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Lots of people have a tough time choosing a niche when they are starting a business. A niche, is simply an audience, or a group of people interested in something. Whether this is "drone racing" or "crocheting" or XYZ, you get to choose. That is the beautiful thing about creating an Internet business, you get to choose anything that you want your business to be.The problem is that people have paralysis when choosing their niche because they either want it to be the perfect niche, or they are sca
15 years ago something very significant to my life took place (and I know Carson would say the same). Wealthy Affiliate was born, September 10, 2005. As I sat down to write this post I really started to go down memory lane. The ups and downs to running a business are real, and to be completely frank with you there were times that we felt like giving up. There are times when it feels like your back is up against the wall and nothing is going right. There are also times when you feel you can't do
Hey Everyone,Today is an exciting day and I wanted to let you know why. Being September 1st, we have once again decided to update the Super Affiliate Incentive Program and make it achievable for EVERYONE here at WA to make Vegas next year.So we are excited to announce to EVERY member of the community here that...Get 100 Sales, and You Meet Us in Vegas (All Expenses Paid)So here is how it works.The new incentive criteria will run from September 1st, 2020 - December 31st, 2020. If you can achie
Pinterest is one of the most popular social media platforms online and has seen consistent year over year growth since its inception back in 2009. There are currently close to 400 MILLION active users and because of the widespread usage of Pinterest here within WA we wanted to create an official thread where you can connect with fellow WA'ers on Pinterest, as well as gain your own following. This is a true "give and take" thread. It is a two-step process:Step 1: Post your Pinterest Profile
I get asked this all the time. What is the "success rate" of affiliate marketing? This is not exactly a "one size fits all" answer, because there are way too many personal characteristics and traits that will impact your success. Also, if you view entrepreneurship as an opportunity versus a business, the answer will be completely different for you. There are a lot of moving pieces when you are talking about "personal" success and the dependencies between your work ethic, your knowledge, and yo
I have been out of the bike riding "loop" for quite some time, but in recent months I bought myself a hybrid bike (in between a road bike, and a mountain bike) and have been getting out riding on it quite a bit. I have noticed something as I have been riding and there are a lot of parallels between biking and business. But this only happened because of my inquisitive mind. As I began to ride up hills, flat areas, and down hills, I started to wonder what the best approach to riding these was to
Hey everyone,Today I want to discuss education, in particular the training and education you are getting here at WA. This is a critical element to the success of your business, and it is one of our key focuses with the future advancements here at WA.We also want to answer a bunch of questions in relation to the current state of our training, and the future of the training platform.So, let's get right into things here. ..Our Current State: The Most Progressive Training in the World.At the core o
There is a famous quote, "You can know a lot and still be stupid", and this may be quite true, but I want to propose the inverse statement of this and that you can "actually know very little, and still be very smart". There is one context that this becomes very relevant and that is the Internet, and becoming an authority (niche expert).So How Can You Know a Little and Be Smart? I want to give you some context. I am not saying that you should not be educated and you shouldn't embrace learning ab
This is a question I get all the time, and it is something that experienced affiliates will feel is second nature. But it is a totally fair question when you are getting started. If you are not quite sure how and where to find affiliate programs, I am going to offer you some insight into this.So first, for those of you that are fresh to affiliate marketing, there are many types of affiliate programs and things that you should look for in choosing a "quality" affiliate program. All affiliate pr
As we progress into the new age of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) we are seeing some rankings factors that are becoming much more critical than ever. As Google gets more content, they need new ways to distinguish the quality of a website, in particular when the content is in parity. One of the things that is starting to act as a "difference maker" when it comes to rankings believe it or not, is your theme choice.But how so?There are many aspects of choosing a theme that you should consider wh