Are You Going to be Sitting in the Shade?

Last Update: Oct 5, 2021

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There are lessons we can learn from those that are successful, and most often this is in the form of ideas that stem from experience. I have always looked for influence in those that I found to be inspirational leaders across many industries, one of those people is Warren Buffet.

He of course is one of the richest men on the planet, but he is also one of the wisest. To this day one of my favourite business quotes by Warren Buffet is the following:

"Someone is sitting in the shade today, because someone planted a tree a long time ago."

This is incredibly relevant to the journey within the online world, and for those of you that have reached success in business (online or offline), you can appreciate this statement.

The time and effort you put forth now in business, always pays off later. In other words, plant some trees now, and enjoy the shade later on.

In respect to your online business...

The website you build now, is not successful tomorrow. Rather it will gain traction and authority through time. A year from now you can be sitting on something substantial. Your website will become and asset over time, and you are going to be sitting on something that is "sellable" and that is providing you with passive income. Not because of what you do right now, but from what you did a year ago.

The content you create NOW, doesn't rank right now. It will rank as Google finds it, as they index it, and as you gain authority within Google (as you create more content). The content you create now could start ranking several months from now but could provide you with 10 years of stable income.

Basically, every comparison between this statement works directly in parallel to your activities building a business. You do the work now, you reap the rewards down the road...and often times forever.

Don't compare building a business to hourly income, that is one of the biggest reasons for failure that I see. You will be disappointed at the outset, because your efforts in the early stages of your business do not translate into an hourly income.

Think of it as planting a seed, and needing that TIME in order for that seed to grow and flourish. If you do approach your online business with this very mindset, you are going to have a much bright future ahead of you.

Are you currently planting trees, or simply standing over the ground waiting for a tree to miraculously pop up?

Recent Comments


Hi Kyle, fantastic post as usual:) I have planted seeds, but there are some sorts of seeds that grow slowlier than others. I also have to make sure that I use the right soil for my seed to grow properly.
However, one thing I don't do is waiting for a tree to pop up from the ground:)

Yes, some do grow slower than others, and some really start to flourish all at once after years of nothing (like the old bamboo analogy).

The thing is, if you plant the seeds and you nourish them, they will eventually all flourish. Just takes time and some effort!

Kyle, thank you for that valuable piece of information. This is my first attempt at writing a blog and I'm not sure if I'm even on the right path. I would appreciate it if you could look at it and give me your thoughts. Please be honest with me, and trust me when I say you will not hurt my feelings. I'm a senior who has been around the block more than a few times so I can handle criticism. Thank you.

Sure, I would be happy to! If you want me to take a look at your website, post it like this:


And I will fill in the rest and offer you some feedback. :)

Actually, these plans are sound good and fantastic. But, unfortunately, I am unable to subscribe to this today due to my bad financial situation. Not only I but even Sri Lanka the whole country is suffering the same position. So, I have to be with others shade I mean that........till I recover from my bad financial stability. How to make a good position in the future?


You could remain a starter indefinitely and your siterubix subdomain remains valid for six months from day signing up to the platform, giving you time to build content.

However the learning curve would be steeper as communications with the platform ceases up in 7 days from time signing up, you will not have access to coaching and sound advice. So meanwhile I'd ask as many questions as I can to get clarifications.

Welcome to WA and our community.

in that case learn from here as much as you can and take notice in particular of the fact that making a youtube channel is free...and there are free tools to make the will need to work at it...but you use seo and keywords in a similar fashion for youtube....learn as much as you can from here...
once you have a following and are earning then you can come back and go through the rest of the course...
you can see the lesson titles so you know what you have to learn ...use the search box at the top and see if members have written articles bout hte topic....
there is a ton of info on here for free...yes you will get frustrated with the fact you keep running into premium issues....but it is now up to you how far you take it ....
so start on your journey into the next phase of your life where you will have to work hard now but reap the rewards later.....
remember information written on the internet on your domain stays there until you take it down....
good luck Charles...

Try working online for someone. Get a gig at Fiverr writing content or creating images etc to earn money so you can improve your situation.

This message came at a perfect time for me. I feel like I been sitting in the shade with my training because my phone broke and I have nothing to do my work on.But today I got a tablet from a friend. So know I can move forward and get out of the shade. Thanks Kyle.

Awesome, that is great Sherry and it sounds like you have some nice friends!

This is not just a great business lesson but also a very good life lesson, Kyle.
As I assess my first 2 years in WA, this is, perhaps, my most critical lesson to share.

In those 2 years, I have built 3 websites.
It took some time but all 3 are now shooting off above ground and 1, in particular, is already bearing consistent fruit.

Caring for these "trees" continue to be an enjoyable journey.
They are living legacies in my daughter's garden and will provide her with "shade" along her life journey.

I can never thank you, Carson, Nathaniell and our WA community enough for the opportunities, learning and support.


Absolutely correct Cassi, if you take this approach to various aspects of life whether it is relationships, your online business, building a new skill, weight loss, is relevant and the metaphor can apply.

We are thankful to have amazing folks like yourself within the community as well, we appreciate you.

Thank you, Kyle.

That means a lot.

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