Hey everyone,

2018 has arrived and if you are like most, you are eager to really make this year your best one yet in terms of relationships, in terms of health, in terms of education and business.

A lot can be accomplished in a year. I know firsthand from 2017 as it was by far our busiest year yet in terms of business and 2018 is going to be much more of the same.

I have given the idea of affiliate success some thought though and I know that I can help you out. I am starting a new project that I am calling Project:Super Affiliate. My goal is to help a group of people achieve Super Affiliate status in the year ahead through bootcamp and the promotion of WA.

You are going to learn how to reach the goal of 300 sales (which will get you to the all expense paid Vegas Super Affiliate Conference in the year ahead).

This is a project that is going to be built out of accountability, hard work, and persistence. No successful business was ever created as a result of minimal work, or without vested interest in what you are actually doing.

So there is going to be some criteria in which you need to fit in order to take part in this challenge. They are as follows.

1. You need to be willing to WORK HARD.

A small group of people that are going to take a few directions and work their butts off for the year ahead. If you plan on sticking around a month or a few months, don't bother applying. Rome wasn't built in a day, nor will your business. But a successful business and one that is in brilliant shape to scale can be built in a year.

2. You need to be willing to DEDICATE A FULL YEAR effort.

Creating a business takes time. Creating a brand takes time. And starting to see a great deal of momentum in your business will also take time. That is why I want you to be willing to give me the next year (minimum) to work on your business, to go through the training, to build out based on things that are within the training (and that I will be teaching you), and to let your website/business mature.

If you are, awesome I can't wait to work with you!

3. You need to be willing to go through Affiliate Bootcamp (or be active already).

You are going to be promoting Wealthy Affiliate and establishing yourself as an authority in one of the many directions that you can head for your target audience. My goal is to get you to Vegas, but most importantly, to get you building a business and an established brand in the year ahead.

If you are working within another niche and enthralled in that, stay where you are. I don't want this to serve as a distraction for you, unless you are going to fully commit.

4. You need to be able to take direction, but also be resourceful and creative.

If you do only as your are told, you will never get to explore your own boundaries and capabilities. I want you to promise me if you do take part in my Super Affiliate challenge, that you are going to be willing to think outside the box and be resourceful, at the same time being able to learn from instruction and ideas that we pass your way. Ultimately, I am not your business, you are. The things that you do, try, and experience success with will lead to your own personal evolution in business and growth in business. I can facilitate, but I cannot create. ;)

5. You are going to be actively promoting WA. This, of all years is going to be the most exciting time to be part of Wealthy Affiliate as a member, as a user of the platform, as an affiliate and even as a merchant.

It's All About Personal Accountability.

This program is going to be one where there will be ongoing accountability and monthly updates. I am going to be on your case, you might get sick of hearing from Kyle (not really). In all seriousness, I am going to be connecting with you on a regular basis to see where you are at within your business and to offer you insights and help to scale your business.

This is a pilot program and if this works, it may be something that we run more regularly and may be something that we actually build technology around.

This is going to be a limited group and I am only going to be accepting applications for a week or so (application period ends on January 17th). I don't want to have too many as I only have so much time and I don't want to create landslide support as a result of this.

Rather, I want people that are going to work hard, be resourceful, and actively engage in the process of building a full time business and "authority" site within a Bootcamp related niche.

So if this is you, you are serious about creating a business, and you are interested, I want to work with you.

If Interested (and you meet the criteria), do the following:

(1) If you are in, say "Kyle, I am ready to do this!"

(2) Let me know what sort of effort you are willing to put forth on a weekly basis to your business (ie, the time that you have available, please be realistic).

I am going accepting people into the accountability program for the next 7 days, so if you are interested please take part. Do know that this is by no means a requirement, but my goal is to add a level of accountability and a certain level of "over the shoulder" help to ultimately get you creating a very successful business in 2018.

Next week, I will be in touch with those of you that are going to be taking part in this with more details! :)

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Stella741 Premium
Kyle, I'm ready to do this...I used to be a secretary and can type out real relevant and accurate content fast. I want to put my all into affiliate marketing and am cruising through the training. Some of it is harder than others, but I'm up for the challenge.

In my past experience, I learned different software programs before Word for Windows became the standard. I am willing to put in 5 hours daily and more if needed as I have almost finished my 1st site.

I have plenty of time as I am doing affiliate marketing with WA full time. I'm at the engaging stage and want to earn big time and find this to be the best training for its cost at present.

Thanks for taking the time to work with us.

Many blessings...
SeanGreentre Premium
Hiya Kyle. I am ready to do this!
I would be certainly committed to this program. I am about half way through Bootcamp Phase 5 as I write, so a fair way into it now.

I am happy to commit 2 hours every day to this. It may be more, but as a minimum I'd be comfortable with this. I'd also relish the opportunity to work and take instruction directly from you. It would be a privilege for me.

My fingers are crossed. :-)

Kindest regards,

Kyle, I am ready to do this!

I have 15-25 hrs a week and possibly more depending on the demands of my day job that particular week. I'm ready to grind and start a journey that will allow me to remove myself from the rat race one day, as well as show my children that anything is possible with hard work.
MichalB Premium
Hi Kyle,

Kyle, I am ready to do this!

I am willing to put in 3 to 4 hours a day.
Approximately every second weekend 4-5 hrs, besides the business days.

I need some kind of push and pull force and I do believe this is the one.
I mean sometimes I have to force myself to take action, or to push in some sort of way;
On top of that if there is a certain achievement/assignment to be followed, I can be easily pulled in by that.

Hi-Im-Fran Premium
Hi Kyle, I am ready to do this. I,ve been a member of WA for well over a year. I will stay because I know great things can be accomplished here. It just hasn't clicked yet for me but with your guidance I know it can. I have done the bootcamp but am going to re-do it. Time is not a problem for me. I can work 40-50 hours a week or even more. I promise to follow your advice to the letter and to stick like glue for a full year.
Thank you so much for this special offer and challenge.
SuzO Premium
Hi Kyle, I am ready to do this. TIme is limited to about 2-3 hours on the weekends as I went back into full-time work. I spend this time building content. On my one work from home day, if I can catch a break, I add content. I have two blogs, once on MCM design and feathering the nest and a primary one on vegan health and lifestyle. I am 2 years in and find the progress slow. I came from a job where we had our own IT and network engineers so am used to having folks set up my laptop and sites so appreciate the help here.
mrschippy Premium
Hi Kyle, I am ready to do this.

I can commit around 15-20 hours a week. I've been a member of WA for 2 years now and I've had sites succeed and I've had sites fail. But I've learned an absolute tonne - one of my biggest lessons was my sites are about solving a problem for the visitor and not about ME ha! I really feel like I've reached a stage where I can build further on what I've learned and commit to this project. I'd love to learn more from you. Cheers, Sarah
Timotheus Premium
Kyle, I am ready to do this!

I am willing to put in 14 to 20 hours hours a week.

To be honest, I am teaching part time, and there will be days I have to teach whole day. I will still do my best to dedicate at least an hour on those days, and make up for it on the weekends.

The teaching pays the bills. My goal is to work really hard to be a Super Affiliate, make regular income from this online business and I can stop the part time teaching and do this full time!
declan123 Premium
Kyle, I am ready to do this!

Right now I am able to commit to 15-20 hours a week...as I would like to get full time, hopefully within the year I can decrease my day-job hours and increase the WA hours accordingly.

Would be very happy to be able to take part in this!
VSinatra Premium
Kyle, I am ready to do this!
I can devote 14 hours minimun every week. PLUS with Some weeks more and other weeks more than double this time. My realistic is governed by the unknown weekly schedules. However, I know the minimum is feasible, doable and will be done, plus more when time is available. I dont get set days off.

This focused accounatable time is welcomed and needed for me and my Affiliate site to get completely moving on up the search engines "charts". I welcome the responsibility, development personally, for my business and the education this will bring. I will stretch to reach for the top through hard work and creativity. As I present on my website, for new comers to WA!
Thank you
IMgan Premium
Good day Kyle,

"Kyle, I am ready to do this!"

2017 had been a busy year with little junior born.
Coming 2018 i am determine to achieve a 100 day passive daily check so to allow my spouse to stay at home mummy, and continue to do what others dont today, so i can haf what others wont tomorrow..

On weekly, i am able to devote 12- 15 hrs mininum.

NadiaWP Premium
Kyle, I am ready to do this!

I am going to be allocating about 25 hours per week to promoting WA. This is a new, long term business that I expect to be running for years to come.

I am fully committing myself to making this year the best year ever in my affiliate endeavors, and promoting WA is at the forefront of this.

I am excited to make this work, and am already in the process of planning out my weekly schedule for this project. Your help would be very much appreciated!
AlexEvans Premium
Hi, Kyle, I am ready to do this.

In order to create the time needed to create those 2 to 4K of extra focused words on a weekly basis, and to focus on crafting that super WA promoting website I may have to sack some of my clients, it doesn't sound as bad as it reads, I mean farm them out to some competitors.

Sometimes we need to take a step back to take three steps forward.

I have been reflecting and what has really spiked my curiosity and passion is that you mentioned that this is a pilot project and you guys may look at the possibility of making it mainstream and possibly build some technology around the processes. Going by what was rolled out in 2017 I have complete faith that this project will bring so much value to the platform and all members.

The view from the bridge is awesome, so I am told but helping to stoke the boilers in the engine room is where all the actions start.

Being involved would be about paying it forward, but then again that could be the key that unlocks the door to everything.
JIllW Premium
Kyle, I am ready to do this as I want to make WA my fulltime income and I am willing and able to put time aside to make this work and to be open-minded and resourceful. I have been taking the boot camp and am at level 5. I am self-motivated and am really enjoying the learning and plan on starting to create a mailing list as I write this. Thank you for create this super affiliate program.
Jasser Premium
"Kyle, I am ready to do this!"
I can work 25-35 hours a week

Started a year ago here at Wealthy Affiliate and upgraded in the first month or so because I instantly knew how awesome what you offer is.

