The KISS Approach. Audience Comes Before Big Ideas.

Last Update: June 27, 2018

Many of you have probably heard of the KISS approach. Not the peck on the cheek type, rather the Keep It Simple, Stupid (KISS for acronym) approach to business. KISS is an acronym created by the US Navy in the 1960's based on the concept of systems working best when they are kept very simple, rather than made complicated.

From my experience, the KISS mentality has a very obvious application to the online business world and I want to explain that in this post.

Everyone has a great deal of capabilities within this world, it is just a matter of application and in the case of this post, SIMPLIFICATION. Keepin' it simple.

Don't Start With Your BIG Idea, Work Towards It

Not a day goes by where someone doesn't come to me with a great idea. They dream of developing the next great app that will take over Instagram, or the next membership website that will help millions of people lose millions of pounds.

There is one problem though. They think big and forget that it is the smaller steps that will allow them to achieve these much larger ambitions. To explain exactly what I mean, I am going to take things out of context a little and use the example of building a skyscraper.

Thinking that you are going to jump in and develop an app like Instagram, is like thinking you are going to build a skyscraper by starting with the top floor. It simply won't work. There are a lot of things that need to happen in order for the top floor to even exist, and the same thing is the case if you were looking to develop the next big app, or website, or products/service, or membership site.

The "Think small, Get BIG" Approach to Business.

Looking back, Carson and I naturally took the "think small to get big" approach, we started Wealthy Affiliate literally as the most simplistic, dumbed down system out there for affiliate marketers. We provided people with a keyword list every week, some sample ads, and we charged folks $359.88 per year for this service. People absolutely loved it.

We already had a foundation, a knowledge set in the industry (3 years experience each at the time we started WA), so we were prepared to jump into this. We always had ambitions of Wealthy Affiliate being something bigger than just a "keyword list" website, but we couldn't have predicted it would be what it is today when we started out back in 2005.

But as each year has gone on, we have taken our ideas, along with a consistent stream of awesome feedback from the community here, and incrementally improved the platform. As a result we incrementally grew.

That is the approach you should take. You want to start with a very simple framework and then establish your business and cumulatively expand, grow, and evolve as time goes on.

You shouldn't attempt to start with the BIG IDEA. First it may not work and people might not like what your idea is (you cannot assume that it will work).

Secondly, there are typically incredible start-up costs and planning if you are going to develop a big idea at the outset. It could be years and $100,000's before an actual PERSON or customer can get their hands on your idea.

Thirdly, if you spend all of your time developing the best product/website/service in the world before you have an audience, you are not going to have any people to use it when you are done.

And that leads me to...

Ideas Are Nothing Without Marketing

You could have the best product in the world, but if there is nobody there to see it or buy it, then it will fail miserably.

Far too many people and start-ups over-invest in their ideas, without having a tangible market. I have personally always taken the exact opposite approach. I have kept things very simple, worked to accrue an audience and a brand and then have created more complexity (if required) in my business.

The thing is, the more complex you make your business, the longer it takes to develop and the longer it is going to take to get actual constructive feedback in respect to your ideas. Because not all of them will click.

Most ideas you have are NOT necessarily what people want. That is the reality. The same has gone for just about every idea Carson and I have ever had about WA, or any idea that I thought was going to be a huge winner.

Every sales page. Every marketing email. Every technological innovation. Every training resource.

None, and I mean NONE of them have ever been close to perfect. It is much easier to refine them when you have immediate user feedback, something that you are afforded when you have an audience.

With Authority, Comes All Kinds of Opportunity

Let's look at a real life example here.

Say I loved craft beer (which I actually do lol). I had lots of great ideas in the craft beer space, some of them very big.

Perhaps I want to eventually have the most popular website for craft beer where users can contribute their own reviews and feedback for different breweries and specific beer.

Perhaps I want to provide a liaison service that connects brewmasters with start-up breweries and I take a commission or a "finders fee" for that relationship.

Perhaps I want to start a weekly "A Craft with Kyle" live cast where I drink a beer from a brewery (and get paid for it) and discuss events taking place in the craft beer industry.

Perhaps I want to develop a "beer box" membership delivery service where I deliver a new set of 4 bomber beer every month to my audience.

These are all great ideas, ambitious and can be a reality. In saying this, they are much, MUCH easier to launch if I already have a brand and a status within a given niche.

For example, if I spent the next year or two establishing myself as an authority within this niche, building a consistent audience and a following through various social profiles, I would have a much better chance getting one of these BIGGER ideas off the ground.

That is the approach I would recommend you take as well. It is great to have a longer term and much more substantial vision in your niche, but your long term success is going to derive out of the authority you establish within that given niche.

Keep it Simple Stupid, KISS Approach

What's Your KISS Approach to Business?

Now it's your turn. Have you ever had a BIG idea that you have tried to implement, but it ended in failure? Are you currently trying to implement a BIG idea without first establishing an audience to propel your idea along?

I would love to hear your feedback not just about your ideas and experiences implementing ideas, but also your questions that you may have in respect to the current state of your business or the very idea of "keeping it simple". Please leave them below.

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Raymond9 Premium
I like this approach. I will incorporate this in my first website
Kyle Premium
Excellent, keep your business simple and simplify things that shouldn't be complex (and feels like you are making that way), and the journey to success and sustaining success will be that much more seamless.
FEO1 Premium
I have a story about the Walmart store, Mr,Walmart when he was alive he was a card players,one day he told his friends card players that he will build a store just for poor people and price always be cheap so everyone can afford,well everybody laughed at him and told him his crazy and will never make money on that.....well, Mr. Walmart always look out for poor people silently.lestining to there grief ,hardship etc complains few months later he did start buy land and built the store in kansas and missouri states and it prospers people fights for sales and store always crowded day and night, even the rich people shop there silently by hiring somebody to go shopping for them so there other rich people will not know they shop in his cheap stores,well,look at the WALMART now prospered to the tea and getting around the world expressing to help the very poor people,plus when he was alive he says somebody needs help in disperate financial needs to save life he offer to pay there bills from ten thousand or more no complains or no return to pay him back, just give away to who ever needs help....etc. Mr. Walmart was a great good hearted man card players and he played his card right on earth to humanitarians needs and purpose before he died....i live in Kansas for 13 years thats how i learn about Mr. Walmart dated one of my girlfriend who died too already gone few years ago.....happy day
FEO1 Premium
By the way you have extremely excelent speech and true of a matter in general real life daily, its true facts slways people don't see it or recognised due to there to much high ambitions to clime high before they could use a lader to get there, just like sending ducks to eagle school wont work, a canadian man speech teaching, its very funny but true....thanks, your lovely speech is accurate
FEO1 Premium
hello, Kyle, you are very right because i know or meet lots of people own a business in my younger time and most i observed successful people and steady business are the one who is the small business and went grow slowly and cheaper products for everyone to afford and i agree with you with there hard work patiently, i intend to start at the bottom and get better successfully to get far i can, that's my goal anyway with your help....i just wist i could start making now even just to help me breath financially now if possible....thanks
DenzelSr Premium
Hello Kyle
Thank for the Kiss approach as it always
Ment something very special as it stood
For various things as a brothers kiss
An a kiss of gangs. An a very Specialm
Kiss With the Community of A Church
Called A Holly Kiss. These all have a very
Special meaning.Each Had Means of
Kyle I hope this will explain a few things.

