I Want to Make You a Super Affiliate in 2019.

Last Update: Mar 18, 2019

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Today, I would like to announce the re-release of something that I did last year because it was such a huge success. The Super Affiliate Challenge 2019!

I want to help YOU become a Super Affiliate in 2019, create a full time income online, and ideally get you to a point in your business where you are sitting with us in Las Vegas at our annual, and very exclusive, Super Affiliate Conference.

Last year we ran the Super Affiliate Challenge 2018, our first iteration of this challenge. It was a huge success, and several of those taking part in the challenge are truly building successful businesses online, and in the process helping many others achieve their goals. Several of the folks from last years challenge also made it to Vegas in their first year, with several others that are going to be making it this year.

The reason. The training works, if you work at it (that is key).

Because of the success of this program, I am going to be running it again this year starting April 1st, 2019. We are taking two weeks of applications for this, leading up to the release. If you took part it in last year, you can take part in it again but do know that the training material is going to be very much the same. But for some, last year was likely "too busy" of a time, and I can totally appreciate if you want to start fresh with this years challenge.

A caveat here though. Not everyone will be selected.

We want to "pre qualify" people for this program, accepting those that are serious about creating a business, that are interested in doing so with ethics at the forefront, and that are willing to give themselves adequate time to achieve success.

There are certain criteria that you are going to need to meet if you want to take part in this challenge. Here are the FIVE pre-qualifying factors that I want you to read over and consider before applying.

1. You need to be willing to WORK HARD.

A small group of people that are going to take a few directions and work their butts off for the year ahead. If you plan on sticking around a month or a few months, don't bother applying. Rome wasn't built in a day, nor will your business. But a successful business and one that is in brilliant shape to scale can be built in a year.

2. You need to be DEDICATE A FULL YEAR of effort.

Creating a business takes time. Creating a brand takes time. And starting to see a great deal of momentum in your business will also take time. That is why I want you to be willing to give me the next year (minimum) to work on your business, to go through the training, to build out based on things that are within the training (and that I will be teaching you), and to let your website/business mature.

If you are, awesome I can't wait to work with you!

3. You need to be able to take direction, but also be resourceful and creative.

If you do only as your are told, you will never get to explore your own boundaries and capabilities. I want you to promise me if you do take part in my Super Affiliate challenge, that you are going to be willing to think outside the box and be resourceful, at the same time being able to learn from instruction and ideas that we pass your way. Ultimately, I am not your business, you are. The things that you do, try, and experience success with will lead to your own personal evolution in business and growth in business. I can facilitate, but I cannot create. ;)

1. You are going to be actively promoting WA.

This, of all years is going to be the most exciting time to be part of Wealthy Affiliate as a member, as a user of the platform, as an affiliate and even as a merchant.

My goal is not only to help you create a successful business through the promotion of WA, but also create a business that you can continue growing for many years to come.

Again, this is for serious marketers and those that want to create a full time business online. I know that last years challenge lead to a lot of growth, for a lot of people (they will attest to that) and they are still going through the challenge as we speak and advancing their skill set.

If Interested (and you meet the criteria), do the following:

(1) If you are in, say "Kyle, I am ready to do this!"

(2) Let me know what sort of effort you are willing to put forth on a weekly basis to your business (IE, the time that you have available, please be realistic).

This is going to run from April 1st, 2019 all the way through to June 2020. It is going to be an exciting journey and I completely anticipate MANY people that take part in the challenge becoming full time affiliate marketers and to be sitting down in Vegas with us next years, and for many years to come.

I am excited to hear from those interested!

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"Kyle, I am ready to do this"
January of this year was the starting point for a new direction in mine and my families life. I joined WA on January 22nd and have since taken out the yearly subscription. I am committed to forging a future here.
After an 'oh so brief' discussion with my wife...her first response after I explained the level of work that would be required was, "you've just got to go for it".
So, my schedule is clear for the next twelve months and beyond.
Thank you for providing an amazing opportunity and I look forward to working hard with you.
Many thanks

"Kyle, I am ready to do this!"

I can commit about 4 hours a day. WA is my job right now and I am caring for a toddler and continuing my graduate program!

I am ready to build a life that I can be proud of and give to my family.

I am still new here "about 5 weeks" but I am learning, I am a hard worker, I am creative, and I will give my all to be a super affiliate!

"Kyle, I am ready to do this!"

I am all in! I just upgraded to premium and I am ready & willing to learn. This is an exciting opportunity you've provided for us.

Realistically, I can commit about 15-18 hours a week as I work full time and have a young family to care to. These aren't excuses, but my reality.

