How to Brand Yourself Online - It Starts From Day 1

Last Update: May 17, 2016


Few people consider this when the start within the online world because often times it feels as though they are “attempting” to make money.

That is part in parcel the problem. This is not an attempt at a real business. By coming to Wealthy Affiliate, you are learning how to properly build a business within any vertical or niche online, starting with your website and your domain name.

And this WILL become your brand. Your website is your brand. Your activities are your brand. And with time and as you accumulate authority within a given niche, your brand is only going to continue to increase. Every action you take online could potential lead to the creation or the depletion of your brand, so it is something that you need to take seriously and that you need to be “aware” of every step of the journey.

That is why you need to think long term, right from the very outset of your business

Think of some of the most successful brands.

I can think of a few off of the top of my head. Apple. A famous brand. They afford to sell things at a higher price than other companies because (a) they have an excellent product (b) they have excellent customer service (c) their focus is building something that is of the utmost quality. The focus on “being better”.

Think of how a brand has captured and KEPT your interest over the years. Was it because they were good at selling? Partly maybe. Was it because they had a great product/service that delivered? Yes. Was it because they helped you solve a problem and did so in a way that was very thoughtful? Yes.

Did they put the customer at the center of their developments, innovations, and support? YES!

That is how you build a brand.

What about an affiliate marketing site or an authority site?

So how does this translate into an online business, one that is being started from a mere “seed”, working towards something of much more substance.

Your branding online starts right from your domain name that you choose/purchase. This is going to be your personal brand and that is why we always recommend that you choose a domain name that is “brandable” when you build your business, versus targeting keywords or including a “trademark”.

You want to own your brand, you want to take hold of it, and you want to build out your website with a long term vision right from the get go. If you do, your chances of actually building a long term and very lucrative business online will increase drastically.

Need a "class" on branding?

Jay recently did a live class on branding, one that will offer you an incredible amount of insight into how to properly brand your website, your online business, and how to do so right from the get go.

You can watch the replay here (as many times as you like):

Here are some of the topics that will be covered within this training

  • What EXACTLY is Branding?
  • How Branding Will Make You More Money
  • Some Awesome Branding Examples
  • The 4 Pillars of your Brand
  • The Tools for Branding
  • Live Q & A

Your website is a brand, regardless of whether or not it is an affiliate marketing business, an ebay business, an etsy store, a software company or an offline business. Just remember that and keep the idea close to you ever step you move forward in your business.

If you have any questions about branding your business online or you have any stories or experiences you would like to share, please leave your comments below.

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Thank you for this necessary re-focus of my goals, Kyle!
You're so right, it's so much like being a licenced professional, but much more than that, we'll take ownership of our "profession" through the unique way in which we setve our customers....and care about them.

It often times comes down to the perception of what you are doing. You are becoming an authority, and expert, a brand within any niche of your choice. It is not some "opportunity" or attempt to make money, it is much greater than that.

Your journey can be as profound as you make it...and as exciting as you want to be. Serve people, help people, engage people. Brilliance follows.


I don't really know how to brand my business because I have or will have soon some pet supply ecommerce sites, and an affiliate alternative energy site that's not out yet, and I have my WA website but all of those things are totally different so how do I brand things like that, would each website get it's own brand? I'm not sure how to do this.

You don't start with a brand, that is what you are going to work into establishing as you move forward. I could take ANY site, any domain, any URL and make it my long term brand. I just need to take ownership of the journey ahead.

You become a brand with time, through engaging people, through helping others, and through growing (working to get better with each day that passes).

ok so maybe pick one of my websites or more and work towards branding?
Thank you Kyle, I really appreciate your help.

I watched it last week and got me thinking about branding my services - As usual, Jay delivers with passion and humour. He gets to you into taking action. I am very fortunate to be part of such a dynamic members club.

So glad you enjoyed it Richard and education can't be successfully delivered without a bit of humour, a lot of captivation, and some real good knowledge share. :)

This is awesome! Makes me pat myself on the back for the domain name I chose/purchased! Thanks for the reassurance Kyle!!!!

Awesome, sounds like you have a goodie!

Kyle, from the domain... that's it.
Thanks for the bell ringer.

See you @ the Top!


Right from the first idea all the way to the last idea. That is the longevity of your brand, the hope is that the ideas and the focus on continually growing will always continue.

Thank you for this post Kyle. I need to rewatch Jay's presentation and match to my website growth.

Yeah, it is a great class. I think you will really enjoy yourself. :)

Thank you, Kyle, You make a good point that everything we do on the internet either helps or weakens our brand. I will book mark this as I want to see Jay's Webinar.


A lot of people forget about it. You don't have to tread carefully, you have to act according to how you want your brand to be representing. If you are condescending, your brand will be viewed in that way. If you are positive, helpful and ethical, that is how your brand is represented.

Yes Kyle thanks.. About 3 years ago I thought of an idea for a business, I have brand but could really use the direction. I love the way things are organized. Although at at times it seems overwhelming. If I focus on each step as it comes moving towards my goal becomes easy to see. I will check out the course. Thank you.

That is exactly it. One step at a time, it will lead to something much more significant. We started out WA as a keyword list site, look at what it has become over the years.

Something much more substantial and the reason this is the case, is that we have nurtured and cared about our brand with every single interaction, with every single day, and every single improvement/innovation that has taken place here.

Treat your business the same way, you will have a very bright future ahead of you.

This is great, Kyle. I will check out Jay's branding class, too. I have recently changed my domain name in a move to build brand, and chose a new domain name for a new writer's website, but now don't like it, after seeing something similar. I'm worried I won't feel comfortable building my brand on it unless I change it, if i can be changed. If not, I will run with it as I did like it initially.

I wouldn't "over worry" about the perfect domain when starting out. Look at Wealthy Affiliate, if we were to purchase a domain for a brand within this space and what we are and what we are represented as, it probably wouldn't have been our first choice.

We grew into it, we made it us, we became it and others acknowledged the brand as we moved forward. Instagram, Craiglist, Facebook, etc. I am not sure they would have been their first choices either, but they are huge brands and very well branded because of their product.

And Apple, come on. Strangest name ever, but when I think of Apple I think of cool products and high quality, not the fruit.

This is awesome Kyle! I remember when I first started 2 months ago I was stuck about finding a domain name and this is exactly what you were talking about. That I should find one that's brand-able. My site is doing good so far and I'm excited to see where it goes!
Thanks Kyle!

Yeah, too many people look for a "keyword rich" domain when starting out.

This is not always a bad thing as these types of exact match domains can be good for smaller little money earners (, but in terms of a longer term and more scalable brand, it starts with a brandable domain and something you can represent yourself with.

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