the big providers such as AWeber, Get Response, etc.

This tool is (or should be) a key piece of the online marketing puzzle for all marketers...

In light of the stated goal of making Wealthy Affiliate an all-inclusive platform (one-stop shop?) as mentioned by Kyle, it fits like a glove...

Good catch!

Dave : )
Kyle Premium
I agree, it would be the final finger in the glove, but we don't want to get ahead of ourselves and there are a lot of very qualified services out there doing a great job (and doing so in a very cost efficient manner).

There are a lot of moving pieces in the email world and we have our own internal solutions for our own email, so it is something that we could implement and offer to others, but likely not a 2017 thing. Our plate is already full with some other incredible Wealthy Affiliate platforms/innovations and you will see them coming your way pretty much through every month.
halinphilly Premium
Still holding out hope for a WA based, affiliate-friendly autoresponder. I know that would be a pretty enormous project, so I won't hold my breathe. Nevertheless, I may still suggest it every now and then, because it's something that would fit in well with all of the other tools and training provided here.

In the meantime, I would just say, keep up the great work that you're already doing. And...

Thank you!!!
thriftymom Premium
Great improvements Kyle, and will love the mobile app in the future. I'm using my mobile most of the time than my desktop. Hope the mobile app will also be accessible to ipads as well.

Just an idea, if a member can have a more improved profile page, something like a dashboard on its own where it can become our working area for everything, though its available on the top menu and sidebar, but a page that looks something better and more accessible. Inside it also are our saved trainings or tutorials that we might like to get back into where we left off, though its available on bookmark but its easier to access if it is already on our own profile dashboard. Something like our own library of our saved trainings and tutorials, a customized one that we can organize.

I'll try to find time to design the layout of the profile dashboard of what I'm trying to talk about, just an idea for your consideration.

One thing that you might take into consideration is if the whole website hosting thing might become a "control panel" for advanced users and to have access to the mySQL account for easier transfer/replicate of website from other website hosting account rather than just uploading files to filezilla.

Thanks Kyle for an open discussion thread to let our minds speak out.

MKearns Premium
I agree with you Kyle and look forward to the great changes coming here. I'm certain you don't miss anything in the forum and I applaud your invitation to discuss issues here.

I respect the posting rules and do my best to conform to them.
You certainly know that I was a bit upset over your new spinning algorithm change on posting previous content not being formally announced.

That's OK though but It's a bit disconcerting to find out without explanation that posts can be taken down with no visibility to the community while still showing in your profile. This has a tendency to discourage contributions.

I honestly feel the community deserves a full explanation on this.
There are many great things that can be posted that have business implications that can enlighten our community in our major business direction... Affiliate Marketing. Please do not restrict this. Would anyone restrict new book ideas which use a foundation often of repurposed content. I respectfully submit this idea for your review and consideration!

Wealthy affiliate rocks. Let's make it even better by taking out the bumps that remain sir!
VeronicasLuv Premium
Well said, Papa!
NannaGoosey Premium
Hi, Michael.

You said: "... it's a bit disconcerting to find out without explanation that posts can be taken down with no visibility to the community while still showing in your profile."

I agree, except that I would say it's "very disconcerting."

My very first WA blog post, which I spent a long time putting together and, of which, I was ridiculously proud, was set to private within MINUTES of being published. I still don't know why. No one from WA contacted me. I asked Site Support if I could publish it, verbatim, on my (WA hosted) website without getting further punished. They turned it over to Carson. That was about three weeks ago. I've heard nothing.

You also said: "This has a tendency to discourage contributions." My post didn't violate any of the stated rules, so I'm paranoid about making more: they, too, may violate an unwritten rule. I risked it a few more times, but I'm not willing to risk it any more.

Since the link still shows up on my profile, I would never even have known my first post had been set to private, had not one of the two people who saw it before it got hidden PM'd to ask me why it was no longer visible. Had it not been for that PM, I would've just assumed no one was interested in "liking" or commenting on it. That would have puzzled me, but I had no idea mods set "objectionable" posts to private, so what else could I think?

