ATTENTION: The Black Friday Excitement & Windfall is Looming

Last Update: November 15, 2017

Just wanted to Keep everyone in the loop about a big event that comes up every year, this year it is going to be taking place on November 24th.Black Friday 2017

Black Friday.

Black Friday is always a time to celebrate here at WA for affiliates, as well as all members of the community. This is a time when we offer our lowest price discount on your membership ever. It also includes some exclusive bonuses that are only offered to those that take part in the Black Friday offer.

This year Black Friday at Wealthy affiliate will be running from Friday, November 24, to November 27th at MIDNIGHT.

This is the BIGGEST event of the YEAR for Affiliates.

Every year we continue to “beat” our expectations and we feel this is going to be the case this year once again. Wealthy Affiliate is in the best shape it has ever been in terms of our overall platform, the technology behind it, our vision and future releases, as well as the overall tone and contentment of the community. We are truly excited about what 2018 is going to bring!

We fully anticipate surpassing conversion % and revenue of Black Friday last year (which was a monster).

First off, for those of you that are affiliates or simply want to promote this offer, here is your Black Friday link. This is the same link as last year.

This link will also be found on the Affiliate Program page within WA as the date nears, but won’t be active until the actual offer is rolled out first thing on the 24th. It just has a placeholder page at the moment.

Here are the full details of the Black Friday Event.

Dates: November 24th, 25th, 26th, 27th (with an extra 3 additional days thereafter)

Offer: $299 per year

Who It’s Available to: EVERYONE

**If you are currently yearly premium member, you will be able to upgrade to Black Friday yearly as well. We will add another ENTIRE year onto your membership (on top of your existing one) and moving forward in subsequent years when your next payment is due, you will be grandfathered in at the lower $299 rate.

**Our 2017 Bonuses:

We are going to be offering the following bonuses in the year ahead, over FOUR hours of live video classes with full Q & A that is going to prepare everyone for a successful 2018 ahead.

(1) 7 SEO Marketing Strategies to Explode Your Rankings in 2018 (1 Hour Live Class + Q & A), December 1, 2017

(2) 7 Unconventional Ways to Amplify Your Brand in 2018 (1 Hour Live Class + Q & A), December 8th, 2017

(3) 7 Brilliant Traffic Strategies You Need to Know in 2018 (1 Hour Live Class + Q & A), December 15th, 2017

(4) Kyle Goes LIVE, Insights into Becoming an Expert in 2018 (1 Hour Live Class + Q & A), December 22nd, 2017

As is the case every year, we are going to be offering some awesome (and relevant) bonuses on top of just the “discount”. The reason we do this is that bonuses do lead to much higher conversions naturally, something to consider on your end as well.

There are many ways that you are going to be able to take advantage of this offer, even if you are not an active affiliate bootcamper and don’t have a website promoting WA.

  • WA Blog Post (here at WA)

  • Blog Post on Your Website (announcing to your audience)

  • Share blog post on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest leading up to, during Black Friday offer.

  • Share images on Snapchat and Instagram

  • Share through email with friends and family

  • Blast your list (if it is relevant to the affiliate marketing/make money niche)

  • Other forums, communities that are relevant

  • Anywhere you can get the word out there!

There are 5 angles in particular that are highly effective when it comes to boosting conversions and maximizing your sales during the Black Friday period. You definitely should be taking advantage of with your audience:

(1) Time Sensitivity, Time is Running out. Never going to be offered again.

(2) The Discount, $0.82 cents per day, less than $1 per day,

(3) The Wealthy Affiliate Platform (everything they need to create a business, success happens at a higher rate to those that give themselves a year in business, etc)

(4) Our bonuses + Email Sequence

(5) Your Bonuses + Email Sequence

We have once again fine-tuned the funnel from our end, and we will continue to do so with every year that passes, so with our efforts alone you should experience your HIGHEST CONVERSIONS ever on Black Friday. Add a bonus on your end and promo sequence on your end, and this is only going to be amplify your revenue.

Not to mention that we have added an incredible amount to the community in 2017, making the $299 per year offer even a better deal than in past years. There isn't a comparable service online, not to mention our price point is less than $0.82 per day with the Black Friday offer. It has become an easy "sell" for affiliates, and for members it has been an easy decision to upgrade to yearly on the Black Friday discount

Here a just some updates that took place at WA in 2017:

  • PageSpeed Insights - Analyze & Improve Your Website Speeds (October

  • SiteContent Images - Over 1,000,000+ FREE Images (October)

  • 2017 Ambassador Platform Launch - (September)

  • Jaaxy 3.0, A Brilliant Redesign (July)

  • SiteContent, The Ultimate Writing Platform (June)

  • SiteSpeed - Your Site is Now on Steroids (May)

  • SiteBuilder - Brand New Website Builder (April)

  • Training, Completely Redesigned (March)

  • SiteSSL, Free SSL for ALL (January)

You can leverage the idea of "how progressive/innovate Wealthy Affiliate is" in your emails to your list and also let people know about the VALUE of these platforms, all of which other companies/services are charging an exorbitant amount of money for.

I don’t want to let the cat out of the bag and reveal our upcoming 2018 launches before they happen, but I can give you some ideas as to what is going to be available to Premium members soon and you can leverage these when promoting the idea of “the year ahead within WA” to your respective audiences.

