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Last Update: July 27, 2015

We have been preluding something big for the last month or so and today we are happy to announce the official roll out of our latest and greatest SiteRubix offering…


To this day, there has been no effective platform on the Internet for getting high quality, engaging dialogue on your website. There is nothing elegant about trying to "get comments", and more often than not, people totally miss out on comments because they feel as though it is too tough to get quality dialogue and engagement on their site.

Comments add value to your website, comments create trust, comments breed MORE comments, comments lead to more and longer lasting rankings in search engines, and comments lead to success.

Today we are completely changing the way in which you get comments...and by being a Premium member here at WA, you are going to be able to propel your website engagement (and business) like never before.

Finally, a Platform for Comment Acquisition!

There has never been a more integrated and powerful platform for getting quality, targeted, and educated comments on your website.

As you may be starting to understand as you build out your websites, the comments you get on your site play a big role in your website’s overall success. This means better SEO, better rankings, more traffic, more trust and better conversions.

SiteComments offers you a complete platform to manage your website engagement, to track the progress of your comments, and to build a comment profile that will push your site ahead of the competition. It has single handedly changed the way in which we generate and manage comments on our website.

The first system in the world to accomplish this and it is now available for all Premium members to use!

You Offer Comments, You Get Comments...

Within the system you are going to “earn” comment credits in the exact same way as the comment platform worked over at the give and take thread.

You give 2 comments, you get 1 comment in return. There are no limits on this, so regardless of how many comments you want to get, you can earn these.

If you want 50 comments on your website, you can comment on 100 other peoples' websites and earn these. It is fun, easy to use and absolutely the most powerful system ever created for generating REAL quality on your website. Real engagement and relevant, intelligent dialogue.

As you earn SiteComments credits, you can use them as you wish.

This is going to lead to better rankings and if you spend a few minutes each day using this system you are going to see the benefits of your hard work and in turn be helping 100’s and possibly 1,000’s of fellow WA’ers in return on their sites.

We have put a lot of concerted thought into the design of the SiteComments platform, it is going to be your dream system for getting engagement.

We Filter By Interests, Quality Ensues

One of the main problems with asking others for comments on your site is the fact that they may have no knowledge or interest in the subject matter of your website.

For example, if you wanted a comment on your post about “astrophysics” and I have absolutely no knowledge on this subject matter, I shouldn’t be required to offer you a comment on this.

Because of this we have initiated an “Interests” aspect of the system.

You will add your “interests” to the system and your comment requests will be matched up with others in the system with knowledge or interest in that same subject.

This is going to lead to much higher quality, more engaging comments on your website...which in turn will add value to your website.

All Content is UNIQUE, Guaranteed!

Comments on your site are an important aspect of SEO. The problem that currently exists is that many people are getting comments that are actually “duplicate” content, they are not unique and this can adversely impact rankings.

As it stands now, every single comment that you get submitted to your website could be copied from somewhere else on the Internet, your competition could in essence take down your rankings by tricking you to publish their duplicate comments (that seem legit).

You won’t run into this with SiteComments as we validate that each and every comment within the system is 100% unique. The system will not allow comments that are duplicate.

Every single comment you get within the SiteComments system is going to be 100% unique! Unique content is a beautiful thing for website rankings.

All Comments Will Be Personal

We have taken things another step further. There is nothing worse than having a website full of comments from “faceless” authors. It is going to be a requirement for every comment that you get on your website to have an associated image attached, this is known as a gravatar.

Here is exactly what I mean by this:

No more empty dialogue taking place on your site. With the reqiured gravatar aspect of the system, each and every comment that goes to your site is going to appear like a real, human conversation. Pictures are meaningful and are going to add a lot of credibility to your website engagement.

And when you comment, you can have many different gravatar profiles set-up and it is simple to create many different ones. The requirement is that each profile has a unique email address.

This is the ultimate multi-profile management platform.

Ultimate Comment Control and Distribution

There is one thing that we have really focused on with this platform: control.

Within the SiteComments platform you have the ability to control many different aspects of your comment requests. This includes:

  • The website in which the comments go
  • The page/posts in which the comments go
  • How many comments you want
  • Interests the person that offers you a comment
  • Time distribution of comments

This control allows you to distribute comment jobs in a way that benefits your websites most. Ideally you want to be getting comments on posts that have very few comments, posts that have not been active in some time, and posts that are brand new.

This is very easy to do with the control and flexibility that that the SiteComments platform offers. You are in the driver’s seat. You get comments when you want, how you want, and where you want.

It Goes Directly to YOUR SITE! Easy Peasy!

No more copying and pasting or even logging into your website to manage your comments. With the SiteComment system, when you Approve or Approve & Reply to your comments.

Upon doing this, the comment will instantly go to your website and be live. You can then check the comment directly if you want to see it.

Another powerful feature is that you can also Reply to any comments you get within the SiteComments system right then and there. Ideally you want to reply to every comment that you get and this platform facilitates that AND also offers you the ability to add links within your replies.

No more logging into Wordpress to manage your comments from fellow WA members, this can now be done right from the SiteComments platform.

When You Get Comments, You Will Know!

How do you know when you get a new comment on your site? It’s easy. You will not only get an email from the system letting you know that you have received a comment, but you will also see a notification counter show up within the SiteRubix menu.

This is going to allow for efficient use of the SiteComment platform and minimize the turnaround time between getting a comment and actually replying and publishing it on your website.

A Long Term, Sustainable Solution

One thing will always remain a constant with every new update, innovation, or platform that we incorporate here at Wealthy Affiliate, YOUR SUCCESS.

The SiteComments platform has never been done before in the website industry and to date, is the most effective and efficient way to incubate quality comments on your website.

Better Engagement = Better Rankings

We truly hope you enjoy this entirely new aspect of WA. The importance of comments is long lasting. It is definitely not going anywhere, and we are on the bleeding edge of the technology to simplify and improve the process in which we attain comments on our site.

To access the SiteComments platform, you will find it within the SiteRubix menu under "SiteComments". Here is the direct link to it.

I have also created a Walkthrough for this platform that will walk you through the entire process of how to use it, the benefits, and how to maximize your experience within SiteComments.

===> SiteComments - The Benefits & Full Walkthrough


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Bluette Premium
It's a wow wow from me, especially the interests and niches you can pinpoint. I really doubt any other online communities will ever offer that. Thank you, Kyle and Carson. My sincere respect to you guys.
davidi92 Premium
This sounds like a great thing! can not wait to try it. Thank you so much!
OMG, fellow Wealthy Affiliates! I see this two ways: first, a situation where we have to think and reason...not just respond in an almost-rehearsed fashion that is not honest communication; second, this means intellectual and verbal exercises and LOTS of COMMENTS AND MORE VERBOSITY!!
Kyle Premium Plus
Most definitely Chris, this system has been well thought out...plans for it started last year around this time and we usually play devils advocate for any system that we develop prior to laying down a line of code.

A comment is definitely not just a comment. The quality and relevance are big factors into what constitutes something that will add value to the site and the SiteComments system naturally makes this a requirement.
kingdras Premium
This. Is. Amazing. And this is why WA stays on top! Thanks guys :D
macklc Premium
Pretty cool. ^^