Cheers Thanks for you contents Kyle.
MojalefaR Premium
Hello Kyle

I am respond to your post rather "late in the day" because I have had a busy two weeks "making a living" as it were. That took me away from this that I enjoy very much.

Since I joined the community I have worried greatly that perhaps I have too big an idea with my niche. What could I contribute in photography that is not already known?. But I also realised this is a passion with me, even as I struggle with some of it. And, after all, the website is about "my skills", to share my skills, techniques and tips and in the process help others. Hence the length it has taken to build my website/content.

But I hope I am applying KISS by following the training as patiently and as consistently as I can, even though that is taking a bit longer. I hope that is a solid foundation from which to start.

Thanks for the post and the encouragement.

Igor13 Premium
Hi, Kyle!

Another great post!
It is straight to the point and very praxis-oriented, as it is so in life as well.

I know you know the following saying:

"Even the Chinese wall started with the single brick!"
In other terms, the biggest projects need to start from somewhere.

The very common comparison is made with the building of the house, right? You can't start to build the house from the roof, you need a solid basement and then grow upwards! The basement of it needs to be built with proper care, right materials, well planned.

The nicest pictures, mosaics are made of single moves of the brush and single and smallest parts of mosaic.

The best tennis matches are won through the best single shots, points, games, sets ...

Anything, everywhere have some structure in it. I don't want to be too pragmatic, but, as you say, the big stuff is made out of smaller pieces! I believe also is the same in the online marketing world!

It is all in the "ingredients" and content!

Thanks for sharing,
Best regards!
tommmm111 Premium
I like your post Kyle and it is reassuring because I am following this model already in my business. Mostly it's because I don't know much but I write pretty good content and I work a lot on trying to build a following. Thanks for this one and Good luck to you,

Kyle Premium
You don't know much about things you don't know much about. But those very things, could be your expertise in the future and fairly near future if you work at it.

That is the reality. We once couldn't eat without help, ride a bike or swim without help, but with practice we have mastered it. Teach business the same way and any niche you enter the same way and brilliant things can and will happen!
i like the idea keeping it simple and stupid regarding building quantity, value and popularity Vs demand and the buying power from the big idea. KIS guides & manage the pace while stupid breaks marketing limitations either big(quantity and value) or small (popularity and population). KISS do both with good health. Thanks alot WA, you truely a platform of market attraction, I'll KISS in WA and enjoy chasing limitations. Kyle, I'll rate you best class maketing teacher.

Flash4 Premium
Thanks Kyle for this pep talk. I guess I am stuck in the process of learning how to implement a website. I do have ideas for a future niche but I need to learn the basics first. Doing the ground work is not really exciting, however we must do it if we want to "shine" in our particular niche.
Onwards to our own passion.
Cheers Jae
DianeCarter3 Premium
Kyle thank you for educating me on what I am really experiencing now. I have 2 great ideals just putting together is making me not knowing how to start this or what question I can ask of. My thing is want it to be exciting an worth the checking out to see what people think. Using what you just said about the KISS is a great ideal to follow your instruction if I don't get lost :} sorry a little humor knowing myself. However, I need a coach one on one. I guess I am hands on more so than all this new ways of learning.
I appreciate all your teachings.
DavidPadkin8 Premium
Dear Kyle
Thanks for this Kiss post a Big wake up for Most of us. I have had many Ideas that were turned down then pop up in 12 to 18 months by a large company . Buyers/audience likes are never constant USA market may not be the same as Europe 's .
Much Appreciated
KatieMac Premium
Just love the post, my problem is I have too many idea's to the extent I feel overwhelmed, comes from passion in life I guess, there is so much that I love and feels like I have too much to say that simply wont leave the brain lol .. this year I have had a different approach and I am very much trying to focus on a couple of aspects, it did take me longer to really understand all of this as I came from zero knowledge on the tech world and online business plus getting older lol, over these last four years I have really grown, had the successes and the setbacks to the point I have had to start over, for me life is simple, things that are important my family and friends, making sure I have enough to live on and enjoy the things like my music festivals, travel and most importantly time with the grand children. I was always taught that what is important is the foundation, here that foundation is the training and following the order of things till me think and breathe the process. This journey I am on certainly brought back the breath in my life and all those small steps will get me to my goals. Unless you can afford to pay someone for the lack of skills you perhaps do not posses then you need to invest in yourself and learn.. thank you Kyle and Carson
TMuhammad Premium
Superb, you actually gave a name to a concept I have been trying to follow. I stopped posting on my website, as I wanted to get some feedback to see what people wanted to see, so now, after some feedback, I have started to fix my posts and now I am more confident moving forward, because I wanted to have 50 posts before the end of my holz, but then I realised that whats the point of mving frward and going BIG the whole time if its not done correctly.
Thanks, Really inspiring
Great article! However could someone break it down a little for me as I'm new here and struggling a bit. I understand that online marketing is a long process and takes a lot of time, hard work and patience. Also, it's the small steps that ultimately lead to success and not trying to get there overnight. Is that what keeping it 'simple' means?

Would the term audience refer to traffic? If so, how does one go about building an audience? Through your brand and authority? Or is that discussed later on in the training?

BTW, I plan on upgrading to premium soon! :D
Robert-A Premium
Hi Tamika
The training really is step by step and when you upgrade to premium you will find out soon enough what a lot of help there is here within WA.

Take your time and do the training as it should be taken and do not skip anything because you will make mistakes and you being new to marketing online you wont know you have made them or how to fix them.

Lots and Lots of help if and when you get stuck, and there is no such thing as a stupid question.
Keep asking until all is clear.

Onwards and Upwards.

