Official Posting Rules at Wealthy Affiliate

Last Update: July 13, 2021

Hey Everyone,

I just want to offer people a clear and concise "posting" rule list here at WA. Obviously, we are a "spam free" community, so any form of spam or blatant promotions are not allowed within Wealthy Affiliate. If your intended purpose of being here and to engage is solely based on your underlying promotions, please refrain from doing this.

The reason we are firm on our stance on self promotion here at Wealthy Affiliate is we are and want to continue to be a safe haven for people. One that is free of all promotions and focuses on people helping each other! :)

If you want to offer help or training or tell a story, do so within the mediums provided here (create training, create a blog post, engage within comments or chat with others).

Here are the rules for spam within WA. If you go against any of these, you may lose all posting privileges within WA and depending on or may be completely removed from WA without the ability to ever join again (yes, we do take this stuff seriously).

  1. No unsolicited messages promoting products, services, or outside communication to be sent through private messaging. This will lead to immediate removal of your ability to post anywhere within WA.
  2. No copied content allowed to be posted here at Wealthy Affiliate. This content will be immediately removed and you will lose posting privileges.
  3. Do not copy content from WA and post it somewhere else on the Internet. This includes copying your own blog content and putting it on your website.
  4. No promotions with comments or chat. Although these may seem like subtle ways to promote, if you are caught doing this, you will likely lose privileges. If a link is posted out of an act to help someone, not sell something, that is OK.
  5. No training should be focused around a promotion of a product or service or give half information. If it does, then it will be immediately removed from the training at WA and you may lose all privileges to post training in the future.
  6. No blog posts that are created for the pure purpose of promoting a product. This does include product reviews. Rants are OK.
  7. No adding affiliate links to any blog, training, discussion or private message. We do not allow any form of affiliate links here within your posts, reserve those links for your website.
  8. Do not post anything that is "niche" content. If you have a dieting website or a website that offers people recipes, these types of posts should be reserved for your own website and not within Wealthy Affiliate.
  9. No incomplete content. Do not post content where your readers are required to go to an external website to "read more" or "watch". All the content must be self-contained within the post itself.
  10. No soliciting phone numbers. Do not share your phone number, or asking for others phone numbers.
  11. Asking for personal contact information. Do not ask for personal details, such as email addresses, addresses, or first and last name.
  12. Any inappropriate/adult content. This includes adult content, website URL's or related images.
  13. Click bait headlines. Do not use incorrect or misleading headlines within your discussions or blog posts.
  14. No faith or religion based posts. We all have different beliefs and values, please do not use Wealthy Affiliate as a medium to discuss faith or religion. To avoid any form of conflict, we are a religion neutral platform.
  15. No signatures. Do not conlcude your posts with your website URL, image, etc. Do know that all of your posts will include your name and a link to your profile here at WA where you will be able to include your websites within the "websites" section on your profile.
  16. No politically driven posts. Politics are for Facebook, Twitter and other mediums. These discussions never end well and always end up in flame wars. Please avoid them.
  17. Promoting ANY product whatsoever. Again, we don't allow any promotions here within the community. These are reserved for website.
  18. No charity or GoFundMe posts. We do not allow any form of fundraising or charity including that campaigning for members here within WA. Please keep all fundraising campaigns external of WA.
  19. No "click bait" titles. The title of your post must represent the content you write. Do not create titles that are confusing and that have the purpose of attracting the most clicks as possible.

We are all here with the ultimate goal of success, if you try some "sneaky sneak" spam attempts within WA, you will be caught and you may be in for an "account explosion"! We are flexible on every other aspect of WA other than spam. No exceptions. Just don't do it!

We truly are a community of help and if you see any form of spam going on, please do let us know and we will handle accordingly. :)

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RoyI Premium
As I have asked you before Kyle ' What do you do? You are called Wealthy Affiliate, that would imply you are going to teach us to make money. Or is your title a bit of fiction? come on tell me what is the point of your site. I suppose you might delete this too,because, you don't like it's content.
VDickerson Premium
First and foremost I am writing this on behalf of self, I am not endorsed nor employed by WA, now that I got that out of the way.


How disrespectful is that?

Wealthy Affiliate can mean a number of things, for me I took it as a place I would be able to learn the fundamentals of making money online and the process in doing so on HIS platform.

Key word: HIS (and partners) meaning;

He invested HIS time, HIS skill set, HIS knowledge, as well as HIS money, to HELP US learn how to be successful as HE is.

He and HIS team give us step by step direction on how to become successful, with nothing in mind but that.

It doesn't matter if you are a higher ranking in anything because he is available and WILLING to assist EVERYONE anytime asked, unlike other platforms, this is PRICELESS!!

There is NO other platform out here that is built the way HIS is.

Most platforms don't care whether YOU succeed or not, their intent was to get you there with a thousand upsells in the process (which you either don't understand or don't know its purpose) and or; after you create a member account, not allowing you access to move forward, unless you purchase.

Point being he and HIS team can do as they please and in order for us to be apart of something so epic, WE follow their rules, NOT QUESTION, or DISRESPECT them, be mindful and don't forget YOUR in HIS space, that He OWNS.
Charley17 Premium
So how can I get into my account and post?
Miccaame Premium
Thank you Kyle!! I needed help and received some thru chat which was great! I went back and had a question and the topic was about divorce and the weather so I left and started a new website with the theme I wanted and copied and pasted everything over. It looks like the website was started today but I've been working on it since the 18th or 19th. So thank you for your post......the topic of why I couldn't get my catagory changed to blog was a tad more important than divorce and the weather. Or atleast I thought so.....🤷🏻
AnaB7 Premium
Hi Kyle,

Good day!

I would say that this list should be somewhere in the menu pin, so it is visible with a click of a button for everyone.
Many of the items listed here are reasons why members can be driven away from this platform. For example, not once but many times, I clicked on a topic that was a misleading title and a waste of time.

That is one of the reasons why on many occasions, I don't care to spend time in the community. A lot of times, I see people writing inappropriate subjects violating the rules.

If someone is reporting Spam, there should be a valid reason for their reporting, so mistakes are avoided.

If people signed up, these rules should be available at all times, including the free members.

Thank you.


Kyle Premium Plus
You can search this at any point within the search bar at the top, and this is included directly within the blog editor if you ever need to revisit the rules. :)
BarbaraN Premium
Thank you Kyle, for stating, or re-stating the rules. We do seem to forget over time and need to be reminded. Sometimes we tend to misunderstand the meaning or rewrite it in our heads, so periodically it helps to revisit the subject to clarify.

I do have one small complaint and it has nothing to do with rules. Sometime in your jammed schedule could you give a few pointers about the WA community blogs. I like to read what others have to say and join in a discussion that is helpful to all of us , but 4 or 5 words, strung together that make no sense, do not a blog make. That's all. I haven t seen others complain, so maybe I'm the only one.
Kyle Premium Plus
Yeah, sometimes this will happen and we usually address it. But the "length" of blog is up to the creator, but if it offers no value to the community that it is going to either get minimal exposure or if it has no relevance, it will be deleted.