How Do I Sustain Motivation in Business Over Time?

Last Update: June 15, 2018

The reality is, any one of us can accomplish a great deal of success within the online world and there is an incredible audience that is engaged and very much looking for a platform/service like WA out there.

A long term and sustainable income is going to continue to be our goal and to achieve these, like any business, there are going to be some trials and tribulations, along with a bit of fatigue.

To this day, Carson and I can still get fatigue in business. Everyone I know that has been operating a business has their own way have injecting motivation and ways to induce more productivity into their business. Today I want to share some of mine and open up this conversation to everyone.

To renew the excitement and motivation, I have utilized a few tricks and I want to share those with you before we get into things here.

So, what do I do when I am feeling fatigue in business or work?

As I sat down and started thinking about this, I came up with a list of several items. These were the 6 main things I personally do to align myself with productivity and a motivating outlook in business.

  1. Set Goals. When you get scattered in terms of your day to day tasks, it can be very difficult to sit down and actually get any productive work done. I have found over the years that if I don’t set tasks done laid out at the beginning of the week my productivity can go down by as much as 50%, and as a result it is easy to lose motivation. Moral of story, SET GOALS!

  2. Help Folks. There is nothing more rewarding than helping people. As you start helping people on your website, here within Wealthy Affiliate, and through the content you create, you are going to attain a certain level of gratification elsewhere. It is great to build a successful business, but understand the quickest way to get there is through helping people. Not to mention this will lead to a LONG term and sustainable brand.

  3. Learn Something New. I aim to learn something new each and every day. If I feel stagnant, I lose all motivation. This is the very reason you see people that work the same job for 20 years without evolving their knowledge literally despise what they do. The Internet and the affiliate marketing world affords us all the ability to learn something new each and every day. Learn about your audience. Learn about new products/services. Learn about Wordpress. Learn about marketing. Do more of what you are doing in this very moment!

  4. Take a Break. You deserve. Take some time for yourself, do something that you enjoy. Sometimes we let ourselves get demotivated by spending too much time doing the very same thing. Take a weekend off and don't think about business. Enjoy a day with your family. Go on a vacation!

  5. Change Up Your Environment. One thing that I usually have done over the years and something that most people probably don't realize is that I am constantly changing my work environment. One day I will work from my coffee shop, one day I will work from my kitchen using a stand up computer tray, I will work while on a vacation in Santa Monica, I will work outside on my deck, or I will work in my static office. Constantly changing my environment leads to creativity, and I think a great deal more productivity.

  6. Reflect on the Real Potential. As someone that has spent many years within the online space (over 16 years full time now), I have to pinch myself every time when I sit down and think about the potential online. The Internet has 4 BILLION people online. How many of these people do you think would love to start a business in a niche they are passionate about, and do so within an environment like WA? Most of them.

Generally speaking, I absolutely love what I do, so it makes life easier. It is fun growing, learning new things, and it is certainly inspiring to see others succeed as the result of the help I am offering them.

But there are times we need to look inward for motivation and these are a few of the things that I automatically do.

So today, I want to leave you with a few questions.

(1) Have you ever felt fatigue when attempting to create or grow your online business?

(2) What are some things that you do to motivate yourself or induce more productivity in your business?

(3) Which strategies, if any, do you think you will implement from my top 6 moving forward?

I really look forward to hearing your feedback, and likely implementing many of your ideas that you have in my day to day business! I also hope my experiences and the strategies I used to create newfound creativity and motivation are things that you can work into your day to day business activities.

Lets as a collective group squash "business fatigue" and create a brilliantly motivating and productive journey moving forward.

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Kewl Web Premium Featured Comment
(1) Not really fatigue but definite frustration.
(2) 1,2 (through website),3, 4, 5.
(3) I'm focusing on 1 mainly.

Not only do I want to set daily & weekly goals, I want to get to the stage where I am completing them.

A piece of advice I received here at WA - I sometimes get tired of writing and the suggestion was to move onto another task and come back to the writing later.

I've started doing this and I find it is a productive way to get tasks finished. Another piece of advice I picked up along the way is to always do the most difficult tasks first. The things I like doing last. This gives me something to look forward to later in the day.
Kyle Premium
Something funny about my goals is that I rarely achieve them. I am consistently over ambitious and there is nothing wrong with that, that drives me to do more.

There are always things that don't fit into a weekly goal, that are part of running a business (the little tasks that surface), and we cannot predict these and they will always slow down our progress slightly.

But goal setting and doing this with consistency has been big for me. I use Trello these days (they have an app as well) and it is great for management of different larger projects, as well as creating a list of weekly tasks and knocking them of the list as they complete.
Kewl Web Premium
I didn't like writing down goals before because I could never complete all of them. However, I am now understanding that completing the goals isn't the most important part.

It's having the goals and consistently working towards completing them that matters. As you explain we can get more done that way.

I will check out Trello.

Thanks for sharing your experiences.
sns1977 Premium
I'm going to try Trello. I have heard a few people mention it.
Kewl Web Premium
Trello is great. I have been using it for a week or so. It is a wonderful recommendation by Kyle.
MatissDzelve Premium
I've recently found that stagnating in terms of learning takes the biggest chunk of my energy and motivation out of the picture.
As regards all the others, they also definitely hold true for me. In a sense, I'm really glad someone voiced them, thus, it's easier to relate.

I guess, overall at the end of the day, for me the biggest and most impactful way of dealing with that fatigue is by learning and growing. I see it no other way. I get inspiration from that.

PaulBoudreau Premium

We are not machines and as a result we cannot function as such.

For me personally, I head out into the great outdoors, usually alone and completely removed from all human and electronic contact.

Works like a charm.

I always return refreshed and ready to give it another go.
Thanks for sharing your ideas with the community.

AnthonyMLM Premium
Yes, I do feel fatigue sometimes with trying to stay motivated to finish my task. I like your suggesting Kyle for doing things like changing up my environment. I never thought of doing that, but I think I'll start doing this step. WA is a great place to stay motivated in achieving my goals.
kimgwinter Premium
Kyle I often feel fatigued, especially with all the roles I play, not just my online business. Recently, unfortunately, the only option I had was to take a short break from my business, but I regret doing that. WA is such a great place to be, I really enjoy my time here. Going forward, I'm going to make it a habit to reflect on the real potential of my online business. That is a great motivation.
Thanks for this post.
JIllW Premium
I do feel overwhelmed with working full-time and long days but I have always wanted to have my own business from a young age.
Here is what I try to do

Watching a video and with that comes learning something new.
Take notes of what you are watching is helpful
Plan each day the night before
When working fulltime write at least three things to accomplish for the next day, complete these tasks and write down three more for the next day.
If you do not get the three things done, keep focused on what you already wrote down and do not add anything until the three things are complete.
ClaudiaHB Premium
Hi Kyle, I will attempt to answer your questions right now:
Have you ever felt fatigue when attempting to create or grow your online business?
Yes, but mainly because of outside pressure - because I am seperating from an abusive husband it is hard to stay positive, and focused, but at the same time I need to make money for my kids, so I am working until I get burned out, and frustrated.

What are some things that you do to motivate yourself or induce more productivity in your business?
I watch motivational videos on youtube - for example, if I need to increase my productivity, I watch planner videos, if I need general motivation, I watch people that inspire me. And if I am really burned out, I turn to my faith and pray.

Which strategies, if any, do you think you will implement from my top 6 moving forward?
I will try to implement all of them, but the first one I will most actively work on is setting weekly goals. Because I am a list person, this will motivate me the most.

Thanks for this post and all of the other awesome material out there - many blessings to you, and your family!
JIllW Premium
Good idea about watching strategies I will start that and sorry to hear about your separation. There are some good videos on Narccistic relationships on youtube that helped me an awful lot
All the best
AfqmBiz Premium
Real Teaching Real Life Event Real Effort Real Struggle Real Success From Real Deal Real Platform By Real Mentor/Friend From Real Wealthy Affiliate!

I am learning till I die, bro. Yes, our health side needs close attention with good rest for the body but the smart energy that comes out of the inner desire and the brain drive the motivation.

I am just celebrating my 2 years association with WA but the unfinished business both in life and career will be the driving force that keeps me motivated. Longer term mission only accomplished the day I die but the short-term mission that comes in chapters is in my daily life.

This is another great blog that not only very helpful but also keeps my motivation in-check. Having said that, my mission to learn and have a local business venture to complete my online education and venture just kick-off recently. More opportunity arises and opens up, the time has come for me to move to the next chapter. It will reach the sustainable questions next.

- The six things above, I fully agree.

Can I sustain it over the period is the main task before it reached the "how do I sustain motivation.....". This blog is one of the manuals for me from many other blueprints that already or next to be presented by you, bro.

The horse needs to keep on working with strategy but to follow by learning the example from you and WA, worth all the fatigue to reach the potential that I start to get the profit out of the benefits.

Thanks, Kyle!
delroy2222 Premium
Congratulations on being with WA for 2 years, Afqm. :)
Rich908 Premium
If needs be I will switch off from the computer for two whole days and switch to something physical, Gym, walks, music, decorating a room trying a new receipe. For those two days it will be self care and pampering my self and lying in bed till 11 watching a favourite
DavidPadkin8 Premium
Hi Kyle
I so enjoyed your 16 years of Experience talking. I really love the Community Participation here at WA .I learn so much reading Blog responses .I do love your Golf Ball Niche post I have a much better understanding of Niches So thank you for your Blog Posts Kyle Much Appreciated
scook04 Premium
Hi Guys,

(1) I do get fatigued from time to time. I try and do the most important tasks early in the morning, as this is when I'm at my most productive. Sometimes it's both physical and mental fatigue, but whenever I'm tired I'll log off as this is when I tend to make mistakes.

(2) When I need to motivate myself, I'll listen to music, especially brain stimulation music. There's tons and tons on YouTube to choose from, and it does work :)

(3) One thing I need to do, is to change my environment when working. At the moment, I work on my couch in the living room, with my laptop on the armrest. I should start going to local coffee shops from time-to-time as I'm sure this would help me.


RobertDoyle Premium
Some very good thoughts and ideas!
haroda Premium
I do feel fatigue and more so sometimes overwhelmed. When I feel overwhelmed, I tend to procrastinate.

I do take steps from 1 to 4 a lot. Although, I do get sidetrack for setting goals so someday, I am not as productive when I do not make my list of things to do. Helping others and learn new things inspire me to get back to work again.

I do often take small breaks when I feel that my brain starts to wonder. I would walk around the house, play a little bit of the piano, or play with my dog.

I have not change my environment often. That is a good idea. Perhaps, I may take that on.

Every now and then I do reflect on the possible potential. Sometimes that help and other times I'll digress into something else.

Thank you so much for this post and the reminder of the strategies we can apply when we find ourselves fatigue or overwhelmed.
SongbirdDL Premium
I changed my environment - moved my laptop to the kitchen worktop. My goodness - did I cover a lot of ground that day? You bet!

I am sure this is due to the fact that I am worrying about cooking and keeping an eye on my cooking too. So when I moved the laptop to the kitchen my mind relaxed and this did it for me!

Thank you for the idea Kyle. I am going to be using this one from now on.

N33 Premium
Hello Danielle,

Today is a rainy day and we don't have much light. I have two windows in the kitchen, so I just installed myself there, started my laptop and fall on your comment.

So we go for delicious articles.

Great day for you too.
SongbirdDL Premium
Oh Wow! What a pleasant surprise to read your comment!

Hi Anne!

You will write delicious content from that kitchen! Hehe!

Enjoy the rest of your day.

SoniaZ Premium
Well, to answer the first question, yes, I feel fatigue as I try to manage my online business along with my everyday life.

Although I find that setting up goals short, mid and long-term help me stay focused. However, at times, sticking to my agenda can be quite a challenge.

In order to stay motivated, when I get stuck, let's say for example, on creating content for my site, I switch gear so to speak, and focus on another aspect of my business, which could be the social aspect, or by doing keyword research for future posts. Also, I will go into the WA platform and help people through SiteComments or the SiteFeedback by leaving comments.

And among the strategies that you are using, Kyle, I already use some of them except for Changing Up Your Environment! I never thought of doing that, but makes sense that a change of scenery helps to break your daily routine and stay focused on your goals. I will definitely implement this one!

Thanks, Kyle for this uplifting post and also reminding all of us to keep our eyes on the ultimate price, which is being a thriving affiliate marketer that enjoys helping people and growing and managing his/her online journey!

sns1977 Premium
There are many times that I feel tired when working on my online business. Remember, I do work a full-time job, 45+ hours a week now. I also have my kids and house just like many of us do.
To help with my motivation is does help to make out a list of goals every week. If I don’t I end up getting sidetracked and doing many other things. Before I know it I am on my computer doing a little bit of 5 different projects. It takes forever for any one thing to get done that way.
The one strategy that I will take away from this list is to change my surroundings. I usually do my work online in my bedroom. I am interested to see if my creativity increases with a change of scenery. I will let you know how it goes.
JohnBochtis Premium
It is tempting to get sidetracked by different things when you finally get to work on new content. This is why it is important to set priorities when you have the time to devote to your online business. For me it goes something like this:

1. Content creation is the most important (Writing, adding pictures, videos, doing SEO like meta tags, descriptions, Fetch as Google etc.).

2. Publishing on social media and engaging with your audience.

3. Site Comments which lead to better rankings.

4. Keyword research (Jaaxy, competitors, Google Adword campaigns etc.).

5. Asking for help and engaging in the WA community.

6. Watching Kyle's training when you are new here or Jay's weekly webinars for the rest of us.

7. Other stuff (installing plugins, Site Feedback, Theme customization etc.).

Whenever I find myself getting sidetracked I start at the very beginning, the core which drives my business forward and that is the creation of content. I try to never forget that.
sns1977 Premium
Thank u for your list. I know I am a bit behind on my WA emails. I have been trying to focus on my site. After working and kids my time is spread a little thin.
I know my content is number 1. I also try to make sure I stay relevant with my social media. Of course there is also my technical improvements that take time.
Thanks again for your support.
suzieq Premium
Hi Kyle,

Normally I am very motivated. I schedule my days to stay on track as best I can. It's taking much time to write 3 articles per week, of valuable content, so I'm putting in a lot of hours. There's still so much to learn, so researching for content takes a lot of time.

I wish I were seeing some results, but not as of yet. It can get a little frustrating. I've been at this for 6-8 months now. I have faith I'll get there...I hope lol.

Today is a down day. I can't seem to get motivated so maybe I'm just needing a break today. I hate to lose momentum, but if I'm just spinning my wheels, it's just a waste of my time I think.

Sorry, everyone. I'm usually an up person... but not today :P

delroy2222 Premium
Sounds like you could do with a break Suzanne.
Take it easy.
Best wishes. :)
chender684 Premium
I am right there with you.
Parra2015 Premium
I totally agree with you Kyle. Setting up goals on weekly basis is ideal. My I also add that discipline in following this goal is also crucial. If I set goals but just remain written on the board without pushing my self to do it, will just remain an empty goal.
I believe goal, discipline and hard work go hand in hand.
Jackiex4 Premium
Hello Kyle
I've had periods of time since joining Wealthy Affiliate where motivation, tiredness and general 'low mood' have had a serious negative effect on my business. Some of these things have been family orientated so have been had to pass by.

Some though, have been my own doing and it has taken a while to get to grips with these.

I love to set goals and this has really helped me over the last couple of years. Also my 'list' book is my 'bible' and I love to cross things off my list. (even adding things that I've done which weren't on my list just so I can cross them off!!!)

Lists may not be everyone's ideal but I know they help me focus.

I love learning new things had hadn't thought of this as a solution to fatigue but you are, of course, absolutely right. I'm going to try to learn something new (however small) every day this month and look forward to the results.

Thanks, as always.

Louisflaco1 Premium
Again I am impressed. Learning & teaching can be very rewarding. I love helping people and know the more people I help the better off I will be. I need to get my website done so I can promote WA and start earning & show others to do the same. Your platform is truly the best I have found.
kjdahlin Premium
I love what i do, and there are someday when my brain turns to mush. I am so accountable for my work throughout my day, and I think to myself if I don't do it nobody else will. There a days I would not get up, I would sit there and finish. The next thing i knew the day was gone.

So now I am going to start my day off at the gym, then come home and tackle my business.

There were days my head would be bobbing, I had to get up off the computer and do something else. It was like my computer was a vacuum, It would just suck me in and i would never move.

Reading others blog posts and see they are making money, I thought why not me. But I think my change in work will be beneficial for me in the long run. Like you say trial and error.
verna8767 Premium
Wow! This is my life! I have been addicted to WA since the first day I joined three years ago! I enjoy working my site and learning all the ins and outs, but I am so determined to get to a point of actually earning a substantial income that I can't and don't want to stop!

I spend long hours every day that I can and I know that is not good for me. I think I work slower than others because I feel I have to know everything about a lesson before I move forward. Therefore, I research the lesson topic to learn even more about it.

