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Just wanted to Keep everyone in the loop about a big event that comes up every year, this year it is going to be taking place on November 24th.Black Friday.Black Friday is always a time to celebrate here at WA for affiliates, as well as all members of the community. This is a time when we offer our lowest price discount on your membership ever. It also includes some exclusive bonuses that are only offered to those that take part in the Black Friday offer.This year Black Friday at Wealthy affili
We have a significant update to announce today, for those of you that are existing premium members, for those of you that maybe looking to become a premium member, and certainly for affiliates of Wealthy Affiliate.For far too long we have been selling WA on the idea of "MORE" of everything through our "old" sales page, but we have not being explicit as to the true vastness of the offering here within the premium membership and to a certain degree I feel that we have been understating the offeri
Hey everyone,I know we have been fairly quiet in recent weeks and over the summer in terms of actual "launches" here at Wealthy Affiliate, but we have some very significant projects going on behind the scenes. At any given time, we have 10 to 15 very large projects in one of the many stages of development, whether something is in the idea development stage, programming stage, testing, or beta. What I can tell you is that is going to be an exciting fall and winter ahead! With our next big kick o
I hear far more excuses as to why someone can't achieve success than why they can. People have the natural tendency to use the fact that their lives are busy and get in the way of working on their business.Well, guess what? We ALL have busy lives. We all have priorities, we all have various tasks pulling at us throughout the day, we have families, we have social lives, we have work, we have LIVES. That is fine, that is completely normal and unless you truly are at home staring at a white wall a
Toys"R" Us is filing for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy and as a result, the affiliate program and those leveraging it is going to need to eventually move and promote something else.The big box stores continue to fall victim to the Internet and the e-commerce world. There've been many companies and big brands (such as Sears) that are following the same demise after many years of success in the offline marketplace. This is indicative of our new "world" Where much greater percentage of people purchase thi
A few days late here, but we have a lot going on behind the scenes. We are busier than ever, in a good way!A few days back, on September 10th, it marked Wealthy Affiliate's 12th birthday! Although this day felt like any other day of the week or month, this particular marks a significant point in our history here WA.12 years ago, when Carson and I launched Wealthy Affiliate we were not sure what to think. We had a goal and mission, and that goal and mission was to help people succeed within the
I just wanted to update everyone on the Las Vegas Super Affiliate Conference. Every year we run a challenge and if you can make 300 premium referrals to Wealthy Affiliate (as an affiliate), you get an all expense paid trip to Las Vegas to hang out with Carson and myself along with other very successful affiliate marketers, to take part in our Super Affiliate conference in early 2018. You can read about that here.Well, as of today, we have renewed this challenge and made it much easier to achie
This is just a reminder. I know many of you are Pro and Enterprise members at already, so this will not impact you at all. You will be grandfathered in at the old Jaaxy prices and never be subject to any price increases moving forward.For those of you that are on the free version of Jaaxy or are not using Jaaxy yet, this is a reminder for you. On September 4ht, 2017, The price of Jaaxy is going to be going up for all levels of membership.Jaaxy CURRENT PricesPro: $19/mthEnterprise:
This may be strange to you, but I am going to tell you exactly how the story of "The Three Little Pigs" has a great deal of relevance to you and your online business.I have a 4-year old that I read to all the time and one of her favorite books is The Three Little Pigs. I think this is partly because of the way I tell the story and embellish blowing a house down (lol, I like to think so anyways), but partly because kids like to be scared and the story is definitely a captivating one with a feel
August 08, 2017
Hey folks,Just a quick update here, I just wanted to let you know that I am not quite out of commission but my hand has been broken. I had a little accident at my baseball game last night and I ended up fracturing my pinky finger. Since it was a full fracture that they elected to do surgery on it which will be taking place later this afternoon.Here's the picture below of my broken finger, you can see the third bone down in my pinky finger is fractured.Since I probably won't be as efficient as