I'd love to see WA be transparent in regard to WA blog posts and here's what I'd love to see WA do:
* Tell us ALL the posting rules and give us warning if they're about to be changed.
* Tell us who the moderators (mods) are.
* When a post gets set to private, the mod who did it should send a message saying why.
* We should be given the option to correct the issue(s) and repost.
* If there's some sort of "strike" system - for example, "You're never allowed to make another public blog post on WA because we've had to set two of your posts to private." - we should be told the system exists.
* And, if there IS such a system in place, we should be allowed to get those "strikes" removed if we correct whatever it was that caused us to get them.

Like you, "I respect the posting rules and do my best to conform to them." I look forward to the possibility of a day when we're told what they all are. Then I'll feel confident about making another post.

And Kyle, if you see this, maybe you could take a look at my first post and tell me how I ran afoul of the rules. Just whenever you have time. I fully appreciate how busy you are. If you can do that, I'd love to correct the problem(s) and republish the post (and get that "strike" removed, if I have one.)

MKearns Premium
A great THANK YOU for posting this Sharon. I followed you in a flash!
I would have to re - read the post but I think Kyle mentioned 15-16 assistants. This maps to the attendance at Las Vegas and fortifies my suspicions about "associate delegates" being dubbed at the conference!
"Paranoia will destroy" ya is a tongue in cheek joke but on the other hand... I posted about paranoia in business the other day. Some of my posts and this is one of them are generated by condiions existant here. It's close companion is silence and the weight of "plausible deniability" often used in politics
To be honest with you I like Kyle. As much as he is in the forum he doesn't miss anything and of course he sees this.
I know he has the interests of this fine community at heart and have confidence that these matters will be straightened out. It will be interesting to see the play out in the next months! Thank you again!
NannaGoosey Premium
Hi, Michael.

You're very welcome! I noticed you'd followed me recently (thank you!) but I didn't know why. I've followed you in return. :)

Weird... I didn't get a notice my comment had been replied to. I just happened to see your reply because I'd come back here looking for something else.

"Paranoia will destroy ya" is hilarious and made me chuckle. I'd never heard it before.

I, too, like Kyle (and Carson, and Jay's the bee's knees, lol) and I'm as confident as you are, that these issues will be resolved satisfactorily.

I'm so excited for all the new rollouts scheduled for this year!

Thank you for your comment and for following me!

MKearns Premium
Thank you Sharon. If you have any questions PM me. I'm going to be tied up with site development research more and more!
NannaGoosey Premium
Thank you, too, Michael, especially for extending the offer to PM you.

Best of luck with your research!

Me, I'm finally going to focus on working through the lessons here. I upgraded to Premium during the Black Friday special last year, and I'm just now getting to the second set of lessons. (Shameful I know, lol, but I HAVE been working on my site.)

DaveSw Premium
Hi, Kyle...

All the changes coming and the ones already implemented since I have been on board are great. I and many others appreciate the efforts you, Carson, and your team are making on a daily basis...

In totem, it makes it even easier to recommend and promote the platform to potential members that are found in so many of the market segments out there...

I do have three suggestions to throw out for discussion...

(1) Guest Blogging Tool.

Based on interest expressed by other members in comments from a recent post I made on guest blogging opportunities between members...

There seems to be a general interest in seeing some sort of barter area on the site where potential guest bloggers could offer their services and those that would be interested in hosting a guest blog post could meet and come to an agreement between the two...

This could be set up in a similar manner to the comment sharing feature that has been added and upgraded here, I do think the boost that members would get makes adding such a tool worthwhile (also would be easier for members to start here and eventually branch out externally to do such posts on other authority sites).

This is an overlooked but powerful way to grow your brand, authority, credibility, leads, and later, conversions. For the host of a guest blog, it is a chance to offer a different perspective to their readers and followers, so both sides benefit...

