Building a Pandemic Proof Business in 2021 (Ask Me Anything)

Last Update: December 09, 2020

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to let everyone know that I have an upcoming live class, “Building a Pandemic Proof Business in 2021 - Ask Me Anything”. This class will be available to both Premium and Premium Plus+ members. Like the title indicates, I am going to be offering responses to questions that I get from YOU guys, and this is the purpose of this post.

As we all know, 2020 has been an absolutely crazy year. We have experienced a world of change that has come with the pandemic, and it has led to a lot of economic hardship and in many cases, businesses closing their doors (online and offline).

But with every downturn, comes opportunity. That is the part Carson and I have always focused on, and we we want you to focus on in the year ahead. If you only focus on the negative in any situation, that is what becomes of you.

Instead, we recommend focusing on the positive changes that are taking place. The changes that are going to benefit you personally, and benefit your business moving forward. There are plenty of changes to the way we live and behave that have been accelerated because of the pandemic. These changes reveal more opportunties in the year ahead.

Here are just a few of the changes that we have experience...

  • More people than ever buying "everything" online
  • People educating themselves online
  • People seeking out online work
  • A broader spectrum of people online, more often
  • Working from home is now a thing
  • People are moving out of cities in droves
  • Green and EV are becoming a way of life
  • A greater focus than ever on our health

More money than ever is being moved online, more tasks have been moved online, and more businesses than ever are focusing on their digital presence. We have been saying this for years, but the companies that are not keeping up with their digital sales and focusing on their affiliates, are the ones that are going to disappear.

This is going to become more evident moving forward, along with some trends that I am going to be discussing in the live class.

If you are Premium or Premium Plus+ you are going to be register for this class, which takes place next Thursday at 5pm, PST.

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Now let’s get to the Ask Me Anything component. A lot of folks, and perhaps yourself, probably have a lot of questions right now. Not just about the state of the world and what it means to their business, but the online business world and questions related to their own business in 2021.

I want you to take a moment and leave ANY questions that you have below. I am going to be choosing from several of these and responding to them within the class.

So your question could be related to WA, the direction of the online business world, your business in the year ahead….shoot away. I look forward to this upcoming class and helping you establish a really successful, long term business as we move through 2021.



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roysinOnline Premium
Hi, Kyle. A couple of questions to the webinar;

1. How do you see the use of funnels compared to "traditional" websites for affiliate marketing in 2021?

2. According to Hootsuite´s 2021 trend report, Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin are the Social Media platforms that are on the top 3 of interest with marketers. How do see the use of social media in 2021 and the benefits of them to our business as affiliate marketers? Tik Tok is on the rise and there are several marketers that are doing extremely well from traffic driven from Tik Tok.

sgregcrx Premium Plus

I got some questions! lol

Seriously, the pandemic has been Devastating for my Business. And when I say that I am pretty much underplaying it. I have a travel blog and the pandemic has brought Travel to a complete stop.

Last year income was averaging about $2.5-3k a month, December and Jan were lower ($2k) but I was hit with some google algo updates and those are low season months anyway. Feb things tailed off and in March it was a cliff face. literally no income for 4 months and after that I have had a peak season-high of nearly $300 in Aug.

It's not just sales though, traffic collapsed completely and has not nearly returned, peak this year has been 30% of a bad month last year despite adding 100+ Articles in this year alone!

So other than just continuing to cross my fingers hoping the pandemic ends (Vaccine, Vaccine, Vaccine!!!) what can I do to proactively recover? This is not just the travel industry there are many industries (Events, Team Sports, Theatre, etc..) that are not just affected but essentially shutdown, What can any of us in these closed industries do to target growth?

With travel, there is an element of chasing the Aspirational aspect, showing readers what they can expect when things open up but it is hard to generate income through that! When people are just not spending.

I naturally have toyed with starting another business, but Travel is my passion, writing for my travel blog never feels like work, and I just do not want to let it go. Starting something else will see the blog fall down the google ranks into oblivion, and it will take months to revive it if travel ever does come back to something like normal!

I do hope you can answer this or at least a related question when an industry is effectively DEAD, what can we do!

Really looking for some hope!

