Jump in Your Ferrari for $299.

Last Update: Nov 27, 2016


Today, I want to make a pretty BOLD analogy. But before I do, I wanted to mention once again that the Black Friday Offer here at WA is running out. You don't have much time left to get your hands on the yearly $299 offer. Learn more about the offer here!

$299, for a platform that provides you with absolutely EVERYTHING you need to create, grow and manage your business online. For those of you that are into the math behind this, this works out to $24.91 per month or $0.82. All in. To operate a business.

OK, back to the Ferrari...

To me, a Ferrari is one of the most well thought out, Premium vehicles. It has status, beauty in respect to design, and a lot of thought has gone into every feature update and of course into one of the most powerful engines in the world.

The average person can only dream of owning a Ferrari and because of the expensive nature of a Ferrari, very few people get a chance to ever own one.

What people don't know is that we have invested 11.5 years of CONSTANT improvements and refinements. We have polished off the rough edges and continually pushed to build the most powerful engine as possible behind the scenes. This is 11.5 years of advancements, pushing the platform here at WA beyond anything you can get in the industry.

The crazy part is that you can get your hands on a yearly membership NOW for CHEAPER than you could when we started out in 2005. Back then you would have paid $359.88 for a yearly membership and since then we have invested MILLIONS of dollars annually into the platform that you have access to here.

You are getting a Ferrari here for a Pinto price.

You are getting the Ferrari platform of the affiliate marketing and online business world, one that is unparalleled, but also one that is by FAR the most cost efficient.

Not just that though.

Along with all of the of the innovations and advancements from the past, there are going to be MANY updates that you get to take advantage of in the year ahead. 2017 is going to be another HUGE year of evolution at WA.

$299 gets you access to the last 11.5 years, but will get you access to all of the updates in the year ahead. A few that I can mention that are coming the upcoming few months are FREE SSL for all sites here at WA, and some incredible speed/caching/compression improvements coming to your websites that are going to lead to website speeds unmatched in the managed wordpress hosting industry.

You are going to be getting a $250/mth hosting service (actually worth more), for less than $24.91/mth with the Black Friday offer.

We have FIVE amazing Live Classes coming in December, covering topics that will help your business reach brand new heights in 2017. This includes my FIRST live class which will be taking place on December 30th, all bonuses that will be included if you take advantage of the Black Friday offer.

New platforms coming...

New training coming...

New website features coming...

New speed improvements coming...

New interfaces and designs here at WA coming...

Those are just a few of the near term. Like past years we will have 100's of updates that we will be rolling out in 2017.

Wealthy Affiliate, Your Daily Driver...

Unlike a Ferrari which you keep sheltered from the roads in the winter months, WA is your daily driver and unlike a Ferrari that you purchase where all of the features you are going to get are included at the time of the purchase, WA continues to add new features with every day that passes.

What if you started off with all the features possible, but we started adding new features. We made your Ferrari electric, we made it faster, we gave you a whole new world of controls, you were able to drive it even when you were not inside of it.

But these features were simply added to your Ferrari without costing you anything. Unlike the typical “upgrade” process, your dealership called you and just told you to bring in your car so they could add these new incredible features.

Although this isn’t a reality in the offline world, it is THE COMPLETE REALITY here at WA.

That is what 2017 is shaping up for WA members and those of you that take us up on the Black Friday offer are not only going to get access to the Premier platform in the industry, you are going to get access to the incredible advancements and innovations that we have been working on behind the scenes. And you get these at no extra cost!

$299 per year. That’s it. No upsells. All feature improvements. All inclusive.

====> Get the Ferrari (WA) of Affiliate Marketing World for $299!

There are a few truly genius decisions you can make in life and this is going to be one of them. The offer is only available for a few more days, so take action NOW if you are interested. ;)



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Recent Comments


Absolutely no comparison between a Pinto and a Ferrari.

My younger brother's '78 Baby Blue 3-Door ALWAYS broke down five minutes after turning the key. The memory of his vehicle and the analogy between the two sure got me smiling after a hard day's work shoveling manure and chasing weeds today.

Now, for the fun.


C'mon, 5 minutes. That has to be some sort of record. It is a good analogy for many programs in this industry, you turn the key at is immediately broken...or you have to pay A LOT more if you want your care to start.

Hope you made your way out of the manure today to get things rolling with your biz Don and if you need a hand with anything at all moving forward let me know. :)

I must concur with your thoughts in the opening paragraph. Regarding the time spent under the hood of that Pinto with my brother, our thoughts were much different. A true example of a car Found On Road Dead( lol ).

What I found here with WA, Kyle, is AWESOME! I look forward to the end of my day when I login to the site, go to class, and learn something new while building my own site and chatting with like-minded people whom are supportive and helpful at every level.

I presently 4Runner have listed on Craigslist for parts just to live. As I have bought the vehicle as a family investment over 10 years ago in 2006, I'll be happy to part with it to someone for the investment of my future here at WA. Any ideas I may not have considered are duly welcomed.


There is no better feeling than anticipation, excitement, and feeling as though you are constantly evolving your skill set and your business. I am glad you are experience that her at WA Don and you can definitely expect more as you move forward and continue to immerse yourself.

The key to success online or offline is working hard over a sustained period of time. Too many people are drawn to "instant riches" (which don't exist) and this mentality sets people up for failure. If you can give yourself time, you can build a business doing so.

