Hey Everyone,

Many of you are already aware of the Black Friday festivities that are going to be taking place here at WA later next week, but for those that are not I am going to walk you through the events.

On Black Friday (November 25th, 2015) at 10AM PST we are going to be offering a HUGE discount on yearly memberships here at Wealthy Affiliate. From the days of November 25th - November 28th at 11:59PM PST, you are going to be able to get a yearly membership for $299 if you are either a monthly or a Starter member.

This is insane when you put it into perspective…

  • 49% discount on the normal monthly membership price!
  • $0.82 per day to run a business of any level/size online!
  • $24.91 per month for Premium access here at WA!
  • Much less than our membership price when we started WA 10 years ago!

There is nothing in the industry that comes close to what we offer you here at Wealthy Affiliate and we plan to keep it this way. In fact, if you have been around WA for any length of time you are aware of just how often we improve, evolve and innovate the platform/service/community here at WA. No extra fee. No upsells. Premium includes absolutely EVERYTHING.

We have some exciting rollouts planned in December. The first being FREE SSL for everyone. As the Internet moves closer to an “encrypted” world and Google now is starting to rank sites better that have SSL (ie, https: vs http:), this is something that you are going to need. Most companies charge $20-50 per site, per year for an SSL certificate whereas these are going to be completely free here at WA.

Moving through 2017 is going to be no different. We have some incredible advances in the website and hosting areas that are going to be introduced in early 2017. We have some significant platforms. We have updates coming on every front, from new training, new designs, more help, and more efficiency for you and your business. We are also working on several relationships with industry leaders that is going to allow you to take your business to all new heights.

And the best part, EVERYTHING is going to be included in your Premium membership at no extra cost. 2016 was a very successful year for many folks here and we are very confident that 2017 will be by far the best one yet!

But that is not all...there are SIX exclusive bonuses coming your way...

I am not giving out the exact details just yet this, but we have spent a considerable amount of time putting something special together for all those folks that take advantage of the Black Friday deal.

In fact, I am just putting the final touches on a several month project, most of which is geared towards YOU and your success in 2017. This will cover all the things that you are going to need to know and need to focus on to build out a successful business in the year ahead. It is going to take you into my mind as I discuss some of the most intimate details of this.

There are also going to be 5 full hours of live classes coming your way as well that are going to lead to some incredible breakthroughs for you in the year ahead.

These bonuses and the live class schedules are going to be automatically delivered to anyone that upgrade through the $299 offer this Friday..and make this offer a no brainer!

  • The lowest price ever, $299 per year.
  • An over ONE hour video walking you through some incredible insights you need to know for 2017
  • FIVE additional hours of exclusive live classes
  • Premium access to WA, the most powerful business building platform for an entire year.

Also, we are kicking things off in a big way on Friday with a more than appropriate way with our ”Let’s Talk Turkey - Live & Uncut Q & A”. What better way to bring on this Black Friday event then an open forum where members here will be able to ask any questions they have.

Here are some of the segments that this awesome live class will be divided up into.

  • Q & A on Content
  • Q & A on Traffic
  • Q & A on Design
  • Q & A on SEO
  • Q & A on Email Marketing
  • Q & A on PPC
  • Q & A on Conversions

So if you plan on taking advantage of the Black Friday offer or you are already a Premium member, make sure you tune into this event! Registration for this event will open up early next week (Monday or Tuesday) and you will be able to submit your questions in advance as well if you want Jay to cover anything specifically.

Who Can Take Advantage of This Offer...

Anyone and everyone!

Whether you are already a member, whether you are not a member. Whether you are a Starter member, or a Premium member. You are going to be able to take advantage of this offer.

MANY of you took us up on a Black Friday discount last year, you will be grandfathered into your $299/year price again this year plus we will be sending you all of the bonuses from this years Black Friday event.

Some of you are already on the normal $359 yearly price. For those of you that want to take advantage of this, you still can. You can purchase another year at the Black Friday rate of $299 and this will be tacked onto the end of your existing year. Then moving forward, you will be at the Black Friday rate in subsequent years.

