Being Accountable. A Look Back at the Last 3 Months.

Last Update: August 26, 2019

One thing that I recommend that you do with regularity is "check in" on your business and have a look back at what you accomplished in the past 3-4 months. This is something that I do regularity and I find that is good for giving me a pulse as to where my business is at, and also the areas that I can improve (or that I have been procrastinating....we all do it!!).

So today I want you to take a moment and be accountable as to the following 4 items.

Take a moment and leave your responses to these 4 questions below.

  • How did your first three months go?
  • What are some of the achievements you are proud of?
  • Where did you find the most "wasted time" took place?
  • What day to day activities are you going to focus on improving?

Please leave your responses to these questions below.

It is this kind of honest self reflection that will lead to your own personal growth and improvement. Sometimes it is OK to be hard on yourself and offer constructive criticism on our own businesses, where we feel we are lacking and where we could definitely see some improvements.

Just as important though (and I dont' want you to forget this), is to celebrate your achievements and accomplishments.

You have done a lot thus far and you are making some really good progress. If you haven't done every task, that is fine. It happens to the best of us and sometimes we have more productive months than others. The key is realizing this and improving upon your process.

Here is to a productive, exciting, and high achieving 3 months ahead!

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TyroneW1 Premium
Questions 1, 2, 3, don't apply to me yet, since I just started. However, I do agree that we all need to be accountable by moniting our websites and other company activities and announcements.
JMatonge1 Premium
1. The first three months have been challenging in every area because of trying to keep up with the pressure of the SAC challenge. Nevertheless, the period has offered an exciting venture in terms of acquiring knowledge and experiences.
2. I am proud of having had my site comments being approved and then having some of my posts being ranked on page one number one on all three search engines.
3. The "most wasted" time took place in trying to constantly check on offering site comments, but finding out that they all had been exhausted.
4. Day to day activities will include trying to write more postings and see if I can maintain the SAC requirement of more than three posts per week.
FKelso Premium
I am amazed at how much I've learned. That was brought home to me yesterday, when a friend came over to help me figure out how to fix dead links. I still have more to learn, but his instruction certainly helped.

The thing that really pleased me was his reaction to what I had learned in a year. I understood what he was talking about! I knew the meaning and where to find several things he discussed. The conversation was enlightening,because it showed me I am gaining some understanding of this whole process.

He was impressed with my knowledge and also with the training process at WA. He thinks it is quite good.

My first three months were not easy, but they were rewarding, because the whole SAC thing keeps me motivated to move forward. I can tell that it has enhanced my whole learning process.

Reviews are getting easier to write. That's something that pleases me. I do have a question, though -- my reviews are, for the most part, reviews of companies. Should I be adding more product reviews?

My posts are divided into categories, of course, but they focus on two things: product reviews and motivational posts. The division is about 50% for each. Is that an okay thing?

The most "wasted time" took place for me in trying to keep up with emails. I found I cannot answer them all and still keep up with other tasks, especially writing. I've had to cut down on the number I answer.

I've also changed my schedule for my "cats" website. Instead of posting every three days, I'm doing so every four, and the extra day has helped a great deal.

I have most trouble keeping up with daily tasks. Time saved by not doing so many emails will be spent doing site comments, as those seem to slow me down. I'll be working on streamlining that process.s

Ready for month four! I will be travelling for 2 1/2 months of this SAC period, so will be taking my laptop and enough research material to write six articles while I'm traveling. Wish me luck!
act4profit Premium
II looked like writing contest.
codevonish Premium
To answer the last question first; I am trying to pay it forward as much as possible by helping in classrooms and offering site comments, several times when a little time was reserved for site comments, I see the notice- Opps we have delivered all requests for comments.
I was happy to work my way back to the top 2 hundred, but could not maintain it; time is a factor; with no more employees, I am having to work long hours between the gallery and the studio.
To be honest there is no time to waste, just choices.
roxydog1312 Premium
1. The first 3 months have been full of triumphs and failures.
2. I managed to get all the content assigned done. I'm at around 500 users with both websites, for the last 90 days. Is that good?
3. My wasted time is time I just wasn't ready to write. Forcing the writing was something that didn't really work. I have to find another way to use my time to WRITE, instead of finding ways to get out of it.
4. Writing FIRST.
Kyle Premium
Well said here, sometimes you are not ready to write. You have to be in a state where you are ready to write and you will be much more efficient this way. If you are not prepared, then you will find yourself looking at a blank screen or writing content without much substance.

That is why I suggest breaking down several articles at once, and then writing them out. Break out the topics that you are going to write about in each of them, and then put in a good writing session.

And yes, nice work on your traffic, that will only continue to scale as you move forward and establish more authority in the industry. ;)