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August 30, 2016
There has been a lot of concern from “newcomers” to the Wealthy Affiliate program that are worried about not being able to make the Vegas Super Affiliate Conference this year, so we are going to do something special for everyone here.If you can make 100 unique Premium referrals as a WA affiliate between September 1st - December 31st, 2016 you are going to be getting an invite to Vegas!That is right. You will be hanging out with all of us in style in Las Vegas. An all inclusive 4 day
August 18, 2016
A common question that folks have is whether or not they should target only one keyword per post. It is a fair question, because when do research online we are researching individual keyword phrases. The Assumed Keyword Truth is NOT the Reality.The idea of being able to target only ONE keyword per post can feel very limiting and it feels as though you are not going to really get much benefit from one post. When starting out, we naturally question the 'opportunity' of the Internet business wor
August 09, 2016
It is a constant worry when people are starting out online that the proverbial opportunity “well” within any given niche will run dry. When will I tap out my niche so there is no opportunity left within it.The answer. Never.You will never run out of opportunity within any niche, in particular if you spend time working within your niche, regularly research products/services, forums in your space, other websites/blogs, and question and answer sites relating to your niche.This is somet
July 04, 2016
I just wanted to give everyone a quick update here. Many people were getting errors on their website or other people’s website when they tried to leave comments. This was happening directly within the comment fields within a given page/post and was actually preventing comments from being sent on your website.What happened is a week or so back we rolled out an entire SiteProtect platform, one very significant aspect of this platform was geared towards comment spam and blocking people tryin
June 28, 2016
We just wanted to let everyone know we are having a domain flash sale on .org domains. If you buy a .org domain (as many as you want) from now until Thursday, June 30th at NOON PST, you can get any available .org domain for only $6.99.That is $9 off per domain, as normal price on .org domains is $15.99.==> Get $6.99 .org Domains Here!The 2nd year pricing is the normal price, so it is $15.99 but the first year you will be getting an awesome discount.If you are looking to get yourself your fi
June 01, 2016
The question tends to come up naturally as one gets involved within the online marketing world, and here at WA. "Should you be involved in many niches and does it take “several” niches and websites to be successful online?"The answer is not as straightforward as a yes or no. When starting out your focus should ideally be on ONE niche, but it is definitely viable to be involved in many niches and you can definitely start building domain assets across many niches in preparation of th
May 26, 2016
We have just launched the brand new Affiliate Task platform here at WA that is available to all Premium members! This is going to be a game changer in respect to affiliate efficiency, your ability to help your referrals in a timely manner, and ultimately maximizing conversions. As an affiliate here at WA, it has been very difficult to manage your conversations, your interactions, and reach out to your referrals who are in need of help. It's Centralized! Bringing the Fragments Together. Prior
May 17, 2016
Few people consider this when the start within the online world because often times it feels as though they are “attempting” to make money.That is part in parcel the problem. This is not an attempt at a real business. By coming to Wealthy Affiliate, you are learning how to properly build a business within any vertical or niche online, starting with your website and your domain name. And this WILL become your brand. Your website is your brand. Your activities are your brand. And with
April 20, 2016
There seems to be a lot of confusion surrounding SEO (Search Engine Optimization) these days and I wanted to spend a few minutes offering those that are confused or those that have frankly, been totally misinformed/misguided, some real clarity.The most common and the most talked about is “backlinks”. Companies, internet marketers and "gurus" still seem to be pushing the idea of backlinks. Many other marketers say to avoid backlinks at all costs.Which is correct? Who should you belie
April 06, 2016
I think for most of us, when we are born we are not destined to be anything in particular.Sure there are trust fund babies and there are folks that are pushed into taking over a family business, but generally speaking 99.9% of the time there is no specific direction assigned to us in life and even as we become adults, we continue to control the direction and the destiny in which our lives assume.What Was My Personal Destiny?I wasn’t destined to be the owner of an internet business any mor