The Lamborghini Mentality.

Last Update: July 04, 2018

Let me take you back 18 years. I sat there, thinking of what success looks like. What did success mean to me and when I "made it", what would that really look like.

At the time, I remember thinking of what success to me looked like back when I was 18 years old driving around in my 1986 4-door Chevy Sprint. Yes, quite the car and not exactly what I deemed as a success, but it was mine and I actually paid for it through my own hard work which I was proud of.

I ( like most young kids) was somewhat ambitious but I didn't really know what I was going to do with my life that would lead me to what I deemed as being a success. To me at the time, that was driving a fancy car, a Lamborghini (or Lambo) to be precise.

Wouldn't it be cool to have one? Yes... so I thought. That was the ultimate goal.

"One day I am going to be able to afford to drive a car like that.", I thought to myself.

I knew I could work hard, I knew the value of money, and I knew that people were willing to pay you money in exchange for value and your hard work.

So I understood that, but I certainly did not understand the path to get there. But that was OK.

When you aim to determine "what" this success will mean to you and how it will "feel", that is a big part of success itself. You imagine what it will feel like to be in that situation one day which could be VERY different from the truth. The reality of it is, you don't know what you would do but the feeling of that very thing, or emotion, can absolutely drive you to get there.

My goal was to achieve things that perhaps seemed UNachievable to some, but I have always looked up to "achievers" and not wanted to necessarily be like them, but focused on what it took them to achieve their level of "success". I understood that they once had "none" of their successes and that they had to go through specific trials and tribulations to get there.

It's Not About the Lambo, It's About the Feeling Inside it.

I want you to try something here. Close your eyes for 5 seconds and think of what you perceive as YOU if you were what you picture as being "rich".


What did you think of? Did you envision yourself sitting in a fancy car, pulling up to your mansion, perhaps sitting on your private jet or hanging out in your own office building? I surely don't know what rich means to you, or if you even envisioned something material.

Did you imagine yourself at Disneyland with your entire family with no care in the world about the "expense" of the trip? Did you envision yourself globe-trotting? Did you envision yourself at home and able to spend time with your family?

Whatever your thoughts were, the idea of being "rich" means a lot of different things to different people. It will mean different things to you at different stages in your life. Perhaps at one stage it means driving a Lambo...or owning your dream home. Perhaps at another stage in your life in means having time freedom with your family. Perhaps it means traveling the world and operating your business out of coffee shops. Maybe all the above.

What many people don't realize is that "feeling" when you envision yourself accomplishing amazing things is a hypothetical reality that creates a great deal of positive emotion. That can serve as a motivator, but it can also work against you and skilled marketers can take advantage of these emotions getting you to purchase something in attempt to achieve "your dream life".

Imagine this:

  • The feeling of people looking at you in your expensive car
  • Coming home and throwing your keys down on the kitchen counter of your multi-million dollar mansion
  • Jumping on a plane and going on an African safari or Exquisite vacation with your family.
  • Being able to throw incredible parties with your friends and family
  • The ability to walk into your local car dealership and pay "cash" for a vehicle
  • Hanging out with your kids all day, without having to worry about where the next paycheck comes from

These are the emotions that play with us. These are things that entrepreneurs want to become their realities. These are what the driving force behind our effort becomes.

But is it GOOD to think about business in this way?

I have some definite arguments and I want to use a vacation analogy first.

Think of an Amazing Vacation, The Before, During, and The After

Over the years I have experienced the "feeling" of something, and the actual reality of something being completely different. Not just in business, but with the actual events we experience in our lives. People are drawn to the idea of things that they think will make them happy, but sometimes the reality of it isn't always the extreme level of happiness that we initially believe it will be.

One example of this is vacations.

You see a picture on your social feed of someone on a beach with a margarita in their hand, the beautiful white sands, the blue oceans, the mariachi band playing in the back ground, the fresh scents of ocean and the heat of the sun beating down on your amazing soul.

Sounds freakin' awesome right? Well it is, the idea of it.

But in reality we have a natural tendency to reach for happiness through our imaginary ideas. We believe something is going to lead to more happiness than it actually does.

People tend to forget about the arguments and disagreements they have with family/others during the day, the meals they don't enjoy, sore feet from walking, getting sun burned, and even dealing with a hangover!

Those are the realities though. Those are the things that we fail to think of when we picture a beautiful vacation, on a beautiful beach somewhere.

I am not raining on your parade of traveling, what I am trying to indicate is that if you are not happy with your situation before you travel, you are not going to be happy while you travel. And if you do feel happiness, it is likely going to be at it's highest point when you actually are "thinking" of the reality, versus when it becomes the actual reality.

The same thing with owning a lambo. Picturing yourself driving around in it, that amazing feeling of happiness that it may trigger, you are the talk of the town. But in reality, there are a lot of negative things that can come with having a nice car. People thinking you are a "show off", constant gawking actually isn't as exciting after the first few weeks of it wearing off, and even attracting the wrong type of people in your life.

If you don't have happiness and fulfillment in your life before the lambo, you surely are not going to obtain it after.

But having dreams is not a bad thing. It is a CORE component to success. But I believe there is a way that you should approach it to ensure it doesn't become an ongoing effort to chase some form of temporary or imaginary happiness.

It's OK to Think Shallow With Goals, But Act Deep

So how should you approach your business and your personal goals, but obtain them in a way where you are completely fulfilled.

You choose something to build your business around that will bring you fulfillment. This is exactly why we preach "choose something that you are passionate about" as your business. It is not because we are trying to use a "cliche" to help you drive your business. It is because if you do something that you enjoy, it lead to a great deal of fulfillment and happiness.

It makes helping people within your given business a natural process. Helping people lead to trust, and all successful businesses are built off of this.

If you build a business based on this and you decide to buy a fancy watch, a big house, exquisite vacations, or a "lambo", that is completely up to you. But the critical element of it not being a "material" thing that offers only temporary satisfaction, but the fulfillment that you have had to achieve this success. That is happiness.

There you go. Now go out and build yourself a business that affords you a lambo (and a lifetime of fulfillment and happiness)!

I would love to hear your feedback on this, what drives you, what your "Lambo" is so to speak (what you are working towards). :)

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MatissDzelve Premium
Thank you, I value this kind of reminding a lot.

In that sense, I feel focusing on the process is what will bring true and lasting happiness and fulfillment. Thus, centering yourself around what you want to be and what kind of impact you want to instill rather than what you want to have, buy or get in your life. That's the true key here.
In everything that we do.

At the end of the day, I feel it's the only thing that truly matters. It's what you did, how you helped people, and what kind of person you were rather than what kind of car you drove, house you lived in, or private jet you had.

Cheers, to you, Kyle! Have a Great One!
Kyle Premium
Very well said. Focus on the impact that you want to have, rather than what you want to have.

Too many people focus on what they are going to get if they achieve success, rather than the vehicle (no pun intended) that is going to take them to that very place.

It is great to have goals, but these need to come with an actionable plan that will help them achieve goals.
MatissDzelve Premium
I couldn't possibly agree more.
Noraffiliate Premium
Just read this and thank you for sharing important and insightful thoughts. I am considering of course my "business" or niche, which direction to go, and I firmly believe that it should be rooted in my history, my background, passion, values and beliefs.
For example. I have been struggling with debt so I could never ever promote credit cards and loans. Also I need to do something of value in order to keep motivated. I think it is very hard to succeed online if you do not believe in what you the other end it will be a natural and fulfilling process if what you do is sort of an extension of yourself and your personal values..just some thoughts
Armlemt Premium
I haven't been driven by material things in life for quite some time. Those things, as you have indicated, are fleeting and temporary. They do not lead to that feeling you spoke of - fulfillment and happiness. That comes from inside.

I believe that if you have that, then you are successful, whether or not you drive a lambo or live in the mansion. If you have that fulfillment, though, the lambo and mansion are much more satisfying.

I have been with WA for a uear now. It has been a hard year for me. I have had a lot of personal issues (family issues) to deal with. I have had one sale. I'm not discouraged though. I had to take time off to deal with what was in front of me. But isn't that what I wanted? To be able to be there for my family? It was. A job wouldn't have given me that.

It's hard to describe the person I was before I embarked on this journey. I seldom made it out of bed for long, for starters. I was a slave to the chronic pain in my back in in my head. I was a slave to pain killers that stole my energy and clarity. It hurt to move, so I stayed down.

A year ago, though, I made the decision that I would not live like that any longer. I vowed to find something to get out of bed for that would help me get back to being someone who was helpful to others. Someone who had places to go and people to see.

Getting up and doing the lessons was a major step forward for me. I didn't start out at full days. I started a few hours at a time. I started my website to help others with migraine and in dong so, I learned new ways to deal with the treatments. I researched and I learned and then I took that and applied it to everything in my life. i started finding solutions, some new, some old and cliched. But they worked That was the amazing part!

I am nowhere near the person I was a year ago! I don't even look the same. As Ariel Harris would say, I live with an attitude of gratitude now. I am a much more positive person. I enjoy life, and though some of the personal issues continue, I am able to face them head on and find the moments of joy in them. A year ago any one of these many issues would have paralyzed me.

This is success to me. There is no amount of money in the world that is worth the peace of mind and moments of joy and personal freedom that I have now. The money will come, as will the vacations and the freedom to get my pilot's license and fly when I want to. Of this i have no doubt. The best part of the success that I have now is that i will be able to enjoy them when they come so much more than I would have if they had come first.

Surfdude123 Premium
You said it girlfriend. You got the right mentality!
PowerInMe Premium
I've always had a "comfortable" life; a house or apartment, automobile, food, clothing and good health. I have worked all of my life to have that and I am still working with no end in view yet.
Things would have been different if I had not lost my husband but I did.
So for the first time at WA I believe I can change my status. WA has given me the road map. I can and will do the work.

My "lambo" is getting past just paying the bills every month to having the FREEDOM and the money to do whatever I want whenever I want to. The state of having the money and freedom is what motivates me.

I can't thank you enough Kyle for this wonderful organization you and Carson put together. Hope to get to see you guy in Vegas.

All the best,

V. Pearl
hamzaahmed99 Premium
My dream is to just be free from financial stress. Being the only son this is what concerns me the most and keeps me up at night and is also the source of most of my depression. Once I achieve that. I'll feel like I've successfully fulfilled my role as the bread winner and nothing would satisfy me more than my parents not having to worry about me.
AshleyMJ Premium
My dream has always been to be able to afford my bills, for my family to have it when we need it, to be able to take vacations. I'm not really into big houses and cars. My dream car is a toyota corolla or a mark x and my dream house is a house that looks small on the house but lots of space on the inside witha big backyard.
Dygie-Reds Premium
You can make it and live your dreams, if you work on it and put in the effort from now.
All the best in your endeavors to success with your business going forward.
Jimi1975 Premium
Hi Kyle

I can relate to this post sooooo very much ! A friend of mine gave me a book called ' Think and Grow Rich ' by Napoleon Hill on my birthday and I read the whole book , it is about what your mind concieved it happens . It is easier said than done right ? coz sometimes we just don't trust our feelings , which normally happens to me and think " yeah ,right , it is impossible ' but lately when I think of something about a goal and feel good about something it normally happens so I figured if I can do that there is no reason why we can't achieved. The vibrational feeling of imagining having it is the indication . Guaranteed ! It is the law !
Thanks for the post !
markos84uk Premium
The first goal for me is to take my wife and little boy to New York for Christmas shopping in December 2019.

