I Don't Have Time to Start a Business.

Last Update: October 26, 2017

I hear far more excuses as to why someone can't achieve success than why they can. People have the natural tendency to use the fact that their lives are busy and get in the way of working on their business.

Well, guess what?

We ALL have busy lives. We all have priorities, we all have various tasks pulling at us throughout the day, we have families, we have social lives, we have work, we have LIVES.

That is fine, that is completely normal and unless you truly are at home staring at a white wall all day, you are probably busy doing something else.

Some of the most common excuses that I get as to why someone simply CANNOT build a business online are:

  • "I have a 9 to 5 job. I am pretty busy to get rolling with a business as well."
  • "I have school, I am simply too busy with exams."
  • "I have kids, there is no time for anything else."
  • or simply "I am too busy"

These are the most common and if you have found yourself using one of these (or more than one) as an excuse for not progressing with your business, this post is likely going to be of great interest to you.

We ALL Have Busy Lives.

One thing that is consistent for most of us is that life is busy. Most successful businesses are built out of the desire to "escape" the rat race that we all become so familiar with, so if you are busy and you feel that you are even too "busy" to build a business, trust me you are not. You are in the SAME position as almost everyone that I have ever met that have built a successful businesses online.

I remember when I started out I was 22 years old. No, I didn't have kids at that point in my life, but I had an incredibly busy life. I was full time in a very strenuous program in college (a condensed 2.5 year computer science program), I had lots of labs, homework, reading, tests and exams to continue work on.

Not to mention I played basketball 3-4 times per week, worked out 5-6 times per week, I had a girlfriend (now my wife) who I spent a lot of time with, and I had an active social life. Surely there wasn't time for starting a business?

Yes, there was. And I found more than adequate time to build a business.

Now I have two small children (with lots of activities), I have commitments to a baseball team, I travel, I have a house to maintain and manage, and I have a social life outside of this. Surely there isn't time to run a business? Yes, there is.

YOU Are In Full Control of Your 17 Hours Per Day.

Everyone gets the same 24 hours in a day. How we use it will differentiate one person from the next. I know this is a little cliche, but it is the reality.

When I started out, I had to make some sacrifices in terms of not doing things I was doing, but I also made much better use of the time I was given each day. I had to take a look at this 17 hours per day and decide on how I would fit in some of these hours for my business.

I simply did things a bit differently.

I used my "idle" time to work on my business. On my breaks at school, I worked on my business. When I got home, instead of watching some TV, I worked on my business. Instead of going to every party or social event, I would sometimes instead focus on my business. At night before bed, I worked on my business.

I was able to carve out 3-4 hours per day, every day to dedicate to my business. Through time I was able to ramp this up as I started earning more money and saw the potential.

You can do the same. Take your day, map it out, and find ways as to which you can carve out time for your business.

Your Busy Life is Likely Not Going to Change.

It is pretty rare that one day, your life will suddenly afford you a bunch of new time. I have been wishing for a longer day than 24 hours for many years, but my wish has yet to come true!

So if you are thinking that "I will wait until I have more time", chances are you will never have more time. You have to create more time, you have to change the choices you make on a day to day basis, and you need to do things in your "spare" hours, or even minutes, that will lead to productivity in your business.

Those of us that have found success in business lead incredibly busy lives, but that comes with the territory of running a business. I think to a certain degree we get trapped into the ideology of "4 hour workweek", when this simply isn't the reality nor should be something you seek.

If you're only working four hours a week and respect your business, it is doomed to fail. Something is wrong if you can only find four hours of work within your business.... to IMPROVE your business.

So how do you make time for your business? If we all have the same number of hours in the day, how are some people able to fit in the "start up" of a business whereas others simply can't (or won't).

I have some ideas. ;)

7 Practical Solutions I Use To Get More Done.

It is fine to say that being busy is the reality of life and to "suck it up", but it is another thing to offer you some solutions from my 15 years online where I have been extremely busy, yet have been able to manage a full time business online during these 15 years.

(1) Write down weekly goals. Without knowing what you need to do or want to do, you are not going to get much done right? The first thing I do on Monday morning are to write out my goals for a week. If you don't have specific goals, it is tough to be productive when you actually sit down to "get work done".

(2) Take a break from social media. Don't worry, you probably won't be missed by the zombies and trolls sitting on Facebook all day. It surely it will be a nice break from the sheer waste of time we spend on sites like Facebook sifting through ads and ridiculous videos just to get to our friends latest "look at ME post".