Have a great Friday and the weekend to come.
JKulk1 Premium
Hi Tamika. Keeping it Simple (stupid), is not always that simple. Like you said, small steps. Learn something new, practise it and don't move on until you fully understand it. That's my belief. Don't think you're alone. I follow the KIRS system… Keep It Really Simple .. Don't be afraid to ask questions. I do. There is an incredible amount of knowledge available here. Check out the thousands of blogs. There's an answer to nearly any question. Make friends (Follow) and they'll help. And yes, I would go premium.
ChrisCee1028 Premium
This post totally resonates with me Kyle, thanks for bringing one of my "ideas" into reality while I was creating quality content on my website/WA blog (I have been implementing your CIAO principle & the KISS principle while working on my site lately)

Thanks for your profound advice and your post of wisdom. Converting our "HUGE business ideas" into reality.

Thanks for inspiring me, your post has enlighten my day. Injecting me with a dose of "wisdom" as a newbie in the industry.

Kyle Premium
It is great to have HUGE business ideas, but it is important to have smaller, more tangible goals that are completely achievable. These are what will drive you to success and the much bigger accomplishments.
PMbaluka Premium
Hi Kyle,

I wish I knew this principle when I was starting out. but it's something I've learned along the way and through the lessons, everything getting clearer day by day.

I know I have a weakness of wanting to build Rome in a single day and I know back in mind that it can't happen like that. So baby steps must apply in the beginning.

Appreciations for this reminder.

Swangirl Premium
I have been amazed at opportunities that have presented themselves as I go along building my websites.

I have learned of opportunities I didn't even know existed when I started. It makes so much more sense to find these opportunities along the way as we are ready for them than to try to figure it all out ahead of time and fail due to lack of preparation!

Laurel0887 Premium
I learned a long time ago it's all in the "baby steps"......the foundation.

If there's a big crack (lack of research and implementation) in the foundation of a home, it falls down. And you can't do the roofing until the walls are's the "baby steps" in the right order that gets the right results.

A great blog......good things to be reminded of on a continuing basis.

My best,

VeganSheldon Premium
Thank you Kyle for this great reminder and the importance of not getting ahead of myself and staying focused on providing value I did understand this back in November when I started my online campaign to make money online and I haven't made a dime yet I totally believe in myself to stick with this and now that I found this platform I feel hopeful and understand I'm learning how to craft a website where I can really focus my providing value and leverage that I believe this system is my ticket. I know it's going to take work in the more patient I am and take concrete steps and follow the training. I know my post will become more powerful and I'll become a better writer overtime and videographer to talk about things and in a healthy way that will help relate people to what I'm saying and what I'm learning to promote. Thank you again.
RAFStuart Premium
Love this Kyle, was first taught this when I went to my first sales training course as I was retiring from the Royal Air Force, that was 35 years ago. Used to use it when I trained sales people, instead of stupid used Sales Person.
Many very good ideas here. I tend to try to keep things simple, because I probably am!
alan47 Premium
Hello Kylie, thanks for this post, what a strange coincidence as I have just published my fourth blog post along similar lines called Floundering or Flourishing as I felt it was time to declare where I believe I am at in W. A. as a result, I came up with the idea to create weekly personnel goals/plans to spur me onwards, as well trying to keep up with my previous short and long term goals. Would welcome yours or any ones comments on this if you have time to look at it. Looking forward to flourishing rather than floundering in the coming weeks.
Once again, many thanks for you and your team do here at W.A.
ellford Premium
It's funny, I'm the same way with technology at work and am always reminding people we need to think simple and not complex.

As I read this post, I thought of 2 things. My first experience with Affiliate marking and how that failed miserably as I created a MONSTER site (literally) in the automotive industry and was trying to be everything to everyone. I was even spending HOURS (up to 7 hours a day) researching car shows and posting on my site where all these car shows were in North America. It was daunting to keep up and eventually the site (and me) died a horrible death in that. Had I started SIMPLE with maybe focusing on a few products or a mini-niche of that industry (say tires, or rims, or maybe it's car care products), then I could have easily spent a smaller amount of time posting reviews, how-to's, etc. Then "build the brand" and eventually grow it.

I'm taking the simple approach with my current site, but finding it tough as I have YET to post any affiliate links, as I'm focusing more on building my brand and 'content'. Once I feel I have decent content, then I'll update my posts (product reviews) with affiliate links. I'm slowly growing my site my segment at a time.

I'm really, REALLY excited about my 2nd niche site as it CAN be a monster, but what I plan to do with this one, is like you suggest - start small and simple. One take-away I got from your post was something I was thinking to keep it simple, would be to develop a business plan for it with a timeline. That way I could focus on the simple things and know when I should start focusing on more advanced concepts for this niche.

Thanks for sharing this post as it was a good reminder for me to keep being the "turtle" - simple, slow and steady wins the race...
CarlosGusts1 Premium
Very interesting post.Audience comes first,but how to get it ?Are you talking about followers here at WA?or visitors at your website?I also wonder what is the ideal length of posts on my website.Is the length of the post affecting indexing on Google?.I recently posted an article on Google and Gogle plus that was more than 2000 words and I wonder if these days people have the attention span to read long articles.How to get an audience is my problem.
Kyle Premium
Audience, is your respective audience in your given niche. If your niche is "photography drones", your audience would be drone photographers and you will establish this as you build out your website and brand (which is taught in great detail here)>

People have an attention span if you are communicating with them, you show passion on the subject, and you are helping/informing them.

Don't think otherwise. Content drives the internet and all successful internet businesses appreciate this.
OGguitar Premium
Wise council as always. I'm only three months in but I have written quite a lot of content. I'm constantly fighting the urge to over-monetize the site. Trying to come up with a magic formula to gain more traffic and hopefully conversions. It's a frustrating process. I sometimes wonder if the content is really what my audience is looking for or if it's just what I think they want. About half of my 20 posts have been ranked in google but not first page. Most of the traffic I get is from social media. I've made a few dollars with adsense but barely enough to buy a cup of coffee. The most encouraging part is that site traffic seems to be slowly increasing each day. The graph has been on a steady albeit slow upward climb for the last month or so as opposed to the initial jagged ups and downs. Is there a point where you shift the emphasis from writing new content to other techniques like email lists, landing pages and proprietary products? If so...where is that point? Is it a function of time or audience numbers?
Kyle Premium
This is definitely another issue. People so desperately trying to recoup costs as they are building a business, like membership fees, domain fees, and hosting fees. They lose sight with the fact they are creating a business.

The money will come, and it will be REALLY sustainable once you get yourself an audience. This doesn't require you to sell anything at all, even in the first 6 months, but as you get traffic, then you can start to integrate relevant offers to them.

Your content is getting indexed and ranked, that is a good sign and as you move forward, you are going to see your content continue to climb up the rankings.
Robert-A Premium
Hi Kyle
I entirely agree with your KISS acronym but I prefer - Keep It Stupidly Simple.

