Case Study: Organic Milk, Google, 19 minutes.

Last Update: June 11, 2018

Today I want to run a very REVEALING case study by you. It was actually a case study that I did back in 2012, but it is still as relevant as it ever was and I have some brilliant data and insights into SEO and rankings to share with you.

The case study is walking you through the process of "ranking" in search engines using proper keyword and niche research.

The chosen topic: “organic milk”

For this case study, I have chosen a niche that I know nothing about but I find intriguing as I do try to eat healthy and health is an ongoing focus of mine. I am going to walk everyone through the process of getting content ranked in Google (albeit for someone else’s site).

Keywords come first....

The first thing I do when commencing my research for content is to start with keywords. There is no sense in trying to figure anything else out until you have some keywords to work with. I personally use Jaaxy (get 30 free searches here), but the keyword tool here at Wealthy Affiliate pulls the same sort of results.

The first thing I naturally type into Jaaxy is “organic milk”. This has instantly given me a ton of ideas. This has offered me several different ideas right away.

organic valley milk
organic goat milk
organic cow milk
organic powder milk
organic milk coupons
organic milk benefits
organic almond milk
organic milk production

I definitely don’t want to unravel the whole “organic” market because it is so massive, so I obviously want to keep focus to my initial concept of organic milk. In particular, the “benefits” niche seems quite promising as the competition looks quite low.

Competition is the FIRST THING...

Traffic for any given search term is meaningless if you cannot get a ranking in the search engines (primarily Google). That is why the competition is the absolute FIRST thing I look for when analyzing keyword data.

As you can see below, the term “benefits organic milk” has a very low competition...only 38 pages in Google have this exact term on it (which QSR indicates).

That is very low compared to many search terms, anything under 100 is what I tend to call the low hanging fruit. Whereas anything under 200 is more than achievable to get rankings under, in particular as your website starts to gain authority.

The one thing that I don’t love about the search term “benefits organic milk” is that it does not make all that much sense. One of the key qualifiers for a keyword when you choose it, is that it must make sense GRAMMATICALLY.

So I am going to fix this phrase and perform another search in Jaaxy.

benefits of organic milk

Benefits OF organic milk does, but there is 263 competing pages for that term so I will likely face a bit more competition than originally realized as Google will typically rank terms with and without terms like of, and, to, by, one.

So in reality the term “benefits organic milk” has just 263 competition which is quite a bit more competitive than (but still possible).

Instead I am going to chose the term “organic milk benefits”. It only has 62 competing pages and it makes a whole lot of sense to me. There is nothing worse than trying to target an awkward search term that doesn’t make sense within your content. I don’t recommend doing it. If I were to choose the first term, I would have added the ‘of’ to the phrase.

There we have it. I am going to aim to get “organic milk benefits” ranked...

Before I do so however, I want to do one more thing that can extend your keyword reach through the extension of a long term niche.

To do this, I type my keyword in Google. The cool thing about Google is that as you are typing in any given term, it will give you suggestions of longer tailed keywords.

Here is an example:

Google typically reveals the most popular sequence first, so I will assume that people are looking for organic milk benefits for their children. That term doesn’t make sense, so I am going to see if people are typing in:

“organic milk benefits for children”

I plug in “organic milk benefits for” to see what Google instant brings up.

Sure enough, children is first. It has also given me some more writing topics to come up with (for girls, pregnant women). I could definitely target those keywords at a later time.

I have a feeling this term does not have much competition, if any. I plug the term into Jaaxy and as you can see, this term has even less competition.

The gets some decent traffic.

So my focal search term has evolved into the term:

organic milk benefits for children

That is my writing topic...I don’t know anything about it just yet, but wish me luck. :)

**Keyword Note: You may be wondering about traffic metrics and why I haven’t put much emphasis on that. For me, some traffic is the only thing that matters. To work in scale you need to be able to get rankings...and to do so, competition is the most important factor.

