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Last Update: Sep 8, 2022

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Google, the world's favorite search engine. Currently Google gets 5.6 BILLION searches per day. This means, that there is 5.6 BILLION clicks and possible customers up for grabs each and every day within Google alone.

That is a BIG opportunity, and we want you to be fully equipped to capitalize on this.

Today I want to discuss how you can maximize your exposure within Google and give you insight into an upcoming "expert training" series that you can leverage to truly expand your skill set, and ultimately your revenue potential.

I want to introduce you to FOUR Google ranking features that you can take advantage of. It doesn't take much work to leverage these, but you must have the proper knowledge to implement them.

The upcoming series is going to turn your in an expert with these four SEO strategies.

Strategy 1: Ranking With Featured Snippets

When you perform a search in Google, often times you will see what is called a "Featured Snippet". This is a function built directly into Google's search that helps someone quickly discover what Google deems to be the best information for that particular search.

Google's automated systems determine whether a page would make a good featured snippet to highlight for a specific search request. Here is an example of a featured snippet that showed up under a search for "best diet for gaining muscle".

The featured snippet is known to be in "position #0", which is actually above the first result in Google's search. If you rank as a featured snippet, you will get an estimated 8-10% of ALL clicks from that search term. So it is a big deal!

There are various strategies that you can leverage to attain a "featured snippet" ranking, which obviously will lead to the ideal positioning within Google's search results and also a bulk of the traffic (and revenue potential).

Jay's Premium Plus+ Expert Class is going to give you full breakdown on Featured Snippets and how to capitalize on these in your SEO campaigns. This was broadcast this past Saturday and the replay is now available (and you can watch this right now!)

==> WATCH REPLAY: Enhance Your Site With Featured Snippets

Strategy 2: Getting Exposure Within "People Also Ask"

The People Also Ask snippet is something that you have probably come across many times, and probably even used when performing a search query in Google. This is Google's way of interpreting your question, and delivering subsequent or very similar questions.

Here is an example of what I am referring to.

There are specific ways that you can boost your potential to rank under the "people also ask" snippet, which of course can lead to additional traffic and exposure (not to mention a better standing with Google).

In Jay's upcoming expert class (Premium Plus+) this Saturday, he is going to be walking you through strategies that you can implement on your website to improve your odds of ranking under this snippet, whilst improving the overall content structure and layout of your post.

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Strategy 3: Getting Your Website Indexed With SiteLinks

SiteLinks are links from the same domain that Google clusters together within a single search result. They do this when they feel that the additional links are useful, and will add additional value to the hen Google feels as though additional links will be useful to the end user.

Here is an example as to how the Wealthy Affiliate website shows up in Google.

You can see Google has deemed some of the other pages on our website as being important to the search "wealthy affiliate" and that will benefit the person performing the search. This leads to more people, clicking on our result in Google (and takes up almost 4 times the real estate).

There are ways that you can improve your chances of a getting SiteLinks to show under your website when users type in your brand name into Google, and this is something that is going to be discussed in detail within Jay's upcoming class on "Enhancing Your Site With SiteLinks".

Again, having SiteLinks can help you take up more real estate within a single Google search, will lead to more click-throughs, and will allow you to highlight and have deep links to other pages on your website within a cluster-style ranking.

==> SUBSCRIBE HERE: Enhance Your Site With SiteLinks

Strategy 4: Beautifying Your Results With Review Rich Snippets

A review snippet can vastly improve your overall rankings, and subsequent click-throughs within the Google. If you are regularly creating reviews of any type on your niche websites, you will want to understand how to properly add structured data to your review pages so they do become Review Rich Snippets.

Here is an example of a "bundt cake recipe", which is naturally something where folks are looking for the highest ranked. You can see the review star ratings below along with other summary information and ratings embedded directly within the Google search results.

And then below the review widgets, you are going to see the natural SEO results that show a graphical star rating, the aggregated rating, and the number of reviews/ratings associated with that particular review.

Implementing review markup into your website will lead to better rankings, more captivating search results in Google, and also a higher rate of click-throughs (more traffic). To gain expert insights into this topic and to get rolling with your review rich snippets, make sure you tune in Jay's class coming up in a few weeks.

Enhance Your Site With Review Rich Snippets (Premium Plus+ Only)

All of these classes are included within the Premium Plus+ membership and if you haven't heard, we are running an INSANE offer right now where you can get these classes, and over 350+ new EXPERT classes in the year ahead for our lowest price ever, $499 pear year. Not to mention over 900 hours of classes within the past expert training database.

You can master Google, and master online business by leveraging years of "expert" experience through the Classes platform.

Take advantage of this offer today, if you want to take part in this series and get our Premium Plus+ membership at our lowest price ever. Time is running out.

==> Get a Premium Plus+ Yearly for $499 ($689 Off)!

Looking forward to hopefully seeing you at the upcoming Google Mastery classes, I know I will be there!

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Thanks Kyle. I took the first class— could use a refresher.
I signed up for the next one too.

Awesome, great to hear you were at the first class and watch them as many times as you need. Sometimes they don't sink in on first attempt!

This is amazing! Very helpful information. I seriously need to be creative in structuring my article.
I appreciate everything you do for us. I definitely will not miss the Google Mastery class.

Awesome Maria, I will see you there! Jay always puts on a good show and parts with a great deal of expertise. ;)

Google does indeed rule the internet...... Bing, Yahoo, Duck Duck Go etc...... are far behind......

Thanks, Kyle, I will be reviewing Jay's classes.


No problem Alex, makes ure you do!

This is awesome. I have been using some of these techniques on a new niche site and it generates huge amount of traffic!

Excellent Ralph, great to hear you are reaping the rewards of some of these strategies already (and getting lots of traffic). This training is going to further add to your repertoire! ;)

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