Being Accountable. A Look Back at the Last 3 Months.

Last Update: August 26, 2019

One thing that I recommend that you do with regularity is "check in" on your business and have a look back at what you accomplished in the past 3-4 months. This is something that I do regularity and I find that is good for giving me a pulse as to where my business is at, and also the areas that I can improve (or that I have been procrastinating....we all do it!!).

So today I want you to take a moment and be accountable as to the following 4 items.

Take a moment and leave your responses to these 4 questions below.

  • How did your first three months go?
  • What are some of the achievements you are proud of?
  • Where did you find the most "wasted time" took place?
  • What day to day activities are you going to focus on improving?

Please leave your responses to these questions below.

It is this kind of honest self reflection that will lead to your own personal growth and improvement. Sometimes it is OK to be hard on yourself and offer constructive criticism on our own businesses, where we feel we are lacking and where we could definitely see some improvements.

Just as important though (and I dont' want you to forget this), is to celebrate your achievements and accomplishments.

You have done a lot thus far and you are making some really good progress. If you haven't done every task, that is fine. It happens to the best of us and sometimes we have more productive months than others. The key is realizing this and improving upon your process.

Here is to a productive, exciting, and high achieving 3 months ahead!

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cris1018 Premium
Oh man. Where DID the first 3 months go?

My first 3 months were a bit scattered. I crushed Month 1.

I got behind in Month 2 due to summer travels (#noexcuses), BUT I stayed the course and made progress almost completing all the tasks. Where I fell short was on Comments. I'm definitely active in comments, chat, and helping others, but know that I honestly didn't make the numbers requested.

Month 3 was a challenge, as I'm not having a good track record with social media usage. I still have some boxes to check there. Since I'm not on Twitter, I am instead using Pinterest.

And now that we've started Month 5, I'll add that Month 4 is about half done, so I'm still catching up. (But I AM catching up!)

An achievement that I'm proud of is not giving up on Facebook. We've had a love-hate relationship, where FB mostly hates me LOL. So, I have periodically tweeked my approach (so as not to spend too much time in social media - wink wink, Kyle) and I have found a method that seems to be working (so far - fingers crossed)

I think my most wasted time has been researching keywords in Jaaxy. Ahhh! Important, yes, but I will play in there making lists all day if I don't stick to my schedule = not good.

What I'm focusing on improving is sticking to my schedule, and focusing on ONE thing at a time before moving on to the next. Otherwise I find myself in research mode too long, and don't accomplish my goals for the day.

And there we have it. #accountability

Thanks to all who read and like :-)

merlynmac Premium
Hello everyone,
My first three months have gone as expected (that's a good thing).

Hmm, achievements I'm proud of... My biggest one is better time management. I also am happy with my overall posting schedule.

Most of my time sink was in dong things in a linear fashion. Research the keyword, build the framework, write the post. By doing some of this in bulk (i.e. researching 5 keywords at a time, building the framework for 2 posts at a time, etc.), I was able to save a lot of time.

As for improvement, it's gotta be getting the posts written. I tend to procrastinate and my schedule has me writing one per day, Monday through Friday.
EdwinBernard Premium
Hi Kyle,

Here is my response to each of the above questions. I am three weeks behind carried over from the last assignments. It is catch up time.

How did your first three months go?
(I am assuming the first three months of the SAC. It's more like the first three periods as each was more than one month.)
I have completed all the assigned tasks except posting my blogs on Twitter and Facebook. When I posted them on Facebook my account was unpublished. So I started a blog on LinkedIn instead. Still ways to go making all my posts there. Started Twitter and the same applies.

What are some of the achievements you are proud of?
I am so happy I have added 36 posts to my MMO site. I requested and received great site comments for each one of them. They are all beginning to tell a story. When I check my traffic it is great to see it growing.

Where did you find the most "wasted time" took place?
When I request Site Comments, I often get to review articles that are very sub-standard. It takes a lot of effort to find good things to say about these kinds of articles that I could apply more effectively on writing my own articles. At least I get the credit.

What day to day activities are you going to focus on improving?
My weakness is making engagement on Social Media. I have lots of room for improvement there. However, I need to check out the lessons on this process in order to do a better job.