I am 100% committed to building a business and becoming a serious marketer so that my family can be my full time work in the not so distant future!!

Looking forward to working with you!

Kyle, I am ready to do this! I am sooooo ready to do this that I am posting a second request. I am willing to invest 3 hours a day 7 days a week to this training and this is very realistic. I did not have a chance to do this last year and I really wanted to. I absolutely know for a fact that if given the chance to go through this training I WILL be with you in Vegas. I just know it. Please allow me to have a chance this year so that I can prove it to you, myself and the community. Wealthy Affiliate is soooooo worth it that the internet marketing world simply needs to know that WA gives you the foundation and tools to really succeed in making a great income online. Everyone who wants to succeed in affiliate marketing simply needs WA. Please Kyle, give me the chance this year!

Kyle, I am ready to do this!

I can dedicate 1-2 hours per night Monday-Friday and 6-7 hours per day Saturday and Sunday.

Who needs time off? When you work hard to have a good life, life works hard to give you what you deserve.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but I can setup a website and have my entire link structure, categories and tags done in less than 2 hours.

How hard can it be? Really?

Hello Kyle,

I am throwing my hat into the ring to be considered so "Kyle, I am ready to do this!". I am able to devote between 10 to 15 hours a week to this challenge.

I am willing to put in the time and work required to making 2019/2020 the YEARS my family's life changed forever!

Thank you for your consideration and have a great day!

Proud papa of two,


Kyle, I am not just ready to do this, but I'm ALL-IN!
I will put 60+ hours per week towards this goal.
The downside: It'll require insane amounts of work... And will be frustrating at times, that's for sure.
The upside: I know my "WHY" and I don't care how long it'll take to make some major breakthroughs... I'm extremely (intrinsic-)motivated and nobody will stop me. See you at the top! ;-)

The plus side is that it will require lots of work, that is where fulfillment in business comes from. And when you enjoy what you do, it doesn't feel like work. :)

Let's make it happen in the year ahead Tim!

Kyle, I am ready to do this!

I just re-activated my premium membership so that I could participate in the Challenge. I let that membership lapse several months ago due mostly to shiny object syndrome. After trying some other online marketing, I just (over the weekend) decided I'm most interested in affiliate marketing and added a note to my to-do list to re-activate.

I am absolutely dedicated to this process as I have just become the primary caregiver for my 94 y.o. mom and need to be able to work from home as I fulfill that obligation. It is that obligation that prevents me from re-joining as an annual member and I hope to be able to upgrade before I make May's payment.

That said, I can realistically devote a minimum of 2 hours/day to the Challenge for as far as I can see into the future, certainly for the next 12-18 mos. If things stay as they now are, I can double that on most days.

My previous job was as an environmental consultant which required that I be attentive to details, be able to follow instructions while being creative, and that I stick to it and meet or exceed my clients' expectations. Today, I am my own client.

I look forward to hearing from you and to working with you during the challenge and beyond.

Dave Strayer

Excellent Dave, you definitely sound very motivated here and like a prime candidate for big achievement in the year ahead. 2019 and early 2020 can and will be a brilliant journey ahead. You have lots to look forward to.

I'm definitely looking forward to it!

Kyle, I am ready to do this!

Kyle, I'm ready to take the next step toward learning how to be a Super Affiliate! I'm prepared to dedicate..."Quality 5 hours a day, 5 days a week." Leaving Saturday and Sunday for the family.
If working HARD is part the criteria, I am ready. If it take a YEAR, I understand. I'm good at taking DIRECTIONS, but also CREATIVE. I'm really IMPRESSED with WA. so that's no problem!
I look forward to be apart of this journey with you and becoming one of your next "Super Affiliates."
Thank you for considering me for this special April 1st affiliate training.

Again, thank you!

Awesome Bill!

Thanks for the reply. Looking forward to be "qualified"as one of the "Selected Candidates."


Kyle, I am ready to do this!

I can do 2 to 4 hours a day, 14+ hours a week. Pretty often I get overwhelmed by the amount of info and tools I have to go through to learn how everything works and this program might be exactly what I am missing to keep my balance and consistency and do more action rather than just research and learn.

Well the process is going to be well supported and there will be help available to you whenever you need it. If you dedicate this amount of time, with focus (ie, be productive during those hours), you can accomplish so much through the course of a year.

The funny thing is that a day of 2-4 hours doesn't feel like a lot when you look at what you just did, but through the course of 365 this cumulatively leads to the creation of something amazing.

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