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Happy New Year folks! We have stepped into 2017, the year of the Rooster and an awesome year slated for members of WA.I just want to spend a minute talking about “resolutions” and how they simply don’t work. If you are one to make New Year’s Resolution, I want you to make this year’s resolution to NEVER MAKE ANOTHER ONE AGAIN.To understand why I am saying this with such conviction, I want to explain why resolutions don’t work and the people that set resolutio
November 30, 2016
Over the years, I have refrained from doing Live Classes. This is for several reasons, first being TIME. My weeks are always incredibly busy and when I come up for air from the day to day activities (helping folks, interacting here, building/updating training, working with the team on new designs, idea development, reviewing projects, technical issues, etc) it is usually enough time to grab a bite to eat.Some here blogged the other day about me potentially either being a robot or having helpers
November 27, 2016
Today, I want to make a pretty BOLD analogy. But before I do, I wanted to mention once again that the Black Friday Offer here at WA is running out. You don't have much time left to get your hands on the yearly $299 offer. Learn more about the offer here!$299, for a platform that provides you with absolutely EVERYTHING you need to create, grow and manage your business online. For those of you that are into the math behind this, this works out to $24.91 per month or $0.82. All in. To operate
It has finally arrived (and a little early because of the launch to the Eastern Hemisphere).I know many of you have been patiently waiting for the Black Friday offer to arrive and you can now officially get your hands on the LOWEST price we have ever offered at Wealthy Affiliate as well as SIX incredible bonuses! First off, the price. $299 for an ENTIRE year. Everything included, including EVERY single improvement, innovation, new platform and release we are going to be making in 2017 (and we h
Just a quick update on things and why I haven't been all that present here in the last 4-5 days here. My wife, myself and daughter Scotland just welcomed the newest addition to our family, a beautiful little girl. Introducing Baby Millie! :)She is the sweetest little thing, you forget how small they are when they are born especially when you have a 3 year old already running around!Here is another picture of Millie and Daddy the day of her arrival! She is happy and healthy. Mommy is also doin
\I hear this statement all the time.“It takes money to make money.” It is probably the most rehashed statement I hear these days in the business world and to it has always been this way. I even see people making that statement when they don’t have money.That creates doubt and often times is self serving as another excuse why you cannot succeed. If you don’t have a substantial budget, that is fine. If you have a budget, it can be well served to create a very successful if
People work for years, they earn an hourly wage, they maybe get a raise or small promotion after 5-10 years.That is an incredible amount of time to wait for a raise. I mean, you work an average of 35-40 hours per week, for 52 weeks per year. That is 2,000+ hours. Extrapolate that over 10 years, and you have spent 20,000 hours to get a meaningless increase in wages, often times following the rate of inflation (so you are not actually LOSING money as your career goes on.The Online World, a Skewed
Website Iteration THREE: October 12th, 2016We have launched iteration three of the website on October 12th, 2016. We liked the latest updates and they definitely lead to a boost in overall conversions. One thing that we felt we were missing that we had on the last website, was a coffee cup. It gives the home business that coffee shop feel which is a bit more hip and is he reality of what an Internet business is.We also put some emphasis on the sign-up form with the yellow box and moved the Se
When Google rolls out any of their animal updates, search engine marketers scurry to find out not only if they are impacted by the updates, but what they can do to adhere to them.Penguin 4.0 (announced by Google on September 23rd), also known as Penguin Real Time is no different. Something strange is happening though. People here within Wealthy Affiliate and people I have worked with over the last 11 years don't even flinch when Google rolls out a new change to their rankings. Why? Because the
There is the natural tendency to fear anything new. The most common excuse preventing someone from starting something is the fact that they are totally "green" to it. I hear this on a daily basis."I don't know if I can do this because I am totally green to this whole internet business/marketing thing". Yeah, well guess what. I was once green too. In fact, there was a time when I didn't even have a computer, or know how to turn on a computer. A time when I didn't know the first thing about