Black Friday is Coming Soon to WA! (Full Details)

Last Update: Nov 14, 2023

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Hey Everyone,

Black Friday is looming, and we have been getting lots of questions about the upcoming event. So this the official "coming soon" Black Friday post.

This is always a busy time of year for us as we are always in "ramp up" mode with our Black Friday offer, and this year, all of our platform updates that we have coming.

At Wealthy Affiliate, we've long been advocates of the yearly Black Friday tradition. Every year, we bring our members significant discounts on our yearly membership packages - and this year is no different. In fact, this year we've decided to go further than we've ever gone before.

First though, the dates. This year our Black Friday is going to run through the following dates:

Friday, November 24th at 9AM PST to Monday, November 27th at 11:59PM PST

We are excited to announce that this Black Friday will feature our lowest prices ever on both Premium and Premium Plus+ memberships.

For only $297, you can secure a full year's Premium membership, and just $497 will cover a yearly Premium Plus+ membership.

Promoting this Special Offer is going to offer you a significant opportunity as well, as you are going to be able to earn significant commissions during this event if you have reach within this industry, or you know of anyone that would be interested in building a business online, doing something they love, and within the top platform in the world to do so (which is pretty much everyone in this world).

All you have to do is use your regular affiliate link to promote the Black Friday offer at Wealthy Affiliate. When the offer is LIVE, our external homepage is going to have a big Black Friday banner that lets folks now about the event.

You can get your affiliate link here:


There will also be a countdown banner within the Wealthy Affiliate back office.

Black Friday Banners Are Available

Additionally, we have banners that you can add to your websites, promotions that you want to run, and also utilize within your social media accounts to promote WA.

To access your banners, simply go to this link:


There you'll find them, organized under the 'Black Friday 2023' within the dropdown.

What's even more exciting is that on top of these discounts, we are going to be stepping up our game to a level never seen within WA. We have BIG updates coming that will tie in perfectly with this Black Friday special, amplifying its appeal even more.

Curious about what those updates are?

Let's have a look at our upcoming LAUNCH schedule..

Just two weeks back, we introduced our 'SiteContent w/ AI Article Designer' platform.

One of the most frequently used platforms here at WA for generating your website content, you can now seamlessly build "content outlines" on any topic in record time! Thanks to this AI integration, and SEO elements and content algorithms we have built into the process of generating "content outlines" for your articles, publishing content has been sped by over 500%.

Yes, an over 500% increase in speed. This is a big leap towards efficiency. It means more content, higher quality content, and faster than you a solid edge over your competitors.

The response has been overwhelmingly good so far – members absolutely love it!

You can watch my full walk-through of the new SiteContent platform here:

===> SiteContent Walk-Through, With Our AI Article Designer

SiteContent w/ the AI Article Designer is only the beginning of the updates though..

Exciting Upcoming Updates Coming to Wealthy Affiliate!

We have some additional updates, and updates that are going to not only change the way you build online businesses, but the efficiency at which you can do it.

(1) Business Hubs (December 5th, 2023)

First up on our list of new releases is something we're really excited about... 'Business Hubs w/ AI Blueprinting'.

Are you often left wondering about the direction to take with your business? Or perhaps you're unsure of the untapped opportunities within your niche.

We understand, and that's why we're introducing our 'Business Hubs' platform to fill this void of confusion, and one of the biggest stumbling blocks for a business owner. Think of it as the 'control room' for your business - a space where you're given a bird's eye view of your business, and that offers you an ongoing game plan of ideas to help you build and scale your success.

Scheduled for release on December 5th, 'Business Hubs' will provide fully integrated access to our brand new core training. It's designed to improve the efficiency of your operations. We think you will be truly amazed at the level of productivity it enables.

(2) Refresh of our Core Training, Bootcamp & OEC (December 5th, 2023).

Your feedback has been heard, and we're responding . Our 'Core Training Refresh', scheduled for release at the same time as 'Business Hubs' on December 5th is going to be a big, and well received update. Using the 'Business Hubs' platform along with our 'SiteContent' platform, we aim to also offer a training environment integrated directly within the same environment where you will be building your actual business.

