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Last Update: Oct 10, 2013


It is official, we have been quietly working behind the scenes on a project that we feel has one of the most lucrative opportunities for affiliates that we have ever created.

I ask a question the other day, if I told you that you could give away FREE websites on the most powerful website platform in the world, how many do you think you could give away. How many people do you know that would want one?

I personally know that EVERYONE I communicate with on a daily basis...while I am at the grocery store, grabbing a coffee, hanging out with friends, with family, at work...they could ALL benefit from having their own website and would all love one.

If only you were able to offer people a website of their own…

You can. is HERE, it is LIVE and starting this minute you can start driving people to the website and earn affiliate commissions.

Get Your Referrals ROARING!

OK, so here is how it works. SiteRubix is the Website Builder technology behind WA and it NOW has an external website that is the beginning stage of the process for building a website for a newcomer to Wealthy Affiliate. In other words, this is a brand new beautiful entrance point into Wealthy Affiliate!

Here is the process...

==> Step 1: People Choose Domain (on

==> Step 2: People Create their Account (email, first/last name, password, username)

==> Step 3: People Build Website inside of WA and have full Starter Access

I have created a video outlining the sign-up process someone goes through when they join WA via the entrance point.

It is that easy.

Someone that has NO website could literally go to and have a website up and running within a matter of a minute and have access to the top Internet Business training community, a place you know well, Wealthy Affiliate!

Getting Your Affiliate Links

You can now access your special affiliate link and start earning commission right now for people you send to to build a free website. To access the the SiteRubix affiliate page, you will go to your My Stats page here at Wealthy Affiliate and you will see a "SiteRubix" tab (as show below).

OR here is the direct link to it:

I have also created video training walking you through the process of setting up your SiteRubix affiliate links along with the special "plugin" widget we created with it.

Affiliate opportunities like this simple don't exist anywhere else. You can EARN money through the affiliate program here by giving away FREE websites and access to the top Internet marketing training,support and community in the world. This is A-W-E-S-O-M-E! is a GAME CHANGER.

EVERYONE can benefit from a website.

Maybe they want a hobby blog. Maybe someone needs a website for their offline business. Perhaps a couple want wedding site. Maybe an up and coming photographer needs a website. A charity site. An affiliate site. Or maybe they simply want to make money with a niche website (in any niche).

As you are probably aware of, when you have a website, you have the foundation for a successful business online and now you have a clean and powerful entrance point (in where you can give away these websites for free.

Why not leverage the most widely used platform in the world, the easiest to use website builder in the world (SiteRubix), and get rolling for completely free.

This is the competitive advantage you have when you are promoting SiteRubix over ANY other website builder, any other hosting, any other technology….in the world.

You Have A True Competitive Advantage as An Affiliate...

Not only are people getting a free, fully functional Wordpress on our state of the art, highly secure and high performance hosting, they are getting access to a community of experts, all the training they need, and personal/live help, and the live discussions and support within Wealthy Affiliate members when they build their website.

Why would they use to build websites? They get no training and their sites will get limited ranking and will not get traffic to their websites.

Why would someone use some other free website builder? They are using inferior technology to that of SiteRubix not to mention that they don’t have the training, help, support or community that Wealthy Affiliate offers.

Why would someone go out and get hosting somewhere else? They wouldn’t, they can get up and running for free.

Why would someone buy a blog from another service? They wouldn’t, they can get access to TWO free Wordpress sites and the most helpful Internet marketing community in the world at Wealthy Affiliate...for FREE.

This gives you as an affiliate a WHOLE new world of advertising angles. You can promote WA to any audience and promote it in many ways. You can promote it as a website builder through, as an Education platform through, or promote it as an opportunity to create a business. is single handedly going to lead to affiliates creating a full time business.

It is a brand new angle for existing affiliates, but a website is something that everyone wants, even those that don’t quite know it yet. In the USA alone, there are 100’s of millions of people without a website...and worldwide, there are BILLIONS of people that could benefit from a website. If they knew they could create one in less than a minute from now and do so for free, they would.

Get your affiliate link out there, touch base with as many people you can throughout your daily activities, incorporate your “free website” entrance point into all of your websites, and continue building out campaigns that can promote this angle.

Like I said, I fully believe that people are going to take this new entrance point and run with it, creating a full time income (and then some) simply giving away free websites. Seriously, it would only take you giving away 2-3 websites per day to earn a full time income. Does this not sound more than doable?!

Your Immediate Tasks

  1. Offer to give everyone you know a website. Send an email to your friends and family, let people know at work that they can build a website, just make sure you send them your affiliate link.
  2. Share Your Affiliate Link on All of Your Social Network. Get it out there and post your affiliate link to Remember, here is the format:

    Replace YOURID with your affiliate ID. You can get your affiliate links here.

    Some of the social networks that you should "regularly" post your SiteRubix affiliate are Facebook, Google +, Twitter, and Pinterest.
  3. If you are part of Affiliate Bootcamp, link to SiteRubix from any page/post that you have related to "building a website".
  4. Create a blog post on your website targeting some of the new angles you can use to promote Here are a

    Also, incorporate your “plug-in” to your website. Here is the code you will want to use to insert the SiteRubix plugin into any of your pages. Here is an example of what this plugin widget looks like:

    If you want to see it in action on my Bootcamp site, check it out here!

    Replace YOURID, with your affiliate ID. You can also generate this plugin code within the SiteRubix affiliate page (and add tracking as well).
  5. Create 1 blog post per week on your website targeting the new angles that you can now leverage. Here are some easily accessible target audiences:

    **website builders
    **product reviews of website builders
    **building a free website
    **wordpress, wordpress sites/themes/plugins
    **web hosting, free hosting
    **website help
    **businesses that need a website
    **hobby websites
    **ANYONE with a passion or interest

The list goes on and on. Again, EVERYONE could benefit from the websites!

When people realize that they are not only getting a website, they are getting much more, it will captivate their interest and many people will go Premium as a result.

There is nothing out there comparable to what is offered at WA and there is no other company in the world that offers FREE Wordpress websites that you can use to create a business, without any obligations. :)

Other Promotional Strategies YOU Should Take On...

(1) Create a PPC campaign targeting website builder and direct people to the free website builder

(2) Create sponsored Facebook Ads

(3) Spread the word through videos on Youtube (remember to target relevant keywords)

(4) Be creative.

So, there you have it..., the beautiful new way for ANYONE in the world to build websites is ALIVE.

It is the ultimate entrance point into WA, it is completely FREE, and it is granting people access to the top place in the world to learn, create and scale an online business (and it is full of awesome people like yourself).

Get your affiliate links out there, get your promotions rolling, and let everyone you know that needs, wants or might want a website know about this (obviously using your affiliate link).

Bright days lie ahead!

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Did i ever pick a good time to take a week off. This begins for me this weekend and will work on it through the next week. I really like the concept and will carefully check it out. Thanks Kyle and Carson.

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Fabulous! An excellent front door to WA. Thanks.

Looking good man, you should make use of the plugin as well. Would fit in quite nicely into your website.

This is really awesome, Kyle. Sometimes I don't sleep a lot, because of all the ideas that I want to try on my website. Now I will get zero hours of sleep, because this post just got my brain into overdrive again! Lol. This is exciting though.

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