(3) Work on your business during your meals. I remember when I was in the midst I'm going from employment to being completely self-employed. During my lunch hours I would spend my time working on my business either developing ideas, working on my websites, research, etc. For those of us that are working a full-time job, we usually get breaks and we usually get a lunch period that can be invested directly into your business.

(4) Take a notepad wherever you go. Even before we started offering our WA Swag pad folios each year in Vegas, I've always walked around with a notepad. You never know when you're going to get ideas for your niche and business and you should always record these. As a result, I've never been in a situation where I had a shortage of ideas in ANY niche.

All of us have a "notes" application on our phones. I am a pen & paper guy, but if you want to keep it digital use your notes application on your Android or iOS device.

(5) Your computer goes with you. You go on a vacation, your computer goes with you. You go to the coffee shop, your computer goes with you. Basically everywhere you go where you could potentially work on your business, you want to be able to work if need be. This will allow you to maximize your hours in the day and dedicate a portion of your "free" ones to your business.

(6) Read, read, read! We are all connected in one way or another to information. Whether you have access to magazines, a library, your phone and the various news agencies on there, Wealthy Affiliate, etc. Keep reading, keep informed, and keep progressing your education. It will pay off in the most amazing ways.

Although I haven't been as efficient in terms of reading hard cover books these days, I still aim to read six or so books year. I am constantly reading throughout the day and I end each day (going to sleep) educating myself and learning new things. There are a lot of good apps on your phone that you can utilize to get good reads relevant to any topic you input, this could be related to your niche, related to online business, etc.

I also read at the gym when doing cardio!

(7) Business is a 7 day week. Use all 7 days. Many of us at deem a work week being Monday to Friday, with Saturday and Sunday being days when we are not supposed to be productive or are days off. That is the wrong mindset.

The fact of the matter is, those that work through the weekends and treat their business like something that is a seven-day-a-week entity, are those that succeed online at the highest rate. Just remember, those competing with you in any business are working when you are not. You can't LOSE in business if you outwork your competition.

I would love to hear your feedback on the dimension of "time" in your business. We all have different ways to manage it and we all feel some sort of PRESSURE when it comes to having more time in our lives.

I also hope this post has been helpful for putting the time element in business into perspective for all of you. It is something that we all wrestle with in business, and in life.

Your comments, your feedback, your tips and tricks, and your stories about "time efficiency" are really appreciated. Please leave them below.

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PaulaKeen Premium
So glad to know there are other paper and pen kind of people still left in the world. I feel super lost without them!

This is a fantastic article Kyle. I actually cried to be honest, because I know I fit in there somewhere. I'm a long way away from being so busy that I can't. As a matter of fact, I'm so NOT busy, but most of the time, I just can't think of what I need to do!!

I guess being so new to this kind of world, it keep the mental processes a bit overwhelmed and locked up. I feel like, a lot of time, that I've slammed into that 3 month wall, and am still stuck to it, lol. It sounds funny, but it feels terrible.

Not sure what's going on with my world. I'm sure whatever it is will pass. Hopefully sooner than later :o).

I greatly appreciate you sharing these ideas. I can see them helping.
Kyle Premium Plus
Don't worry, we all fit in there somewhere. I still have a lot of wasted my day although I've gotten a lot better added over the years. We all do and we can't feel bad about having ME time or family time, or time to just relax. That is part of the hours in the day.

We just need to appreciate the fact that in order to create a successful business online, we need to dedicate hours in the day and make those hours productive ones.

Over time these hours lead to days of productivity and monthly productivity that ultimately lead to and established and substantial business online.

Time is just part of your business and part of your productivity schedule. It isn't really unique to creating an online business, it is just part of accomplishment and becoming great at something.
PaulaKeen Premium
Thank you Kyle. :o)
JohnBochtis Premium
What an amazing read! The truth is that we all come up with excuses at times and we all want some free time actually to be.. Free! However if you manage time properly you can find at least two hours a day to work on your website. But I don't see it as bad getting lazy sometime in the day especially after work until lunch is ready. I still a couple of hours to dedicate to my business. For the first time after 3 1/2 months I got lazy previous week and only created two posts. However, I came back strong today and will continue publishing content throughout the week. I know that sticking in and doing what you are supposed to do will bring you results, but I think is okay to relax for some time every day, maybe go to sleep for an hour or listen to some music or workout, whatever it is. Anyway, thank God I don't write content the way I wrote this post. This paragraph is huge.
Kyle Premium Plus
Awesome John, you are doing great. And my ideas were just ideas and things that I do. You don't have to do things the same way, but hopefully this gives you some insight into things that you can do to carveout more time to be more productive during your day.