If you can get 10 rankings under 10 keywords that get 100 searches per month, that is far better than getting 3rd page rankings under 10 keywords that get 1,000 searches per month. That is my personal approach.

Creating the Actual Content

Since I don’t know a heck about “organic milk benefits for children” I am going to have to do a little bit of research and capture some main topics and themes that I am going to be writing about.

The beautiful part about the Internet is that there is an abundance of information out there on ANY topic and with a little research I know I can come to learn just about anything, including organic milk! :)

Some of the things I am going to focus on are:

  • organic milk (what it is, what are the benefits)
  • non organic (what it has in it that can hurt kids
  • child health w/ organic (benefits and perhaps stats on kids that eat/drink organic

So off I go to tackle some research.

I am going to just use Google search to simplify my research and you will be able to reveal more than.

First, I want to capture some benefits of organic milk. Here is what I came up with by searching “benefits of organic milk” and looking at the first couple of rankings:

(1) It lasts longer (3-4 weeks versus 1) because of the distances and distribution time of organic milk, it is put through a process called Ultra High Temperature (UHT for short) which kills the bacteria and will also will sweeten the milk slightly.

(2) Not produced without antibiotics. 90% of organic farms do not use pesticides which

(3) No residual pesticide exposure. All organic milk has very low exposure to pesticides which are common within non-organic milk because of the food that is fed to the cows on non-organic farms.

(4) Higher Omega 3 content. Omega 3 fatty acids are critical fats to brain development in children and although both conventional and organic milk types are both excellent sources of “good fats”, organic milk contains higher levels of these fats.

(5) Animal Welfare. The cows on organic farms live longer, healthier and happier lives than those that are within the mass production farms that house sometimes 100,000’s of cows. The practices are far more ethical and take feeding, housing and managing disease into consideration.

(6) A study done by the British Journal of Nutrition showed that the rates of ezcema in children was reduced by up to 36% when consuming organic milk and other dairy products.

In just a few minutes I have articulated (in my own words) 6 potential benefits of drinking organic milk, all of which can be applied to children as well.

This is where most of my data and information was captured from: BEHIND REPORTED BENEFITS OF ORGANIC MILK.pdf

Now I want to structure what my actual article will look like. There is no “one way” to write an article, so you do not have to follow this technique exactly. Here is what I want my article to look like.

  • Introduction to Organic Milk and Child health
  • Outline the benefits of organic milk
  • Where you can get organic milk
  • My conclusion on the overall concept.

That is it. Now I am going to take these ideas and just write my article naturally (unstructured writing). Remember, I have no prior knowledge on this topic but within a few minutes of research and some recording of my findings, I am going to be able to put together a quality article.

Writing the Article Out.

When I write, I try to do so naturally. Although this topic is not one of main interests nor is it my passion, I did my best to make my article personal and aimed to connect with my audience.

When I wrote this article back in 2002, was a popular article directory that I submitted my article too. You will be submitting all of your content that you create directly to your website and using SiteContent to write your actual content (the ultimate writing platform) This particular article took me about 15 minutes to elaborate on and is just over 400 words, these days though I would try to hit the 1,000 or so word mark.

Here is the article if you want to have a read (which still ranks #1 overall in Google 6 years later and has received over 10,000 unique visitors!)...

I didn’t spend 2 hours making it perfect and it probably isn’t.

However, I personally would rather get my content out there and adjust after the fact than to try to make it perfect on the very first attempt. In other words, I would rather submit a post in 2 hours that is not quite perfect than to submit one that I have tried to make perfect and spent days trying to perfect.

A few quick “socialize” tasks...

The next things that I did was to share the on Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Facebook.

This literally took me less than a couple of minutes to socially share my post on all of them.

This is important though as it can lead to quicker indexing of your content, more traffic, better rankings, and more conversations and sharing within your actual article (which can further boost rankings).

Fast forward 19 Minutes...

Some of you may find this hard to believe, so I am going to provide you with some conclusive proof as to how quickly you can get ranked.

