I Could Have Only Dreamed of This When Starting Out.

Last Update: November 23, 2017

Starting out within the online world was an erratic and tumultuous experience for me (albeit it fun). There are many Only Dreamed of Thisreasons for this, but the main one was that it was a journey of self-education to truly comprehend how the online economy worked, how affiliate marketing worked, and how I could take "ideas", some content, some affiliate products, as well as traffic, and turn this into a thriving affiliate marketing business.

An important thing to take into consideration and something that I have always naturally done my entire life is focus a great deal of importance on progression of "knowledge". My opinion is this...

"The only way to positively progress in life, is to educate oneself."

Whether this is through hands on experiences, through reading, through watching videos, or through things that we are taught by others, we all continue to educate ourselves.

ALL education is not equal though. All education isn’t incorrect. And truly comprehending something happens at different levels of efficiency, depending on the source and style of the education.

What am I getting at here?

Well, in the content of learning how to build a business online, I was very much “ill equipped” in today’s standard. When I started out, I didn’t have any skills building websites, technology was 15 years LESS advanced than it was today, and I basically had to figure out EVERY element of affiliate marketing on my own.

Most of which I learned by doing. In fact, I would say 90% of my education was by trying new things, not knowing the result. There weren’t really any quality educational resources back in 2002 when I got rolling and there certainly wasn’t anything close to what we offer here at Wealthy Affiliate.

The people succeeding online back in 2002 were typically self-reliant and very much self-sufficient. E-books just started becoming a thing in 2004/2005 and so did big product launches. Domain technology, website technology, SEO, these were all very much in their infancy and social media didn't even exist.

I had to learn everything on my own. Every day I was heading into foreign territory, not knowing what I was going to come across but to a certain degree that was something that I really started to embrace.

It led to me taking MUCH longer to get a handle on things, but I also got the opportunity to learn very quickly what didn’t work, and then what did work, and now all of this education has given me the ability to teach others in the industry.

And this is the EXACT reason why we created Wealthy Affiliate back in 2005. We understood the need for speeding up the education process and helping people understand what are the PROPER practices for building a business, and what are things that you should avoid doing.

Wealthy Affiliate was our platform and way of creating something that we had always “wished we had” when we started out.

Affiliate Marketing Platforms, They Simply Didn't Exist.

Since 2002, there have been MANY attempts at creating a great service. I remember back in 2006 a membership program in this industry that was charging $800/mth. They lasted a few years before they folded. There have be 10,000’s of ebooks that came and went and that continue to sizzle before the candle wick is even lit.

There are membership sites out there now, and these days there are companies pretending to be “affiliate marketing” whereas they are nothing more than schemes inviting you to spend a lot of money so you can promote that same opportunity to others.

There has been ONE consistent company and platform in the industry. Wealthy Affiliate.

Since our inception in 2005, we have always stayed true to the roots of affiliate marketing and how to properly build a business online and we have not deviated from this in our 12 years in this business. And through the arc of time and the 10,000’s of improvements and updates we have made at WA, we haven’t increased our price point.

It's apparent. We care. It's also apparent. We know what we are doing, but we don't think we are perfect. That is why we continue to evolve literally with EVERY day that passes. Our best is truly yet to come and we will always view our service and platform in this light. You help us improve. You help us get better.

In fact, the price at WA has never been more affordable and on Black Friday to Cyber Monday (November 24th - 27th, 2017), it is going to be the lowest pride we have ever offered ($299 for an entire year).

Our goal is and will always be, helping YOU succeed online and to do so with the most efficiency as possible. The training, the tools, the services, the help and the networking you need is going to be instrumental in this process and we are going to continue to led the industry in every respect, with 2018 going to be our biggest breakthrough yet.

Something I Am Really Glad I Did NOT Know When Starting Out...

Like running on a treadmill, it is always easier to put in a good workout when you are not “watching the clock”. If you have a 30 minute run on a treadmill you know what I am talking about. It feels like eternity and a lot more hard work if you are watching the seconds go by (and are staring at the wall in front of you).

Compare this to an outdoor run at the park or a trail run, the 30 minutes seems to come and go with a lot more efficiency and it seems to be a lot more fun.Watching the Clock on Success

Watching the clock on your own personal success is a HUGE trap. One that many falls into and can never get out of and as a result, people fail at a high rate because of this one item alone.

What I am really glad I didn’t fall into was the “clock watching trap” that many (I would say MOST) people fall into when they are trying to create a business online. They want success now and they give themselves a time limit in which they must create success by, or they give up or move onto the next thing.

I can tell you plain and simple, if I had a 1 month, 3 months or even 6 month rule I would not be where I am at today.

A Significant Reason I Became a Success.

One thing that I understood early on is that building a business cannot be approached in the same way as an hourly job. Perhaps it was because I had jobs where I did piece work in the past where I only got paid for what I did (just like business). I applied the same principles to building a business online.

I didn’t break things down into an hourly wage. If I did, I would have failed.

This is logic that I see many folks instituting in their online business and it leads to immediately failure. In fact, I know right away if I hear someone complaining about the hours they have spent in their first month of business with no payoff, they are going to fail and unless they change their attitude, they are NEVER going to succeed in business.

The time and energy you put forth now, typically pays off MONTHS from now. If you are looking for an instant reward from your efforts, then you are approach business in the wrong way and you are setting yourself up for disappointment.

I have had single posts that I have created over the years that haven’t ranked for months from the time I wrote them, but then all of a sudden as my site gained authority the blasted to the top of the search engines and single handily drove a full time income.

I have had PPC campaigns that took 3-4 months to truly refine, but once I set them up they generated YEARS of profits. I have had single KEYWORDS that I have discovered over the years through trial and error that were gold mines.

This is the sort of stuff that happens when you treat this like a business, not an hourly job. Not everything you do will translate into money, and not everything you do that translates into money will be evident at the time that it is the reason why.

But that is what happens in this business and that is what will happen as you build out your business. Treat it like a job, and you will never have a business (and likely fail very quickly). Treat it like a business, and that is exactly what you are going to create.

So this is a key takeaway you should run with here. Don't treat business like an hourly job!

You Have Much More Than I Could Have Dreamed Of.

Now you need to take advantage of it!

I could have only dreamed of a platform like Wealthy Affiliate online. It would have saved me months of effort, time and waste. Sure, I learned a lot as a result of my failure, but it is also nice to follow those that have "been there and done than" to save you from going to the effort just to fail.

You have access to absolutely everything you need here within the WA platform and community to create and grow a business online and do so with more efficiency than ever.

A website can now be built here in 30 seconds. That same process took 30 days when I started out and that is without an ounce of exaggeration. I had to code from scratch, I had to design my own theme and menus, I had to copy code from page to page just to create new pages of content. I could have only dreamed of a platform like WA when starting out.

Quality images were impossible to find back in 2002. Finding an image you liked for your website, was a pure pain in the rear. You now have access to over 1 MILLION+ images as a Premium member using the SiteContent Images platform. This I could have only dreamed of when starting out.

Finding keywords was quite the process. There was a platform called Overture (which was the advertising network for Yahoo) at the time that had an OK keyword tool within it, but most of the great keywords I ever came up with I had to think of off the top of my head. I could have only wished for a platform the WA keyword & research platform here at WA.

The training was sparse, if at all. Anyone that was successful was usually "hush hush" about it and wouldn't share what they were doing with you in fears of you stealing it. I could have only dreamed of a progressive education and live weekly classes like you have access to here at WA.

Support was through forums and most of it was the "blind leading the blind". Support forums and chat rooms were filled with people that were handing out bad advice and anyone that new what they were doing were unwilling to share this information with you. I could have only dreamed of a community and a networking opportunity like you have access to here at WA, where we all care about each other and are willing to pay it forward when we learn something.

There you have it. My dreams have come true, but it is through you that I get to experience the efficiency that someone can build a business, from a cost perspective as well as a time perspective.

I hope you can take away a few things from this post, not only the passion that we have behind the platform here at Wealthy Affiliate and our tireless strive for perfection, but some things that I did through the years that made the difference between success and failure. The two main ones were not watching the clock on my success and not breaking things down into an hourly wage. If I did either of those, I likely would not be writing this and surely, WA wouldn't exist.

