Speeding Up Your Success by 10 Years.

Last Update: May 18, 2021

We all want success, and we want it fast. That is the reality.

We are conditioned to work in the same job for 30 years and are comfortable with the same result (and nominal raises), but in business we expect explosive growth out of the gate. Plain and simple, that is NOT the reality.

Success takes hard work, success takes dedication and perseverance, and success inherently requires some level of failure before you ultimately succeed. BUT, there are definite ways you can speed up your success and that is what I want to discuss that in this post.

If you sat down, with the intention and purpose of speeding up your path to success by 10 years, what would that look like. Where would you start? Who would you seek for help? What would your action plan look like?

These are the questions that most people would get asked.

There is a very famous Chinese Proverb:

"To know the road ahead, ask those coming back" is the famous Chinese proverb although for this article it may be more fitting to say, to know the road ahead, ask those looking back. Everyone has different ideas of what it is like to retire."

I am going to spend some time touching on this very concept, which correlates directly to the idea of speeding up your path to success drastically...and shaving years (and even decades) off the time.

Business Books: Improve Speed.

Although I haven't read business books as frequently as I used to (just a matter of time), there is incredible power in reading topical and concentrated business books.

When you hear that the most successful people "read" lots, it is absolutely true. You don't necessarily have to read business books, but you have to be constantly learning and learning from others in your given niche (and continue learning about business).

The one thing that is great about more thorough business book, comes down to the "purpose" of a book. When someone successful at their craft becomes successful, there is an inherent desire for "status" within their craft. One way to acquire this status and become deemed a "guru", is to write a book. But not just any book, something that offers unique value and perspective based on their own personal experience.

You see, as you discover success in any craft, you come to realize that often times it is more about what you "don't do", than it is about what you actually do. This is where the term "trial and error" comes from, most successful people have spent years upon years doing this. They have failed innumerable times, and they have learned "what not to do".

Then this is translated into a book, outlining a particular topic, on what to do. They skip over the stuff that doesn't work, and they literally can shave years off your deemed windy path to success.

So, read. Read often. And learn from those that have already walked the path ahead, they can give you clues for your business that are truly invaluable.

Expert Mentorship: Blast Speed.

That takes me to mentorship. Finding someone, or a group of people (IE, a community) that are like-minded can make all the difference int he world to an aspiring entrepreneur.

There are cues and clues that one learns on their path to success that are often times very subtle. When you work directly with someone that has been there, or have a community to lean on (like Wealthy Affiliate) when you are feeling stuck or looking for ideas/insight, it can literally save you months of time. You will also discover and learn things that you never would have, if you tried it on your own.

So my recommendation is this....

Become active in the community, and take part in All the classes with the Class platform. These are people that have walked the path to success, and are coming back to offer you insights and clues that you can directly apply to your business. In many cases, it will help you avoid huge hurdles that you haven't arrived upon yet, and dodge significant time wasters.

I run Premium Plus+ series of classes very frequently, and if you are a Premium Plus+ member you will get access to all classes (well over 200+ per year). And if you are Premium, you will have access to all of Jay's Friday night classes. All classes are provided by accomplished online entrepreneurs, that you can learn from and grow from.

When you learn from people that have made all the mistakes that there is to make already, and that have also achieved a high level of success in a variety of different ways, the path to YOUR success can be shortened drastically.

Sort of like reading a business book, you can absorb 10-20 years of knowledge in a single read...which is the power from having mentorship and learning from those that have "been there, done that".

So get out there and get your LEARN on. You can expedite your path to success and your path to accomplishing amazing things online.

And along those community lines, we would love to hear your feedack. Is there anything that YOU personally have learned about building an online business lately (any aspect), that you want to share with others?

We would all love to hear it...leave in the comments below.

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TMelville Premium
Great advice! I just joined last week and I was almost immediately told by a few to do things differently if I wanted to earn money right away. What I learned is too much clutter causes chaos and confusion. Stay focused and tune out what you need to so you can have success. Once I did I was able to focus again and get back on track where I needed to be. And I've learned a lot more since I did that by reading!

This was great Kyle. Thank you!
NicholaJames Premium
Hi Kyle,

Thanks for the insightful post that you have shared. Indeed, we can speed up our success once we able to tap into the experiences and knowledge of people that have achieved success either by reading books that they have written or being mentored by them.

Have a great day! Wishing you the very best!

Kind regards,
Kyle Premium Plus
It is an effective and efficient way of expediting your skill sets and overall success. You of course want to learn from the right people, but acclaimed authors and of course if you are hanging out here at WA, you have lots of very successful folks you can rub shoulders with.
NicholaJames Premium
Absolutely! Indeed, we have some of the very best people here at WA to learn from!
PAdidi Premium
I like this write up. One is reassured of attaining set goals when there are mentors around that will help prevent pitfalls. My journey to online marketing started with knowing that one can have an online shop front through an affiliate. Right now I am having more exposure to other aspects of online marketing through my association with WA community.
Kyle Premium Plus
Well you are definitely going to acquire as many skill sets that you want here within WA. If it relates to online business development, it can be found here. You will then be able to bridge that with your existing knowledge to amplify your website.
PAdidi Premium
Pink44 Premium Plus
I think lots of people are afraid of success. That's why they only find one thing to learn about. The shell never gets open. Then here I have found so much people who opened up there shell and there becoming success story. The people I have ment here are so nice and help one another. There's nothing else other then happy content and not afraid to make it. I'm so glad I found this place. I no I have been slow but I will hit that special place I'm looking for. I need to learn to ask for help. I'm glad I found a place where everyone helps and show's there abilities. I know I belong here and this has made me very happy and excited. I can feel the love.
Annie51 Premium
Well done for seeking it Pink44.

It a step of faith and at WA that works!

Good luck this year - following you:)

Kyle Premium Plus
People are afraid of the unknown. The "what if I work at this and I get no results". That is I think what people fear, because there are unknowns in business and that is natural, and healthy.

The good thing is, that this prevents much of your competition from entering the marketplace because they never end up doing anything.

If you are willing to work for the "unknown", knowing that your effort will pay off, you will be much more successful online. :)
Pink44 Premium Plus
Your going to go places I can feel it. I think your a very bright person.
ShahinT Premium
Thank you Kyle for sharing this excellent post. I have benefited from a lot of your valuable advice and that of other successful members here. It is obvious that the experiences of the mentors among us, the training, and books are an inexhaustible source that accelerates our path to success and prevents us from making mistakes.
Kyle Premium Plus
That is so wonderful to hear Shahin and I will keep it coming. Like the title of this post, I feel can share things I have learned over the past 19 years and help people speed up their own path to success drastically. ;)