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This may be strange to you, but I am going to tell you exactly how the story of "The Three Little Pigs" has a great deal of relevance to you and your online business.I have a 4-year old that I read to all the time and one of her favorite books is The Three Little Pigs. I think this is partly because of the way I tell the story and embellish blowing a house down (lol, I like to think so anyways), but partly because kids like to be scared and the story is definitely a captivating one with a feel
August 08, 2017
Hey folks,Just a quick update here, I just wanted to let you know that I am not quite out of commission but my hand has been broken. I had a little accident at my baseball game last night and I ended up fracturing my pinky finger. Since it was a full fracture that they elected to do surgery on it which will be taking place later this afternoon.Here's the picture below of my broken finger, you can see the third bone down in my pinky finger is fractured.Since I probably won't be as efficient as
With Facebook generating so much revenue through their Facebook Ads network, it has been a consistent question by affiliate marketers as to whether Facebook has an affiliate program and if so, how do you join it.Just today, I received indication that Facebook is now offering a Facebook Ads affiliate program, or at the very least, we could call it a "referral" program.How to Join Facebooks Affiliate Program?If you are an existing advertisers and you own a page on Facebook that is being actively
Hi everyone,There has been a lot of stir here lately about posting at Wealthy Affiliate, Ambassadorship and the Ranking platform and what people see and don't see within their Activity Dashboards.Because of this I wanted to offer an official post from us to give you some perspective on our thoughts and where we plan to take these platforms moving forward (and what we have been working very hard on).First Blog Posts, What Can You Post and What Shouldn't YouWe have our rules here at Wealthy Affil
My eldest daughter heard me and my wife discussing the word "ad" on TV and asked, "Daddy, what is an ad?". Obviously I comprehend what an ad is. I understand advertising in intimate detail being in this space for quite some time, but I think I completely sabotaged my answer.My question to you is this:If you were going to explain to a 3 year old what an ad is, how would you explain it so they could comprehend it? Looking forward to your answers.
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I left the Internet. It wasn't for long, but it felt like an absolute eternity.I was away this past week on a destination wedding to the northern part of British Columbia, Canada and we stayed at a lodge on Emerald Lake that didn't have Internet in the rooms, and the Internet that was in the lobby was so slow that I gave up even trying to use it. Here is a shot of me walking the trails with our daughter Millie (in the stroller).I wasn't aware that there wouldn't be Internet, I of course had m
Hi Everyone,We have just integrated the latest version of Affiliate Bootcamp into the training. This is the first of several rollouts that will be taking place in the coming months and we are really excited about the new and improved version of bootcamp that is going to be rolled out. Here is the upcoming launch schedule for Affiliate Bootcamp 2.0.June 7th , Phase 1 Launched (Access it here)June 30th, Phase 2July 30th, Phase 3August 15th, Phase 4August 30th, Phase 5September 15th, Phase 6Octo
Website speed is becoming more important as time goes on. As sites get more sophisticated, more database driven, use higher quality graphics, videos and other media, and as people use platforms like Wordpress that are fairly intensive in terms of loading speeds, speed suffers. As a result, Google PageSpeed Results tends to suffer as well.I want to tell you today that we have been working diligently behind the scenes to fix all of these website speed issues through some sophisticated technology
If I told you that there are over 1 million niches, you would probably tell me I am nuts. But that is the reality of the Internet, any audience, no matter how small it seems in a potentially successful niche. A niche site, the framework of it, can quite easily be constructed in a matter of 4 weeks and we are going to be showing you how to build a niche website in a month within the live class training here at Wealthy Affiliate.First things first though, I want to clarify the difference between
After years of contemplation and intense discussion, today marks a very significant day for us. Today we are making our entrance into the Multi-Level Marketing industry with our latest and greatest product offering, PhlegmLM. There are over 1 BILLION colds in the US annually and a symptom of a cold is that annoying “phlegm” you get in your throat and nose. Today we have the answer to that product with our specialized PhelgmLM nose sucker products, which is going to be the foundation