I would love your feedback, thoughts, comments or questions if you have any! Please drop them below and I wish you an exciting Black Friday ahead and I hope all of your are able to take advantage of our amazing yearly offer of $299 for an entire year of Premium. :)

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hugh9905 Premium
This post is awesome.

I've learned at least 2 things that are important to me: NOT watching the clock on my own personal success, and NOT treating my business like an hourly job (or even a salary job).

These great tips just remind me the first thing my entrepreneurship instructor told me: "Your business will not likely to survive the first 3 years if money is the ONLY reason why you are starting a business." Too bad that the very reasons holding me back in the past few years were the desperate desire to succeed in a short period of time, and the burning desire to make $$$ right away or very soon.

Thanks again, Kyle, for the great post and the great platform you and your team build for us.

Sheris4U Premium
This is true about the scams out there. I was all most going to go through the affiliate marketing with these two guys. First they say pay $99 we will teach you what we know than they have all these other versions they want you to pay and if you pay $10,000 you become an elite member and they will make sure you make your first 10,000 in 90 days. That is just to scary for me and a little to pushy.
I had money taken from my card without permission which is a God send because the other plug ins I had to pay for that program were going to cost me a total of $200 a month after my fee trials were over.
I decided to come to WF at the same time to see how this works. I am much more satisfied at all the efforts of so many people willing to help, with that you can get many opinions while building you website (outsiders looking in as consumers) and just the unbelievable help.
Long story short, I had to cancel my card so the other companies will not be able to charge and I am just going to take that other company as I was blessed for a small loss to have such a big gain as WF!
I have big ideas, I think, and am confused where to start because what ever direction I go I am interested in any of the knowledge I gain here. Do I start with boot camp or certification? I am on Phase 3 of both, maybe that is how I am confusing myself. I am not sure but I think I published my sites before I was ready to.
I just keep plugging away. Thoughts?
redbiro Premium
I chose a niche site to promote motorcycle accessories, I thought I'll do bootcamp one day as I don't want to overload myself. Then I joined Gogetters which is run by botipton. His course explained how I can promote WA withing my niche website. Now I am promoting my motorcycle niche and WA at the same time.

How I tied it in is like this. Do you need funding for your motorcycle modification project?

That way I can promote WA but still stay within the content so it blends in with the website theme.

I may still do bootcamp one day, however, this method allows me to focus on my niche and not overload myself.
Have a great day. Dave
billy947 Premium
Glad to hear that you came to WA. To me it is the only legit one out there. Certification should be started 1st to learn the ropes, it is a niche of theirs. Boot Camp is when you want to make a website of your own. Basically the same process. Wishing you the best of luck.
redbiro Premium
You said: There are membership sites out there now, and these days there are companies pretending to be “affiliate marketing” whereas they are nothing more than schemes inviting you to spend a lot of money so you can promote that same opportunity to others.

That is exactly the experience I had a number of times. Up selling in the thousands of dollars, promising training to build a niche site only to end up promoting the same opportunity to others.

You said: A website can now be built here in 30 seconds. That same process took 30 days when I started out and that is without an ounce of exaggeration. I had to code from scratch, I had to design my own theme and menus, I had to copy code from page to page just to create new pages of content. I could have only dreamed of a platform like WA when starting out.

Exactly my experience. I had to learn html tables and try to get my head around CSS. It felt like you had to be a computer programmer to have a website. Wordpress has made it so much easier for people starting out today.

You Said: Quality images were impossible to find back in 2002. Finding an image you liked for your website, was a pure pain in the rear. You now have access to over 1 MILLION+ images as a Premium member using the SiteContent Images platform. This I could have only dreamed of when starting out.

I used to go through the images and mainly clipart, that came with Microsoft Office CD. I think it was Office 2000.

Great article and thanks for creating WA and sharing your information which many others guarded as you mentioned.

Have an absolutely amazing day.
leebray Premium
great post... very inspiring and uplifting. much needed advice. 2018 has a great start .

Been with WA almost one year call it my growing pains. I'm more motivated than ever thanks to you and WA community.

In my opinion just the support of you and the community is priceless.

Im ready to do this. Thank you so much for this membership and my new found family.
GST Premium
I get this was written a few days ago, but it confirms the feeling I had when I first open this platform up. You and the others here do care and are paying it forward. It is, unfortunately, a rare thing these days in a "Me" world. Thankful you stuck it out ...

Happy New Years ... Cheers!
herinnelson Premium
Hi Kyle! Your post here has just confirmed what I already knew about Wealthy Affiliate being the best possible platform that exists today, so thank you for that!

Like you, I began web design when computers came into existence, so you and I both know that the times have gone from prehistoric to present-day genius!

You have truly nailed it by creating this beyond-amazing company! Congratulations!! I am so excited to continue working at WA, and with a whole new outlook, thanks to your post!

I began in September of 2016, but took a leave due to an injury. I've been back now for over 4 months and things are just beginning to come to fruition. I'm patient and know how the process works. I still have so much to implement into my sites and am learning more each day.

Although the progress is gradual, what is keeping me here is all the excitement and determination within the community, from the leaders and throughout the training.

I'm so excited to see what 2018 brings and all the advancements you have planned! Thanks for the opportunity and see you around!
DaveSw Premium
One word: 'Excellence' - that sums up your post and indeed the job performance and deliverables you and Carson add for us all here...

Most certainly that is what we must strive for daily. Do one thing a day in an excellent manner, and over time you will have excellent results...

I equate it to climbing the side of a mountain. If you want to reach the top, you have to keep at it, get around obstacles, keep climbing always, using best efforts...

Once you get to the top, gravity sets in, and it can be hard to stay at the top. That is not necessarily a bad thing, so coming down a bit from that top will allow you to regenerate and make another run at the top...

With each iteration, the journey get faster, you know which obstacles to avoid or get around, and you will have people following in your footsteps because you have walked the walk...

You have done this Kyle, as has Carson, and I for one am thankful to walk in your footsteps with my own online journey. No telling where it will go, I can't see the top of that mountain yet...I will though, I will...

Cheers and congratulations to you and Carson, and thanks, too for your willingness to share it with us!

Dave : )

P.S. Enjoy the holidays!
DBlanchard Premium
"Treat it like a business, and that is exactly what you are going to create" and "not watching the clock on my success" is what stands out for me in your post. Now, I have to apply those principles to my own "thing" here at WA! I found myself being discouraged at times and the thought of quitting has surfaced from times to times, but that spark that I had lighted when I first joined is still here, so I never cancelled my premium membership. Instead, I enrolled in the yearly black Friday special last year, and of course renewed this year too.

You are absolutely right in everything you say here. We have the opportunity to be "spoon fed" everything we need to succeed compared to 15 years ago.

And the only thing standing between success or failure is ourselves. The rest is here at WA! Yes there are other platforms/websites that offer a lot of good information ou there, but in the end we can most probably find it right here at WA.

And this community is unmatched anywhere else!

Thank you! Kyle!

Long live WA!
AfqmBiz Premium
"2005 was a great year for San Antonio Spurs, Wealthy Affiliate was born"

What amazed me throughout my time at WA is one kind of platform that gives the upper hands of capabilities to the Members to work, learn, create, build, implement, and share our own ideas and method to the utmost level possible.

The challenging nature of learning and educate oneself has been my DNA throughout my life. The introduction of Pay-It-Forward program at the large scale is truly mirrored WA as the whole.

Although it is true to get education free-of-charge not truly possible anywhere but to gain valuable learning of certain market sector at large scale in one huge platform through the bargain at WA is jaw-dropping.

Being someone that likes to improve himself by learning the lesson through experience and exposure, never let complacent through the head, and also the knowledge learner, seeker, giver, and receiver myself, I found the system at WA fit me really well. It is the system that also mirrored the owners themselves. I never thought such a system and platform existed before.

But that thought takes me well inside that system now. The platform is in existence! That how I found out about WA. It is why I am being patient taking times to measure and scale my way of working, keep on learning to ensure it is not a short-stay of living and making fortune on the online platform.