I definitely have to make some changes so that I don't impede my own progress.
SongbirdDL Premium
Sounds like me talking there Verna! Lol!
verna8767 Premium
(:>) It probably sounds like a lot of us in the community! But, actually there is so much to do and it's constantly ongoing. I doubt if I could find one person who can stay there is nothing that they have left to do with their site. THERE IS ALWAYS SOMETHING THAT HAS TO BE DONE!!!

Good luck to you!
SongbirdDL Premium
Thank you Verna and yes there is always something to do.

Good luck to you too.

Have a brilliant weekend!
bosco50050 Premium
thanks for your share. Some points highlighted have helped me.

I get very excited easily about a project and I sometimes try so hard to get results that others are getting and when it doesn't happen quick enough I kinda of get discouraged and stressed out in trying so hard. I had to try to manage my expectations to something smaller and achievable and when I achieve these goals I find the energy flowing again.

Another thing that has helped me is changing activity. After 2 hours of trying to write something and find that I am going nowhere, I stop and watch some tv or do some exercises or look up some youtube pranks videos. the change of activity helps me when I come back to my writing. I find fresh inspiration to carry on.

Reading others success stories is a great booster for me. These stories spur me on. If someone else has done it then I also can do it. Members success stories have been critical for me.
MaryjaneH1 Premium
I haven't found myself getting fatigued but more frustrated that it takes me longer to write my content and that it is taking longer to get traffic than I would like it to take. But when I am focused and listening to trainings and developing content I realize how much I really enjoy it.

To stay motivated I am setting more goals for myself and staying focused on the possibilities. The more I build out my website and do research the more I am aware of the potential. Reading others success stories is also really helpful.

I think the one thing I want to focus more on moving forward is really helping others with my sites and with my content. I also like the idea of getting out of my home and working at a coffee shop or the library just for a change of scenery and to stimulate possibly more creativity.
Lazyblogger Premium
At least once every two months I feel this way, Kyle. Vacation is not good for me in this aspect, cause I take them too often.

Setting goals and learning new things had helped me in the past, so I tend to focus on those two. helping members within this community is where I come out from my fatigue and gain my momentum again. That is what makes this platform awesome.

What gives me the courage as well, is when I read about other members success here at Wealthy Affiliate. glad I was able to share.
Chezbrown Premium
So far so good on that I haven't really reached that feeling fatigue situation just yet.

To motivate myself I have found it helpful to sometimes just walk away from the computer and listen to some music or take the dog out and get some fresh air and then I can think straight. One way to motivate yourself is to have a conversation or some banter with someone here at WA and just basically see what they are doing and how they are getting on with things.

Them all kyle, especially 1 and 2. xxxx
kvertner Premium
(1) Have you ever felt fatigue when attempting to create or grow your online business?

Yes, for sure! Both physical and mental fatigue.

As many folks have already mentioned, getting up from the computer is a great way to minimize physical fatigue. I walk up and down the stairs a few times, stretch and maybe do a few push ups. It gets my blood going again, and I feel less tired.

I also drink a ton of water! Keeping hydrated keeps me alert, and having to pee all the time...which forces me to take breaks from the computer. Trust me, I need to be "forced" from the computer at times...a full bladder does just the trick.

Learning new things always helps me with my mental fatigue. Let's face it, writing about the same niche for weeks on end can get very boring. I like to spend 20-30 minutes on YouTube learning about SEO or Wordpress. It's also fun to research the competition and get ideas for new content.

The best thing for me though is doing something creative. I'm not a good artist, but I like to sketch or create 3D models. Using a different part of my brain seems to rejuvenate the other parts.

(2) What are some things that you do to motivate yourself or induce more productivity in your business?

Setting goals is a big one. I use SiteContent to create my writing goals. And then in Asana, I create other tasks for the day/week. I get a lot of satisfaction from "checking boxes" motivates me when I see things getting done. So I try to write down everything I need to do, and give myself the positive reenforcement that comes when I get to check something off my list.

(3) Which strategies, if any, do you think you will implement from my top 6 moving forward?

I'm going to spend some more time reminding myself of the potential this business has. I want to spend more time looking at WA success stories and trying to plan out my "success path"
viyee Premium
Thanks, Kyle.

(1) Have you ever felt fatigue when attempting to create or grow your online business?

Yes. Fatigue is my enemy. Sometimes it is physical and sometimes emotional fatigue, sometimes both. I need to adjust it all the time to keep my motivation up.
A lot of WA members here inspire me and keep my motivation up to create and grow my online business.

(2) What are some things that you do to motivate yourself or induce more productivity in your business?

I read some blog posts about success stories or read some great ideas and technique other people have and learn from them and more...
I tell myself, one step at a time, don't think too much, a small step also counts. (Sometimes, I think a lot...about this or that, what I need to learn, then I get overwhelmed when I feel there is too much to do.
I do some stretching exercises and that makes me feel more inclined to continue to work. Sometimes I go out for a walk and come back feeling better and ready to continue to work.

(3) Which strategies, if any, do you think you will implement from my top 6 moving forward?

One change that has made a difference is changing the chair I sit in.

All of them are great ideas. I will implement your top 6 from now on.

Thanks Again, Kyle. Appreciate all of your hard work, time and help.
gjshawk Premium
For me, setting goals is really important. If I don't, I drift. As a matter of fact I've been drifting for about three weeks now and consider June to be pretty much a bust. I'll call it my "taking a break" month. I think reflecting on the potential is important too. I've noticed a drop-off in the readiness of my website since I've slowed down with my posting. That's motivating me to get back in the saddle.
I've also been thinking on how to establish myself better, with my online presence. And I'm trying to apply the law of attraction in my business.
LoveniaT Premium
Zappades Premium
Why don't you go on live chat?
And you can ask questions here any time :)
Maybe don't write in big letters, this looks more like a statement :)
LouisaB Premium
Hi Kyle,

1.) Have you ever felt fatique when attempting to create or grow your online business?

Since starting an online marketing business two years ago, I have occassionally experienced fatique. As in most marketing endeavors, this is to be expected for everyone.

Fatique is a sense of emotions that have it's moments. I'll learned that I cannot not escape this feeling because I am reluctant to go through it many, many of times throughout this course of study.

2.) What are some things that you do to motivate yourself or induce more productivity in your business?

There are severval things I do to motivate myself.

Stretching and relaxing my muscles really helps when i'm under going more fatique than usual. I try to do this regularly, or when I feel the need to do so. Meditation works very well, when i find the time to do so.

Moving away from the computer for a while works for me, because then i'm able to re group and get started again.

Helping others who maybe going through fatique, low energy, less motivated or just having a bad moment in life helps me to forget about my own problem and focus on other's is a great way to heal over my own fatique.

3.) Which strategies, if any, do you think you will implement from my top 6 moving forward?

The strategies I choose to implement are:

All six are necessary, so I try to incorporate one or all of them in my everyday job performance.

Taking a break works wonders, like now, I felt a need to take a break from the net as though i'm on vacation. I needed it more than anything.

Changing up my environment is also an excellent way for me to regroup. My passion right now is about creating a great office environment. So this I'm enjoying blogging about because, I enjoy order, change, difference, open space, declutter and new things.
RobertDoyle Premium
Sme good ideas and additional thoughts!
LouisaB Premium
Thank you for reading my post regarding Sustaining Motivation!
ElianeLima Premium
I've felt fatigue plenty of times since I started working with affiliate marketing.
What best helps me overcome it is to think about the WHY, the main reason why I decided to start.
When it happens, I usually intensify my meditation practices and visualizations.
Also, taking a break can be really helpful during critical times.
christinewar Premium
Hi Kyle, I am just writing out some sort of script for my first blog post, I went on to face book as they are currently the top ranking organization for marketer's and something I learned like this post of yours 1- open a discussion 2 a current trend or hot topic, which I think mine is, and 3 this one might be a bit difficult, does not require too much thinking, how do I get over that one?.
KatieMac Premium
With certain health issues that I need to manage I have learned to work a bit smarter as there are no go days at times, I am very much a person who likes to push the limits, being part of Wealthy affiliate has opened doors to me and I learn something new each day, I have my area's of weakness and they frustrate me but I know if I keep on this will come right. I will be doing this for as long as possible and passing on what I learn to my daughters or even grandchildren who knows.

There are many members who encourage and inspire and on those flat days it gets me going, I am grateful for this as I am away before the next deadline I am going to add a bit extra time to the working day
Joshua2765 Premium
Excellent post, Kyle.

1) Have you ever felt fatigue when attempting to create or grow your online business?

Absolutely! With me, it probably happens with much greater frequency than it does for most people because of my present physical (medical) condition.

(2) What are some things that you do to motivate yourself or induce more productivity in your business?

To help mitigate that problem, and since I am unable to sit for extended periods, I tend to rotate between sitting at my desktop PC, lying in bed with my IPad or laptop, and sitting in a recliner with feet elevated (laptop or IPad).

With me, mental exhaustion is also a real problem, and I find that certain business-related activities are more demanding than others. For example, writing articles and blog posts are mentally demanding for me, but reviewing training items or participating in Live-Chat are not. Thus, when beginning my workday, I tend to start out with items that are relatively more demanding and then when I begin to tire, move to those items that are easier for me.

Even so, I eventually tire to the point of exhaustion and am forced to just rest for a bit. However, I know it is important for me to press forward, so I do as much as I can.

(3) Which strategies, if any, do you think you will implement from my top 6 moving forward?

One of the main strategies that I need to implement is that of setting goals for the week. Also, I need to strive to learn something new every day.
sdawson Premium
I find that when I get tired and discouraged, doing the following helps get me motivated again:
1. Searching for and reading WA success stories.
2. Going back and watching some of Jay's video training
3. Looking around the community for someone to "help".
4. Reading posts from some of the many members who are encouraging with great posts within WA.
james57 Premium
To be motivated daily is what all people need. It’s like a beautiful and elegant car without gasoline, is useless and will surely deteriorates in the passage of time.

Goal setting is the very important ingredient to help you or push you to reach your long journey. Everybody must have this knowledge of the following: where to go, how to get there, whom to work with to get there, when to be there and what are the things needed to get there?

The other five are very helpful also to do to reach our desired target in life. Creativity is common to all to make our lives more inspiring, easy and alive. But don’t forget the most of all is our inner self that need inner strength to make all things that we do daily to become more fruitful and meaningful - to be connected always to the source of motivation, who is God.

To start and to end our day in prayer or in having a special time in communicating with our Creator, our Provider and our Savior is the ultimate source of inner strength that affects our outlook in life to go on with strength or motivation everyday.

Thanks Kyle for cultivating this very important component that keep this community more stronger and bigger continuously.
brichnow21 Premium
Morning, meditation...a must.
HarveyBrown Premium
Hello Kyle, this is very a propos. Usually around this time of year I do feel fatigued and exhausted. Not only from working my online, but also my brick and mortar businesses. My offline business is busy from the start of the school year until around this time, when the children are out of school and enrolling in outside activities.
During that period I am extremely motivated and use most of the six approaches listed. I also try to get ahead of the game by researching and producing posts in advance, then releasing on a timely schedule.
This year with the two websites on the go I have found it not as clear cut as last year and I will need to reflect on this and find a solution.
The main thing I do at this time of year is end south and spend time relaxing and giving the mind a rest. This usually takes about a month and then I am eager to get the mind focusing on the upcoming season and now how to get my sites trustworthy.
Shweta10mg Premium
Thankyou Kyle you have a way with all of us, despite our speeds and strengths or our developing mindsets.
With that I loved this article a lot and this is the third time I read it over, because yes I felt very enthusiastic and yet tired at once.
That's a dichotomy, so I will answer these questions and I know I'm not even on the page with others.

There are commendable members and WA is a place of happiness and strength, not to mention absolutely loveable members including Kyle himself:)

1. 1) Have you ever felt fatigue when attempting to create or grow your online business?

Fatigue I feel every day but my ideas make me feel motivated before I'm dragged down by cleaning toys from the hall, or doing a lot of house work daily or hourly.

So no my business ideals don't weigh me down they uplift me but its the daily life activities or the grind that drags me down.

Apart from that its the time intensive process of rephrasing and simplifying comprehensive detail within context of my articles after researching it.

2) What are some things that you do to motivate yourself or induce more productivity in your business?

Inspirational tides: The very fact that a daily problem or issue can be a topic or browsing countless online promotions and thinking that the world around me knows how to get the job done, is an ideal to attempt. I wont say I WILL do it, but I will say I will do my fullest and be my best or comprehensive and attempt to emulate the campaigns which stir my emotions well.

in other words a compliment to what Kyle has written about the customer and purchase mindset. That itself is inspiration coupled with the ads and pins on Pinterest and Instagram respectively.

Personally, I try to think about how soulful and deep I am by natural tendency and love to think of my blessings to be my best. Nutrition and exercise has proven to be a great elevator and I think its like a miracle.

I'm glad I jumped back into exercise and eating well, something I decided to put on a back burner and which took it's toll on everything.

I do take breaks as afore mentioned in this insightful and deep introspect of our journey here or online for that matter.

3) Which strategies, if any, do you think you will implement from my top 6 moving forward?

Of the 6 points above, I feel I have following 5/6 of them, as potential is time dependent at this stage for me especially.

I suppose that time is a little luxury to the new comer who can afford to take some time and understand themselves, and once we have pushed our 'quality' and authority through content , and as Kyle has increased significantly in efficiency; perhaps then we have to keep above water and maintain that stellar status.

So Potential is something im not nearly at yet. I should be considering my days in Dental School which I hold onto dearly, remembering the seminars or presentations or articles I generated and got above 86% and above for.
Those motivate me and keep me from dropping or withering away.

I do change my place quite often, but not often.
I help others because of a topic that resonates deeply with me and for which I have the knowledge to provide. If I don't have knowledge, that answers point 3, I do read about it and I will make it a point one day to watch video lessons in succession.

Particularly, the topic on coding for website appearance by Jay. I love his training also .

For goals, although I am answering it in reverse order, I prefer to be realistic because in the past month, I had set so many goals I didn't fulfill. That can set me back and I currently publish in Site content not directly, but after importing or copying from word.

I add images and constantly rely on Yoast as a feedback and for the detailed itenary. I often get worried if I'm following the keyword implementation and it takes time to cross check.
ofcourse Yoast will tell me my keyword density, and I might need to proof read to put research into context of my content.
onmyownterms Premium
Great response.
Shweta10mg Premium
Thankyou so much for taking the time to read my response equally :) honored
ownonlboss Premium
First of all an amazing piece of content again from you Kyle.

(1) Have you ever felt fatigue when attempting to create or grow your online business?

Of course I have. It is the reason that I quit my first two niches. Even in my biggest niche I feel that sort of fatigue. Everything does feel this. Whatever company you start, whatever website you start or whatever job you are into.

You just get bored of things after a while of tedious tasks. Yes, you still need to drive every day to that job, or you still need to do that same task every day or every week.

In case of my website, I still have to keep at it writing those posts each week. It went down from 7 times a week to 3 times a week per site, but that is still a lot. Even if you put it at 1 time a week (not suggested, better with 3 a week), you will still feel fatigue after a while.

My biggest tip here is to have someone else as a sparring partner that can motivate you. It is definitely my wife that has helped me a lot with this when I felt I couldn't write anything for my website. She comes with different insights, ideas and gives constructive feedback on existing posts.

I got another sparring partner and it is a best friend of mine which is also in online businesses. We help each other with motivation, evaluation, feedback and technical stuff.

(2) What are some things that you do to motivate yourself or induce more productivity in your business?

a) use a sparring partner that can motivate you and give you feedback
b) make priority lists, write to-do lists everyday or the evening before, max 3 items. You can have multiple to-do lists, this one is of course based upon your business / website / niche
c) have a creative environment, preferably with things related to your niche. my niche is cats and we got plenty of them around us at all times.
d) if you deal with restlessness or cannot write, get these gadgets that keep your mind and fingers busy for a bit: stress ball, fidget spinners etc.
e) stuck? take a walk of 20 mins, preferably in nature or another physical activity (swimming in lake, skiing or skating in winter, cycling etc).
f) have a daily rhythm --> sleep, eat, things to do etc.
g) DRINK WATER -> its surprising how many people are dehydrated. Dehydration reduces productivity tremendously.
h) learn, read up, do research, but most of all be busy with the niche stuff that gets you in the mood.
i) COMPLIMENT YOURSELF for what you have achieved EACH DAY. A lot of the demotivation comes from the inner train of thought. We can be cognitive master of this by bit by bit influencing the way we think about our selves. (I should create a blog on this topic some time soon).

(3) Which strategies, if any, do you think you will implement from my top 6 moving forward?

I definitely have to do better at setting goals. Perhaps I need your help, Kyle! ;) My goals are probably too generic. With SMART goal setting I would be more in the game of trying to achieve them and appreciating the achievements.

Although I already do so (and I do most of your points in your top 6), I could be even better at changing environment. I do work wherever I can on my phone, sitecontent works fine on it. When I got a laptop I use that wherever I am. But even within my house or directly outside of it, I could sit on the deck too a bit more often (when it doesn't rain).