  • Introduction of the Ultimate Keyword & Research platform

  • SEO Automation for Your Content

  • Instant Access to 10,000’s of Affiliate Programs

  • HUGE Advancements in Websites and Hosting Space

  • A Fresh, New, More Intuitive Redesign

  • More Personalized Interaction & Help

  • A Streamlined Process for Getting Instant Expert Help

  • The Answer to Your Writing Needs

  • Full-Time Revenue Opportunities Directly Within WA.

  • A Beautiful Mobile Experience is Coming

  • Integration Between ALL Aspects of Your Business

  • Ambassadorship Opportunities and Advancements

  • Exciting New Writing & Affiliate Challenges

Commission payouts for Black Friday are recurring at $130 per year, and you will get these commissions paid out in subsequent years as well. Around 51% of people that go Premium Yearly will stick around for many years, and this is typical because those that commit to yearly are actually committing to their business and succeeding at a much higher rate (ie, actually creating a business).

And of course, if you are not an affiliate of WA, completely fine. This Black Friday offer is a no brainer and is something that you should jump on!

If you have any questions about the Black Friday launch or any ideas for your campaigns, do let us know and we will be happy to help.



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KatyaColvin Premium
Hi Kyle! Just to clarify last year black Friday promotion was similarly great. You also said that if those who grab the opportunity will pay that price from now on (it was in 2016) no matter what the "new" price might be. Does that still stand to be true?
Thank you!
pamdemonium Premium
Hi Katya, hope it's ok I'm chiming in. I signed up for Premium during the Black Friday offer 2 years ago and have been paying $299 annually since. I hope that answers your question? :)
Kyle Premium Plus
Yes, you are going to be in at $299 again this year since you took us up on the offer lat year and you will have access to all of the bonuses as well. :)
KatyaColvin Premium
Thank you, Kyle! I got a bit confused since my yearly subscription was less but that's because I had paid monthly subscription prior to that. Great deal! I'm in and looking forward to another awesome year. :-)
gcd Premium
Thank you, Kyle. I've been hearing a lot about the upcoming Black Friday sale/deal and wondering what it is all about.

I can understand why those who have been here for past Black Friday events are excited about it.

Thanks for all the info. Glad to be a part of this community.
Kyle Premium Plus
Excellent Gary, I hope you get the opportunity to take advantage of it!
gcd Premium
I'm hoping so Kyle :) If I can do it, I certainly will!
Jewelia Premium
That's great! Thank you, Kyle and Carson.
My monthly payment is due just a day before the Black Friday. If I upgrade to Yearly on Black Friday, will I get a pro-rated amount at this discounted price: "You pay only $xxx today because you have xx days remaining on your Monthly Billing Cycle"?
Thanks again for the great additions and improvements, and for the wonderful Black Friday deal!
~ Julia
Kyle Premium Plus
Completely fine, it is pro-rated and it will take your last payment and time left on that payment into consideration. So your BF discount will be discounted even more, by about $47.
Jewelia Premium
Great! Thank you, Kyle.
Nick-at-WA Premium
Wow! Wow! Wow!

What an incredible offer, but unfortunately I'm not in the position to take advantage of it and if I read correctly, this will be the last time that this discount will be offered.

But..........................nothing will stop me!

I wish the whole of Wealthy Affiliate much success and a lot of enjoyment with the Black Friday event, and beyond!

Kyle Premium Plus
No problem Nick, you have to do what makes sense to you and your situation. ;)
littlemama Premium Plus
Hi Kyle,

Last year in Nov'16 I made $23.50 (though I was only 2 months in) but this year, I'm earning in the 3 digits and hopefully even close to 4 digits! Lol

Thanks for those bullet points (2017 & 2018), will add them to my email and blog campaigns!

FYI - the Black Friday link goes to New Premium page still, doesn't go to a place holder as you said down below.

Can't wait!!
Kwacha Premium
HI Littlemama
can you briefly in simple terms what is being talked about here and how to participate as i have not made any single sale, am two weeks old finalizing website content and i hear black friday since you said in Nov 16 you made two digit how did you do it, please
littlemama Premium Plus
Back in Nov 16, I was two months into building my business, you've only been here for six days.

You must learn how to build your online business with the training here. Have you started with the lessons in the GREEN button on the left menu? If you have, then that's good, you have to keep learning and go through all levels of the training and build your site along with your lessons. In this business, you may or may not make money quickly. This is a long term thing and you must learn first, apply what you've learned and eventually, you will make money with your site.

Hope this helps,
Kwacha Premium
Hi yes am reading and I want to complete all lesions I have developed websites before using Dreamweaver platform but the sites were not for business hence the business concept integrating on website is the most important part I get from the lesion how does selling work on website is a unique technique once I finish all the lesions I may be able to have a full understanding of it--that is why I ask experience people like you who have sold online so that I expand my learning
littlemama Premium Plus
It's just hard to explain it all in a comment box, you need to just get through the lessons and do the tasks at the end of each lesson to build your site together with your education. You will do well if you stick with the training. :)
Kyle Premium Plus
4 digits in 2018 will become the norm and perhaps you even break into a few 5 digit months Grace! I look forward to working with you in the year ahead. :)
littlemama Premium Plus
I'm so excited for 2018!!