Long it may continues! Thanks, bro!
Freedomseekr Premium
Great advice as always Kyle! Definitely not a good idea to treat this as a regular job or watch the clock either...I agree, it only leads to disappointment.

Instead, people just starting out should look at how far they've gotten as they go through the training here...not many people I know in "real" life even own a website, let alone know how to build one, or know about keywords and SEO.

It's all about how much effort and time put into it, like you said...something done now, pays off later, I've found to be very true.

Thanks for sharing, Kyle!
Best wishes :) ~Sherry
Kyle Premium
Your effort in, results out. :)

The simple equation that not many people understand when it comes to their own business, but they seem to understand this when it comes to an hourly job.
RodClark Premium
Hi Kyle

There are many things to take away from this impressive post, which is really a testimony to who you are as a person, the values you espouse and the qualities you display.

Perseverance in life can overcome many obstacles and we are all very grateful that you persevered at the start.

Thankyou for just being the person that you are.

MatissDzelve Premium
If only I had stumbled upon WA some 6-7 years ago, when I first decided to try affiliate marketing. I would have been a success by now already. :D

You know, Kyle! I'm really glad you did. I'm really glad that you did persist through, that did not watch the clock, that you did not break things down into an hourly wage, and that you made it happen!
I appreciate you sharing your wisdom and making WA the platform of pure awesomeness that it is today. :)

See you around! And have a Great Day!
DValentine Premium
I'd just like to take a moment and say:
"Carson and the backroom team - thanks guys! If it wasn't for your expertise and commitment WA wouldn't be what and where it is today and where it will be in the days, months and years ahead. All kudos and backslaps to you and don't you go stopping any time soon!"
"Kyle, words cannot express my gratitude with respect to all that you have done for the last 12 years. Being the 'face' of WA to personally answering posts and comments and also giving that kick in the butt or that word of praise exactly when needed is over and beyond but so worthwhile. Thanks dude!"
I hope to see you both in Vegas in 2018
WaveTaker Premium
I would like to take advantage of the special, but I just can't afford it right now. We have too many other bill's to pay. That is one of the reason's I joined WA. I want to get out of debt and have my own business. Right now I have to take it one month at a time.
billy947 Premium
Ok, that's fine a month at a time. Everything will come together in the end. Just keep following the lesson plan. Best of luck to you.
viyee Premium
All the best! Very best wish success!
TopAchiever Premium
You always have something profound to encourage us to make the journey more enjoyable and to gain hope when we may despair.

From the depths of my heart of gratitude, Thank You! to you and Carson and the team behind the scenes for making this available to us and to continue upgrading the platform making it better and better so we can make an amazing online business.

Thank you for your timeous words of encouragement to treat our progress as a business and not as a job. I have been discouraged many a time because I don't see the referrals coming in, but I persevere knowing that it will come.

I've just been busy today promoting the Last Day of Black Friday Yearly Special and I'm hoping that at least one or two will sign up. If not, I will plod on improving my websites and progressing with the quality training you have provided.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
TimMcKinlay Premium
" The time and energy you put forth now, typically pays off MONTHS from now. If you are looking for an instant reward from your efforts, then you are approach business in the wrong way and you are setting yourself up for disappointment."

This is GOLD advice Kyle, I hope many people read this and truly take it on board. It truly is the difference between success and failure.

I was actually saying something similar to my wife the other day. Like imagine if I'd given up in the first 3-6 months when I'd made hardly any money lol! I wouldn't be where I am today.

And also like you say, you can't expect everything you do to make money. I couldn't agree more. Many posts I've published never even got ranked or much (if any) traffic. Especially in my first year of doing this. But it's because of those 'failures' that I learned, and now have tons of posts that DO rank and bring in traffic. If I let the 'duds' put me off, I'd never have seen the wins.

So I think success in this game really just belongs to those who stick at it.
sns1977 Premium
Thank you for this post. You are right, If I had placed a time limit on my success I would not be talking to you now. I have only been at WA for 7 months now and I am still working to get my website converting but I know it will eventually pay off. Thanks again.
CarolDutsch1 Premium
When u started u had it extremely rough and I know I couldn't have ever done it that way. Thank God for WA, without WA I couldn't have ever done any of this. The help, training, everything at WA is a blessing to me and I love it! Thank u sooooo much! U have come a very long way and u should be so very, very proud of yourself, u have done a wonderful job Kyle. Thank u for everything.
bpais1 Premium
I second that, Carol!

ownonlboss Premium
Great words of inspiration Kyle.

On the side note, I know exactly what you are talking about concerning the old days of 1996-2002. As an IT student at the time I didn't get to learn much about web programming, just about programming basics and some other more software related languages such as C++ and TurboPascal as well as MS Visual Basic. I had programming experience from home with IBM and Comodore. But no web languages.

So for a school project I started writing an intranet for the school in ASP 1.0 (not .net).
PHP was barely available at the time and just in a startup phase.
When I was done with school I started on ColdFusion via a business that gave me the schooling.

Between school lessons and after job time after school I started writing websites for small companies nearby where we lived together with friends that could design stuff.

We made sites from scratch. No WordPress (php), no CMS, no frameworks, no databases. We started with pure HTML and copy pasting it all. Lots of work. The only other way around copy pasting everything was using the later iframe's. iframe's are still heavily used by amazon and youtube.

Later on with ColdFusion and ASP and PHP we could make database driven websites, such as the WA platform or WordPress and used frameworks to build sites quicker.

I still do this type of stuff, so if you ever need help, you know where to find me ;)

I ran many different websites over the past 10 years and always tried monetizing them. Probably the wrong way, because I never made a big buck, but perhaps the biggest reason for them not earning was a lack of focus. I ran from one site to the other. That danger is still there for me, so I need to be kept reminded of my focus.

So I know the problem with images and search engines back then. I also know about wrong support through forums and other places about how to SEO before SEO was SEO etc. Many friends of mine went with the black hat stuff, including putting white text and other hiding tricks to add keywords to the site.

I have some experience with earning little money with adsense from the past 5 years on some blogs and portals, not made a lot of buck out that, but enough to know it works.

I am not looking at the clock or at my site stats all the time. I did not put a limit on my earning to give WA a chance etc. I went for a year in and now another year has started. As of today my account was rebilled and so I have another year on me to build my business the proper way!

Thank you very much Kyle for all the support and the great platform you are building.

Figured also out that you are actually located in Canada and not in USA as I thought you were. Funny because my mom was born in Canada and I got plenty of family there still.

Stella2 Premium
Fantastic words of inspiration, and Thank-you for sharing them, Kyle!
Yesterday, I bought a new laptop and upgraded to the BF deal. While I don't encourage people to spend money they don't have, it is important to understand the value of this platform and what is uniquely available here.
By making tangible commitments I create a mindset to work hard and keep moving forward.
So glad to be here!!
Thank-you again for what you guys have built and for everyone who works hard to help others.
Stella :-)
Rich908 Premium
Hi Kyle

Like yourself, I did the exact opposite of what was expected of me.and that was to live a boring ordinary life. I was a great disappointment to my parents and did not live their dream.

I had a burning passion and that was to see the world and learn and smell and sample everything. Forty years later I have achieved those dreams. I have been around the world and I am still traveling.

I have met the most incredible and inspiring people. Nelson Mandela made an indelible impression on my thinking. He made me believe I could achieve anything.

At the age of 65, I graduated with a BA in Political Science Sociology and German. It was tough but I worked like the devil was chasing me.

I believe in the power of visualization. After each work assignment, I visualized myself with my degree.My mother had just turned 100 years when I showed her my degree.

I could see how happy she was when she held that degree in her hand. All my children are dreamers but have become successful achievers in their own career.

Well, Kyle! you certainly have inspired us to achieve our goals at WA and because you are so willing to hand out awards to us for our achievements at WA, allow me to award You one.

I had this specially made for my daughter who wanted to have her own business. She looks at it daily ...she tells me and smiles.