Would you believe me if I told you that I was able to get the #1 ranking under my target search term in a mere 19 minutes and to this day, it is ranking #1 overall?

Believe me, it happened. I have PROOF.

As you can see, June 5th, 2012 at 4:02 it was ranking #5 overall in Google within 19 minutes.

Now let’s look at the actual Google ranking today, and see where it is ranked.

It is ranked #1 overall in,, & under the term:

organic milk benefits for children

Here is where it gets really awesome; Mass Search Engine Exposure! (#1 Overall Ranking) (#2 Overall Ranking) (#2 Overall Ranking)

If my calculations are correct, that is a 99% search engine market reach still 6 years later. These SEO techniques worked then, they work today, and they will continue to work 6 years from now.

No backlinks required. No focus on keyword density. No tricks or illusions.

I simply chose a low competition topic, I wrote about it, I published it, I got ranked.

This has lead to $1,000's in free traffic and although I am not monetizing this, it could have lead to $1,000's in income (and likely daily sales) from writing ONE article.

Now it is your turn. Get out there and show me what you got. Research a keyword within your niche and submit an article and see what sort of rankings you can get. I think you will be warmly surprised.

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CarlaNavarro Premium
Kyle, you are the MASTER!!! honestly, this training brought together 80% of what and how I needed to start my article. Actually, it is quite simple, you just don't think about it
Thank you a million times. I will apply this to writing my book, and the topic.

I am so glad I am back, and not only will I achieve to make the income I want, but will see you in SAN FRANCISCO. I cannot wait to finally meet the amazing people I have met already and put the names with the faces.
Thanks again Kyle.

Kyle Premium
Awesome, I am so glad you got so much value of this training and I have plenty more to share just like this (and I already have).

You have a bright future ahead of you if you continue learning and taking action on what you learn. :)
CarlaNavarro Premium
MWhitesell Premium
This is a really great article and I found it very helpful since I'm working on keywords now. I have a question though, when you say to share it on Facebook, Twitter, etc do you share it on your personal pages or have you made separate pages on social media for this kind of stuff?
Tracey11 Premium
That is a great example and I will be trying something similar shortly. BUT:
1) would you only do articles based on one tight niche? or
2) is it ok to write articles on many different topics just to get ranked and get traffic?
3) if number one above is the answer, how many articles would you need for that? (I'm wondering how I would write many different posts on one niche without getting repetitive and boring?)
KElam Premium
Tracey, trying to use more “items” becomes overwhelming. Begin with one. You will break it down into small subgroups like Kyle tells you. Later after the time is right you can add another product. First get one up onto the market, ranked, and going. Kyle is telling you right! Thank you, Kyle!
Tracey11 Premium
Thanks for the reply KElam, I did a Jaaxy search on some keywords but they mostly had similar numbers. Guess I still need a lot more training to decide which are the best to choose.
I expect to have some trial and error and it is a big learning curve but I would like to get going as soon as possible.
va123 Premium
When one sees articles like this, even though from the top brass, along with shown how easy it is to put it into action, makes me see have nothing to fear and everything to gain. Like the fact also that ALL knowledge is shared for our benefit, unlike other major organisations this would never happen.
Thanks Kyle for the motivation and encouragement to show me I can be successful in this business.
dutch1843 Premium
A few years ago i submitted two different articles, one was how to protect your children from internet perverts & the other was on
hungry Bears & what you could do to protect yourself & your property.
Both articles were accepted and published, I really enjoyed it,
and will do more with Wealthy Affiliate education.
Mitchguy Premium
That is impressive.
The cool thing is that anyone of us could have done it.
Thanks for the encouraging example.
It reemphasizes that the training produces real life results.

