Merry Christmas to All!

Last Update: December 25, 2020

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to wish all fellow WA'ers a wonderful and Merry Christmas. Although this year is a bit different than usual, it is still a time to celebrate the festive and amazing time of year with those that you love and care about...even if it is at a distance.

Have a very Merry Christmas, and a safe and happy holidays ahead!



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herzao63 Premium Plus
The year of 2020 was very bad years in humans history! Every things are bad the Economies it's down, Every where was fire,
almost every countries are flood with waters, tsunami, Hurricane Destroy so many Humans life, damage properties.

The things that was worse ever that happened on Earth in humans life in a million years of the first time has happened every where around in the world. That was Covid-19 or CoronaVirus it's killing peoples around in the Globe.

Humans life was taken off by the Covid-19 a millions in each every day. That number is real killing Number (19, 20 ) These numbers are bring disaster to the our humans world and destroy so many things that cost billions of US dollars.

The year 2020 was not a good year to the world of a Human kind, that was too much things are happened around in the Globe.
Our beautiful planet Earth it's facing too much of the Mother Nature Disaster. May be we are done some thing really wrong that's why the hole populations in this planet getting punishment from God.

Hopefully from now on we're paying off the price, God should forgive, and Blessing us for all of every one of our "Humans" life in this planet Earth.

And from now on to the future we all will be living in this beautiful planet and the life of cleaning human kind. Finally the number 2020 it was past through and the disaster will be Over soon.

Every bodies please do yourself a favor stay home for your own safety that's what every one need to do. In my life of the past I never have fun, so to stay home for safety is not a problem for me.

mick1976 Premium
Have you have a prosperus new year in 2021.
herzao63 Premium Plus
Hi Kyle, I am Kinder confusing now give me a hand please!! Right now can not think, can not said anythings.

Too much things are going on now. The mean things is my dad's older brother just past away. He was sick for about two years,

I think he is to old!! I think 89 years of ages. I will do my best to recover I just need one day or two to recover that's it,

Ruth75 Premium
Kyle, thanking you for your regular input to me and for all your good wishes this year. Hope this next year is a bumper one for everyone at WA and in particular for you and your family.

PS. Santa did not leave me the lovely big red bag of
Christmas presents you showed in your message! He was either going too fast past our chimney, or maybe Santa was asleep!!
Jon456 Premium
Thank you Kyle I hope you and your family had a great Christmas even though the pandemic has definitely taken it’s toll on the holiday tradition this year. Just know it’s gonna be way better in 2021 by then everything should be back to normal I have faith that it will. I know it’s not easy to not be able to gather on Christmas with all your loved ones, this is the first Christmas in 17 years that the family didn’t go to my grandmas and eat for Christmas. On the other hand I still had a great Christmas with the few people who were there to spend it with. Even though all the crazy events have been unfolding this year in 2020 i wanna say congratulations on the improvements you’ve made here at wealthy affiliate. It’s already making a huge difference in my new business with the jaaxy keyword tool. I’m sure lots of people here appreciate that very much as well.

Cheers 🥂 to a happy new year,

Kyle Premium Plus
It most definitely is going to be a better 2021, we are racing towards it! It is our first Christmas in memory too without a big family (turkey) dinner, but next year we will hopefully be back and celebrating Christmas in our old ways.

And so glad you are enjoying all the improvements here at WA, we have plenty on their way in the months ahead. It should be a fun and exicting 2021 here within the community!
JMcAdie Premium Plus
Hi Kyle,

It's John here. Merry Christmas to you, your wife and your 2 lovely daughters. And I also wish you all the very best of everything life has to offer in 2021.

Kyle, I kindly wish to thank you for the kind offers of assistance & help that you have tried to give me, I truly appreciate it all.

I do have a niche idea which is actually a passion of mine which, until now, I have been kind of embarrassed to share, because I'd been teased and made fun of at school for liking this so much. I recently found out though that this is actually quite a huge and popular thing in Canada and the U.S, as well as all over the world, even bigger there than it is here in Scotland, where it originates? I absolutely love anything to do with Scottish Country & Scottish Highland dancing! Anything to do with Scottish Highland music on accordion, bagpipes, fiddles, etc. I also love watching Scottish Highland, and Irish dance too. I ask you kindly if you could maybe help me with a starting point with this as just Scottish dancing may be a bit general to be considered as a niche? Maybe selling dance costumes on Amazon? Or dance steps tutorials?

I can play such Scottish & Irish music on my keyboard with my left hand - which I was told by a professional musician, a while back, that this in itself, is an amazing ability, because most traditional music of this type has been composed to be played with the right hand- which is impossible for me with my cerebral palsy, but I'm able to play it with my left.

So, Kyle, I'd love to accept your kind help please in getting me started and fervently look forward to hearing back from you soon with some niche ideas I could give a try to.

Once again, all the best.

Kind regards,

John B. McAdie
Kyle Premium Plus
Yes, that is absolutely a direction that you can head. There is nothing to be embarrassed about and if that is a passion or interest of yours, I definitely recommend that you head in that direction and take action.

Scottish or Highland Dancing could be the direction of your niche, and of course if you keep your brand name/website broader, it will give you room to diversify and grow into many different niches.

I hope you had a Merry Christmas and wishing you nothing but success, health and happiness in the year ahead. :)