I hope you like it Kyle

TravyJ82 Premium
Thank you Kyle for the words of inspiration for people that have taken the less beaten path they're still relatively new to this world absolute inspirational gold mine that everyone should be a part of.
I'm truly glad I decided to go premium member and I'm trying damn hard to get that black Friday special but either way if I don't get it I ain't going nowhere what is truly a good place to be thank you Kyle and Carson.
buildyournow Premium
Kyle, I truly like this article and every statement made was right on. I certainly appreciate this as I have most certainly lagged within recent weeks...not because of measurement of performance by the clock, but through the depression brought forth from recent deaths in my family. the deceased ones very close and dear to me and I was profoundly touched by their passing.
I am now ready to resume the high interest I started out with when I registered with WA. I want to thank you profusely for your blog as I was most touched by it. Thank you so much!
Wealthy Affiliate is truly the best!
Enohart Premium
Oh my. RIP to the deceased. May God grant you the fortitude to bear your loss and rise up strong again.
NWTDennis Premium
Coming to WA was a very cautious decision for me. Like so many here I had been burned by an over hyped, under delivered training program. I wasted a lot of time and money trying to make it work. It was an under delivered Pay Per Click training program. Not the place for a newbie ... enough said.

I took a long time deciding to take a chance that maybe WA would be different. One of the deciding factors was some research I did on you and Carson. What came across was a certain honesty and genuineness.

I could tell right away that you guys came from good stock and that this was going to be the character that prevailed as you grew your business.

Your skill sets were obvious (Computer Science degrees) and this was the most compelling factor for deciding to stay with my goal to learn the skills needed to build a growing, profitably online business. This is who you guys are and who you will always be. That means a lot to me. As you have said,

> You guys are passionate about WA
> You know what you are doing
> You accept that WA is not perfect, but continuous improvement is your commitment
> The best of WA is yet to come
kiliwia62 Premium
I am happy to have found Wealthy Affiliate it is now 3 years today I had started and didn't know anything about online marketing.
When I look back now, I must say, I have come a long way with my knowledge and much more.

Thanks, Kyle and Carson for your sharing your expertise and more.

shazzaWA Premium
Hi Kyle,
Fantastic stuff. You are so right, we never stop learning and ongoing self-education is just a must for all.

Too many are after quick fixes. I like to think of it as we get paid in entrepreneurial time. Work we do know may not pay us till 3/6/12 months - even years from now. But it will if we keep at it. You do the work, you get the pay.

After being here nearly a year I can hand on heart, promote WA knowing I am not just trying to get a "Sale" but I am providing them with a platform that gives them SO MUCH to succeed.

You know it's people like yourself and Carson who make BIG changes in the world - and you guys are truly doing it in the online space. It took me over 10 years to stumble across Wealthy Affiliate and I am thrilled to be part of this and sharing it with others.

As I always say Kyle, I am truly grateful and cannot thank you guys enough for all that you do.
Cheers, Sharon
CarolyneSil1 Premium
I'm so glad that I don't have to go through what you went through to get where you are now, thanks to you for making it possible for me whenever need it can access it and benefit from it. About getting education to start a business online, it's optional and don't get me wrong, I wish could get all the education to be as genius as could be. Unfortunately, I did what I can and thanks to trainings like yours to keeps me going and be able start my own online business and help yourself and my family.But it's takes a lot of hard work to make it work. Just love the way you and Carson worked your way out to help people like me. I can't thank you enough.
brichnow21 Premium
I knew, it!!!
Blood, Sweat and Tears!...
Persistent... despite... our own FEAR!
Change takes, deep, introspection!
I'm so Thankful, Kyle...You invited me in!!
I saw, what I needed... "God, didn't make,
A house call...He sent people!!
Thank, for inviting me to read, this,
awesome, story!! I KNOW, this KYLE, guy!
Is the Real McCoy!!...your, response...the my
" that need, to fast forward" training!!
Me, as, the expert, I am!
Thank, You, Kyle, for the obvious...
Awesome, WA platform...
But, thank, more, personally, allowing,
Me to see the root...of, "Your, passion!"
Think, is for a lifetime!!
Thank, God!
AFrenock Premium
Thanks Kyle and WA!!
Reading this brought back many memories of the beginnings of my life career. Although my career path was well established it seems I had an addiction in following it in the places that were 20 years behind everyone else. Battling politics and the "way we have always did it" very much follows your path of learning and teaching.
I am so much an outdoors hands on type of person that spending hours on the computer is more like punishment than fun. However I realize that at this point in my life the choices have narrowed and this is a way of earning an income in the later years when when you can't do as you've always done :)
DBeatty Premium
I have a Masters in Education, and from the first day on WA, I knew what had become available to me. I went premium that day, and yearly that month. I took advantage of the Black Friday $299 deal, and will not have to pay again until Oct. 2019. I think this is the best thing I've ever come across.

Thank you for all your hard work in creating this forum and sharing it with everyone. I know there is a lot going on in the background that we don't have to worry about day-to-day. This gives us the opportunity to pour our energy into creating and growing our businesses.

imthedamo Premium
Within 2 minutes of landing on Wealthy Affiliate, I knew exactly what I had in my hands. I had been focused in my daily visualizations and prayers as I worked hard in every which way direction concerning my affiliate marketing efforts on wading through the morass of overwhelm and find a single purpose. I found that here at WA and have been focusing on building my WA affiliate business since I started a few days ago. I still have other niches and ideas I will pursue but this is the main gig for me for now.
KatieMac Premium
You have had some journey in your online quest and there is a lot to learn and grow within Wealthy affiliate I am glad I found this I chose between your and one other ... and your platform seemed a better fit for me and after almost 4 yrs I have not regretted it yes it has taken me longer to really grasp everything but the fact is I got there ... have a great weekend
DebbieRose Premium
Kyle, this is a very honest post which is why I think WA is so successful. The integrity of all the people involved is evident. You have experienced the frustrations we experience in building our sites and are sharing your knowledge. You are absolutely right about watching the clock and breaking things down to an hourly wage. If we wanted either of those things we could work for someone else. But, work we do have to do and WA gives us all the tools. Going yearly has given me renewed focus and enthusiasm. The concept of being in control of my future is so important, and I look forward to accomplishing this in 2018.
Kyle Premium
Yeah, always frustrations... every week (and day still). But that is still how we learn, we cannot figure everything out naturally when we don't know the result, so it sometimes takes some bumps in the road to achieve anything.

Committing to your success in terms of time will absolutely ensure that you achieve it and like I mentioned in this post, was one of the most important things that I learned in the early stages of business (and thankfully I did that naturally).
Phil-58 Premium
Hi there
Awesome post and thanks for sharing,
well done on your foresight, perseverence and persisitence
it has really paid dividends for both yourself and Carson, plus the thousands of other lucky souls who have become part of this great organisation.
I am lucky to have found this online opportunity and consider myself to be very fortunate, indeed.
Thanks again
Cheers PB
Kyle Premium
We will continue to persevere. Not everything is EASY for us, our days are very busy focusing on ways in which we can improve and innovate here at WA and you are going to continue to see these as time goes on. :)
XavierPerez1 Premium
Kyle, great work. The venue provided is a great place to start. I know this is all new to me but it feels like a great place to launch what I have always thought probable. Ongoing education should be existential for forward progress in anyone's book. Thank you again for this awesome opportunity with WA.
Kyle Premium
Yeah, education leads to growth. No matter which way you like at it, personal growth, growth in business, and definitely the growth of a child and their awareness (which I am getting very familiar with having little ones).
JeffL61 Premium
Thank you for all that you offer to serious-minded business owners who are members of this great organization, Kyle.

There simply is NO other educational training program online that has a comparable package compared to Wealthy Affiliate!

And if members take advantage of the Black Friday $299 yearly sale? Nothing, and I mean absolutely NOTHING could beat that price.

You and Carson have set such a high standard here at WA, that in reality it would be impossible to beat by any other like program.
Kyle Premium
Thanks for this Jeff and thanks for being a great part of the WA family. We are going to continue to over deliver as time goes on and you were going to see this as early as the mother head and rate through 2018 as we have a busy schedule already slated.