We are also going to be taking a new approach with our core training. Our new house rules ensure no training resource will exceed 10 days in age, and you will see this training updated frequently and with speed as we continually advance the platforms here at WA (and as things change)

(3) Exclusive BETA Access to our 'AI Authoring Platform'. (December 15th, 2023) - Premium Plus+ ONLY

If you're a Premium Plus + member, you are going to get early access to our AI Authors platform . The platform lets you write high ranking, SEO ready content. And fast.

You need a 1000-word article? No problem. Our AI-assisted platform has been built to reshape the content creation process. We are full embracing this new world of content production, it's truly mind blowing....and I personally have been using it for 4 months (in a pre-beta beta) and it has changed the way I think of content creation.

Remember though, we are moving to an "AI-assisted" world, not "AI-created". There is a stark difference, and one that we are going to be guiding you through as we enter this brand new world.

(4) Full Release of Our AI Writing Platform. (Early 2024)

2024 brings with it a Full-Release of our 'AI Writing Platform'. All our members will have access at this point. We're excited about the advantages this is going to give everyone here: the productivity, the quality, the efficiency... and breaking from from the "time constraints" of building content in the past. The future of online business creation has never been more exciting, and we are going to help you get there faster than ever.

And that is just up to early 2024, the entire year of 2024 is going to be filled with evolutions, innovations and game changing technology and training that is going to allow you to do a whole lot more, with less.

We Are Changing the Landscape of Affiliate Marketing (and Internet Entrepreneurship)

As we approach the end of another successful year, we are more amp'ed than ever about the future of WA. Black Friday this year is set to be our biggest event yet, and we are excited to share this journey (and commissions) with you. This event marks not only a huge saving opportunity for our members but also the beginning of a new era here at WA.

For over 18 years, Wealthy Affiliate has been on the forefront of change, adaptability and success in the affiliate marketing industry. We have continually evolved and innovated, ensuring we stay ahead of the game and provide you with the necessary tools to create thriving online businesses.

One of the intriguing elements of affiliate marketing lies in its potential, and it's continued growth. If you're looking to reach Vegas status as and create a full-time online business as an affiliate of WA, the opportunity to do so is going to be the greatest yet.

WA is going to convert the best ever. It is going to have the biggest revenue generation opportunities ever (and some higher ticket potential, and more recurring revenue opportunities). It is going to allow you to promote the best service in the industry, and earn a full-time income...if you are willing to work for it.

As we step into 2024, we’re excited about the efficiency and productivity our brand-new AI Writing Platform will bring to your business. Gone are the days where being a writer was mandatory to succeed online - now, you’ll have the power to amplify your writing capacity or grow your non-writing online enterprise apace with the competition.

Image being able to scale your SEO campaigns, and PPC campaigns at record speed. This will be a reality.

And it’s not just our AI Author platform. Our new platforms like Business Hubs, Article Designer and others are designed to revolutionize your business processes and drive growth faster than ever.

We look forward to traveling on this path with you. Here's to your success this Black Friday (as an affiliate) and savings as a member! And to an even more prosperous 2024!

Please drop a comment below if you have any questions at all about Black Friday, or the journey ahead. :)

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Recent Comments


I just recently upgraded to a yearly P+ membership, not thinking that a Black Friday sale was imminent. Otherwise I might have continued with monthly payments until this sale.
If I agree to extend P+ for another year at the lower price, would I also get a discount on the full year price that I recently paid? I joined this site to supplement Social Security so any savings would be appreciated. Thank

You can add another year to the P+ pricing. It doesn't discount the yearly price, but I could also throw in $100 in Cash Credits as well into your account, that you could use for domains, SiteComments and SiteFeedback.

And then if you add a year, you will be on the low $497 price moving forward, as you will be grandfathered into that. ;)

That sounds good Kyle. Thanks

Thanks so much, I fore see a brighter future in my life in this place. WA is changing levels. How long will the Black Friday special lasts? cant it be extended to another week? I want to go yearly but still challenged.
Concerning promoting WA, can I start spreading the message through Social media?

The Black Friday Special will last from November 24- 27, 2023. If Kyle chooses to, he can extend it to accommodate more affiliates.

The best time for great savings is during Black Friday. No one is pushing or forcing you to go yearly.

Promoting WA on social media is great. However, for best results, you should review to know what you are promoting.

Hope this info helps you out.