(2) Social Sharing Tool.

Right now we have a haphazard manner to track and follow one another's social accounts. This is generally done via blog posts, and over time, these posts fall off the radar, and every once in a while another blog post will appear, some sharing happens, and once again the post falls off the radar.

Having some central location and system where members could access other posted accounts and follow/like/share would save time, keep the subject visible for all members, and help one another for these platforms...

Social proof is becoming more important and a factor in SEO rankings...We just had a good discussion on one of Robert's posts he did on the Google update Fred. The gist of the post was that helpful content is essential with this upgrade...

But, after further discussion, the fact that Google used some 200 different indicators was also brought up, not just content. Of course, content is still king, as are keywords, on-site SEO, etc.

There are other factors that are taken into consideration that can make a difference too, however..One of them is social...Let me give you an example...

In the comments to Robert's post on the Fred update, I brought up the fact that Jovo is being outranked by an e-commerce site for some items, in spite of him having much more content...

Jovo added his thoughts to the comment, and Robert also replied after checking this out. Bottom line is that one big difference between Jovo's post and the e-commerce site that is outranking him is that the site has a huge social following, as well as a YouTube channel that has dozens of videos...

So not knowing all the other differences, it is difficult to say how much a difference this may be making regarding ranking by Google, but it is a fact that the social side of this business is taking on more importance. This trend will continue as more and more people access the internet using their mobile devices and spend more time on the social platforms...

We can help people get started here with such a platform where they can either get started or grow their social presence. We know it is a big piece of the ways to access potential customers.

Personally, I had a reluctance to get involved too much with social media, but I have seen the light, and now I am looking for ways to maximize the platforms and also ways to use tools out there to leverage my time to do more in the same allotted time...

3) Lead Promotions Exchange.

This suggestion I have comes from me but is based on a post by long time member Veronica, who recently posted a blog on her willingness to promote online business products to her lead list, both social and otherwise, I believe.

The proposal was that there could be an exchange of promotions between parties, i.e. her sending out to 10k leads a promotion for the other party, and the other party reciprocating and sending out to 10k leads offers for her products...This would apply to products that do not conflict with one another's current offerings...

This is something that people pay for normally but in the quid pro quo situation proposed, no money would be exchanged, a good thing and possible way to help one another grow their business.

There was some good response to this post by some members, to include me. Unfortunately, the niche I am interested in promoting is not online business products at the moment....But wouldn't it be a good thing to have members be able to have a platform here where such an exchange could take place?

OK, I have rambled on long enough! Bear with me just one minute more, please...

If you are still awake, I just want to add that this post is an excellent way to get open feedback from members that you otherwise may not get. Good move on your part and confirms yet again that you and Carson truly live what you profess, a refreshing thing in these days of alternative facts (?)....

Dave : )
Kyle Premium
Good thing I read this backwards, that way I started with the pronouncement of alternative facts! lol

I think your suggestions are all good ones here Dave and I do have a bit of feedback here that I think will give you some perspective from our line of thinking.

(1) Guest Blogging Tool.

I think that could definitely be a valuable platform, the implementation is something that we have to be careful also about the accountability between one person doing "more" than their fair share.

When joint projects like this take place whereas sometimes technology cannot be the determining factor in terms of quality, feelings get hurt and people tend to get frustrated (ie, relationships fail, and break quickly). That would be something that we want to be careful about here.

(2) Social Sharing Tool.

I like the idea and I think the implementation and the design of how this works will take some careful thought (so it just works and it is highly useful for everyone), but it is definitely something that has crossed our minds on more than one occasion and could be something that you see in the future here.

3) Lead Promotions Exchange.

This idea does scare me. Like the job network we had in the past and the few Joint Ventures we have done in the past (many moons ago), somebody always ends up with the short end of the stick...which leads to ensuing flame wars and in house fighting. Something that we are not fans of.

