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April 20, 2016
There seems to be a lot of confusion surrounding SEO (Search Engine Optimization) these days and I wanted to spend a few minutes offering those that are confused or those that have frankly, been totally misinformed/misguided, some real clarity.The most common and the most talked about is “backlinks”. Companies, internet marketers and "gurus" still seem to be pushing the idea of backlinks. Many other marketers say to avoid backlinks at all costs.I want to offer my perspective and hop
April 06, 2016
I think for most of us, when we are born we are not destined to be anything in particular.Sure there are trust fund babies and there are folks that are pushed into taking over a family business, but generally speaking 99.9% of the time there is no specific direction assigned to us in life and even as we become adults, we continue to control the direction and the destiny in which our lives assume.What Was My Personal Destiny?I wasn’t destined to be the owner of an internet business any mor
April 01, 2016
Before I get started, I want to clearly explain one thing to everyone. Every niche out there has the potential to become a million dollar + business, seriously. From drones to drawers, from billy goats to billy clubs. From binary options to binary programming. Everything is a niche with an incredible amount of opportunity.BUT…There is one niche in particular that supersedes all of them. I have been keeping this niche secret for many years and I have been quietly making a fortune in this
March 29, 2016
Anyone that has achieved any level of success within the online or offline business world will completely relate to what I am about to talk about. Decisions. There are many decisions that entrepreneurs have to make in their journey to success. Some very easy ones, some difficult, and sometimes it happens so naturally that you don’t know that you are actually making a decision.But one thing is in common. Decisiveness will lead to much quicker success, even if you are WRONG. It is natural t
March 25, 2016
A very common question that people have when getting rolling with their websites, surrounds what are the best affiliate programs for their respective website.The answer? The most relevant one. It is sometimes easy to get lost in the idea of promoting something to your audience and what specifically should you sell, that you forget completely about that the fact that there are REAL people on your website and these people are looking for something specific. If you can help them enough to build tr
March 08, 2016
Before we even get into this discussion, if you are already a Premium member this will not impact you at ALL. So if you have at any point, ever been a Premium member, you will never be subject to price increases at all. :)This is not an April Fool’s joke and I am actually not joking at all. But it is not as bad as you probably think, in fact it is a good thing.Wealthy Affiliate is Going Up a WHOPPING $2.In a few months time, you might see a price increase at Wealthy Affiliate. Over the pa
February 29, 2016
I just wanted to give all WA affiliates a quick update. As many of you are probably aware, WA is constantly evolving and improving and in the past 6 months we have put a lot of focus on improving our external website...every page has been updated and improved upon. Additionally, we have added several pages to the site as our services and offerings continue to expand (hosting, domains, websites).You can check out the new website here if you haven’t seen it recently:htt
February 22, 2016
Domains are a very important part of your business and when you buy a domain, it is usually a very exciting moment as you are buying a “piece” of the Internet. You are claiming your stake on your online brand and you are purchasing the future in your business. It’s exciting. But one thing that people take for granted is their privacy. Unfortunately, when you buy domains through most services, your personal contact details are not kept protected from the general public, and wo
February 15, 2016
I get this question all the time. Who inspires me in the business world? As simple as that sounds, I feel a lot of internal complexities when I try to determine whom really inspires me and that has played an influential role in my decision making, in Wealthy Affiliate, and overall, in how you conduct yourself within the business world.So I wanted to take some time to reveal some of the people that have served as the most inspirational roles in my life, perhaps offering you some insight into peo
February 11, 2016
When people think of “domains”, they think of their brand for the business or we think of "keyword rich" domain names. We try to snatch up the best domains possible, ideally attempting to get a .com domain. So regardless of the niche you enter into, you should always have your own domain name (at some point). But when it comes to investing into more of a long term portfolio of domains or treating domains for what it is, virtual real estate, very few of us ever think to seek out and