I stumbled upon WA in my search for a platform/service, where I could learn online marketing.

The reason was that I started as a partner in a direct sales company and wanted to learn how to take the sale and recruiting part online.

My plan has since I joined been to combine the 2, by working together with those who join WA from my site that is willing to work both opportunities.

That way I plan to make a team of people who are willing to learn and give what it takes to succeed. I am unemployed and living on a minimum, but willing to learn and an easy learner.

bonzo124 Premium
1. Kyle, I am ready to do this!

2. I am a WA member the last 15 months, and I am going to stay here for many years.

My main website is in the "make money online" niche and I work as a freelancer applying the skills I have learned from your articles and videos. Of course, I would not work as a freelancer if I was earning enough money from my site to cover my expenses.

I am already committed and have announced to my family and friends that I am building an online business.

The hard work is not a problem; I already work many hours per day (over 6 hours per day, sometimes even 10-12). So, yes I can stop everything to focus only on our project.

TRPEng Premium
Dear Kyle, After careful consideration of my schedule and personal commitments I would like to withdraw TRPEng from the competition. I want to focus on completing the Certification course and then do Bootcamp. I am self motivated and after 36 years of aviation I have no trouble completing tasks. I always brought the airplane back and landed on the wheels.

This Super Affiliate course is a very good thing and I wish everybody all the best.

haroda Premium
"Kyle, I am ready for this!"

I will put AT LEAST 15 hours per week into my business. This opportunity is perfect timing for where I am mentally and physically. I am very excited and ready to take it on.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to take part of this wonderful program. Yes!!! Yes!! YES!!!
Kewl Web Premium
Kyle, I'm ready to do this - but I may not be worth taking a chance on based on my past history. I may not be 100% "coachable" and I have given up too easily in the past.

Working hard is not a problem for me. I have always worked hard but not always smart and ethics tends to be a big sticking point. I can't seem to exaggerate about things I haven't experienced first hand - I can't seem to put a positive spin them.

In any event, I have already restarted working on being a super affiliate, myself. I have almost zero responsibilities until the end of March. So I have unlimited time. It all depends on how much time I want to put in each day.

I am doing quite a lot at the moment.

I'd like to be a part of the pilot program. It would be nice to have expert feedback on a regular basis. I've been striving for the same thing for so many years.

Whether I am suitable for the program or not, I'll keep working towards the 300 sales and hopefully, I will see everyone in Vegas next year anyway.

The Tortoise Wins The Race - really applies to me.

Best of Luck With The Project,

KayWinkler Premium
Kyle, I am ready to do this!

I am ready to put 20+ hours per week into this project. I am willing to brand myself, I already have a domain for this "PassiveCashEngines.com", I already have subscribed to GetResponse for setting up a newsletter for my procspects, I am an enterprise Jaaxy member, I like to write, I love the possibilities Wordpress offers, I am resourceful, I totally can think outside the box, I am willing to take directions, I love Wealthy Affiliate, the support, the services and everything around it.

Please choose me!
kdforsman Premium
Kyle, I am ready to do this!

1. I can and I WILL work hard!
I've already got the bones of a website and I'm ready to build on what I've already learned to create a successful business.

2. Give me direction and I will work my butt off next year... and the year after that!
I'm not a dreamer. I realize that success is going to take consistent effort and energy on MY part.

3. I am ready and willing to complete the Affiliate Boot Camp - AND revise any sections of it that I need to.
With your help, I will build a brand that is centered around promoting WA... Vegas, here I come!

4. Through your direction, and my creativity and natural curiosity, I will evolve and grow my online business. Limits to success? What limits???! Let's do this!

5. I love the Wealthy Affiliate platform, it's such fantastic value for money - it would be an absolute pleasure to be a super affiliate and focus all of my effort on promoting this business opportunity online.

Need a Super Affiliate?... Please choose me!
Kyle, I am ready to do this!

Im willing to put +40 hours a week into the Super Affiliate Program as i truly feel this program can change many peoples lives.

With my few years experience in e-commerce and social media and building a brand and i really feel as tho i can take my self and the Super affiliate program to a new level. Im willing to put every bit of effort as when i believe in something i go all for it!

Hope everyones having a great day, again lets crush 2018!
HelenpDoyle Premium
Boy Kyle am I ready to do this. I have actually been researching keywords for the bootcamp already.

When I put my mind to doing something the rest of the world disappears. Occasionally I come up for air (and food and drink) but I become fully focused.

My professional work was carried out by teamwork so I can both give and take directions.

My life is about to calm down a lot and I am ready to rock and roll.

Thanks for the opportunity to register.

buffetearns Premium
Hi Kyle

I am committed to Wealthy Affiliate and to my own personal growth:

"Kyle, I am ready to do this!"

I have respected and appreciated everything that Wealthy Affiliate has shown me already and it stems from the passion and leadership from you guys.

At the present time I commit at least 5 hours per day to Wealthy Affiliate and this time has been spent Welcoming New Members and responding to members comments. This time has not been hardship, it's been a joy being a representative of Wealthy Affiliate, its hasn't been for financial gain, it's just something that I know is good.

I can commit to learn what you teach Kyle. My passions are not just financial gains but it is being part of an organization that succeeds and cares about family, business and helping others realize their passions and dreams. These are qualities, that have the power to change lives and this is responsible living!

The 5 hours I spend presently is pleasurable, its not a CHORE and I see myself as a Team Player and I would like to progress and promote WA with WA! There are so many people within WA that I have met, that I would be pleased to call friends, it's quite amazing already.

I am a Qualified Chef and a Qualified Quantity Surveyor and a Qualified Facilities Manager and my life has been about obtaining results, commitment and hard work, producing quality, attention to detail, integrity, networking and meeting deadlines.

I welcome your direction and I possess creative imagination and my passion will be my driving force as it is yours. I am not sure what this means in hours - I believe MANY HOURS of commitment but my eyes are wide open and I am ready to go!!

Cheers Kyle! Have a great day there!

JPlatt1 Premium
I just enlisted in WA, I am excited of what the day brings and the future holds. I am not Premium yet, I don't have a website yet but I do have great willingness to learn, implement and accountability.
I will make and educated decision before the 17th regarding going through Affiliate Bootcamp.
I really like the idea 300 sales and going to Vegas Conference all expenses paid.
Cdelahoz Premium
1. Kyle, I am ready to do this!

2. Kyle, I have lost my job, therefore I have 24 hours a day to dedicate to this. I am really not interested in anything else other than promoting Wealthy Affiliate. That is all my site is built around.

I have been around for awhile, procrastinating trying other things instead of dedicating everything to WA, but apparently nothing has worked. Before you even brought up this Super Affiliate project, one of my new years resolution goals was to dedicate everything to WA.

If you decide to choose me, I promise I won't let you down. I will pray on it, but if you do not choose me, I am still going to dedicate all my time and work through every bit of training here.

Thanks Kyle,

goaloptions Premium
Hi Kyle: I really need to be a part of this training. I need to get all the information I can on how to build a successful internet business. I can put in 20 hours each week. Thanks for the opportunity to participate in this training. I am so very happy to be a part of WA. Thank You for being such a great mentor.
michelemarie Premium
Kyle I am ready to do this
I have dallied too much. This year is the year I make it!
Thank you for offering such a stupendous,
Motivational program
I will commit what ever is required to achieve
15 to 20 hours a week initially. To me:
The beauty of building a business is when you and it, start to grow and succeed, your confidence and the sheer love of what you are creating and doing take over.
This is what I want this year!
CarolDutsch1 Premium
I'm ready to do this Kyle. I'm about to start the boot camp and I love learning and I want to learn more. I'm willing to put in as much effort as I need to, plus, more. I believe this will be very valuable learning. I have a lot of time, because, I'm always home, all day and everyday. Kyle, in the future, will you please speak louder on all of your video's? You can barely be heard and my volume is all the way up and I don't have any problems at all hearing any other video's.
tomanec Premium
1. Kyle, I am ready to do this!
2. -a retired person, over seventy years of age,
-health satisfying,
-have enough time to invest in the Program,at least 30 hours
per week,
-fourteenth month a premium member,
-no active website up to now,
-zero results up to now,no engagement on my side,
-used to hard work,
-a serious,thinking with a cold head person,that’s what I think
of myself,
JeffL61 Premium
Kyle, as you know I've been a member of WA since early 2015. I started promoting WA when I created what then was my 2nd website in June 2015.

While I have had success in bringing in referrals, my business just has not reached the level that I expected it would by now. Something is missing, which I just cannot put my finger on.

Yes, I am ready to do this!!
leebray Premium
also my anniversary with WA is here so i'm in for the long haul. this first year was "breaking in period" for me , got things in order now, I'm ready cause this my chosen niche from the beginning not cause you are offering this wonderful opportunity. i'd even blog about online certification vs bootcamp .
Chrisie1 Premium
Kyle, I am ready to do this.
I do need a some fire under my tail. I know I can do this. I'm still getting use to sitting for a long period of time. But when I do, I don't know when to get up. It's been almost 3 months since I started and I have a lot of work ahead of me. If I need more time with my training before I take this step, I will understand.

Time I can Spend: All the time I have, because I don't have a job other than WA.
Like I said, I really need a kick in the pants though. There is nothing stopping me but me. I need a WA drill sergeant ;)
PoulvGud Premium
Kyle, I am ready to do this!

I am Willing to spend 2 hours each day or 14 hourse a week to get work done.

I´ve already done some work in the Bootcamp and I just some guidance.

I´ve done a review of WA


and some other content too its just need polishing and optimization!