Overall, I have achieved more than I could ever have if I tried to do this alone. I am truly grateful that Wealthy Affiliate came into my life. It gives me hope to improve the quality of my life. That in turn will help me improve the quality of the lives of others.

Thanks so much Kyle and Carson!

JaneMahlehle Premium
First of all im so grateful to be part of this challenge.
Month 1: I was super fired up and completed all my tasks enthusiastically.
Month 2 wasnt bad either though I was a bit overwhelmed trying to keep up with the website, WA community engagement. I failed to keep up and decided to reduce my time in the community...sad though.
Month 3: I felt a little demotivated by my WA ranking, I moved from top 100 to 4 digits. kept telling myself that ranking didn't matter...
But then I was remotivated by my website performance.
It improved drastically:
I made a few Google page 1s.

Month 4 began well, made some commission. I'm happy about it.

However, I feel like I'm not managing my focus well and that needs to change. I have a lot of time but the focus is all over the place.
RaquelT Premium
This is a great exercise. I thought I was off to a great start. I was writing longer articles than I ever did before, and getting the hang of it. But the momentum was affected by the time I had to put in my full-time job and family life. I struggled to juggle it all at some point. I worked on making my mindset more positive, and I definitely want to push on and will work on having more content. I will also keep working on the tasks I've missed and strive to be more productive.
Kris108 Premium
1. Getting content written, and it's indexed by Google within hours.
2. I was able to get more content posted regularly in 3 months than in the past.
3. I didn't really waste much time. Just very busy with the full-time job, family responsibilities and 2 other websites. One of them brings some income, so I don't want to stop working on it.
4. Posting more content. The traffic is still very low, so I must concentrate on this.
derekmarshal Premium
How did your first three months go?

Wow! Tough going, pretty anxious as I push myself hard to keep up the 2xdaily blogging

What are some of the achievements you are proud of?

Very proud of the progress that I am making and, from what I have been told is a Phenominal on page time of 11-12minutes - an indication of my content being read an liked.

Pretty happy at getting close on 1,000 organic traffic and more than 10x month 1! (12.5x actually)

Pretty proud of hitting 10 referrals in a month mark double figures! nice, even nicer was my first premium referral.

Where did you find the most "wasted time" took place?

I don't really waste that much time, I am too focused on content

What day to day activities are you going to focus on improving?

I am aiming to do this based on Raw Organic Traffic thus cta/conversion rate could improve.

Site speed could improve - I know exactly what I am doing in this aspect by awaiting full server upgrade to be announced by Kyle..more likely Carson first before I make any front end speed optimisation adjustments.
Kyle Premium
You can move to the new server class at any point Derek, simply reach out to SiteSupport and they can take care of this for you.

Migration of 10,000's of sites at once has implications and unknowns, and configuration issues with the new technology and technology and plugins/themes people are running on their old websites.

This is going to happen on scale in the upcoming weeks.

So it is completely available and stable for you if you want to move over, we have 1,000's of websites already on the new server class.
derekmarshal Premium
Wow that is great news Kyle!.

Any implication/issues so far with Thrive themes and the new server?
stevetug52 Premium
Being Accountable, etc.

My first 3 months were an extreme challenge. I was such a newbie and had so much to learn. New concepts, new processes, new technologies and software tools, and of course there's WordPress. It seemed that each time I learned something new, I was forced to go back and repair all the things I did wrong before knowing the correct way.

This was especially true of images. In my first site, literally, every image needed major surgery. Wrong file types, wrong file names (IMG_6059, or 20160103_162811718_iOS), no or inadequate alt-text info, wrong sizes, etc. That process alone took the better part of a month. I not only had to fix all the images, I then had to fix every post by replacing the old images with new ones. And then I found numerous duplicates in my database. I'm glad that is over. It was not the most enjoyable time of my life, but at least it's behind me - until I learn more new things!

On the other hand, I learned a great deal about writing content and I think I'm getting better. I've added somewhere around 40,000 words of content. Not nearly as much as the rest of you, but the most writing I've done in my life. As I said in one of my previous blogs, I'm going to hang in there and keep moving forward 1 step at a time.

Steve Tuggle
BrianPerisho Premium
Wow, thanks for the call out... I wasted the past 3 months on anything but working on my Blog. I put a little content out on YouTube.

Wasted money buying more courses that I did not complete the training.