All the best,
Maxine :)

We usually extend it for a few days after, but if you miss out on the offer extension period, reach out to me and I can help you get the Black Friday offer. ;)

I am so glad to hear the news about the updated core training! I was just about to send you a PM to voice my opinion about the outdated training and ask when we could get it all updated to the 2024 standards for affiliate marketing. Being a woman of a certain age, I no longer try to commit everything to my memory! Therefore, I constantly have to refer back to the training lessons, which often does me no good because things have changed from the training! But I do have a question. You said, "We will also take a new approach with our core training. Our new house rules ensure no training resource will exceed 10 days in age, and you will see this training updated frequently and with speed as we continually advance the platforms here at WA (and as things change)." What do you mean that under the house rules, no training resource will exceed 10 days in age? Surely, training doesn't get outdated that quickly!? Are you saying core training will be updated every 10 days? What have I missed? I really appreciate the overhaul of the core training because I think some of the reviews of Wealthy Affiliate that I have been seeing lately about the training were beginning to take its toll. After all, having outdated training was like not having training at all. Thank you for making this a priority!

It means, that if a core training module is outdated because of an update to a UX, then we are going to have ot updated within 10 days.

With 120 lessons, it is has been next to impossible to keep it 100% true to the designs. If Google makes an update to how Google Console looks, or their search looks, in impacts MANY training modules...etc. That is an ongoing problem with video training, and it is why Meta, Google, and other big tech companies also deal with the same issue of outdated training.

The principles within our training are still in tact, and the processes are still the same for creating success. They need a facelift though.

We are going to do better, the best ever with our core training though moving forward, and of course we have the most current training in the industry already with the ongoing "expert classes", which will still be available post release of Hubs.

Lots to look forward to. :)

Kyle, can you confirm that the Starter account is going away and replaced with the business hub? Someone mentioned that in live chat. I only got the convo between you and Catherine that P plus will get ten business hubs. Is the business hub not related to the starter account? Does that mean siterubrix is going away, or is it a starter account? I need clarification on that because I am currently writing my WA review for 2023-2024 in SiteContent.

Starter is still going to exist, but now they are going to be entering WA and building a website/hub, as their first step. Upon doing that, they will be coming into the platform.

So that will be the initial stage, and anyone that makes their way into WA after they go through the Hubs Wizard, will have a website, and will have a hub. The hub will give them some access, but will be more limited than of course the Premium level hubs.

A few changes to the Starter membership.

(1) They will no longer have access to chat. Chat is reserved to Premium and Premium Plus+ members. They will still be able to get help by communicating within the training, and within their profile, or on our/other profiles.

(2) They will not have access to the "Activity" dashboard, as this is also going to be within Premium and Premium Plus+. This creates a lot more exclusivity to become part of the community.

(3) The Starters get access to ALL of the core training. They will be able to go through the training, but many of the tools/platforms and tasks within the training will require an upgraded membership. They are going to be able to learn lots, and get a good glimpse of the training.

(4) They will have access to Jaaxy, SiteContent, the Article Designer (with 300 credits), and Hubs.

(5) They will be able to create and publish content to their website though SiteContent, but they will have limits on their access to the Article Designer.

(6) A Starter member will not have access to the back office of their website until they upgrade. They will be able to publish content, through SiteContent.

I hope this clarifies for you, and this should allow you to prep your review. Obviously it is going to make a lot more sense as you get your hands on it, and you will be able to provide a much more thorough review then.

I will be blogging about these Starter changes, and create a video when we are live.

Hi Kyle:

I'm looking forward to getting a full understanding of this. I don't hear much through the grapevine, so rely on what you put out.


Thanks Kyle. I need to get my review going, keep us posted! Have a great weekend.

Hello Kyle,

I'm excited with all this news! At WA, I have been making inroads with article outlines created by Article Designer.

I am extremely happy to not only get in a discounted membership price due to Black Friday, but also all the goodies in the bag coming in 2024.

Let's gooo people - let's goooo!!!

The party is JUST getting started....

Excellent to hear you have been taking full advantage of the Article Designer Stella, it certainly speeds up the process drastically. Black Friday this year is going to be an exciting weekend, follow by some significant updates on December 5th and an entire YEAR of awesomeness ahead.

The party IS just getting started!

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