This is mainly because you have to create something that's idiot proof.

You must create something that is understood by the 'people' and by that I mean the ordinary man and woman in the street.
In no way am I saying people are stupid but the majority of people who come into the type of program you have here are perhaps not the best educated (absolutely no disrespect to any member by the way).

Some of my friends don't have the higher education I received but I would reckon they are much more clever than I am simply because of the job they do, and have been doing for 30/40 years or more.

The other side of the coin is they are amazed at what I do and confess they could never do it.

Absolute rubbish I tell them. Anyone who joins a program such as wealthy affiliate can succeed with the right training and guidance, and they get that in spades here.

I also have to say that a lot of my followers when they first join ask me about their Big Idea to make money and I always without exception tell them to start at the bottom.

Take the training as its meant to be taken and that is step by step. Do NOT skip anything because sure as shooting they will mess up somewhere down the line and they wont know how they did or how to fix it.

I seem to have said enough and I'll wager people wont agree with everything I've said, but that's the beauty of a community like this.
Onwards and upwards to success and have a great Thursday.
GauravGaur Premium
I am one of those stupid people and like the Training/blogs which are presented with KISS approach. LOL.
Robert-A Premium
Hi Gaurav
It does make sense to keep it simple with easy steps to follow.
I personally have published over 400 blogs within WA and I believe they are very helpful simply because I do keep the tips and advice simple and easy to follow and implement.

I also do practice what I preach.

Hope your day is going as well as you want it to.

Onwards and upwards to success.
Nadja3 Premium
Thank you for the very interesting post. yes, I am familiar with KISS approach, and I think that I am following it. starting as with building the content. It takes a lot of efforts and it does not go as fast as I want. But this is a very important step... what will the development, I am looking towards building set of online courses for professional training based on the content I have created...
McWord Premium
Thanks for the post, Kyle! It's a great way to simplify our dreams and aspirations. There are many variations on that theme, Don't Sweat the Small Stuff, All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten, etc.

It's a great reminder to keep things in perspective and to work simply and diligently each day.

Thanks, Kyle!

Defiant6 Premium
I think a lot of us come here with the big idea that we will make lots of money in a very short time and then when we put in the work for awhile and don't see the monetary results we were hoping for, we get discouraged and quit, chalking this up as another failure in the long line of failures to make money quickly.

The thing is though, you say from the very get go that you will NOT make money quickly, that you are just starting out and it will take time for the money to come in because, just as you said above, you have to build up your audience. You have to establish yourself first and become a great source of authority in your niche so that people will trust you and once that trust is established, THEN you will see things start to happen.

The most important thing though is to work consistently and adding relevant content to your site. A lot of times we have this fear that we cannot write and that our writing is worthless. Trust me, I struggle with this too, but the thing is, if you can talk to someone, you can write content on your site. You ARE talking on your website just in a different form and if you're passionate about something, then why not write about it, write what you know a lot about, and make money from it? The more you learn here at Wealthy Affiliate and put into action by adding content consistently to your site, the greater the success will be. You have to believe that you will be successful and then take action and KEEP taking action and learn from any mistakes that you'll make along the way because trust me, you WILL make them, but you can learn from them and overcome them. DO NOT let them keep you down. The most successful people out there kept pushing and trying even harder after every mistake and failure they endured and guess what? They eventually and finally succeeded.

Keeping it simple and not over thinking it is what will help get you there. Everyone here at Wealthy Affiliate can succeed.
SeasideFunk Premium
The KISS approach is so fundamental and always the best approach to so many endeavors.

My son and I have a business called Ideatown Creative. The base business is providing LA Quality Video Editing, Story Producing, Motion Graphis and Audio Solutions.

Our KISS approach is to leverage the internet by posting blogs consistently on our website, using social media to attract the audience that is in our niche.

It is slow going. We are not looking for a million likes on FB, Twitter or Instagram but seeking quality likes/comments from businesses or people that need our service.

We are building a brand one brick at a time.
christinebso Premium
I feel really good after reading your post. From joining WA, learning to create an online business, learning to create website, write quality articles and many more... are all very new and challenging for me.
I always keep it simple so I can keep moving forward :)
Thank you Kyle!

WendaSue Premium
Thanks, Kyle. This was a great post at the right time for me. I really do appreciate it.
I am so excited to go to BookCamp, but I know I need to get my first website a little more established, and finish the certification course first. I've already purchased my next domain, but I'm going to take it slow. I have so much to learn. I still feel like WA is the place to be. I need to remember the Kiss approach.
Thanks again.
Wendi :)
TDomena Premium
I've heard this called the "minimum viable funnel". I agree that it's better to put something simple out there and continue tweaking and improving.

I think it almost comes natural for new entrepreneurs to think big and try to overdevelop ideas, which is why it's very good to hear from someone with your level of experience who can bring us (newer entrepreneurs) back from the clouds back to Earth. I've had several ideas that I've over-complicated and the skyscraper analogy suits that perfectly.

You could also use something like climbing a small hill versus climbing a mountain. It's best to make small goals and work your way up. Setting the aim too high can make you get burned out, so the KISS method works better because you can actually achieve goals easier.

Great reminder.
Zappades Premium
Wow, that was a great read and at the exact moment.
It is evening here and I have worked too much today already.
But still, my mind was running with big ideas and how I was to go about to realize them.
I got stressed and thought I better check some blogs here to distract my mind.
I know, there are so many blog posts to be written before I can take my business to the next level and the last thing I need is to worry about things that "might" come in future.
Have a great day you all and put one foot in front of the other :)
kjdahlin Premium
I always had big expectations in the years, Then I felt horrible when I did not meet them. When I came to WA I learned to take baby steps. Now I started a foundation and it will grow into the empire I was dreaming about.

Thank you Kyle and Carson
RobertDoyle Premium
That is so true. It is always better to go slow/simple and gradually increase or branch out into other areas. Reminds me of school. We start out with simple ABC's. Then add words, then reading War and Peace after much experience. But we can be very successful reading Dr. Suess--enjoying it and being successful.
newmarketpro Premium
Thanks for the post Kyle. It makes a lot sense. It also stamp a reminder to all of us, the online marketers, to always start small but effective marketing strategies. Over time it will create a snow-ball effect in our business. Most of the time, less is more. We tend to over-complicate things.

Awesome post!