Thanks for chiming in!
Rick Jantz Premium
I listen to audio books while on the treadmill (haven't figured out how to take notes yet - maybe a big notebook). I've also begun writing out my daily "have-to's" (work, excercise, etc.) and have found I have more available time than I thought. Instead of pondering how busy I am, I focus on how busy I'm not...and fill in the blanks. These are now my "Big 3": Health, Site, Write. Thanks for prompting the discussion.
Easy-Moneys Premium
Hmmmm..."Health, Site, Write" Sounds like a Great Website name or eStore!
Rick Jantz Premium
Could be, but pretty broad.
Kyle Premium Plus
Love that Rick and I know others that do the same. I like to read the news or old school magazines (the paper version, I know lol).

Great work on the Big 3, something that EVERYONE should focus on!
JeffL61 Premium
Kyle, this article should be required reading for about 99.8% of all members here at WA. Yes, if a person truly wants to build a highly profitable online business for him/herself then it would mean absolutely finding time during the day to work on it.

I loved your comment about getting away from social media more often. Social media does have its benefits. But there is a lot of negative issues quite apparent on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and etc. If anyone either doesn't understand that or is in denial to those facts he/she probably has issues with being addicted to those platforms.

You are 100% correct with your opinion about social media, and the blunt suggestion that you made Kyle:

That would be that people need to spend as little time as possible on social media, (only devoting time on those platforms that would be highly beneficial to one's business) and instead do the 6 other topics that you emphasized which SHOULD be a high priority with all members here regarding each of their online businesses.

A very insightful article that I plan on bookmarking for personal future reference, Kyle!
Kyle Premium Plus
I may incorporate it into some of the training because it is something that comes up so often Jeff. So good idea there!

As for social media, I see far too many people wasting too much time on social media. If you look at the people hours that people spend on even Facebook, you will realize that it's an entire workforce of people hours (for entire countries) that could be dedicated to something productive.

The thing is we have idle hours in the day, we do something with them and social media is has fed the ADD void I think we all had inside of us.

If someone cut out social media for just a week, they would realize how much extra time they have the could be dedicated to productive things like building a business.
Easy-Moneys Premium
Dear Kyle:

Once again you inspire and lead with grace!

I too have been blessed with a busy life when young:
-Competitive Figure Skater for Canada
-Grade 10 Toronto Conservatory Pianist
-Girl Guide with Canada Cord Achievement
-total School Geek & Nerd (I have always loved learning)!

All of these various activites (plus friends and disco-dancing ) put me in good stead with little time for sleep which suited my Medical Career beautifully.

In my 50's, illness caught up with me and now Wealthy Affiliate is my therapy!

The time I spend on my "How to Earn Money Online" niche has become my passion - helping Boomers or anyone needing a helping hand to shore up their financial future.

Here are the ways that I utilize any spare bit of time (essentially squeezing in some work/fun) that I have when not at the computer:

- I visualize my strategy for each day and week ahead - mapping out my blog posts etc & choosing pics & videos to embed

- I always keep "money earning" and how to share this with others (Social Engagement) as the uppermost goal of whatever activity I am doing while working (playing) on WA

- I never get down on myself for anything - everything happens for a reason and there is always tomorrow

I love my niche and I love WA!

There's no downside!

There's no time wasted!

Dr Barb of Easy-moneys
Kyle Premium Plus
I love this Barb! You have quite a story in in quite experiences in your life and your work ethic is going to shine through as you do move forward.

I love your attitude and your approach to creating a business online and I think you have a really bright future ahead of you.

Thanks for chiming in to this post with your thoughts. I know they're going to be valuable to others and help others with more "perspective" on time and what it means to different people. ;)
Easy-Moneys Premium
Thank you so very much Kyle for your personal response!

I am reading through everyone's comments and your responses!

It reads like a "Novella" - Wealthy Affiliate in 10 Acts (Training)!

Or a Radio Broadcast on CBC Radio - you may be too young for that reference!

What a fantastic legacy you are creating for you and your family and for all of us lucky Wealthy Affiliate-ers who are "flocking" along following your steps!

Sincerest of Thanks...For All That You Do for Us!