They money will get us there, but to see his little face light up when stood outside with all the bright lights around us as he see's Santa Claus and experiences the magic of it all is going to be genuinely priceless.

To see my wife and boy sat at dinner in a nice restaurant, in NY or at here in the UK, knowing that I've been able to take them there because of all the hard work I'm currently putting in, setting up this business.

We're in exactly the right place to do this, we've never been happier as a family since I quit my full time job last year.

We live a simple life with low bills and no debts. I was brought up that if you want something, you go and earn the money, or make the money to do it.

Most of all, it will afford us time together to enjoy life experiences.

That's the drive.
Dygie-Reds Premium
Great.. I see where your motivation comes from.
Renede Premium
That is a great mindset that is awesome you want to do that for your family that is a great goal and will keep you motivated and focused on what you want if you have any questions dont hesitate to ask we are all here to help you succeed continue with your step by step training with Kyle he will teach you everything you need to know
To your success
Khurshi Premium
Loved this article Kyle, when I closed my eyes, I was surprised to find that I actually wanted to be the instrument to make a difference. It is uppermost in my mind always, but at times when I visualize the first thing that comes to mind is to be financially independent, through helping others..I loved the guidance, it made me go back to my MAP4LIFE-Analogy My Action Plan, that gave me the idea for one niche, amongst the many I planned. Thanks again for this lovely opportunity.
Kindest regards
weewaloves Premium
Thank you Kyle, I have a funny story to tell about my first
mechanical, crush as it were, a glossy sliver 1999 Lamborghini Diablo . I was about sixteen and my family loved to go to classic car shows. I being a normal teenager who hated to go anywhere with (the fam) and in public, "AS IF" translation no way.

You see my family unit consisted of, "the yes lady." aka the mom, the antagonist," my dad, "the entitled," my sister, and "the baby." Yuck! I of course would be called, "the caregiver/babysitter.
So we were off, to the Annual Car show in San Joaquin County Stockton, California fair grounds. I was not thrilled. After twenty minutes of the antagonist yelling at the yes lady theres is a closer parking stall. Finally we parked

Our first stop was the bathroom, we were in the car for less than an hour and everyone but myself needed to go. I became the can you hold this for me please girl. As I was waiting I saw him, like a knight in shinning armor my eyes locked in on it's brilliant ultra shinning mirrored like paint. He was the most gorgeous man-crafted god machine I ever laid eyes on . He was silver and black with both welcoming lambo doors open. I don't remember how long I stood there with my tongue hanging and drool coming down my chin. The baby wanted out of her stroller and I could faintly hear my mom call for me. I then promised myself I will own you one day.
Timeout58 Premium
The "vacation" metaphor reminds me of the 'happiness' that failed to materialize upon my first visit to Disneyland.

"I had to park a mile away and shell out half a day's wages just to stand in neverending lines under the hot sun...!"

The "Happiest Place on Earth" was actually a real drag. What I had perceived as being a minor 'nirvana' was nothing more than smoke and mirrors.

Savvy marketers sprinkle the trappings of 'success' in their advertisements. In every way, shape, and form, they try to sell you "the good life". Dream on.

Passion and compassion are the building blocks for achieving contentment. If you dodge this principal in order to become "rich" you are missing much more than you will ever gain.

Awesome perspective Kyle!
TerryAsh Premium
My own home-paid for; Toyota Prius Electric Hybrid, gold, 4-door, gold rims & with an awesome stereo system-paid for; always enough money to live comfortably on & even more to help advance the Kingdom of God advance on earth as it is in Heaven by helping others in need. I personally don't dream of a lot of unnecessary things, but sincerely dream big about helping others in need having been there & done that. I've also had money in the past and too much of it just brings more unhappiness and trouble. Enough said...Blessings...
Surfdude123 Premium
Happiness is a strange beast. I'm most happy when I am fishing and looking at the birds and the trees and enjoying nature. I used to think it was money until I got caught up in working too much, making others rich, tools getting stolen, getting laid off when work was slow. Now I don't care about any of that. I see it everywhere, low paid construction workers looking for work, living like dogs scrounging for the next gig. They don't see the beauty of the world and eventually will die trying to make a dollar. I have more money now than before when I was working but spend very little, drive an old Chevy Tracker and have a mountain bike. But my time is mine. If I want to rest, I rest. If I want to go down I go fish I refuse to live in the prison mentality of work to survive any longer. And that brings me much more happiness.
Zappades Premium
Grea thoughts once again :)

I saw myself right here in Thailand sitting in front of my little house with my family around, answering questions to newbies to the website business.
Ok, the garden looked a bit neater and the lake was bigger and there was a gardener working fulltime to keep everything nice.

I know, times of luck are short events. They don't depend on how much money one has.
It is impossible to be happy all the time for one reason, one wouldn't know it.
Only the difference between feelings makes them valuable.

An overall satisfaction is realistic if we do what we want. Not always like but want.

O, I forgot, my wife, would have her Fortuner (SUV) of course :)

Have a great weekend :)
Igor13 Premium
Hi Kyle!
Just another great post!

Big dreams, visualization, the right feeling ... many people have that. They have the vision, they may be even know how to proceed, but what I think is necessary besides that, to work hard in that direction, to try it real hard, very dedicated on a daily basis with the aim to achieve that goal of having a "Lambo", a great house or anything else which will make them really happy and live their wealthy and happy life.

You are completely right, visualization, desire, action ...

After my opinion, visualization and desire, passion are a bit easier attitudes, but acting hard, on a consistent basis, is making everything harder.

In short (but not all) the right focus, dedication, endurance, and other mentality qualities are so important for any achievement.

Thanks again for sharing this post!
I really enjoyed your blog kyle. While i was reading it alot of thoughts came to my head even before the 5 seconds break. Your blog really shows how motivated you were and still motivated and mostly inspiring. I come from an average income family and honestly i'm not bothered by any of it, it's that feeling when you want to make something on your own and be able to enjoy it whenever and with whoever. It's true that money can't buy happiness, but having money and being able to help out a family or a friend in need is what makes me happy. And every thing starts small and little by little you get there.
MiaL Premium
I've never cared about the appearance of being wealthy. So I've never cared about an overly fancy car. I want to be able to provide a comfortable living for my family, and I would be thrilled if I could buy a house for my kids. I look at house prices where I live and I don't know how anyone will ever afford their first house!
GiuliaB Premium
Every time I read your blogs, Kyle, so many emotions go through my head. So, first of all, let me start with sharing with you and the community what my thoughts were during those 5 seconds break. Now, call me boring, but all I could dream of was not to have to worry about my bills, about how to help my son through university, and possibly not having to stick to my part time 9-5 job. Yes, so much to dream of in only 5 seconds!
But then I kept reading, and you took me back to every time that a member has believed in me and signed up to WA, or every time that someone purchased one of my doggie accessories, thinking it will help their dog(s).
Now, that feeling of being believed, or being of help to a fellow dog owner ... those are the true feeling that no Lambo or no 'escape to the country' mansion can give repeatedly and in the long run. A Lambo, a new massive house, a holiday, you become complacent with all of that. The feeling of building your business step by step, of truly earning your money penny by penny, and of being able to share your experience, to me that is truly something you never become complacent with.

heikob Premium
Great Blog Kyle and honestly i could not have written it better. Being successful and the concept of wealth is very individual. One example, when i was young i was into BMW Convertibles and even had an SL 500 Mercedes. I was flying business class, hanging out at high roller lounges at the airport and so on. i was successful, at least i thought i was some came with the wealth of my family. After 2 decades my appetite for luxurious things diminished and vanished. It become routine and i shifted to another phase in my life which is now more important. And thats spending quality time with family and friends. lets face it. If you get to eat Filet Mignon and Lobster and Caviar everyday including Champagne, it will get old and the excitement about it will be fading away. Once again great post and the subject is right up my alley.
HarveyBrown Premium
Lol, I can remember having pictures of the Countach on my bedroom wall. That and the Austin Martin. Yes I was about the same age back then and that was my idea of success, also the big home.
As you age however, you do realise that material things cannot make you happy. that is something you have to find yourself from within. Success on the other hand is something you have to determine what it means to you and strive to make it happen. It again cannot give you happiness. With perseverance and hard work you should reach your goal and find success.
Kyle Premium
Haha, too funny. Same with me.

You can still have material goals, they are the byproduct of your achievements in business, but you are right, if you aren't happy with your situation before this achievement, you won't be happy after.

Some of the poorest countries in the world have the happiest people. It is the simple things that fulfill us, the material things are simply part of life as you achieve success. But you cannot buy them to obtain happiness, that as well all know doesn't work.
kimgwinter Premium
Thanks for a great post Kyle, and hopefully with WA, we can all achieve our various ideals of success. Mine is not a Lambo, but the freedom of time and the ability to go on the perfect vacation or buy a car for that matter, without having to worry about how I'm going to pay for it. Thanks for the positive upliftment!
Neil Little Premium
To be Happy and Healthy is the most important things for me and sadly I am neither of those at the moment.

I realised in 2016 that fancy cars, watches (although I do own about 20, love watches).
Holidays abroad are a no no for me as I'm not allowed to fly due to health reasons, well not yet I can't.
Maybe next year or in 2020 as Greek Islands are my favourite places to go to.
Kyle Premium
Agreed, and well said Neil. The Greek Islands would be amazing. I haven't been there yet, but what would be even more amazing is being able to run your business and have an extended stay there.

Having the freedom of location is one of the motivating factors for me with an online business. That is WAY more important to me than anything material I could ever buy!
davehayes Premium
What a really great post with so many good points that many of us will relate to

I am lucky in that I drive my dream car, together with my wife ( though not in the seat at the same time, you understand : 0 )

We live in our dream lodge, by a lake, which is beautiful

Thanks to WA and this is not a hypee, ra ra bit, but just plain truthfulness, my main business goal was to be a top copywriter, which has now, well since 2008, evolved into being a top authority blogger

I had major troubles with previous hosts, BUT since coming to WA, that dream is now edging ever closer, once that is achieved, I shall be happy
Kyle Premium
What, not in the same seat? lol That would just be awkward. So happy to hear about your achievements up to this point, and the positive outlook you have on your journey moving forward.

I really look forward to seeing what you do with your online business, it sounds like you are already in a good state of mind and any success you achieve moving forward is going to only add further fulfillment to your life!
DebbieRose Premium
This was the best explanation of manifesting our goals I've ever read. As you so expertly explained, it's about the feelings behind the goals that make us successful. Your examples were right on. This really demonstrates why you are so successful. I know when I can articulate what drives me with real emotion and passion, I believe I will be successful too. This community certainly helps move me in that direction.
GTilton1 Premium
Kyle, I absolutely loved this post. You are so true. The WHY for one person is not necessarily the WHY for another person. You obviously as I have learned much over time. But one thing rings true for us both. PASSION! It must be there. I would love to at some point share your post on my first web site with your permission of course. Awesome , Awesome post.

TomMarchido Premium
Hey Kyle, I like how you to cut to the chase. Yup, I remember having those kinds of dreams, but my Dad, God rest his soul, always taught me (in his own way, of course) just what it means to earn your way.

His family had it rough. They went through the Great Depression and he remembered how my Grandpa would take the cash he made that day and literally put the cash inside a canning jar, sealed it with wax, and bury it in their backyard. Why? With banks closing and taking its customer's money, he didn't trust them. So, he ended up with tens of thousands of dollars inside countless jars in the backyard!