New Target... ranking in top 5 on Google in 19 minutes or less :)

I think I need a lot more practice... but one can dream.
I was happy to get an article indexed today after one week of posting.
Cbaxley1 Premium
Kyle, that's amazing. Who would have ever thought of that. I don't think I will ever drink organic milk, but the article has great information in it. Now you having me thinking, that I could come up with something simple, That wouldn't take to much time and make money with it. I just joined and already, I am seeing the light. After so many years of just never ending, dark tunnels of endless dead ends to my path to success. I have found the place I been searching for.
AngelicaGXT Premium
Wow Kyle! This is very inspiring. I always asked myself the question "What would the process look like (start to finish)" and you have answered my question in one blog. And maybe, just maybe, I'll start drinking organic milk. Because I spend way too much money on non-organic milk on a weekly basis.
Kyle Premium
Glad to hear, that was the goal with this. This can be done within any niche, with any keyword. It comes down to research first, choosing the keyword and then creating quality content targeting that keyword.

Not any more complex than that and with time and authority you are going to obtain more and more rankings.
Kerjackie Premium
Two days ago, I joined the Commission Junction, network. I have now my client ID and need to complete my network profile, but I am not sure if I am ready yet, because I don't have much traffic on my website. Why did I join? because of the requesting task, from level 3 course, do you think, I could take a chance to join or to wait a little bit more until my traffic is improving?
Thank you.
LouisaB Premium
This is a decision you'll have to make. But I probably, keep it now that you joined, and you don't have to rush to get started with any affiliate program.

Since the traffic is slow and hasn't built-up yet, just give it a little more time and then get commission junction going. Other than that you're fine for now. Just go on and act as though you haven't joined yet!

Hope this helps!

Louisa B
Kerjackie Premium
Hello, Louisa, your advice helped me a lot to take a decision, as you said, I will wait until I build enough traffic to my site.
Thank you so much.
Please, give me a website feedback, and I will return the favor as well.
lifelivin Premium
I wrote an article about quick and easy vegan recipes. The QSR is 36 and the traffic is 809. How come I dont see my article ranked on the first page of the google search "quick and easy vegan recipes?" There isn't any other article or website with those exact keywords. Shouldn't I rank really high just by posting it? How does that work?
Kyle Premium
Not every page or post you write will rank and definitely with a new website, not everything will get indexed and rank right away.

Typically around the 3 month mark is when you will start to experience a big breakthrough in terms of search engine penetration Alysha. Posts that you have done up to that point will start to rank, move up the search results, and you will start to strike the 1st page of Google with lots of your content.

Don't panic here and don't fixate too much on rankings at this point in the game, they will happen. :)
Scthom67 Premium
Hi Everyone,

I'm still going through the training and just upgraded to Premium. I've been brain storming niche ideas and I'm confused.

I did a keyword search on Jaaxy and WA and the QSR was a 14 on both sites. However, when I did a google search the result was around 800k, not under 100 like the article mentioned.