RobertDoyle Premium
Nice thought. I always appreciate your insight too.
AK007 Premium
This is a brilliantly written post on the subject. I 100% agree. That's basically what I do with my website. I work on my content, study my niche, build up my authority (by studying my niche subject and adding relevant content on my website) and gradually get more and more traffic. Once I have my financial breakthrough with my website, then we'll see what happens next. Right now, I'm focusing only on the essentials - authority content and traffic.

amyr2017 Premium
This is brilliant, Kyle -- IT actually resonates with me because a couple of years ago, my attorney friend and myself tried to launch Open Access Law Center -- a nonprofit online attorney resource for people who don't make enough money for regular lawyer fees, but make too much money for legal aid. So they would contact us and we would find them an attorney from our pool of interested attorneys who would work on a sliding scale of fees.

We incorporated as a nonprofit and spent thousands going through that process. I built a site in Wix, and spent a lot of time working on that.

There is a market for this here on Long Island for sure, and we did a lot of networking and outreach, but limited marketing -- only because we didn't have the funds for a full-blown campaign. We were limited by what I was able to accomplish in my spare time, being the one with the creative background.

We had some hits but nothing to keep us going, and certainly the commission structure was sadly lacking in thought. The attorneys who wanted to work with us didn't want to take less than their already reduced fees to provide us our fees, and well, we didn't have a shot at making this the premier nonprofit in the legal community in New York.

There is a successful firm doing just that in Salt Lake City and I was in touch with them for ideas and suggestions. But the standard of living out there is so much less than here --

That was the end of that. Perhaps had we spent some serious money on local outreach in lower income communities or whatever, we may have had a nice following.

So your point is well-taken. We tried to be top-of-mind and top-dog nonprofit, pushing everyone aside, before we established credibility and authority.

Thanks for a great reminder!
Easy-Moneys Premium
Hi Kyle!

What a great post as always!

I was first exposed to the KISS Rule on the first day of UBC Medical School on September 7, 1982!

We were told in no uncertain terms the the KISS Rule in Medicine was crucial:

-laser focus on solving your patient's health concerns, otherwise KISS

-do surgery if surgery is required, otherwise KISS

-deliver the baby if the baby is due, otherwise KISS

- save a life if the life needs saving, otherwise KISS

It is eerily similar in this Online Business World! I notice many many many people here at WA who get caught up in and stuck in MINUTIAE - something that could so well be "CURED" with the KISS Rule!

Alternatively, some people complicate things beyond all reason. For example, my Niche is the Make Money Online Niche! I did not care that it is the most competitive niche...I just have a passion for helping other people learn how to Make Money Online EASILY - by the KISS Rule! I think of it as helping people with their Financial Health as opposed to their Physical Health!

In the MMO Niche, you must focus on Making Money Online - period. KISS!

Otherwise, I have in mind a Medical Authority Website but I cannot fully launch my personally branded website until I am fully retired out of active clinical practice due to Canadian Regulatory KISS: work on it behind the scenes, build out segments of it like my First Aid Kits Amazon Website and Stethoscopes Websites etc then launch it in 8 years...alot will have changed over the upcoming years so...KISS!

Thank you once again for a provocative post!

Dr Barb

PS Hope You And Carson And Jay Have a Fun Family Canada Long Weekend!
AlexEvans Premium
I enjoyed reading your post, Kyle and would have to say that I have had a few implosions some could be described as spectacular, I think that we can learn a lot from the times that we trip up.

Having an audience or market base can make all the difference at the end of the day, one of the things that I have learned over time in the keep it simple stakes is that sometimes we actually have to take more than a few steps backward in order to be able to move forward.

Chipping away and building assets one step at a time will bring dividends.
BillMarshall Premium
Just by keeping it simple has made me smile Kyle and I have been ranked on bing and google is now on the first page of both and no1 on both. Thank you so much and all I did was put myself in the customers shoes and kept it simple.
JackieSmith Premium
I like to keep things simple for the mere fact that I can measure what works and what doesn't from an early stage without losing too much out on investment in time and money.

On the flip side, if those complex ideas don't work out, it's a total loss of investment - both in time, money and effort.

Thanks for reminding me how to KISS!
christinewar Premium
Thank you for the blog about building a business, as I am fairly new to this, I am wondering how does this affect me?, I do not have a product rather a personal path as you know , in researching and understanding something regarding health, if you think I am thinking too big I should be happy to hear this from you. I would have been happier if you had produced a video about this as you yourself have said otherwise it is just a sea of words which can easily with peoples busy lives be forgotten.
kimgwinter Premium
Thanks for your post Kyle, it makes perfect sense and is solid advice. I believe you have structured your training in a way that perfectly promotes exactly this KISS approach to our online businesses. I am following your training step by step and believe the KISS approach does apply to my business. It takes patience though because I really just want to steamroll ahead, but I know for a fact that I will end up lost.

Thanks again for a great WA platform.
Roybretton Premium
Thank you for your interesting and informative blog post-Kyle.

Simple is always good for me and it seems to work, I believe that many many things are made far too complicated today! Do you remember the early Nokia phones, before smartphones, they were just so simple, but the idea worked really well, I believe that this applies to websites too.

I remember my first money making website back in 2007 started very simply as a Google AdSense website, it quickly grew to have several affiliate programs. And then I added a feature where people could sell their own products and I was also selling advertising on the website. It was going really well, the website was getting a huge amount of hits and then it went wrong due to a poor Webmaster that I was using at the time! We live and learn!

Enjoy your day.

SWhitley Premium
Great advice to those of us just getting a start online. Big dreams and the "I want it now" mindset can lead us down a bunny hole that we may not climb out of. I personally have lots of Totally Fantastic Sure-Fire ideas, maybe you would like in on the ground floor?
And so I have ended up here at WA. KISS is a theory I am very familiar with and is a part of my plan going forward.
To Success!
EnockNsubuga Premium
Well, for sure i have had some big ideas lately and knew i needed influence to bring them to life, i even thought about hiring online influencers to help me with the process but after reading your article it makes more sense to first build a brand before launching some of these ideas. Thanks Kyle, let me keep KISSing.
ckbear Premium
Lots of good, foundation ideas here -- kind of a-WA-in a-nutshell synopsis when compared with the course material I have encountered thus far.

The only tiny flaw -- and this might be just me -- is the word "stupid." When teaching KISS to others, I use the word "sweetheart" instead.

Sometimes I think I invented "complexity." As a kid growing up in the 60's, "big words" were a necessary defense against hostile authority figures intent on shredding your self esteem. No, you couldn't smack them (even if they manhandled you), and you couldn't swear at them. However, one or two timely-delivered "big words" froze them in their tracks. After all, developing that kind of verbal fluency in you was what (in the h*ll) they were there for, right? Psychologists of the period called it "cognitive dissonance."