So if you are interested in taking us up on this offer, make sure you are ready when the clock strikes 10AM on Friday, November 25th!

Why Go Yearly?

Those that experience the most success online (and at the highest rate) are those that give themselves enough time to succeed. Over the years I have seen many folks fail, but also seen MANY folks succeed.

There is one clear factor that really differentiates those that are vastly successful and those that end up failing. TIME!

People tend to want success fast, as in right this second, and that is not a reality. It personally took me three full months to make my first sale online and for some of you. But to build a vast skyscraper (a significant business) you have to be sitting on a firm foundation, and the first month(s) should be dedicated to building that foundation.

Yearly members are by far our highest achievers, have the highest success rates, and are generating the most income with their businesses because they are dedicated to their success.

Everything you need to create and grow an online business is here at WA. The only missing piece is you, your effort, and a bit of time. The yearly membership is your answer and will ensure that your path to success happens!

So next Friday, get ready to go yearly. It is an offer that comes once per year, and this specific offer will likely never be available again!

Want to Earn Some $$$ Promoting the Black Friday Offer?

There is going to be significant interest around the Black Friday event there at WA and we anticipate this to be a record breaking weekend for affiliate commissions.

Every single member here at WA has an affiliate account and you all have your own unique affiliate link that you can use to capitalize on this opportunity.

If you want to take advantage of this event and earn up to $130 recurring commissions, your special Black Friday affiliate link is available on the Affiliate Program homepage.


You simply grab your affiliate link and share it wherever you like.

Do know that your Black Friday link WILL NOT be active until the offer starts on November 25th at 10AM PST. So please do not share the link prior to this, but you can absolutely use it now to get ready for any posts that you may make on your website, any social posts you are going to make, or any email marketing blasts that you plan on doing.

If you are looking for ideas as to how you can promote the WA Black Friday deal and make some money from it, here are some suggestions:

  • Through all your Social Profiles. These could include Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, LinkedIn, SnapChat, Instagram.
  • Through Forums you are active within
  • On your website (create and publish a blog post about it)
  • To your email list
  • Emailing your personal friends/family/acquaintances
  • You could even hold a sandwich board outside your local mall if that is something you fancy (ok, this one was a joke).

There are also some awesome banners that can leverage to add to your website or post within your social profiles.

If you go to the Banners tab, you will see a bunch of new Black Friday promotional banners where you can download or link to them, or add them to your Facebook profile or other social media sites with your affiliate link attached.


Come this Friday, November 25th at 10AM PST the excitement is truly going to begin. You can get a massive discount on the WA Yearly Premium membership and get a special “never seen before” bonus in this process! Get ready!



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dominic16 Premium
This adds up another reason why I should stick more to Wealthy Affiliate, tremendous offer you got here. I'm also going to take this offer and will never let it go. I guess I have to worry about the payment later, this offer is too good to resist.

The best thing I like about Wealthy Affiliate is the improvements that it makes, meaning this platform is constantly adapting to its surroundings. I'm an advocate of new technologies and being a member of a community that embraces that is wonderful.
Kyle Premium
Congrats on going yearly Dominic, looking forward to an exciting 2017 ahead!
PAULttk333 Premium
Hello Kyle, I joined WA for over one month now and learning a lot of new things. I am excited about the WA yearly 'Black Friday Great Deal'. Thank you for this coming great deal. I will surely renew in the next few days. This deal is definitely the best to date yet. I am really very grateful to you and Carson!
Anh Premium
Absolutely amazing discount, Kyle.

And I'm especially happy to hear that wee yearly members can also take part as well. As you said, this is a no-brainer. I'm sure to be here next year and the years to come, what's more we got to keep our discounted price moving forward!

Other than that, I'm so excited about all the awesome updates you guys have in store (SSL, among other things, that comes with our membership and no upsells at all! You are spoiling us. ;)).

Alright, I'm looking forward to Black Friday!

Take care,
Kyle Premium
We will always remain very progressive here with the technology, platform and training. 2017 is going to be a year like no other and we really do look forward to working with everyone in the year ahead and sharing some awesome rollouts!
Anh Premium
Awesome, Kyle, keep up the great work!
KDSnapZ Premium
Hey, everyone!