The point of me telling you this? He was making about $300 per day on average selling used cars, and this lasted well into the 1960s. It was hard work, long hours, and seven days a week. He never complained and each day he always tried to get better and to continue with what was working, but he was always willing to try different and better ways.

My Grandpa, and then my Dad, were well-grounded men who understood what a dollar is. And, they were more than willing to earn their money. They both spent the better part of their lives in the used car business and collectively created a dynasty in the Muskegon, MI area for around 60 years.

They earned their money from customers who trusted them. Repeat business, much repeat business, was a normal occurrence.

When I found WA for the first time in 2007, I was hooked, but broke. I went on my merry way penniless and without WA determined to earn my way out of my current position. I remembered this story about my Dad and Grandpa and I'm currently in my 2nd try at success. Only this time, success has a whole different meaning.
BobMargroff Premium
The cars don’t do it for me, however time to spend with my family IS important to me. Being able to take time to just do things with my daughter and my wife. I do envision a life of not getting up at 3:30 in the morning because I have to, but because I want to. There is a big difference between having to get up early to be at work at 5:00 in the morning to make ends meet. The daily grind of that life no longer appeals to me. THAT is my reason for doing this!!
forest4438 Premium
I am at that place now visioning myself on a Caribbean Island relaxing doing my business at the pool or on the beach.. I am no spring chicken mid you!

I am 57 and still working on that vision.., every time I fall and think I am done I get back in the game because that vision hunts me.

Thank you for sharing Kyle!!
Dhind1 Premium
Thanks, Kyle

I am not into flashy things, though I do like fast cars and high tech toys. I envision the ability to relax and not worry about where the money will come from to pay the bills. That would be my Lambo.

I have always said that everyone deserves to be rich even if only for a day or a week, just so they can experience the feeling.

Still working towards it.
GTilton1 Premium
Yes! I agree. I have known how it feels to be poor too. And not just for a day. It feels much better to have money and especially be able to share it with those who need it the most. Any way you look at it having money is best.
JooKwang Premium
Hey Kyle, best article ever. The analogy is great and love the part on vacation. You nailed it. Vacation comes with many things in reality which are not so enjoyable. :) In any case, my 'lambo' is to own properties in Singapore, Hong Kong, UK where I often have to travel to due to family and work reasons. Moving from rented property to rented property isn't that exciting after a while....
TeamIceCream Premium
Good day Kyle

It is so very true. If we are not happy with our lives NOW, adding stuff / things, won't make us happy either.

I'm busy with the book "ThAnk and Grow Rich" by Pam Grout and many of the studies she reference confirms the same.

Riches projected only at ourselves, don't produce lasting happiness. That is one of the reasons why rich people becomes philanthropists.

We don't have to wait until we ourselves are rich, we can learn from them and be "small scale-philanthropists". ;-)

We can also now experience the joy and happiness from paying for the person next in line's coffee, or give a hot meal to a homeless person or donate a wheelchair to somebody who needs it, but can't afford it. Or we can just give our time, by visiting an elderly and lonely person, just letting them know that they are still important and valued....

Absolutely, we do need the money to afford us the time and the means to do these "smaller" phylanthropic deeds, but you are so right Kyle, that the money, the green pieces of paper, and the things, the Lambo's and mansions, is not what is providing that satiating, happy feeling.

By creating online businesses that HELP PEOPLE, as you teaches us to do Kyle, we will create happiness for ourselves too. Not in the Dollar value, but in how many people we could help.

I can just imagine how thrilled you and Carson must be everytime that one of our WA Members is able to kick their miserable 9-5 jobs, because of what you two have created here at Wealthy Affiliate. That must be a truly awesome feeling of knowing that you two have not only made a difference in that person's life, but also in their spouse's and their children's lives. Knowing that you have provided a whole family with the knowledge to create a better future for themselves - that must be so awesome!

Thank you Kyle and Carson for Wealthy Affiliate, thank you for your kindness and generosity in having wanted to share your knowledge with others as well and for not keeping it all to yourselves, thank you for the long hours you still put in daily in order to help us, thank you for... well, for just being YOU! :-)

We are so happy and grateful to have found WA! ;-)
Sharlee (Chocolate) + Vanilla IceCream

PS: Oh, and may you two, enjoy the Lambo too! ;-) Vroom, Vroom! ;-) LOL!
LucilleN Premium
Thanks Kyle,

I agree wholeheartedly! You have to know yourself and what fuels your jets. You're right that it's usually not the material things that bring genuine happiness and fulfillment. For me, it's the joy of bringing my unique gift to the table to help others and, as a result, achieve the financial and creative freedom to just keep expanding my mission.
RBW Premium
Love it! . At the end of the day Wealth is defined to me as being free from the failures I made along the way. As I take my place in this game it is further defined as having the heart to give. My Lamborghini Mentality is seeing the light come on in the lives of those that I can impact by my success. The toys are only the gravy not the primary.

SueKolman1 Premium
I loved this Kyle and you are so right. Once I thought having a big, beautiful, luxury home to have great parties in would be my "Lambo". ( Or did I just want to 'show-off' to my 'friends' and let them see that we were better-off than them?) Never got a chance to find out because my husband and I suffered a great tragedy that ultimately brought us closer together and wow! Have our Priorities (Lambo, if you will) Changed! Thanks for this.
McWord Premium
It's funny how circumstances and priorities change. When I was younger, I didn't want a Lambo. I wanted a 1975 Jaguar XKE, the last year they were made.

I no longer care about the "toys," always clamoring for your attention. I just want to be permanently unemployable and comfortable with my wife, children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

Call me old-fashioned...I am!!

All the best, my dear.

cookins25 Premium
I’ll admit when I first started out all I could think about was how a business would improve my life.

... more money, more freedom, and and overall a better lifestyle.

However as I’ve been building out my business online — I’ve started to enjoy the process more then what the outcome will bring.

It’s very satisfying knowing your helping people, and it makes me want to work harder to help more people each and every week.

In fact I use to see weekends as a time to relax — but know I can’t wait for them as it means I can spend more time on my business.

Thanks for this post Kyle, and while I still look forward to having those nice things a business can bring me — I’ll continue enjoying the journey each and every step of the way. :)
keishalina9 Premium
Hi Kyle,

Thanks kindly for the 'success' metaphor -- it brings to mind back to a college class of long ago past in philosophy where we 'thought' deeply about the word 'success' and its meaning......many different nouns came up.... ultimately it is all about 'self-satisfaction' or 'happiness' -- what we truly feel inside that is vital to our being.....all the very best for every success to everyone! ... cheerio ... :)
AK007 Premium
The feeling is the key just like Kyle said in his eloquent post.
My online business is supposed to produce my "mental Lambo" which is financial security, financial freedom, flexible work hours, no debts, and the freedom to pursue other goals in life - be it career or personal life - without worrying about the next pay check.

The most fulfilled and successful entrepreneurs have accumulated and attracted so much financial wealth into their lives that "making money" and buying the "holy material grail" is no longer the driving force. It's the happiness of being fulfilled of doing what they like to do and offering something of value to others.

A quote from one of my favorite spiritual teachers:
"Your Life Is Not About You. It's About Everyone Whose Life You Touched."

- Neale Donald Walsch
thegreycat Premium
Great post Kyle! Thanks for your insight.

When I first started here 8 weeks ago I wasn't really sure what I wanted or where I was going. I was hoping to find something that would help me to earn some income to help me move toward retirement (I am turning 53 Saturday.)

I even had trouble setting my money goals because I just didn't know what was possible. I ended up putting a number that would allow both my wife and I to retire for "happy" and multiplied that by 10 to get my "ecstatic" number.

I had no idea if these goals were realistic.

Once I got my feet wet, so to speak, I have really dove all the way in.

In that original goal statement, I committed to 10 -20 hours per week to work towards them. But I find myself easily reaching 20 hours and getting up to 30 and more counting training and research.

The reason behind this development is that I simply love what I am doing! By choosing my passion as my niche, I feel as if I am finally doing what I was meant to do. I am following my dreams!

Growing up, I was taught that dreams were to be put aside and having a steady job and working hard was the way to go. This led me to a point where everyday was a struggle, with no end in sight.

Now I feel as if a weight has been lifted from me and I have a chance to turn things around. I feel like a kid again and my passion drives me forward. I also feel a real pride in what I am doing, and I am evaluating myself every step of the way.

I can't wait for tomorrow and its been a really long time since I could say that!

Thanks for all you do!
CarolMeador Premium
Really enjoyed your post, Kyle. At this time in my life, my "lambo" is much different than it was 20 years ago when I bought my mountain cabin in the woods, which I considered paradise. I still love it, but am beginning a new chapter in my life now, with my little piece of the Smokies now on the market.

I have always thought it would be wonderful to have a big old white square farmhouse filled with antiques I found during my travels, with a barn and several acres of pasture land surrounded by white fencing so I could have a horse. And, of course, dogs.

Now, I don't want that kind of responsibility any more, but being able to afford to hire people to take care of it for me, and not have all the responsibility myself would be ideal.

I want to travel, and see many of the places where my WA friends live all over the world. I could do that, too. And still have the quiet country living to return to when I wanted. My "lambo" now is to have that freedom to do those things if I decide I want to.

I agree with you that it is not the "things" that provide the happiness, but the happiness of helping others provides the way to achieve some of those dreams we all aspire to.

I had that in my career as an occupational therapist, but of course, working for someone else does not bring the same satisfaction as the freedom to really have control of our lives, which is what my "lambo" is now.

I have found that the planning and anticipation of a special vacation turned out to be more fun than the trip itself.

Many years ago, my husband and I went to Yellowstone National Park. We absolutely LOVED it, and made plans to return the next summer with a couple who were close friends of ours.

We had so much fun planning and discussing what we wanted to do, and I think all of us were disappointed when the two guys had a disagreement about something seemingly trivial during the trip out west.

Our friends ended up loading their bikes onto a train and going to Chicago instead of continuing the trip with us. And, of course, the friendship was never the same after that. Just sayin'!

Thanks so much for the opportunity for us to build our lives as we envision them to be, and to help people along the way.

NemiraB Premium
May your dreams come true:)
CarolMeador Premium
Thanks, Nemira. Yours, too! Have a great weekend. Carol
MaryjaneH1 Premium
My idea of success is freedom,debt free, including my mortgage. freedom to travel and spend time with my family. But your right, I do my best to stay in a place of gratitude and be happy now rather than have the attitude of I will be happy when......
Thanks for sharing.
kevinmj Premium
Awesome post Kyle! I guess what you're really alluding to is what is our "WHY?" What is going to keep us focused and motivated over the coming days, weeks, months and years ahead that will help us to achieve/surpass our goals. For some it is the lambo, for others it may be they got laid off work, or a change of career, or to help pay the school fees for their kids, or to put food on the table. Every situation is a personal choice for everyone. What I do know is that building a successful online business does not come easy at all. It takes years of developing the necessary skills and mindset to not only create success but even more to sustain and grow it further. The great thing about WA is that the same opportunity and training program is available for everyone. The only variable is YOU. Will you overcome the unavoidable obstacles, challenges, personal issues, work issues, family issues, yourself etc? That is the question for us all.
DarylChapman Premium
My "Lambo" comes down to time freedom. I've always thought true freedom was when you could go anywhere, do anything, with whoever you wanna do it with, because you can do it right then when you decide, not when you can get time off or something. Or you may decide you don't wanna do anything that day, but it'd be your call, no one else's.
smendez71 Premium
0 agree with that.
ColleenLVSJC Premium
Great post, Kyle! I once wanted a Ferrari or a Lambo, but then life happened, and more importantly, my values changed quite a bit. It was no longer about chasing shiny objects or money, but about serving others and going the extra mile to help others---esp those who are struggling financially, who are underemployed or underpaid. So my current online site is to help others and my future sites will be used to generate money to help those individuals pursue their dreams.