Even if I am unable to upgrade to premium right away, rest assured what you, Carson, and the WA community has given me is the opportunity to dream BIG and invest into myself! That dream includes the investment of hard work towards developing my reawakened technical skills and my business. I thank you, Kyle, for your unwavering commitment towards excellence while encouraging me to stretch myself and grow from the pain of the past. This gift that you, Carson, and the community gave me( rebuilding personal trust through the investment of hard work ) is PRICELESS!!!

I've completed all 10 lessons of Course 1, though my sidebar reflects I've only completed 4 lessons in the module. Will the sidebar update itself or have I missed something along the way?

The 10th lesson left me hanging in suspense, Kyle, expecting a quick recap of the main points of interest within the course. Will I be able to physically recap each video lesson though I am unable to upgrade, at present? I feel it is crucial to recap while keeping the information freshly installed within your mind and pick up what you have missed along the way.

Just some thoughts while putting myself out there without fear. Your feedback is valuable to me.


This is very great Kyle but it does look as if there are two levels of Premium now, I'm I right? Would have loved to become yearly Black Friday member but not in a position to do that right now.Must to night be the dead line, can't the date be extended? You know as I know that if the cash is not available at a particular time it is just not there.

Premium is Premium. There are no two levels of membership, but you can either pay yearly (all at once and get a discount) or you can pay month to month.

But there definitely isn't two levels of Premium. :)

And do contact me if you can't make payment today, I can extend this offer for you. :)

I had to smile when I saw the comparison using the Ferrari and the Pinto. Although it is a very good example the reason I smiled is because I really thought you were too young to know about the pinto. This is a fantastic offer and it is so true, there are so many features with WA that would be out of reach for many of us if they were not combined together in this great program.

Haha, the Pinto is a beautiful machine. It kind of got that stigma over the years, but my parents actually owned a swamp green Pinto when I was younger. A lovely car! :)

Kyle and Carson, many thanks for giving us this great, once in a lifetime opportunity. It is up to each one of us here at WA to make full use of the valuable training as well as to have the honour to make contact with top online marketing experts.......quite simply put WA is an absolute world leader in online marketing/training. No organisation out there comes anywhere remotely near. Take care, Johan.

And we only have plans to continue this trend. We are going to lead the way in many respects in 2017 and we are excited about what we are going to bring to the platform and community here!

It's like I said earlier and maybe it will sound a little clearer now. Unfortunately some of us just can't afford it . So no matter how many times you remind me something that I dont already. Know I know what a good deal it is. So I am here to say that we can't afford it were not stupid

No problem Eli, you have to do what makes sense to you and your situation. :)

Hey Mr. Kyle well I msde it and can you please tell me if I am ranked First on google let me know thanks

I researched all the different so called online marketing programs on the web and there are so many scumbags out there it's unreal! I could not find one bad review against WA!!! And I know how to research believe me!! I am glad to be aboard and look forward to this new endeavour!!! Get ready Kyle and the rest of WA because I need to get set up and start making some real money asap!!! I look to you all for help and support and will do the same in anyway I can. I am happy to be here and lets make some money!!

So glad you found us Steven I know you are going to have nothing short of a brilliant year ahead. We are committed to the community and the platform here at WA and we have a lot of stuff in store in 2017!

This is true. I've scoured the net, & I could not find a comparable deal. Just a bunch of bunk & lies elsewhere. The short few years I've been with WAU I've seen exponential added training & bonuses that others just do not have in their so-called premium, one-of-a-kind training programs--just hot air. So, if you haven't taken advantage yet, you'll kick yourself later for not doing so. ALL ABOOOOOAAAARRRD! The train is leavin' real soon. Don't get left behind! Click the signup button NOW!

We are committed to you and we are committed to the platform here. We have a lot of brilliant folks working behind the scenes to make WA tick, but also working on some incredible projects. 2017 is going to be the most exciting one yet!

All aboard!

I decided to take advantage of this $299 special. I was paying monthly and I said to myself last week that I WISH I could get this monthly payment off of my list and then you all posted the black Friday special and gave us the opportunity to SAVE 49%. This was a NO BRAINER TO ME AND IT IS MUCH more important than buying/investing anything else.

You have 1 more day to take advantage of the special.


Awesome Sylvia, it definitely does make financial sense! I really do look forward to seeing your accomplishments in 2017!

Ahhh... the beloved pinto! I jest. lol

Great analogy, Kyle. And for those who have been around the proverbial Affiliate/Internet Marketing block elsewhere, as premium WA members, we know this to be 100% accurate.

Thanks for all your hard work on everything you and Carson offer already, as well as for what is to come. I just upgraded to a one year membership this evening and I'm so looking forward to the days ahead, learning to grow a successful online business of my own.


My parents had a pinto, I hated riding around in that thing as a kid! In hindsight, not a bad looking ride!

Thanks for the kind words Ellen and I really do look forward to working with you in the year ahead!

I've been searching for a way to describe WA's world class internet business training platform. At first Kyle, I thought that maybe you had come up with a great idea.

But, unless Ferrari would actually adopt your idea of dealer upgrades at no cost it comes up short. So the search goes on ... how to describe no cost platform upgrades for all existing owners (paid up members).

Does this mean that WA is actually in uncharted territory for internet training platforms?

Yeah, a part analogy. Ferrari isn't going to give you these upgrades and give you the newest addition every year. If they did, I think they would have a lot more buyers! lol

I do believe we are in unchartered territory with WA, we put our members here before US, we care about you and your success, and have a passion for improving, innovating and evolving. I do think it is really hard to find that in this industry these days.

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