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Last Update: January 06, 2022

A successful approach to a successful business starts with research. With 2022 now in full swing, we are going to kick things off with some niche research Class focused on the “make money” niche.

The make money online niche is a BILLION dollar niche, and this only continues to grow as more and more people move online, and more people realize they want to do something they LOVE and to be able to build a business right from home, helping others do the same.

The market size is truly close to 5 BILLION people now, as this is the number of people with high speed Internet access, and everyone wants to earn more money. Being able to promote Wealthy Affiliate through our lucrative affiliate program is a natural fit, and this training alone is going to carve out a path to a great deal of success for WA affiliates in 2022.

Tonight’s class is “Dissecting and Analyzing the Make Money Niche”. You can subscribe to this class using the following link.

Subscribe to Tonight’s Class Here!

This class airs tonight at 5PM PST, and I am going to be walking you through the many “opportunities” within the broader make money niche. It is available to ALL Premium Plus+ members.

If you are currently building a bootcamp website, or you want to get involved in bootcamp this year and hit the ground running, this is going to be a class you will not want to miss.

On an aside, we are just ramping up to this year’s Las Vegas Super Affiliate trip, and there is no better time to put the “pedal to the metal” if you want to achieve Vegas status in the year ahead. Each and every person here is capable of achieving 300 sales in a calendar year (you have 12 full months to accomplish this), even if you are just starting out.

See you all tonight and I look forward to seeing many of you down in Vegas next year!



For all the bootcampers out there, I have some more exciting news coming your way next week!

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Roybretton Premium Plus
Hello Kyle,

I hope you're doing well. Let me take this opportunity to wish you a very happy new year, even though we are eight days in already!

This sounds like a great class to listen to, (as many of the classes are) I will take a listen or watch shortly. It's amazing that almost 5 billion people have access to high-speed Internet, that really is quite something. I guess this rate has probably just gone up considerably in the last few years.

Enjoy your weekend.

QAllen1 Premium
I missed it by a day. I was tired of looking at my laptop. I wrote 2 blogs and posted one but now I feel like a dodo bird for not looking at Kyle's posts which I usually scroll through the content. I will look out for the blog on this one for sure.
Kyle Premium Plus
You are doing just fine, sometimes we are all just in need of a little break! ;)
EricCantu Premium Plus
Always a great time of year!
Kyle Premium Plus
Indeed it is. January, always a good time to set some ambitious goals for the year ahead and hit the ground running. :)
phil1944 Premium
This is great news, Kyle. I'm looking forward to it.

See you in Vegas!
Kyle Premium Plus
Awesome Phil, look forward to seeing you there next year!
Josh Lanska Premium Plus
Thanks Kyle, looking forward to it!
Kyle Premium Plus
See you there Josh!