Ugh, Another New Year's Resolution?

Last Update: January 02, 2017

Happy New Year folks! We have stepped into 2017, the year of the Rooster and an awesome year slated for members of WA.

I just want to spend a minute talking about “resolutions” and how they simply don’t work. If you are one to make New Year’s Resolution, I want you to make this year’s resolution to NEVER MAKE ANOTHER ONE AGAIN.

To understand why I am saying this with such conviction, I want to explain why resolutions don’t work and the people that set resolutions are naturally carrying forward bad habits and procrastinating actual progress in their lives.

Resolutioners are Procrastinators

I have communicated with an abundance of people in the past few months that stated that they were “going to wait until the new year to start a business”.

Outside of the date and the fact that the date now reads “2017”, there would have been absolutely no difference between starting that very day with their business and starting now...other than the fact that these folks are now 2 months behind in terms of the progress they could have achieved.

They will likely be motivated for a few weeks or even a month and then seek out another reason as to why they cannot continue.

The same is something that I commonly see with dieting. “I will start my diet after Christmas and the New Year”. Meanwhile, these folks have gained weight and lost 2 months of progress in their potential health.

If you have been an active gym goer, you will know full well there is an influx of people every January and the first few weeks of February at the gym (it can get crazy busy) and then there is a sudden drop off of the “resolutioners” as they have lost motivation. Maybe next year?

Those that actively work out and exercise through the year remain. The regulars so to speak.

Resolutions Never Work

On average, 8% of New Year’s Resolutions get “achieved” by the over 40% of people that partake in creating New Year’s Resolutions.

Yes, 8 people out of every 100 accomplish their goals. Whether this is to start a business, lose 10lbs, get more organized or to be a nicer person in the year ahead.

Failure rates are incredibly high, but why?

The reason once again pops up. Those same people making resolutions are those that are waiting until a specific date to start before they take action. Many people have likely waited “months” with their resolution idea.

Procrastination breeds more procrastination. It is a habit, just like working hard on your business is a habit. Just like exercising regularly or eating healthy is a habit. Just like staying organized is a habit. Having a clean house is a habit.

Conversely, being lazy and being unhealthy are habits. Being messy and disorganized is a habit. Having a messy house is a habit. And these negative habits all stem from one thing, the very thing that a “resolution” promotes. Procrastination.

Don’t Wait For Tomorrow for Anything

What better time is there to start something than now. If you continue to push things off until “tomorrow” it isn’t long before another year has passed.

Tomorrow doesn’t lead to action, it doesn’t lead to results, and it absolutely doesn’t lead to any form of success.

If you get anything out of this post I want it to be the fact that if you want to achieve anything at all, the best time to start working towards this achievement is right now. Don’t wait until XYZ, or there will always be a new XYZ.

Wishing everyone a very successful and fruitful 2017 ahead. We have some amazing projects that we have been quietly working on in the last year that you are going to see show face in 2017. We are absolutely looking forward to the year ahead!

Now I am off to go take some action on my weekly tasks….

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tonlip1 Premium
I think that instead of resolutions, you should set actionable goals, such as creating 2 blog posts per week for a site to have 100 posts by the end of 2017. You do not need to wait until the new year to start this goal. It might sound cliché, but there is no better time than today as you are not guaranteed tomorrow. I've set small goals for myself initially in order to achieve my biggest goal - leave my current job and work for myself full time. I know I'll reach this goal with the support of the wa community!
Cirian Premium
I prefer to make commitments. I can start them immediately and unlike expectations, I can never fail at them. I just keep going.

Actually I can share a short story there. I did an 8 week seminar series on the power of commitments for achieving long term goals, staying motivated and not giving up when things are difficult. That was a long time ago now too. It worked.

