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Last week Carson alluded that we are going to be delivering a BRAND NEW design here at Wealthy Affiliate (see post here), something that we have been working on for close to a year. The Wealthy Affiliate headquarters have been working around the clock getting this brand new platform ready to rock, so come April you as a member are going to be able to work within our new environment. I can tell you we have been working on some really brilliant technology, new platforms, new training, and ideas
People fear writing and I am not sure why. Not a day passes by me where someone tells me that "I am not a writer though", and send me a 500 word article telling me why they cannot write! That is HALF a blog post!! That is the reality though, people don't view their online communication and the time they spend writing to others, as writing. However, this is what writing is and this is the basis of content production.Your goal is to communicate with your respective audience and speak to them
There are many people within the online world that are really missing out because they are not implementing email marketing within their business. There are also a lot of people that are doing it incorrectly, and another batch of marketers that are simply over investing their energies into email marketing campaigns without having an adequate base of website visitors for it to make sense.Email marketing has a time and a place in your business, and to truly achieve the best results you need to u
We have just returned from the Las Vegas Super Affiliate Conference. I would be understating it if I said it was a great time, it was nothing short of brilliant and it was amazing to be surrounded by such an awesome group of people. There's something to be said when you're hanging out with 15 fellow (our largest group yet), like-minded individuals what's it coming goal of helping people create success within the online world.Vegas also gives us the opportunity to hash out ideas and current proj
I have an interesting story to share with you on price points and I hope it is going to shed a lot of light on how, we as people, interact to different price points and how as humans we quantify different price points and value in our decision-making.This story on pricing and the overall idea for providing pricing strategy exmaples started when I was recently on a vacation with my family in Santa Monica, California. For those of you unfamiliar with the area, there is a famous pier (Santa Monica
Affiliate marketing is constantly changing and evolving and 2018 is going to be another year when we can expect some incremental shifts, and some more radical shifts. I am going to spend a bit here explaining where I see affiliate marketing in 2018 heading and hopefully shed some light on the industry as a whole.Before I get started, I want to clear your mind of ONE thing. Affiliate Marketing is not going anywhere. The opportunity to build a full time business through affiliate marketing is sti
December 07, 2017
I am not going to let the cat out of the bag, but I can tell you that we have been working on something big for close to 9 months now that will be coming out next week.It will be our final major release of 2017, but moving into 2018 you can expect amazing things out of us. 2017 was our busiest to date in terms of new technologies and releases here, 2018 is going to blow that away!Next week. Something BIG. Stay tuned. ;)
Starting out within the online world was an erratic and tumultuous experience for me (albeit it fun). There are many reasons for this, but the main one was that it was a journey of self-education to truly comprehend how the online economy worked, how affiliate marketing worked, and how I could take "ideas", some content, some affiliate products, as well as traffic, and turn this into a thriving affiliate marketing business.An important thing to take into consideration and something that I have
I just wanted to touch base today to quickly point out where you can find Black Friday images/banners that you can use on your website, social media, or for that matter, wherever you like.You can get your Black Friday link from the Affiliate "Program Details" page and I recommend that if you know of anyone that could benefit from WA, would be interested in building a business online, or want to take a passion/interest and build a business, you share this link with them (as shown below).===>
Just wanted to Keep everyone in the loop about a big event that comes up every year, this year it is going to be taking place on November 24th.Black Friday.Black Friday is always a time to celebrate here at WA for affiliates, as well as all members of the community. This is a time when we offer our lowest price discount on your membership ever. It also includes some exclusive bonuses that are only offered to those that take part in the Black Friday offer.This year Black Friday at Wealthy affili