Wishing you nothing but brilliance moving forward!
LesleyAnnH Premium
I'm so appreciative in that I 'found' Wealthy Affiliate.

I had only been vaguely aware the people created blogs (though never really knew why) and, more recently, came across the idea of affiliate marketing. I didn't have a clue what it was all about, though gradually put the pieces together and saw the link between blogging and affiliate marketing.

And from that point on, I knew I needed to know more - about how I could do it! I read lots of posts, e-books and the like, signed up for this, that and the other, though was still rather confused as to how to start.

Then, one day, I came across a pin written by Chris Lee and, in exchange for my email address, I received his e-book 'How to Win at Affiliate Marketing'. I just 'felt' that this was right and that this was what I had been looking for all along. So I read every one of Chris's subsequent emails, and became familiar with WA, and 'knew' that this was right for me.

I joined a month and day ago, and feel so comfortable here. I know I've got my hands on something very special, very supportive, and very sound.

It was great to be able to join for free initially, and I know this will help new people who may be skeptical. Though once inside, it's a no brainer to choose Premium, even more so, the amazing Black Friday deal.

My sincere thanks to you and Carson, for sharing your years of experience and expertise and formatting all that into a very easy to follow training schedule, and creating a truly supportive pay it forward community.

I am truly blessed.
With best wishes,
elizabeth77 Premium
I am truly grateful for coming on to this platform and this community.

I completely agree with treating your business like a business. All of the successful millionaires and billionaires took time to get to where they are at, we only notice the "overnight success" which isn't the case. And even if you have successful income that will not always be the case so it's understanding through the trial and error and how to go through the ups and downs that will guarantee a long and lasting success rate.

I have learned A LOT on here and continue to learn and could not be happier with the Black Friday yearly discount I am taking advantage of.

Thanks again to you and Carson for creating this platform and I will be sure to spread the word.

lorilee3 Premium
I like this article, thanks very much. When I read what Kyle wrote" Treat it like a job, and you will never have a business (and likely fail very quickly). Treat it like a business, and that is exactly what you are going to create.
So this is a key takeaway you should run with here. Don't treat business like an hourly job!"
It is absolutely right.
I understand deeply what is hourly pay. From a paycheck to a paycheck, if you stop working for your employer, you will worry the next coming bills soon. If you go a job paid by hour, you trade your time and freedom. Taking time in business, it is different, it is investment. You invest time, money and energy to a business, there is an hope for the future financial freedom.

I never have business before, I have no idea how to run a business, I believed I have no talent for doing a business at all, actually I have been feared of staring a business, it is a risk! I admire those successful entrepreneurs who have independent income, be a master of their own life, travel freely. Why I cannot be like that I asked my self. Because my mind has been making myself to believe that finding job, be an employee is only secure way for making living just repeat same pattern with my parents. Wrong, totally wrong. After for many years go to a job that paid by hour, I am still stay in an original place, didn't make big financial difference in my life. Though I am not that smart on doing business, I never write blogs before, I need to treat this affiliate marketing as a small business, invest my time and energy for the future revenue, it will be a big surprise:) Thanks very much for Black Friday sale:)
bobrseno Premium
What you and Carson have built is truly special and I'm proud to be part of it. We appreciate everything you've done. We will honor your commitment by being committed ourselves.
Becoming a Premium member was not a hard decision and committing to an annual membership is just plain smart!
Thanks, Kyle!
DeepikaJ Premium
Hi Kyle,
Thank you for sharing your experiences and insights and conveying the message which many tend to forget or maybe relegate to somewhere back of mind.

Indeed, congratulations for creating a success story over the 15 years with determination backed by hard work.

The clock trap is so true. It is bound to produce failure than any success for you are trying to bind the ideas, energy to implement those ideas into action and work towards succeeding, within a time frame. If you want to reach the sky, you cannot do it within a time frame of your choice.

As for me, I have just taken a few steps on the WA journey and, honestly, there are times when I feel disappointed when expected results do not happen but then, I have decided to take these in my stride and move forward.

I am sure there are many more like me and together, with the support from you and your awesome team, we shall reach the sky.

JLennon Premium
Congratulations. You have created your success and in the process given opportunity for success to tens of thousands of other people.

Millions of would-be entrepreneurs saw the minefield surrounding online business and chose another direction. You saw opportunity. That is vision. You and Carson made it happen. That is persistence and hard work. Well done.

Thank you.
- Joe
amexrn Premium
Hi Kyle, looking at your profile picture with your family says a lot about you and with those smiles (along with your wife and child) the good and kindness in your heart shines through.

I am very grateful I found this community. I wish I can take advantage of the Black Friday Offer but times are a bit tough at the moment. But I hope I can manifest it before the 4 days is over. :D We never know. :) Well, things are getting better and I am back in business again and in January full time. I can't wait.

One thing I can promise though is I will stay here learning and acquiring all the knowledge and skills that you and Carson and everyone here are sharing.

WA community is amazing and I am sure there is nothing like that out there.

My admiration to your honesty and your sincerity to help everyone especially us who are just starting out to learn about this business is by far what sets you and Carson apart.

I am here to stay because what I am building here is a foundation of a better future for myself and the people I want to share my success with.

Thank you for all that you do.

Sincerely yours,

Arline aka thenursetherapreneur :)
lakbar12 Premium
Kyle, this post was great! It hit home and spoke to me, I know you wrote this from the heart. I have to agree with your entire post...

Although I only been here 3 days, I see the value and I definitely agree that Wealthy Affiliate has more than any other platform to include high ticket platforms. In order, to receive help especially, in high ticket platforms you have to pay enormous amounts of money.

Not here, at Wealthy Affiliate though, it is totally different. Everyone is always willing to help and I love that about the Wealthy Affiliate community.

The training is excellent and on point. I thank you, and Carson for making this possible for all of us.

And your right never treats a business as an hourly job, we must think like entrepreneurs and a business. Another important thing you mentioned and I am so glad; was to never put time on your success. I personally never put time on my success but, I know there are people out there telling Entrepreneurs to do the complete opposite. So I am glad you mentioned this is in your article. I needed to hear that.

Of course, goals are great but, I believe if I put a time or date on my success and give up when that date comes around, I could miss success...So, I agree, never limit the time, just keep going.
ArieOrtiz903 Premium
What you and Carson have put together here is awesome!

I have been a member here since this past May, and it has been an amazing journey so far!

Prior to knowing about this, I was in college for a very short time, not really knowing what I wanted to do, and I eventually dropped out because I didn't really see it benefiting me in the future.

It was not until about 5 months later when I just happened to be browsing the net for "new jobs in my area", I started hearing about making money online by promoting stuff.

Upon doing further research, I came across WA and right away, a light bulb went off in my head, and I knew this was "the thing" that I wanted to pursue!

And after completing the certification courses (have not started the bootcamp lessons yet), I can honestly say that what I have learned through those lessons, plus Jay's live webinars, is far more valuable than what I could of "learned" had I stayed in college!

Thank you!

DaveWreford Premium
Thank You Kyle as a new member just starting out , your post is very inspiring and it gives us an idea of your passion and sheer genius in developing the WA - undoubtedly the most advanced and affordable system(with Black Friday offering)
Thank you for sharing your vast knowledge and experience enabling so many people to prosper and achieve their dreams.
MoniArora Premium
Kyle, firstly wishing you, Carson and your famiies a very happy thanksgiving. We all have a lot to be thankful for!

Great post and you are right people over estimate what they can achieve in one year and under estimate what they can achieve in 5 years.

I am truly grateful to you and Carson for putting this system together and from my first month I decided to follow your realistic 5 year journey after reading your blog post..

The Exciting Journey Has Begun I have this post on my phone and everytime it feels like nothing is happening I look at the post see that I am on track according to the 5 year plan. Just doing this puts me in the right mindset and not expect results quickly!

I am really looking forward to next year and I certainly am taking advantage of this Black Friday deal.

Wishing everyone as much success as you are prepared to work for.

MichalB Premium
Thanks Kyle.

Great article.