When we had the jobs network here, which is similar in terms of the concept there was a great deal people getting ripped off, scammed, and fighting as a result. So we just want to be careful about things here, but the premise of this makes sense, the implementation is a very tricky one so NOBODY gets the short end of a stick.

Thanks again here Dave, your insights in this comment and the others within this thread are incredible helpful and definitely lead us to creating a better Wealthy Affiliate for everyone.
Dustinb Premium
I really wouldn't mind seeing a reimplementation (Is that a word?) of the jobs network. I remember when it launched, I also remember all the problems it caused, that being said, I really think it is a GREAT idea if it could be figured out how to implement it properly. I remember the thought of, since getting your business up and running takes time, to be able to do a few small tasks for people to cover my subscription being awesome. Like I said, I remember how many problems this platform caused BUT, if I've learned even one thing about you guys over my 8ish years here, it's that you always learned from the things that didn't work, and were always great at finding a solution.
DaveSw Premium
Thanks for the feedback Kyle...

This is exactly a thing I like to dig into, looking at systems for possible improvements or solutions big or small that further make the experience valuable for all within that system...

I used to do this all the time in different settings (i,e, conferences, on-site visits, classes, etc.) - it really can help your program, hearing from the people that actually use it day in and day out...

Even if some of the ideas generated are not possible to be implemented, it is good to hear about them...This can open the door often to something else that is possibly totally unrelated, but doable...

One of the reasons I responded to more comments is that they had merit in my mind and although this is not a regular 'discussion' venue per se, certainly having others add their opinions on ideas might be helpful to you and us...

Anyhoo, off to my work, it's our Friday here in Dubai, and my 'to do' list is rather long still!

Dave : )
JIllW Premium
Hello Kyle and thanks you for the update . I like how I do not have to fesr asking a question because in todays world prople do not like to ask and do not like to answer , let us all keep WA community strong and leave the egos off the computer. God Bless both yourself and Carson's family.
JerryHuang Premium
Kyle, One thing I would like to point out. It's regarding the mobile friendliness of WA platform.

When I'm outside using smartphone to browse WA platform and do some work, there are things that are not easy to use.

For example, when writing a blog post in WA and uploading an image, it's really hard to drag the crop size on mobile phone and the crop box will keep on jumping around.

Also, the top right icons that has drop downs are not really mobile friendly. See the screenshots below. You need to zoom out to see everything but it will be very small. If you zoom in, the right side is cut off and cannot be accessed.

These happen both in chrome and safari.

So my feedback is more on the mobile side. I can see that you have put that into your project. Hope to see some improvement in the mobile friendliness of WA platform.
DaveSw Premium
Although I do not access WA normally via a mobile device, these days many do...I have done comments once or twice using my phone, but found it cumbersome and not a good experience...

An upgrade to have a fully responsive site or portions of the site available to members would be helpful. It would be a boon for those like yourself that do use the site while underway or otherwise...

I can only imagine what a chore that such an upgrade entails...Surely it will be a headache, maybe a migraine-sized headache...

This is the direction the market is heading, however, so having an app and a version that works well on all devices is pretty much a standard these days...

Good suggestion!
Dave : )
JerryHuang Premium
Thanks Dave!
Kyle Premium
Mobile is top of our priority list with all future rollouts and we are deep into the development of many mobile elements that are going to be coming to WA.

Trust me, it is in our immediate focus and with a complex platform such as WA, it isn't as simple as just "making it responsive". There are design issues that need to be accounted for as there are many platforms here that are not just your standard text/comment layouts. There is SiteRubix and the 7 platforms within that, there are 3 columns within most aspects of WA, there is a consideration for a proper menu structuring, etc.

Lots to consider, but we are doing a thorough job and there is absolutely going to be an iterative and progressive rollout of a mobile side of WA through 2017.

It will just work on mobile and work great!
JerryHuang Premium
Hey Kyle!
Thanks for the response.