Super exciting stuff, hopefully, I can capitalize off the sale when I share this amazing deal!

Quick ? Can I stack my current yearly membership with this deal if I wanted to? My current membership ends around May and I'd like to take advantage of the deal each year if that's possible.

Kyle Premium
Yes, you can. You can add another entire year to your membership for $299 and then when you recur next, you will also be on the lower rate.

If you joined yearly in May, then your next recurring date (if you take up the $299 offer) won't be until May 2018. :)

I hope this clarifies for you Kevin!
NWTDennis Premium
Hi Kyle ... will that work if we are already in the annual mode?
SoniaZ Premium
Hi Kyle,
Just to make sure, I am already a yearly member here at WA. And during the Black Friday event, I can renew my membership for $299? Do I just need to go in my profile and renew my membership from there to take advantage of this great deal? How does it work?

WA is an awesome community to be part of, Thank You, Kyle and Carson, for WA!

Looking forward to BIG Black Friday event as well as 2017 here at WA!

Kyle Premium
You will be sent the link with instructions to do this and there will also be a big header with a big link to upgrade for another year! :)

If there is any confusion on launch day (the 25th) just let me know. ;)
SoniaZ Premium
Thanks so much Kyle :)
NWTDennis Premium
Thanks Kyle ... you just answered my question above. This wasn't possible the first year I went annual ... something about the transaction being too complicated.

I guess this is just another platform improvement you and Carson have quietly implemented.
GladstoneR Premium
Thanks Kyle for such visionary wealth building opertunity. .. WA . Your example of gravity in leadership and management is of a very high standard. The only failure in WA is in self application. Many who are going slow today needs to and will pick up soon. Let's draw out that greatness deep within and bring it to the forefront for ourselves, our family and friends.
What do you think?
I would like to do better. .do you ?

Like it if you agree.
Kyle Premium
I agree, everyone has greatness within them and our hopes is to pull that out and help people achieve a great deal of success in 2017!
Rvdveer Premium
Hi Kyle I have just started as you know :) although I am new, I like to jump on this Black Friday momentum as not to miss the boat. I have a small list of people (1000) that applied to a working at home advert. I like to mail them about the free account and then follow up after they join WA. Are there any templates for my first mass email and the follow-up emails that I see in my account?

This way I can already leverage what I have to make some money - and show people a way to become successful in making money online.
Kyle Premium
We don't have any email swipes, but you can take the emails we are sending out and make them your own.

Just do know that the first and last days of the offer are the best (Nov 25th and 28th), so use this time sensitivity to your advantage to maximize conversions Rocco.

If you ever do want to run anything by me, do let me know. :)
weemrst Premium
Hi Kyle
Just adding my thanks along with everyone else.
Can I please just ask how this will work with we UK subscribers. The time difference makes it difficult to get involved in the live training and I usually just bookmark the content for later viewing.
Also, if you are sending a link or a reminder message, will we have enough time to "get the deal" on 25th?
Thanks and take care.
Kyle Premium
It will be based on your current time, so this will not affect anything. It will run during your hours and yes, we will most definitely be sending you a notification (actually several) through the weekend.
Defiant6 Premium
I took advantage of the Black Friday special last year and it was the best thing I ever did. 2016 has been a good year for me and it could've been even better had I kept better focus on the latter half of this year.

Nevertheless, I have earned money for the very first time this year and started a second website and it is all thanks to Wealthy Affiliate. Kyle, Carson, and Jay have done such an amazing job with Wealthy Affiliate and making it even better for the members here this year. Such a big thanks for all that you have done and look forward to what you have planned in the coming year.
Kyle Premium
Awesome to hear your 2016 was a good one, but as you have said, with a bit more focus, your 2017 is going to be that much more successful!

I look forward to working with you in the year ahead Brian! :)
halinphilly Premium
Don't dismiss that sandwhich sign idea too fast. I used to do sandwich sign advertising in Harvard Square, Boston MA during the 1970s. A marketing person from RCA Records saw me and offered a lot of money to rent me to advertiseva new artist they had just signed.