Resolutions seem a lot like expectations in that they set you up to feel bad. May as well not bother with horrible things like that. Commitments allow you to experience victories and "defeats" are simply delays.
revluctlc Premium
Hey Kyle, yeah i started quite a few months ago, at wealthy Affiliate, but i had a bad time recently when I lost, my Best Friend, Tasha, who was a real light in my life, she was an entrepreneur too, and had already, had quite a few businesses up and running, from scratch, well she did use,, too, but she also was an agent for some big music artists, such as Biggie smalls, and some older jazz players, and had been doing this in her 20's so she was a busy, gal, her Partner Joe ( Dj Daddy Skiz) and son have had a lot to go through after losing her... she was an inspiring and happy smiley woman, and business gal, and was always looking for, ways to make money online, and looking at products, and had an amazing online bridesmaid site, in which she had designed a walk in boutique feel, and you could look at all the dresses, on the wall, she then would get them shipped to her and repackage them and send them out, checked, and packed in pretty paper, etc. its a shame she did not get to join WA, because, and she was thinking about affiliate marketing before she died, to blood on the brain... i know she would have loved this, or maybe she did and I did not know:)
anyway, as for me, i needed a bit of time, but now am back on the band wagon, and looking to succeed and make use of the training, and all your hard work, I really want to succeed and fulfill my dreams, and be able to take my family around the world, and have more fun in our lives, I did not make any resolutions this year because, I now have the saying in my head, IF NOT NOW, WHEN? and that drives me to say yes, also I hear Tash in my head, saying Go Girlfriend.
BethTerrell Premium
I'm very sorry for your loss. That was a lovely tribute to your friend.
revluctlc Premium
Thanks Beth:).. she was one of a kind, and very special to me:) and her family too, lots of people loved her..more than 300 people at her funeral, she had a way about her she always got her way.. and what she wanted.. amazing people person, with love in her heart, and shell be always in mine.. anyway don't mean to be morbid, all's well and i'm following her footsteps becoming an entrepreneur, now too heh heh, Thanks you, keep in touch:)
BethTerrell Premium
You too. Good for you, for following in her footsteps. That's a great tribute to her.
revluctlc Premium
Thanks Beth:) keep in touch:)) wishing you great success:)
BethTerrell Premium
Likewise! I'm still learning the ropes, but feel free to message me if you need help with anything that I might know the answer to.
whitsunday Premium
I joined Wealthy Affiliate on New Years Eve 2013. Yeh, it was a BIG night, not really!
But Hey, it was not a resolution. It was a leap into a new way of using my (limited) free time for good instead of evil!
I just felt like the moment had arrived and it was one of the best leaps I have ever made.
I'm still here in 2017, got my Black Friday deal again and not planning to leave any time soon.
My time is just as limited as ever, but I figure any progress is better than none so I write when I can and learn on the fly.
Go well, my lovely WA friends.
Kyle Premium
Awesome story Janelle and it is so awesome to have you here for 3 years now. I know 2017 is going to be another exciting one for us all and I can't wait to see where you take your business in the year ahead.

Thank you for trusting us and trusting WA, we are going to continue to prove people "right" with our decisions, with our improvements and with out innovations here as we move forward. :)
MrKent Premium
Ive been in the habit of procrastinating for over 10 years, and each week I tell myself that the new week is going to be different and I'll work 60hrs... yet it remains the same and I end up procrastinating. I don't know what's wrong with me, I cant seem to break out of this vicious cycle of "next week will be different..."

it almost seems like my subconcious is controlling my conscious actions and I can't even make myself do anything I know I need to do. like I'm possessed by something. I try so hard to motivate myself and it doesn't work.
Leody Premium
Procrastination is human's worst ally. Why do I term it as an ally, procrastinating actually takes away your mind from stress and all the harmful energy within you that makes you gloomy. It's worst cause if you cannot control the length of procrastination, the negative energy builds up instead and you'll feel horrible after which.

If I wanna get out of procrastinating I tell myself, 'JUST DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT'. Repeat this 10 times with a loud and firm voice. You'll be dragged out of procrastination soon enough. Or maybe the Police might just pay you a visit :D
strongman Premium
I couldn't agree more Kyle. As a Fitness and Life Coach and a Strongman Competitor I see this a lot within my area of work. There is no difference to start the day of as opposed to the next year. If you want to accomplish your goals you have to want it bad enough and work your but off to get there. There's no replacement for hard work.
dominic16 Premium
Totally makes sense. Waiting for a certain date to get started just won't work. People who believe in setting New Year's resolutions most likely don't know what they're talking about mainly because their resolutions were made at the peak of their emotions. Once it subsides, the resolutions go along with it.

But still, I have resolutions for myself. The only difference is I just made them crystal clear so that I can achieve them easily. Happy New Year to you Kyle and thanks for sharing your wisdom.
boomergp08 Premium
I stopped making resolutions several years ago for the very reason you state. The only resolutions I now make are the ones I can keep.