ThomasTay Premium
I go through the list and notice only one existing Super WA Affiliate - Eddy made comments on this post. Isn’t this program should be supported and encouraged to make WA a bigger Brand in the Affiliate Marketing Niche…
Does current WA bootcamp effective…
Many of us are eager to be Super Affiliate but seem not reaching that critical mark…
What is the issues …
productworld Premium
As we enter into the new year with engerized excitement. We are ready for the next step to become super affiliate..But, I want to be the next super wealthy affiliate. Working to develop sites to draw more attention and promote the WA . with continuous development on all aspect of our business..it is a challenge......"Kyle I am ready to do this" ....willing and ready to tackle..give it my best.. 2 to 3 hours a day. Strategizing and focusing on the tasks I am given. I have too hold myself accountable for it is my business that is going to lead us into the future and beyond. Affiliate bootcamp is a necessary action step we need to follow..it has the information for me to learn and put into practice.
kdforsman Premium
..."This is going to be a limited group and I am only going to be accepting applications for a week or so (application period ends on January 17th). I don't want to have too many as I only have so much time and I don't want to create landslide support as a result of this..."

@Kyle - The response you have had to this post feels like a landslide to me!
- How on earth are you going to choose your limited group of super affiliates?? Not an easy task I bet!
gregd123 Premium
Kyle, I'm ready to do this.
I am willing to put in around 20 hours per week
I have been working on https://mywebsiteincome.com/
but I want to be moving faster and feel certain that what I am doing
is really going to propel me towards an income by the end of the year
lee19 Premium
Kyle, I am ready to do this!
this year I have quit my job as a full-time electrician to pursue a career online. on the 20th of January, I'm heading off to backpack south-east Asia for 3 months to hopefully take my business to the next level. i already have website promoting WA you can see it here. https://thenotebooklifestyle.com. mentorship from you would be unbelievable and I am willing to put the effort in as there's no safety net its all or nothing. it would be a pleasure to be guided by you and I know with your help we can do this.
fleurallen Premium
Kyle, I am ready to do this! I am able to devote 2 to 3 hours per day and am open to be guided to open up more time should this be required to achieve success as a Super Affiliate. I am keen to succeed as a Super Affiliate for my own success but also to assist and give back to others within the community where appropriate, with my extended success built on what I have already achieved. This is an exciting, inspiring and generous opportunity thank you!
mbouteiller Premium
Hi Kyle, oops... I was too excited about the Super Affiliate you are offering. I did say 'Kyle, I'm ready to do this!'.

But, I forgot to tell you what I'm willing to work on a weekly basis to my Super Affiliate business... here it is...

Realistically, because I am unemployed... but workout in the mornings, I already spend 8-9 hours a day including weekends on my website. That would be 56 hours a week I will commit...

I love computers ...

Thank you Kyle!
hagstf Premium
I am more than ready to do this!

I currently work 2 part-time jobs and will have about 1-2 hours per day during the week but my weekends are free.

Very soon, my hours will be cut in half on my second job so that should free up about 2 more days during the week.

I recently took advantage of the Black Friday deal so, I am in this for the long haul and determined to make this work.
Kyle, I'm ready to do this. Include me. My best times are noon to 5 pm m-f eastern time. I was wondering what to do with the Affiliate Bootcamp lesson series as I still have not completed the original set yet. That may be important to you, let me know. I am fine with the year of effort as I told my clients when I was in business just that. I ain't got anywhere else to go this year!
dolrah Premium
Kyle, I'm ready to do this! Include me. My best work time(s) will be after 5:00p.m.(PST) Mon.-Fri. as I substitute teach for a large school district. Will have more time when not called out on assignment. Week-ends and holidays will be flexible and allow me to catch up on missed or unfinished work.


GauravGaur Premium
"Kyle, I am ready to do this!" I am ready for the hard work with one-year dedicated efforts. I am already going through the Bootcamp. You will find me very resourceful and creative. I will be actively promoting WA with your guidance. I am eagerly waiting for your next announcement with my fingers crossed.
GauravGaur Premium
"Kyle, I am ready to do this!" I am ready for the hard work with one-year dedicated efforts. I am already going through the Bootcamp. You will find me very resourceful and creative. I will be actively promoting WA with your guidance. I am eagerly waiting for your next announcement with my fingers crossed.
GauravGaur Premium
"Kyle, I am ready to do this!" I am ready for the hard work with one-year dedicated efforts. I am already going through the Bootcamp. You will find me very resourceful and creative. I will be actively promoting WA with your guidance. I am eagerly waiting for your next announcement with my fingers crossed.
queenredgie Premium
Kyle I am not sure what the criteria is that is needed for this, i.e. that I already have a website up and running - which I don't. But my biggest problem about getting off the ground and running is/has been the uncertainty of not knowing where I am going, fear of failure (again) and doubt! I feel if I had a mentor (you) that would be the answer to my prayer. I can commit 20 hrs a week (possibly more). I am not afraid of the work! In fact I have over the years tried two ventures online! I put my heart and soul into them, but unfortunately they never came to anything!
smcmaster Premium
Kyle, I am ready to do this!
My goal is that this one day becomes my main income. I am fully committed to giving you my attention and will dedicate the necessary time it takes to do this (full-time). People are depending on me after all. Looking forward to being part of it and working with you and everyone else.
Mary-Elle Premium
Wow, what an opportunity....

Kyle, I am ready to do this!

I am definitely interested and excited to be a part of this. I feel that I'm definitely more productive when there is an accountability aspect to a project, so that would be much appreciated.

As a "baby boomer" who is determined to create a solid online, location independent income, I'm committed to staying here for the long haul and recently demonstrated that by upgrading to the annual plan here at WA.

I've been self-employed my entire adult life in a traditional brick/mortar business, so I feel I already have the discipline necessary to make this happen.

Going forward, I can definitely commit 20 hours per week starting now, and much more once we approach the summer season as my current job/business is somewhat seasonal.

Excited to hear more!

Best regards,
PKarlsson Premium
Hey! After a lot of thinking, back and forth on if this is right for me, I have decided now.
The disadvantages of this are that I have to wait to concentrate on my biggest passion in life for at least 1 year.
The benefits however are that I can learn from the best for at least 1 year about how to develop myself in online business. An offer you do not get so many times in life.

So, given these opportunities, and my passion remains after 1 year, I say: Kyle, I am ready to do this!

I will spend at least 10 hours each week.
LWilson34 Premium
Kyle, I am ready to do this!

I am going to purchase the one year package today to show my commitment to the program. I have a full-time job but I've been using my lunch hour as well as a few hours per evening to work on my personal website and niche. I am serious about becoming an affiliate marketer. My goal is to get my business to a place where i can give up my 9-5 job and focus on making money online full-time. I believe this super affiliate program will bring me one step closer to achieving my dream. Thanks for the consideration.
preciousns Premium
"Kyle, I am ready to do this"!! I can put in about 20hrs a week (2-3hrs in the evenings during the week and 10-15hrs over the weekend, maybe more depending on the week and family commitments)

I would truly love to be a part of this, especially in regards to personal accountability, and being able to mastermind with others. I'm SO ready and determined to move forward and be successful online, with your additional guidance

Thank you for offering this opportunity.
ComboMove Premium
Hi Kyle. I can't thank you enough for this opportunity whether I get picked or not. I trust this program is going to be amazing based off of the growth I've seen in Wealthy Affiliate since I became a member close to a year ago.

For the record, I've poured thousands of hours into my online businesses, I actively promote Wealthy Affiliate, on my sites. But you know what? I promote WA in person too because I really cannot believe how much I learned in 2017. When I joined I knew nothing and now I build websites, have an auto responder, and understand user experperience?

Wow, Yo!!!!

I can be held accountable. I'd be honored, actually. But, if now is not my time, I'll try again for Season 2.
MrBess Premium
"Kyle, I am ready to do this!" I can devote 1-2 hours a day when i work. I'm an operator in a refinery so I have 7 days off per month where i can devote even more time 2-4 hours a day. i currently work 12 hour shifts an I WANT TO HAVE MORE TIME WITH MY FAMILY!
LChase Premium
Kyle, I am ready to do this! I'm able to give a couple hours a night throughout the week and then a few extra on top of that on a Friday. I can also put in another 10 hours over the weekend to help build the brand needed to be a super affiliate!

If I don't get the opportunity, please let me know why so I can improve in those areas for the future.


Hi Kyle, this is a big offer for me. I really would like to join you on this but I know that I will not have enough time to dedicate to dedicate to this challenge. You see i am in fulltime employment as a teacher and can only spare 2 to 3 hours a day. But then sometimes I run out of bundles and cannot connect to the internet.

No I am not ready for this challenge Kyle, but thanks very much for the offer
WRaleigh Premium
"Kyle, I am ready to do this!"
I am retired so have the time to do this and it appears so has everyone else in WA.
I am used to making commitments and seeing them through to a conclusion. Most of the projects I have worked on have required 1 to 2 year commitment, so that is nothing new.
Have started Affiliate Bootcamp, not far into it yet.

I don't envy you the task of picking the ones to take with you on this journey, so good luck and if I'm one on the lucky ones I will be eternally grateful.
MC51 Premium
"Kyle, I am ready to do this!" I have known that you have the "picks and shovels" that others need to succeed and your program has gotten better since I've joined.

I know what needs to be done and I know myself that I need goals and a push to help others. I can realistically do 2 hours a day with a goal of more. My passion is to help other achieve more and to educate!

Thanks Mike
EricaCrystal Premium
Kyle, I am ready to do this!

I am willing to put in 100% of my available time and will commit to this wholeheartedly.

I have a niche site already but have been planning out my WA Bootcamp site in the background for a little while now.

But now I'm ready to go all in and commit to 2-3 hours per day (about 15 hours a week).

Thanks, Kyle!