Thank you for all the value that you guys add here! :)
EstherP1 Premium
Great ambition there Colleen. Keep going and be happy, giving. life becomes better when we help others.
gashihekuran Premium
Hey, Kyle! This was lovely to read, indeed. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us.

To put it simple, I believe happiness comes only through being in fellowship with God and his Son Jesus Christ, everything else is just a shallow.

What drives me, is the fact that there are MILLIONS of people who cannot defend themselves or provide the elementary needs for their loved ones. I just want to help them though, and not to be a Hero.

God bless you and your family
CoraMitchell Premium
Kyle, thank you for such an insightful post. You are absolutely right about happiness: you must find happiness within yourself first and then strive for the material things that will enhance your happiness. The sports car is an eye catcher and you think, WOW! but at a certain age, you will have extreme trouble getting out of that vehicle and you will say, "I need something I can stretch out in and move around a little bit in!" LOL!!

I started my niche promoting Wealthy Affiliate, which I am thoroughly enjoying, but when I get to the point of building my second website, it's going to have something to do with quilting,(patterns, fabric, thread, etc.) because I thoroughly enjoy everything about quilting and have set it aside for the time being to get my Wealthy Affiliate off the ground and running. Quilting is much like an online business, it's extremely time consuming.

Here's to happiness!

MaryFRM Premium
I think happiness comes not from some "final" result, but from the process of achieving it. One mostly enjoys the feeling of "Yes, I can! I did it!" than the car itself. The good thing is that the process of climbing up, learning something new is endless. The car will become a part of daily routine very soon.
Also, as I'm getting older, I strongly prefer experiences over material things.
NanCrites Premium
Agreed MaryFRM! As we get older it becomes clearer that the 'stuff' is not what it's all about. It's enjoying the here and now, and creating a life you love by making the choices moment by moment.
JillAlexaVA Premium
Hi Kyle, When I was younger I wanted a yellow sports car. That dream has long since been replaced by totally different ones over the years but it was fun to dream that at the time.
My dream at the moment is having the feeling of satisfaction of completing my WA training, then earn some money, just enough so I can go on a road trip and catch up with family and friends.
What really matters to me though is being able to see my children and having a close knit family.
Thabo4 Premium
Thank you for a great post Kyle

My Lambo is travelling the world dancing and taking care of my health. I also want to buy my parents their dreams house.

This post got me thinking so deep. The things I thought would make me happy are actually inline with what you said "your passion"
NanCrites Premium
The point about health is key Thabo4--if you have good health all the rest is gravy--so to speak... and if you sacrifice your health for the sake of money...well you know what I'm saying. The secret s to remain positive and make choices that support and nourish 'your passion'.
AlexEvans Premium
Every age has a different stage, sometimes we chase after material things and then at some stage we start to think about different things, bringing it altogether seems to be the mission that we are all on, creating that freedom of thought and spirit can be a real driver. Definite work in progress.
Thanks for the food for thought Kyle.
NanCrites Premium
Beautifully stated Alex! Thanks for that!
Stella2 Premium
This is awesome, Kyle.
I knew when I found your post about Wealthy Affiliate 2 years ago that it expressed this kind of positive energy. It's what drew me in and resonated so strongly.
I have some chronic conditions that make it difficult to do much away from my home base. But, I have learned to be present with and accepting of my circumstances. No amount of money can change them.
I firmly believe that if we cannot be present and joyful internally as we currently are, nothing in the imaginary future will make it happen. Certainly not material acquisitions.
I work toward being able to help some family members in the generation behind mine who struggle sometimes. They may be more alone in the future than my siblings and I have been, and I would love to put some things in place to help them with daily living.
There are also some other causes that I would like to support, as well.
Thank-you for taking the time and being open to sharing these profound truths with us.
Stella :-)
NanCrites Premium
Thank you Stella for sharing your thoughts. You too have positive energy and obviously a very caring nature. I love what you said about the joy and being present. I teach qigong and that is a big piece of the healing philosophy of the practice.
Stella2 Premium
Thank you!
I do a lot of mindful practice that is so freeing. I was able to listen to Eckhart Tolle live this year and it was a wonderfully empowering experience.
I don't have experience with qigong, but I have a bit of experience with yoga. I have to be more careful with my physical regime these days because I now have osteoporosis as well. That makes certain kinds of movements tricky.
I wish you well with your teaching. :-)
KatieMac Premium
So very true there is a song I like by a band called Skerryvore, called at the "End of the line" this kind of reflects the joy in my life, happiness and joy are two different thinks, lets face it feelings change moment to moment, it is not about stuff for me, as you say success is different for everyone, one of my best successes is being able to learn all about an online business and giving me the freedom to be with all my family especially the wee yins got lots of grandchildren to get round.. p.s I have had a few rides in the Lambo it is fun no ambition to own one though, a 4x4 would serve me better lol. Great inspiring post Kyle and gives food for thought
JonLake Premium
Loved the post. My wife and I have a dream house that is our driving force - our 'Why'.

We drive up to it and sit outside it about once a week just to keep the visualisation real and also to be in its vibration.

The house itself, whilst amazing, means so much more to us. Because by having it, it means that we have become exceptionally successful and we will be in a position to teach our kids how to be super successful as well.

As long as you move your business forward every day, even if it is only a tiny bit, you will achieve all the success you ever want.

Loving it here at WA by the way. It has given us a renewed confidence and we have learned so much already in our 23 days here.

Thank you
Walletz53 Premium
That's true I like it and it will not harm to drive a bhugati Veron that's Wat drives me the feel of it. And one thing for sure that will be the last thing at the end of your dreams cause for me to drive that it means everything is in place the important things first then the bhugati comes last. So that at the end will say been there done that this is Wat works just to be a living testimony
neilc Premium
When I first started out online, all I wanted was financial freedom and enough money to buy a Ferrari (which I've envisioned the feeling of driving one many times).

But after visiting different places around the world, being inspired by so many different things, and talking to the wealthy as well as the poor - my goals consistently change.

I've come to realise that money gives us "options" and we owe it to ourselves, our families, and the ones who never got a chance to accomplish their goals, to become successful.

Yes, I want that Ferrari/Lambo, a nice home, maybe a yacht too, and to live out the rest of my days in luxury because why not? We only live ONCE!

I also know only too well what it feels like to be broke for the last 37 years and the financial struggles my mom and grandparents went through. So I use that as a motivator - especially since I've promised to buy my mom a convertible Porsche now lol.

People always say that money doesn't buy happiness which may be true.

But I want to build my business to an extreme level that not only gives me what I want but also allows me to help family - the ones who are struggling financially and can't get jobs due to depression, etc.

I also envision myself walking around a busy city and handing out lots of cash, clothing, and food to the homeless.

It won't fix their problems but it would make me happy knowing that I've made a small difference in someone's life - even if it's for 1 day.

I think when we look at the BIGGER picture and realise that building an online business isn't just about our own needs, but about our families and others needs too, it will propel us to massive success.

We need to think past "just paying the bills" and living comfortably because this "success thing" is bigger than all of us.

Need inspiration for your goals?...

Me, next to some English Billionaire's yacht (the size of a battleship) in Marbella, Spain, last week:
44Tina Premium
Hello... I love your post very inspiring I can totally relate, that is exactly how I feel , wanting to help others, family and friends. If we just help enough people get to where we are or want to be, success is a no brainer. Thanks for sharing!
neilc Premium
Hi, and thanks :)

Materialistic things may not make everyone happy, but making and seeing others happy will certainly bring about our own happiness and gives us purpose.
pennylippett Premium
When you get your yaytch can I hire it for a day. I think it will be about £11000.for a day.
neilc Premium
Yeah sure! It'll cost extra for bubbly and private butler service lol
RaniaM Premium
Hi Kyle
Very Inspiring post as always. I started learning about internet business two years ago but the beginning was difficult because I was overwhelmed with information and may be I didn't find the right path. I was going to quit but I have many dreams and I am a hardworking one. I said to myself if all can do it why not me. Suddenly a friend told me about Wealthy Affiliate. I upgraded to premium from my first day because I discovered this is what I want. I have a goal to have at least 5 websites. Now I have three. I wanted to become an ambassador. Now I am in top 100 at WA. I have many dreams and I am sure I will achieve them and reach beyond the sky!
Gracie-O Premium
Thanks for the beautiful but soul searching post Kyle! In the 5 seconds of closing my eyes I see myself spending lots of time with my family in our beautiful home and vacationing round the world without any stress! I see this as my WHY which keeps me moving even when I feel tired and overwhelmed÷

Success is definitely a very sweet thing but sincerely it takes hardwork to get there.

Thanks again!
phakacha8 Premium
Great read Kyle - the Lambo can be anything that we idealize as our FANTASY - that drives us forward.

For me I dream to be a successful Entrepreneur with lots of money for me and my family who is also able to guide people who are in need.

Whatever it takes, let's not stop DREAMING big things.

Thanks a lot for sharing this INSPIRATION.

Sally73 Premium
You have said it all. It is good to aim high and have big dreams but when they come eventually, they may not come with the fulfilment we want. The secret to success in life is happiness. In life, we keep aspiring, no one is ever satisfied irrespective of his or her attainment, but of we can thank God for what we are and where we are, when greater doors open then we can enjoy the gift of life more.
Kerjackie Premium
Happiness for me is being with my family, my friends, my pets, being healthy, doing something I am passionate about. I am hoping to build something that will bring me some income to be able to pay off my mortgage.
But I really think you have to feel the happiness from inside.
I have to say, I truly enjoy being at WA, meet people, getting more knowledge and share with others.
I like your post, Kyle.
garydlc Premium
Helping people and see them achieve the near impossible is worth a lot to me as I grew up poor, through hard work and determination I built a self reliant life, affording a decent lifestyle for my family and I,

Helping others achieve this is a dream come true, the bonus is being able to build a business off it simultaneously.
newlive Premium
thank you for that Kyle really appreciate it, came at the right day for me, I am building a website and writing about my passion..but as I think of what I could be promoting, I get a bit antsy and wonder if I am doing the right thing, but after reading this, I will continue to do what I am doing ..see the universe puts in front of me what I need to read!!...cheers and thank you
JGaljaardt Premium
Yes so much more satisfaction in helping people. It's a great way to look at it. An eye opener. I trade the crypto market and travel the world homeschooling the kids. I send out trade recommendations with great success but it's just a winning trade, that's it. I don't really help anybody. It's just a trade, It's empty. I really believe WA helps people and I am keen as to spread the word and feel that kinda success.
LeithSteel Premium
Great blog Kyle

No doubt, unless you understand what happiness to you really is, you'll never find it especially not through materialistic things, all I want is to be content, I think when you find contentment you will find happiness. Naturally everyone wants to succeed and wants to be rich! But people fail to ask what are they going to do to get there? What sacrifices are they willing to make, only APPLIED knowledge is power and success isnt going to find you, you have to go get it! I believe helping others is a very good start.
luxiequeen Premium
My main goal has always been to help others. I've always worked in customer service even though my major is engineering tech. I like helping people no matter how much it stresses me out. I love to train and see others improve. I know that with more money comes more free time. More free time means more opportunities to give back to the community.
Stilltrying Premium
I struggled a lot trying to find something I was passionate about. Just could not seem to find it. The thing is that sometimes you might be passionate about something for example, playing tennis but that does not mean you are going to enjoy writing about it. Maybe you just like to play the game, not write or answer questions about it.
I finally (after a lot of thinking) settled on dog training. I choose this because it made sense to me. I could easily imagine if I had a dog and a returned home after a hard day at work only to find my house ripped in pieces, then I would be desperate to find a solution to this problem. So I find this niche very easy to understand and work with.

