Something BIG is Coming!

Last Update: October 31, 2020

The last year has been a crazy one, to say the least. One thing you can always remain confident in is that WE, as a company, as a platform, and as a community are going to continue to innovate and evolve.

Coming this week, you are going to see change. Our biggest change ever, setting up for a brilliant future ahead.

Stay tuned.

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RVsRock Premium
At this juncture, I am holding off on an upgrade to Premium Plus +. After viewing Kyle's video and looking over all the benefits of the Premium Plus, there is no doubt that I will upgrade at some point in the future. As always, Kyle and his team put forward the best opportunities for affiliate marketing and website designers/developers.

Of course, I can only speak for myself. At the moment, I am bogged down with site speed problems due to advancements in image technology. My websites are loaded with hundreds of images on hundreds of pages. It will literally take me months just to optimize all the images for best loading performance, and the "behind the scenes" coding is quite time consuming.

These are not particularly problems I brought on myself, but they were certainly unexpected and I must adapt to the new image technology. Google is paying strict attention to individual "Page Speed indexes", so I must move forward to make the changes.

In addition, I have to learn more about the following before I catch up to where I need and want to be.
!. Eliminating render-blocking resources.
2. Removing unused JavaScript.
3. Removing unused CSS.
And so much more.

Conclusion: I am excited about 2021 and beyond, for myself and all the WA members that understand what the WA team have provided for us. In 2021, when I am comfortable that I have made all the upgrades to my websites and ready to forge ahead to the next level, I will upgrade to Premium Plus + without hesitation.
People were in Live Chat last night saying that they were logging into the new WA and being taken into other people's profiles, not only that someone has just said they could see the other person's billing information.

This is worrying for a newbie like me who was considering joining. Surely that is a breach of GDPR rules which could incur a huge fine?
AbieAJ Premium
That's totally not true at all, all connections are secure within site. WA complies with all laws .

You can rest assured your details are kept confidential and secure at all times. Please follow up on link below
BensonE Premium
Hi Abie, if someone login to their own profile and see other peoples billing information, then there is a problem that need to be fix because people's billing information should be confidential if it has their complete card and address information (privacy issue).
With such a new change to the premium membership, there is possibility that such a thing could happen and there is no need to be defensive about it. From your message, "FigesttheFig" statement is not different from what you wrote.
I wouldn't want any other person to see my billing information for sure.
Though, the members are supposed to let tech support knows preferably instead of bringing it to live chat which could lead to panic.
All Kyle and Carson is doing is to improve the system for every members' benefits.
I hope you don't see this as offensive.

Helen123 Premium
Thats great to hear Kyle, with all the craziness out there right now, its comforting to know that WA is thriving and moving forward successfully. We can be reassured that we are always going to be supported here, nothing is too trivial to you all. I am excited to see what the change is, usually I don't like change, the comfort of routine is good but within WA we know you have our backs and the change will be awesome!
Kyle Premium
That is absolutely the case. All of our efforts are dedicated to making Wealthy Affiliate better. What does that mean? It means offering you a better experience, one that offers a better education, better support, more advanced and useful tools, and an environment that is easier to use. This all equates to more success!

I think you are going to really love the change, the direction, and the future ahead here for the community!
AlexEvans Premium
Thought things were a little quiet on the development front, looks like you and Carson have been cooking up large in the WA development kitchen.

It will be good as always to continue to grow alongside the platform as we all look forward to the coming year and a more positive and stable landscape, thank you for the heads up, Kyle.
Hey Kyle,

Thanks for your constant reminders.

Rest assured I am in on this. It's just that I am still trying to balance my time with other things that have been going on in my life. But I do like this more at present because it is something that is giving me hope and it is indeed an exciting experience. I want to learn to be an effective affiliate over time. It's not easy at the moment because there is so much too learn especially that am not computer survy or skilled such that I so slow even with just setting up a Facebook page. I am used to word, excell sheets and power points....and now i am here and I feel like I am back at!

Your lessons are definitely very friendly and I will definitely see myself through this struggle because now I sure know that it's worth it 💯%. If am slow to learn please don't leave me behind.

Thanks for everything.

Warm regards,

doorman2000 Premium
Simon I hope you don't mind me being in your boat also. Paul
laparra1 Premium
Good Morning Simon,

No need to worry. Here at WA we all go by different speeds and that is quite ok. The good thing is that was is available to us will be here always so no need to get stressed at all. I wish you happy learning.

Greetings from the south of Spain,