ScottStogner Premium
I am ready to do this. I left a message yesterday, and what I said still applies. I am going to have 2+ hours per day that I am going to be using to build my business, and I am sure your mentorship would make this same effort much more rewarding. So I am hoping I will hear from you.
Best reguards, Scott
ScottStogner Premium
"Kyle, I am ready to do this!", I hate failure. Even if it is just following simple instruction.
roamy Premium
Hi Kyle, would really love to do this, I`m ready to put in 4-5 hours a day, same time I put in now.
What makes me the right candidate?
1-willing to work hard, already working hard
2-I will dedicate a full year and more, been here 3 years and not planning on going anywhere
3-I can take direction
4-I`m already promoting WA(without much success)
5-I`m in the boot camp already
Please, consider me.Thanks
dabs94 Premium
Hi Kyle!
I am ready to do this!
I'm willing to work 3-4 hours everyday in my business, my goal is to reach the Spanish speaking audience, there is a need for a company as WA in this market. I convinced that this is a good opportunity to start an affiliate business in this market.
I hope you can guide me to do this.

Andrew-WA Premium
Kyle, I am ready to do this!

I have been a member of WA for a little over 18 months now, and I strongly believe that an online business is where I belong. I’m passionate about helping others in everything that I do. It’s something I get feedback about all the time, that I go out of my way to help. To me, this is one critical component to being successful online.

I’m committed to making 2018 my year! And the only way to do this is with hard work.

Since I work full time and have a young family, initially I can commit 10-12 hours a week to Project: Super Affiliate. However, as time progresses, I am willing to scale up by cutting back hours at my day job, and increasing the hours spent on my online business. This has been my plan all along.

Ultimately, my goals are to become financially free. Not only for me, but for my wife and kids. So that we all can live the lifestyle that we dream of and deserve.

I look forward to hearing from you Kyle.
d1a2g3y Premium
Kyle, I am more than ready to do this.
I am not afraid to work hard and I am willing to work long hours.
I like to think outside the box, and one of my favorite things to do in life is to learn new things. I promise to follow directions.

I am so Happy you created this project, because it’s exactly what I needed to push forward. I am actively in Bootcamp, and I have a semi put together website, but I am willing to start from scratch no questions asked.

I Also agree that your mentoring couldn’t of come at a better time, I know this project will make success out of us. When I achieve my success I will be more than Happy to help you, help others with their journey to success

I hope I get the chance to work with you, Boss.


Samaffiliate Premium
Kyle, I am ready to do this. In fact, I like the competitive nature of the offer. Nothing better than relying on your own efforts to be a success from scratch or ground zero as it's often called.

I was thinking back in November to start a website promoting wealthy affiliate with a niche to recruit students at college and university looking for ways to generate revenue while reliant on a low budget.

Daily Monday - Friday I could put in at least 2 hours/day at the minimum and 4 hours/day at the max during the weekdays.

The weekend I have no excuse because it's my spare time so I could actually work Saturday and Sunday from the moment I rise to the moment I set for retirement for the night.

If this is a serious offer, Kyle, count me in. I know with the right amount of effort I could create a new website that could become a thriving recruitment platform for new Wealthy Affiliate members.

Let me know.


PMurray1 Premium
Let me add that I must list my commitment level ever mindful of the fact that I have a part-time job which takes up time, and that I only have computer access when our local libraries are open. When they are closed--as they are on Sundays, for example--I do not have computer access. Thus, I think 3-4 hours per weekday is a realistic amount of time to commit. I want to be successful and I am willing to work at it to the best of my time and ability.
Hello Kyle,

Thank you for this unprecedented opportunity. I am ready to do this! Here's why...

I have been through three years of massive reorganization for improved performance, necessitating putting my campaigns aside momentarily. I wasn't getting anywhere and serious issues needed resolution. Albeit, already written articles have continued to do their job!

My schedule now accommodates resuming and running the business. This means normal business hours, 5-6 days a week. This is in lieu of any extra time it takes to get the job done during this Project and thereafter.

Selected for the earlier WA 30-Day Article Marketing Club, successfully completed, led to making Internet income, in 2012, for the first time ever. Every month, since (less one month) came with WA income! It is time to greatly increase this income. Here's what I have done to pave the way for this...

NEW! On January 5th, I have completed the major year-long goal of moving out of the rough neighbourhood where I lived, to new living arrangements which is new, clean, bright, spacious, well-designed and has all the modern conveniences in a safe, quiet, gated community. No more disruptive neighbours, Rap music nor unsafe environment. This was necessary for success!

NEW! A dedicated work station away from all distraction. There is a radio for background instrumental music and has proper lighting. The computer is outfitted solely for business and nothing else. Leisure and work have been separated.

NEW! Minimalist lifestyle I eliminated about three-fourths of my possessions, including nostalgia. Very important to reorganization.

NEW! Systematically closed out and eliminated several obligations and large uncompleted projects. Reduces stress and clears the mind.

NEW! Purged my Buddy List to isolate the content I find useful, which has improved my WA experience and learning. Likewise, I contribute content in this genre.

This being said, and the above done, your mentorship on this level could not have occurred at a better time. I find this needful right now for obvious reasons. I am ready to put into action, at full speed, the potential you know I have.


Kyle, I am ready to do this!

I am a very driven person, determined to reach my goals & make my mark in this world...
I honestly believe that I have finally found the path that will help me achieve those goals...
WA has already exceeded my expectations & I am so excited to see what lies ahead!
That being said, I am willing to put forth as much time & effort as it takes to accomplish what I have my heart set on...I'm in this 110% and failure is not an option.
BeXDREAMe Premium
Hi Kyle, I am ready to do this!
This sounds like an amazing way to get us on track and stay motivated!
I would love to become a super affiliate! I'm still just getting started and have a lot to learn. Honestly, I need more guidance, but even if I am not chosen, I will do my best to keep learning and working towards success!
I'm determined and interested in creating a business and more than willing to commit a full year for it. I am available 5 days a week and will put in as much time as I can to make this happen but most likely can commit 4-6 hours a day.
buildyournow Premium
Kyle, I am ready to do this! I sincerely want to work with you and master the online business. I will commit as much time as necessary for success. I am fully aware that I need help in many areas of training.

Thanks so much for the opportunity to be mentored by you.
Karppa Premium
Kyle, I am ready to do this and I’m willing to dedicate 1 full year work for it. At weekly level I can put at least 20-25 hours for the training and at the same time improve my online business whatever it needs.

I’ve been here at Wealthy Affiliate about three years but I have to say that I haven’t been all the time busy enough. I’ve however learnt a lot and got quite a good understanding about the logics of successful online marketing.

However ,I haven’t succeeded to make the real breakthrough what I’m looking for.
I know the basics and I feel that now is just about time to make real action with my online business.

Yes Kyle, I really am ready!
SteveCrozza Premium
Kyle, I am ready to do this!

I am able to allocate 3 full days each week to this project, which is in fact my new site that I have begun developing (WA promotional website).

Currently, I have another site which is starting to get sales trickling in and I wish to continue with it.

For this other site I have a marketing schedule over the next 2 months which will require modification for me to do this, but that is not an issue. In fact, it is my original marketing campaign to which I will return.

Back to this opportunity, I will be allocating time as follows:

- 3 days a week full time to this project;
- 2 days a week to my existing site;
- 1 hour a weekend on maintenance issues like backups, minor updates to current sites.
- 1 hour to watch a Jay video, his weekly video is 12pm Saturday here.

Look forward to working with you Kyle.
PaulB46 Premium
Kyle, I am ready to do this!!!

This is great timing as I was just talking with another member and telling him I've learned a big lesson as I feel like I've been treating this Affiliate Marketing more as a hobby then a business and since then have taken action to change that.

I have been dedicating a minimum of 8 hours a day just like if I had to go 'out' to work for an employer.

I have a few commitments over the course of the week, I can realistically put in a minimum of 40 hours a week.

I am in a position where I was able to make Wealthy Affiliate my full time job as of Jan 1, 2018 and therefore I setup a home office where I go each day.

I'm dedicated to Wealthy Affiliate and 'Not' going anywhere! I have been here for quite some time now and have just recently renewed my "annual" membership once again. I am currently active in promoting WA and my goal is to reach the minimum of 300 referrals.

It would be an honour to be selected for the Super Affiliate Challenge and work with you towards building a successful business in 2018!

Thank you!
iscool78 Premium
Kyle, I am ready to do this!

They say the master shows up when the student is ready. I've never been more ready and you're definitely The Master ;)

And I'll put as many hours as it takes to make it work! I'm already taking action at WA and I'm ready to take it to the next level and help as many people as I can make a living out of their passion!

CalvinC Premium
"Kyle, I am ready to do this!"

This is a great opportunity, the most important it shows me I took the right decision going yearly after one month, there's decision in life you can sense it, it is THE ONE to take, lol.

If your program doesn't need us to be there at a time every week, I'm pretty confident I can do it, I spend all my free time online, but the problem number is on I live in France, I really want to watch Jay webinar every week, but I realized it's at 2 AM here in France, not always easy to stay up until 2 AM. Then I have offline duties I need to do. But most of the time I'm free on the evening, it really depends on how the program will run, but I can put at least 25 hours a week.

The pros for having me:
-I'm new here so it will be interesting to see if a dedicated new member can do it.

-I'm a good graphics and web designer, still learning new stuff every day, but I' m not the worst, here the link to the website I'm spending my time on actually:


I intended to show it to you guys once I finished, but hey this is a too great opportunity. I will finish it at 70% end of this week. But after this week I will go back to your leaning and I will finish it, I promise myself and I will start writing contents and making videos regularly, my goal is a blog post every day and a video a week, videos take more time to make. But after 3 months I would set my goal to at least 2 videos a week and more in the near future. I will add the affiliate link once I finished at 70%.

