How Do I Sustain Motivation in Business Over Time?

Last Update: October 03, 2019

The reality is, any one of us can accomplish a great deal of success within the online world and there is an incredible audience that is engaged and very much looking for a platform/service like WA out there.

A long term and sustainable income is going to continue to be our goal and to achieve these, like any business, there are going to be some trials and tribulations, along with a bit of fatigue.

To this day, Carson and I can still get fatigue in business. Everyone I know that has been operating a business has their own way have injecting motivation and ways to induce more productivity into their business. Today I want to share some of mine and open up this conversation to everyone.

To renew the excitement and motivation, I have utilized a few tricks and I want to share those with you before we get into things here.

So, what do I do when I am feeling fatigue in business or work?

As I sat down and started thinking about this, I came up with a list of several items. These were the 6 main things I personally do to align myself with productivity and a motivating outlook in business.

  1. Set Goals. When you get scattered in terms of your day to day tasks, it can be very difficult to sit down and actually get any productive work done. I have found over the years that if I don’t set tasks done laid out at the beginning of the week my productivity can go down by as much as 50%, and as a result it is easy to lose motivation. Moral of story, SET GOALS!

  2. Help Folks. There is nothing more rewarding than helping people. As you start helping people on your website, here within Wealthy Affiliate, and through the content you create, you are going to attain a certain level of gratification elsewhere. It is great to build a successful business, but understand the quickest way to get there is through helping people. Not to mention this will lead to a LONG term and sustainable brand.

  3. Learn Something New. I aim to learn something new each and every day. If I feel stagnant, I lose all motivation. This is the very reason you see people that work the same job for 20 years without evolving their knowledge literally despise what they do. The Internet and the affiliate marketing world affords us all the ability to learn something new each and every day. Learn about your audience. Learn about new products/services. Learn about Wordpress. Learn about marketing. Do more of what you are doing in this very moment!

  4. Take a Break. You deserve. Take some time for yourself, do something that you enjoy. Sometimes we let ourselves get demotivated by spending too much time doing the very same thing. Take a weekend off and don't think about business. Enjoy a day with your family. Go on a vacation!

  5. Change Up Your Environment. One thing that I usually have done over the years and something that most people probably don't realize is that I am constantly changing my work environment. One day I will work from my coffee shop, one day I will work from my kitchen using a stand up computer tray, I will work while on a vacation in Santa Monica, I will work outside on my deck, or I will work in my static office. Constantly changing my environment leads to creativity, and I think a great deal more productivity.

  6. Reflect on the Real Potential. As someone that has spent many years within the online space (over 16 years full time now), I have to pinch myself every time when I sit down and think about the potential online. The Internet has 4 BILLION people online. How many of these people do you think would love to start a business in a niche they are passionate about, and do so within an environment like WA? Most of them.

Generally speaking, I absolutely love what I do, so it makes life easier. It is fun growing, learning new things, and it is certainly inspiring to see others succeed as the result of the help I am offering them.

But there are times we need to look inward for motivation and these are a few of the things that I automatically do.

So today, I want to leave you with a few questions.

(1) Have you ever felt fatigue when attempting to create or grow your online business?

(2) What are some things that you do to motivate yourself or induce more productivity in your business?

(3) Which strategies, if any, do you think you will implement from my top 6 moving forward?

I really look forward to hearing your feedback, and likely implementing many of your ideas that you have in my day to day business! I also hope my experiences and the strategies I used to create newfound creativity and motivation are things that you can work into your day to day business activities.

Lets as a collective group squash "business fatigue" and create a brilliantly motivating and productive journey moving forward.

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GertMaritz Premium
Great advice Kyle. My transport company closed in 2013 and I had to start a complete new career in 2014 at age 52. Long hours of studying, doing exams to get myself qualified and all this while I have to work to keep the cash-flow rolling.
I wrote a book about my life and how I managed to stand up from the setback. I also now are busy developing training to help others to stand strong again. This is part of why I need WA to teach me the skills to market via the internet. Topics I think of handling is:
1. Get your mindset right. (2014/15 for me)
2. Getting out of the ditch. (My last 3 years)
3. Re-invest and keep growing. (This is what I am doing now)
All the above steps you mentioned I personally have applied over the last 5 years.
dpanic63 Premium
Awesome work,
In a world full of 'Instant everything" its great to see that there are the "Warriors" still in the trenches, and AGE has NO relevance.
"Fighters fight"
Keep the faith brother.
HowardJaros Premium
Hi Kyle, great post!

1) Yes, but less so the longer the websites mature.
2) For us, we too like a change of scenery, so moving the RV home to a new location seems to help.
3) #6 - It is always amazing to think there are that many people online looking for things that we can help them with. So, keep that in mind and keep on keeping on!
Nickoy Premium
Hey, Kyle. This is an interesting post. I find it motivating. Setting goals daily or weekly is indeed vital to helping us becoming productive and efficient. I have been taking a little break for a while but want to get more active as the time progresses.
I have felt fatigue. But, I do try to motivate myself by thinking about the joy of being successful online.
I will be thinking about which strategies that will be most useful to implement. But, so far, setting goals and helping people and reflecting on the real potential are the three points I think can motivate me.
MessyJess Premium
Admittedly, I'm feeling a little burnt out from uploading six articles a week for the past month. It's getting harder to come up with what to write that has me motivated.

I'll probably take a day to not write anything and just focus on comments and lower level stuff.

Thanks for the advice, Kyle :)
Hudson Premium
This is a very interesting post, Kyle. Looking at what I do I suppose one of the approaches I take, perhaps unknowingly, is to have more than one thing going at a time. By this I mean I may be working on an issue for a company I freelance, for, collaborating on a book with another colleague, writing content on a niche. What I find is that this makes me think things through on many planes and I often find that there is good cross thinking results between them. It may not seem to be an efficient way of working but in reality I drop one issue off my thinking radar if I can’t solve it (or don’t have the motivation to take it further), and at some future time, maybe today, tomorrow the solution often pops up because I am working on something else. This enables me to keep my motivation going. Just occasionally though the best way for me is the daily walk with the dogs in the morning, get great ideas then which I have to make a note of at the time or they disappear. Hope this makes sense, Hudson.
Kyle Premium Plus
Awesome, thanks for your feedback. It definitely makes sense and it sounds like it really works well for you in terms of creativity as well as productivity.

Sometimes doing the same thing for hours, in focus, is not the most productive way to do something. Some people operate better when they jump around from project to project.