Am I Just Targeting One Keyword With My Content? Nope.

Last Update: August 18, 2016

A common question that folks have is whether or not they should target only one keyword per post. It is a fair question, because when do research online we are researching individual keyword phrases.

The Assumed Keyword Truth is NOT the Reality.

The idea of being able to target only ONE keyword per post can feel very limiting and it feels as though you are not going to really get much benefit from one post.

When starting out, we naturally question the 'opportunity' of the Internet business world. We are conditioned to be this way from past experiences. The idea is that there are a finite number of keywords out there and there is an incredible amount of competition out there competing in Google and other search engines for these keywords.

If we attempt to rank for a keyword and we don’t strike gold, our efforts were done in complete vain. It’s frustrating and as a result, many folks depart rather quickly from the idea that rankings and results are possible for them online.

However, the opposite is the truth.

Keywords are not finite, they are infinite. They grow by the millions every day (in terms of searches that are performed for the first time in Google). And about their “competition” that is out there. There really isn’t all that much, when you consider there are BILLIONS of keywords and there are very few people that know what they are doing in terms of rankings.

I will explain...

Law of Numbers, It’s Beautiful.

When you consider that 3.4 billion searches take place on Google every day, over 500 million of them being first time searches, I think it will give you perspective as to how much opportunity is out there in the search marketing world alone.

As a member here at WA and as a marketer online you have the ability to rank under any keywords that you want. You do a bit of research, you come up with a list of keywords that are relevant to your niche and that you want to write about, then you write about these in the form of published content on your site.

As a result, you may or may not get ranked under these terms. Let’s say you write 3 new posts every week. Every year you will be publishing 156 new blog posts. That is a lot of content, that is a lot of opportunity.

Naturally, as you build out your website you are going to gain more and more traction in Google and other search engines. This usually takes place around the 3 month mark and then continues to climb from there on out.

Let’s say each post you create, on average, brings in just 3 clicks per day. Some won’t rank at all (0 traffic), some will rank and get much more traffic. That is 450 clicks per day (based on 150 blog posts), and these are unique clicks we are talking about.

If you were to pay for this sort of relevant traffic, you could expect to be paying Google a minimum of $0.50 per click or $225 per day. That is close to $7,000 in free traffic each and every month, all from your efforts!

3 posts per week, cumulatively add up incredibly fast and the law of numbers starts to really make a profound impact on your business.

A Title Can Trigger Many Keyword Variations

When you create a title, you should do so in a way where it is not JUST your keyword. You ideally will be creating captivating and very interesting titles for your blog posts.

Here is an example of two different titles, just to explain the differences:

Example 1, Keyword Only:

Best Affiliate Marketing Training

Example 2, Keyword + Captivating Content:

What is the Best Affiliate Marketing Training? The Good & The Bad

See which one is more interesting, the latter is MUCH more interesting and it will get higher click-throughs in Google and it will also lead to much higher rankings as a result (click-throughs is something that Google does look for in their SEO algorithm).

The thing that I have also done here is target another popular keyword. By virtue, when you “extend’ a keyword phrase, you are going to be targeting all the keywords within that phrase.

In the case of “What is the Best Affiliate Marketing Training”, I am also targeting all of the following keywords which are found in this much larger phrase.

  • what is the best affiliate marketing
  • what is affiliate marketing
  • affiliate marketing training
  • best affiliate marketing training
  • best affiliate marketing
  • affiliate marketing

So I have target one focal point keyword, but in reality within the title alone I am actually targeting 6 keywords that I will have to potential to rank under.

And this is just the start of the keyword potential.

The Actual Content, Comments Can Be HUGE!

I want to be clear, when you write a page or a post on your website you are focused on targeting one keyword.

So the rule, one keyword per post.

But that is far from the reality of what actually happens. You can literally get ranked in Google under 100’s of keywords with one single post. I have had it happen many times over the years and the reason this happens is that your content is not just one keyword, it is 10,000’s of variations of keywords when analyzing it.

Think about the potential rankings you can achieve with a 500 word post, what about a 1,000 word post, 2,000...and so on.

On top of this, I want to point something else out. Comments.

When you start to get engagement in the form comments on your site, these are natural content on your given post. These comments are also part of your posts content and will also get ranked.