I feel really grateful that I am part of WA.
In the past few years I tried to follow some online trainings or gurus; some of them are really good ones, but too expensive. In the process of learning internet marketing I felt like I am jumping from one thing to another without getting consistent knowledge.
I am still at the first Level here at WA but already see that things are making sense.
Also from what you just blogged above I feel that I am finally on my path to get what I want from life.

Thanks again.
Jmlunavel143 Premium
Amazing, Kyle! Thank you for sharing your story with us!
I enjoy building my websites and am fortunate that I have not fallen prey to watching the clock too often, but have noticed lately that I tend to get a bit discouraged with myself at times if I don't meet my daily goals. I'll keep in mind what you stated.
You mention a valid point when you stated, "That I'm really glad I didn't fall into the 'clock watching trap' that many (I would say MOST) people fall into when they are trying to create a business online."
MIJB Premium
Yes WA is a real gift... and beyond the amazing knowledges and people one could meet and/or interacting over here to reach our goals... in my own i thinkk it could really contribute to something i really care of: " Get the world Better "

Then a REAL thanks to you guys for this gift...

JY2018 Premium
Kyle, that is so true what is you are blogging and you are sharing your post from your heart.

When the internet started there is no platform at first to have a true opinion on the things / issues how to make money online in a legit way.

Now WA came along has actually cut-through forest fills with unclear strategy where it could become a symptom of leading-the-blind-to the-blind symptom occur daily in our live - which we don’t know but until we tasted it then we will come back to WA and say this is the best platform to find advice.

I don’t deny that i am a person who follow a few internet marketer around apart from WA - not because WA is not good but they do provide something that i have not seen and the way the marketing concepts they provide to me with a different twist such as empathy bridge, scarcity and tripwire strategy which are old school method but they still work.

WA on the other hand, i do like the community, spending my time replying post longer than i thought i would in the past. Maybe i am a bit boring person to live as i am always looking for ways to project my message but it only get heard by WA.

So being part of the community WA apart from trying to learn to be a good online marketer, i sincerely enjoy everyone that i met here and with a supportive network around the world - we can expound our raw thoughts to the next level where we can continue to seek a better improvement in our niche,

When the gold nuggets strike, the next thing to this is to get it into the implementation stage and test it out with ad to reach audiences quicker / post link into newsgroup, forums, Facebook, on the latest.

Thank you Kyle and Carson for having the heart to take this platform to the next level and i hope we can bear more fruits one way of the other to increase the value in being a good affiliate marketer.

Kyle Premium
We don't have a monopoly on great ideas, that is for sure. Sure, there are millions of them that are likely transferred here within WA on a year to year basis, but it doesn't mean you cannot research and follow others in the industry with great ideas as well OR better yet, come up with a lot of great ideas on your own through your own trials and tribs. ;)

Thanks for chiming in here John and a wish you a very bright and successful year ahead.
JY2018 Premium
Thank you Kyle and I agreed - we continue to increase idea behind WA to make it better for the community as years go by.

giftyafd Premium
This is so encouraging Kyle. I had come to this conclusion in the past days as I educate myself and building my online business that I need not look at my watch whilst on the treadmill otherwise I will burnout. I have encouraged myself to learn constructively to achieve my goals. My motto is "one step at a time, no hurry hurry coz I don't want to crash". We are in an era which is far advanced than the one you started in. If you can succeed out of zero and become a hero, you are my mentor. I will keep my eyes on you.
Thanks for such a blog. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

Kyle Premium
One step at a time and if you are in a constant state of moving forward, you are moving in the right direction (no matter how fast). Like the hare that gets distracted by the shiny objects and runs in the wrong direction quite often, be the turtle on a mission that forges forwards. ;)
giftyafd Premium
I will always take the turtle approach - Slow and Steady, I know success is in every inch of the way.
Thanks Kyle. My take away: we're lucky that you've set things up to make it so easy; we should not expect too much too soon; we ought to by the premium plan, even though the pitch at the beginning was Free, on condition that we make a gift to a charity once we make $100,000. Is that about right?
So I better get back to work, learning this complex technology.
Thanks again!
Kyle Premium
We don't pitch Premium free, we have a Starter membership which includes a heck of a lot (more than any PAID platform in the industry).

We have definitely simplified things through technology, education and communication, but we are far from done and you are going to see some really amazing things from us in 2018. :)
sukumarth Premium
Happy Thanksgiving to you Kyle, your family and everybody here in Wealthy Affiliate! It's such a great feeling to be part of the big WA community. And reading your post, I realise how lucky I am today with such a platform as WA, and all the technology and expertise around. But at the same time, I can imagine how gratifying it must be for you when you look at how WA has evolved into this gigantic community from the small steps you took many years ago.
CarolMeador Premium
Thanks for a GREAT article, Kyle. I can't tell you how excited I am to have access to all of your expertise, as well as Carson, Ian, and everyone who provides training for all of us. It is truly a blessing to have found WA. Initially, I am going to supplement my retirement income, but expect I'll be surpassing it sometime in the future. I just wish there were more than 24 hours in a day! I hate to have to waste time sleeping when I could be delving in to more good stuff! But I know that proper nutrition and adequate sleep are requirements for success, as well as time actually spent in education and running the business. Thanks for all you and the team do. Carol
Walter14 Premium
Well first Happy Thanksgiving to every one here at Wealthy Affiliate. And thank u Kyle for all your hard work that u have put in to Wealthy Affiliate and given us the opportunity to use what you have put together because you sure didn't have to so because of you I am thankful even more . So thank you !
rohan131165 Premium
Thanks KYLE,
GREAT Article I am always fan of your writing. you are very much down to earth when you are writing. you very much humble and you really wants to help people. Due to this quality you are on the top of the world and achieved $ 5000 million company in little age. where will you stop !!!!
TaniaHersel Premium
Fantastic and exciting to be part of all this.
Thank you for sharing your experience.
We can all look forward to 2018 and beyond to a journey of learning and creating success.
Thank you Kyle, Carson and Wealthy Affiliate community and may all your goals turn into success beyond your wildest expectations!
clayharrison Premium
Your words of encouragement are what I look for from you from day to day and you are there for me. This counts for a lot to know I am experiencing, as a novice, what you have experienced, as a pioneer in affiliate marketing. I still feel I am at the point of no return with Wealthy Affiliate and I now know, from your post, I should keep on keeping on.

My take is, for everyone who is interested in affiliate marketing, to make a job you can always come back to, by being in business for yourself, to serve others in the world around you. And I intend to do whatever it takes, to do just that, after being in business for 17 years plus,

I, too, didn't watch the clock to know what time of day to go home, but to do the best job for my tax and accounting clients..As a result, I had only one IRS audit, over those 17 years plus, which resulted in a refund for the client.

My blog is almost finished. I am at the point of getting feedback on my website from other Wealthy Affiliate Members. I have seen about five others and reviewed two really good ones. This has given me insight as to what I need to do to attract referrals on my design.

I am running into some obstacles with WordPress, but I will persevere. I am one of those who likes to finish what I start. I may not get the 100 referrals I set for my goal, but I am learning a lot.

I appreciate You, Kyle, and all that You do for us...

DEversley Premium
Thanks, Kyle.

People are tired of schemes and scammers.
I think one of the things that stood out for me, was the upfront honesty of Wealthy Affiliate. You didn't promise me riches without hard work. That alone attracts the right kind of people here.

We understand the vision and what it takes to succeed. We are in this for the long haul.
Kyle Premium
We don't promise riches, we can't. We don't know what someone is going to do with our service/platform and whether they are going to put forth the effort.

We can focus on offering (and are) the best service in the industry for building a business online. If people focus on building a business through their hard work and effort, it WILL happen.
happyalpaca Premium
Happy Thanksgiving! One thing I am thankful for is WA and the opportunity it affords me. Thank you for the encouragement to treat this like a business and get moving forward to achieve my goals using the tools you have richly provided. I am encouraged to get back to the working board of WA and get things moving.
Mary Jo
Kyle Premium
Gladly, we love offering a service like we are offering here at WA and we will continue to do so moving forward. Happy Thanksgiving to you as well!
bpais1 Premium

You, Carson, and Jay are my gurus!