Fast-forward to grownup-hood, facing up to the monster childhood turned you into, and the incredible Dale Carnegie -- who feels like nails on a blackboard until what he is selling "sinks in."

Nowhere (IMHO) does the "KISS" concept manifest itself more than in legal work. Even though I am not an attorney, it is still up to me to "break it down" for clients, particularly when the boss is more interested in showing off a lot of middle English.

One final thought -- and this ties in closely with (again IMHO) Kyle's most important point about posting -- the importance of putting yourself out there, investing (and risking) some emotional energy so the reader/viewer gets to meet a live human being. Big words are like squid ink, the way they allow you to run away from whatever you're feeling -- and customers can't get anywhere near you.

So, KISS all the way, yes -- but even if you don't feel like calling me sweetheart (yet), don't call me stupid.
Kyle Premium
Brilliantly said here Cortland, thanks for adding value to the post here. I love your analogies and examples as well, a lot of this has to do with the actual perspective that someone has and what "keeping it simple" means to them.

For different people, this will of course mean different things and it is evolving through time (something difficult now, will at some point become simple later).
ckbear Premium
Points very well taken. I am reminded of Abe Lincoln and one of his assistants. When asked to comment on Abe's letter, he said it was too lomg. Abe replied that he would have written a shorter letter but didn't have enough time.
muyambigodfr Premium
Kyle this is a great writing, and is showing the basics needed for growth to be attained in any business. The kiss approach is key to any business development, and by keeping it simple you are able to snow ball into a huge thing. Starting from the simple to the complex approach is clearly the road to success. Thank you for the insghtful guidance and i am sure everyone has been taken aboard here.
hugh9905 Premium
Great post, Kyle.

The KISS approach is absolutely necessary for small businesses which usually have very limited resources. I still remember the time when I was developing a business plan in the entrepreneurship class. The 100-page-ish business plan seemed so complicated and daunting to me. But in fact a lot of the detailed components are NOT really necessary from the very beginning. A simple plan with actionable items, which will evolve with your business by the way, is far more valuable than a fancy but complicated one.

On the other hand, I still do the feasibility analysis and SWOT analysis before entering any niche. I just want to add a little bit of reality check so that I have a more realistic view of my adventure.

To keep it simple and stupid, I'd suggest: Let's take a beer and bottom up! First round on Kyle, of course! :)

LouisaB Premium
Marvelous post Kyle! Since reading and digesting this blog
I realize that simplicity is the best and the only way to susceed
In any business venture.

I truly appreciate the KISS approach. From it I can see and appreciate the fact that it is the smaller steps that matters.
Through all of it I have learn not to bite off more than I can chew.

I like that statement about building a skyscraper and building from the top will come tumbling down eventually. That is a proven fact with many who took this approach first.

To me, trial and error is the only way for many to learn and then
Start over and do it the right way. Louisa B
ShotTheClot Premium
My KISS approach is to find stuff people are already interested and create my own perspective on it. "I stand on the shoulders of giants" meaning I only got here because other people have already paved the way for me. Might as well build on top of their effort than to start completely from scratch.
JIllW Premium
Thank you, Kyle, appreciate reading this as I am planning to revamp and rethink everything. My ranking has been good even if I have not written enough but I need an audience or should I say a full classroom. I need that audience otherwise you can feel like you are running on empty.
PMindra Premium
Hi, Kyle.

Your post comes at a very timely time in my development here at WA.

My response may not be completely specific to your post but I feel that it has some merit.

As you know, the only constant that we will ever encounter in this new era and hopefully understand, is 'Change.' And to handle and accept change, the KISS principle makes things easier.

Wealthy Affiliate has always adapted to the signs of oncoming change and have always adopted the necessary changes to handle that change.

Such great improvements have been made since 2005 when you started out as a website providing keyword lists and nothing else.

I have been here for some time now and if I can, I would like to contribute a couple of suggestions moving forward.

The Internal 'Blog' here at WA is great and I think I know the history behind it.

Not sure if it's possible, but after something is written, can changes be made?
I don't think so.
Unlike where I am writing now, where changes can be made.

This would allow contributors to correct any spelling, grammar and sentence structure change.

Kyle, do not take this the wrong way. When we use some of the blogs here as reference on our sites, it would be great if the references were free of mistakes. Just a thought.

Another observation and comment that I would like to make is in regard to the training. As you know, the dialogue here is not just about KISS but also of 'Change.'

I understand how busy you guys are and the accomplishments you have made to put everything we need under one roof. Kudos.

But just as our websites are 'living' things, so too is the training here. Things change.

I'll give you an example.
I have been on Phase 2, Lesson 2 of Bootcamp training for the last four days. I just cannot get the 'New' Pretty Link plugin working for me as described in your training.

It is installed...the directions have been followed but the end result is that the end page still ends up with the the 'ugly' affiliate Id.

I searched 'Ambassador' training, but same thing...outdated and not current with the most recent release of Pretty links if you know what I mean.

Kyle, please understand that I am not complaining. I am of open mind. As you speak of KISS, I always relate to 'Half full' or 'Half Empty.'

With this lull, I was able to edit my content on the previous training to a point that I would be confident to release meaning that I poured more in to make things full.

Thank you for posting your post as it was most helpful to me.
It allowed me to get a couple of things off my chest without any discomfort and/or controversy.

I'm not in a hurry, but perhaps someone here can tell me what I am not doing correctly with 'Pretty Links' or you could just update the video training.

Kindest regards,

Eugene Premium
Kyle this is the principle for what we lived in the military, make it simpler and not harder. I believe in building the audience first so when your product is finalized, the audience will be there waiting.

We need to get the crowd first and then give them what they were looking for in the beginning. I love the McDonald's business model, I saw the movie and the owner portrayed by Billy Crystal looked for the best piece of land before building the restaurant.

We need to have the vision of the highway traffic, and then we build based on that blueprint. I made that fatal mistake in the beginning and that's why I quit, but now I see the road. Thanks for all your help and your videos, I am so thrilled with my membership.
Norman3J Premium
Hi Kyle,

Thanks for the post. I came in to this more than drenched behind the ears so I'm just going step by step, writing my posts and figuring out the affiliate side of things. I'm having fun doing it, and learning every step of the way, and I believe my website results show this. I've made some mistakes along the way which have slowed me down, but I've learned from them. Simply put, I have much greater clarity and a KNOWING that my business can work than I've ever had since starting.

Wealthy Affiliate is truly an inspired concept.