Hope others have use of this answer too ;)

phakacha8 Premium
Great piece Steven.
brichnow21 Premium
Steven, the partner, idea, is powerful.
I will run an idea, by my BFF, check, encouragement, and suggestions.
Very help, tips!
tommmm111 Premium
Another inspiring piece Kyle so thanks for this. I like the whole list of ideas and we see this stuff at WA in the environment. It's so positive and the one I like best is when you say we should look within, I pray and look for guidance within. It adds light to the whole picture and as you say we share this. Good luck to you,

Shaneo617 Premium
I believe when fatigue sets in , the best thing to do is to step back and analyze, take a look at things your eating, sleeping habits, and your work ethic. change something lol

the next thing i do is look at why im fatigue, if its a writing / content thing then i switch gears, and answer questions on forums.

i also then go and look at other marketing techniques I ben wanting to try out. i read Alot of business books, and i love testing new theory's and techniques. fatigue is a natural thing so i try to adjust to it, and not try to fight against it. but im always keeping at it, its a bad idea to just completely walk away in some cases ill stop working on my site 30 hours a week and only do 10 hours a week for a few weeks. its about momentum, and knowing one self.. in some cases you just need to push thru fatigue.
GauravGaur Premium
A target of Learning at least one new thing in a day is an excellent idea to stay away from fatigue. This is going to ring many bells in my mind...yes yes yes....a whole article can be written on it.
Thanks, Kyle, your ideas are always excellent.
And what I do to keep fatigue away I make some coffee for my wife, and when I see a smile on her face, it takes away all the fatigue and a happy time thereafter.
Yes that stressful feeling comes when I'm mentally exhausted from a hectic day at work not much during my Internet business experience. I guess I'm new to this platform in the Internet business world which is why setting goals, helping others and learning something new are my priorities for the start.
Loes Premium
My motivation is to have a steady online income by the time I will retire, I have not accrued pension, as a cooperating wife of a badly running company. So when that time comes, in about 10 years from now, I would really want to have some more additional income than the government will pay me.

So since the day I have started at WA, I never missed one day, to log in and learn something new.

I had to start from scratch, not even knowing what the word "affiliate" meant. I had to translate that into Google to find out that it was some sort of a partner. And my English was that bad, I had to take the certification course 3 times before it would stick a bit.

Since I discovered the internet and saw what you can make on a computer screen, I am totally intrigued to learn that. I am not really concerned with affiliate marketing but more with the visual side of website development.

Some money is dripping in, but not yet enough and steady to take an early retirement:)

I am very glad about the chance to follow the Super Wealthy Affiliate Challenge, that can give just the boost that I need. I am right on track, this 4th training brought me in total 54 posts with a total of 52399 words. My main website counts 19 pages and 192 posts.
That must bring me somewhere;)
rmathare Premium
Yes I fell fatigue when creating/growing my business. I try to think of the end goal and try as much as possible to break the end goal into smaller goals that are not so intimidating. Your 6 strategies are really awesome and I will actively try to implement them as I go along.
phakacha8 Premium
Yes, fatigue is a natural pulse that runs in our veins.
The 6 six things you've shown here are all realistic and to the point.
My fear when aligned to these 6 things might be the one unwilling to see no results after putting in much efforts.

Lately, I've been putting so much questions to myself and wonder why I have not seen any results after investing mush efforts, and came out with the undermentioned queries:

- Is this the lack of not setting goals?

- Am I writing the wrong content that people don't want to read or is it to do with the less no. of content my site has for Google to recognise? And if so, what's the number of content for Google to start offering clicks for a site?

- Is my website a Sub-Standard for getting clicks - the layout, the font size, the images etc?

A RunDown reply will be most appreciated.

Thanks Kyle.
Have a great day.
ToLiNoLi Premium
A good approach to find answers to your questions is to put yourself in between the audience, talk with them, you will be amazed how fast you find all those answers.

Social interact with your audience. FaceBook is perfect for that, chatroom in Twitter (you can launch one yourself) and and and....

They will tell you their problems, what they are looking for, that gives you enough ideas to build on.

Or just ask me buddy.... ;))

Stefan, ToLiNoLi
phakacha8 Premium
I've been giving the least on Social Media.
Facebook, Twitter? No!

Better ask ToliNoli yes, yes, yes.
How to play good at Google Analytics?
Any tutorials will be awesome.

ToLiNoLi Premium
You are welcome buddy! :D

Here are some that will help you:

And once I have my own experience, I will write about it too. :)

Stefan, ToLiNoLi
phakacha8 Premium
Wow! it's just wow.
I'll check these and update.

Thanks again ToliNoli.
Happy reading but time, time, O TIME.

Must find time.
ToLiNoLi Premium
If you stop writing here you will have time... :P

Take care and you are welcome buddy. :)
phakacha8 Premium
:) thanks
brichnow21 Premium
Celebrate, any victories...They are progress, and now...getting indexed...?? You are making progress, Phakacha!!
phakacha8 Premium
Thanks Barb for your exciting comment.
Hope you're doing it as well.

Please stay connected.
Have a wonderful day.
brichnow21 Premium
I'm doing great... Preparing for take-off!
10, 9... LOL
phakacha8 Premium
Haha.. wow!
You are zooming in.

DeeMoi Premium
Yes, I feel fatigue from time to time. I guess it is pretty normal, but it is essential to get back on the right track soon.

When I feel tired or have a lack of motivation, I take a break for this day and do other things. Then I take a look at my plans or think about it, (I do this every morning), and the motivation is back again.

I´ve also created a daily schedule for me, where I have my workout, my day job and my online business integrated and even spare time. This also helps me to stick to my plan, and therefore I don´t get lost in any time-killers like social media, YouTube or other things.

I like your "learn something new" every day and "reflect on the real potential," because I guess it is easy to lose the vision on how much traffic my website could get one day and how many Wealthy Affiliate members could arise of this.
brichnow21 Premium
Breaks, are so necessary! I get so many ideas, while, stepping outside, and doing some weeding, or other mundane, activity.
It helps, me plan the writing, too, so, I'm not feeling guilty, for not producing, just then.
BillandSue Premium
Hi Kyle,
I have been blessed in the fact that I haven't had too much of a motivation problem, of course there are days when the last thing in the world I want to do is turn the computer on.

But #2 Helping others' #3 Learning something new; and of course #4 Taking a break is all part of my strategies of staying motivated.

My biggest problem is giving the Business enough time. I don't work full time, just part-time. It seems that "life" can really bite into a well planned schedule.

I am working more on "self-discipline" which could be the underlying factor.

Thanks Kyle, for the challenge to get us thinking on self-evaluation ow our work habits.

brichnow21 Premium
Life does happen! We do what we can, which is all we can do.
Self- discipline... work in progress, always...especially for creative folks.
Marsha50 Premium
I am new and having information overload as I try to learn something new. I take #4 a bit further. I set my alarm for 50 minutes. When it goes off I get up from my computer for 10 minutes and just relax my mind. Then when I sit back down I am renewed as if I just started my day. This is allowing me to put in so many more hours.
delroy2222 Premium
Great to see that works for you, Marsha.:)
Debs66 Premium
1: I think I have hit that fatigue stage and its down to life's ups and downs I am afraid. I do however know that it will end and I shall fire back up again. I am just bringing myself back in. Hopefully a little stronger.

2: I spend quite a lot of time reading and that will always lead me to a quote that lights up my brain if you get me. I also love to come into W.A. because I can guarantee somebody will write something that will give me that kick up the back side. Like one I recently read by Kaju. That helped me too.

3: What would I take on board of the 6 strategies you have left Kyle.
To be honest I have never stopped learning since W.A. and I still learn. I have now taken a break so I should be ready to get back into the right frame of mind.

I will set some new Goals. I have a zillion things going on in my mind so I will sort that mish mash out and set up some proper goals.

Yes I definitely am looking forward to changing my workspace. Completely in fact and I cannot wait. I am going away to Spain for about 7 weeks. Where I am looking to rent a villa where it can be a new work place all together.

Obviously a fabulous holiday for my kids. Not only that I vision myself off working and building up my businesses and getting more into the super Affiliate challenge.

Yes I now want to reflect on my real potential on every bit of my life. Implementing and learning much more from W.A. than I have already.

I may not reach Vegas this year. I am one million percent sure next year I will get there. I am not willing to give up never.
So that's me. Thank you everyone and best wishes to you all. :)

Regard's Deborah :)
verna8767 Premium

Sometimes life can definitely get in your way. I was ill most of 2017 so I couldn't do much for a while, but now I'm back! There will be times when you just have to take a step back to regroup, but don't stay away too long.

Glad you are on your way back. Best wishes.
Debs66 Premium
Thank you so much for your comment. It's true sometimes we need to step back and sometimes we don't have those choices.

Its brilliant to know you are also back. Sorry to hear you was unwell. I am so happy that you are feeling so much better and thank you for reaching out with your reply. You are so kind.

I hope to catch up with you more here in W.A. Thank you once again.

Heres to us and this awesome platform W.A.

~Debs :)
LeeMcQuay Premium
Wow, Spain? That is awesome and I bet it will be beautiful and very refreshing.

A change of scenery definitely helps. It helps to clear your mind so that the creative juices can flow once again.

You have never seemed to be a quitter.
I know you will be be back on top of it all in no time : )
Debs66 Premium
Great to see you again. My plan is to move out for good as you may well know so my plan is to see how it goes with the children and hopefully never come home lol.

I am working on it. Spain just holds a special place for me. Now because of W.A. life has got that much easier. Great to see you again Lee.
Hope you are all doing fab.

~Debs :)
verna8767 Premium
I feel the same! Hope to see you around often. Take care.
LeeMcQuay Premium
Oh I see. I hope it is a move of willingness and desire.
I didn't know that was the plan, but I definitely hope it all works out for you and your family.

I have always wanted to visit Spain. I have never really seen another country, and have never been outside of the U S.

I will someday. Once I get my business to making a substantial profit.

It was awesome to hear from you my friend. I wish you the best in all you do.

Lee Ann
Debs66 Premium
Hi, Lee Ann,
Sorry I thought you knew. Yes I have a mega plan God willing. However I am always in awe of those that live in the U.S. Such a vast amazing country.

I have been there many many years ago. Although I live in London now it is nothing compared to the vastness of the U.S.

I always find the U.S. totally inspiring. Thank you Lee Ann for passing by and it really is great to catch up with you again. My kindest regards always and one never knows we actually may get to meet up in the future. I hope we do.

Take care and thank you once again Lee Ann.

~Debs :)
delroy2222 Premium
Thank you for sharing, Deborah.
Best wishes to you too.
delroy2222 Premium
Great to have you back, Verna.
JackieSmith Premium
Hi Debs,
Great to see you! We all get fatigued, which is normal as it helps the body to slow down, rejuvenate, then get back up again with zest!

It's great that changing your workspace will become a reality. Spain is such a beautiful country and will definitely help you to relax and unwind.

The next break I take, will be the first time I get to work on my business away from home as I now have a Chromebook! I'm so looking forward to experience the laptop lifestyle for a fortnight until it becomes my way of life. :-)

This will surely push me forward to work even harder!

In the meantime, I'm reflecting on the potential of this business - so I'm working really hard for this to come into fruition.

Vegas will be the result of all our hard work. Hope to see you there!

Best wishes to you and your family Debs!
Jackie x
Debs66 Premium
Hi, Jackie,
Thank you so much for your lovely comment. Yes Spain really is a fabulous place. More my home than anywhere else.

I am so happy you got your chrome book. Working as hard as you do too, super multi tasking fitting in your hours. Have the time of your life in those few weeks and it wont belong before you really are living the whole laptop Lifestyle.

You certainly deserve it Jackie. Wishing you all the best to you and to your family also.

Jackie Thank you once again for such a lovely comment. Hope to meet you soon too. Vegas that would be fabulous if we get to meet up.

Take care Jackie wishing you all the success you work hard for and much much more.

My Kindest regards to you and your Family.

~Debs :)
kimwolfe Premium
1 - Yes. If you do not face fatigue at some point in your journey, then IMO you are not pushing hard enough.

2. Prioritize work in different phases that require different levels of energies and thoughts. This helps me balance out my brain activity using similiar strategies to what you have listed out Kyle.

a. Read or watch a video and just absorb what I'm learning.

This doesn't require much thought of what I'm going to do, just do I understand what is being taught?

b. Research.

Just investigate my audience or something specific I want to learn like more about SEO or video marketing, etc. I keep my mind open to just absorb what I am seeing and use this info to collect details on who I am targeting or what I want to learn.

c. Imagine the BIGGEST dreams and numbers.

Sometimes, I just daydream about the what ifs. What if I could make this work, how big would I want it to be? There are many success stories and tips to make 5 to 6 figure websites. So I frequently do the reflect on the potential as this is fun for my mind because anything is possible in daydreams. This doesn't require hard thought and is easier to find some big goals to strive towards.

d. Set a plan aligned to the daydream potential.

This planning phase is where I start to map out my specific strategies for what I want to achieve. And since I've daydreamed some big goals, I use this big dreams to align my plans to. This allows me to think BIGGER and psychology, I feel that I will achieve the small wins easier. This is where my mind tends to work the hardest. So notice I do this in a phase, not everyday, all the time.

e. Work hard & play hard mentality.

Balance of your mind working and your time is very important. Since I have this mentality, it easy for me to take some time to grab a beer or watch a movie. I know myself well enough to know when my mind is tired and I am losing productivity. That's the time to take a break and do something fun. Whatever fun means for you. Just like your body needs sleep and rest, your mind does too. And for me, I have vivid dreams so my mind is not really resting while I sleep. But watching a good movie or TV show is what I refer to "mindless" entertainment to the give the brain a break from chasing my dreams.

3. Helping people more and changing up my environment are two I should absolutely work on. These are very a good as well!

Thanks Kyle and WA peeps!

Kim Wolfe
CowboyJames Premium
#1- I also get fatigued when no result are evident.

#2-Usually I will look at successful blogs, read some posts and check the layout of the site. Inspiration sometimes occurs.

#3- I need to set goals, have not done well with this. Thought I was helping people, maybe I should go over my posts again. I have takes a break, 2 months now. Changed my environment, moved from NY to PA in May. I will spent more time reflecting.
lindanina Premium
I had been having a lot of fatigue lately cause internet keep turning on and off and signals had been very weak during last few weeks even at the local public library.. I am trying to motivate myself by trying to develop patience thinking everything happen for a reason so i will see any delays due to internet weak signal as extra time in which new ideas erupt from by brain.. I will reflect in the potential of online bussiness and will keep trying to finish my content. I had actually come to enjoy this marketing field and look forward to learn even more. I could only watch 35 minutes of a webinar cause internet keep shutting down but i I think enjoying what you do makes a big difference. Thanks
Bamanand Premium
1. Yes, I get fatigue too. Must of the time when I work really hard but do not see the desired result or fail to get success.

2. I study other successful websites in my niches and try to figure out what others are doing that I can implement in my own websites too.
I analyze my day where I wasted my time and how I can put more time on important things rather just wasting it for nothing. It includes how much time I spend on social networking sites etc.

3.Set Goal- It is the number one way to move faster towards the success.
Kyle Premium
The biggest issue I see with the "result" oriented approach to work, is that most people define the only result they are after is "money". Whereas in business, the money component comes after many other tangible, but non-financial results.

Studying what others are doing can actually be a big time waste, trying to reverse engineer the success of the website or worse, assuming the success of a website. Also, most of us can free up a lot of time during the day if we remove social media "sifting" from our schedule.

Love the fact that you are and will be keeping up with your goals. It is what leads to results, and results as a grouping (all sorts), will ultimately lead to your financial success.
Bamanand Premium
Thanks Kyle
Dhind1 Premium
Definitely, I have felt fatigue and or complacency when dealing with my online business. I struggle to get over this every day,

Motivation is difficult to come by most of the time, there are too many distractions and it is too easy to say "I will get to this tomorrow."

I will implement goals and change my work environment. The current environment is still tied to my previous career and I need a change of space.

I will learn new things and try to help others.

fleurallen Premium
We live in distracting times
LucilleN Premium
Great points Kyle. I like all of your strategies and can implement them, with some modifications, into my life.

My biggest motivator is helping others - your second point. As human beings, we love to have a purpose and helping others or helping something in this world is an el supremo high.

Another strategy I have to overcome fatigue is to look at what's really at the root of it. Usually it's some piece of bull manure thinking about past failures; or being stuck in how to create something new out of an old, outdated mindset. When these obstacles come out into the light, I can find ways to overcome them. And voila! I've regained my energy.
delroy2222 Premium
Nice, Lucille.
Stella741 Premium
Great! When my PC got intercepted, I took a walk, then set some goals of what to do...sow some peace!

So far it's working and I wake up each day with a vision of what can be achieved through consistency.

1000-2000 words seems a lot, but then so does thinking too much. Write ups for the common good ease the mind...

Someone gave me a good book on setting goals. Spiritual, financial, educational and recreational. This is helping a lot.

Also - I may have to back up my computer as tech savviness is what I need to get to grips with!

Open networks..hmm!
delroy2222 Premium
Nice, Stella.
JackieSmith Premium
I often get tired when I'm in the wrong mindset. When this happens, I know to stop and review my WHY.
This gets me going and pumped up to work on my business.