-I'm a passionate guy, I can write contents and make videos and I'm having fun because I'm really passionate about the niche I want to work on.

There's more, but I will stop here, I think you start to feel asleep, lol.

The Cons:

-It doesn't look like I'm very active here, as I haven't finished my lessons yet, but as I said I was working on my website.

-I didn't really follow the steps you teach us here and as Jay said in a previous webinar: "Just follow the training", lol. I intend to do so when I finished my website at about 70% so next week. 70% is what Jeff Bezos suggested us for any project, don't wait until 100% he said it will be too late, lol.

-I have the bad habits to do too many things at the same time, I'm changing this bad habit, but I won't do just one niche a year, I'm passionate about too many things and I'm willing to share it with peoples out there, at least I will work on 2 niches this year outside of the website I'm working on.

-I'm not a good writer, I'm learning, but the language is not something you can master in days, it takes years.

That's all, thank you for reading. The truth it's I wanted to do WA affiliate marketing, but first, it was 100 I believe it was already huge for me now 300, not sure I will be able to go to Vegas, but I will try this year because I have a lot of ideas I can experiment with. I like learning and experiencing, not always at everybody taste, but it's who I am. I'm very happy to be here and I will stay here for as long as I can. I'm already very satisfied with what WA offer and I believe this year will be amazing.

If I have a suggestion is to record what your group and you will be doing this year, so we can learn from your work, a daily update and a weekly summary will be awesome. The best way to learn is also to show what kind of mistakes the members of the group made and where they do right. Like Botipton group I'm really interested in the methods you will apply, so we can apply them also.

Thank you guys for putting so many efforts to make this place such a great place. I really don't mind if I won't be in the group, there are many peoples in WA who deserve more than me to have their seat. I have to do my works to deserve a seat perhaps next year, lol.
lakbar12 Premium
Hi, very nice application you have here. I was reading through and noticed that you were not able to watch live webinars.

Did you know you can register for the webinar? and if you register for the webinar and are not able to make it you'll still be able to watch the replay. You'll receive an email letting you know that the replay is available. Maybe, this option can help you so, that you do not have to miss another webinar.

Jay's webinars, are very valuable. I myself learn a lot from them. So, I encourage you to try and schedule the registration and if your not able to attend he replay will be sent to you.

By the way your site, is awesome. I never knew they had android boxes and projectors. Is this the site that you built and are working on? If so, awesome job that is amazing...

Well, I just wanted to really make sure you knew that you can go and watch the live webinars by scheduling them and waiting on the replay. And, you also can go to the left of your screen, under Jaaxy and click on Live Webinar Classes and just search for any class that you want to watch...

Maybe this can resolve the missing of any webinars issue.
I wish you the best in all you do

Much Success to you in 2018 and beyond!
CalvinC Premium

Thank you for your tips on Jay's webinars, I believe they're very valuable also, will take the time to watch them all. And thank you for taking the time to reply to me, I really appreciate.

Yes, it's the website I'm working on, almost finished but I have a problem now with SSL certificate, Site Support is helping me now to fix the problem. It's really not easy to make a good looking website, it's really time-consuming, but I've learned so much with all the problems I've met on the road. I hope I will finish it this week.

Good luck to you also, wish you the best for 2018.

Can I ask you to give me feedback on my website when I've finished it?
derekmarshal Premium
Kyle, I am sure as hell ready to do this!

I am absolutely willing to do what it takes to succeed in a MMO/bootcamp niche related to promoting what I feel is the best training and community of its kind online.

The determination is in my DNA! Evidence enough of that is a long (6 years) process to walk again when medics claimed it would be impossible!.

I have complete 100% free time to dedicate to the objective of creating a successful site helping people to earn a living online. I have income from other sources such as my own niche sites which take up about an hour daily proof reading and publishing. I have easily 4-6 hours daily - every day maybe ven more to dedicate to creating a new site.

See ya on the inside...and in Vegas!
MikeSchmalz Premium
Kyle, I am ready to do this. I can commit 40 hours. Realistically 30 hours a week I already spend 30 to hours on a project. This would be a great experience for me to finally get results. I just found your program about 3 weeks ago and have been on the fence for choosing wealthy affiliate or my own niche. So I decided to do both! I need success.
AlisonK Premium
Kyle, I am ready to do this!
I can commit to a minimum of 14 hours per week (2 hours plus per day)
I've been a member for a long time and I've learned a lot and had fun creating sites, but this is the year I'm making it happen and by the end of 2018 I am quitting my day job so I can be in this full time.
I know I have to put in a lot of concentrated effort over the coming months to get to that stage, but after a couple of years of thinking about it, having other things come up and maybe even making a few excuses, I'm ready to do this for real.
Please pick me!
carolbinger Premium
"Kyle, I am ready to do this!"
I am in it to win it, and hope to see you in Vegas.

I can commit at least 20+ hours per week.


PS: My small niche site health is awesome, and my next step is to start Affiliate Bootcamp. Perfect timing.

PPS: By the way I started earning from my small niche site in December. As you said, we can earn from a small niche and it took me 9 months.

PPPS: Now I am ready to be a Super Affiliate

BillandSue Premium
" Kyle I am ready to do this". I can commit to 18-20 hrs a week. That is just a minimum, however long it takes to do the job this means as many months or year.

We worked with Bootcamp back a year or so ago and am ready to go in depth with you to make our WA site a much greater producer.
jlclayton1 Premium
"Kyle, I am ready to do this!"

I will commit to dedicating 25-30 hours a week to this program. I am a Rural Carrier Associate for the post office. I'm scheduled 1 day a week and then on call the rest of the time and my schedule averages about 2 days a week. So this time commitment is realistic!

I had already set a goal to have my affiliate marketing website profitable and solely how I earn my living by the end of 2018. So I'm committed, I'm motivated, I'm focused, and I'm able to fully make my part of your super affiliate program a success.

I would love to be a part of this pilot program and to learn everything you have to teach!

Janelle C
Frenchfries5 Premium
Kyle, I am ready to do this. I have already started the bootcamp.
I can dedicate 4 hrs daily at least 5 days/wk. I am very committed to learning and making affiliate marketing work.

If you are committed to teach me and make me successful, I'm committed to learning and working.
spurway Premium
Kyle, I am ready to do this

Committing hours I can do 17 hours a week. Except Sunday is off for me as I have family and I need time with them.
I started the boot camp but never spent more time on it. Now I understand why everything happens for a reason. I would love to be learning from you, Kyle. I have already different sites and they are doing well. I won't be sidetracked by them as I have a team in place who maintain those site. Thanks with Gratitude.
ScottStogner Premium
"Kyle, I am ready to do this!" This is my niche, my site was ranked in google this last week, and so far it is in its infancy. I am changing jobs this next week that will give me 10 to 20 hrs per week to work on my sites. My current considerations are to promote three programs, with WA being at the front and most desirable. One I have not actually evaluated yet, but the third will be one that I know you are familiar with and will be through poor reviews, but I will make money through being "honest" and telling people what they are actually "investing a lot of money in." This is going to happen, your help is greatly appreciated.
ScottStogner Premium
With this being said I will listen to your advice.
ScottStogner Premium
And I am going to be upgrading to a recurring annual membership soon.
JPride Premium

I am ready to do this! I actually was about to start the Affiliate Bootcamp once I finished the certification. I am on course 5, lesson 7 right now. I already secured my new domain for the MMO niche, I just never got to get it started yet.

I can truly dedicate about 10 hours a week right now since I still work full time
JooKwang Premium
Kyle, I am ready to do this!

I am at Phase 6, Lesson 1 of the Affiliate Bootcamp and have been building my site since Sep 2017. On average, I can invest 2 hours per day on building my business and promoting WA. I know I go more than that sometimes but to be realistic and consistent, I know 2 hours a day is manageable and I want to stay committed for the entire year of 2018.
CJardin Premium
Kyle, yes, I am ready to do this!

Since beginning here in August 2017, it's been amazing and challenging to say the least, however with the New Year here and a resolution of committing more here at WA is now happening and will commit realistically to 2 days a week with 3 - 4 hours solid each of these 2 days. It may be possible to commit an additional day, however, I'll remain real here so my obligations are met.

FYI, currently working in WA Affiliate Program training, at the finding a niche for the affiliate site, and have taken the past few days to ponder and take note of some ideas before I come back next week to make the final determination of the site name in promoting WA and move on to building the site. What a great time for this as it's still January and truly want to create a crack-in-the-pavement!

Thank you for an amazing opportunity and know that you must pick a small group, and hope I can be a part of the Super Affiliate pilot group!

In your consideration,

Carrie Jardin
ShotTheClot Premium
"Kyle, I'm ready to do this"
I just bought a full year of premium membership. Going through the training and really absorbing all the information. Im willing to put in two hours in the morning and then 2 in the evening every day. Every day I want to become a bit smarter smarter than the day before.
Thanks for considering me. Dedicated student.
caruthfamily Premium
Kyle, I am ready to do this.

I can devote all my free time to this with no problem. I drive a semi truck during the week and some days all I get to do is park, get something to eat and then goto bed.

Other days I get anywhere from 2 to 4 hrs that I am online actually right now working on my site already. Then I have the weekends where I have either all day Friday, and Saturday, and then Sunday night after I get done driving. Other weeks I have Friday Night, all day Saturday and all day Sunday off.

These days off flip flop each week on the most part, and that is when I have the most free time to do this and I have no problem committing all those hrs to this program as I am already doing that as it is right now.

I hope you will include me into this pilot program and allow me to learn directly from you.

KhanyaKea93 Premium
"Kyle, I am ready to do this"

I will most definitely have minimal time based on the fact that I'm schooling full time, and you know what coding can be like (time consuming).