I do like dogs but I do not have a dog myself as my family situation does not allow it, at least not for now.

However I really do feel that if I fix the issues of my life, that is the lack of time and bad finances then I would be really really happy I believe this is what I need, material things are just tools they are just there to help us achieve things or to have fun, they have little value by themselves, their value lies in how we use them.
christinewar Premium
Thank you Kyle, I have been building this business the correct way then, reaching out to people to help them understand what I did not understand, now I am becoming knowledgable about this subject of mine, and hopefully I can reach enough people to help them, I am learning so much from you, thank you from the bottom of my heart, you are the best, I dream of my dream home and being able to live comfortably without the worry for the rest of my life, I will put in the hard work and have been doing so, sometimes from 8 in the morning till about9-30 at night, so onward and up, thanks again.
MarietteC Premium
Great article Kyle. The true mission in life should be to help others, and not just to have money to enjoy yourself. I find it heartbreaking that there are so many super rich people out there, who waste millions on mateial things, and never give anything to help people who are suffering. Such a selfish way!
I want to be successful so that I can teach and help others to do the same, that is my dream.
Glen B Premium
Great Post! I especially loved when you talked about the how that dream turns out. The hangover, sore feet, and sunburn.

Since I'm almost at retirement age I have lived through a lot of things and back when I was young the "Lambo" might have been the dream.

As we get older the dreams change. Yes, you still want nice things but to be able to build a business that affords you the freedom to not worry about money, buy what you want when you want, go where you want when you want pretty much sums it up.

With those simple things you can do anything you want. You can have the car, vacation or whatever it is.

Other than that you want to be healthy and happy and usually you'll want someone special to share it with.

So when you think of your business it needs to be something that once it's build runs with little work, and brings in great passive income. Keep dreaming and put in the work now so you can have that freedom later.
Hisservant Premium
I always have the need to help others. Although there are other ways apart, from money to help others, it is the most readily available means to use. Apart from that I really need to supplement my retirement income. When success sprouts here at WA. It will be another means to introduce others to WA so that they can succeed.
bennyweewee Premium
Kyle, as I stated in my profile, my Lambo would be to create and build several beautiful and original things and structures. That said, I think that my satisfaction and happiness would come first and foremost from simply feeling successful, and also from having more spare time to do what I really enjoy (reading, listening to music, doing several such activities, meeting friends - and getting more involved generally in society), and from being in the driver's seat instead of being driven. In summary: freedom of action.
CAnthony2 Premium
Why what you just expressed hits close to home with me.

I was the kid in my family with the "BIG DREAMS" so to speak. I would picture what I wanted and how I would use it . I've had great Ideas and pictured the end of the dream past my situation or circumstance at the time to my
herinnelson Premium
I love your intriguing style of writing, Kyle---Like the line you wrote, "When you aim to determine "what" this success will mean to you and how it will "feel", that is a big part of success itself." A great truth so brilliantly sought out!

I feel that I have already gained success simply by being happy and healthy in life with a family who cares about each other. That, to me, is pure happiness.

Being successful financially will allow me to visit my daughter in SC and purchase another home down there with her, and keep my current home near my other daughter. It would be nice to buy a plane ticket any time I wanted. I would also love to take trips with them. Material things aren't as important than spending memorable times with my family and fiance.

Awesome post, as usual, Kyle. You have given me a whole new perspective on life! Thank you for that!

Erin :)!
Roybretton Premium
Thank you for the great and inspiring blog post-Kyle. I have heard many people say that they dreamed and thought so much about things that it actually happened, however, they also took action!

I believe that it is very important to have dreams and goals, we have to have something to aim for and something to dream about. I notice you mention about acting deep, to me, this is the biggest thing we have to do, take solid action.

Enjoy your day.

Great stuff Kyle !
I remember my older brother telling me at the age of 17 that he would be a millionaire at the age of forty. We all just scoffed at his "dream" but to our amazement he realized that goal many times over ! Through sheer dedication and hard work and just focusing on that "dream, he did it.
Was I envious ? Most definitely.
I have always wanted to follow in his footsteps but I realized early on that I just didn't have the mindset for it. Being diagnosed with Bipolar Depression at an early age caused many problems in my adult life and one of those was the inability to follow through on my dreams.
So at this late stage of my life I still have the Lamborghini dream which in essence is the desire to travel the world and am now determined not to let the past interfere with that dream.
Hopefully. this time around at WA. I can at last make it happen.
onmyownterms Premium
You've got all the tools it takes to make your dreams a success right here. I believe in you, you've got this.
Igor13 Premium
Hi Tony!
You are right!
The right mindset is the base!
Thanks for sharing!
Greg990 Premium
Well said...I think many of us dream of the Lambo lifestyle.You bring up a great reality check. In the back of our mind, we know about the down side. But, we continue to chase the dream. And, we whatever you're passionate about. I think that's one of my biggest take-aways from your post. Appreciate your insights.
Lazyblogger Premium
One of my mentor says: "Money may not be everything, but it rank right up there with Oxygen". Achueving great wealth is one thing, but the real success is what it would make of you.

My goal has Lamborghini been getting a nice yacht and sitting out there in the ocean with no thoughts of tomorrow, or the immediate future.

And now that I am getting closer to that goal, I am not sure if I may purchase that dream yacht. But the fulfillment in getting there is going to be the same as owning it.

 I personally believe the level that that we are to solve most of our problems cannot be solve at the same level. But if we raise our standards, the problems disappear.

Raising that standard is what brought me to Wealthy Affiliate, If I gain the knowledge and apply that to my business, the immediate day to day problems would disappear. Is a great place to be, and earning the big bucks is a reward of our hard work and knowledge.

bpais1 Premium
I am oh so very glad that I chose a niche for which I have an all-consuming passion, Kyle. With every new post I write, I find my happiness ever increasing.

Which makes your post extremely relevant to everyone in the WA community.

I see many websites in which the author may go for months or even years at a time without adding new material and I can just feel that they have been just going through the motions - without the "emotions."

As my site grows - getting a few dollars a month in sales - while I ponder important issues in my niche, I see myself - one day - making more than a few dollars a month. I'll be making, at a minimum, a few thousand dollars a week!

And, all that time, I will be doing something that I love: creating the best website in the world and being happy about it.

To quote Albert Schweitzer:

"Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful."

'Nuff said!

baritonetom Premium
There is a lot of wisdom in your words. The wisest man who ever lived on this earth said, "I have not come to be served but to serve." To be able to serve and help someone is the greatest calling that anyone can have. Thank you for giving us a platform at WA to be able to serve others.
chantellt Premium
Thanks for your post!! Honestly, my "Lambo" (which also was my dream car growing up) is financial freedom - working from home with my online business(es), having a home with a great backyard for my pup pups, traveling the world, helping out my momma, having NO debt and giving to charities!

In my mind, I aspire to live the FN live I deserve while feeling accomplished, at ease, and happy.
OCTeam Premium
Thank you Kyle! It is an awesome blog. The material stuff is awesome to get on top of the happiness and fulfillment you get everyday by doing something you are passionate about. I feel it brings another type of satisfaction, one that is truly and deeply rewarding as a human being. It seems to make me enjoy all the perks and money with more humbleness and joy at the same time adding the the happiness I am already feeling...
fleurallen Premium
Kyle I love this post. I learnt to link the feeling of what it feels like to have succeeded from a past coach and mentor of mine however it was great to hear your take on it and to be reminded of it.

I bought a Mini Cooper S almost 10 years ago which was my 'dream car' for me. Many people said that it is an anticlimax after a few weeks of owning your 'dream car' but frankly I have the same feeling as I had when I imagined owning it every time I drive it. It's funny because many people say to me 'is that it? A mini is your dream car?' The answer is yes (and possibly they haven't driven one as it is a fun, go-cart style ride' which I love.

Now almost 10 years on, coming up to the next '0' birthday it is more important for me now to know when I'll be mortgage free so I can have freedom in the future.

But no matter what my goals are the feeling I always imagine is one of feeling calm, in control (of what I can control) and having the ability to have enough time and space to be able to see opportunities and trusting my instincts to follow the right ones for me at the right time. I also feel this way whenever I'm looking out at the ocean, the river or on the water sailing.

Thanks for this post a great reminder and am enjoying having this aqua blue feeling of calmness to begin my day.
HelenpDoyle Premium
I already have this feeling of fulfilment. A successful, helpful website will be the icing on the cake. I am not wealthy in money but in friends.

Friends turn to me for support. I have been noted as a quiet achiever and this ended up in a completely unexpected State Award for a program I created to help project managers.

I have always been told I am too nice. If that is a fault I am happy I'm nice.

When I succeed here it will help me support others of my friends. And believe me, in today's society many of my friends do need this. Most of these have been imaginative and taken risks. Have achieved and been beaten down by 'the tall poppy' syndrome. We all support each other.

And that's the way I like it.

PS I don't try to compete with anyone. But one day I noticed I am edging closer to 'Ambassador' here. I wasn't even aware I was in the race. I was just helping.
chief14nj Premium
thanks Kyle, great post, been through the shiny object syndrome
tried all kinds systems, do not want a Lambo, don't want an awesome vacation just want to make some supplemental income
to be able to take better care of my father-in-law who is suffering from dementia and not have to worry about the medical bills so involved with his condition, at this point in my own life it's not about me but helping my in-laws get through this no matter what the result. We all know what the final result will be but would like to make his last years as comfortable as possible. Anyway thanks for finally a comfortable and positive community where at least i feel i have somewhat of a chance to help them.
all the best
killbill Premium
Nice article Kyle as you said its nice to be able to afford things but for me its about the bigger picture of accumulating wealth to be able to afford the finer things in life comfortably as well. I enjoyed the article and have been getting involved with the process of following your steps to building a successful website business. I do have a minor problem with the spacing of my sentences and paragraphs within my headliners and stay within the templates without erasing out the templates info some feedback would be nice if possible amd thank you
YvetteC2 Premium
Thank you for this Kyle. We have something in common because when I was in college I wanted a Lambo too - a purple (my favorite color) one to be exact. I even had a picture of one on my wall. Since that time, I don't really need a Lambo anymore, but what drives me is to be able to contribute to my household income for our retirement in a few years. Being able to contribute to our financial goals would definitely make me happy on this journey.

Thanks again.

Godsmack12 Premium
Thank you Kyle.
Happiness comes from inside, you must be happy with yourself and who you are now. material things don't buy happiness,there are many rich people and they are very unhappy. The key is loving yourself for who you are and all the other things fall into place.
tinaandjohn5 Premium
I agree with you on this as well.
VeganSheldon Premium
I truly appreciated this blog Kyle thank you. What you're helping me see here is that it's not about the money but about what the money can bring in terms of happiness but it can buy in terms of happiness or peace of mind. I don't mean that money buys happiness I mean that is what we do with the money it's how we use it and what it represents in a lifestyle that's what I'm hearing you say. So what it's helping me see is to take my current situation which is challenging especially around money and see my current situation come alive with more peace of mind as I'm able to pay off bills and maintain my operating cost and actually start to save money and with that think about travel or think about new opportunities.
DenzelSr Premium
Kyle I believe you have made your point as you know it has
To be the person to see he's or hers misstacks they make
An guide them in the right derection.