All the best,

scottyb2good Premium
have 8 Websites and only one DJ site that made a few bucks and am moving on and focusing on 2 of my best. I need to get traffic. I see Erin so successful and been here half as long. I have yet to make any headway but plugging away as we speak. I think I'm doing it the KISS way. Building them up from the ground up. Social media is my weakness. I am afraid if I share my sites to comments and Feedback someone may steal my ideas. Need to just move on and study the training also follow Jays steps. Still swingin.............Scotty B ♫
ValrieM Premium
The side by side graphic really drives the concept home. I have tried so many different approaches that I have given up, but the dream remained. I belive that the approach here at WA with the training and support will finally see my aspirations to fruition. Keeping it super simple this time☺
teanimo Premium
Kyle,I'm a newbie just started, I am on the "Choosing your Niche part of the training.That's why I am going slowly because I don't
want to be confuse.I want to learn as I go through each part of
the training,hoping to learn and reach the position where most
of our community are. Thank you for your time spending to create
a better program for our community.
ColleenLVSJC Premium
Great post! Thank you, Kyle... I'm a fan of the KISS principle. I'm focused on getting traffic to one website and to adding valuable content for those who visit. In doing that, I hope to learn more about what my visitors want that I haven't given them yet and start getting it to them.
YayasHome Premium
I learned at a young age that keeping things simple is actually the only way I can do pretty much anything. My dad was a genius and had a great deal of difficulty trying to teach anything. He often forgot that there were people who did not have his capacity for learning and THAT most often made for a very tense situation.

In time, I figured out that if I broke things down into small pieces, it made the whole process much easier. In MY life, simplicity has ALWAYS been the key to success. :D

~ Yaya
roxcoel Premium
Been there, done that with my big idea.. the purple column that is. Still have essentially no audience a year later (maybe 75 people ea on insta and FB, lol).. I have made great strides in the last two weeks with WA, so much more than in the last year by myself.
Great reminder!!
gjrs Premium
Great article Kyle. I've been in the offline business world for most of my life. I have fallen into the trap of over planning and attempting to create something that the customer would like from the get go, and that usually did not work. I think that stemmed from a fear of looking unprofessional or appearing lacking in some way.

I have realised in recent years that getting feedback from customers/visitor, and using that as a guide to move forward is not only perfectly ok, but the better approach to building a business.

So, I decided a little while ago to completely dumb down my website, focus on the training and make it my goal to start getting feedback, even if it is bad.

So my question really is, how do you get feedback? and I know the answer, for me, it is to keep going through the training and build my networks. Going through the course is slow going for me right now, I'm way behind and that's ok, I'm making progress every day towards more feedback.


QAVAVO Premium
Thanks Kyle for the Kiss concept, it certainly has indicated to me I am on the riight track. I already have a website with google ranking which I intend to use to promote Wealthy Affiliate but my most important groundwork is to firmly grasp WA 50 Entrepreneurial Certification and 70 Bootcamp Lessons before venturing into money making and my next money making niche built on backpackers to promote a paradise island belonging to my landowning unit in Fiji as their travel destination, and I just need 12,000 of them to make the visit yearly.
Louisflaco1 Premium
I totally agree with this. I have had many ideas that have not flown because the audience was not there. A few people told me the ideas were great but to make it fly you need the audience. I am working on a project that marries 2 large entities that I want to earn a commission or referral fee to do. I was hoping there would be a Quick Start Guide for WA to get newbies like me to 30 to 50 subscribers to earn the $24./ea, = $720. to $1200./mo in the first 60 to 90 days and then build from there. Like to build to over 300 by the time the next Vegas convention is going to be. There is an attrition factor also where people start and then drop out. We need to sustain motivation & just earning a little bit to start would encourage people to continue on in my estimation. I think your program is terrific & I want to simplify this for the senior community that is not as computer familiar as the younger generation.
jetrbby80316 Premium
Great post Kyle and something we need to be reminded here. Without an audience, your business will definitely fail. It's like putting the cart before the horse.

I once had a very ambitious plan to launch a music membership site. It was a great novel idea, or so I thought. Not only did I write the Executive Summary and Business Plan, I even wrote the patent! Way over ambitious.

After working on this for many months, it failed in the end as there were a few key barriers to entry, particularly raising the capital needed. As the ship was sinking, I was losing interest in it as well.

Hard lessons learned. All because I FIRST didn't develop an audience for the brand.
LindaRose1 Premium
Thank you Kyle! I have a BIG idea and I keep debating between working on the BIG idea and WA at the same time or growing, learning and building on WA then launching my BIG idea with I have the knowledge and experience to make it much easier. But the acronym FOCUS (Focus on One Course Until Successful) keeps echoing in my mind. You just put that to rest for me. Thank you so much!
herinnelson Premium
Another wonderful and informative read, Kyle! Starting simple on the ground floor and getting an audience first may definitely lead to more success!

In relation to my $50,000 a Month Personal Case Study site, I have a featured blog post explaining my views of how this may work, and related motivational blog posts to assist in the excitement.

In my featured post, people can join WA for free to follow my Tasks. Any suggestions on what more I may include in this website would be helpful! Thanks for all you do for us!

Erin :)!
fleurallen Premium
Thanks Kyle your post has come at exactly the right time for me, affirming my recent motivation to restructure my blog. The restructure that I know you encouraged back in Feb/March of Super Affiliate Challenge but I blocked myself, now with more experience and research I think 'I've got it' and guess what? It's taking a simple approach - yay!!!
YayasHome Premium
Way to GO!!! I'm looking forward to reading your blog.

Hullo. It's very nice to meet you. :) {{{{{Waving}}}}}

~ Yaya
fleurallen Premium
Thanks Yaya yes it is a work in progress but I am actively making the improvements and simplifying the visitor experience on my blog. Great to meet you too!
YayasHome Premium
As soon as I am sure I won't get lost going or coming, I will get over to your blog. I'm quite anxious to read it, actually.

~ Yaya
fleurallen Premium
Thank you let me know how you find it
StanReneau Premium
I think this is super great advice. What we think is fully informing our audience is usually viewed by our audience as WTMI and they lose interest quickly.

Personally, I think reversing the "s"s in KISS works better and is a little less offensive, is. Keep It Stupid Simple. What do you think?
cmarkland Premium
That was good Stan and funny! LOL
StanReneau Premium
Kyle Premium
I usually write it Keep it Simple Silly, just because I don't like the idea of calling anyone stupid. But in it's original form, it was the other way around.