Comments are keywords. Comments can lead to more rankings, as does any unique and quality content on your website.

If you are not using the SiteComments platform here at WA, I recommend that you do:

==> SiteComments - Offer and Request Comments Here

So when you sit down to write content, surely consider the keyword you are targeting. BUT (and this is a big one), realize that as you write content you are naturally going to be targeting many more keywords than you initially anticipated targeting.

Next time you sit down to write a new post for your website, just realize the sheer potential of what you are doing. It is brilliant and you are not just making a ‘gamble’ on getting a ranking on your site. You are constructing what could potentially be an article that gets ranked on MANY different keywords and drives traffic to your business for many years.

Over the years I have had SINGLE posts on my websites that drive what would be deemed a full time income for a sustained period of time. One post, maybe an hour of my time, years of income. The brilliant reality of building an authority business online.

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KarlOtake Premium
Hell yes

Thanks for putting this out. I just got Jaaxy Pro and started going crazy with keywords...there are a freaking ton of geat Keywords, so many that I was getting ahead of myself thinking about how to rank for so many and how many posts I would have to publish.

Thanks again Kyle!

AlexEvans Premium
That was very informative, I really like the organic approach. The math does stack up, posts add up and three a week consistently will definitely make some inroads and looking at it achievable.
The article becomes a real package with the comments added in I hadn't really thought of it in such terms. The site comments offer us a real opportunity to leverage our content. Thank you Kyle.
Tfritz Premium

I am still having a little trouble understanding what you mean by one keyword. Are you saying that that if you have a post with the title, "The Little Birdy Went to the Shopping Mall and bought High Heel Shoes", for example, you would only target one word for that post, say, "bought" or "Shopping" or "Birdy", as the word you chose to promote in Google? Or would you choose to promote a phrase like "Little Birdy Went to the Shopping Mall", or something like that? Because one word is not a phrase or several phrases. What do you mean one word?,
markraz Premium
A keyword can also be a phrase like your "Little Birdy..." phrase. If you were targeting that keyword in your post, you would want that "ONE" exact phrase 3-4 times in your content. Hope this helps.
TJ Books Premium
Keywords can be powerful. I wrote a keyword article the other day and decided to check Google to see exactly what was coming up. To my surprise, there was my article on Page 1 Position 2 after only 10 minutes. It shouldn't have been there that quickly or that hign. I decided that Google watches at least one of my sites. lol John
MarGul Premium
Great motivation Kyle.

I always try to think the way that you ended the article. I just need 1-3 posts on a great keyword to rank to be able to quit my day time job.

In the beginning I thought I could rank for every single keyword. That's obviously not how it works.

Thanks a lot
HelenpDoyle Premium
Kyle, this certainly is true. I have done some book lists. One day I did some testing. Just about every title came up as a reasonable keyword. I have done the same thing in posts and pages. I pick up random words or phrases and check them as keywords. And quite often they appear. So in fact the whole article is full of keywords.
prettisure Premium
LOVE this article!! Thank you Kyle!

I just wrote a new blog and would love it if you guys could check it out when you have some time. Thank you! :) Much love,
Alley [ ]
WBoyer Premium
Thanks Kyle. I have been struggling with this for quite a while and this finely clears it up for me. Now if I can just get past this writing blogs phobia I have I'll be doing better. I'm working on it and hopefully will have it conquered soon.

Terrific advice. I will keep an eye on all comments as they come in. The potential is huge, we just have to make sure that we get them in response to the highest quality content on each post.

Film Dialogue had originally started as an extension of my own diary and selected news.

I selected only the information that was most useful and of long term interest to me.

After a while, the same selected content attracted a number of top industry players, who began to follow my news as they found all of them in one place, noticing they were selected with care.

In my experience, the high-quality content and particularly when delivered consistently on a regular basis never fails.

Writing about subjects that one loves deeply and passionately always brings rewards.
weemrst Premium
Thank you Kyle. I think it has all fallen into place now and I can see how it would work logically. Also the reasoning behind offer and request comments. I started off with my usual "deer in the the headlights" reaction but am now calming down and "getting it". Keep calm and just write. Take care.
Claudioj Premium
Excellent Kyle, I agree with you.