Although I'm willing to put in 2-4 hours a day , and I'm still trying to break through the 100 post mark.

I have been at phase 5 of the affiliate bootcamp for some time now, I guess you can say that I've reached a paralysis analysis stage, that just won't go away.

I've also been a member of wealthy affiliate for a little over a year now, and I've made $0.

Help me out! I'm definitely ready to do this...another year won't kill me, I'm willing to put in the time and effort, I'm also willing to commit to the training, and "dedicate myself anew".
Zappades Premium
"Kyle, I am ready to do this!"

I work a six days week for 8-12 hours, with exceptions.
I will be working as an affiliate marketer for the next years anyway.

I have done all the lessons, the Bootcamp and the Get Started Here. I am working with WA for 8 months now and am very excited still. I stand behind the product and can truly recommend it.
I would like to try this.
I have published 122 page/posts so far, made a lot of mistakes and am willing to learn more and new every day.

If you take me for this project, I start a new site and do the Bootcamp all over again.

I have two websites running already, I am not convinced that I chose the right niches though. My Niche, Thailand, is very broad and not something actually to sell things and make money from. I love the theme and I'll not have to ditch it, just pause it.

The flip-flop site is better for selling things but if I turn into an affiliate marketer of WA, I think I have a better chance.

I wouldn't call myself old fashion and creativity is what I am seeking. (Zappades ... Zappa design)
I think I should start all over again.
With the knowledge, I gained so far, I think I could get an authority already.
I also have some I think good posts about WA, which I think I can use.

It is a bit fast yet to say which target audience I will consider but until the 17th I will know. I guess I want to promote working online from all over the world, review English language help programs.

Help people learning English to write websites and use WA. (just an idea, I hope you will help me find a great target audience).

I learned a lot so far and think I could get a super affiliate indeed.
I would greatly appreciate being coached by you and work with a small team.

I hope you consider my application.

Thank's for the invitation
rlawson47 Premium
Yes, count me in.... I can do 10 to 15 hours per week, perhaps more. I just found out that my job is shut down and I will be out for the next 3 months without any income. I have been devoting as much time as I can already and will keep it up!

Thanks for the chance!
CarlJDill Premium

I am ready to do this!
I am ready to do this TODAY!
I am ready to do this Tomorrow too!

And the next day. And the next week.
And the next month. And the entire year! And beyond.

I am ready to do this 3 to 4 days a week Full Time.
I have Sun - Wed and Every other Thursday to do this!

You just let me know what works and I'm in. Super flexible.
Creative. Innovative. Resourceful. Committed. Grateful.

None of this will change --- no matter who you choose.

Best wishes for an exciting and fulfilling project!

Kind regards always,

cag2016TP Premium
"Kyle, I am ready to do this!"

This is the direction that I had decided to do in building by brand/niche. I knew this is what I wanted to do and reason for becoming Premium member.

Had commitments that just overwhelmed me for first couple of months and have just got free in building this business this week. They were too big of distractions at the time to be able to get where I needed.

Now I can be fuller committed to this and will give what it takes.
PattyR1 Premium
Hi Kyle I am ready. I spend about 4 hrs a day on my website and any other free time I get I work on it as well. I listen to the teachings and webinars when they are available whether it be while driving or at work. I am fully committed to learning and being a part of something great thank you.
LuisPa Premium
“Kyle, I am ready to do this”

First of all thanks for another great opportunity that you are giving us to be successful in our pursuit of financial freedom through hard work and dedication.

I am able to put in a minimum of 15 hours per week.
I am willing to put in all the hard work that's needed.
I will dedicate 2018 to make this a success.
I started on bootcamp a while back but was advised to do the certification course first but I can do both and prioritise bootcamp.
I am willing to take direction and be creative and resourceful at the same time.
Im serious about creating a business, and I want to work hard to achieve the end goal.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
caddyguy2003 Premium
Kyle, I am super ready to do this!!!! I have been dedicating over 8 hours a day to completing both courses. And I believe that this new super affiliate program would assist the building of my business substantially!! I don't plan on going anywhere or leaving Wealthy Affiliate, I'm here for the long haul! I love the site, the training, and the people here!!! Truly amazing community here!!
caddyguy2003 Premium
I am 100 percent committed to accomplishing something great here, no matter how long it takes!!
lakbar12 Premium
“Kyle, I am ready to do this”

Kyle, I am ready to do this. I am submitting my application to be considered to become a Super Affiliate. I am committed, determined, motivated, coachable, I follow instructions, and I am ready to take action on whatever it takes to get to the next level.

I wish everyone success and would like everyone to win but, I know the truth is that it really depends on the person work ethics and willingness to succeed. I have the burning desire to succeed.

I have already set my goals, they sit next to me daily and I have been following your five year success plan. Which is printed out next to my computer. I know at the end of the day it depends on me. I am responsible and accept my on will to succeed. I am an Entrepreneur, I take risk and willing to make this happen!

I work well under pressure and turn negatives into positives. I fully understand that regardless of if I am accepted or not, that I will still work towards becoming a super affiliate.

Being in a comfort zone is a dangerous place to be in. I have stepped out of my comfort zone and willing to take action on whatever it takes to become a Super Affiliate. And, I encourage others to do the same.

I have not been with Wealthy Affiliate for a full two months but, I have always taken my business serious. I started off ranking at 19k and then I worked my way down to Rank #42. Just recently my rank went back up to 99 and I am determined to get it back down.

It’s not about the rank really. It’s about me learning and having the ability to help others inside of the WA community and outside of the WA community. In my opinion it is important to help others outside of WA community because, how else will they move forward to take action with their goals.

My child went to ICU and although, I kept working I lost a little momentum and the ability to work during that time frame. I did not let that obstacle stop me.

I have been coached and mentored before, so I know and have the right positive mindset which is something I work on daily. I continue to read, listen to positive audio, and improve my knowledge even outside of WA.

I have set all distractions to the side including entertainment and negative people. I am fully focused, committed, and willing to work extremely hard for a full year and beyond. I have been working through affiliate bootcamp and the certification levels and have them completed in a sufficient time frame. My goal is to have them completed by 03/31/18

I am very resourceful, I know how to think outside of the box. Creativity is my specialty. I am not afraid to network, ask for help when needed, give help, and receive help. And, I will continue to actively promote Wealthy Affiliate.

Since, I have joined WA I have continuously worked on my business daily anywhere from 12 to 16 hours straight, taking breaks here and there. Pushing myself outside of my limits and comfort zones.

I work on nothing but productive activities on a daily basis which includes: WA training, research, blog post in and out of WA, watch live webinars by Jay, learning faster so, that I can help others. I watch no TV so, my time is dedicated fully to becoming a success story.

I certainly have the ability to think outside of the box, use my resources, and network with others to get the job done. I hold nothing back, what I learn I am always willing to truly “Pay it forward” and teach others.

One belief I have is, when you help others, success will follow. I respect everyone in the community and really enjoy being here everyday. I know my “Why.” My why is the reason I got started and the same reason why I will not give up. Passion is what brought me here, and my passion was just to help people live a better life by, not having to struggle.

As far as my goals and what you can expect from me over the next year and beyond. Are as follows.

1. I commit to promote Wealthy Affiliate, I have been doing this from the start of my journey. I am going through Affiliate bootcamp and will continue to be active with affiliate bootcamp. I willing to remain a yearly member.

2. My goal is to have affiliate bootcamp completed within the next 80 days. By March 31, 2018. My certification course is almost completed I have 1 ½ lessons to go...

3. I also committed to helping others, motivate them, and encourage them so that they to can see success

4. I will work on a blog post everyday and publish at least 3 to 4 a week.

5. I commit to working as many hours as possible which range from 12 to 16 hours a day, calculates to a total of 84 to 112 hours per week

6. I commit to not getting distracted and staying focus weekly

7. I commit to always improve and take everything serious weekly

I commit to working as a Super Affiliate even if I am not accepted weekly

8. I commit to Pay it Forward and teaching others as much as I know weekly

9. I commit to staying in the loop on a daily basis by doing as I normally do being involved in the WA community.

10. I commit to responding to all questions and comments on a daily basis.

11. I commit to help others even when I do not know the answer, I am willing to go and help them find the answer.

12. I commit to attend my weekly webinars

13. Learn and implement daily

Thank you for your consideration.

Kyle, I am ready to do this… I am Taking action to be a Super Affiliate Now

La'Kisha Akbar
JackieSmith Premium
You deserve a spot Kisha!! Just love your spirit!!!
Happy2Learn Premium
Yep, I agree. You deserve a spot. I will keep my fingers crossed for you. Good luck.
lakbar12 Premium
Oh, Thank you , Jackie...I really appreciate your support...
lakbar12 Premium
Thank you very much for your support! I really appreciate.
alexh609 Premium
Kyle, I am ready to do this!

I am willing to put in all of the effort required to make a success of my business. I can realistically commit 10-15hrs per week at the start but hope to gain more freedom as things start coming together.

I have recently started my journey at WA, making my way through the affiliate bootcamp training and loving it. I believe I have started a niche site with great potential for promoting WA and it would be amazing to work with you to make it into the success I know it can be.

Thank you for the opportunity!

Best of luck to everyone,
Jewelia Premium
Kyle, I am ready to do this!
I've recently started the Affiliate Bootcamp training - completed phase 1, starting phase 2 today. (I've also completed all Certification Courses) I am able and willing to dedicate 25-30 hours weekly. I've already committed for the whole year with WA.

Thank you for the initiative and for the invite. It sounds fantastic!

~ Julia
Suehila Premium
Hi Kyle,
"Kyle, I am ready to do this!"
It sounds great. 20-30 hours per week. I'm much for familiar and comfortable with online marketing now even though 2017 was slow. I'll start on the Affiliate Bootcamp today. Creative and resourceful is not a problem. And I'll commit to a year.
Thanks for the invite! I'd love to give it a go.