I read a lot of motivational books and then spend some time working on my business after I've read a chapter or two.

What I need to do is to reflect on the real potential of this business.
delroy2222 Premium
Hi Jackie
What motivational book are you reading now?
JackieSmith Premium
Hi Delroy,
Think and Grow Rich,

The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles and

Without Their Permission: The Story of Reddit and a Blueprint for How to Change the World.
delroy2222 Premium
Thank you Jackie.
Best wishes.:)
brichnow21 Premium
I find keeping notebooks, for various topics, keep the ideas fresh, and they become goals, new goals.
Using a cool pen, making writing on paper, a joy! LOL
Do something spontaneous! A blog, flew out of me, for Father's Day, a boom! Without, another thought, I just did it, right then!
Felt, great...Little victory!
delroy2222 Premium
That is awesome, Barb!
Zappades Premium
Thanks, Kyle, you came up with this at the right time for me.
I wrote this little blog just now. All the best to all supper affiliates, see you, Stefan :)
ValerieJoy Premium
Hi Kyle, thanks for your great post.

To answer your questions:

1. Have you ever felt fatigue when attempting to create or grow your online business?

- Yes, I do feel fatigue but had not thought of it as 'fatigue', but simply lack of inspiration. This has been a major problem for me over the past month, or more.

2. What are some things that you do to motivate yourself or induce more productivity in your business?

- I assist other people to solve their problems, when possible.
- I read other people's success stories.
- Occasionally I look for inspiration from watching YouTube videos.

3. Which strategies, if any, do you think you will implement from my top 6 moving forward?

1. Goals: I have already set long term goals. But, I will return to my old habit of Daily To-Do lists. Rather than using Excel, as I used to do, I will list tasks in my diary. Working again with paper and pen means rejuvenating an old process, which could be quite exciting! There could be an off-shoot of new inspiration!

2. Help Folks: I will continue to help other people solve their online problems.

3. Learn Something New: I will devote time each day to learn something new. I will start with new products related to my current niches.

To add to each of those steps, I will focus on believing in myself, moving forward.

Thanks again, Kyle.

brichnow21 Premium
All great ideas, as well, Valerie!
ValerieJoy Premium
Thank you very much, Barb.
DeniseMarina Premium
Hi my articles are all about helping people and connecting with my audience. But this last month I have felt very down not motivated. I only had one sale people who comment my site are from comments I leave in WA. I have worked and keep on working hard on my site but nothing changes.

I would really need some feedback please, maybe I am doing something wrong.

To motivate myself I am going to keep as schedule and follow it.


brichnow21 Premium
Hi, Denise!
Have you ask, anyone hear to check out your site? There are a few here, that do just that! Not, sure, who, at present, but...Put out the question, and BINGO!
Best to figuring, it out.
christinewar Premium
Hi Denise, I am a newbie, but I get from what you are saying, I think maybe you are concentrating too hard, and should relax and take a step back, I am not concentrating too much hard and the ideas are just coming to me.

Then I start to research my ideas and let it take me where it wants to go, seems to be working so far, do you get it?.
DeniseMarina Premium
Thank you
DeniseMarina Premium
Thank you
christinewar Premium
Good luck and your welcome.
brichnow21 Premium
Christine, I love research, and am amazed at where a piece, "I thought", was going to be able one idea...and the way it actually ends up! The surprise of creations.
CalvinC Premium
One thing I've learned here at WA is how important it is to help peoples.

We live in a world where everybody is suspicious of everybody, and nobody wants to help or share some tips with someone else if there's nothing to gain.

It's so assuring to see that the community at WA help each other without asking anything in exchange and this is wonderful.

Help others to find success and satisfaction, I like that crazy idea.
NicoAlpaca Premium
I am preparing for greatness. I am letting go many tasks I feel are important to others, not necessarily to me. I am presently training someone to shear alpacas. She is learning fast and enjoys the challenge. I will help and will share the overwhelming stress involved. Fatigue is ever present this shearing season because I have too much on my plate. Next year will be fun, not super stressful as this year's season was. Looking forward to the end of June, end of shearing season. I will then be more present in WA.
Tygilbert Premium
Thank you for this kyle, yes, to be honest i've felt fatigue many times, but when i think of where i am now and where i want to be, or could be, also, whenever i read and see successful testimonials of others, it gives me some sort of motivational drive. Last but not least, what i see in moving forward and for this to work, i'll have to set up my goals and work on the real potential.
JohnBochtis Premium
Right now, I'm actually taking a break from content creation. However, I just stopped creating content for a couple of days while still looking for Youtube videos in my niche as I really enjoy the process. Learning something new is definitely a motivator. I am currently experimenting with Facebook Ads to see how much people like my content and website.

And I am desperate to get some vacation since I am on a 6-month army duty and away from home. I booked a trip to Barcelona and I intend to take my laptop with me and get some work done while relaxing.

Balancing things out is very important to me and I am here for the long-term. Unfortunately, I am unable to change up my environment, but that will change in 2 months when I get back to Greece.
Honesty6 Premium
Awesome advice Kyle,
I think that asking yourself the right questions in any area you would like to succeed is most beneficial.
For help getting out of a slump try and remember the excitement you felt when you were beginning the business in the first place. This will bring back your memories of 'why' you want to create.
WendaSue Premium
Great post, Kyle.
I have certainly felt fatigue when creating. Research is extremely exciting and tiring at the same time. But, these are great ideas you have shared with us today.
My computer isn't mobile, though. I do plan to get a laptop. I think that will help me so much. I think for now I could use my cell phone. I've never thought of that until now. Maybe I could read posts while sitting on the front porch and drinking coffee. Um... sounds like a plan.
Anyway, very inspirational. Thanks bunches.
All the best,
Wendi :)
mystyle Premium
Hello Kyle

This is very motivational, i really am inspired by your post.

At most times i feel Fatigue when i have to create and write content because i do some travelling when researching on what i have written on my draft .

Doing something that get's me out of my self is really motivational to me.. it is true that music is a mind stimulant. i really love music it makes me feel high , feel those big emotions i used to dream of when i was young. It really elevates me to levels i have never been to , just to listen to the music i love.

I set up deadlines for my weekly tasks to accomplish.

Changing of working environment is what i have to do , my desk top is not mobile so i have to get a good phone to work from anywhere anytime i want.. not to be limited by having only one reliable resource.

Thanks for this post Kyle it really change the way i look at my work and goals.
Calh60 Premium
Thanks for this motivation Kyle....even though I have not started to design my business yet I think setting goals and taking notes along the way is most important. We should all strive to make a positive impact on other people's lives. I was once told by a supervisor in law enforcement when you write a report or take notes that you will use in court you need to paint a picture so that the jury and attorneys feel like they were at the scene. This advice has stuck with me even in retirement.
cookins25 Premium
Thanks for this motivational post Kyle!

Just earlier this month I was feeling not to enthusiastic to work on my business -- and I wondering how you, Carson, and a bunch other successful marketers get themselves pumped up to keep working hard.

So to answer your question....

(1) Have you ever felt fatigue when attempting to create or grow your online business?

Absolutely! I would say it happens about 1-2 times a month.

(2) What are some things that you do to motivate yourself or induce more productivity in your business?

First and foremost I remind myself the main reason I wanted to create an online business (which is to have the freedom to work when and how I want, and help people solve a certain problem they have).

Secondly I have weekly task I want to accomplish, which makes me push myself daily to accomplish them.

(3) Which strategies, if any, do you think you will implement from my top 6 moving forward?

The main strategy I want to implement moving forward is changing my environment where I work. Usually I just work in my office at home -- but it would be fun to work outside in a park or at a coffee shop like you said.

And as I write this right now, I am actually working in a hair salon as I wait for my wife -- and I must say it feels like I'm being more productive for doing so. :)

Thanks again for this post, and I will continue trying to implement your strategies to help push my business on upward!
Timtriedthat Premium
Thank you Kyle!
Answer to (1)
Answer tp (2)
- remind myself why I want to do something
- break down my work into smaller chunks
- promise myself a reward when I get something done
- tell myself that I can accomplish anything
Answer to (3)
all your strategies are important and should be followed or implemented...
AlexMi Premium
Hi Kyle, as always very inspiring post.

When i feel fatigue I use number 4. For the rest I pretty much have very similar system.

However, apart from "bussiness fatigue" , beginners like me face some other feelings like kind of disappointment if it did not trn out as expected. In 5 months I had 493 referrals, 70 referrals who set-up their account but only 1 referal has gone to Premium . I wonder if the first and the only one until now is light at the end of tunnel or just a fluke.

Regardless of above dillema, i keep going for the second one.

DBlanchard Premium
Hi Kyle,
Very insightful post!

For me, the way I keep away from "business fatigue" is I keep telling myself that every minute I spend working on my online business is time well invested!

One day I will leave the "Rat Race" once and for all. When that day comes, all of the effort I put in right now will be well rewarded. It's like putting money in the bank every day!

I know that I am not perfect and I have made mistakes in the past and will make some in the future, but it's all a process. We learn as we grow!

One thing I really need to do is to have a more definite plan. I tend to just go with the flow, a circumstance of working 9-5 I guess.

I do plan to continue thinking "out of the box" and not conforming with the rest of the working class. Something I learned on my new life journey for the past couple of years!

Until the day I do fire my boss, I will be here everyday learning, earning and I will continue working on my dream!
Lez01 Premium
Hi Kyle, like many others who have commented, I find your post so timeous . Clearly the challenge of reduced motivation is a challenge faced by many of us and sharing coping methods and strategies is invaluable. Thank you for your valued post, I plan to blog about my approach in the near future.
PaulChatwin Premium
Hi Kyle,

This is a very timely post for me as I've recently hit a brick wall when it comes to enthusiasm and productivity.

I took a short break to Spain and felt totally enthusiastic for what I was going to achieve when I returned home.

Unfortunately when I did return home I felt completely overwhelmed by the task ahead and have struggled somewhat to find that spark.

That said, your post just spoke to me, and I think the thing that will get me back up and running this week is to re-visit my goals and write a to do list.

The other way that might reignite my enthusiasm is to change my work space, so I'm going to take a good look at my website and maybe give it a face lift. LoL

Many thanks.

hilarybassak Premium
Thank you Kyle for the thought you put into gently nudging us all to success. Goals no. 1 and 5 are the ones that I need to work on. I love the idea of working in different rooms, but I am a hoarder and surrounded by far too much clutter.
My goal this summer is to arrange my home in such a way that I have a much better environment to work in. I know that I would be much more likely to make more videos if I had a working space set up for that.
I do have a strategy in my last WA blog post which I think might be helpful especially for those with blogs..
SteveCrozza Premium
Innovation and forward thinking are the keys in my mind that allow me to move forward. However, in order to be innovative and forward thinking I do need to plan.

A critical component of planning is the ability to "see" the future, these are all attributes that you are putting forward Kyle.

These are also the attributes that I try to implement for myself, not always that successful! But, if you don't try and learn from mistakes you will never move forward.

Your 3 questions, are answered below:
(1) Have you ever felt fatigue when attempting to create or grow your online business?


(2) What are some things that you do to motivate yourself or induce more productivity in your business?

I have always tried to learn new things on a regular basis. In the past it has always been about the business that I am in, at the time.

However, I now try to learn one thing which is outside of my "business sphere".

(3) Which strategies, if any, do you think you will implement from my top 6 moving forward?

I currently vary my work location, not to the extent that Kyle is outlining; I always try to learn something new; and I plan, but do not set weekly lists or priorities.

Setting weekly priorities is now my major focus, moving forward.
IvyT Premium
I had a long chat with my mum about fatigue just today over Sunday lunch. It seems like a good stage of life for us to be talking over these things. She's recently been diagnosed with Parkinson's; I'm trying to organise a mad few years of work and study.

My default setting is 'Tigger' and I cheerfully press on when things are really uncomfortable or continually disappointing. I don't stop until I achieve my planned goal, and I keep going when many others give up. I don't know why this would be easier for any one person than another, but I know from long-term experience that it is. We grew up struggling to stay ahead. We're good at struggle.

But... with today's conversation, I was questioning whether there was a gentler way. Is this madness? Does it always have to end like an epic? I don't stop working hard, even when I have pneumonia, or a broken back (no seriously, both these things have happened). I can keep going and going, and seize all the red flags on the hill, but does it have to come at the cost of my health?

So, my new commitment to 'staying the course' is to make the same detailed project plans and lists I've always made, with the added detail of deliberate quiet in-between all the dot points. Not just incidental pauses, but completely planned rest and play. Be epic, but be sustainable. The spirit is willing, but the flesh...

We also had a family chat about what we wanted our life to look like this last week, where I had the girls take a big sheet of the same craft paper I mind-map plans on, for their very own mind-map of fabulous family experiences. I feel more motivated to maintain positive changes when I'm doing it for something or someone I love. It's how we share the journey.

So, TL;DR:

1. Clearly visualise your end state. Describe it. As much of it as possible.
2. Project plan around this end state and keep revising this plan to adapt to changed circumstances. Remember, they're not disappointments! Just changed circumstances.
3. Deliberately plan timeout for yourself. Stay healthy.
4. Deliberately plan timeout with your loved ones. Stay loved.
5. Get your family or friends to be accountability partners. Share the journey with them. Talk about how things are going. Get a creative and productive conversation happening around your project.

Thanks for getting a conversation going around this topic! Self-care is an important aspect of being self-employed.
N33 Premium
Thank you so much, Kyle.

One of the reasons why you are so successful is your ability to be right there with the right words, I appreciate your authenticity along the way.

Honestly, my fatigue concerns more life outside the business, but this is quite normal having to face very demanding challenges.

The fatigue may arise, however, when I have to solve too technical problems which annoy me. The solution is for me to ask questions and feel the energy of this beloved community, as you say finding and searching solutions and encouragement within WA as well as within the audience of our website is very gratifying and gives my path a sense.

Another source of fatigue for me is due to the supplemental effort with the English language. Sometimes I have a mess in my head!

Which leads to uncertainty feelings regarding the value of promoting WA for French-speaking people. In those moments I have to deliberately choose to stop thinking and connect to my joy to be here ... and continue writing.

I will apply the first 5 of your strategies.

So much looking forward to being here and wishing you the gratification we can offer you with the quality of our work.

Great weekend for you too,

Karppa Premium
Thank You, Kyle, for taking this topic for conversation. Feeling fatigue is for me an issue I come across unnecessarily often. I hate losing and the situation when things are not going as to be planned. I need a lot of things to get back on track again.

The best for me is going for a long walk in the forest or somewhere else in the natural environment. It drains my head from unnecessary sorrows and recharge my batteries and generate new ideas for my online business.

You have great strategies on your list. The most suitable for me is setting goals, helping people and learning something new. If I didn't set goals, my effectiveness drops considerably. Daily and exact plans are best for me. Helping people through my blog posts gives me an extra boost. However, it requires positive feedback from my reader's about that I'm succeeded to create successful, helpful and high-quality content.

Learning every day something new gives new ideas for my business. Ideas for posts, ideas for my marketing, ideas for my website. Learning increases awareness of the essential things that you can use in your own activities and making your business better and better.

Thanks again, Kyle, for great inspiration on a very essential thing which affect our well-being and success in our own online business.
Rich908 Premium
Hi Kyle
Thanks for the email and very grateful for the help and support

I have experienced all of the above and will continue to do so

My saving grace is a motivational book I read every day and apply the principles at every waking moment.

There are a lot of wonderful-courses and webinars at Wealthy Affiliate which helps me build my website and my business. I appreciate the information and training members provide as well

The secret is to work on your website every day, write your posts help other members daily, learn a new tutorial and that's beside putting in quality time on your private life with your family.

''It’s impossible to do all these things I hear you say.? So are you going quit? and give it all up?

If I’d QUIT, I would not have obtained a University Degree at 65. I would not have taken my wife on a 3-week cruise from Cape Town to Venice 2017. I would not have grown the perfect rose (it took me years to grow with love and persistence ) I will go to Vegas 2019.

It's easy really, all you have to do, is greet the day with a smile - put one foot in front of the other and walk. If you fall, get up and move forward, don't stop till you have reached your destination.

St Francis said -
Do whats necessary do whats possible and suddenly you doing the impossible-

Gotta go and water my rose isn't she a beauty just like my wife

All due to Love and Hard work view image
IvyT Premium
You're fabulous! You remind me of a dear friend who went to uni for the first time after becoming a grandmother in her 60s, and when she was done with this, she was immediately accepted into a PhD program.

She's a world expert on her topic now, and gets flown to conferences all over the place to speak. She'd previously never ventured farther than a trip on foot to her local convenience store.

She is such an inspiration to me! She's really seen it all.
KatieMac Premium
Very good points and there are times when I just simply cannot get going, I plan my week ahead and break things down to daily tasks, I have started taking proper breaks, this year has been the first time that I actually took breaks away from work, one weekend it was girls break and no devices were allowed I found this hard and did not realised that I never left work alone for one day lol... if I am feeling a bit flat I will put music on, going away helps to I often see opportunities and find new idea's. Though my fatigue is only mental it does cause lack of motivation. I do have some health issues and on those days I take the advice I read from Nathaniell even if we only write for 10 mins. it is still working towards my goals.
Colorman Premium
Guilty as charged. I an not very good at setting goals. I mostly go about tackling tasks as they come. Certainly need to improve on that one. That's why I am going out to buy a diary today.

