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When we start our online businesses, one of the very first tasks is to "choose a niche". In essence, we are choosing an audience that is interested in something in particular. Whether this is people that are avid pickle ball players, or an audience that is looking to master quilting, there are a plethora of available niches out there....of which have a great deal of opportunity with them.But once you have selected your niche, your immediate goal becomes understanding that niche and audience in
I got caught up with a busy week last week, so I didn't get the opportunity to do my annual "birthday" post at Wealthy Affiliate.16 years ago (on September 10, 2005) Carson and I clicked the "publish" button on our venture. At the time we had no idea what it would become, and frankly we were quite naive to running a business in the "opportunity" world. We didn't realize who was in this industry, how it was run, and the evolution that was going to take place before us.All we
Welcome to September! I can't believe we are making our way through 2021 already, this year feels like it is flying by!As we move through the remainder of 2021, Carson and I are starting to invest some time and energy into the planning of our annual Vegas trip and there are MANY folks that are on track to getting an all-inclusive, full access trip to our annual Las Vegas Super Affiliate Conference.Last year, we unfortunately had to cancel the yearly trip because of the pandemic, but this year i
There is a famous psychological study done in the 1950s that I want to point your attention to, as it is going to have a great deal of relevance in your business. If you practice the fundamentals of this experiment, I can with certainty assure you that you are going to be very successful online (or in any business venture).That is a pretty bold statement, but these principles are ones that I have learned personally will lead to success and ultimately failure if they are not implemented.These ar
Today I want to speak to the idea of "education", and how it can dictate your success within Wealthy Affiliate. I also want to speak to the focus that we have had over the years on the quality of the education, and how we approach keeping the community here at Wealthy Affiliate far ahead of the curve (and ahead of the competition).Ultimately, the Internet is a fast moving world. There have been consistent evolutions, innovations and advancements over the years and these are something that we ac
Google has really been at it this year, with several Google Core updates. Some would deem this as Google being elusive, whereas others would deem these updates as being more than predictable based on the history of Google algorithms updates and what they are after.I personally fall in the latter category. These Google Core updates are VERY much predictable, and we have been teaching proper SEO strategies and how to avoid being hit by these updates for many years.I want to go over some more prom
Hey everyone,Just wanted to give everyone a head's up to follow up on the first AMA (Ask Me Anything) class that was run a few years back where I fielded all sorts of questions related to Google Core, SEO, and ultimately how to rank better in Google (and all search engines). It was a huge success and because of the amount of questions I had come in, I didn't have enough time to get to all of them. So I have decided to do a follow-up PART 2, AMA class that is going to take place in a few weeks
Hey Everyone,I just want to offer people a clear and concise "posting" rule list here at WA. Obviously, we are a "spam free" community, so any form of spam or blatant promotions are not allowed within Wealthy Affiliate. If your intended purpose of being here and to engage is solely based on your underlying promotions, please refrain from doing this.The reason we are firm on our stance on self promotion here at Wealthy Affiliate is we are and want to continue to be a safe haven for people. One
SEO can be a fickle, complicated process. It can also be a straightforward, simple process. It just depends on what information you have, and how you "view" what can feel as an abstract process of SEO.So what really determines an outcome of someone's SEO campaigns? Is it information they know? Is it what they do? Is it what they DON'T do? Is it tricks and strategies an implement that their competition is not doing? Is it their overall authority? Is it the way they build their content, where the
Hey everyone,Last week I announced that I was going to be doing a class available to ALL Premium and Premium Plus+ members on a particular topic, of your choice. I took feedback and suggestions on this topic, and you all had some great ideas, but unanimously it was clear that the topic needed to be related to Google Core, SEO, and how to best rank your content in Google.So that is going to be the topic in the upcoming AMA (Ask Me Anything)!Now I have a task for you, please head over to the Clas