Just as I. I have chose to be here at WA
To make my finel attempt to be something an I don't want
To give up. Been here sence Feb An still no revenue.

My time is comeing.
victor1013 Premium
I don't mean to be skeptical, but when I get fed stuff like this it reminds me of the Nigerians who prey on the gullible. Always dangling the carrot in front of their faces. I witnessed first hand how these Nigerians say just the right things to keep the dream seekers wanting it more and more. Every month thinking this will be the day that pot of gold arrives only to be given another excuse why there dreams will not be met, only to feed the beast yet another day. I know I am new at this and I'm really not sure what I have gotten myself into. I do know I don't need to hear about how good somebodies got it. I just want to learn to make money at home.
TommyVTE Premium
Hi Kyle, good read.
I am more after a life with no concerns, having the freedom to make my choice what I like to do on my own terms.
My favorite quote when people ask me what I do for a living what is my job?; Then I answer; I don't have a job, but I have some well-paid hobbies.
Until now I see WA as my new hobby hopefully in the near future as a well paid one.

Cheers, Tommy
Flash4 Premium
That is sooo deep Kyle,
Yes our goals & desires change with age.
So many of us are without sustenance & security. Unfortunately they are also "fear" orientated.
How to set bright & enjoyable goals is the enigma.
It must be so hard for folk living in countries that it is like wading through molasses.
Cheers to everyone rising out of "thick stuff" and making it anyway.
Our challenge is to better ourselves.
Thanks for the post.
Cheers Jae
Renede Premium
You are exactly right we need to find things that we are passionate about and build on it. sometimes we dream of having something and we can't wait until we get it and when we finally get it the feeling is not what we expected. We say oh if I have that I will be happy. The grass is always greener on the other side. We need to find happiness on the inside and then we can truly be happy on the outside.
pinkthistle Premium
thanks for that reminder. been a long hard road for a long time and have not felt the possibility of success until WA for quite a while. hit home. the things I dream of are small, other than big vacations with my family but small things like my little house by our little lake on my property and being able to afford to pay someone else to clean it while I play with my kids and paint in my studio.... thanks for the reminder of how to think, that is easy to lose sight of when not seeing results yet (only been a few months here so not expecting a thing yet) but years of hard work with little results is wearing. great blog, glad I took time off from the family July 4th celebrations to read this. good motivation when I get back at it tomorrow!
NWTDennis Premium
Oops ... hit the add button below before I had completed my thought. So you were just 18 when you had those Lambo thoughts.

I can honestly say that when I was 18 all I thought about was playing baseball and driving my car around (1953 Ford convertible) that my Dad helped my buy on the basis that I would pay him back from my summer job ... which I did. That was my Lambo, but it didn't give me a feeling of being rich. It gave me a feeling of being cool.

I had just graduated from HS and was headed to college on a baseball scholarship. I got married after college and started my career in high tech manufacturing. The responsibilities of raising a family and providing the best for them quickly became my consuming thoughts. Becoming rich never really entered my mind.

Now that I'm retired I'll admit to having thoughts about being rich from time to time. I would love to help my grown kids have an easier life in California. California cost of living can be brutal, and just paying off their mortgages would really help.
4evertrue Premium
Hi Kyle,
Thanks for a very thought-provoking and insightful blog.
Two important points hit home with me -
(1) Do something you're passionate about and
(2) It's not what you drive, but what drives you -
what motivates you to succeed. Is it to acquire wealth /knowledge for yourself or to share with others? And sharing is what WA is all about - isn't it?
JosonInc Premium
There was once a billionaire who had all the wealth possible in a lifetime. Yet he was not happy nor fulfilled... until he participated in a wheelchair donation event and gave out hundreds of wheelchairs.

This guy felt very happy having helped so many wheelchair-bound folks. He proceeded to go around the world giving out more wheelchairs. That was his source of joy and fulfillment .

We can still give out of our poverty but we sure can give more out of our wealth.

Great post Kyle! Thanks for sharing!

Hollshope Premium
I love that story!
3chas80 Premium
Happiness for me is nothing more than being comfortable, and able to afford the cost of the vacation, or new car or house and not having to worry about where the money is coming from.

True happiness is our family and friends. I enjoy helping those closest to me the most, and wish I could do more at times.

It is much nicer to have a little cushion for unexpected costs, than not.

I don't know how being absolutely filthy rich could not change us.

I do admire Warren Buffet for his continuing to live a very modest lifestyle, while being one of the richest men in the world.

Myself, I am sure I would have to try walking into a car dealership and choosing the finest car available, at least until I get tired of all the gawking at me. And of course, having the brand new home to park it in front of. And no more healthcare worries.
Being able to afford that without blinking an eye is what my comfort and happiness looks like. : >))
joyfuljohn Premium
Well, I'm too old to drive a car now - problem with my macular deterioration. I'm so old that I don't really want to drive such a fast car. Nevertheless, I want to earn some dollars (or pounds, or euros) so as to have an easier life and not to have to worry about money.. I think the website I am going to construct,following your instructions, will be enough to give me that easier life. When you get old, you don't need anything too fancy - just enough to get yourself three meals a day (not too big) and a little holiday once a year.
shazzaWA Premium
Brilliant Kyle. I have been recently listening to Tony Robbins "The Edge" podcast on Spotify and he covers exactly what you are saying here.

Happiness is definitely an inside game but it is great to have big goals and realise the feeling of having them now.

My "Lambo" is happiness with my family which I definitely do have, but in material value, being able to purchase and not be too fussed on a price tag, and definitely holiday overseas each year.

It's great to be here at WA to make this a reality and to assist others along the way, which is another thing I truly enjoy doing.

Thanks for a great post Kyle!
boomergp08 Premium
When I was younger I used to have the desire to own and drive a Lambo, but that was fantasy. My vision of being wealthy does not contain big houses, exotic cars, a boat, a jet, or so much money I couldn't spend it all.

My "wealthy" goal is to earn enough passive income that I can be 100% debt free and not have to worry about any possible financial emergencies that occur from time to time. To have the ability of being financially prepared.

I already have myself in a position where I do not use a credit card more than a couple of times a year. When I buy something it is always with cash. This keeps me in-check and focused to only spend money when I have it. Buy what I need, not what I want.

This is not to say that I do not spend money on myself. Back in January of this year I blogged twice here at WA about how I was able to go to Las Vegas for CES thanks to what I have learned and earned from WA.

I do not need a lot of money to consider myself wealthy, but I do play the Powerball lottery from time to time. And if I were to win millions, I would only keep 10% and give the rest away to those less financially fortunate.

I would rather be wealthy in knowledge than in money. When I can help people with knowledge, that help can be more meaningful and longer lasting. This is why I love it here at WA. I am gaining knowledge and can share it with others to better their lives.

This is the reason why my website, The Free Cancer Cure, is not an affiliate website. It is more rewarding for me to provide life-saving information for free than to make money from people's illnesses. There is more than enough of that going on already.
Kyle Premium
Well articulated Rob. I also like your strategy with your credit card and minimizing your use of it.

This very idea is something that you see best implemented in Casinos. People exchange their "cash" for clay chips int he casinos. If you had to put a $5 bill down every time you played a hand, it would feel far too REAL and you would bet less.

The same goes with credit card. It's plastic, you lose touch with the money you are spending. I have been one to always go to bank tellers (I don't use bank machines), and I take out cash and buy things with cash. This goes you an appreciation for the true value of a dollar, something that cannot be done with plastic.

It's the simple things in life that tend to bring the biggest joys. It sounds like you have a brilliant handle on this!
boomergp08 Premium
I can definitely relate to the credit card making you loose touch with financial reality. About 15 years ago I had several credit cards all with limits that were high enough to buy a motorcycle or a small car in one shot.

I, like so many others, got into credit card debt. It wasn't until 2012 that I became cc debt free and with each card paid off, I cut it into small pieces and closed my accounts. I only kept one card and a gas card.

I learned my lesson. True happiness does not come from money, though the attached pic does have some truth to it. :) My outlook on wealth has changed quite a bit since those Lambo dreaming days, and I am happy with myself.

Besides, I am 6'3" tall and sitting in a Lambo is a bit tight. When the time is right my luxury vehicle purchase will be a Tesla Model X SUV Crossover. I would keep my current car of that time but want to embrace a vehicle of alternative power.
Flash4 Premium
Mm love the yacht, that would be my dream...
FNovak Premium
Theres a lot to be learned on this journey for me, I really dont know where to beging, the reality is I dont know how to feel right now I feel a little numb. I think keeping truth, being honest with yourself and having my imagination run free from all the things that hold me back and keep driving forward with a positive aditude and keeping intouch with everyone here i think theres no way you can fail......i love hearing the inspiring blogs, it keeps me feeling high and giving me the insperation to imagine the life of a multy millioniar.......I see my kids and my new lady in my life on the most incredible yatch ....thats my future thats my reality .....if i can see it .......i will hold in my hands......thanks everyone
Kyle Premium
Let the imagine run wild. Absolutely. Let what you view and want to be your success drive you. Just evoke fulfillment in the process and you will have a bright journey and you may find when you have the money to afford the yacht, you realize you don't want it.

Maybe you would rather have the security in your bank account, or spend your time travelling the world.
EKaye1 Premium
Thanks for sharing Kyle, very interesting. To me I want to be able to buy my own property one day and maybe do some travelling. Having a nice car. But I also like to have the satisfaction and accomplishment of having my own online business. Doing something that I am passionate about and where it will help others. Having my website at the top of google, feeling great about creating something with my own personal touch and being proud.
Kyle Premium
Commendable goals, creating something great will lead you to wherever you want to go in terms of material based purchases. Those will be the byproduct.

Become great at one thing and make that ONE thing something that truly impassions you and you have an exciting journey ahead of you. ;)
EKaye1 Premium
Thank you Kyle
Vickic3 Premium
Kyle, this blog is right on the button. We all need to have dreams and havings Goals to strive for and you have really nailed it here.
Without purpose, we drift and without dreams, we become stuck in the mundanity of life.
Having solid Goals gives us a focus to work on daily and persistence and consistency will see us through
Keep inspiring us
you are awesome thank you
Kyle Premium
Have dreams, create new dreams all the time, and work to achieve these.
JackieSmith Premium
My "lambo" is for me and my family to be able to live a comfortable life - buy the things we so desire without having to wait for the next paycheck.

It's a blessing that we do not have expensive tastes and currently live within our means

I have a passion to help and support others. So being able to sponsor more children and go on mission trips for longer spells and not just for 2/3 weeks that I can get off from the 9-5 is something I'm striving for.

Achieving these will bring me joy and fulfilment!