Should I change my niche so that the QSR is under 100 and the google search results are under 100?
CiberTiger Premium
Hi Scthom, Congrats on going premium! You might want to ask Kyle! I'm new myself so can't answer question but don't worry! Someone will but Kyle is best to ask! Best Wishes here at WA!
SueKolman1 Premium
This was great Kyle, but I think you should have included your Google research strategy in Course 2, Lesson 3, as I was sort of left out in the cold as to how to do my research for the task of writing my first article. But I got on Live Chat and some lovely woman pointed me to this Case Study.
pjfjoy Premium
Very interesting article, I loved it. I can not wait to put this all into practice. My problem isn't getting customers to sign up for my list or get them on my website so much as it is to get them to buy!!! I have a email list of over 6350, in a month from feb13 to march 26 I had an ad running on Facebook and got 2418 new email subscribers add in one month. I have only made 4 sales. My emails don't convert or my email list is a dead email list or something. I have even tried to have professional emails written for me and nothing not one sell. Get them to the site is not my worry I need to learn how to close on a sell. Or make it like I'm being taught, Make it something that solves a problem they may have. write problems that someone could have without the product and then solve a problem for them if they buy it. I need more thought I guess behind my products. You have given me so much insight. I didn't just buy one domain when it came to purchasing domains I bought 4, 2 for 2 years and 2 for 1 year. I am on board for the long haul to learn all I can from you for years to come.
JOReilly1 Premium
Like your work Kyle! fairly simple (basic product used by large majority of people) yet slightly alternative with health benefit > high attraction (interest) add children,large majority of mother's are going to pay attention = traffic in good numbers. Would be interested in your feedback whether I'm on the right track.Cheers Jason.
kj3rd Premium
I can't see how any of us can make money, because everyone is using the same traffic sites! That's what I been running into from those other so call affiliate money making programs! By the time I place my ads out there, it's much to late, like on those safelist sites. I now have so many affiliate(200+) websites and links, that I should be making over $25,000 per month right now!
NRemus Premium
I have learned that having one key phrase used in the main title and the subject of posting is in most cases not enough, but you need to search for key phrases you use in posting as subtitles as well as reasons topic in the article to get more chances at a good ranking in google.
Thank you Kyle!
Nqueen Premium
Waow.. i've got goose bumps from reading all this! But am highly challenged though scared. I hope am a good writer/ composer as i see that to be a very basic quality.but am stil a bit confused, what exatly is your nich here?is it " the organic milk benefits for children" or "organic milk"?
DEversley Premium
Hi Nqueen!
The product focus (main niche) is organic milk but the sub-niche (target interest) is "organic milk benefits for children."

Updated for clarification.(Thanks, Zola!)

All the best!!
zngqisha Premium
Hi Nnakife. The niche is organic milk. In other words the specific group of people that are being targeted are those interested in organic milk. organic milk benefits for children is a sub niche, or niche within a niche. The niche has been narrowed to target those interested in organic milk to benefit their children.

Hope that makes sense.

Nqueen Premium
Thanks i get it better now and am ready to move forward
Nqueen Premium
Thanks alot. Now i truelly get the drill. Moving forward..
Nqueen Premium
Great explanation. Are you sure your not a teacher.?
zngqisha Premium
Well I've got 5 young kids Nnakife so I think I definitely qualify as a teacher. Lol... I'm glad I could help out.
Fmindset1 Premium
Yes thanks Kyle that is amazing I am very in awe right now because I've found out trying to create web page Has stopped me in my tracks ! I have ran into a wall trying to create a domain name,/ web page ! However though I'm totally FRUSTRATED ! I won't give up!
moneyman6901 Premium
Thanks for the article you wrote : "Organic Milk" i am starting to see where I may have gone wrong and why I am doing so badly in getting my sales. I know that now the importance of keywords and " Brainstorming" is what I was not doing. Now I will definitely put it into a plan of action. Thanks.
ByronJames Premium
Thanks for sharing this, I enjoyed the case study! It's always helpful to see specific a better idea of what will and won't rank easily on Google.

By the way Kyle, looks like your article has been bumped down to #5 on Google! I'm sure there's more competition nowadays. But I bet you could swoop that #1 again by adding some content and related keywords, don't you think? (Not that it matters since you're not monetizing it anyway)
Winston06 Premium
Very interesting.
Ok so would this also work the other way around. Meaning creating a new niche and website completely around (in this case) Organic Milk instead of it being just an article?

Also how would the affiliation part tie in, where do people go to make the purchase that produces the commission?
SurfsideBob Premium
Hi Winston. To initially determine what affiliate programs are available for a specific niche, go to your browser bar. Now type affiliate program + organic milk (or whatever your niche is). From there you will find the programs that are available. Now if you go to the WA Keyword Tool, you can start to learn which keywords (single and long tail) will work best. This combination should help you determine site structure and content. Hope this helps! :-)
Winston06 Premium
Thank you!!
SurfsideBob Premium
My pleasure.
paulgoodwin Premium
Of course you can make anything work and you put the links to any affiliate

ZEGU Premium
It's possible to create a website to talk about that subject.

