It's Tough to Know What the Future Holds. (Class Tonight)

Last Update: December 17, 2020

The Global Pandemic is putting strain on a lot of people, and a lot of businesses. As we head into the holiday season and we look forward to the year ahead, there still is a great deal of "unknowns" as to what the future holds.

Believe it or not, running a business goes hand in hand with not knowing the future. There are a lot of variables that we are in control of that dictate our success, but there are also plenty of things that we don't control... and we don't know that will occur yet, that can also have influence on our business and success.

People tend to struggle the most when there are “unknowns”. We find it hard to not know what our future looks like, but in business that is the nature of what we do. We simply don’t know what next year, or next month brings and this is something that we want you to embrace (and that we will be discussing).

What will tomorrow look like? What will next week look like? What will next month... and next year look like… we don’t know.

I want to help you manage "what you know", and I always want to shed some light on how successful Internet Entrepreneurs are able to operate within an environment where there are simply some things that you are not going to know (and you have to be OK with that).

You Are in Control of What You Know.

What we are in control of is our own actions, and creating goals that will lead to the success of our business.

If we set goals, and work to achieve those, then we eventually succeed. The more goals we accomplish, the more success we typically achieve. Those are things we are in control of.

You are not in control of some things. That is OK.

There are lots of unknowns that happen throughout the year that can have an adverse impact on your business, or in some cases a really positive impact. The Pandemic obviously is something that we couldn't have anticipated this year, and it has had an adverse impact on the overall economy.

That is out of your control, but you can react and improve your business as a result of it.

Sometimes Google will make a "Core" update, as they did earlier this month that can swing your overall rankings in one direction or another.

This is out of your control, but you can react and improve as a result of it.

There are innumerable unknowns that you will be unable to "predict" in your business, more so than things you will be able to predict. But that is part of the learning process, and that is how we are able to evolve as entrepreneurs.

We simply take the situation that is in front of us, and remain flexible as a business and hopefully morph into a better business as a result of it.

We are not in control of the economy. So times like this, if it has impacted your business or potentially will, are out of your control. Sometimes you don’t even need to react to it, you just continue pushing forward knowing that it is a temporary lull.

We all fear them, but some of us embrace that fear and use it as motivation, others use it to take them out of the game. I don't want the latter to be you. I want you to thrive, and thrive better than ever as we move forward in the year ahead.

And that leads me to my class that is taking place tonight...

Join My "Pandemic Proof Your Biz in 2021" Class, It's Tonight!

I have a class that is going to be streaming live tonight, and it is a class available to both Premium and Premium Plus+ members here at Wealthy Affiliate.

This year has been tough for many with the Pandemic, but it is not unusual for events like this to happen through the arc of time and you need to be ready, and willing to handle it as a business. In this class, I spend over an hour discussing times like this, and how to come out on top. If you want to be part of the 5% of businesses that are succeeding and thriving after 5 years, while your competition fades off into their own misery... I can help you out.

Become the leader of your industry. Thrive in 2021. And get direct insights from things that I have learned in my past 19 years within the online world (I am really showing my age now, lol).

You can subscribe here, and I want you to make sure if you can, attend LIVE. I will be hanging out and answering questions. :)

==> SUBSCRIBE HERE: Building a Pandemic Proof Business in 2021 - Ask Me Anything

I know you are absolutely going to love the class tonight. I have made a ton of mistakes over the years, I have been through the 2008 Global Financial crisis, Carson and I have been able to navigate a lot of ups and downs in business, and I know I can share some really valuable insights as to HOW we came out on time, despite constant "unknowns" and sometimes unwelcome surprises.

See you there tonight!



PS. If you cannot attend live because of your time zone or you are simply busy tonight, there will be a REPLAY available shortly after. You will be able to watch the class as many times as you like. :)

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EOPolini Premium
Merry Christmas to you and the staff; as unpredictable as the future is, in Christ we may enjoy faith, hope and love. My prayer for the WA family this season is for the inevitable changes to bring about a humble admiration for what Jesus lived and died for. God bless you all!
CherryRed20 Premium
Hello Kyle,

Yes I know I am a tad late to this week's class and thank goodness for the replay button of this week's webinar where I can go and catch up on what I missed.

I just wanted how this post is nicely written and I hope you and Carson are having a productive & safe weekend.

Amira999 Premium
Hi Kyle, the topic is very current and nicely written text.
A writer from my country, a Nobel laureate, wrote, "Fear is man's greatest enemy."
I believe that the secret of success is in adaptation, in every situation, perseverance and faith that a man can do everything if he has intention and believes.

Best regards,
Your Amira
ERichardson1 Premium
Good evening evening Kyle, I'm happy to find out that I will be able to see the replay because of my schedule. As you know this isn't the only thing I do, I'm also a writer for a couple small local newspapers however, I'm here now and I definitely want to watch it. Thank you for taking the time to do this Kyle, have a wonderful evening.
garfield63 Premium
I really enjoyed the class. It is important to hold on for the long-haul. I thought about my college years when you were talking about the ups and downs. Success is never instataneous. When I have everything setup - I will have my WA dog nutrition website, my copywriting business website ( and a website to promote WA. I am going to put self-care first so to limit the amount of pressure I put on myself. Bad stress is not going to help me succeed. Thank you for validating my thought process related to being successful and related to what the online world is going to look like in 2021.