Keep your business simple, always removes a lot of the overwhelm that can come with trying to do too much at once, in particular when it comes to trying to build something without the adequate resources to do so.
StanReneau Premium
That's another good way to put it. I don't like calling anyone stupid either. The Stupid Simple part means more like Stupidly Simple or Very Simple. That's what people are saying lately, anyway.
Travis7 Premium
Yes, I fell victim to the BIG idea that’s just the way I am I think big. Even though my nich is specific to one crowd of people there are a lot of different products I can sell and trying to become an authority on all of them right out of the gate is just to much.
So recently I decided to FOCUS on one type of product become an authority on that ONE type of product and then move to the next type of product and so on.
That’s my story and I’m stickin to it
Kyle Premium
Great idea Travis. The thing is, there are 4 BILLION people now with high speed internet. That is your audience. If someone were to think drones is a narrow niche, they would be right but it is a very broad one.

If you focused on drone photography, you would still have a massive niche and you can carve yourself out as the expert/authority and brand much easier.

Once you have that status and clout, you could develop your own drone photography product and sell it on amazon, you could write and sell a course, or you could keep it simple and make all sorts of affiliate & advertising income.

By pushing to become that authority and doing so within a specific niche, you naturally are seeing yourself up for much more success though!
1signbanner Premium
Kyle, the big idea is to share my caricature skills with the world, that being said I find it daunting. Man, teach something like this to someone "out there." have me wondering if there is a market.

OK, make it "kiss" is what I must admist I started off with but now I want to include videos. (which I am as of now putting together) I see a vision now only to make it so people can see it.

As said by Jay, videos are preferred over content anyday.

What I'm really saying Kyle is dang it, as it started with a simple
"How-to" seems are turning into more rocks unturned.

Am I discouraged you ask Kyle? Nah, no way. I'm excited doing this part. Time and space are the only obstacles in the way for a completed website.

Am I missing something Kyle, let me know! Thanks!

Kyle Premium
Most people don't watch videos when they come through search, but videos are prevalent in our day to day lives. Just remember, that if you have a video on your page surrounded by content, some people will watch the video, but some won't (12-15% will watch the video if they are engaged).

But videos can be a huge part of your business, people will watch them through all sorts of channels and media, and they can be complimentary to your text based component of your business.
1signbanner Premium
Thank you Kyle, Good I sense I have your blessings, then.
Describing "how-tos" on paper seems more difficult for most, I believe than videos.

Well, I will eventually find out if this all works out!

Mahalo Kyle! Your words are always wisdom to me!

frank =)
ontherise Premium
I would definitely participate in Craft with Kyle! Lol
Is there such a thing as being too simplistic in our sites?
I sometimes feel that I am. I prefer to keep it simple so I don't use a lot of flash and ads. At the same time I feel like I may not have enough flash! I suppose it also depends on the visitor.
I definitely agree with the principle in all aspects of life.

Thanks for sharing this.
Kyle Premium
Awesome, maybe I will do it but in a different format where I discuss affiliate marketing related concepts. got me thinking now. :)

You don't need flash to be great, flash without substance is a deterrent. Substance without flash, is not. :)
chender684 Premium
If you don't have a big idea or big dream of where you want to go, I think you are also doomed to failure in that case. You need to see the light at the end of the tunnel.
In this business, it just requires patience so the KISS principle clearly applies.
BTW, I was in the Navy and I can tell you the systems are very complicated. The KISS principle comes in by the designers who have to make everything simple to use.

Thanks Kyle.
Kyle Premium
I agree, but your "idea" of what looking big or being a big business might look entirely different when you get there. Have visions, and let them evolve. The smaller, more incremental steps are what will lead you there.
doobie333 Premium
I have built my website to cover a subject that Is way too big.

Thanks for the right perspective.
Kyle Premium
hilarybassak Premium
Thanks Kyle for pointing this out. I started off with a simple idea but overtime complicated it until it has become confused and over complicated with a target audience that may not even want it. Back to the drawing board for me!
Kyle Premium
Yeah, that can happen. Maybe spend a day mapping out the short term goals of your business, the medium term and long term goals.

And then assess what it is going to take to get there.

Your goal, ultimately, is to become an authority/brand in the niche that you working within. You do that by helping people and building an audience doing so.

Once you have that you have a sustainable and long term business.
hilarybassak Premium
Thanks Kyle - I will take your advise and act on it
NicoleO2 Premium
This makes absolute sense. Many years ago earned a degree in computer graphics for print media and some online media. This concept is what was preached to us students all the time. Now i find myself forgetting the concept and wanting my website to look absolutely perfect before I even have articles up. Thanks for the timely reminder.
Kyle Premium
I am glad they are still teaching this in school. I think it is tough to really resonate this idea with people until they actually start a business, but it is good to know that it is being taught.
Rich908 Premium
Love it - Keep it simple always works for me

Great post Kyle

Kyle Premium
Works for me too!
smokeywins Premium
Thanks for a great post! It was the reminder I needed to stop looking at the large picture and to refocus on the small steps needed to get there. Building a brand and focusing on great content, to get the following, and the sales will come. I have to keep reminding myself of that instead of getting frustrated because a visitor doesn't click through and signup.
Kyle Premium
Yeah, the large picture is often times not the correct picture once you get there. Every time we have tried to develop something without all of the user generated feedback on the way to get there (what we think people want, versus what they actually do), it has typically ended poorly.
Jukoha Premium
I agree with the KISS approach. It applies not only in business but in everyday life. When things are made complicated, they become hard to understand. Can you post a list some trending products and niches one can pick from?
onmyownterms Premium
That type of list doesn't exist - that's part of your responsibility to determine your niche, based on your interests.
Marketboom Premium
I had to smile when I read this because I was born in 1960 and my father is a retired navy chief. He liked things simple to and that's probably why he isn't online with all of us today ha ha.

And as a personal reminder to all who are creating their own marketing assets ...keep it simple :)

Good stuff Kyle :)
Kyle Premium
That is great, he definitely understands the concept then. There is a lot less stress in life when you keep things simple as well, it has the tendency to lead to a lot more happiness.
MKearns Premium
Spot on Kyle. I worked in US navy engineering logistics in my preretirement WA days.
The mantra is build a little, test a little to enable successful development!
Simple concepts little at a time will always win out!
Kyle Premium
Yeah, that same mantra works like a charm in business. The field of dreams has a great quote, which is actually incorrect.

If you BUILD it, they will COME. In reality, you want to have them there as you are building it so you can build exactly what they want.
MKearns Premium
Something to remember as I saw healthy corn being bulldozed under!!
pasionazul Premium
Yes Kyle, I am again in WA very happy I will seek to build a new site with authority, for a large audience like you explain. Regards!
Kyle Premium
Yeah, focus on building an authoritative website, but also give yourself time to establish this.

It doesn't happen overnight, but once you reach any level of authority, you are going to have a very bright future ahead of you (in any niche).
kdush Premium
I like the approach of starting small and simple