A keyword that we consider "Principal" as you say has many variations but not all have monthly searches. My question is should focus on those at least get to have more than 10 or is also interesting the other keywords?.
There is an important tool for find keyword Variations is "Ubersuggest" what do you think?

Waiting your opinion. Thank you so much!
startouched Premium
Thank you so much for posting this. Instead of sheep at night, I see "keyword". I am one of those that is getting close to 3 months and still not seeing traffic. I understand that I am in a pretty broad niche, but yes, it does get discouraging when not getting traffic.
Shandoe Premium
Encouraging and helped me see bigger picture on keywords. Thank you. Took notes.

Its funny though off topic. I'm being approached on social media by people on my personal page each trying one piece of way to do affiliate marketing etc. I'm not tossing these people but am not buying into the pieces trainings either. WA is very valuable its all in one place.
Im hanging onto connections with these people for future maybe can do site for WA and already have very good potentials for commissions bringing people in. Just thought this might be helpful to others to mention. Idea not to quickly disconnect from those trying to sell you how to do affiliate marketing because they already have high interest in it , shown willing to invest in learning and you didnt have to seek them, but can show them a better route.
NWTDennis Premium
What a great feeling ... to discover that my writing style is actually a good thing. I had found that limiting my primary key word to the title and once or twice in the first paragraph was very constraining when it comes to good writing and keeping the piece interesting.

So I've been using variations of the primary keyword, after optimizing my choices by running them through the WA Keyword Tool, just to make the writing sound more natural. I even do a keyword check often before choosing related subtitles.

Thanks for the clarification Kyle. Yea ... that's a great feeling :-).
thezoulster Premium
Thanks for letting us know about key words and the site comments Kyle. I am always searching for a new niche using the keyword list and I will definitely look into the site comments more to see where it leads me to based on what you have said.
Very helpful into, and much appreciative.
AnnePyterek Premium
Great article...thanks! Reading it, I felt a whole new aspect of writing open itself up to me. Very exciting and inspiring!

So I'm thinking, when ever we write comments on each others posts, we should analyze their keywords and structure our comments in a way that uses them too. Good practice for our own keyword usage and great karma with our peers!
bazboy247 Premium
Thanks kyle, I have been trying to make my titles more interesting, I am about to target the keyword How to sell jewelry online, and so I am now going to make the title - How to sell jewelry online successfully - strategies that actually work

I think it will make my post title more attractive

A quick question - should the whole title be included in the permalink or just the keywords

Kyle Premium
That is one approach and a good one. I see you typed this search into Google and expanded it through Google instant. That is the best approach to follow here.

I typed that into Google and this is what I got.
bazboy247 Premium
Thanks kyle much appreciated
DopamineRush Premium
I don't see the answer to the permalink question, it's a question I had as well.
Rileyba Premium
Great Tips!!

Based on this I feel as though it is ok if a keyword is not included in your page/post title. Keywords deeper in your content are still picked up.

I am curious what the strength of including the keywords in your title is vs. not?

I assume that it increases visibility by some factor compared to when google finds keywords in your content which are not present in your title. I'm not sure if this is something that can be quantified though...
Kyle Premium
In the title plays a big role, but if you are only putting JUST the keyword in your titles and doing that on every post, that can feel to google as though you are trying to game their rankings and you are keyword stuffing your titles.

Always make your titles captivating and include the keyword somewhere within the title.
Kerryanne Premium
Thank you for your Blog titled " Am I Just Targeting One Keyword"
I found it very positive, encouraging,useful and enjoyable to read.
You hit the nail right on the head in terms of creating an article that could contain many different keywords which would drive traffic to your business for many years.
Sipke Premium
Hi Kyle, great article. it is not something i just read, I have to reread it several times and I've to study it. It contains everything I need to know I believe, I've totally underestimated the importance of keywords. No good keywords with a low qsr and some traffic, no traffic to your website. And offcourse there is much more to it and you write that here, thanks Kyle.
Kyle Premium
There are 10,000's of great keywords in any niche, once you get a grasp of the keyword research process the opportunities are endless.
RobsGuitars Premium
Thanks for this Kyle, I was actually getting bogged down in finding the perfect keyword for some posts I'm working on at the moment, I've decided to keep it quite simple. I initially wanted to write a post on the history of the electric guitar but after researching I realised that the subject it a big one so have decided to do a mini 5 part blog post series doc using on two decades a time to try and keep the reader interested, I will be posting the first part soon, thanks for the encouragement!
Kyle Premium
Nothing is every perfect. The fact is, you don't know whether or not you are going to rank under any keyword you target anyways (in particular right away), so don't focus too much on perfection of your content or your keyword selection. It will only cost you time and productivity.
PEGASUS2406 Premium
Thanks Kyle

This article is perfect timing for myself as a newbie.