I have trust in you and WA. I'm sure WA will always be the best place to be for online entrepreneurs!
DaveSw Premium
Agree Jerry!
JY2018 Premium
Drag and drop feature for site builder, in depth analytic tool and mail follow up system would be good to implement

Can't wait for the mobile version to up and running too- been dying to see that happening as I only have time using WA when I am at work.

More funnel trainings would be good
Kyle Premium
Yeah, definitely high on our priority and it is definitely deep into development (many aspects). We are going to be iteratively improving on the mobile side through 2017!
JY2018 Premium
Kyle - happy to be a tester for you if need me as a user to test any development Yiu are prototyping. I just need a test scripts.

To be honest, WA is catching up the online marketing trend. I am to be blame too as I didn't even make full of the platform.

But I like this community as it actually a good and honest community.. And I trully enjoy this even though I have not fully used the system except for replying and responding to comments which builds up my writing skills.
I find the hover-over pop-ups get in the way. They're too fast for me and I have trouble with them. Just a few minutes ago, I was writing a comment and wound up in one of the classrooms when I went to reset the cursor and got too close to the left sidebar.

Could there be a setting in each account that would toggle this feature On=Hover/Off=Click?
Kyle Premium
Sorry, the hover pop-ups? Which one in particular are you referring to, the username ones?
For example, hovering the mouse over the SiteRubix box, Classrooms, Certification Courses, Bootcamp in the left sidebar, and hovering over someone's avatar produces pop-ups.

I might be calling these by the wrong terminology but they are the pop-ups of sorts.
Cathy Ling Premium
SiteComment is my favorite feature so far, but trading 2 for 1 can be very time consuming and a lot members are still writing feedback instead of engaging comments so that's a bit of a bummer.

Also, it would be great to have a 'feature' to remind/encourage members to share other people's post (after commenting on it) on social media platforms.

Just my two cents. Thanks Kyle.
Kyle Premium
The system wouldn't work if it was based on a 1 to 1 ratio. There would never be enough folks adequate offering comments for the system to operate. That side of things has been well thought through.

In saying this, you can purchase credits or use credits you earn through other areas (affiliate program, domain sales, creating training) and use those towards your SiteComments as well if you don't fell like manually offering 2 to make 1.
DaveSw Premium
That seem like a good compromise, trading your efforts to make the community stronger through adding training in return for comments or etc.
kiliwia62 Premium
Hi Kyle,

Great outlines and so far I am looking forward to all the new improved training and courses. A redo of these courses/training is certainly on my list. lol

I use the "Activity Dashboard" the most there I can navigate wherever i want to be, classrooms, top 10 etc. I also use all the features from the left side panel. It is easy and I can choose a specific feature every time I need to.

The "Live Chat", I am using very rare since I am not fond of its "Live Ticker" version. It is too fast for my eyes and in the past, I have even missed things.

Do I have questions? Well, just recently due to a blog post here at WA the idea came up to have two sections when it comes to blog posts.

One section purely addressed to business terms like technology, social media platforms, other internet marketing platforms, scams/fraud, SEO etc.

The other section could be a) for more personal posts like announcements, fun stuff, inspiration etc and b) for motivational posts.
When it comes to motivation I also do believe this is a crucial part of any business out there, online as offline alike.
You can implement everything to the tee if you don't believe in yourself or the passion is missing you probably won't succeed.

But, many people (unfortunately) still don't or can't see its importance to be and stay successful in anything you do is done with being motivated.

Well, for now, this is my input if I will have more I will add to it. :)

Thanks for asking, appreciated.

Kyle Premium
Excellent feedback here Sylvia and I agree with you on all fronts.

One concern about live chat, and we actually have programmed for it for quite some time, is when you move to a personal style chat it really does encourage an environment that is conducive to spammers and scammers. So we want to be careful about that.