I'm looking to get Focused again starting September 1st and blasting out the last 4 months of the year.

Here's to a productive and learning last 4 months of 2019!
YumaBloggers Premium
In the past 3 months, I have been plagued by health and family health issues that even had a neighbor come over and die on our front doorstep of esophagus cancer. No kidding. With my bipolar, this sent me into a funk that really hurt production last month allowing me only to get 5 of 12 planned articles completed. In all, I am down 8 posts in 3 months from my goals, but now the kids are back in school.

Not only are the kids back in school but I am doing fine health-wise and my wife has had no more dehydration issues having learned her lesson about water during her stay at the hospital.

What I have seen positive is I am writing a longer post that is resonating well with readers. Site comments have offered some great feedback and content additions and my graphics are making headway in Pinterest which also builds quality deep SEO Links.

I am also seeing around 160 organic search traffic a month combined with social media traffic it is putting me around 2200 to 2600 monthly page views. Many return visitors and my e-mail list is growing though I have twice changed Autoresponders this last month to end up back with Rocket Responder.

My biggest wasted time was in letting the world get to me emotionally. I was not able to remain positive so I suffered in terms of desire and focus.

What am I doing to improve? I am reading my Bible daily to get a start to my routine, find balance and focus. I am then reading at least one other blog related to article ideas I jot down and do preliminary Jaaxy research on in the beginning of the month.

I now pre-plan my content and run headline ideas through EMV Headline Checker to see the emotional value. This is improving click through. I am also optimizing my social experience and have added a plugin for Semantic Markups that has improved the look of my blog in SERPs. Spending more time on SEO and less on social media, and having a better focus on the content I do write is really giving great results.
stevetug52 Premium
Really sorry to hear of all your extra challenges, but glad to hear your wife is better and kids are well and in school. I have learned a great deal from you. Thanks for your input.

derekmarshal Premium
believe it or not you are doing a great job. When that SEO traffic kicks in, alongside your social - you will do very well.

SEO happens to be my strong point - social - non existent!. Not interested in social media at all (I just don't get it period not can be bothered with it).
YumaBloggers Premium
Social media is just like SEO link building. Each post a door to a page of content that links to the full post on your blog. The thing is people share the post and generate thousands of inbound links to your landing pages or Business Pages and that traffic filters through those post who have authorship and themselves become authority pages.
YumaBloggers Premium
Thank you, Steve. It's been a long 3 months so far but things can only go up from here with God as my co-pilot, my family as my crew, and my vision as the roadmap.
Marlasmith Premium
1. I started out strong, and then got slower at my process. I should be able to kick it up now, since my son has gone back to school.
2. I am still having issues getting ranked with Google, but I have several posts that are ranked in Bing and Yahoo.
3. My most wasted time was coming up with new ideas. I realize from my niche website that I had the same problem in the beginning and it kept getting easier the more content that I had.
4. I am going to focus on coming up with at least new post idea a day and jot them down. That way if I get stuck again, I will have a supply to go grab from.
mattmike Premium
I think my biggest plus is staying focused.
The first 3 months went very good. Wrote a lot of posts,
But wasted a lot of time trying to get a logo in my header. Not there yet. Going to check out a new theme but that scares me. Tried to change it once and had problems!
All in all happy with my progress.
Going to focus on not wasting time getting side tracked when doing research.
Thanks Kyle for this wonderful training, love it, Deanna
kmer6 Premium
1. I was able to write much more content for my website in the last three months than the last nine months. I am becoming more focused.

2. I am getting better in keyword research and finding the keyword terms that get more traffic. I have six Page one, Position one of Google, four Page one, Position one of Bing, and four Page one, Position one of Yahoo.

3. The most wasted time was deciding in which keyword term I was going to write my content.

4. I have to actually make a schedule and then stick to it about which day I research, which day I start writing, and which day I publish, to become more consistent.

lakbar12 Premium
1. In my first three months I've experienced many failures, and some turned into success.

2. Some achievements are that I haven't given I've improved SEO technique tremendously. I force myself to write even when I am tired or don't feel like it. I've reached 1500 visitors per day, and soon learned why it went down to 401 (the scam was I've also made consistent revenue since starting SAC, not much but every small wins are still fantastic. Oh yeah and my WA premium referrals increased each month...yay...