As I learn more and more, I believe that a strategy for building followers is essential. So , I am considering likely 'paths' of response/ likelihood of interested followers per my initial niches . Now, I cannot foretell the future of course , but I can make a 'best guess' at the 'richness' of responses which will influence the final choice of my affiliate products as my following develops. I am purposely, considering this at the moment . Your post has given me a confidence boost .

From the very start , my web presence will be designed to attract response and improve its rankings .. after that , I will be strongly developing its direction with a view to highly specific niches.

The typical three months 'gestation time' in your post , is a very valuable guideline - thank you .

I have a target of November , to launch my first web/FB set and have binned the first two versions of my site and am drafting the third as we speak ! Each time, I am adjusting the focus and marketing message to target specific demography and keywords.

Thanks for a great post . I will happily share my experiences with after November when it is up and running ..

Kyle Premium
Best guess based on knowledge. The more knowledge you have about this stuff the better guess you can make. SEO is not an exact science, so it takes the best guess and the best understanding to achieve maximal results. That is what our goal is to consistently deliver to you.
danklut Premium
Kyle I don't think I have ever heard Keyword science, and it's is if you think it the most important step explained better then you just did ! A key point for everyone to focus on is in your first description with your long tail variations. Many of those will get you ranked as low to medium competition long before you will break thru into the medium to high competition keywords. Lets face it, some high competition keywords you will never rank for. High Authority sites have been battling over some of those for years. So those lower ranked low competition keywords may not look all that impressive at first. As Kyle has pointed out the amount of searches for it has a good likely hood of increasing as with the amount of those long tail keywords you will rank for following his advice will also grow.
That unimpressive 30 searches you may get will look pretty good when you have 10 of those low competition keywords. 30X10 =300 now doesn't sound so bad after all considering these are a by product of trying to get ranked for your main keywords which depending on your choices could go on for quite some time.
Kyle Premium
Exactly, I always make that clear. Low traffic keywords are great, in particular when you are working with the law of numbers. When you are ranking under 30-40 keywords that get lower traffic and have lower competition, you can often times have a full time stream of revenue as a result.

And with time your site will naturally gain authority and you will be able to tackle the more competitive keywords or the internal phrases of existing keywords you have targeted will start to rank.

how to make money online with amazon associates (low authority)

how to make money online with amazon (medium authority)

how to make money online (high authority)

So you are in essence targeting all of these keywords and setting yourself up for success with all of them by targeting the longer tailed keyword when starting out.
StefanC Premium
HI Kyle, thanks for that! I had a lot of trouble understanding about keywords in my first few weeks, and what they truly mean to my website.

I also would like to add that, as our websites get older, Google starts placing more relevance to keywords that weren't ranking well in the past. And it can take months!

My top traffic page (100+ visits per day) was not ranking well for over 5 months. For some reason, Google decided that my article was relevant for the exact name of the product I reviewed. That was a game changer to my overall traffic. Not to mention that lots of other keywords experienced the same effect over time...

It's good when you stick to your website, it can only grow!

all the best
Kyle Premium
Exactly the case, this is the true power of authority!
RogerJR Premium
Great article Kyle thank you, it's true that all my past income online has been generated from SEO and keyword articles. Now I must just focus on consistency... I love this statement - "Let’s say each post you create, on average, brings in just 3 clicks per day. Some won’t rank at all (0 traffic), some will rank and get much more traffic. That is 450 clicks per day (based on 150 blog posts), and these are unique clicks we are talking about."
Kyle Premium
What I see far too often is people create one page of content sit, wait and pray for rankings on that one page. Then they invest a bunch of time and energy into that one post and then wonder why it hasn't ranked.