1. To go to my local all-you-can-eat Japanese sushi restaurant once every 4 months.
2. Walk 3 minutes up the road and have 1 or 2 never tried craft beers at my local pub every month.
3. Make no other resolutions other than the above two.
YKing Premium
Yea Kyle,
you are so right about procrastinating I am guilty, but I have been working on things not as much as I should have as I am in the process of changing all my bad habits. I do want success and I do want to work for myself. I enjoyed your Blog, human nature is full of habits and patterns of behavior. I think alot of the time I think that when you are working on something you love it is easier to commit to it and nourish it. Good internet connections and ergonomic work station are also a bonus. Happy New Year. Yvonne
Freedomseekr Premium
I've never made New Year resolutions myself. I usually start out on any goals I really want to achieve as soon as I can...not wait til later.

You've made a great point in why resolutions are so likely to fail, and I definitely agree! The longer I put something off, the less likely I'll even do it since I'm not that enthused about it anymore.

In my opinion, it also depends on how much you want to achieve something too....motivation is the key to success in staying at it until you reach that end result!

Thanks for sharing, Kyle!
Best wishes to you in the New Year! :) ~Sherry
DavidHenke Premium
Afternoon, Kyle. Very apt and accurate message. Everything you say is true and probably applies to all of us at one time or other. I am taking your message to heart and working very hard every day to promote my website, to promote WA to all the people who can benefit from membership. Thank you for the new year thoughts. Kindly, David
167daisAl Premium
Thanks Kyle for those encouraging words. "Happy New Year". Resolutions really doesn't work in business because when I started and gone this far, I already made a commitment to learn as fast as I can and be successful in online marketing. I don't need a New Year's Resolution to make a business decision.
JeffDolson Premium
I have to respectively disagree with a portion of this blog. I agree that New Year's resolutions will not work most of the time, 8 out of 100 are not good odds. To put forth the claim that Resolutions Never Work is contradictory to the 8% of the population where they do work. Maybe we should be looking at the reasons why it works for those 8% versus concentrating on why it does not work for the rest.
NWTDennis Premium
I couldn't agree with you more Kyle ... Resolutioners are Procrastinators. This is especially true when it comes to weight loss. For some the New Year's resolution justifies their holiday binging.

I'm anxiously waiting for WA 2017 roll outs. You and Carson have been saying there is a full slate of upgrades in WA's 2017 plan. I assume SSL Secure Certificates will be implemented soon?
halinphilly Premium
I hear you loud and clear and I fully concur.

Even if you do make a "resolution", don't wait til the clock strikes midnight on Jan 1st to implement a new project. If you have an idea for something you'd like to see come to fruition in the new year and the date is December 2nd, get started ASAP.

I haven't always been that way, myself, but once I adopted a true entrepreneurial mindset, that's just the way I roll now.
EdEastman Premium
Hear Hear Applause Applause

If you want to destroy your future actions ...... make resolutions.

They ( whoever they are ) say don't look back. I disagree. You learn from your past actions. That is why you set resolutions .... because you thought they were bad. Ok, look back and see your failings as you go and daily correct. No bad regrets. You observe. Correct. Move forward.

Resolutions... you see them. You failed today. Well maybe next year.Today I'm a loser. Tomorrow I'll be a loser too. Oh whoa is me.
Marcus1978 Premium
I agree with you 100% and I wrote about this myself recently: I think people only need one New Years resolution: stop putting things off until the New Year.
kiliwia62 Premium
I have never been a friend of the word "resolution" because as you so eloquently have stated in your post will, mostly, lead to failure.

However, I like to speak of Goals for my business by carrying on where I have left off and just add a few thing, like in my case, learning more about video marketing since this has really caught my eye in 2016 and I really, really love doing it.

Other than that I have to agree with what you saying!

Also to you and your loved ones A Happy, healthy and Prosperous 2017. :)
Kyle Premium
Goals and achievements, much better words indeed! :)
JeanBrickley Premium
I don't make resolutions, Kyle. I learned a long time ago that I don't keep them. I like short term plans and goals. Crazy enough, I went on a diet right before the Holidays. I arranged to be off of it on Christmas and New Year's Day so I didn't miss out. I actually lost 10 pounds over the holidays instead of gaining 10
pounds (like it's so easy to do over the holidays) and I have a head start on the January dieters. Lol. Happy New Year Kyle! Jeannie
Kyle Premium
Wow, that is awesome Jeannie and exactly what I am talking about. You should be proud of yourself and if you apply this same action taking to hyour business you are going to be very successful online. :)
JeanBrickley Premium
Thank you Kyle. That means a lot, especially coming from you. :)
RamenRiches Premium
Thanks for posting this up Kyle. I think that successful habit stacking is the best option for a "resolution," so to speak.