3. I found I wasted time trying to fix errors in my GSC. I also found that I wasted time trying to update old post which helped but, at the same time, I feel like I should have just kept pushing out articles and focused on old articles at a later time. I also feel like I wasted time posting on social media and many other places but, not sure yet. I know when I stopped being all over the place and just focused on mastering my SEO results and creating high quality content each day I started seeing results.

4. I am going to focus on content, content, and content. Stay focused and keep driving this airplane until it lands in Vegas...
mergie1 Premium
I am happy to say the first three months went well. I could have probably posted more than the recommended 12 posts on my site, but I spent some extra time on my other sites, as they are the ones making the Amazon Sales at the moment.

The things I could improve on are:

Getting down to write all my content finished as soon as possible so there is no last-minute rush.

Doing 6 comments on the system. I am currently doing 3 or 4 a day.

Getting to know Canva Better so that I can improve on my designs.

Learn how to do a graph, which I was supposed to implement last month.

Help the members here a bit more, and write more WA blogs.

Turn off my phone when I write so I am not bothered all the time with what's apps that I feel I have to answer right away.
ramr50 Premium
The first three months went well overall.

I am now ranking on Page 1 of Google for a surprising number of keywords. More so than I had anticipated amd i am seeing traffic.

Wasted time has taken place just not focussing enough on writhing the quantiy of content that I need to maintain each week. I seem to be a little week in this area.

I am now going to focus more on writing regularly. Following a schedule that I won't deviate from or get distracted from. I am also going to try and analyze my analytics more to see how I can increase conversions.
Igor13 Premium
Hi Kyle!

Thanks for being part of SAC!

In general, the first three months went well. I have accomplished all the tasks except during the third-month social media accounts registration. Somehow I am still focusing just on building up my website and organic traffic.

I am proud of being able to create more than 100 posts on my site. And other things I became familiar and comfortable related to activities online.

Not all of the articles mentioned above were created during the last three months, but SAC is a great "motivator" because setting writing goals on SiteContent platform helps to stay focused and productive.

I am wasting most time in doing researches and checking other programs and materials online. I need to reduce that activity.

I need to focus more on writing articles, setting up social media accounts and creating videos. Generally, I need to focus more on starting proper promotional campaigns soon.

I hope I will be able to do it.

Best regards,

GlenPalo Premium
I am thankful for the opportunity to participate in the Super Affiliate Challenge. And it is a challenge.

1. The first three months went well. The start was slow, but I gained momentum over time. I am happy with the results as they show steady gains, particularly organic traffic.
2. I am proud of meeting and exceeding my writing goals in the number of words and posts. Each month I have increased the monthly goal and have increased the numbers for month 4.
3, I feel I have wasted more time looking and waiting to comment on members' posts. I wish I could have offered feedback instead of comments on posts that were not ready for "prime time."
I also spend too much time trying to write "perfect" posts.
4. I will focus on revisiting and updating old posts to improve search engine ranking. I will also expand my interests to increase the number of member posts available for comment.
jivitaa339 Premium
Thanks Kyle for offering this opportunity to share our views.

1. First 3 months of SAC, was very productive and I really feel good that this way I stay consistent with my writing schedule, and I am happy that am able to create a good amount of content. But most of the time I write product reviews, and I find it hard to write them beyond 1200 words.

2. I am getting really comfortable with the SEO part of content creation and I feel really great about it:)

3. I will not say that I am wasting my time but I take way more time to research a topic.

4. There is a huge scope of improvement especially writing WA blog post, live chat, am not good in these fields. But particularly I would like to focus on email marketing.

DaliborT Premium
1) Last 3 months were a rollercoaster. From writing a post per day to not writing for the entire week. And I do feel guilty about not writing, but I am trying to leave it behind and learn a lesson from it.

2) I am very proud that I see how my writing skills improved and that my articles are getting longer and longer. Implementing SEO guidelines in all of my new posts and adjusting old ones to meet the same criteria.

I am also proud how I can notice when something is not SEO friendly and I am glad if I could help fellow WA members to adjust it.

