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I get people coming to me all the time, and you may to, saying I want to be rich. That is great that people are ambitious and they have goals of being "rich" or a "millionaire", but to understand how to get there and to create a path to accomplish this, you firs need to understand the mathematics of a million dollars.First Step, Breaking Down a Million DollarsIn terms of financial goals, I have always liked to break things down into a daily revenue. Unlike conventional salaried or contract inco
Over the years, it has been interesting to work with well over a million people (personally) and to see how different people learn, in different ways. Some people pick up different topics quickly, whereas others have a tough time understanding certain concepts. A lot of this is based on our personal backgrounds, some of it on past knowledge and the ability to learn new topics, and a lot of it based on our own learning styles. Today I wanted to reach out to everyone and discuss the training here
Today I want to have a bit of discussion about productivity, but I am going to be discussing it in a way that hopefully will give you some newfound perspective as to why you are not accomplishing what you WANT to accomplish, and frankly, why are better at helping others achieve their goals.This discussion is going to be about "proximal empathy".People have a natural tendency to teach those they care about, things that they know is the right thing to do. The problem is that we care more about ot
Today marks the 14th year at Wealthy Affiliate!On September 10th, 2005 we launched a little website called and over the next 14 years it has evolved to what you see today. Back then Carson and I launched Wealthy Affiliate with the intention to help people build businesses online.To date, we have not veered from this mission, in fact we are more committed than ever to evolving the platform here to help YOU achieve success and to do so at a rate not possible (or with the same
Whenever you start anything "new" there is a level of natural apprehension takes place. If you are new to the online business world or affiliate marketing, then you are likely questioning whether or not it works. In fact, many people think affiliate marketing is something new.Because of these misunderstandings and unwarranted fears about the industry, I wanted to offer some clarity on the common questions, and some clarity on the industry as a whole.But first I want to start with my story.My St
Many of you have probably noticed that your Airplane icon in the header now says 100 sales (or less). This is not a technical issue or a mistake, if you can make 100 unique premium referrals from Sept 1st, 2019 to December 31st, 2019 you are going to be invited on our annual all-inclusive Super Affiliate Conference down in Las Vegas.Who Can Achieve Vegas Status?Anyone. All you need to do is get 100 people out of 4 BILLION online. That is the reality, everyone that is online, that is on social m
One thing that I recommend that you do with regularity is "check in" on your business and have a look back at what you accomplished in the past 3-4 months. This is something that I do regularity and I find that is good for giving me a pulse as to where my business is at, and also the areas that I can improve (or that I have been procrastinating....we all do it!!).So today I want you to take a moment and be accountable as to the following 4 items.Take a moment and leave your responses to these
We have just released a "free audit week" of SiteFeedback, during the next week you can get free feedback for your website. You are going to be able to get feedback on your website,How the "Free Audit Week" Works?It is exactly how it sounds and very simple. If you have a website that you want to get reviewed, if you have a page or posts (or several) that you want real human feedback on, then I recommend that you head over to the SiteFeedback platform and request some feedback.Some of the most i
There is a misconception these days, that you need to be promoting high ticket affiliate programs in order to be successful online. In this post I am going to investigate this very idea and help you understand the difference between high ticket affiliate marketing, low ticket affiliate marketing, and I am going to be bringing ethical affiliate marketing to the forefront of the conversation.What is High Ticket Affiliate Marketing?Like it sounds, high ticket affiliate marketing is the sale of hig
People often ask me this..."What are the chances that I can succeed at this?"To be completely frank, your chances of success at this or any other business are just as good as me, or anyone else that is doing this full time. I know that sounds like motivational speak, but this response is just pointing out the obvious reality.Without sounding too cliche, we are all given the same amount of hours in a day. We have 24 hours. There is a good chance that you lead a busy life, you have time commitmen