This is done by making small changes that over time equal out to becoming BIG changes.

An example for business: "I will limit myself to 15 minutes a day for social media."

While at first this will be challenging, if you pick a specific time to do it. First thing in the morning over coffee, or last thing at night before reading, then over time it starts to stick.

The best time to start these small habits is......


Not tomorrow, not New Years, not next week......


Again, thanks for posting this up Kyle and best wishes to everyone as we all journey into 2017!

sarutobi Premium
Inspiring post and i really resonate with the message to take action now and don't put off life. Also, habits are really the gist of it. However, if we viewed new year's resolutions as a chance to look back on lessons learned and reflection, as well as a chance to set our new goals and reevaluate our life, i don't believe there is something wrong with them really. :)
ABielesdeals Premium
How true;
I have never made a New Year resolutions in my entire life, because everything I ever wanted to accomplish throughout the year had nothing in common with New Year’s Day. Some might say I was rambunctious, or impatience, but in reality, most resolutions that choose far-off-dates to get started, are rarely accomplished. If I put my ideas and ambitions in my pocket, to be activated at a later date, I would probably have an anxiety attack. The best motto for those who are seeking any type of success is; “Today is a good day to get started,” always with the realization the time is a limited commodity.
gbsun Premium
Hi Kyle,
I really hate to admit that you're right because I have New Years resolutions that I could have started sooner. I used the old New Year's resolution as an excuse to procrastinate. I do plan on being one of the 8% that succeeds though but next year I won't procrastinate and put myself through that waiting game again. I will take action right away. Thank you for a great post! I wish you a Happy, Healthy, and Successful New Year!
GrahamHod Premium
I set goals myself and made three goals to a achieve by Christmas this new year.
The difference is I set them at the beginning of December and the enotion behind these drive me to work hard on my site everyday. I take every opportunity to do everything I can. I am new and only started in December and I know it will take time to build a quality site so the more work I put in now the more sooner my success will become.
Heres to a prosperous 2017!
DShensky Premium
I was never one to wait for things to happen---I was the one who was fearless and went after what I wanted---I was educated before there were laws guaranteeing people with disabilities the right to an education, I entered the workforce 12 years before ADA became law and when I couldn't find gainful employment I went out and created my own business with no help from my family

But yes there are people who are introverts or reserved who need someone to light a fire underneath them to get them to do anything--it's not in their nature or behavioral style to go out and make things happen for themselves---it's more in their nature to wait for things to come to them----as I once heard a preacher say --If you believe in Jesus he'll bring you whatever you want---if you believe that you'll be waiting all your life---

To understand the DiSC---The Steadiness behavior pattern is someone who does anything by the book---they're a good employee because they don't question anything they just follow orders. The Conscientiousness behavior patterns questions everything and needs to have all their questions answered before they move forward---then there's the Dominant behavior pattern who believes they control the environment around them and go after what they want and the Inspirational behavior patter that's very outgoing and sociable and make friends easily---the can conduct business anywhere even at a party

Do you know what behavior pattern you fall under?
Samaffiliate Premium
Well said.

What must be taken into consideration is the difference between the conscious mind and the subconscious.

The subconscious is in control of your life for the lion share of the time where it holds everything from your memories, your habits, and your beliefs etc.

Conscious beliefs and subconscious beliefs are two difference types of thoughts that must be understood to capture and control the power of our mind.

In perspective, you could consider subconscious beliefs to represent dominant thoughts while conscious beliefs to represent feminine thoughts that require strengthening.

What do I mean by strengthening?

The only beliefs that are accepted into the subconscious mind where they now affect your paradigm are desires created from intense thinking, believing, and ACTION!

Conscious beliefs are just wants but not needs. We all want things but we're not all prepared to put in the work to achieve the things we want.

It's only when we NEED things will doing the work come natural to us.

Think about food, for example. Food isn't a want it's a need for our survival and when we find ourself in a situation with no food at all we will naturally perform behaviors outside of our comfort zones to ensure we enrich our self with protein.

In most cases, the behaviors we employ are acts we would never consider or believe we could do unless that need of influence was present.

Your example with the Gym is perfect to understand the difference. People who want to lose weight and get in shape only want to but they don't need to unless their health is at risk.

The ones who feel a need to be in shape will be successful but the ones who just want to get into shape will fail in flying numbers.

