Introducing WootCoin, Our OWN Cryptocurrency.

Last Update: March 31, 2018

After much deliberation, we have decided to jump on the bandwagon. I know I haven’t been the best ambassador of CryptoCurrencies up to this point, but that has quickly changed with the evolving atmosphere and my newfound love for the ‘BlockChain”.

Partly because we have been investing so much time into our own currency and our own technologies that we feel will soon take over the entire crypto space!

And without further ado...

Introducing WootCoin!

It is official, the cat is out of the bag. We are launching WootCoin. Can I get a "woot woot"!

As of today, you can get early access to pre-invest to the ICO (Initial Coin Offering). The current offering is $0.0008 per coin and we are only going to be offering 1,000,0000,000,000. Yes, 1 TRILLION. After that, they will be in full circulation and the supply/demand economy is going to take over driving the price of a WootCoin through the roof!

In fact, our anticipated value post ICO to be $8.00. This is a 10,000% gain, for those that are trying to do the math here, which is like taking $100 and make one MILLION with it.

So this is all about getting rich, and doing so fast. This is the major draw for cryptos, and ours is no different except the fact that it is going to make you a heck of a lot more!

When you purchase WootCoin through our ICO, we are also going to send you a custom cryptowallet. It’s secure, it can hold unlimited coins, it can hold real fiat currency (cash), and it is next to impossible to lose (because of its size). And it is going to look really cool. Here is our prototype.

affiliatecoin wallet

Why Choose Our Crypto

There are a lot of cryptocurrencies, so you do have choice. In my opinion, the only obvious choice moving forward is going to be WootCoin, as it is backed by the most advanced technology in the space. Our proprietary technology is called MockChain.

MockChain is our own digital ledger and it is so secret, we are not going to tell you what it does. If we did, it would make your currency much less secure. Let’s just say you can make instant transactions of any time, in the most secure manner ever recorded.

Welcoming all Crypto Miners

There is something unique about this WootCoin over others. You can either use technology to mine it, or you can dig it out of the ground. So if you have a shovel, you can spend time mining for your WootCoin.

The time it takes to mine a coin, may not pay off, but it will burn calories and better your overall health. The average trade off with the time effort it takes, is around 1 hour of shoveling per coin, which currently has a value of $0.0008.

Don’t worry though, this can and WILL go up in VALUE. Bigly. We are expecting a landslide of activity as soon as the ICO takes place.


For those of that don’t know what this means, I will help you understand. Within the CryptoCurrency world, this basically means that you invest into the currency and you never sell it, or you HOLD it.

I know, the “L” and “D” are backwards, but this is the crypto world. Nothing needs to make sense, and we can make the “make believe’ a reality.

So once you purchase your WootCoin, please plan to hold forever. Not because it will go up forever, but because we probably won’t have the enough money to pay you for your investment. Don’t worry, this is how most crypto’s work, but remember you are also investing into the MockChain technology which is going to change the future of tech.

Bye Bye banks. Hello WootCoin. #wootwoot

WootCoin Logo

Click Here to Invest in the Early Bird ICO.

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buffetearns Premium
Brilliant! Happy April 1st everyone!

I didn’t realise there were so many funny techies in one place!! Lol

We do all realise that pranks go upto Midday?

OK. I will go back to bed with my Easter Sunday “FLU” and see you all after TWELVE MIDDAY!

I really can’t believe i’ve Been caught twice already! I’ve only just woken up!


Now about this Wootcoin, is it for real....................?

FibbiS Premium
Lol, good one, I was really interested there for a second, mainly because I trust you guys not to do wrong by us, I would have invested. Well done. Best to stay away from any news service tomorrow. Here it is 20:43 at the moment.
Have a great day everyone :D
DBlanchard Premium
You had going there for a few minutes. Even took out the calculator and was counting how much 1,000,000,000,000 x .0008 would make...then I saw that big fat wallet full of paper...I said to myself wait a minute...then I skipped to the end and saw the obvious!
Kyle Premium Plus
Well when the value goes up to $8, it will be $8 trillion dollars! lol
DBlanchard Premium
Don't we all wish...even at the original ICO it was still very lucrative. Good one.
AllanSiegel Premium
That's a great bit of tomfoolery! It's almost as good as trying to answer these questions:

• How many fish are in the dead sea? True or false?
• Is it shorter to Montreal, or by bus?
• Do you walk to school, or carry your lunch?
• Is it colder in the winter than it is in the city?
Defiant6 Premium
WOW!! This is absolutely amazing! Just when I thought things couldn't get any better, you have delivered the absolute BEST thing here at Wealthy Affiliate!

Just to let you know, I've already got my shovel and started digging/mining for WootCoin in my backyard! This has me so excited! I can't want to start making super quick money in the next 2 hours when I mine my first Wootcoin! There's just no way this can be outdone!