Kyle Premium Plus
Great question. I will likely get to this within the class and it will fall under many of the topics I am going to be discussing. In the meantime, keep building. This will make more sense within the class Steve. ;)
VandSshop2 Premium
So sorry to hear about your business. This has truly been trying times for all of us!

I'm holding my intention that things will get be better. "Through chaos t comes order" We are all in this together and if we hold our focus and intention as a collective consciousness I really do believe we can make a change for the better.

What has really helped us is staying in the present moment and focusing on your breathing is truly helping all the craziness that's happening.

I hope and wish the best for you and all the success in next chapter!

Be well,
Stephanie & Vince
LDSewell Premium

That is tragic - and also a learning opportunity at the same time - depending upon how you choose to look at it.

While my primary business industry is trucking and my business focus is publications and training (on trucking topics and other topics I know and understand) I learned a long time ago that is a very BAD idea to ever have all eggs in one basket.

I believe in what I call the RULE of Three's - and when it comes to Income Production Opportunities - that means it is a good idea (in my humble opinion anyway!) to work toward having at least 3 separate sources of income that are NOT dependent on any one source or even any one industry - for the exact reasons your current industry is suffering so much.

That even applies inside and outside of trucking. Owner-operators and fleet owners are taught to NEVER rely more than about 33 percent (or less!) on any one single customer.

That way if they lose one account - it will not destroy their revenue and their business, and they have time to recover and replace it.

They are also taught to have other sources of income outside of trucking (such as affiliate marketing, or real estate investing - or both).

By the way - I do not believe your industry is dead. I think it is just in a coma, and eventually, it will recover. But how long will that take?

Who knows...

Just my two cents worth for your consideration.

Best regards,

L.D. Sewell
NnurseBecca Premium Plus
Dear Kyle,
You had to ask this nurse to take a shot:) I have been wondering a lot about the new vaccinations for CoVid19. I read your Facebook post, and I have a whole new respect for your perspectives. People don't see the other end of immunoglobulins like I have. How can our community take a cautious approach? I think you have the best start to answers here, pooling the community and yes, with a greater than ever focus on health.

I recently had a life flashing before my eyes incident, the fender bender that rocked my world. It is all about change and coping, adapting and reaching out.

We can't jump in the brains of a distracted driver, but we can use the opportunity to learn.

It's what Iove about Wealthy Affiliate and our fellowship.
So, I think my biggest question is how can I best help?

You have my support, even if I had to limp away from the bedside temporarily, I have a whole network of people here who are reaching out to me every day. It is a privilege and an honor to be here with you all. Thank you, Kyle, this is a great blogfather post🙂
Nurse Becca
-R. Nixon, RN, CLNC
Kyle Premium Plus
First, we all appreciate the work you are doing...and I think in these crazy times your efforts do go under appreciated. My mother in law and sister in law are both nurses!

I think we all just want this to be over, and it will be at one point, but we have to get there in the safest way possible...while taking into consideration the economic and personal destruction that is happening.

Another topic, and I will not be covering vaccines/etc within the class, but I will be discussing the Pandemic on a broader business related scope. I think you will find it very interesting.
LawrenceHill Premium
I don't believe the true financial impact of the pandemic has occurred yet. I think a lot more businesses will go bust!

But this offers the opportunity post-pandemic for a lot of start-ups that will offer affiliate programs. Do you agree? and if so what is the best way to identify these start-ups new affiliate programs early?
Kyle Premium Plus
Yes, that is absolutely the case. The offline business world is getting crushed, which leads to more unemployment, which leads to less people spending money.

So there will be implications from that.

I will get to your question about affiliate programs in the Class, time permitting. It will definitely be part of my discussions.
TomasB Premium Plus
Hi Kyle, thanks for ALL you do. God bless you and Carson, and all of your families this Christmas and New Years. 15 years of working every day building a system to help people learn how to create a website business is a major accomplishment , but you did it. You did it very well.
My only question is what was your primary motivation to do it?
What was your inspiration ?
Wealthy Affiliate is a very unique and distinctive learning platform that remains affordable to everyone even with the recent addition of Plus+.
Kyle Premium Plus
Thanks for the Tomas, in short, you are our motivation. I will try to get to your questions within the class and appreciate you leaving hits feedback.