I also need to start putting time aside for break. I think I spend too much time on the internet. I am sure half of that time I am not productive at all. Which goes back to setting goals.

Good points to ponder Kyle.

elores Premium
What is fatigue: Fatigue is a normal reaction to intense physical exertion, emotional strain, or lack of rest. It is the body's way of saying, that you have to slow down, relax, and get more rest and sleep.

I have felt fatigued many times especially working on my training and writing articles for my website. It is not easy to stay focused. Distraction is my number one reason. Why? I cannot pass up reading all the blogs that are posted. I just think that I will miss something that will help me later. I also like to help and encourage others who need help.

What am I doing to overcome this? Dividing emails and reading them when I have the time and not too busy. I set aside a day on the weekend to get these sorted out.

What did I do to motivate myself and induce more productivity?
I like to reminisce about success especially where I would like to reach with my business. This motivates me more to move forward. I like to take breaks, even short ones to focus usually help, and I like to treat myself to something nice when I accomplish success with my contents.

I like all of your 6 strategies but The ones I prefer most are set goals, help folks, take a break, and reflect on the real potential.

Thank you very much for the inspiration you have given me throughout WA.
onmyownterms Premium
Great strategies, thanks for sharing.
elores Premium
Thank you very much.
hirohurl Premium
1. Yes, especially as it is a "side hustle." It's difficult to get anything creative done after a busy day as a language teacher.

2. Read books and online articles, listen to YouTube videos by people like Evan Carmichael, Lewis Howes and Tom Bilyeu. Set goals each day. And yes, relax!

3. I like #5, change your environment. I've found that I can get stuff done when I switch to a cafe such as Starbucks.

I occasionally have days with a split teaching schedule. On those days, if I go home after the morning classes I'm likely to take a "nap" that fills the rest of the afternoon! But if I hang out in a cafe, I might nod off over my computer occasionally, but I get a lot more done.

One other thing I tried for 3 days last week was to get up at 4:30am and go to bed earlier. I used a 40 minute slot between 4:30 and 6 am to create and publish a blog post each morning.
newlive Premium
Thank you Kyle, very good advice, I normally go and do exercise go for a walk and enjoy the sun. It is winter in Australia, cold and windy but beautiful. Yes I have taken up another new interest that I am putting aside time for everyday... I do though really like doing this internet marketing business.
CandiGirl71 Premium
I like your six strategies. I already do some and will probably implement the rest also. After all, you are successful and I want to be successful, so I want to learn from you all that I can.

I have always believed that I should learn something new every day or I'd grow stagnant. That is why I like reading the blogs/posts every day.

I have always been a goal setter, but they were moderate and long range goals usually. I have struggled with short term and daily goals (or 'micro term' as I put it). I have a hard time setting and keeping daily and weekly goals. I'm working on the skill.

I have always been a helping person who put others before myself. I enjoy helping others achieve their dreams. I believe in the 'pay it forward' philosophy.

I'm not real good at taking breaks. I am trying to develop that skill also. I do alright on vacations, though, when I can afford them. Usually it is more like a staycation or a day trip.

I like the idea of changing the scenery sometimes. I don't have a laptop, so it is more difficult too manage for me. That is something else I am working on, getting a laptop.

The potential is staggering! I feel that there is a very healthy chance that I can find a niche(s) that works for me. There are certainly enough daily viewers, of the internet, to go around. I plan on grabbing the attention of a lot of them. I just need to figure out what they need that I can provide. Right now I am finding that my first niche is a fairly narrow market.

Motivation comes to me in many forms. The way the sun shines through the window, what I see in people's carts at the stores I visit, what I read in someone's blog/post, what I hear or see or taste. and the list goes on. I find motivation in my goals and expectations of others, and the successes of others. I find motivation from reading your six strategies. I just lose momentum and find it hard to get it back, and get back on track.

Thanks for everything you've done for me, Kyle. You are my hero :)

PatsyC Premium
Hi Kyle, I needed to read this.

I was fatigued for so long, most of the first year and you don't realize it. I LOVE what I do, and know I always will working hard to make it a success. I try to always think positive.

The following is what I do, and need to do according to your list:

For #1, I'm a goal setter, always have been. I love checking off my list especially getting it all done as planned or sooner.

#2 All of my articles help people, to make a decision for their inquiry and I cover what I can. I put myself in their shoes.

#3 Day to day I always find I learn something new, big or small with this business it's ongoing. It's never boring.

#4 I used to never take breaks but work up to 16hrs the first 10 months or so. While working on my website, I helped out many members along the way so we can all learn together.
The past 2-3 months I take breaks often because I can. After over 1 year I finally started to read again! I completely stopped all this time and about 2 weeks ago, I found the books I was reading (a series) and started up again. I go for long walks, stay out shopping longer etc...We have to 'make' ourselves take breaks, once we do we will see how much better we feel.

#5 Changing my environment is an awesome idea. I'm a fixture working in the same area all this time!

#6 Thanks for the potential reminder, all those people online and I get a part of it! we all do, there is more than enough for us all.

Thanks for this, it gave my motivation a boost and reminded me of how I barely had any computer skills when I joined, but I took the challenge and am proud of myself :D
delroy2222 Premium
Congratulations Patsy, you should be proud of yourself.
Best wishes.
PatsyC Premium
Thank you Delroy, I sure am :D
dksomers Premium
I don't think I have ever experienced the fatigue you speak of, but it may come . . .

What bothers me the most are interruptions, distractions and "surprise" events that take me away from my desk. We were suddenly in another state the middle of last December taking care of a serious family matter---I got back home the first week of February. Whenever you are away, work piles up and . . . I am still catching up.

Most of our 4 children live near us and 4 of the grand kids play basketball, soccer, and baseball, with games almost every night. My oldest grandson was Virginia's high school MVP baseball player this year. We had 3 grandchildren graduate from high school in 2018.

We are quite active in a very large church and growing church, with 130,000 square feet of floor space,10 full time men and women on the staff, plus secretaries, 5 choirs (we sang at Carnegie Hall 8 years ago, an orchestra, children's ministries, overseas endeavors around the world . . .

My wife has been in the hospital twice and next Tuesday she is getting a heart valve replacement---prospects look very good. We have 2 dogs, trees that need to be cut down, 3.5 acres that constantly need the grass to be cut, etc.. I retired 23 years ago and find myself busier than ever before.

Anyway, I love working on my website with WA. I enjoy researching, writing, (I have written 10 books since retirement), graphic arts and photography, all of which dovetail with the websites. I have 2 sons who are webmasters, the oldest is 64 and can't wait to retire because, he says: "The youngsters coming in under me know more than I do, and the technology is developing so fast now, I can't keep up with it!"

Finally, both myself and my wife are 88, we get up every morning at 6:00 AM, and are life-long learners. Yea!!!

Anyway, Kyle, thank you so much for your post, It is a great "kick in the pants" for all of us. You will never know how much we value the folks and resources at WA!.

I am looking forward to Jay's last 2 webinars, especially the one I missed this Friday on affiliates---I had been hoping he would do one on that subject!

MatildaP1 Premium
Wow, you are energetic!! I am inspired by your story.
Maddy55 Premium
You are an inspiration Keith! I hope your wife heals up well.
QAVAVO Premium
What to learn in Wealthy Affiliate, the opportunities within is like a big ocean all of which I want to explore to fully know, grasp and master them and the great starting point the Entrepreneurial Certification 50 Lessons and Bootcamp 70 Lessons to initially fully complete them and revisit them then venture into online business and at same time learn other tutorials. This really motivates me and thank you Kyle and Carson for sacrificing so much for us and not only for us, I see it you are doing this service for the benefit of the whole world. I say this because I am from Fiji Island a tiny dot in the Ocean.
anusuya1 Premium
This post is intriguing and immediately triggered introspection.

Am I using my time productively? Am I feeling stressed out?

Here is my fractionation of the 24 h.

10-12 h: typically total work hour

WA training/ Live webinar: 2-3 h
learning from WA posted blogs: 2-3 h
Writing / researching for blog: 2-3 h
helping others internally and outside: 1-2 h
Writing for health/ nutrition awareness program for my state: 1 h

Every transition in activities is a small break to rejuvenate my mind by either taking walk or talking to my loved ones in India.
My biggest mind relaxation techniques are cutting vegetable and cooking fresh for my family.

So far it is working ok but I can foresee when I launch my site I will be stressed. I am preparing my mind now.

Thank you, Kyle.
MatildaP1 Premium
This is helpful Anusuya1. Thanks
SowAndReap Premium
1) fatigue, yes I have, no doubt about that!

2) you gave some excellent advice, for me, I start thinking about the possibilities and read or watch motivational info.

3) I like all of them and will implement them all, but no. 6. I haven't tried. I personally believe when looking at the potential out there, it's a motivating factor in itself.

All I can say about the motivation thing, is what you added in the end.

"Lets as a collective group squash "business fatigue" and create a brilliantly motivating and productive journey moving forward."

Those words are quite motivating, thanks for that!
ChrisMeche Premium
Learning something new is a way for me to take a break. It allows me to block everything else out by focusing on what I'm reading. I block out at least 30 minutes a day for reading. It helps my mind to focus. I come away from it feeling refreshed. Also, I can't count how many times my reading time has generated new post ideas.
Kerjackie Premium
I am trying to discipline myself every day to follow my plans for the day, sometimes I get through them, but most of the time, I am out of them.
If I get tired, I just go out and walk for an hour, and feel much better.
I love getting help when I feel stuck, and it is my pleasure to help others when I can.
Learning new things for me every day is almost vital, to get myself motivated, this is the creativity part I like to develop more and more, and never get tired of it.
Thank you, Kyle, for sharing this tips, always very helpful.
mbstory4 Premium
Definitely to answer the first question. I plan to set goals as you mentioned. That should go without saying but haven't been doing that. Take a break for sure and help others. Learn something new. I think those are a good start. I like all of your ideas. Thanks Kyle
stephhill Premium
Kyle, this is a very motivational and excellent blog. I have to say this is one of your best blogs you have ever written. Yes, I too have experienced that business fatigue. I love all of your suggestions. The one thing that I do when I experience that business fatigue is to try something new online that I had not done before. I will try a new social media platform, there are so many of them out there and they continue to grow everyday. Or I will try and do something that I have been reluctant to do, such as doing a video of myself -- still nervous about that one. But getting out of that comfort zone gets rid of the business fatigue.

Thanks Kyle.
Kyoko817 Premium
Hi Kyle,
Thank you for your post.

I get that fatigue a lot especially recently... To me, I think it is the lack of inspiration more than the lack of motivation.

When I write my blogs, I do so from a lot of inspiration. That's why when I do some research on what I write about, a lot of ideas for other (next) articles come out. Then I check Jaaxy for the keywords. I find some good keywords, and I write about it. I love this flow. But occasionally I lose that inspiration. And soon I lose the motivation.

I am pushing myself at least to do some research for the next article, but this web-surfing can sometimes end up something very unproductive.

But one thing sustains me from totally inactive or losing motivation is this program. I get in WA, read some people's blog, make some comments, interacting with other fellow WAs (this is very helpful for keep staying focus) or go to SiteFeedback or SiteComment to keep being active (so I won't drop my rank too far :) Like questions or blog of others spark my inspiration about my new article.

So I thank you, Kyle and Carson, for this great program as well as all people who make this great program more amazing.

MarvH Premium
Thank you Kyle. Great thoughts.

# ! I have been making a list ( Goals ) for the next day for years and it has been very helpful. But I think I will have to break down my WA Goals daily also, instead of sometimes.

#2 Helping others always helps to relieve some of my own fatigue although it is hard to do when you are tired.

#3 I am constantly learning something new. Just today I was at backyard party and 3 of us began talking and trading info about some new books regarding older things and it was very interesting to all of us.

#4 After plugging away for awhile when I get weary a break is very important. Sometimes I just get my fishing tackle in the car so the next AM I will be ready to go. That gives me a really good break for a few hours or a whole day if I can.

#5 As far as a change in environment I prefer to take myself down to the coffee shop or where ever, stay and read for about an hour and then go back home and work again.

#6 Yes I like to think about and not over think about the potential. I like to read about the success of others and see what they are doing, to encourage myself. If they can do it, I believe I should be able to or out figure why not.

Right now that reason is I have to focus more,set better goals and execute them.
ElaineSmith1 Premium
I hadn't thought about it much but now that you mention it changing your work environment probably would help. I know that recently I have had to go down to the local MacDonald to sit because we had to vacate our apartment for awhile. I still wanted to work so I went there. Same with the office WiFi Cafe. These places have helped me increase my productivity.
Another thing I do when I get stuck is go for a walk. When I come back not only have I had exercise but I seem to see my work in a different way.

Tried and True

frex6 Premium
Great tips Kyle I've been involved with the internet for over twenty years, but never really thought about my own business. Now since I've decided to make a business out of it I do have a problem setting goals. I'm just learning about the real potential the internet has. The rest of your tips I pretty much do on a daily routine. Building websites are not that difficult especially with WordPress you keep on till you get it right and hope you hit the payload. The most important thing is not to give up and to be patient keep working and it will eventually come to you. Why people give up is because it's the easiest thing to do in most cases. I think getting away from it for a while gives your mind a chance to reboot and start with a different perspective on your blogs.
JooKwang Premium
Hi Kyle, thanks for this post. There are some very useful tips!

The first time I experienced a serious business fatigue or I call it a meltdown was after I hit my 100 blog post mark. I was pushing it to be completed within 3 months and surprising I managed to achieve that. After that, I felt really drained and to 'worsen' the situation, the results were not that forth coming as I had hoped. Thus, it was double whammy. Despite knowing it's only 3 months in and this is not a get rich quick venture, I could't help but feel tired.

What I did back then was to relook at what I have done and review what other successful bloggers did and try to emulate them.

Of the 6 strategies, I would like to spend more time helping others because I believe that's what affiliate marketing is about - helping others with their problems. To achieve this, it's also about setting clear goals and learning new things constantly.

Chrisie1 Premium
Hey Kyle,

I will start and say I am getting my motivation back. Since I started WA my personal life done a 360 in the right way. Yes, there were some bumps in the road as you may know but I'm getting through them :-).

To be honest, it was more than fatigue. I just felt lost and wanted to just give up at times. Something just kept telling me I had to move forward regardless of what is happening.

With help from some members, I'm getting my writing underway to a better place, where it would just flow easily. From your strategies, I will be implementing, learning something new every day.

I am OCD with certain things. Therefore, things that are new to me, at times, I would draw back from. Not saying that I won't try to get through it eventually. I would put up a wall because it's new or a change.

I am starting to see my faults, standing up to them to truly change. I won't run away this time:-).

Thank you for the motivation.
fleurallen Premium
Hey Chrisie, I can completely relate. I felt I completely lost my MOJO in business and my personal life - my business went south suddenly and 2 people from my past personal relationships kept insisting on dragging me down. At the time I found WA, boy was that welcome. So I have felt accepted and nurtured and encouraged here at WA in business, so now I feel I am a worthy and confident blogger that now finally has a clue. And by changing my reactions in my personal life I am now stressfree and attracting positive people into my world.
Chrisie1 Premium
The person that is dragging me down lives with me and has the household income at the moment. That is my motivation to get out of this. Even though they are helping me financially, they are hurting me mentally. It is taking a strain on my sites but I'm learning to be detached while I'm attached. I know I will get through it one way or another.
fleurallen Premium
Great work sounds like you're meeting the challenge
fleurallen Premium
Thanks Kyle for sharing sometimes it is easier to forget that everyone ultimately is the same - human - it just what we all do with our 24 hours a day that makes a difference.

In answer to your questions:

(1) Have you ever felt fatigue when attempting to create or grow your online business? Yes I have felt business fatigue many times before having been in business for over 10 years, it definitely happens.

(2) What are some things that you do to motivate yourself or induce more productivity in your business?
I find I need to be looking after myself particularly health wise. Although I set annual goals which I break down into quarterly chunks what has been my greatest method to success is building a daily task into my regular routine and therefore just focus on achieving that small daily task, which accumulates and builds momentum over time. Therefore, I commit to a min of 20 minutes exercise a min of 5 times a week but it is in daily routine, which means I achieve and often exceed it.

(3) Which strategies, if any, do you think you will implement from my top 6 moving forward?