The best way to get relevant affiliate programs is by going through the steps suggested in Kyle Lessons.
Deanottr Premium
I understand this concept, what I'm trying to accomplish is one web site with promotions and product options, events, news,sports, entertainment, trouble shooting, promoting, Wealthy Affiliate, under one roof. " post blogging right" the way your training I understand the thing is that with this method I would have to do all the set ups and web page building over and over again for each product that I'm trying to promote and offer the public. How can I incorporate this under one business and every thing else with in. Such as Amazon, ecommerce, and many others. How do I go about building a business in the same manner???? I'm confused. I want my business to operate and function just like me any other app we download and use on are mobile devices!!! Im trying to build my web with in the same exact manner as Amazon and wealthy affiliate , I mean ass fare as the functionals of both!!! ????
Edi67 Premium
We are in the same boat Deanottr, at present, I have time for only one website with different branches to save some time and energy running from one website to another. Maybe in the near future and if the need arises.
Jeromewealth Premium
Thanks for your case study on researching data for writing for content for a website. My first attempt at writing a blog for my website showed me how little I know about Men's Nutrients for the Over 50 and left me wondering how I could educate myself. I followed your advice and Googled the subject and found a wealth of information. Outstanding lesson!!! Thanks again.
emilyjean22 Premium
This is very if I am working on my website should I publish an article I have written to this street article? Or should publish something completely different then the website I am working on?

Also if I did a topic with my niche would it get my website traffic?
Renet Premium
Those are good questions I had myself. I'll be anxious to see the answers!

JohnV Premium
My understanding is that you need to write an article relevant to your niche and publish it first to the article site, exactly the way Kyle did. The article can also provide information about, and link to, your website, on which there should be more information about your chosen topics. That way you offer your readers the answers they are seeking - and make them aware of you and your website.
Renet Premium
Thank you Jon I appreciate the input!

Best wishes,
emilyjean22 Premium
Are you sure your allowed to link your website on the article? There says now direct linking to your affiliate site or affiliate with your own domain?
JohnV Premium
Not completely certain, but I believe that while no direct affiliate links are allowed, it is OK to link to a relevant page on your website. I am more than happy to be corrected if I am wrong.
Susan11 Premium
Write what story come from your passion on that subject. Sometimes we can take away with permission stories that you have seen on how to take good care of Your love of and the products that will do that the best, and leave the rest up to the customers to choose what products they like. You can also ask the many customers what they would like to know about in the love of dogs on how to take care of them. Write a simple question to draw out the customer who may have a deep seeded question about his dog that he needs answers for. So have your comment page up and running in full display.
That was absolutely inspiring! You did a great work there Kyle. I have a question though: Is it possible to combine two keywords in one article/post/page?

What I mean is that maybe I got keywords, say 'making cupcakes' and 'how to make cupcakes', both having low QSR and a reasonable monthly traffic, is it possible to combine the two in a single post/article in order to rank for both and get traffic for both or something?

I am just curious if that will be possible because in my opinion, if it is, then one can flood a post/article with traffic using two keywords at the same time with first page ranking.

Triblu Premium
Yes Steve it IS possible and recommended that you use the two keywords ... and more if you have more that are related.

I make it a habit to search for as many keyword phrases as possible and I purposely use them throughout my posts, providing I can use them to sound natural that is.