3)FOCUS! Once I start researching something, I can go too wide and occupied myself with a different topic. Sometimes I come across something interesting and I forget what I should be doing :P

4)I don't want to be satisfied with "just" doing research on a daily basis. I will strive toward writing at least something each day and from there will work forward.
Pastordna Premium
Thanks for the opportunity to share our progress thus far.

1. The past 3 months was though and challenging to me at first but with time i embraced the challenge and i am really enjoying myself with it.

2. I have not be able to achieve much like i thought initially but I discovered the following changes since the SAC started:

a. Increase in my content ranking speed.
b. Increase in the posting frequency and the content size too.
c. I've also been able to increase my website traffic to a reasonable amount since the challenge started.

3. I discovered that my most wasted time time took place during the keyword research and also at the site comment area. I often get carried away while at this two and end up doing things outside the focus.

4. Creating the WA blog post. I've have not been doing well in this area but i plan to improve in it moving forward.
TyroneW1 Premium
Questions 1, 2, 3, don't apply to me yet, since I just started. However, I do agree that we all need to be accountable by moniting our websites and other company activities and announcements.
JMatonge1 Premium
1. The first three months have been challenging in every area because of trying to keep up with the pressure of the SAC challenge. Nevertheless, the period has offered an exciting venture in terms of acquiring knowledge and experiences.
2. I am proud of having had my site comments being approved and then having some of my posts being ranked on page one number one on all three search engines.
3. The "most wasted" time took place in trying to constantly check on offering site comments, but finding out that they all had been exhausted.
4. Day to day activities will include trying to write more postings and see if I can maintain the SAC requirement of more than three posts per week.
FKelso Premium
I am amazed at how much I've learned. That was brought home to me yesterday, when a friend came over to help me figure out how to fix dead links. I still have more to learn, but his instruction certainly helped.

The thing that really pleased me was his reaction to what I had learned in a year. I understood what he was talking about! I knew the meaning and where to find several things he discussed. The conversation was enlightening,because it showed me I am gaining some understanding of this whole process.

He was impressed with my knowledge and also with the training process at WA. He thinks it is quite good.

My first three months were not easy, but they were rewarding, because the whole SAC thing keeps me motivated to move forward. I can tell that it has enhanced my whole learning process.

Reviews are getting easier to write. That's something that pleases me. I do have a question, though -- my reviews are, for the most part, reviews of companies. Should I be adding more product reviews?

My posts are divided into categories, of course, but they focus on two things: product reviews and motivational posts. The division is about 50% for each. Is that an okay thing?

The most "wasted time" took place for me in trying to keep up with emails. I found I cannot answer them all and still keep up with other tasks, especially writing. I've had to cut down on the number I answer.

I've also changed my schedule for my "cats" website. Instead of posting every three days, I'm doing so every four, and the extra day has helped a great deal.

I have most trouble keeping up with daily tasks. Time saved by not doing so many emails will be spent doing site comments, as those seem to slow me down. I'll be working on streamlining that process.s

Ready for month four! I will be travelling for 2 1/2 months of this SAC period, so will be taking my laptop and enough research material to write six articles while I'm traveling. Wish me luck!
act4profit Premium
II looked like writing contest.
codevonish Premium
To answer the last question first; I am trying to pay it forward as much as possible by helping in classrooms and offering site comments, several times when a little time was reserved for site comments, I see the notice- Opps we have delivered all requests for comments.
I was happy to work my way back to the top 2 hundred, but could not maintain it; time is a factor; with no more employees, I am having to work long hours between the gallery and the studio.
To be honest there is no time to waste, just choices.
roxydog1312 Premium
1. The first 3 months have been full of triumphs and failures.
2. I managed to get all the content assigned done. I'm at around 500 users with both websites, for the last 90 days. Is that good?
3. My wasted time is time I just wasn't ready to write. Forcing the writing was something that didn't really work. I have to find another way to use my time to WRITE, instead of finding ways to get out of it.
4. Writing FIRST.
Kyle Premium
Well said here, sometimes you are not ready to write. You have to be in a state where you are ready to write and you will be much more efficient this way. If you are not prepared, then you will find yourself looking at a blank screen or writing content without much substance.

That is why I suggest breaking down several articles at once, and then writing them out. Break out the topics that you are going to write about in each of them, and then put in a good writing session.

And yes, nice work on your traffic, that will only continue to scale as you move forward and establish more authority in the industry. ;)