Helping People both here at WA and outside of WA. The past few months I decided to focus just on my tasks and what I needed however during June I have missed the connection and the boost you receive when you help others regularly. So am building in a small amount of time back into my day because this ultimately is what it is all about in business - helping people - so I don't want to lose sight of that while still achieving my financial goals.
delroy2222 Premium
Awesome, Fleur!
fleurallen Premium
Thank you
wendyg53 Premium
Thank you Kyle. My issue is goal setting. I"m all over the place when I'm not at my 9 to 5 job. I know I would get a lot more done, and be much further along at WA if I set goals for myself. So, it's time to get serious about weekly and daily goals.
delroy2222 Premium
Well said Wendy.
fleurallen Premium
They really help Wendy! I swear by the practice and discipline of setting goals
delroy2222 Premium
Awesome, Fleur.
tomanec Premium
Thanks Kyle for this post.It is urging/reminding us that removing obstacles of any kind, is finding the way to do that,each person his own way.
1.Normally,often times.
2.Whenever I come accross something motvational in itself I make a note of it and when in need to refresh myself,I go reading some of them.Here is one of those tips:
Ever tried.
Ever failes.
No matter.
Try again.
Fail again.
Fail better.
3.Take a break,leave the chair,move around,anyone to have a chat with is, wellcome!
fleurallen Premium
Thanks you have reminded me to make a note of motivational/inspiring sources and return to them when we need it - thanks!
Sui_generis Premium
As usual, this is an EXCELLENT post. I will be the first to admit that I get sidetracked...........butterfly........but not fatigued.

I think that a lot of people come here wanting to make some quick money. They see this as the next Get Rich Quick scheme. WA is not that at all so when they don't progress quickly, they get discouraged and then to top that off, they blame WA. While you have excellent ideas, they will fall on deaf ears to these people.

This is a business whether it be full time or part time and and endeavor to be grown into a sustainable income stream. It does not grow overnight. Having said this, it should also be something that you ENJOY doing and not do SIMPLY do for the money.

I love the idea of changing the environment. I like the idea of getting a different perspective. It's motivational. I'm going to try that one but now I need to follow that butterfly <just kidding!>.

fleurallen Premium
LOL Debbi, love the 'follow the butterfly' I reckon on occasions following the butterfly will stimulate creativity - I guess just not following it every day ;)
keishalina9 Premium
Absolutely ! ... your thoughts are very much appreciated today ... and indeed, setting goals will enable one to realize at least 80% of them -- and better yet -- have them written down and look at them often --
Some have found a 'VISION' board in front of them also helps -- beautiful scenes like a paradise beach with sun & palm trees, etc...and agree, 'change it up' from time to time to help stimulate the brain to see, feel, notice new things to obtain inspiration...
Love your post and thanks so much for sharing with us...all the very best in success for everyone....cheerio....
fleurallen Premium
I LOVE vision boards, I guess I like pretty pictures ;)
DenzelSr Premium
Kyle I think you always have a great blog on what ever
You created in your contents it is always interesting.
I see fituigue an bourdness..
So I just get up an take a walk.
That helps in a way.
Know matter what you do to brack the chane just do it an
Continue own . Don't give up regardless.
amexrn Premium
Hi Kyle,

Thanks for always reminding us what to do and what's important.

Here are my answers to the 3 questions.

Q1. I guess it's not fatigue but I am procrastinating (and a lot) or should I say I easily get distracted and can't concentrate on a particular task that has to be done which I am aware I had to.

Q2. In my small business (local) I am motivated to give my all because I love what I do, helping people with relaxation and relieving stress and pain through massage therapy. I also want to be one of the best therapists here.

Q3. Setting goals. Because I have done that in the past and it really works. I've set goals in my business in the past few months and I've been attaining it. So that's what I'm gonna do as well in WA.

I have not accomplished anything yet with the SAC but I will restart and utilize everything (spare time) I can to (even how small it will be) develop an online business which would really help me immensely in the long run.

Just like the goals I've set in what I do now as a MT I will do that as well in my WA tasks.

Have a nice weekend.

Kind regards,
Arline :)
XavierTapia Premium
Hello Kyle, very useful pointers and would definitely implement some of your advice's.Change up my environments is something desperately need and now I realize how huge that is and can pretty much work out wonders for me. Also to keep reminding myself of the Real Potential online and the vast opportunities that indeed exist with 4 Billion of us using the internet. And last, but not least the crucial key importance to Help People constantly in their quest to improve and be successful in their lives so we can be as well too. Thanks for sharing and tropical regards from Costa Rica.

SWagner2 Premium
I have absolutely experienced fatigue while trying to grow my online blog/business. The constant production of content is a real challenge. Writing can be fun, but it can also be hard work and very time consuming.

One thing I do to keep myself moving forward is to read about other affiliate marketers' successes and to understand that there's no reason I can't have the same success that they have. That and the massive power of the Internet keep me optimistic. I know there's a way to reach people, I just haven't gotten there yet.

Setting goals is an area where I've gotten distracted, and I need to start setting some more realistic goals again. I tend to scatter my energies over too many projects and get discouraged when I don't get the results I hoped for. Setting goals will help keep my efforts in alignment with my dreams. Otherwise, I'm just all over the place wasting my time and energy.
PreshusLove Premium
I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, so this is something I battle both in life and in trying to accomplish any goals I have here and in growing my business.

I use fun and creativity, and seeking enjoyment in what I do, getting rid of things I don't enjoy doing, as the best way to motivate myself to do things. I have decided not to work anymore, it's all just playtime.

I love your idea of change of space. I'm not sure how I'll do it, I'm a fan of creature comforts and pajamas - but maybe even moving out by the pool sounds nice. Thanks, Kyle.
grkuria Premium
Thank you Kyle. Your post is already motivating me. Some days l feel very demotivated even when l have clear goals for the day. In such moments, l listen to motivational podcasts or read motivational quotes. Some of my favourite quotes are from Jim Rohn and Zig Ziglar.
There are times when l change my plan for the day eg if my plan was write posts, l change to listening to the recorded Wealthy Affiliate webinars.
carolbinger Premium
This is certainly a well needed refresher. I have been hit by the fatigue and of course I did take a break. Since then, I just can't catch up with my tasks on the Super Wealthy Affiliate Challenge. I hope I can get back close to where I really want to be soon.
GaryHorton Premium
Thanks Kyle. I am in awe at how productive you are. I also do many of the things you mention to combat fatigue and burnout.

I begin my workday by setting goals for that day and prioritizing them so I'm clear on what I should accomplish first. This list of priorities is helpful if I get interrupted too.

My daily goals are dictated by the larger, more time intensive goals I have in my planner. Although I'm not robotic about what I choose to work on for the day. Sometimes I just pick what I want to do.

At the end of the day, I mentally congratulate myself for what I accomplished. This moment of congratulation restores a bit of energy and helps me feel good about my day.

I tend to work intensely until I start to burn out. I've done this for years and have abandoned trying to change it. Instead, when I feel burn out creeping in, I take a break from the computer and do manual labor, clean the house or yard, or spend time with my many pets. Sometimes I will do this for days until I feel restored.

It helps me to remember that through my websites and through my participation in WA, I am impacting real people who have dreams of their own. I want to help them as much as I possibly can. Helping others keeps me going.

Sometimes I will take a brief working vacation in place. I'll either work in a hammock in the shade or at a table and rocker in the yard. Also, I'm old school when it comes to writing and will start a creative project with a steno pad and 3X5 cards, and far from the computer.

It blows me away to that I can make money with my laptop. It feels magical to me.
Supernonsens Premium
It is hard to stay motivated when I’m having issues with the training and the webinars. I have written for three solid days for counting today requesting someone to figure out why the link between my site and WA is not working when it comes to audio. I have posted and chat live I have listed in the message board I’ve done everything I know how to do including have my personal computer checked to make sure there’s not a problem with my computer. I have just listened to three training videos from another training site other than WA and it works fine. According to what the computer expert said there is a problem between the link for WA and my computer.
mbouteiller Premium
Hi Kyle, thank you for writing this. This is a much-needed read for me.

In answer to your questions:

1. Yes, I experienced 'fatigue', perhaps more of a slight depression when I had to do my income It seriously set me back momentum-wise. I was hot on my writing and following the Super Challenge, then BOOM... the tax time rolled in. I felt tired.

2. To motivate myself and get more productivity on my site, I got back into my routine of daily exercise Bootcamp workouts (except Saturdays and Sundays) and helping others in WA as much as I can.

Decided I need to hang out in my dive site for awhile because I somehow keep thinking of diving.

I will get back on the Super Challenge soon... I now have a bigger and better list of more meaningful and exciting topics I can write on.

3. The strategies I would implement from your list are:

a) Changing the environment - I need to find a better environment where I can work on my laptop and feel 'FREE' from distractions and the feeling that I have to do a chore when I don't really feel like doing it (I am living a single live so why do I have chores??)

b) Learning and helping others in WA - I love learning and I categorize the members' interesting topics and tutorials that are inspirational and helpful.

c) Goals... well, that is another story. This has to definitely be more of a daily goal and I can seen this working well. I know what I want to accomplish in my mind on a daily basis (rarely gets accomplished) but perhaps a WRITTEN daily goal would be better.

d) Quit my multi-tasking as I am a 'yo-yo-...up and down, up and down.

3) 5, 4, 3, 2, 1... Kaju mentioned this in one of his articles and this is working well and making me do things I don't like doing and it's better to get these out of the way, otherwise thinking of these annoy me.

This is also getting me motivated again ... helps to rid of procrastination yuck!

Oops...sorry for making this long. Thanks Kyle!
KathleenB8 Premium
When I first started at WA I was so excited about learning new things that that kept me motivated.
But lately I have been fatigued by health and personal problems. Now I'm finding that your second strategy--helping others--is getting me excited again (this is such a great community).
Going forward, I know I must focus on setting goals and working towards them. Also, reflecting on the real potential would be helpful, I'm sure.
Great post! Thanks!
neilc Premium
Thanks for your insights, Kyle!

I've worked continuously on my blog (7 days a week) over the past 7 to 8 months. So I'm taking a family holiday to Spain next week for 7 days to recharge the batteries. :)

Usually, to stay productive, every Sunday I make a list of the next 5 - 7 blog posts.

Sometimes I'll watch a motivational YouTube video or two in the mornings.

In addition, I'll occasionally take a quick walk into town and back, and also go gym 4 times a week which really helps.

Although, after an hour gym sesh you feel like going bed instead of writing a blog post lol. But push through it (just like the gym) and that post will get published.

To be honest, I think because I've developed a habit of working every day, I don't get fatigue. I just get to work without thinking about it.

midhunvm Premium
Looks like you are a
content pumping machine Neil :)
neilc Premium
It feels like that, Midhun lol.
midhunvm Premium
lol :)
JosonInc Premium
Fatigue is possible anywhere, anytime. It is how we face fatigue and how effective we are. For me, it is a great nap ! When I wake up from a medium to 'large' nap, fatigue for the most part is gone.

Great post Kyle. We do have to address fatigue on a regular basis.

RaniaM Premium
Hi Kyle,
i always feel sad when I have fatigue and loose enthusiasm. It is nice to hear that this is normal. If I feel a lot of fatigue, then I stop working, take a break or do something else. Go for a walk, drink coffee in my garden, go for swimming or relaxing and do nothing.
If I feel bored, I use your fifth strategy and change the environment. Sometimes, in the sitting room, or the kitchen beside the window. If the weather is nice I sit in my garden. This helps me to be active and enthusiastic.
A big like for this inspiring post. I love it
Surfdude123 Premium
I try not to look at this as a definite have to do this or should do this. It's not a destination working on your website. There is no end point, you just keep building the site blog after blog and learn as you go. When I feel fatigue I just walk away and do something else. 2 1/2 years later I am still building out the website and now it's something I am proud of.
dalwhu Premium
1) Have you ever felt fatigue when attempting to create or grow your online business?

Yes I have, I suffer from adrenal fatigue which can hit me in the afternoons. I have changed my eating habits and researched different supplements which help a lot but when I feel tired I just take a break have a nap and get back to it.

(2) What are some things that you do to motivate yourself or induce more productivity in your business?

I plan and structure my work ion an A3 notepad. I write to do lists and set my goals.

If I feel I am overloading myself I refer back to the answer I put down on for question 1.

(3) Which strategies, if any, do you think you will implement from my top 6 moving forward?

I will try and learn something new and then help other folks if I can.

Changing my environment sounds appealing as well
MozMary Premium
1. setting goals: yes, I've a billion things need doing and it could lead to overwhelm meaning nothing gets done unless I focus on top goals that I set for that day, starting small is key for anyone struggling with that, it snowballs and becomes easier

2. help peeps: this week I was pissed off looking at the negative stuff but someone in here helped me with a subtle but effective kick up the ass, then I got to help someone with something that was doing their head in and it was joyful to share in their excitement succeeding at it, someone else reminded me it's good just to have peeps to vent with when working on some issue alone in cyber space...

3. and 6. learn something new and think of the potential - lol just working through the training and webinars for some of us is a whole lot of learning something new! This week I took an extra outside course where to my surprise the guy was teaching people to steal content online - I was extra appreciative of being exposed to someone like Kyle who doesn't do this and shows us how to do stuff right and be successful, in fact everything that guy said was a lie but how do we know unless we are exposed to what's right - so this is why I put #6 in there - part of our potential online is to stand up for what we believe, overturn lies, make the world a better and fairer place and make money in the process - I don't have to get upset with that guy teaching peeps to go to my site and steal, I can turn it right around

4. take a break: LOL, yesterday I spent hours visiting local organic gardens with their amazing flowers and bagged a cabbage you'll never see in a supermarket, stunning, picked wild elderflowers and mint for some delicious free tea, and then to the forest and it's pretty much guilt free when it is part of the training to take a break [I'm not telling you how much chocolate I ate though, let's keep this guilt free] :D

5. change up your environment: ooh love it! That's the one I'll be implementing more of...have seen glimpses of its power in the past, good to be reminded!

Thanks Kyle for your positivity, hard work, help, and cutting through the bs out there that other people are teaching and doing online...and the opportunities and resources you give us here at much as I may complain about this or that along the way :D
DorcasW Premium
Thanks, Kyle. This is food for thought. I really believe in learning something new as often as possible.

We will just have to be creative and innovative to keep our minds active in the right direction where we can be helpful to our business and to other people.

Although fatigue is a natural occurrence in the human mind and body, having a strong determination to move ahead will be an effective tool to work on fatigue that overtakes us.
joejr49 Premium
First of all Kyle, thanks for all that you do. Now for my answers to your questions:

1. Not fatigue, just interruptions and getting sidetracked.

2. I think about the potential that exists if I apply myself with the lessons learned here.

3. You took the time to share those 6 things for productivity and motivation, so i am going to do my best to implement all 6 in my efforts. I have already touched on #2. briefly, today.

I am working on a blog post to update my semi-absense here lately, and am getting ready to get back into the swing of things.

Thanks again,

ontherise Premium
I'm almost always fatigued. So far it isn't really in relation to this business as much as it is trying to do this and run a business. I find my time spent here is motivating. I have recently backed off somewhat to make time for myself. I'm focusing g on the content t writing and beyond that do whatever I can. This has made things a little less stressful. I still get to most of the tasks but am not pressuring myself.

I think I will try setting some smaller goals as well.

Surfdude123 Premium
Don't forget to have fun while doing it too:)
DianeCarter3 Premium
Kyle, I like just how you broke this scenario down for my understanding. Your 1st question.
Have you ever felt fatigue? Yes I have
2. What are some things that you do to motivate yourself or induce more productivity in your business?I try to work harder or to be encourage or to succeed in persuading, or leading someone.
3. Which strategies, if any, do you think you will implement from my 6 moving forward?
I plan to carry on all my tools that been provided for me in my training. However, all 6 apply
Thank you!
RAFStuart Premium
The first thing to comment on is fatigue, even if we are retired, like I am, we still have a life, so whilst we put as much as possible into WA, we also have to balance other things, such as family, shopping and a multitude of tasks, so we are bound to get fatigued.

My motivation comes from years of wasting money on get rich schemes, this time I will succeed no matter how long it takes me.

Have also realised having spent a few days not being as productive as I wanted to be, that whilst I must do something every day, this to avoid having time off, and thus not wanting to get back to working on the site, or lesson, it does not have to be a full days work, just a short spell to keep me active.

To get away from it for say thirty minutes I go in my getting very neglected garden, it does me the world of good.

I do set goals on a daily basis, sometimes I struggle to keep them, always learn something new each day, often do work mentally when I am driving or out. Take my tablet to cricket so I do not lose work time. Hope all this helps.
1signbanner Premium
Thanks Kyle, seems to me you know just when to come. I feel you're my coach guiding me along! =)

Thank you so much for that. I am just "getting around the corner" Kyle and Just when I think I got it, another thought and idea come in. These ideas take time to accomplish that's when I get to where you blog comes in. Timely? I say so.

My search for video making is in the works. I am excited and can visualize the finish. I want it fun and entertaining yet educational.

Yes the fatique kicks in for me and that's OK Kyle.

The ultimate goal is there and waiting!

Thanks Kyle as usual great post and timely too!

Mahalo my Mentor!

TomMarchido Premium
Hey Kyle, fatigue? Oh yes, when it sets in I know it's time to dig in because as I've grown older fatigue is a normal part of it. But, I know that if I don't move forward, that means I'm standing still and I don't go for that. It's easy for me to fire myself up because of the many reasons I'm building my business. It's knowing that as long as I stay focused on my goals, I can keep growing.