This is a harsh fact to accept and is why setting goals every year fails at such a high rate for most.

I would advise setting one goal each year but one that you feel you need to achieve or your actions will serve no real purpose other than losing time and self-belief in your own capabilities.
accad Premium
My only resolution is to renew my premium membership and wait for some results. This is my second month and I don't know if good things will happen, I just hope it will.

When we declare resolutions to be heard by other people we are generating the support from them. Saying something or writing something for you to do in the eyes and knowledge of conscious people are not just exposing our vulnerability.

I should see resolutions openly stated as challenging yourself that you want others to believe that you can do and you have to prove it otherwise you should have put it in secret.

Sometimes resolutions contain the very weakness we have so we expose them that others will have the courage to come and offer their help. If we tend to be strong, knowledgeable when we are not this is hypocrisy.

Are we sensible enough in declaring our resolutions? Are we exposing our pride or we are humbling ourselves that others are challenged to offer their help to us?

I think we are all religious if not spiritual people. Entering a project like this must be brought under the omniscient one who will direct us to a successful venture.

Yes, WAU is here but in having our niche to pour and invest our effort must be in consultation with the one who directs our mind to path that leads us to the funnel of blessings.

Have I chosen the right niche to help other people and to help myself? Lead me Lord.
DanKenneth Premium
Well stated and true. There is a bible quote that he that watches the winds will not sow and that watches the clouds will not reap. Ecclesiates 11.4. Its what you have shared Kyle. We must make the most of today and accomplish the day's tasks. Let tomorrow worry for itself
KiwiGeorge Premium
Yep, agree with all that Kyle gave up reso's many years ago!

I do review my goals (1 year, 5 and 10 year plans) and check on my progress at the beginning of the year as I do in the middle of each year, just because it is a fixed time and 6 months is a good measurable time during which many things can be achieved.

That is what I recommend members to focus on ....just half a day....4 hours not very long in a 4000 hour year!
anton24 Premium
Thanks Kyle, no more waiting for XYZ for me. Its now or never for 2017 . Thanks for the great encouragement to going after our goals in our Wealthy Affiliate training for 2017. Looking forward for a wonderful new year with Kyle and the Wealthy Affiliate team for 2017. I pray God's favour overtake us and bring us as a team forward in our ranking in google and accross the whole internet Marketing and I claim wealth for all in Wealthy Affiliate in the mightiest name of Jesus Christ our triumphant and forever victorious Lord and blessed saviour. Amen. God Bless.
RayAleksandr Premium
Happy New Year Kyle! Thanks for the great post, and I must agree. Change of the year shouldn't affect what we do but we can only use the phrase to kick "resolutioners' ass"... "Have you made a resolution yet? New year, new start. Buy this product and make your 2017 awesome!" Lol
LOL! I wrote a blog myself about this. It caused quite a stir, and a couple people were a little unnerved about it, my negativity about this topic but on the other hand, it has spawned other blogs which are now linked together.

You've found the same data I've come into with regard to the 8%, 49% and finally the rest who get absolutely no results at all! I have learned a lot from others what exactly resolutions are - and they're not what most people THINK they are!

An entire custom is based on these things being actual goals being carried out rather than what resolutions actually are - mere proposals, or more accurately, DECLARATIONS. How this got twisted around into the thing that it is today is out of this world! The whole thing is quite a circus.

I was told by one member that it wasn't my job to be bringing stuff like this up!

Well, I see I'm not the only one who sees this, and in fact, so do others, as I was happy to find! I even touched upon the procrastination part of this, though I didn't use the term, I gave it the treatment that this gives folks time to enjoy the things they know they need to give up!

I know you probably won't see this, but anyway, here it is :) I'm still here and just starting my 7th year.
jr99 Premium
As always great post! I think one of the things that people (myself included) need to work on is consistent self discipline . That sounds simplistic but it is really hard to achieve ! I know for myself whenever i accomplish something ,anything really i usually just write it down and keep it to myself and forge forward. But in a lot of ways when you go to many online platform they often (advocate setting goals )and sometimes we are invited to post those goals online and we tell people what we want to do . This is just an observation. As i think we are all related by some of the same emotions and habits we are still individuals and as such are also ruled by different individuals, experiences ,circumstances...

It is important to keep yourself honest and not let others get you down but sometimes sharing is not always a good thing and is best done in a controlled fashion.