For years, I have dreamed of becoming a self-sufficient online marketer but, I did not know which direction to go. Not only did I not know how to start but, which questions to ask to get me started.

The only other website I had...was created using MS FrontPage...and that required a significant amount of coding of which I was a complete and utter novice! And, boy, did I mess that one up more often than I care to mention!

Earlier this year, when I accidentally came across Wealthy Affiliate, i spent a great deal of time comparing it to other options and came to the conclusion...in my heart and soul...that WA was my chance to "make it happen!"

My WA website is still growing and maturing. And, I am still forging ahead trying to achieve the coveted page #1 Google rankings. It has been slow...but ever improving...day by day...week by week.

And, you're absolutely correct in that "looking at this as a job", or how much I am getting paid "by the hour", or "I better be making money within 6 months"...is just a path to failure and discouragement.

This is "Jim's business"...and Jim is married to it...a part of it for life.

I have gotten a couple of small sales since I started with Wealthy Affiliate but nothing to pay the bills. However, those small sales not only kept me from being dropped by Amazon...but, they have offered me just enough encouragement to press on...knowing that someday...as long as I keep moving forward (without a time limit), I will have a very lucrative website...expanding on a niche that I am so passionate about that I view it as fun...and I look forward to posting new information and reviews about it.

So, thanks...to you...and Carson...and Jay, with his Friday night training...and the rest of the WA support team!

I humbly appreciate the support and mentoring all of you have given me. And, I am sure that, with your help...and, the priceless tips and tricks I continue to receive from other WA members, I will eventually reach my affiliate marketing goals!

Lastly, thanks for offering this Black Friday $299 premium special! I had planned to jump on board for a yearly membership several months ago...but, I'm glad I waited until now!

With all sincerity,

Kyle Premium
Thanks for your story and sharing your experiences Bob. I am glad that you make the decision to join us here at Wealthy Affiliate and I know with the attitude and outlook that you have, you are going to have a bright future ahead of you!
phakacha8 Premium
Thanks Kyle for this post. There are many things that stand as takeaways to all of us here at WA. You have given a touching story on how WA has evolved over the years. I share the difficulty level with ya.

Pathfinders normally received all the spanking thrust by time and situations.

Be happy that you are now receiving the echo you shouted 12 years ago.

There are many platforms that impose heavy monthly or yearly fees. As a result, they turn away their visitors instead of making them joined and don't last longer. This is the main reason why I landed up with WA.

Finally, I must give all the resources I have to my fellow members here at WA no matter how small my contribution as I continue learning the tools you've provided for online success. This way we can take care of each other and paying it forward. This way only we make Wealthy Affiliate the good Samaritan platform.

We live in deeds and not in years. A man who live for 90 years but doesn't contribute anything is soon forgotten after he dies.

May WA become a Titan in giving internet classes with reasonable fees and help benefit millions of lives as we celebrate this BLACK FRIDAY.
Kyle Premium
There Is nothing more gratifying than paying it forward and I think by doing this you are going to reap rewards that have never been possible otherwise.

What a lot of people don't understand Is that your if you can help people within any niche, you can create a very successful business doing so and that is the approach that we have always taken in business and hopefully this continues to shine a big bright light through as we move forward. ;)
phakacha8 Premium
Yes, I will surely do paying it forward.

Thanks Kyle.
elores Premium
Kyle, Thank you for taking me on your journey to success. It is nice to know that you kept on going and today you can look back and give thanks for your hard work. Thank you for paying it forward for myself and others to follow. Happy Thanksgiving and all the best.
seisbart Premium
Kyle, I want to thank you for sharing your story about how you started and all about WA. I think this is great. And I agree, nobody should put a time limit on their success. An like you said in business, there is no such thing as an hourly rate. I am going through all your courses and absorbing all the knowledge like a sponge and will use all the knowledge to be successful. I hope that you had a very Happy Thanksgiving and look forward to many years if success with WA. Kyle, I greatly appreciate you and on this Thanksgiving, I give thanks for finding WA.

God bless and Cheers
Steve Eisbart
Kyle Premium
Yeah, people have the natural tendency to put themselves on a "clock" when trying to create an online business. I suppose it is partly due to all the scams and schemes out there telling them instant success is a reality.

It takes time. No different than walking, don't give up. If we had the same "clock" mentality growing up as kids, we wouldn't be walking, riding bikes, learning how to read or write, etc.

Treat business in the same manner.
seisbart Premium
I totally agree. You are a very wise man.
accad Premium
Yes! At first, when I started to go online I had been encountering the scammers in their magical approach of a get rich quick. So I carried that in mind by trying to use WA to attain that.

The foremost reason is because I am paying monthly premiums and that has to be stashed from the family budget. There was a time I and my wife have disagreements because she was informed that WA is a scam. But I fought it to this time and I know she is now convinced that I'm really into a business.

Being engaged in Google AdSense I gradually understand how a website is when it stands alone without any affiliate programs where other sources come from. So I've convinced myself that having my websites which I nearly surrendered because as if they are not a business but a waste of time.

Although I am not seeing a big income from day to day I can see that the estimated earnings increases. From the start I was disappointed because the lifetime estimated earning of my websites is $0.01, so I was thinking this will take me over ten years to see a meager income. But this time it changed.

One thing I've learned in working with AdSense is the use of ads which I still don't have full understanding. There is a proper way to earn and not to be just even or being at a disadvantage over AdSense. And this inspired me to continue working on my content by following step by step the training I'm in now with the Affiliate Bootcamp. I am so slow but what can I do? I have to struggle with the guidance of the WA University.
Kyle Premium
You and many others Jimmy. You definitely have a good handle on things now and as I have learned, this is a huge learning experience and you can never close off your doors to new information or the idea that you "don't know everything".

Too many people feel as though their way is the only way or they fail to keep up with the trends and what the evolution that is taking place online, and they get left behind.

Wishing you a brilliant year ahead Jimmy!
accad Premium
Thank you and may that prayer bless many here in the community.
AllanSiegel Premium
Thank you for providing a platform for all of us to build our online businesses. Even though I haven't taken my business to the level I want, the potential is there for me to be successful.

In regards to my annual membership (in which you have my card on file), am I correct in thinking that mine will be automatically renewed?

Make it a great day!
zidane786 Premium
A great company you and Carson have built here,maybe the internet marketing industry wouldn't have such a bad name if they all followed the Wealthy Affiliate way.

Which way is that?

One that provides world-class training on a platform that puts technology at the forefront to innovate and keep ahead of the industry and with it helping thousands of people to create a sustainable online business.

They don't promise you anything other than providing you with tools and education to help you succeed.
If only other training programs could be as ethical,maybe the IM industry wouldn't have such a bad reputation.
Kyle Premium
The problem is far too many companies focus on money at any cost. That is the reason you see what you see out there.

Call Others learn from this, and then they re-create it and that creates perpetual "feeding frenzy" on the consumer. We have always been different than the industry and put people first and we will continue to do so moving forward. :)
PatrickM1 Premium
Kyle - Agreed. This is a great educational website. None better.

If you're patient and stay on task, it can translate into a viable, profitable online business.

I'm looking forward to year two as a premium member. I have learned a tremendous amount over the past year.

Thanks for providing this exceptional educational opportunity.

Kyle Premium
Patience is a virtue. That sounds very cliché, but is the truth and something that anyone getting into business really needs to consider.
PMindra Premium
Hi, Kyle.
I really like this.
"The only way to positively progress in life, is to educate oneself."
Some one else wrote that 'The only path out of poverty is education.'
I am very pleased to meet you. It has been a great couple of years with many more to come.
Be well. Kindest regards always. Say hi to Carson and his loving family also. Keep up the good work and we will continue to follow in like mind.
Cheers, young man.

Kyle Premium
Both statements are very true. I just find it so boring to "not learn" each and every day. What is the point?

It has been wonderful to get to know you Paul and you are a key part of the WA family here!
PMindra Premium
First Learn.
And then remove the 'L.'

Your's is the foundation.

