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There is the tendency when starting something new to try to perfect what you are doing. On paper this may sound like a great idea, but in the real world of applied knowledge it can be problematic. I want to explain why "perfectionism" can be one of the leading causes of failure in business and how you can cure your perfectionist mindset if this is what you are suffering from.I am going to explain the top issues with perfectionism and hopefully help you avoid these moving forward.Issue #1: Perfe
People have this inherent concern that their niche is too narrow or specific and they are going to run out of content ideas or potential if they are too specific. Anyone that is successful online knows that this is not the case and I can tell people until my voice box is gone that there is unlimited potential in any niche idea, but it doesn't make sense until I show real examples.So here I am today. I am going to give you a real example of a niche that is seemingly VERY specific, that started o
That is a question I would like to pose to you. Have you ever given this any thought, or did you just assume that because others are using Kleenex and that you are using it, that is the only and best way of doing it.Well, not the only, I have a 5-year old and she tends to think that using her sleeve is an effective way of blowing her nose. I know, gross right?Although myself, I haven't personally questioned the idea of how to blow my nose and what the most effective approach is. I do question
Let me take you back 18 years. I sat there, thinking of what success looks like. What did success mean to me and when I "made it", what would that really look like. At the time, I remember thinking of what success to me looked like back when I was 18 years old driving around in my 1986 4-door Chevy Sprint. Yes, quite the car and not exactly what I deemed as a success, but it was mine and I actually paid for it through my own hard work which I was proud of. I ( like most young kids) was so
Many of you have probably heard of the KISS approach. Not the peck on the cheek type, rather the Keep It Simple, Stupid (KISS for acronym) approach to business. KISS is an acronym created by the US Navy in the 1960's based on the concept of systems working best when they are kept very simple, rather than made complicated. From my experience, the KISS mentality has a very obvious application to the online business world and I want to explain that in this post.Everyone has a great deal of capabil
The reality is, any one of us can accomplish a great deal of success within the online world and there is an incredible audience that is engaged and very much looking for a platform/service like WA out there. A long term and sustainable income is going to continue to be our goal and to achieve these, like any business, there are going to be some trials and tribulations, along with a bit of fatigue.To this day, Carson and I can still get fatigue in business. Everyone I know that has been operati
When you are looking to start a business online, one of the most difficult choices people have is choosing the starting point niche for their blog. A niche is the "topic" of your business. The reality is that there are MILLIONS of potential directions that you can head with your niche and within this post I am going to be walking you through the best ways to find a niche for your blog.Before I get into some really awesome niche finding techniques, I first want to help you understand the most co
You can’t buy anything for $0.98 anymore. I walk out of my house, start my vehicle and I have blown through 98 cents in gas before I back out of my garage.Heck, just yesterday I went to the local Starbucks, and dropped over $10 on a muffin and a ‘latte’. That is almost half a month access to Wealthy Affiliate, which is the ONLY platform, community and environment you need to create, grow and manage your business.That sounds insane, and I can tell you the cost efficiency within
As many of you are very much aware of, there is a GDPR regulation being instituted by the EU (European Union) on May 25th, 2018. After this, their new privacy and personal data regulations become enforceable under the EU laws. Today I want to open a discussion on the entire GDPR, what it is, what it means to you and your business, and discuss some of the major benefits and flaws that I interpret from these new regulations. I also want to offer you some solutions that you can implement on your w
As you build out your business, it is always important that you reflect on what you have done, and in some case what you haven't done. Completing an accountability "check" every 3-4 months is always a good idea, in particular one where others can offer you feedback on your achievements, and help you come up with ideas as to how you can better achieve results.This "inward look" into my activities is something that I have always done in business (and in life). The reason I wait 3 months is that