Update: I just looked at the Affiliate Bootcamp. I too am so ready to go for it. Have started the Affiliate Bootcamp after receiving your invitation and would love to do this!
dalwhu Premium
Kyle I’m ready to do this!

There are 24 hours in a day ! I can devote 7 hours per day 7 days a week to this program as I do now.

Building a business takes time and hard work. I know what it takes as I’ve done it many times. Building businesses is my passion.
Building a business to educate and change people’s lives is a dream come true and I am eager to grow this to help more people.

Time zones are not a problem as I would work around this as I do now as I target the U.S. from the UK at the moment.

Affiliate marketing is something I have wanted to do for many years but didn’t have the know how before I found Wealthy Affiliate.

I am halfway through bootcamp, have completed the certification course.

This is a last chance for me to work for myself and I have no alternative but to make it work.
N33 Premium
Hello Kyle,

You are turning the head of everyone here, for sure.

Of course, Kyle, I am very ready to do this.

I can work three hours a day, I might not get sick hearing from you, and I have nothing else in mind than promoting this extraordinary platform successfully.

One more point that might be interesting for you, I am working in French, so I would bring you a nice part of the world.

If you think an old tree with healthy roots might evolve as a Super Affiliate, you know where you can find me.

N with a smile
William67 Premium
1) Kyle, I am ready to do this!

2) I can list a million reasons as to why I think you should choose me. However, the truth is that even if I am not chosen for your Super Affiliate Program, I will continue to go through all of the trainings and eventually have those 300 sales. It might take me a little longer than it would if I had gone through the Super Affiliate Program but, I can assure you that I will be there either 2019 or 2020.

I've gone through the trainings more than once to re-learn and to answer questions that some new members may have. I enjoy helping others achieve their goals even if it sets me back a little bit.

Kyle, my birthday is on Jan 1st and normally this is the time where everyone is happy and welcoming the new year with great hopes. However, I would be lying to you if I said I too welcomed the new year with such joy and hope. I kept thinking how I can turn my financial situation around since my hours were cut from my job. I decided that this year......This year will be the year that I make it as an online entrepreneur.

I don't want to be held back by others and especially me. That's why I set a plan in motion that will push me further this year than ever before. Although I get traffic to my personal blog I have not yet made a sale.

This morning I woke up at 2AM and started working on my Wealthy Affiliate Affiliate website. Didn't sleep and came to work at 9:30 AM. It's now 3:00 PM and I just I finished work for the day.
I am in the back office writing this out not only to vent but to enter my name in the lottery.

If I am chosen for the super affiliate program I would be extremely grateful and will do everything to keep pushing myself forward.

If am not chosen for the super affiliate program, I would also be grateful and will work twice as hard. With or without the super affiliate program, I am determined to make things happen this year.

Thank you for reading this....

P.S - Currently on Phase 2 of the Bootcamp
Suehila Premium
You've outlined your goal and desire very well and I wish you the best of success.
William67 Premium
@Suehila, Thank you very much for your kind words and encouragement!
lakbar12 Premium
Great goals! Very well planned out. I wish you the best and I hope you get the opporunity...See you in Vegas...Let's Do this
William67 Premium
Yeah! Just read yours as well! good job! Let's do this!
lakbar12 Premium
Thank you! You got that right...
DeniseMarina Premium
Hello Kyle,

Thank you so much for the invitation. I am ready to do this. I am a very determined person, never give up, and work very hard to achieve my goals.
For a person who recently lost everything in life just makes me more determined to suceed.I can work 30 hours per week.

Thank you
JackieSmith Premium
Kyle, I am ready to do this!
If I have to give up my full-time job to do this, I will!!

In all seriousness, I can put in at least 20 hours/week. 2/3 hours each weekday evening and 10 hours over the weekend.

Thanks for the opportunity and I do hope I get chosen. I'm a go-getter and just need to be accountable to someone.

Thanks for the opportunity.
lakbar12 Premium
Awesome Jackie! I can tell you are motivated. I hope you do get the opportunity. Let's Do this...
JackieSmith Premium
Definitely Kisha!!

Let's do this.... I'd love to meet you in Vegas!!

Kyle, we're ready!!!!!
EHZeringue Premium
Kyle, I am ready to do this

I have already decided that this year I am going to put all my effort into building my brand and promoting WA full time. I believe in the platform and all that it has to offer people and I know that so many can benefit from WA.

A program like the one you are offering is just what I need. I thrive off of structured accountability and I think that this will be just the foundation that I need to become a WA Super Affiliate.

I have 7 hours per day of uninterrupted time to dedicate to this endeavor.

Dashnow Premium
Kyle I can do this.
Just retiring in the next few weeks. I had thought about the boot camp but was going to do it later as I am building my niche website. Well with this opportunity now I want to do both. Can do 20 to 30 hours a week and who knows that could increase. What an exciting time this is. I have never been as excited about something as I have about WA. The sky is the limit.
Wayne66 Premium
"Kyle, I am ready to do this"

I AM ready to do this. I'll be honest here. This is both scary and exciting at the same time. I started my WA site about 5 months ago but, in the last month I haven't added any content and that's on me. I have finished Phase 3 up to lesson 5 and have been stuck there.

I know in my head that everyone can do this including me but I have a couple of "bad habits". I get into my own head about my abilities, (Can I really do this) and I tend to be a procrastinator which, to me and many others, is a swear word and a big confidence killer when it comes to building success on the internet.

Perhaps, after reading the last paragraph, you may not be inclined to consider me for this program but I hope that won't be the case.


1. I'm 68 and still working part-time at Walmart. For the most part, I like the physical part of the job but there are aspects of the JOB that totally frustrate me no end and I don't want to be doing this when I'm 70.

2. When my amazing wife reaches retirement age she would like to be able to. She likes her work But gets, I'm not sure but frustrated I guess, when things are not done correctly. I would really like to be able to make that happen sooner rather than later.

3. We both want to be able to travel in our RV Trailer for extended periods, (starting to plan a month-long getaway to the north of our province which is something we have never done before) before we are too old to enjoy it.

There are other reasons as well.

It would be great to accomplish 300 sales in the next year but making $5000 - $6000/mo would also be amazing and I am willing to work hard to get there and beyond.

I have taken stock and I can dedicate 20 hours a week to make this happen.

I need to make this happen not just for me but for my wife as well. I am not UN-acquainted with hard work. In the J.O.B. world, I have done the physical for the last 30 years. Now it's time to flick the switch on a new kind of work. It's time to DO and not just think.

I hope you will consider me for this program. You, Carson, Jay and all the others behind the scenes are giving so much to all of us. No matter what happens, WA IS (in my humble opinion) the best out there.

Thanks for your consideration and for giving all of us the opportunity to be part of this platform,

lakbar12 Premium
Awesome Goals very well planned out. I was once told that when it is scary that means it is a good thing you're stepping out of your comfort zone. I hope you do get the opportunity. Let's Do this...
Wayne66 Premium
Yes. It will be like the first time I learned to climb and repel. It was many years ago but I can still remember the fear AND excitement.
schexjr Premium
Kyle, I'm ready to do this. I have about 15 hours a week right now, but I am planning to retire in July and should have more time then. I would hope that by July I could have at least a few referrals to supplement my retirement income which is the goal of starting this business. I am currently in the Boot camp but ran into a bit of lull due to some health issues and time constraints. Those issues are pass now and I believe I can commit to the work ahead. I really appreciate the offer to take us through creating a successful business.
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Kyle, I am ready to do this!

I can dedicate lots of time for this. I don't have any job requirements other than I put for myself so I have a freedom to work on this as much as I want. I am a single man so no family requirements of any kind. I can work on this even on a daily basis.

Therefore, I am very excited to get started!

During the first 10 days of this year 2018 I have received over 22,000 unique visitors on my Wealthy Affiliate promotion website so that's also a good basis for our cooperation. In addition, my website traffic has been growing on average around 50% per month during the last 6 months and it's just accelerating all the time.

In the other words, we can most likely reach over a million people through my Wealthy Affiliate promotion website in 2018. Next year in 2019 it will be MILLIONS OF PEOPLE who will know about WA through my site if everything goes well and I get the support.

I am happy to promote Wealthy Affiliate for several reasons and join this challenge with you Kyle:

1) Wealthy Affiliate training and community was a single most important reasons for me to becoming an online entrepreneur.

2) I like "WA philosophy". There is no hype and exaggerated promises like on many other MMO products. The training concentrates on teaching people how to provide value and other highly important principles for a successful business.

3) Wealthy Affiliate is becoming better all the time. You are making new updates in order to improve the platform.

The list could go on and on...

Kyle, let's go do this! :) I need your support and help and I promise to work hard. Last year I published ~350 posts on my Wealthy Affiliate promotion site and I mention about WA probably on all of those articles. So, you know that I'm ready to work for this!
DBlanchard Premium
Well Kyle, I am ready to do this! I have been here for 2 years and I have been procrastinating for too long. I NEED to do this in order to get to where I wanted to go 2 years ago. I haven't been as active as I wanted for the simple reason that life and $#I+ happens. But that's behind me now and 2018 looks to be THE year to finally get going (no matter if I get chosen or not)

I started the boot camp a little while back, but I am not far in yet. I also purchased a second domain in order to promote WA. Even though you are the one in the videos for the training, being taught by you on a more personal level would be a real privilege.

No matter what, this is it, I am dedicated to make 2018 MY year!

I am grateful to have the opportunity to put in my name in the hat, and I will put in every hour I have available to this! I will be like a postage stamp and sticking to it until I get there.

Thanks Kyle,

boriscb Premium
Hi Kyle,
I am honoured and thankful for having been given this opportunity and I am grateful for being selected among all the WA members.