The thing is, it may never rank. EVER. That is fine and that is something that you have to accept within the SEO. Generally speaking though, with time you will really start to see more and more rankings online.
RogerJR Premium
True that its like any business. You must build it one article at a time or 2-3 each week and they shall come.
JerryHuang Premium
Kyle, thanks for the sharing. I'm glad that I actually figured this out myself some time ago when I was doing research. Google will bold the keywords you search in the titles of the search results. From that, I actually realized that there are many variations of the keywords in different title. That's how I figured it out. Thanks:)
Kyle Premium
Yeah there are most definitely many variations and sometimes it isn't even in the title, it is within the actual description content (the content of the post).
AriefWibowo Premium
Thank you, Kyle.

You are right that comments can help the keywords to rank.

But I have found a bug(?) int the SiteComments.

When I repeat certain keywords from the article, your "unique comment" algorithm always says that my comment is not unique.
Yes, it can be said that I "copy paste" the words with a little twist.

But again, I thought it is a precaution system that helps to prevent spams and "easy" comments.

I have to reorder the structure of my comment so that I can "trick" your algorithm. Thus, I still have the "copy paste" keywords in the comment.
Kyle Premium
You should never copy and paste and have two comments with the same content within it. Every comment should be 100% unique or you are abusing the system.
NRosales Premium
Hi Kyle,
I do believe what you mention about comments, a few days ago, I searched on google about the keyword I used, I was really surprised to find it in number one and the headline are the comments I did request and responded by fellow waers.
Thanks for this post, it makes clarity on keywords.

KenPe Premium
Hey Kyle,
An excellent post and it comes at the right time for me.
I am trying to resolve a time management issue and also
realigned my thought process to better serve my needs.
There were several points made in the post that reinforced
my reasons for joining WA. Thanks for sharing and caring.
LisaDSampson Premium
Hi Kyle - This is great, thanks! What do you think about repeated use of long phrase keywords throughout a post (eg. Titles, subtitles, slug...the mention it 8 times in 1000 words rule of thumb? I tend to find it repetitive and detracts from good, expositional content. Just been having a discussion about this in the comment thread on one of my recent blogposts so was wondering if you'd chip in with your thoughts. Cheers, Lisa
Kyle Premium
Mention it 8 times? Not sure where you got that, but there is no accuracy to that at all.

But most definitely, have it in your title, in the first couple of paragraphs, and your slug/description will naturally have it in there, so no need to worry about that...and hen write your content naturally. If there are more instances of your keyword, that is fine.
boomergp08 Premium
This is why about 98% of my page and post titles are long tail keywords, so that I not only use a keyword type that gets more than 70% of all search queries but also contain many keyword variations.

When you said, "realize that as you write content you are naturally going to be targeting many more keywords than you initially anticipated targeting." You are talking about LSI I am assuming? I use LSI a lot, but that happens you know.

As I have told a couple of newbie members recently, website comments are considered as added content by Google and will help to build rankings. Not just because it is added content but because they also contain keywords.

Example, I was ranking on Google page one for a keyword (a person's name) I never even typed because someone else typed that name into their comment to my website post. I love all the nuances of keywords, I had a good mentor. :)
Kyle Premium
Masterful. That is the exact underlying benefit of going long tail with EVERYTHING. Even if you want to target something that is super broad, it doesn't make sense to do so because of the nature.

As for the statement, I am referring to ALL words have the opportunity to rank within your content. LSI will naturally help your focal keywords, if you have synonyms for your target keywords throughout your content, you will see higher ranks versus trying to "keyword stuff" your content.

Comments are important in so many ways and they stretch far beyond just the SEO elements. They build trust and they show people that you are actively engaging in your website and they can help promote an ethical and people centric brand.
TomHayes1 Premium
Thanks, Kyle,
That was so informative.

Analysing what you have said; To concentrate on one keyword and build around it, does make total sense.

I must admit, though, I'm a lot slower than writing three posts a week. Although, I do get there in the end with my content usually based around two thousand words.

Thank again
Kyle Premium
That is fine Tom, don't beat yourself up over that. As long as you are writing with some consistency that is fine, even if it is one post per week. :)
TomHayes1 Premium
Thanks, for the reassurance, Kyle.
Anh Premium
Inspirational, Kyle. I'm just recently researching about the potential of ranking under different keywords by targeting longer long-tails.