Kindest regards,

Claudioj Premium
Hi Kyle,
Is excellent your post, many thanks.
Several times I thought about leaving WA because my economic situation is not the best. As you explain I am learning a lot inside WA and I also learn a lot outside of WA. When I make a post on my site I try to teach the reader to gain their trust. Then I try to take him by the hand so that he registers in WA so he can continue learning. I consider it very important to also explain that I am not an expert and that surely someone inside WA will be able to clarify all your doubts. Conclusion: In spite of everything, I'm still in WA, above all for its creators, whose evolution that the business demands is OK.
Kyle Premium
The thing that is very interesting is that you do not have to be an expert at something to offer value in a specific industry and offering value prior to being what is deemed an expert will lead to an incredible amount of learning.

It is a matter of communicating and there are many facets of the Internet world that I am not close to being an expert in that I hope to move the needle towards through time.
SongbirdDL Premium
Hi Kyle, I have a referral who wants to take up the black Friday offer, his billing is on the 25th but he wants his black Friday offer to be effected on the 27th. How does he go about this?

Your blog reminds me of Wolfgang's saying but instead of saying that quote I will say that, that journey that you began those many years ago has genius, power and magic in it. I never stop to be amazed by how WA is.

It is this thing we all watch unfold with amazement, gathering momentum with the passing of each year. Your legacy of self education repeats itself in each and every one of us.

Thank you for the opportunity for us to learn all in one place. It makes it so much easier!

Carson Premium
Hey Danielle,

The best thing to do in this situation is mention to your referral to upgrade using the BF Deal on the 27th. We subtract the monthly billing (that will happen on the 25th ) price from the Yearly Billing price, so upgrading on the 27th will be pro-rated for him!

SongbirdDL Premium
Thank you Carson. I kind of thought that, that is how it would go but I wasn't sure. Thank you and enjoy the rest of your week.
PMindra Premium
Wow, Danielle.
Amazing resonation.
Thank you,
SongbirdDL Premium
You are welcome and thank you Paul.
HarveyBrown Premium
It is always refreshing to hear the experience, good and bad, that someone that is successful has gone through to get to where they are. Thanks for sharing and being honest. Having dabbled in a few brick and mortar businesses I am fully aware that to make any business successful you have to put in the time. When everyone has gone to bed or still asleep, you have to be motivated to use the time to work on parts of that business. It is easier to give in than to stay the course, but the rewards are mind blowing and I am not just speaking of money generation.
PMindra Premium
Hi, Harvey.
I did not fully understand.
Kind of makes sense though. Please help me to understand.

Kindest regards,
HarveyBrown Premium
Are you referring to what I wrote Paul or Kyles? If it is mine then basically a lot of us read books on how successful individuals became that way. I view what Kyle posted in a similar light, but geared towards Wealthy Affilitate. One of his main points is not viewing your online business as a regular paying job or watching the hours. What I have found is he is correct. When most people are in bed as the owner you do not have that luxury. It usually turns out to be a 18+ hours and be staggered.
MKearns Premium
I still have a library of PERL, Dreamweaver, ASP, XML and basic HTML among others Kyle. I did some imaging in Adobe Writer in 2000 and 2001 when the dotcom bust occurred.
Now I'm so glad instruction and practice has reached the automatic stage and we can run with self and augmented education here!
PMindra Premium
Bitcoin and other Alternative Currencies.
We had this conversation, Michael almost a year ago.
Everyone should have acces to WAU. Alternate currency exchanges will provide the access.
I do not want conflict, Michael. I am merely providing sources of solution.
Kindest regards,
RodClark Premium
Hi Kyle

That's a wonderful post. I decided very early on that the best thing about being part of Wealthy Affiliate is the ethos of the Directors. You guys really care and it shows in everything you put your hand to. You richly deserve whatever prosperity you enjoy for creating this platform.

You are a shining light within the sometimes quite dark online environment.

Wishing you every success going forward.

Kyle Premium
It definitely can be dark other sometimes but we want to provide people with an environment that they can trust, and that they can operate their entire businesses within (ie, no need to look elsewhere).

We are going to continue to evolve at a rate much faster than anything else in the industry and we have some really exciting stuff planned for the year ahead!
PatsyC Premium
Hi Kyle, you sure have come a long way since back then!

The passion that you and Carson have truly shows in the work you do, and the help you give us all. A massive community of 1.2 Million, that's quite a handful.

Thank you for this post, I appreciate you guys and WA more than you will ever know!
Kyle Premium
Yeah, quite the bunch and to be said, a TON of brilliant, helpful and truly awesome people have chosen to make WA their home. ;)
PatsyC Premium
Yes we truly are brilliant, haha... thanks!

I'm happy to be part of it all...my home it is :)
rosieM Premium
I am grateful that you made those efforts and persevered...the only reason someone like me can actually have the opportunities for success through the combined offerings and updates here at WA. No other platform or promise out there even comes close! I wholeheartedly agree with continual learning...especially in the online realm. Your self-learned knowledge has enlightened so many lives...thank you,Kyle and the entire team, for everything.
Kyle Premium
I can't take full credit for anything. There are 100,000's of people here that have and continue to shed their knowledge they have acquired over the years and are continuing to acquire.

We learn more efficiently when we ask those that have "done it" already, and that is the case with the pay it forward community here and the way knowledge gets shared and transmitted.

We hope to continue to enlighten as a community and do so at the most efficient rate ever in the year ahead!
rosieM Premium
Your and Carson's names were my first exposure here...other than dear Nathaniel who led me here....while I realize the universe of all other members and successes within WA...it is always that beginning nucleus that keeps me in awe of just how much we can accomplish.
MikaelM Premium
I joined about a year ago for the black friday offer - will of course continue my membership with this years black friday offer:-)

Appreciate all I have learned here and the tools that are available, and especially that you are continously developing the platform and listening to the members. Grateful to have found this platform.

All the best,
Kyle Premium
Awesome Mikael, that is wonderful to hear and I really look forward to working with you in the year ahead!
Samaffiliate Premium
I would say a realistic expectation to establish when getting started would be to at least put in two years worth of work before expecting any success online even if it's just generating £100.00 in revenue/mth as the final result. It's still a success.

With a mindset like this and mass effort put in the rewards will pay off if you're patient enough in the long run.

Failure is guaranteed because this is a learning curve where mistakes and setbacks will happen but without them, you won't learn what works and what doesn't so really they're positives in their own little way.

Since getting started in 2014, I've had 6 websites fail and two succeed to generate what is considered to be a full-time income and if I didn't fail with my other sites I would never have experienced any success especially if I gave up.

Great post.

Kyle Premium
Well said Sam. Like you I have had many things fail over the years, but once I got the formula down within the online world I was able to scale as well as replicate with much more efficiency. Not to mention teach others what I had learned over the years as well. ;)

I look forward to seeing what you can accomplish in the year ahead with your respective businesses! Onwards and upwards!
tommo1968 Premium
Well done Kyle and Carson in building the number one platform for affiliate marketing. I have been here 6 years and seen many changes , the platform now is so much easier to use to build a website and online business. Hey it even can be applied to other business ideas including bricks and mortor.
Carson Premium
Hey Mark, you're totally right by saying that what is learned here at WA can be applied to other businesses...it can be applied to any business :)

Every business in 2017/2018 needs a website and needs an online presence. So, whether you're someone who is promoting Affiliate marketing products, or someone who owns a brick and mortar business, you can build your website and drive clients to that site from what you learn at WA!

2018 is going to be incredible - we have the largest pipe of improvements I'm the works that we've ever had and as we hit 2018 we'll be making some of the biggest updates ever to WA and the platform!

Glad you'll be here to see what we've got up our sleeves ;)

tommo1968 Premium
If the changes ahead are anything like what has happened here recently then we are in for a treat for sure. :)
Carson Premium
You can rest assured Mark!
littlemama Premium
This is an amazing platform, thank you to you and Carson for building this! I was so happy to have found it when I did! Incredible value you guys offer here that I wish many would see as well. I hope to continue to open people’s eyes to see what is offered here and how they can really build the online business of their dreams too!