Sometimes I've found and used up to 10 different low QSR and high traffic keyword phrases for my chosen topic.
Pamela111 Premium
Can someone help me? I am getting really confused. The date of the article says updated June 6, 2017. The examples are from 2012. It refers to which I read elsewhere we should not use as of . The lets get started emails I got refer to Diamond traffic and then links that brought me to street articles, but upon looking at street articles, I don't see much recent blogging.
Pamela111 Premium
never mind, I found this link. It escaped me before. . It would be a real time saver, if that information was removed from the welcome letters.
jinkens27 Premium
I'm new here and already blown away at how I was helped here just now. This was totally an awesome read. Thank you soo much for taking your time in sharing this.
I realize now if you don't put the time in you won't get squat. I read somewhere that sometimes you have to give something free in order to get something from it. This totally applies here.
Kids9thr Premium
I see how you got that Streets article top ranked withing minutes of posting, but how does that help YOU? Would a "real" article have links on it to your website, hence traffic to you and some business generated? Because, as is, this article did get top rankings....but no links no adds nada there to benefit you!
IElectronics Premium
When searching key word "Organic milk benefits for Children" His Webpage will be in the Top 5 site to click on.... That's how You DRIVE TRAFFIC to your site and turn those visitors into revenue... Cha Ching $$$$$ Got It?
Seamus33333 Premium
I'm impressed, but also a little confused. Why did you post it on that website rather one of your own? Doesn't the fact that that's already a popular website have anything to do with the fact that you got ranked faster versus if you posted it on another website that just started? Don't we want to promote our own websites? If I could make money by posting on someone else's site, what's the point of my own? Any of these questions being answered would help me a lot, as I am very confused. Thanks!
veronica.l Premium

The reason for posting on someone else's site is because you would get exposure and also traffic to your own site. You link from the "other" site to your own.

Using article directories were a very popular and highly effective way to drive traffic "back in the day" lol.

Your focus should be on your own site, but there's nothing wrong with getting exposure and traffic from other sites as well,

Does that help? Let me know if you have more questions,
Seamus33333 Premium
Yes, perfect! Thanks.
Asonofgod199 Premium
Thanks for that explanation!
DiWatson Premium
Thanks for this Kyle, very illuminating. I don't fully understand what you mean by the following sentence in the keywords paragraph -

"If you can get 10 rankings under 10 keywords that get 100 searches per month, that is far better than getting 3rd page rankings under 10 keywords that get 1,000 searches per month."

Can you point me in the direction of a little more explanation? Thanks.
Kyle Premium
What I mean is there is no point in targeting too competitive of terms and not getting good rankings. Nobody searches beyond the 1st page in Google, so if you are not hitting the first page, you are writing content in vain.

Target low competition keywords, work to get rankings, and do so in volume. This will lead to a long term and very sustainable business.
adavenport1 Premium
Hi Kyle,
Thanks for this article. I tracked down your milk article, well done for producing it in the time you did. How does this link to a website and affiliate scheme for organic milk, I'd like to see the whole process please. I am unsure at this stage of what type of website to have for my product so it would be really great to see an example. Thanks
Kyle Premium
This is what you should be doing, but on your website. You shouldn't be submitting to Street Articles any longer, rather getting full benefit from this sort of process on your website.

There are 100,000's of awesome keywords within every niche that you can leverage with this approach.
JohnE52 Premium
Thanks for this case study. I am curious if this article would have ranked so fast if it was posted directly to Veronica's site or it in your opinion it ranked faster because it was posted on SA which I assume is highly rated by Google by itself. Is SA that good of a feeder type site to get traffic to someone's own site? If that's the case, the time and energy to create content and to place it there instead of my own site from time to time would be well worth it.
caterinamac Premium
Really enjoyed this article.
It all made perfect sense.
What I need to know next (I know this is plainly obvious to most of you but I do need an answer)
How does this translate into sign ups in this program because presumably that is what will actually make money.
Cash4Value Premium
Awesome piece Kyle! This has been much of a walk-though kind of. I must say that this has really enriched, and better prepared me for my first niche content! ...don't worry, it will pop up in the air in a few days :) And, I bet you would gasp ha-ha, alas!
KenPe Premium
Thanks Kyle. That was a very detailed explanation of a successful adventure into a world of the unknown. You took a
subject that was unfamiliar to you and turned it into a #1 topic
in record time. The step-by-step process was well thought out
and delivered with perfection. It is just another example of
your philosophy of getting the article out there fast and not
trying to be perfect. You never know until you try. Congratulations on a job WELL DONE!!!!!
KenPe Premium
Thanks Kyle. I appreciate the like and happy 2017.
shawn2 Premium
Hey way to go brother... I really, really like your style! Very informative and well done overall. Thanks again for uplifting encouragement and motivation as well... I can't wait to give it the 'ol college try and apply that which I think I have just learned.