I think goal setting will always be the most important aspect of growing my business. I create my goals based on my progress so far, and the things I need to accomplish. I make reasonable goals, and keep things doable with a few challenges built in. That seems to work best for me.
Phari Premium
Hi Kyle,

Great post.

1. YES, I felt like that yesterday as I was trying to implement and brainstorm what I’m passionate about. The list was so long that I couldn’t select which one and took an hour break, came back and narrow it down to which one excites me the most.

2. For me talking to people or just doing something so simple (like walking, closing my eyes, etc) inspires me with new ideas.

3. #6
Hollshope Premium
Sounds like I need to shake up my work environment. I'm a creature of habit, and work in my office every single morning like clockwork. My dream is to live close to the ocean one day.

When I feel "work fatigue" coming on, I force myself to take a break and do something totally unrelated. I make bags so I'll go sew for awhile, and get myself into my right brain. Answers to fiddly little problems that were nagging me, and I couldn't figure out, sometimes work themselves out when I step away, and give my mind a break. And even they don't, the perspective is refreshing.

Achieving balance in all areas of my life allows me to keep a slow burn of motivation going for my work-related endeavors, and it also prevents burnout. If I neglect self care, my work and brain- power suffers. We are holistic beings, and every area of our lives should be in balance for optimal productivity. I focus on keeping my cup fairly full. Some days I fall short, but most of the time I succeed fairly well.

I agree with you about goals. For me, I need to have a big-picture mentality if I'm going to meet my goals. It's the big picture that keeps me motivated. The future's coming round the pike really fast, and I want to enjoy the fruits of my efforts when it does. I think a lot about consequences. What do I want my consequences in the future to be, based on my actions today? Cause and effect is a law of life.

I'm a list maker, and these lists provide a framework for my days, weeks, and months. I try not to get anal about my lists, and get bent out of shape if a task doesn't get crossed off when I thought it should. I'm better now at putting things in perspective. Setting my sites on my goals enables me to trudge through daily tasks that are daunting, and I'd rather not do.

After all, life is full of things that need to be done that we don't want to do. I have drilled this concept into my kids' heads. So what you don't want to do something. What does that have to do with the price of rice? Absolutely nothing, just go do it. And in the end it probably won't be as hard as you anticipated. Most of the time it's easier to just tackle the job head on then to think about doing it - you know, that infamous dread factor.

And finally, I try not to overthink things. I once heard someone say that trying to make everything you do perfect is a function of the ego. Spending too much time on a project ensuring that it's perfect is not a good expenditure of time and energy, and, sometimes, it's just plain egotistical. "Done is better than perfect" Perfection isn't even attainable on this planet so why kill yourself trying to attain the unattainable. It's an exercise in futility. That's not to say I don't take pride in my work, and do the best I can. I'm a realist though.

Words to live by: Do your best, be consistent, plan for the future, set goals, engage in self-care everyday, and serve others. Those are my Saturday morning musings...

Hope you all do something fun today to nourish your souls!

Normanmelba Premium
Yes, I do grow fatigue while I am trying to build my online business. Right now I grow real tired and have to get away from it.
I will explain this when I finish answering your questions. Things I do to motivate my self I research every topic I have to and just find out all i can about most of them. Right now my strategies will be to help others if I can.While I am building my on line business, and trying to teach any one on what I do to solve certain problems. I sure need your know how and expertise to help me going forward. Like right now I need to know how to preview theme on my web site. And now I will tell you what I mean about getting real fatigue. I just had a big operation about 3 or 4 weeks ago. It was a back operation where they went trough the front to put bars into my back. It was supposed to be a straight forward operation, but something happened and they tore a main artery, i died on table and they brought me back. there is no more pain in my lower back. but made my legs week.So i been fighting that while i am recovering from the surgery. i don" complain and i am going forward and Ignoring the Pain. sometimes it gets to me and i take a break and go watch the news. I am getting better but we are living on social sec. I had built my business to where it was worth a lot of money. But I made a big mistake. I let my son take over and left him about $200 thousand dollars to start up.And also with some ongoing jobs. To make a long story short, 2 years later he went bankrupt owing me a million dollars. But I do not think about the money. I was drawing $24000 dollars a month, and that stoped overnight. i had to keep on going or fell sorry for myself. i saw the prospect on making money on line, so here I am. i never told any about this instill now. so you see why i need help, now I am taking on the task building a business on line, because the oilfield around me dried up and everyone moved to Texas so here I am now.
MSnargrass Premium
Excellent tips to revive your productivity and motivation in business. I will definitely use if needed.

I am usually laid back when it comes to business and have a loose structure on what I plan to do daily/ weekly and try to be flexible with the combination of duties through prioritizing my schedule based on goals.

Having goals can act as a driving force to help keep you focused. Setting deadlines can get you fired up too.

It really comes down to discipline and being willing to do things that need to be done even when you don’t want to.

Honestly, I love the fact that what I create is mine. My passion is to help others and create passive income for the future. This makes me excited and motivates me!

LouisaB Premium
I typically incorporate all six in my daily! weekly task. But. there are always room for fatigue and frustration to creep in. However, I try to sort ways to have a balance in my schedule.

Also, I have learned to step back and reevaluate my goals to see if they are in alignment with my tasks.

Breaks seem to work for me, or a change in my environmental setting. Anyway, it took me two years to realize that I must take time out for me because without me nothing gets done. Louisa B
dpanic63 Premium
Great Post Kyle,

As mention on the precious comment by Vanessa, "Very Timely"

For me "Change the environment is a real important one" sometimes like yourself and I suspect a lot of other people just head over to the local Starbucks with my laptop order a coffee and Get STUFF done. its a real nice change of pace.

The other part to this is that I spend my Sundays just reading about what was learnt in the previous week in terms of the skills and tools, and reviewing my motivation for WHY i am in this new profession.

lastly, even though its always at the front of your mind, take some time off and "go and do something else" again like yourself and others a great way to come back Fresh.

Thanks Kyle
GertMaritz Premium
Great advice Kyle. My transport company closed in 2013 and I had to start a complete new career in 2014 at age 52. Long hours of studying, doing exams to get myself qualified and all this while I have to work to keep the cash-flow rolling.
I wrote a book about my life and how I managed to stand up from the setback. I also now are busy developing training to help others to stand strong again. This is part of why I need WA to teach me the skills to market via the internet. Topics I think of handling is:
1. Get your mindset right. (2014/15 for me)
2. Getting out of the ditch. (My last 3 years)
3. Re-invest and keep growing. (This is what I am doing now)
All the above steps you mentioned I personally have applied over the last 5 years.
dpanic63 Premium
Awesome work,
In a world full of 'Instant everything" its great to see that there are the "Warriors" still in the trenches, and AGE has NO relevance.
"Fighters fight"
Keep the faith brother.
HowardJaros Premium
Hi Kyle, great post!

1) Yes, but less so the longer the websites mature.
2) For us, we too like a change of scenery, so moving the RV home to a new location seems to help.
3) #6 - It is always amazing to think there are that many people online looking for things that we can help them with. So, keep that in mind and keep on keeping on!
Nickoy Premium
Hey, Kyle. This is an interesting post. I find it motivating. Setting goals daily or weekly is indeed vital to helping us becoming productive and efficient. I have been taking a little break for a while but want to get more active as the time progresses.
I have felt fatigue. But, I do try to motivate myself by thinking about the joy of being successful online.
I will be thinking about which strategies that will be most useful to implement. But, so far, setting goals and helping people and reflecting on the real potential are the three points I think can motivate me.
MessyJess Premium
Admittedly, I'm feeling a little burnt out from uploading six articles a week for the past month. It's getting harder to come up with what to write that has me motivated.

I'll probably take a day to not write anything and just focus on comments and lower level stuff.

Thanks for the advice, Kyle :)
Hudson Premium
This is a very interesting post, Kyle. Looking at what I do I suppose one of the approaches I take, perhaps unknowingly, is to have more than one thing going at a time. By this I mean I may be working on an issue for a company I freelance, for, collaborating on a book with another colleague, writing content on a niche. What I find is that this makes me think things through on many planes and I often find that there is good cross thinking results between them. It may not seem to be an efficient way of working but in reality I drop one issue off my thinking radar if I can’t solve it (or don’t have the motivation to take it further), and at some future time, maybe today, tomorrow the solution often pops up because I am working on something else. This enables me to keep my motivation going. Just occasionally though the best way for me is the daily walk with the dogs in the morning, get great ideas then which I have to make a note of at the time or they disappear. Hope this makes sense, Hudson.
Kyle Premium
Awesome, thanks for your feedback. It definitely makes sense and it sounds like it really works well for you in terms of creativity as well as productivity.

Sometimes doing the same thing for hours, in focus, is not the most productive way to do something. Some people operate better when they jump around from project to project.
Zarina Premium
Setting goals definitely is a great aspect to work on, I try to wake up each morning with a certain goal for that day. Then setting goals and crossing them off even on a piece of paper gives you a great sense of getting things done (and therefore inspires you to continue).

If I feel the so-called writer's block, I use the free-writing technique, it's been working wonderfully for me. And based on the feedback of fellow WA'ers, they liked it too: But see, major problem for me and likely everyone else, is the lack of energy. The lack of energy comes from improper diet and lack of exercises - so these are the two things I keep working on.

Even a simple walk to the park can help you feel better and give you that thirst for life.
Kyle Premium
Great ideas there in your training module Zarina, I love it! Also, I agree.

A simple way to relax and get out of the current "business" headspace and into something a little more zen where your mind can wander can go a long ways for your creativity and productivity.

Exercise is something that I do every night and it definitely gives me my second wind and allows me to work for longer, with more focus.
christinebso Premium
I need to make my daily goals more specific so that I will feel better at the end of the day knowing that I have done what I planned to do.

Helping others and learning new things motivates me to work hard on this business.

I will implement all the 6 strategies :)

Thank you Kyle!
Kyle Premium
Daily goals are imperative to productivity. Something that I have learned the hard way over the years and I still catch myself spending time trying to fill some days without proper and concise goals.
baritonetom Premium
Thanks for the direction. It is amazing how many ideas for articles that one can get while mowing the yard. Or even the inspiration that can come after you finish the mowing and relax in a hammock in the shade. Work is good, but so is relaxation. Work is good, but so is giving of your time to help others.
Thanks for all the knowledge that you share. It is truly an inspiration.
God bless you.
Kyle Premium
Love that, many people do spend time meditating or simply sitting in a hammock relaxing. Being in this sort of zen environment can clear the head and can be great for creativity.

This is actually something I need to learn to do more, as I typically spend far too much time being busy even when I think that I am relaxing.
smokeywins Premium
I actually suffered from "fatigue" or what I called a lack of motivation in the past few weeks. I somehow lost focus on my primary website. It ended up becoming too "salsey" and not enough of the content I had originally planned to create. It got so bad that I started to second guess the web address and everything. Luckily my fellow WA members talked me off of that cliff, and all that was really needed was a renaming of the website itself.

Due to my lack of focus on that site, I decided to change it up and focus on transitioning my Shopify store into a WooCommerce site. My approach is slightly different as I will still focus on physical products, but they are all dropshipped from a US supplier, so no need to carry inventory. Currently working on the product descriptions which is a bit slow going.

In terms of your 6 tips, I 100% agree with taking time for yourself and have said it many times to other members here at WA. It seems like so many are so focused on working non-stop, thinking that it will get them to success sooner rather than later. And I'll admit, I've done it in the past as well. But now, maintaining a work/life balance is critical to success. We all need to take time away from our businesses, to spend time with friends and family doing things we really enjoy to do, otherwise what are we in this business for?
Kyle Premium
See this is where a big problem can reside. People often times get fatigue and instead of focusing on a way to overcome this, they start a completely new business.

The problem, is that they same thing will typically happen within their new niche or business venture and as soon as that fatigue sets on, off to the next thing.

This leads to a constant state of mediocrity. Be great at one thing, bear the fruits of your labour. This will be require you to overcome stagnant points in your business and the fatigue I am referring to here.
smokeywins Premium
You are so right! But I think my problem more than anything else was that I never really had a true focus for my initial website. I was forcing myself to try and fit two things together, in a rush to get results. I was also getting a bit frustrated with a close friend. who is also my upline for said product. My methodology for promotion was different than constantly hounding people to make a purchase or constantly posting a product on personal FB profiles, which is a FB no-no. She's not well versed in online marketing, heck she couldn't even advise me as to whether or not we had a website when I first signed up. So to be honest, there is a lot more going on than just getting frustrated with my site.

Taking the step back that I did allow me to refocus. The site is no longer tagged in my name, and had changed to "surviving cancer", and I am still trying to focus on the details of specific content. The experience I am gaining with WooCommerce, as well as Jay's training on the use of WooCommerce and affiliate links, also helped to open my eyes to another method of product promotion.

So to be honest, I never really gave up, per se, I just needed to take a step back and see the big picture, instead of desperately trying to force a square peg into a round hole in a rush to get results.
Alisia33 Premium
The main things is not telling us what to do but how to do it we here the same thing from everybody that is success on what to do but that don’t actually lay out how to do it. If you can communicate with some one on one you will never get the full understanding that your looking for it will take longer and it will make you more frustrated if you don’t have the help you need. You say there is plenty of help in WA but it really ain’t your really on your own if we don’t understand the training videos we just will never be where we want to be. I’m not sure what I’m suppose to do are how exactly am I suppose to start making money I have followed all the videos and applied each step to my website of course I’m sure I have not did everything right and it need some more work but where do I go from here where is the real help? How do I really make money?
Kyle Premium
If there is every something specific that you don't understand in the training videos, then simply ask for help. The more specific your question, the more specific the response you will get.

You have been at this less than 3 weeks, you are not going to know everything and much of this will seem "foreign" to you as is the case with anything new. As you move forward, as you take action on the training, as you stumble sometimes (and learn the solution), and as you get help, you are going to gain more and more expertise.

I have been at this 16 years now full time and I personally am learning something new each and every day.
verna8767 Premium
I do think I will implement at least a couple of these suggestions. I think part of my problem is setting my goals. At the beginning of my day I have a clear picture in my mind of the things I want to accomplish, but then something does wrong. As I go along doing my tasks something here will distract me and I go back and forth from one thing to another doing a little of this and a little of that, but I can't get things finished. It takes me way too long to complete an article and if it's a review it takes me even longer.
I will start writing my daily goals down and maybe that will keep me more on track to actually finish things by the end of the day.

I also find it very difficult to do so much without any help and can't afford to outsource

I actually think that even after 3 years I feel that I am still very motivated and continue to enjoy working on my business. My frustration comes in because I still haven't made any income in these three years.

Just working on my site enables me to learn something new all the time. I don't think I take as many breaks as I should because I am so determined to make my website successful that I spend almost all my time on it when I'm at home.

I do move to different places to work. I do help others. I don't get fatigued when working on my site, but I definitely get frustrated because it brings me down to know I've been working so long without any success.

I will start writing my daily goals down each day or week because if I see it I will feel more accomplished when I get to check each task off when completed. That will allow me to see that I am moving forward.

Thanks for this Kyle because I think we all need to hear something like this from time to time.
Kyle Premium
That is the thing about goals though Verna, you will not achieve all of them. I create ambitious lists at the beginning of the week and guess how often I complete everything on that list. Pretty much never.

But just having this list and seeing the bigger picture as to what I want to accomplish during the week, I end up getting a lot more work done.

Great to hear you are going to adopt some of these in your own day to day business. :)
Freisia Premium
I needed to read this post so a big thank you Kyle.
I have been struggling over the last 6 weeks with a badly ruptured achilles tendon which is refusing to heal.
Its been making me feel extremely tired and I have found it difficult to focus on anything outside of keeping doctors appointments and trying to keep my leg up.
I was also feeling a little despondent because I had put in a lot of work and still no real rewards.
They say in most businesses you lose money in the first 12 months.
I have just finished my first 12 months so maybe it will begin to turn around for me.
I need to get back into the training and focus.
A great article and one to copy and keep. Thank you.
Kyle Premium
Sit with your feet up, and do a little research or writing. I actually work from my couch quite regularly, all I need is my computer and I have the ability to get things efficiently done.
imthedamo Premium
Absolutely fantastic Kyle. In my opinion, one of the best posts I have ever seen from you. Not only do I have ideas I have created a whole site about this very subject. Cognitive Momentum is real and it is the way we create, sustain and enjoy our success. I will be curating this post for my blog. Would love a guest post haha. Thanks for all you guys do here I love it. I wouldn't trade my WA membership for the world. Damo
Kyle Premium
Yeah, for sure. You can leverage this idea, to spur more ideas in terms of content on your website. :)

So glad you enjoyed this post Damian, I have all sorts of things that I can and will share that are more intimate to my internal processes and things that I do and deal with on a day to day basis.

People think that I might be operating in some different world or I might have some extra secret technique that I use to operate within the online world. I don't. I am just the same as anyone else.
Memorylaneuk Premium
Thank you for some great ideas Kyle. I often feel business fatigue and until now I have just forced myself to work and carry on regardless.
I love being part of SWAG and use the things you set us as my goals for the month.
With Grace and Gratitude
Kyle Premium
So glad you are enjoying SWAG and this is very much geared towards that. The thing is, the 5-6 month mark within a niche is where "fatigue" can set in, so I wanted to time this conversation appropriately.