Thanks for the post Kyle.
Kyle Premium
Love this Jackie, your passion to help others is certainly going to take you places in this world. :)
DBuchanan555 Premium
I want the feeling of sitting in disbelief, behind the wheel of say the Aventador in the picture, or a Ferrari 458, or my favourite Ferrari (Testarossa). The disbelief that I have actually just paid for this, my mind thinking "is this happening or is the sales guy about to ask for the keys back.." The gentle apprehension of turning the key and selecting first gear, gingerly giving it some gas and moving, apprehension slowly turning to exhilaration as your driving your first exotic car off the forecourt/ driveway or parking lot, realising you've been able to afford it, your dream has arrived in reality and you are in your very own, very expensive, very YOURS, hypercar! Now let's get started....
Kyle Premium
Yes, love this David. Having a supercar is a realistic dream to have and it can happen. When you earn the money to make it happen, you may or may not do it, but for some it is like saying "I did it".

Having goals ahead of your existing and current state is also how we grow. Like when I was driving my sprint, a big goal was to drive something better. Although I don't have a lambo, I certainly have upgraded from my Sprint! lol

Let's get rolling man, let's make your supercar a reality, and do so while retaining fulfillment every step of the way!
Tricia1611 Premium
You're right. If you can't find happiness inside you, you won't find it outside. That said, it would feel amazing knowing that because of my hard work I can take my kids out to see their doctor (a full day trip and fees not covered by medical) without thinking of the cost whenever they need to. I also want to be able to show them the world without using Google Earth. ☺
Hello Kyle, first I want to thank you for sharing this article Its very inspiring... As for My Lambo sort of speak lol My ultimate Goal is to be CEO of my own Business. An Entertainment Agency Booking Raw Talent locally, Endorsed by Local Celebrities and Contributions going towards non profit Organizations such as The Art Institute of Austin TX willing to sponsor my young and talented upcoming stars by allowing us access to music and theater studio to Audition and book gigs at churches, Military Camps, Schools, Bachelors Parties, Fraternity parties, weddings, children parties, Birthdays, and much more.... I will also be filming & producing my start up business all along from beginning to end. I am a full time student with a life long dream. And its becoming my reality. In the meantime I am looking for ways to work smarter not harder. It takes money to make money. I am open to selling products on line and chose products that are in high demand such as anything organic to what people of all ages are trending in buying repeatedly like Shopkins Season 1. I am looking for ways to work from home and not the 40 hour schedule I am currently on, especially now that I am a full time student 20 hours a week at The Art Institute of Austin majoring in Film & Production with concentration on Graphic Web Designs. I will not give up until I am living the American Dream. 6 figure income,
ValrieM Premium
Just as success can take many shapes and forms, my success changes from day to day. Small and not so small. As I have aged, my goals have changed. What I long for now is perhaps not so much different from when I was younger. The viewpoint has somewhat shifted weight to things much more long-term oriented.

Thanks for the thought-provoking post. It motivates me to reassess my short and long-term goals. Keeping things in focus.

ORMartinez Premium
Great perspective on happiness and success and I couldn't agree more. I posted an article recently that briefly described wealth as a sense of contentment, security and efficacy rather than a bank account balance . I heard a comment that said something like, "Happiness is an inside job". It seems we should work on ourselves as well as our business. Thanks for the post.
BillandSue Premium
Hi Kyle,
I can honestly say my joy comes from helping others thru either comment of their WA articles or knowing that someone is enjoying my aircraft articles from my website.

I am not trying to be negative of course, I do want the financial side to grow.

When you get older, things that you greatly desired a few years past seem to pale in light of different goals and dreams.

I really don't have any million dollar "dreams" just satisfaction of doing my very best and the dreams and goals will fall into place.

FNovak Premium
Great words .......ii agree completly
Normanmelba Premium
how well I remember those days, I had a oilfield company with 8 TO 10 men working all the time, I guess what I am trying to say is that I can relate to you because then I could afford whatever I needed, and today it is reversed, I can't afford those things. but I am glad to see that you can.I am going to work hard to get my online business going.
LouisaB Premium
Awesome Post Kyle!

Living in the now, brings great fulfillment to my life. Along with living a simplistic lifestyle is a good thing, but I do want to be comfortable with the little things that makes my life complete. Then, I will be prepared and ready for the bigger of things in life.
HeidiY Premium
I am a huge fan of Eckhart Tolle, his book The Power of Now, changed my life. It’s not a self-help book or motivational text, he teaches you how to be prescent in your life now and to be fulfilled with your current circumstances.

That’s not to say you stop setting goals, striving for a better now but, as you say Kyle, if you can not find happiness in your current situation, you won’t find it when you reach your dream either.

To many people, especially those driven to succed which are the types of people we are at WA, live their lives in the future.

I will be happy and fulfilled WHEN I have 2000 visitors a day to my site, when I am making a 6 figure income, when I’m a social media influencer.

Live your life now, in this minute and in this day, and be grateful for your 5 visitors today. Make the most of today and enjoy it, immerse yourself in gratitude for what you have now.

And as surely as night follows day your 2000 visitors will come and when they do you will be in the mindset to make the most of your current circumstances.
DianeCarter3 Premium
Kyle, I can't wait to meet you because it like you always know what to say and when to say it. I been wrestling with ideals of my mind of what I always wanted to see myself driving ever since the day i went to a car show with my X-boyfriend. I learned about these high classical cars. I could see myself in a Bentley Always wanted one even while living in Texas it was like no big deal preachers and a few other people I met were driving the car of my fantasy, and how can I turn this into a reality? Now I got work to do :} thank you!
roamy Premium
Real motivation.My Lambo will be let^`s see, early retirement sounds perfect when I don't have to answer to anyone when I don`t have to tolerate and smile at people I don`t care about at work. When I say goodbye to early winter mornings, going out of the house when I know I really would prefer to be in bed for 2 hours more.
davej9121 Premium
They say the 2 best days of a vacation are the day you leave and the day you get back.
Perhaps a good niche to work on then is to fill the in between with a virtual holiday.
Solve that and I reckon you solving the perceived happiness being striven for
Twoscribe Premium
I really like your direction on this idea that it's the feelings instead of the things themselves that make us feel truly successful. But for me the idea of success is having the money to help out those that I love.

Money for my daughter to start building her house. Money for a down payment on a place for my son. Money to have the treatment needed for my husband's Grave's disease, that we can't afford right now.

Being able to help others fulfill their dreams is the biggest "high" you will ever feel! So don't forget material things are just "things" but people are what count in our lives. So to me money is like butter, you want to spread it around.
MrTBlack Premium
Being rich to me, means not having to work for someone else anymore. Having the freedom to travel. Being able to take my family on that long over due, so desired vacation. Not having to worry about having to skim a little out of groceries to pay the bills for the month. And to be able to take the family out to dinner or even just to a movie once and while. That would be my lambo!
1signbanner Premium
Dang it Kyle, your words, ohhh your words resonates with me. I like this;

" And if you do feel happiness, it is likely going to be at it's highest point when you actually are "thinking" of the reality, versus when it becomes the actual reality."

Yeah, them blisters and the walking is not happiness! lols!! Ahh, but I get it. All them thoughts to get through to form my "happiness" is what I feel is numero uno, front and center for success.

I do get it Kyle and I thank you for your post. I sometimes lose that thought. Getting money moves in my mind and poof my happiness goes right out the door. Y'know them expectations that come into the mind, my mind and the stress that goes with it is something I do not need. lols.

I think you're saying to me put "Happiness" front and center, after all getting the rewards are good but getting to "tharrr" makes the journey a whole lot easier.

Boy, your message came at the right time Kyle. I wasn't thinking of giving up, no, but you sure give me a shot in the arm.

All good my dear friend and mentor!

Regina67 Premium
This is easy for me. I grew up very poor. for months at a time we had no electricity. The main gool was to pay rent and have food.
We didn't complain. It was just a way of life.
As an adult, I swore my son would never know these way of life.
He didn't. Now he is grown has his own home. He graduated
from the University of Tennessee. He has a very nice paying job.

Now my husband's job of 39 years is gone. United Technology
has closed the doors and moved the plant to Canada . He has retired early, and physically that is all he can do. However is hurts
the bank books. I am noy physically able to hold a full time job.

I just hope to keep our life style at a pleasant level. Our cars are paid for. But the mortgage is high. Both cars need a few repairs.
The house needs a little work. I hope to get these things done .
Plus save the money to live on in my old age.
NatNiches Premium
Hi Kyle. This really resonated with me - but particularly the point you made about the dream and reality often being quite different!
I'm not a very material person at all - but I do like things in life that cost money! Such as, travelling and nice meals out. I'd like to be able to one day have location independence, so I don't have to be tied down to one place. Also.... For me... it would be great to go out to dinner in an expensive restaurant and not even think about the price!!! :) :)
Eugene Premium
You hit again out of the ballpark Kyle with this article. When we get engaged in something that gives us satisfaction and it is our passion we will enjoy it much longer. Many people are in jobs right now that do not fulfill their desires and they end up quitting. My idea of being rich is not to have to work anymore for the Government and have more time with my family. I want to go and do whatever I please being my own boss.

The blueprint that you and Carson have set up for us is the key to success. I have done this website thing before, I had all the tools to promote it, knew a whole bunch of Internet marketing but it did not work for me at the time and I decided to quit. I always had the monetization part upfront, wanted to earn money quick but that was the wrong way to do it.

I'm so happy to rejoin WA because your website has so much to offer and along with Jaaxy you have the keys to the kingdom. With Jaaxy our keywords will rank faster. We will achieve eventually #1 page in Google. What more can we ask? Just having fun in Wealthy Land.
ontherise Premium
Awesome post Kyle!

Just as our idea of success changes as we age, so does our idea of happiness.

There was a time when my success would have been the big house and fancy car and all those material things. They were what would make me happy.

I can now say that success would simply be not having to struggle. I don't need millions just enough to not worry.

I can also say that happiness comes from within. From believing in yourself and being able to share that with others.

SCash Premium
This is an amazing post Kyle different people “are” in this arena for different reasons. Some to build wealth and independence and some because they feel their life’s experience gives them something to say and they want the world to hear it. You’re also right feeding and following your passion will dictate the results
VeronicasLuv Premium
What drives me, or my "why" is simple:

To get to a place where money doesn't dictate my actions.

One of my "shallow" goals would be to visit every continent (well, maybe not Antartica).

In terms of happiness, that's not something I strive for. I read somewhere that happiness is based solely on what happens; so, if something "good" happens, you're happy. If not, you're sad. I'd much rather have a sense of peace, which is unwavering and not dependent on outside circumstances.

I appreciate you sharing about "feeling" something. I need to spend more time feeling what I want, and not be obsessed with the thinking behind every action.
ar20746 Premium
I forget who wrote this, but I strongly agree with the quote which I have here on the wall:
"Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship."
And yes, I'm happy without Lamborghini. In fact, this is the last thing I want to watch in my backyard. LOL
teamdes Premium
Like Kyle said were all different. My wife could see me driving on the open highway in that yellow Lambo. Just because I can. Although I'm an RV man myself.
Eugene Premium
I love this quote, without health what could we achieve. You're right I am very happy with my Toyota Camry, it takes me wherever I need to go.
survivalwolf Premium
I have a lot of challenges and set backs as I'm learning how to build income producing websites, but I also see progress as well, this is rewarding for me,Ultimately when the income comes flowing in, and I can save it, and spend some, and share some with others who truly need it, Only then could I know real success, Survivalwolf.
dalwhu Premium
Happilness from achieving and accomplishing your goals is much more satisfying than material things.

