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Last Update: Sep 20, 2022

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Like equates to trust. Trust equates to your ability to sell something with efficiency. So if this is the process, HOW do we get someone to LIKE us.

Attaining likability with your audience is going to be a critical component of your overall marketing agenda, and it should be embedded directly within your content creation.

Since you don't have the capability to leverage "offline" marketing techniques like eye contact, listening with attentiveness, remembering names, need to understand how to effectively create this "likable" tone within the online world.

I want to spend a few moments here walking you through easy-to-implement techniques to increase likability and relationship building strategies that you can utilize on your website to enhance your likability.

(1) The 24 Hour Response Rule. The level of your support you offer your audience, will reflect on WHO you are as a person and as a brand. If people don't feel supported and don't feel that you are available, then people will not trust you. Simple as that.

My recommendation, that regardless of your business and where these interactions take place (comments on your site, here within WA, email support, etc), that you have a rule that you respond as efficiently as possible but to a maximum of 24 hours to get back to all queries.

If you can do this, you will have trust. The reality is that MOST companies, affiliate marketers, and even major brands fail horribly this department. I f you succeed with it, you are going to have a real competitive advantage.

(2) Help From the Hip. Also known as being authentic, when you create your content in a way where people feel like their "best friend" is speaking to them, you are able to acquire trust.

This is why I always recommend that people create their content in a way where they are "communicating" for their audience, not "writing" for their audience. Communicate your ideas, and aim to help people within your content.

As you construct your content, make sure that you are leading with a helpful and very communicative tone. It's OK to be hip, to use slang, and to speak to people in the same way you would in the real world.

(3) Ask People Questions. If you are inquisitive with your audience, that is, ask them questions about themselves, they are often times willing to share a great deal (sometimes more than you want lol).

We make use of this within a lot of our marketing here at Wealthy Affiliate, but I have always focused on encouraging feedback within website content and email marketing by asking questions.

Don't stop there though, you want to guarantee that you will get back to them. If you ask a "generic" question without that assurance, your response rates will go down drastically.

So ask people what their goals are, are the what their "ideal" is. Remember, if you can solve problems for people, you are going to be running a very successful business. First, you want people to tell you about their problems, that makes it much easier to assess and respond in a helpful way.

So there you have it. Get people to like you.

Don't treat your content as though you are writing for search engines, rather realize that with every word that you type (or dictate) that there is going to be a human on the other end of that word that you are going to need to connect with if you ever plan on being able to sell/recommend something.

Now I want to point the attention in your direction. Are you working to create likability with your online activities? If so, how? I would love to hear your feedback here!

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Ya, I think likeability is very important in all areas of life, especially for your business. If I don't like you, then I won't return to your site, and you will have no business. I feel like letting your customers know that you are where you are because of them. Letting people know that they are appreciated will encourage likeness and eventually trust. Likeness is like the missing piece that you tried to find with each article you create ya.


Yeah, it is definitely important to be likeable within the offline world as well, and that is done through real human interaction. It can be a little trickier to establish this when you are creating textual content, and the strategies I mentioned above will really help to speed up that process. ;)

Interesting text, I agree with the way of writing how it should sound to someone who reads it, I mean, identify with the person and show empathy.
Is that way of writing really enough in the business world and in WA?
Getting an audience is fine but from a technical point of view?
Sorry Kyle if I'm being harsh in expressing my opinion, thoughts

Yeah, being empathetic is a big part of establishing a relationship with your audience. If you can approach content in this way, you are going to be personable and you are going to establish a significant brand through time.

The writing is precursor to a lot of things, rankings in search engines being a big one. If you create content that is empathetic, then you get ranked you will have WAY more opportunity to convert your audience and generate revenue.

If you create 'institutionalized' content, and it ranks you are not going to have that same ability as your audience won't like or trust you in the same way.

See what I am saying here?

Hello, I understand,
preference should be given to placing users in a more natural, relaxed environment.
Thanks for the reply and the exchange of opinions.
Greetings and happy work, Caca

what would be the ranking influencer within an empathic response, can you give an example Kyle please. equally what is it within a response that gets a rank response?

thank you very much, Kyle, for these tips. They help us write good content, that is focused on the audience.
Personally, although I put into consideration keywords, normally I get consumed in communicating to my focus audience as possible, trying to make sure that I have been understood.

That said, I cannot claim perfection because sometimes I may sound too formal. However, there is room for improvement and with these tips, I will improve more and more. Thank you, Kyle, once again.

Nobody is perfect, and often times we don't know what is really good until we start getting feedback from our audience. The biggest mistake you can make as a content creator is trying to perfect your content before someone has seen it.

Thank you so much

another question, " the biggest mistake you can make as a content creator is trying to perfect your content before someone has seen it" does this mean that you would be looking at regularly altering your content as a matter of expectation.

Thank you for this Kyle. I love this because it reminds me a lot of what I learned in my psychology classes in college, and that is to talk to people like they are people, not anything less or even more. I think once we learn to respect our readers, and treat them like people and not money makers, we can gain a bigger following. Plus, it's kinda fun talking like that. It's not fun and can lead to burn out if you are writing for a machine.

Yeah, that is all people want. Talk to then like a human, they don't feel like reading an English essay and they won't. If you use conversational speak in your content, share stories, and authentically understand and address their problems (and the hot buttons they are thinking about), you will instantly be able to connect and build a great rapport.

That is how you sell, it is done far before you ask people for money or before you recommend a product/service that will benefit them.

I am with you 100% there. I get a bit hooked up on detail, the minutia, particularly when I am unsure of a situation like this learning process. It was good to hear something I could relate to. I have no problem meeting people face to face, talking to them, connecting, but useless at putting myself out there on social media, so find this scary and over think it. :))

Great advice Kyle... as usual!

I always like to write a post and then leave it for an hour or two. Then I go and read it and see if it is ready to be published. Or if it requires any tweaks, with the reader in mind.

The reader is the one that counts. They need to feel like you're there to help them...

All the best,

Awesome, I like this strategy. When you are so enthralled into creating the actual content, often times we miss the small stuff that can really equate to great content. Coming back to it with a "fresh head' is a great idea!

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