We do have some ideas in this respect (think threaded chats versus one on one) where people could break out into different types of chats, but this will be done on a much more grandiose scale.
DaveSw Premium
Would this be like the Reddit setup, where you have subreddits by subject or interest? That makes sense...Will we have to work on our karma? : )
kiliwia62 Premium
Thanks, Kyle, and I do understand the chat concern it is riskier to have a one-on-one chat than the way we have it now.
I like the idea of yours to change it somehow in the future. :)
Shipwright Premium
I love the fact that WA is the 'one stop shop' for all things such as Domain Hosting, Site Rubix Website Builder. Everything we as Premium Members is under one roof. We don't need to look elsewhere.

What new feature would i like to see added?

Well, I think an improved email platform for email addresses we create alongside our hosted domains. Also better integration for adding our email accounts to our mobile devices - we live in a mobile world let's embrace that, we are always on the move, we are not tied to our PC at our desk 100% of the time.

I think also a better chat system, when we exchange correspondence with someone in the live chat area, it's very hard to keep track sometimes , and i often find myself 'lost' in the chat as other members join and start their conversation. WA is a great platform and Kyle this is a brilliant post and i know that as members we are all excited of what is yet to come in 2017!
DaveSw Premium
Regarding adding your website email accounts to your mobile phone....

There is a free app that will do that for you. It is called myMail and you can find it doing a search on 'Google's Play Store' (I am not sure but I would guess that Apple has the same app)...

I use it for all my accounts that I must follow regularly just for the reason that I can access the mail accounts as I need to from wherever I happen to be...

It works seamlessly, and I can quickly switch between accounts to track what is going on in all of them. Right now I do not get notifications when new mail comes in, which would be a handy feature, but it works...

Dave : )
Clbrooks57 Premium
While I am a premium member, I remain in basic training. I just completed my About Me page and will present it for feedback soon. I am finding it difficult to join in the community chats, etc. because the time I am taking to train and research my plan "as I go" doesn't allow the time to participate. What is the best way to diversify my time. I tried to send a private message to get a review of my content to make certain I have a proper grasp of where I'm going with this - but I have to pay it forward. I certainly don't mind doing that.

I guess I answered my own question. If the training will not allow me to move forward - then just do what I'm told. Tomorrow is another day.
DaveSw Premium
I would suggest having a look at some recent training I posted (tutorial) on time management for home based businesses.

From my personal experience, I know it can be difficult to get everything done for this online marketing effort, especially when starting and you have so much to digest...

Here is the link to that training: It may give you some idea on how to better organize your time and help slow things down for you...Good luck!

Dave : )
emerald860 Premium
Adding the SSL feature here really kicked it up a notch in terms of providing a service that no other site like this provides. I like the fact that WA always seems to stay ahead of the curve in that regard. As for improvements, I'll have a think about it and get back to you! :D Alanna
Kyle Premium
Yeah, in particular with Google and other search engines aiming to force an encrypted web, SSL and having it set up on your websites is going to be an incredibly important aspect to ranking as time goes on.

Lots of awesome stuff coming on the SiteRubix platform side of things that I haven't mentioned here. Stay tuned Alanna!
Funkydunc208 Premium
Hi Kyle,
My two year Premium membership has been amazing. The skills I have developed and knowledge gained, has made a huge difference in how I market my re-launched window washing business.

I can't afford to renew in April, due to an avalanche of necessary expenses associated with setting up again in Australia after living in Asia. But I will keep my eye out for the Black Friday specials later in 2017.

The new tools that you and Carson are going to release in the near future sound exciting and will, no doubt, be of great help to the budding entrepreneurs associated with Wealthy Affiliate.

I exit on April 5. But I will be back in the future.

Kyle Premium
You are definitely going to be missed Duncan, but I do appreciate all of your feedback and kind words about your experience here at Wealthy Affiliate.

We definitely do have a lot of awesome stuff in store here for members, much of which I have kept my lips sealed about, so when you come back this November (if you take us up on the Black Friday offer), you are going to notice the landscape here at WA has changed quite a bit.
Funkydunc208 Premium
Thank you, Kyle, for your kind words. I hope to catch up later in the year.