Think of the opportunity before us, that alone should serve as an ongoing motivator.
kimgwinter Premium
Thanks for the inspiration Kyle. What's interesting to me, is that in my time here at WA I have never felt fatigued trying to grow my online business. I think that's because I am constantly being challenged and motivated to learn something new, and I find that keeps me interested. I like the idea of changing the environment that I work from, and I love being involved in the WA community. There is so much help being offered and received, it's great! It actually inspires me to want to help my readers more.
Kyle Premium
That is wonderful, and I don't necessarily ever feel fatigue because I naturally do these things to avoid any sense of fatigue.

It is less about me realizing I am fatigued, it is more about preventing fatigue in business by implementing these very strategies on a day in, day out basis.
Talk2Ray Premium
Kyle, one of the things that drags me down is routine. I know I am a creature of habit. But after doing something day after day, week after week I am wanting some change. Your idea #5 "Change your environment" is something that I have just started to implement. As a Pastor I have a regular daily routine and there are certain days each week that are dedicated to preparing for the Sunday service. Your idea helps me to see that I don't always hold up in my study every week. Now that summer is here I have found a great place to study is on my back porch in the mornings while it is still cool. Thanks again Kyle for your inspiration and encouragement...
Kyle Premium
The less you can make your day feel like Groundhog Day, the more interesting your life will become.

That is something that I have learned from experience, and when this is done within business, it can lead to a lot more creativity and productivity.
shazzaWA Premium
Hi Kyle,
This is really timely for me.

For your questions above:
1) Yes definitely at times have felt fatigued.

2) Focusing on just a few tasks to do. Which then leads to the strategies...

3) The goal setting is key. Even just little tasks each day to build to the bigger goal. I love nothing more than checking off tasks I have to do in any given day.

I have been participating more in live chat and also enjoying and being motivated by others blog posts. I do enjoy helping others out if it is within my knowledge and capabilities.

Great post Kyle!
Thanks, Sharon
Kyle Premium
You make a very good point here. Focus on just a "few tasks", don't try to do too much at once.

We all fall into this trap and we have "heard" that multi-tasking leads to more efficiency, when in fact the alternate has been proven.

Focusing on one thing at a time, getting that done, and then moving onto the next can lead to more efficiency.
Defiant6 Premium
Fatigue and loss of motivation has been and continues to be the biggest struggles of my online business to this day. Once I get momentum, I tend to let off the gas and then it gets very difficult to get that momentum back especially when life suddenly throws things at you.

My biggest issue is trying to remain focused on my website when crippling debt is pounding at me. I do understand it takes time to build and a thriving and great financial online business that can pay the bills, but in the mean time I'm struggling so much to pay all my bills each month and that is my fault because I let spending and things get away from me and so now lately I've been looking very heavily into getting side hustle to help alleviate some of this pressure and get focused back on my number 1 priority of building a thriving business here.

You are right, daily goals are important and I need to go back to my journal and read what tasks I have written down to get done each day because I have a tendency to not stick to those. Thank you again for sharing this with all of us as it is very helpful!
Kyle Premium
Well debt is going to be there whether or not you build your website, but your website can be a path to build a business.

I would operate them independently in your mind, your debt is there, and there are things that you can do to get rid of that. Just don't tie your business directly to that debt or it is going to truly hinder your progress and your capabilities.
Defiant6 Premium
Thank you very much for the advice. You're right, debt is going to be there no matter what (until I can truly get out of it), but I don't want my business tied directly to it.

I do know that people here are also doing freelance work on the side with what they've been taught here and it has helped them immensely with finances and a path forward to build up their business here. They are disciplined enough to work on their freelance no more than a certain amount of set hours and then work on their blossoming business here.

Of course there's also those members here who have fully devoted their attention to nothing but building up their business at Wealthy Affiliate and after a certain amount of time, which can be much faster than people think, have earned enough to help with their finances or have earned a full time income. What's nice about what is taught here is that you can go down either road, building an online business, being a freelancer to help others build up their online business, or both.
Kettei Premium
Hi Kyle,

Great article and certainly one that's relevant to all of us.

I have a few thoughts on your points:

1) Setting goals has been key in my return to WA several weeks ago and maintaining my motivation. I've found the best way to achieve this for me is by using a bullet journal. I love my bullet journal so much and wish I'd started one much sooner than this year.

2) I love helping people, both here at WA and in real life. I don't believe you can expect others to make time for you if you don't make time for others.

3) I'm in my mid-forties and I still believe in learning continually. I'm currently reading Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson which has some fascinating insights into marketing. I don't agree with them all but it's still interesting, learning about his take on creating a mass movement.

4) I look forward to having a break. :D

5) A change of scenery is always helpful when it comes to creativity. I had an idea for a blog post just yesterday because my daughter was nagging me for a snack. Snack was made and then I made a 1,200 word post too. :)

6) I've found it really helpful to reflect on my own potential too. When I first joined WA in 2016 I struggled to find a niche and seriously faltered in my progress because I didn't recognise the potential I already had within me. Now I've got my original niche site up and running and I just started my second site that is a combined niche & Bootcamp website.

Our lives are an amazing tapestry of opportunity that we just need to stand back and appreciate.
Kyle Premium
Constantly learn. That is something that the Internet affords us and I make it my goal to read every day (which I naturally do in this business) and learn something new every day (which is the byproduct of reading).

I love the idea of reflecting on your own potential, as long as it is positive. A lot of people have been beat up so much by society and naysayers with limiting beliefs that when they think inward about their potential, it actually limits them.

The opportunity online is vast, and the potential we all have within this crazy Internet world is just as vast. All of us!
AlexEvans Premium
Hi Kyle thanks for this timely post, I sit here sometimes and wonder how you guys actually do it, so it is good to read that you are just like everyone else and go through the same things.

We can kind of run out of steam to a degree, at times I have just one too many irons in the fire, on reflection, we can hit those periods when it is hard to keep the energy flowing. I do from time to time.

In a way, it is good to experience it, accepting that there will be some ups and downs kind of makes it easier to work through it if that makes sense. Always super motivated, so downturns are unexpected.

One of the things that I really appreciate is the whole community here I think that being involved can really help us to lift our games and there is a real sense of satisfaction and togetherness helping folks out.

Recognising where we are in the business cycle can be really helpful knowing our natural rhythms works, when to give 100% and when to ease off the throttle and recognizing when you are reaching those trigger points. I guess its called experience it can take time to reach that point work in progress for me since coming to the online world.

From your list # 5, I have just recently started to work from multiple places on the go, seems to really help the creativity moving through and interacting with folks in different environments. highly recommend it.

# 6, the potential just blows me away some days when I think about it, I think it is the fact that any one of us can do it, that is the special thing about the whole deal.

# 2 always good to help folks something that is becoming a way of life so to speak.

# 1 I think the goal thing is really important and one of the areas that I need to do some work on.

Thanks for this post, Kyle.
Kyle Premium
Thanks for your feedback Alexender, very insights. Definitely something we all go through is having too many irons in the fire, and this is what I believe to be one of the biggest contributors for failure.

By is it the result of fatigue? People tend to move on and put another iron in the fire when they hit fatigue, the move onto a new niche or a new business model.

I think getting your fatigue and motivation in check within a given niche will automatically remove the too many irons in the fire effect.
AlexEvans Premium
Thanks for the response Kyle, I would agree with you having too many things on the go is a sure recipe for losing focus, definitely a phase that many go through making the transition to the online world.
It kind of saddens me when I see folks move on from WA only to see them pop up somewhere else online still searching for that opportunity that will help them to create that successful life.
Definitely, agree with that sentiment, investing that focused energy into chosen niche has an amazing effect.
emerald860 Premium
Hi Kyle. Really glad that you addressed this! I think that anyone who is serious about having an online business and has been at it for a number of years, has suffered from this--myself included.

I have found that I work better when I'm around people. Whether in a coffee shop, library or internet cafe. Especially a coffee shop because I can get refills and snacks to keep me going!

There have been times when I realize that I haven't left the house in a number of days so I put my dog in the car and head to the beach. I'm lucky that the beach is only a 10-minute drive for me and it's a great place to clear you head! A little downtime is quite refreshing! Alanna
Cynthia19 Premium
sgregcrx Premium
I find the complete opposite to number 5!

I always feel far more focused when in my stable "work" environment. Anything new serves as nothing but a distraction. Of course, we are all individual and what works for one will not always work for others.

I found working on vacation very hard. Early on when I was badly jet-lagged and wide awake in the pitch dark at 3 am I was very productive lol but as I acclimatised there was so much more to see and do and everything was a distraction. Didn't help I was in Maui and it's an utter paradise. How do you work when the humpbacks are breaching 200metres from your balcony!!!

Personally, I have only found 2 things to really work. Goal setting and plugging in. Music on, distractions zero, and just focus. But after 15 years doing the same job I have had enough. So It's time for a change...and that's why I am here. I have no problem focussing on my current project. as Travel is just such a passion.
JMW4 Premium
Thanks Kyle. Excellent motivational piece. I can honestly confess, was feeling at a lost, stuck and defeated. Your point, take a break, I’ve taken too literal. To a fault that any motivation to restart was just not there. However your other points I intend to apply. Particularly, learning something new, this can only help me get going again. My aim is to take on board all your suggestions one point at a time.
Thank you this have really helped me.
GUERREIRO197 Premium
And as I say this and the best affiliate there is kyle.
Always caring to be able to help to learn even if people do not ask for it, but they need it, you are there, they are good success stories. I LIKE TO BE 10 PERCENT OF WHAT YOU ARE. Thank you Kyle, WAa the best in the world.
alan47 Premium
Thank you for your personal insights in to this this important subject. It has come just at the right time for me as I am fending of so many distractions, severe hay-fever allergy symptoms being one of them. My initial task is to review my set goals and seek to drive to meet them as planned. Also am considering writing a post about motivation to add to my website in the coming days. Thank you so much once again.
Emarchand1 Premium
Ya I believe your WHY if built on a strong foundation will carry you through the hardest of times and will renew you every day it's not about what's happening now but the end result =
#time , #family ,#stability # legacy your doing amazing things don't ever forget that every time you look at your little girl
christinewar Premium
Hi community, well as you know I am just getting started and there is an awful lot to learn.
Yes I sometimes feel this fatigue, and just want to shutdown for a while, but then I find I can really get going a little while later.

I have just changed yesterday as a matter of fact, from my computer station, in my bedroom to the dining room table as it gets pretty warm here in the Summer, we are currently on 90degrees, but last week 103.
Yes and I also value the online community within WA, I think it will be very valuable to me, have found this out already.

Well as they say carry on regardless, and I am carrying on with the training right now, but I think I will stop for a coffee first,
bless you all and good luck to all of us and never give up try try try again.
MiaL Premium
Hi, I have a few strategies. One day I was feeling like I couldn't write a post because I was procrastinating. So I turned my lack of motivation into a post about procrastination, and why people procrastinate. It was actually fun, I learnt about procrastination, and I wrote a great post.

Last week I was losing my feelings of patience with my website. I was wanting to see traffic and revenue. So I wrote about the importance of patience and it made me feel better.

So if I'm needing a lift about something, I tend to write about it on the flip side of how I'm feeling. (E.g. if I felt down I would find an inspirational quote, and write a post around that).

And just today I turned my loathing of grocery shopping into a great way to listen to Jay's live training!
Kyle Premium
Now that is efficiency. Getting your groceries while listening to Jay. Too bad today's talk had so much material on toilets, I suppose that may have impacted your shopping habits!
MiaL Premium
Lol Kyle!
Roybretton Premium
Thank you, Kyle, for your excellent blog post, I believe that this is something most of us can relate to, I've been self-employed since 1983, so there have been ups and downs and challenges in that time!

Your six points are all very good and I can relate to all of them, I particularly like the one about changing your environment and working in different places, I think this is a great idea. Another principle that we were taught when I was in Bible school, was the principle always taught us to work tidy and I can relate to is totally, having a clear area and a tidy desk around us is a huge bonus to me and I know I work much better in a tidy environment.

In answer to your questions:

1) I have quite often felt fatigued, but I find one of the most important things for this is to make sure and get adequate sleep and to take the necessary rest, I don't always get this opportunity. One thing for sure is that I can produce more work in six days than I can in seven days.

2) Reading success stories and helping others.

3) I will implement all the strategies as I believe they are all very valuable, but I especially like the idea of working in different places. I have two different places where I work from within my home and even this makes a nice change.

Enjoy your weekend Kyle and kindest regards,

dlum11 Premium
Their are times when you read something and comprehend nothing. That's when you have to put it down and get some rest.
My motivation is to have the ability to provide. And I pretty much follow your same foot print. Oh yes the goals are always embedded in my mind. When you try to learn something that is totally new,it seems overwhelming . I do something every day I'll get there..
Thank you kyle, Doug
Once I learn how everything works I'll be making some noise.
bernieb5 Premium
Great post: How to "Get motivated to keep motivated."
If you have just burst your appendices and you have to walk a mile to get home!
Tell yourself "Don't sit down, you will never get up again" !!! Walk 6 steps at at time, rest for a moment then 6 more steps, eventually you make it.
This is similar for me 6 steps at a time. Rest, brisk walk, at least an hour and a half, then another 6 steps tomorrow.
That's it 6 steps every day. Knowing as a result you will get there.
sdawson Premium
I think I can do all but #5. Changing my environment will be hard since I work on a desktop and moving it around is impossible for me. I eventually want a notebook so I can work from my deck also and maybe go to a coffeeshop to work sometimes.
MKearns Premium
I've gone through this very process in posting tonight, Kyle. This is great advice!
hanley Premium
An interesting question and I have found an answer that I never thought would appear.
I started the journey a few years ago and only this year went back and started the training from scratch.
Success has been minimal but my concentration on one blog instead of half a dozen helps. My hits are growing and my WA visits equal to the last three years already for this year, so I know I am getting there.
Getting back to the point the thing that motivates me most is following some of the leaders at WA. There regular posts and achievements really lift my spirits. I don't believe any other online forum would do it any better than right here.
Thanks for the opportunity to be part of it.

Peter h
herinnelson Premium
Brilliantly written post, Kyle! I truly enjoyed reading it and relating to many of your ideas! So much of what I have blogged about here stems from many of them!

1. Setting goals helps to plan my daily, weekly and monthly activities.

2. Helping folks is one main thing I thrive on, both within the community and on my sites. In fact, as I do, I learn a wealth of information in return!

3. Constant education sets a firm foundation for success. I love reading, watching tutorials and videos and am constantly Googling things I don't know about. I'm the kind of person who still looks up words in the dictionary I come across that I don't know--ha ha.

4. I took a week-long break just last week to Aruba. It allowed me to take a step back, reboot and reflect on what I've accomplished, and start fresh again with new ideas, new thoughts of successful tasks and a whole new outlook of the future!

5. Although I usually work in the same space, I always take time to go to the gym most days, take a walk, go to the store or just change my location.

6. 4 Billion on the internet is surely mind-boggling! I wrote a post recently that is spot on with my thoughts on this subject! I really don't get fatigued that often because I feel I'm on a mission and each step of it makes me grow as an individual, as well as promotes me to the next phase here. Life is whatever you make it, and being here motivates me every day! The above mentioned helps to keep the momentum going, too!

Lastly, I use several different journals for various subjects that I write in. Using them enhances my ideas for content, blogs, goals, dreams, etc. They help me categorize areas I want to expand in. Whenever I get an idea, something I want to accomplish, a task I want to take, etc., I write it down.

Your post has opened up so many thoughts of moving forward, Kyle! Thank you for that!

Erin :)!
nudge1969 Premium
Nice timing Kyle.
This has been my problem for years now. Although, I started a new venture 4+half months ago. Hoping my Google rankings start to take off soon as I've been consistant and followed all SEO rules.
I have a different way of keeping motivated with this one.
A work colleague started investing in crypto currencies at the same time I started this website. I'm taking this as a challenge to be more successful than him! None of us have made anything yet but I'm pretty sure I will be ahead in 2-3 months time.
chender684 Premium
I wish I could share the article I wrote specifically on how to stay motivated in life. But, it is on my website and I am not allowed to share it here. If anyone would like to read it, please feel free to PM me and I will give you the link.
I guarantee that anyone who reads it, including you Kyle, will be motivated for life.

Best of luck to everyone and one thing you have to do is "You must reward yourself for a job well done!" You deserve it.

And, remember, "Today is the first day of the rest of your life, get motivated to be the best you that you can be.

And finally, "Remember, winners never quit and quitters never win. So win, for yourself!"

Have a great motivated day, and life!

laurenjean Premium
Excellent tips as always Kyle! Thanks for putting it so clearly and succinctly. I use all of these too.
Today I would say my top strtegy to employ is to take a break. I worked till 11:30 last night and I've woken up feeling exhausted. I think I need the weekend off so I can start fresh on Monday.