Thanks again Kyle your AWESOME!!!
chuuchu Premium
Wow! What a wonderful post!
Very informative , thanks a lot !
Am wondering, this very that tops Google ranking now for same keyword "organic milk benefits for children" I noticed nothing about their content or heading captured the exact key words "Organic milk benefits for children"
What factors /parameters determine search engine ranking exactly?
donclark Premium
I feel a little stupid asking this question but in the blog it shows an area where Kyle was able to input certain phrases for Google examination of compatition ....where is this place, page is it Google Analytics? that gives that information I don't see a link to it I don't know where it is but I would certainly like to use it
mabo31 Premium
Straight in the google search box
BCosier Premium
If we want to use this to rank on our own personal blog, how do we go about doing this? Or is the use of something like street articles the best way? Just want to make sure I'm growing myself once I start and that I'm leading traffic to the right destination. Thank you all so much for input!
paulkaz Premium
I think it is best to put it on your blog. It may not rank quickly but, over time, you should see the benefits. Say you write 1 article every 2 days. In 6 months you will have 90 articles on your site. If you have focussed on low competition keywords then you should have built some traffic and authority. And the good thing is you 100% own the articles on your site! Hope this helped BCosiet
mabo31 Premium
Would it be good to put the article in both places, like my own blog and street articles and link the street articles to the original post of my blog?
Tasana Premium
Thanks for article, and showing practical way how to choose topic, how to find Jaaxy keywords, how to see keywords ranking. Choosing how to write article on low competition keyword, advice on 10 ranking - 10 keywords - 100 searches/month. Thanks on advice to write article below 2 hours - it is better 4-5 ranked articles within 2 hours, than one perfect. Thanks on Street Articles submission, and thanks for showing results you achieved within 35 minutes.

I will try next to choose theme and to follow the steps you described.
Timmer2005 Premium
Hey Kyle, For being brand new premium member, I literally just paid less then an hour ago, this was the best article to bring my hopes up for making money online. I have read a few of your other articles and I am not trying to think about the money, but hey if I can do this with just 5 articles within my niche, that's going to be awesome. Guess what I am saying is if I have 5 articles on page one of google instead of one I am 5 times more likely to make that sale. Just saying. I believe this should be a first read for anyone who is new, even before going premium. I do believe if I would of read this before, I would of gone premium much earlier. Ok, enough talk , I mean type, its time to try for myself.
karhol Premium
Hi Kyle,
Thats a great post, thank you. I am a chemistry teacher so i have a master degree. I've always told to myself that i cannot write articles. I know this is stupid. But when i was young i hate text analysis, writing essays and so on. But now you made me feel that i can also writing articles. This is a big thing for me. Thank you very much for your help.
MoMeans Premium
Just to clarify one point: Kyle linked from the article to Veronica's site. Under normal circumstances those links would have been to promoted products/services, I assume. So this would be affiliate marketing via an article posted at a third-party site rather than at our own blog or site. Do I have all this right?
rodeves Premium
I am told that when you link to another site especially if that site is a reputable one, it helps your article/page authority. All the best!
Marcel92 Premium
Does appear that way. Not really sure.
MoMeans Premium
Thanks for your reply. To clarify, I am assuming this was to exemplify how an article can be ranked well and quickly at a third-party site, rather than just at our own blog or website. But, as WA is all about teaching us how to monetize the content we post online, then how is that happening with Kyle's example? The only links are to Veronica's site, the site chosen by Kyle for his case study here. I am also assuming, therefore, that those links would normally have been to products the writer would promote. As people who are trying to monetize our high-quality content, our only links would surely not be to URLs simply because they belong to reputable sites. It would make us look good, but we would still be poor. Unless I'm missing something?