Big Things Are Looming! and Hints

Last Update: Oct 5, 2017


Hey everyone,

I know we have been fairly quiet in recent weeks and over the summer in terms of actual "launches" here at Wealthy Affiliate, but we have some very significant projects going on behind the scenes. At any given time, we have 10 to 15 very large projects in one of the many stages of development, whether something is in the idea development stage, programming stage, testing, or beta.

What I can tell you is that is going to be an exciting fall and winter ahead! With our next big kick off coming next week and likely something later on this week as well. These are going to be a significant updates that I know everyone here is going to be really excited about.

Here are some hints as to what sort of things we are working on for fall roll outs:

  • Making Your Life Easier With "Imagery"
  • SiteContent for SEO
  • Pagespeed Analysis
  • Bootcamp, the next edition of Phase 2
  • OEC, The next edition of phase 2
  • Brand-new video training from ME on brand-new topics
  • Brilliant live classes
  • Making Your Notification Life Easier

I know we are being a little cryptic, but doesn't it make it more fun that way!?! :)

These are some things that you can expect us announcing in the coming weeks and months ahead. We also have FOUR brand-new platforms that we are working on that are going to be rolled out through the remainder of this year and right through 2018. They are going to be "game changing" platforms.

So when we go quiet for a couple weeks, there is no reason to be scared, rather every reason to be excited because we are heads down and working on some significant innovations, evolutions, and platforms that are only going to drive WA far beyond anything else out there and to make your life easier and more efficient as an online entreprenuer and affiliate marketer.

Your Ongoing Feedback & Ideas MATTER

As I usually do, I want to create some engagement here at Wealthy Affiliate with you guys and gals. I want to ask what are some of your greatest "wants" here as a member.

Within the comments below, please leave the following:

I want ______________...

OR... I think it would be great if ______________...

The more elaborate the better. We build this community based on your feedback, and we will continue doing so to improve your life, to improve efficiency, and ultimately to create more success for you and your respective businesses.

As always, in your corner and we are really excited about what is to come!

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Recent Comments


Hey Kyle!

You remind me of a bulldozer that pulls everything with it

What I am saying is that we have no choice in the matter .. you are literally taking us with you to climb the ladder of success

I want ... my internet business to take off now

Sounds selfish doesn't it's?

Haha, I like that. You guys are just here for the ride, but fortunately in your case it is ALWAYS going to be a positive one as we continue to evolve and improve our service here.

Thanks for the heads up Kyle! I LOVE the updates you've already done earlier in the year for WA and Jaaxy and I cannot wait to see what you'll unveil next. One thing I know is that is for the benefit of everyone here so they can succeed. Thank you and the rest of the team for all that you do!

Thanks for your feedback and kind words Brian. We always have the members here in our best interest and we have some exciting plans moving forward. :)

I've seen a few people asking how to edit their email address that they use for Wealthy Affiliate.

I think it would be great if it was easy to change the email address from our account settings. Most likely with a confirmation email to both the old email address and the new one to make sure that the emails are getting through.

Yes, we are working on a better solution for this. :)

In fact, I like this way of improving things for WA. We are really a community so I would say my piece.
This is for the improvement of the site comment and feedback.
There were times when I read the feedback and was not able to answer and I left for other things then come back and was not able to find it.

Just this week a notification is in my email that someone has a feedback in one of my sites. I went to it but I did not immediately answer. Until this time I cannot find it even though I go back to my email and click the link it does not show up.

I noticed that the feedbacks are randomly arranged, they are mixed together and you don't know where to find the latest one that you have not yet answered.

Can it be designed that the feedbacks and comments are arranged according to dates and the latest one should always be on the top so you know where you are in case you need to respond to someone?

Thank you very much.

Awesome! I'm excited to see what rolls out!

I'd really like to see the Keyword Tool get some attention... I'd LOVE to be able to manipulate my keyword lists!!

- Add the ability to delete words from the list (PLEASE!)
- Be able to move keywords in the list to a "used" column (or just check them off somehow as "used")
- Be able to organize a list in order of priority of use
- Get rid of the need to click to see QSR - I'd love to be able to sort by this as well!

Thanks for the hard work you guys are doing!

I am always watching for these kinds of updates. Its always so exciting when something new comes out. And since my main focus is on promoting WA right now it will make for easier promoting as well.

Its so cool to be part of something that is always ahead of the curve and so professional.

Now I cant wait.

I like everything so far but a want it is small and I bet some would or do feel the same. For the site too be a little more mobile friendly. If I am at work or on the go it I will go and look stblog posts and what not. Sometimes I do get a prompt, saying make the oage mobile friendly bit it only makes the texts bigger. But thats is just a small want nothing crazy important.

No, it is important. Every piece of feedback is important and mobile has been a focus and will continue to be a strong focus of ours moving forward.