His name was David Bowie.
Kyle Premium
Yeah, it is still popular here as well. I see people doing it all the time and I always give them a honk or hello. I respect everyone that is working!
boomergp08 Premium

I like that you guys are now offering the Black Friday Sale to the already yearly members of WA. I remember you telling me a couple of years ago that it wasn't possible based on how the payment algorithm was set up. Nice to see you guys found a way to make it work.


A member just went yearly on October 25th 2016 at $359 and wants to take advantage of the BF Sale. On November 25th 2016 they purchase an additional year but for $299. You say that the BF Sale price will be tacked onto the end of your existing year.

1. Now if the member has only one month into the $359 yearly membership and now purchases the BF Sale price, are you saying that the remaining 11 months will be at the $299 price point?

2. And if yes, would not the member actually get a refund off of the original $359 since only one month of it was not at the BF Sale price and in essence not even pay an actual additional $299?

3. So now when their $359 yearly membership runs out on October 25th 2017 they will renew at $299 on October 25th or on November 25th when they purchased the BF price?

I hope my questions were not too confusing.
Kyle Premium
If someone has just upgraded to yearly at $359 on October 25th, they would pay another $299. This would add another entire year so they are paid in full until October 25th, 2018. Then from there on out they will recur at $299.

It's very simple. You add another year and change your recurring price point. I hope this clarifies for you here. ;)
boomergp08 Premium
OK, that even goes further than how I was thinking on how it would work. So they are in essence paying for an additional year at $299 to renew in 2018 and not 2017..

Thanks for the clarification.
VictorMoyo Premium
It's like you read my mind on the "Black Friday" offer,I am a value buyer by default and that carried me this far with no regrets...I read about Black Friday when I started on WA and that is where I will be turning premium...Thanks again for putting such a great deal together for us.
Kyle Premium
Awesome Victor, there is definitely no better value than this. We keep our platform very affordable as it is (for what you get) and now this will make it even that much more cost efficient! Less than $25 per month it works out to...that is for EVERYTHING you need to create and grow your business online. EVERYTHING!
GiuliaB Premium
Wow, first of all Kyle, I'll have to get my Christmas present in advance - book me in for fri 25th, at such discount I'm definitely up for it!!!
And also, for clarity - and please don't think I'm picky as I'm not, really - but on your last paragraph you mention Friday 27th. It is Friday 25th in fact, isn't it? It takes very little to get me confused, and I wouldn't want others to get as easily confused as me.
Thanks for the lovely opportunity Kyle, this is truly 'pay forward' spirit!!
Kyle Premium
Nothing wrong with an early Christmas present! And yeah, I have updated the 27th => 25th. That was just a little typo, all sorted now!
JewelCarol Premium
Hey Kyle, so awesome news, I have been waiting for this, you know, I always love WA Black Friday deals, it is like finding gold and diamonds in a treasure hunt, lol. Thanks very much Kyle!! :)

By the way, Kyle, I message you about something which only you can help, could you PLEASE reply me asap? Thanks very much in advance! :)
MKearns Premium
This is the news I've been wanting and waiting to hear Kyle. Now if your payment algorithm will take my credit card!
"Some of you are already on the normal $359 yearly price. For those of you that want to take advantage of this, you still can. You can purchase another year at the Black Friday rate of $299 and this will be tacked onto the end of your existing year. Then moving forward, you will be at the Black Friday rate in subsequent years"
Kyle Premium
Yep, it will. You will be able to upgrade on the 25th and add an entire year to your membership or $299 and that will be your new price point moving forward. :)
theresroth Premium
You two will never stop surprising me!!!

And my bug is gone.
Swisscom says 20 times faster speed by about the 23rd, we had to write a cancellation letter to that other billing scam, it was blocking the whole process......

That means I'll be able to put that tiny thing away.....
Looking foreward to the future!

Kyle Premium
Awesome to hear about your speed Therese, that is a huge improvement. Sounds like 2017 is shaping up to be an awesome one!
theresroth Premium
It sure is, Kyle, thanks a MILLION for all the great things you do, nonstop......☺