None of my family or friends really understand what I’m doing with affiliate marketing however the feeling of achieving my goals with WA and proving to myself what I’ve done will be more satisfying than any car because of this.
Claud Premium
A great article Kyle that hits the reality of what life is all about, not fancy cars,a big house and all the designer label clothes but simple happiness through satisfaction in what one works at, being able to provide food on the table for ones family without having to worry about where the next dollar comes from, seeing that ones wife is happy, seeing ones children succeed in life and most importantly that they are happy. Yes, of course a nice holiday is great so that one can relax and for me enjoy the natural beauty of our world. Far too much time is spent by some people 'keeping up with the Jones' in terms of materialistic things which really does not bring happiness at the end of the day. Finally not forgetting being blessed with good health.
These points, in my opinion, is what life is all about.
WA is a fantastic facility that you and Carson have developed which provides all the tools, advice and support to enable people to stand on their own two feet with hard work and total commitment. Congratulations to you both and thank you for providing WA which my daughter is now into as of yesterday. Best wishes for your continuing success.
Vasiliy Premium
Hi Kyle. This is a great post. You are right that as we get older our dreams may change and what we wanted when we were 18 is different when we are 35.
Speaking of lambos I always wanted R8 as a dream car, but then I rented it for few days and realized that its a very short emotional satisfaction, in fact I expected something more from it. It didnt dissapoint me but its very short dream.
My biggest dream now is FREEDOM when you dont depend on the employer anymore and can make money yourself. In fact it doesnt have to be millions.
I will value makng $10k per month with my own business rather than making $30k per month working for someone and telling me what to do with my life. The more you make working for someone the more responsibilities you have.
mmonterola Premium
Thanks for this eye-opening post Kyle.

For me, happiness is not all about material things.

Of course earning more than what we have now is my ultimate goal here at WA to help me and my family be more comfortable, be able to travel to visit our family back home every year without thinking of where to get the money to spend and if possible to travel to some awesome vacation spots with the whole family.

It all sums up to being with the special people in my life and have fun times without thinking of how to pay for expenses involved.

As well, with success in the long term with my online business, I will be able to offer financial help to others who will need my support. Helping without expecting favor is another source of profound happiness.

God bless,
Cath88 Premium
Hi Kyle,

I found this post to have some very good points and I believe it will get people thinking about what can be in store for them IF they work hard and are consistent with their business.

When I was just 24 years of age, my goal was to have a business, even though I was very happy working at the D.A.'s office as a legal secretary. One year later, after having worked there for seven (7) years, I resigned and opened a floral shop with a partner. We worked many hours a day, for an entire year and found our income doubled in that short time.

We should not have a "small" mindset if we wish for "big" things. Some of us wish for a luxurious home, car or other items of grandeur while others are happy with simpler things. What matters IS what brings joy into our lives and the lives of others.

For me, I want to build a shelter for homeless dogs and cats (never euthanize) and find homes for these animals while treating them. Also, I wish to be able to buy products that are related to health/wellbeing, if I find them to be beneficial or interesting, no matter what the price tag reads. Giving money to the needy makes me very joyful as well, and that is another thing on my list! I thank God for everything good in my life, big or small!

janbey Premium
As you said Kyle success comes in many guises, and will be different for each person. Success for me right now ( although it would have moneyetary value) would be able to say to the neigh-Sayers in my family ..........See I told you it (WA) Does Work, here is my PayPal and the proof. -Age-
Rich908 Premium
I have been visualizing a Red Mercedes sports car for a long time. So far I have the toy merc and the key ring. The funny thing is my son owns the merc and so does my son in law. I am definitely next in line.

Great post if you can do it Kyle so can we
Donnie58 Premium
To be honest, Kyle, I'm not really materialistic. If I had a lot of money I wouldn't drive a Lambo, I'd still drive a pickup truck since I'm a bit of a country boy, LOL!

I might buy a little nicer house but nothing extravagant. I really don't want to attract the wrong people as you mentioned. I would probably help people more, too, if I had a lot of money. Things like helping get clean water to impoverished countries.

What I envision is peace of mind. A day doing what I enjoy doing, no fear of financial dangers in the future, the house paid off, a nice pickup in the driveway, a nice SUV for the wife, fishing trips with the grandkids, more time to exercise and enjoy sports (get in better shape), maybe a little travel!

Most of all, I want the peace of not having to depend on a $1500(?) monthly Social Security check as my only income in my old age ( I turn 60 next month, that is right around the corner for me). I know it will save a lot of arguments with the wife.

That would be my vision. I feel peaceful and relaxed when thinking about these things. I know Wealthy Affiliate is my only hope for achieving this lifestyle and I appreciate your platform. I deeply appreciate all the work you and Carson (and others) have done to make this possible!

Best regards,

alexjysmith Premium
Man this was great. I know feeling is the motivated factor in everything I do. And if I can maintain that attitude regardless of my situation or whats going on on the outside, I have control over my life. It takes practice, I have to mentally check in multiple times throughout the day, but the feeling of being happy and doing what I love is priceless.

MarlaineB Premium
What is my "Lambo"? What am I working towards?

I'm a Stay-At-Home-Mom right now to 2 young kids (5 and 3). My husband and I want me to be there for the kids instead of going the day-care route. My husband has a good job, so we can afford it right now. BUT, we plan to send the kids to a private Christian school elementary and highschool, and boy, that is expensive, let me tell you. (We believe well worth the extra cost, but yes, the price tag is fairly high.) We feel we'd need me to somehow add about $1000 to the monthly budget to make it all work in the years to come.

So my "lambo" is me making about that much online (more would be great, of course). If I can do that, I think I will feel ok to remain a stay-at-home-mom in the future years instead of joining the "working moms" rank and having life get insanely busy and complicated for our family.

That's my story. :)
Kettei Premium
I enjoyed your post, Kyle, largely because it touched upon a reason I ended up here at WA.

Back a couple of years, I was looking for a way to earn money as a sideline and I kept coming across web-pages that featured photos of the page owner sitting in his fancy car or stock photos of huge yachts. The trouble is, although they might appeal to a certain type of person, they just screamed, "SCAMMMMM!" to me.

One particularly hard-sell system actually uses the offer of leasing a luxury car for you as a carrot if you hit a certain amount of sales. I have two pre-schoolers - can you imagine what the backseats of that car would look like? :D

I find images like that a total turn off. I'd rather be reading posts like the one Littlemama posted this week - where she'd been trying for two years and finally broken the $2,000 a month barrier.

I want a real income, not an income that could disappear overnight when the system no longer works.

I believe I've found that here at Wealthy Affiliate. I love the community here and I love that the majority of people here are all trying to build real businesses.
SoniaZ Premium
Great post!

Well Kyle, for me it would be not to worry about retirement to have enough money so I would be able to retire early and travel the world! Also, to be able to take care of my aging parents so they would not have to go into a retirement home so, they could stay in their home! ;)

Claudiojuan Premium
My dream is to know how to promote WA. What do you think if I create a new site capable of attracting 5 organic visits per day at the start? My idea is to increase to 10,20, 50, 100, 500, 1000 visits per day. What do you think would happen? I would start earning a very good extra money. Why not also and very attractive for my independent being, to be able to improve material goods that need money, help my whole family and help many people who need it so much. Kyle, I can assure you that I will not stop until I get it, I'm focused. Regards!

Kyle Premium
Yes, that is how a business is built. It all starts with one click per day, then 5, then 10, then...

As you continue to put forth the effort, your business will cumulatively grow. That is how it works.
AnnaSweden Premium
Great post Kyle!

It definitly helps to set up a goal in your horizon. And material things (lambos etc) is nice of course. But beyond all material things, there is something bigger than ourselves - I believe.

"My lambo" is to be able to be in full control of my time. Be able to spend it with my loved ones, when I want to. And be able to work because I want to, not because I have to. :-)
Kyle Premium
The material stuff is nice, it is a reward and in many cases they are truly things that add to our overall happiness. Just without any sort of excitement in your life other than the idea of buying something, that is when the potential "lambo" defines you.

Love your control of time, that is something that we all seek and what the internet can truly afford (although much of it will be invested in your business). It doesn't feel like work though when you love what you do.
SnowOwl21 Premium
Awesome read Kyle, thanks for making me really think about things.
My "lambo" would be having someone who actually cares about me and to live a life of happiness with them fulfilling our small and big goals. There can be some tangible items thrown into the mix but ultimately I would love to be able to work from home and spend more time with someone I care about than working 60+ hours a week to make ends meet and never being able to see the person I love.
"Money can only buy temporary happiness" is what I tell myself. It all comes down to what makes you really happy and I feel being successful would be just what I have mentioned.
Have a great 4th Kyle,
Kyle Premium
Love this. Freedom constraints of money, can alleviate stress absolutely, but having a fulfilling journey and life (which the internet gives us all), is much more powerful.

You can buy the "stuff" you want, but that is temporary. To me, growing, learning, and enjoying my time with friends and family is far more exciting than anything material that I could buy.
DarrinB Premium
Great post, did you know yellow attracts flies... :)
Kyle Premium
Haha, I am sure amongst other things.
MKearns Premium
I always looked at a vehicle for the benefits of transportation. I would pay attention to the core motivating benefits and drive off in bliss
Kyle Premium
Yes, I have considered not owning a vehicle as it is certainly is not what makes me tick. I like nice vehicles, but I am all about the practicality of buying stuff as well.
Loes Premium
Great! My Lambo is an early retirement and a camper to check out the rest of the world. No fancy holidays, no big cars, no millionairs house, Just a camper and nature.
Kyle Premium
Yes, I love that Loes. It is the simple things in life that truly lead to happiness, and being able to retire, going on trips with your camper and be void of any financial worry is an incredible goal to reach for.
Traveller75 Premium
Thanks Kyle, You named it for me. I would like to be able to walk into a dealership and pay cash for an ordinary car ( have to be a Ford of course ) working towards it.

Kyle Premium
Well that can be a reality. Impassion yourself with the journey to get there, and you will sustain this happiness through anything material or immaterial in your life.

The Internet affords us all the ability to be totally fulfilled with what we do.
iJared Premium
I get lost trying to answer that questions sometimes. Half the problem. Thanks for this article today, it is good timing and good motivation. Something I needed today.
Kyle Premium
Yeah, the idea of owning a business can be a motivator. It certainly doesn't need to be something materialistic, in fact, sometimes it is better if it is not.
iJared Premium
Nothing about this is materialistic, to me. Why I am still here and why I enjoy your posts.
Kyle Premium
Zenicek Premium
Nice article, thanks for this Kyle. For me my Lambo is, actually find the right partner, despite my age I think this way. I don't want to be tied to one particular country, as all the interesting people I have met are miles away, so I want to get this barrier destroyed.

In terms of materialistic Lambo, my parents deserve a lot. So my father is going to get BMW X5 one day and paid off a mortgage.

Thanks again for additional motivation.
Kyle Premium
I personally think that fulfilling yourself with something that you are passionate about would be an attractive proposition to others. That way, you are content with or without.

I am in the same boat, parents do deserve a lot for all they have given us (and we have put them through lol). Being a parent now I can definitely appreciate this more than ever.

I look forward to working with you on your journey moving forward and helping you achieve your "lambo" Eugen.
Zenicek Premium
You are absolutely right about the parents they do deserve a lot :)

Another probably the main thing is that now I am doing an internship in the huge TOP100 corporation and the only imagination that I am fulfilling someone else's pocket either with money or their dreams, is horrible. The worst thing is that their dream is not even close to my dream which makes it even worse. I don't really want to be dependent on a salary from month to month and if I decide to work for someone it will be because I genuinely want to and not because I need money.