However, when I started this adventure, I made myself a promise to focus on a specific personal achievement within a particular niche and reach my goal within a certain time frame.

I know this sounds a bit spiritual and it is. I have a "special relationship" with my own conscience and I need to be faithful to the goal I have set for myself with no other distraction. Once I have reached my objective, I will certainly consider joining the ranks of "Super Affiliate" as you have suggested, should I still be eligible for that privilege at that point.

Thank you again for the awesome invitation.
LeahV Premium
Kyle, I am ready to do this!!! Right now I have about 3-5 hours per day for sure to commit (depending on how the baby is each day) and more in the evening after the kids are in bed (and more time on the weekends!). Once I go back to work in March, if I have to, I will only be working about 2 shifts a week to start so it won't interfere too much with the time I have to put into this business. I am beyond dedicated to make this work so that my family and I can have the life we dream about. I am willing to give this business a full year to make it into what I need it to be...and then many years more!

I am already doing the Bootcamp and plan on finishing it as soon as I can!
vicide Premium
Kyle, I am ready to do this!!

I started, built and just recently sold a successful in-home senior care agency. And, I have just finished transitioning my business to the new owner and am ready to commit full-time to building my WA business.

I am extremely disciplined when it comes to building and running my business and I'm excited about this opportunity. This is exactly what I'm looking for to jump-start my WA business.

I look forward to hearing next steps.

Nick-at-WA Premium
Kyle, I'm ready to do this!

I'm already active in Bootcamp and I will put in 4-6 hours or more per day.

I was waiting for this and almost can't believe it's happening. I will leave everything else and dedicate all my attention to this.

This will be really a dream come true!

Thank you, Kyle.
coachelu Premium
Kyle, thank you for this opportunity. im all in and more than ready to be the student for a change. I ve reached a point in life where I realize I am on thee verge of the greatest discoveries of my life. Ive spent the last 15 yrs creating success stories and coaching others across america and canada. Now its my turn to be the student and focus on me right now. Again thank you for the opportunity Kyle I wont let you down.
P.S. I have between 2 and 4 hours a day to focus on this.
Gordon3 Premium
Kyle, I'm ready to do this!

I am working on Bootcamp Phase 2 Lesson 4. Since I'm unemployed I have the whole day. I am still trying to figure out how much I can tolerate in a day though. I have done well over 12 hours straight but then felt burned out and needed a day or two off after to recover so it's looking like 3- 6 hours solid writing a day and 8 and more a day at a more relaxed pace, ie for thinking, stewing on frustrating glitches and solving them, learning the technical aspects of web site management, eating and sleeping, which tends to be time-consuming and doesn't look very productive. As far as the writing part of my commitment to this project which is happening now anyway will be finding my limits on how much time I can put into this in a day and still see straight.
sarutobi Premium
Kyle, I am ready to do this!

I am thrilled to hear this idea and I really need the accountability since I am working on this part-time and self-discipline is hard. Initially, I can invest a minimum of 3 hours per day and I can scale that down the road since my University obligations will be coming to an end in the following months. I am already working through Bootcamp with one of my two websites and I have already built a high traffic niche website as well, so I believe I am ready to dig deeper with what I have learned and be pushed to by limits by you and the rest of the guys that are gonna take part. I am already a 2-year member here and I'm not planning to go anywhere. I'm in it for the long haul and dedicated to making this work and building a career in the internet marketing world, which I love for many years now!

Really excited to hear back from you and see where the project will lead us all! :D
jimnkaran Premium
Kyle, I am ready to do this. I started learning here and everyhting was going great, moved up to about 300 in rank, but I have lost direction now and just need help going in the right direction. I am retired military so have as many hours needed to accomplish this. I would so appreciate a chance to work with you and make this happen.
littlemama Premium
Kyle, I am ready to do this!

I've been at it for over 16 months, I'm in the best position to take on this challenge!! I work full time on my business and can take your extra push to make it to Vegas this year! Please consider my plea! I'm also an annual member with over 300 posts on my bootcamp blog already, and getting over 100 referrals a month. I know I can do this!

Sorry I didn't see this post yesterday for some reason!!! Or I would have responded way earlier. :)

Here's my personal plea to you Kyle: :)
lakbar12 Premium
You got this Grace! See you in Vegas...
littlemama Premium
Thanks Lakisha!! You too!!
scottdogg187 Premium
Kyle, I'm ready to do this!!

I can devote at least 15-20 hours a week or more.

It was awesome hanging out with all of you guys in Vegas back in 2016 and there is nothing that I would like more than to do it again.

I've had a lot going on lately but I'm committed to making this work in 2018.

Sign me up!!
neilc Premium
Have you qualified for Vegas this year dude?
scottdogg187 Premium
Nope, unfortunately, I didn't make Vegas this year due to some poor choices I made over a year ago to my site. (Changing themes & domain names)

Also, a few other personal issues that I've been dealing with as well.

I'm determined to make it next year tho and I wanna see you there as well Neil.

Do we have a deal?
neilc Premium
It seems like we've been in the same boat during the last 12 months. *SIGH* lol.

Deffo, we have a deal Scott!!! :)

Vegas 2019, Baby!!
I hope you get chosen!
I hope you get chosen!
DocDoug Premium
Kyle - ready to roll on this!
Almost embarrassed to admit that I put in 9-12 hours a day, 7 days a week, on WA. Coming from a brick and mortar business this is a norm that I havent scaled back yet, not until my sites start producing revenue. Then I'll reassess. Actually its a lot of fun as well so who knows, maybe I wont scale it back.
Johanna58 Premium
Good Morning Kyle,
I am ready to do this and I can commit to a FULL YEAR. 6 hrs per day, 6 days per week. I'm at Phase 1, Lesson 9 of the Affiliate Bootcamp after reaching Course 2, Lesson 4 of the Certification training.
I'm very interested in promoting WA and the awesome community of support & training available.
Thank you.
MeghanGrimes Premium
"Kyle, I am ready to do this!"

I can commit 1-2 hours per day and more if life permits. I'm just starting my blog and I want to make as much money as possible to quit my full-time job to be home with my 5 month old. I'm going through the getting started training and will continue through the bootcamp training.
strongman Premium
Kyle, I am ready to do this!
This would be a great opportunity for me and this something I am will to put 100% effort into. I have already started a website as a Marketing a personal branding coach and then going to tie that into promoting WA. If I can use that site through the process them that would be cool. If you need me to start over then I'll do that to.

I can commit 20 hours a week. I can give you my word that I will do my part and do everything I need to do. It would be great to be mentored by you!
GauravGaur Premium
"Kyle, I am ready to do this!"
I posted my question yesterday on the same topic with 02 answers from the WA Community. (I was not knowing that you will come up with full program on my Question..LOL). I am very serious and desperate to work with you on this project. Though i have full time job ( with G mail banned in my office) , but I assure you to commit atleast 20 Hours in a week - consistently for 365 days. I am already in Phase2/Lesson 2 of Bootcamp with BF purchase in December. I am really excited for the year ahead and plan for 300 target to meet you at Los Vegas. Please include me in core group and I will not let you down. My firm commitment to WA. Thanks for this opportunity Kyle.God Bless You.
MaryjaneH1 Premium
Kyle, I am ready to do this!

I can commit to 2 hours a day on work days and 3 to 4 hours a day on my off days,

I have started going through the Affiliate Bootcamp Program and have completed most of the Certification Program. I tend to go through spurts of feeling motivated and work a lot and then I lose focus. I would love to have a mentor and the accountability to help me stay on track and be successful.
kvertner Premium
"Kyle, I am ready to do this!"

I can commit to 30 hours a week.

Perfect timing for me to get involved in this exciting opportunity for 2018! I've just started working through the Affiliate Bootcamp training...it is exciting stuff.

I'm sure this pilot program is going to be a success. I look forward to participating!
cookins25 Premium
Kyle, I am ready to do this!

I am willing to spend 2-3 hours a day (15 - 20 hours a week) working, learning, and growing my business.

Having gone through your certificate training, I loved having the accountability of what should be done, how to do it, and writing post about my achievements along the way!

I even made money in the process while doing the training which I found very exciting!

I am now very ready to start promoting Wealthy Affiliate -- showing as many people as I can how to start and grow a real online business that can financially change their lives and at the same time be something their proud of.

I hope to hear from you real soon, and even better see you at the end of the year in Vegas. :)
JulianJoseph Premium
Kyle, I am ready to do this!

I'll give you a few hours a day, if you can turn me into success. If I can see growth in myself, then I'm willing to (up) my hours.

When I see something working I put my all into it! So make me a believer, and mentor me because I am not turning back.
FrankieCat Premium

Thanks for this opportunity! I am ready to finish what I started here several years ago. What you are offering is exactly what I am looking for. I have anywhere from 2 - 6 hours per day to devote to this. I work in corporate America and I am tired of being owned. What you and Carson have built here is awesome! And, I want to be a successful part of it! I want to be a Super Affiliate!

Thank you in advance!

Shaneo617 Premium
Kyle, I am ready to do this
I have / and currently spend close to 30 hrs week trying to sell wealthy affiliate ( i create two blog posts a week, and run ads to my affiliate link with little success) this has ben a steady schedule for over a year now, I am 100% dedicated to becoming a super affiliate because i truly stand behind the techniques and training in the program.

I have also completed many training with in WA, including the bootcamp. I take my internet marketing training very seriously, and in fact the training in wa has helped ranked my site and get traffic.

I am currently trying to build a second income for my family and am willing to put in the work ( shoot i am all ready putting in the work) and i also stand behind the teachings and program with in WA, which is why i am a good fit for this super affiliate test program. It has also Ben one of my main goals to become an authoritative site, and give back to the community. It would be a pleasure to be one of your "Test Subjects "

thanks kyle, and keep teaching us awesome marketing & true white hat techniques.