We are going to have a full mobile rollout in the near future. :)

Thanks for the reply back I do all the major stuff on my computer. So if I am away I just browse through posts comment and what not. So far I like everything about the site thanks again for what you have built with Carson and your team.

Since every is going mobile it's going to be imperative that what we create is going to be mobile friendlier, not just friendly but actually convert to mobile! Good suggestion.

@renelmiller thanks I have noticed a few other commented the same thing befor we. is I get on here with my phone so zooming in can be a little time consuming but I have gotten use to it. Its nice to know that Our voices do get heard.

Looking forward to these new launches with big excitement! :-D What i do miss and would like is more "one on one coaching" A mentor from one or two persons with long experience that knows the business and had huge success with years of experience. Who follows your work/websites and who you can ask a quick question to in a chat or skype or something like that so you dont have to wait.

(Of course nobody should do the work for you)

An example: You run a coulpe of websites for months and little traffic, little sales or NO sales, and you really need help or personal tips of what works or not, so you dont have to "try" everything wondering if it will work. That takes time and energy, and NOBODY here wants to fail. At least thats my biggest fear here.

The chat heres is great but sometimes you get 5 different answers to stuff and that could be confusing sometimes as a newbie. Often you have to search for answers in "help search" or google it, and that takes time sometime.

Overall the training is great here at WA and has amazing content, dont get me wrong on this guys! :-D

Thanx a billion Kyle and Carson for this oppurtunity to be a whealthy affiliate marketer!!

The thing is that sometimes there is 5 actual answers to a simple question and 5 different ways to do things. You do have the ability to communicate with everyone here at WA and the community approach help leads to much more efficient help (and as you are finding, a wide variety of ideas).

Of course you have access to us directly and you can PM anyone here within the platform if you ever do need a hand with anything at all moving forward. :)

What we are going to be focusing on is more streamlined help, so this is exactly on par with what you are saying here and this is definitely going to be a focus.

What you asked for here is perfect because it is something that I thought I was paying for. Then soon after I started, my questions weren't getting answered at all or I was getting "ideas" from those that had just started. This made it so I had to go out of WA and get my answers but I had to pay to get them which doesn't seem quite fair especially at $49 bucks a month. Don't forget there are tons of people out there who are great at helping once you get through training here and you're finding you do need some of those answers about traffic? I was getting no traffic here at all except for the one for two site exchanges? I was giving quality references and getting crap back so it gets frustrating I know. $49 a month is fairly steep compared to what I'm getting away from here. get in touch with me if you ever want some names! Rene

i think what @renelmiller is saying below pretty much sums it up. It shouldn't be the case that some of us have to go outside of WA in case you get stuck with no traffic or sales, unfortuanlly i have seen many people here that are completely stuck att those things, thats very bad i think. A good examole is to get an answer from another "newbie" with just an idea or a guess, thats frustrating sometimes. I also know that 5 answers can be a solution, but also confusing. So for the 49 bucks you should get what you need instead of going outside of WA and actually pay another source. I really hope i dont have to do that.

I couldnt agree with you more, i pretty much sums it up what is was thinking! :)

Looking forward to this new streamlined help youre talking about :)

Sounds exciting!

I want to be able to search the people I am following to see if they are already following me without having to visually scan through the whole takes forever and doesn't really work. I would like some way to see if they are following me when I go to their profile.

I want to be able to thank them for following me if applicable when I follow or follow them back.


A search for your followers and those following you. Definitely something that we can do, perhaps tie this into the search bar at the top so when you search you could see who your friends are there as well.

Thanks for the feedback Jessica and we are certainly excited about what we have planned through the entire next year!

Yes, adding a friends or follower indication when we search for somebody's name in the search bar would be great!


I am looking forward to see what else is going to happen with site content. I want to be able to build my entire post in sitecontent before publishing it to the site. As it is right now, I write the post, publish it to the site, then go to wordpress to complete formatting and add images.

Hey Matt, we've definitely got something up our sleeves in relation to imagery with SiteContent. When we create improvements to large platforms like SiteContent, we love to do them in a way that is innovative and extremely easy to use. Stay tuned early next week for more on this ;)

Just to add, I found that grammarly catches other things that grammar check in Site Content doesn’t. If grammar check could learn as I write, or do something similar to Grammarly, that would be cool ^^

What sort of learning specifically would you request. We do allow you to "Ignore Always" on certain terms that you want to allow, but if there are other things that you want we can definitely do it. There is nothing we can't do, so feel free to request anything you like. )

The ignore once and always option works as advertised and I'm happy with that.

When we make a change in the suggestion box, will grammar check remember that afterward or for that article?

The other thing I can think of that can be improved is the spelling check. I feel that it can catch more spelling errors.

I DO like Site Content so far. I use it to write my posts and would recommend WA users to do their writing there. :)

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