As for procrastination well that is an insidious habit indeed and one that poses a challenge for sure.Being honest about what you want and what you are willing to do to get it is in my opinion the most important aspect at the beginning or any endeavour .Your honesty with yourself is key regardless of how many goals you have posted ,told people about ........

Anyhoo happy new year to all sorry to digress ,i suppose i just needed to get a few things out !

Cheers everyone !

ArmaniTol Premium
Nice post, Kyle. I feel that New Year's resolutions were made to be broken, err, not followed. That's why I don't make them no more. I feel that it's best to have a new day's resolution that's being followed every day. At least that's more doable as composed to having a New Year's resolution which seems be more of a daunting task. Anyhow, thanks for posting this and happy new year to you too.
brite Premium
Dude! Thanks for this. I needed to work on some things that are not business related, but I've been putting them off for YEARS! that involves other people. People that I needed to get in touch with. Tell them how much I cared about them. Crap! Was waiting for the Perfect time. I guess I see now. That perfect time. Will never come. Man. How such thoughts can STEAL time. Thanks dude. This one's an important post. And I'll be keeping it close.
Defiant6 Premium
The perfect time is now. Don't wait, don't put it off, take action today. Another thing too is to treat this like a business, not just something to do casually.

Write down a plan of action, things that you want to do daily to reach the goals you've set out for yourself. I took a notepad with me on my recent vacation and did just that. I've outlines what I want to do for the next 3 months and what I need to do daily.

The action I want to take this month is to do more research in my niche to see what people are looking for or what they need help with as well as which products are selling well, post reviews of 2 fairly new products and promote them, and start taking the steps to create a weekly newsletter so I can start building an email list for email marketing.

Then the next month I'm going to focus very heavily on adding much more content on a consistent basis especially now that I'm armed with some great topics thanks to keyword research. I've also rejoined Amazon Associates and I'm going to start using them much more now for affiliate links and product promotion. I know that doing these things will lead to the success that I'm wanting to reach in my life.
Defiant6 Premium
Kyle you, hit the nail on the head. I learned the hard way last year as I mentioned before of "putting things off until tomorrow". Then tomorrow comes and you're tired and you put it off again the next day, then something else comes up and you put it off again until you continuously get into that habit and then suddenly, WHAM!

The new year hits and you wondered where all that time went and why you didn't reach your goals or in my case, I got too comfortable, kept putting things off and got bad news at the end of the year regarding my day job. VERY HARD lesson I'm going through right now because of my lack of action. Feelings of frustration, anger, sadness, and regret because I didn't take the action consistently that I should've and now I find myself in a very difficult situation that could've been lessened had I continuously taken action.

Listen to what Kyle says folks he speaks the absolute truth and you can learn from what I said in my situation because in-action can lead to things you don't want especially if you're relying on a day job to pay the bills while you're trying to get your online business off the ground and where you want to be financially.

The most important thing here is to TAKE ACTION! Do it when you feel like you'd rather watch TV instead. Stay up an hour longer or get up earlier to take action on your site or going through the training. Just DO IT as they say and it will it pay off in the long run.
Kyle Premium
Another key is always looking forward and to what you can accomplish versus dwelling on the things from the past.

You can reset at any time you want, start fresh with every new day and of course, you got the idea of action down.

Take action with consistency and persistency and you are going to have a bright future ahead of you Brian! :)
brite Premium
Your post motivated me along with this one. I will be keeping it in mind.
AriefWibowo Premium
I have to agree, Kyle.
I tried resolution after resolution each new year. They never worked.

Now, I just have to build a habit. Since WA, I have built a habit of ignoring a lot of games and social-media. Now, I only access FB just for posting my articles or related to my websites.

A good habit is hard to develop. I am so thrill about this 2017.
Kyle Premium
A good habit is just the matter of doing something with consistency, and something that is a positive in respect to your business.

It sounds like you have shed a lot of the bad habits Arief and I wish you a bright 2017 ahead. :)
TonyHamilton Premium
Awesome Kyle!

I'll get started tomorrow people & tomorrow never arrives!

Get started today and learn as you grow!

Thank you for always sharing & caring as WA has improved so much in the 19 months that I have been a part of this wonderful community!

I am excited now for 2017 and beyond as I know that there are more improvements on the way.

Thank You Kyle, Carson and the entire WA community for all that you do,

Kyle Premium
We got a lot of exciting stuff in store in the year ahead Tony and you can expect a lot from us in the next 12 months to add to your experience in the last 19! :)

Wishing you a brilliant 2017 ahead!