"One post, maybe an hour of my time, years of income. The brilliant reality of building an authority business online." Very well said, I tend to forget all the opportunities in this line of work sometimes when things get rough.

Thanks for sharing!

Kyle Premium
Yeah, and the thing is you never know which post it will be. But the law of numbers will always come out in your favour.

If you write a few posts and then "wait" for positive results, they won't happen. If you write regularly, through time you are going to strike it with many of them, not all, but many.
Anh Premium
Got it, Kyle. I've been writing regularly for the past 3 months and to my surprise some of my posts are already on page one after a month.

At first, I wanted to go hard on content promotion and link building, but now I prefer your method of focusing on low-competitive keywords and publishing consistently.

And I guess it's unrealistic to expect all posts to rank highly.

Great insights, as always. ;)

Take care,
MKearns Premium
This appears to be a permutation and combination bonanza Kyle.
It appears that it triggers myriad opportunities by content generation!. I just went through what I hope was a successful transfer of my site from name cheap yesterday. So it shouldn't be long before I get on board in earnest.
Kyle Premium
Excellent Michael, hope the transfer goes smoothly for you.

It is definitely natural permutations and keyword combinations that can lead to additional rankings. As you navigate Google you are going to find that not every site that is ranked in the top 10 has the keyword in the actual title, lots of the time it is triggered from internal content.
Ncuomo Premium
I have got to say, I think this may be the best thing I have ever read in wa yet . Awesome post thanks so much for all of the help Kyle . I'm so stoked to do this full time . My time will come .

Cheers and thanks again for the motivation
Jim-Bo Premium
Nicely explained!

Kyle. Question!

What if one day you don't want to do the keyword research, or, you can't find any that have reasonable numbers...

is it a good Idea to just go ahead and write the post, give it a snazzy title, and publish it?

I noticed a lot of people (pat flynn, etc) don't seem to target keywords, but rather just write a nice title out...

I assume this is okay for them, because they're already a big authority...and anything they put on their site is going to be seen anyway by the visitors coming in from googling another keyword term for another post. Also, that content itself is loaded with LSI keywords (like you're hinting at above)

So, question is...when we get keyword researchophobia, should we just say "what the heck, just write the stuff already!"

Hoping you say yes...

assuming you will say yes, but not for every post, just some posts.

I see it as though it is "filler content" something else useful for visitors to a site that they might see only when visiting for another keyword to read a different post.

Jim-Bo Premium
Who the heck is Jimbi?
SuzetteH Premium
Lol :)
SuzetteH Premium
Good question Jimbi :). Would like to see Kyle's response
Kyle Premium
I actually don't recommend doing that. If you have a following, it sometimes can be fine to write just to write, but I still would put some thought into keywords if you are going to write a pure opinion piece or a walk through post.

You might as well take full advantage of your content and if you are just writing aimlessly you will experience far less results. You absolutely have a better chance of ranking under your target keywords, but the rest of your content has "side effect" benefits.
Jim-Bo Premium
Righto! Cheers Kyle!

SuzetteH Premium
Thank you Kyle
HowardJaros Premium
All true Kyle! I can search things related to my niche and articles of mine show up. I can search for images in Google and my pictures show up. The site is a little over two yeas old, has 134 pages and posts, and over 21k page views a month. I have done that just with SEO and what I have learned here at WA! I get comments each day asking for assistance. "I reply, and people buy!"

This process is one that takes time and persistent effort, whatever that effort is. Just keep working at it! If you can do one post a week, and that is all you have time for, keep at it!!

Thanks, Kyle!! Good stuff! It does work if you work it!!
Kyle Premium
So awesome Howard, you are a testament to exactly what I am talking about here. The awesome part is now that you have created this base of content, you are likely to get minimum of 21K views per month and as you continue to scale out your content, your existing rankings will continue to climb the ladder.

Additionally, now that you have the formula down and you have authority in your niche, every new post you create is going to strike positioning much higher within the search results.

Keep up the awesomeness!
HowardJaros Premium
Thanks Kyle! You da Man!!
EddySalomon Premium
I can totally attest to everything you're saying here. When I started SEO many moons ago I was just fixated on ranking on my one keyword in a given page. If I didn't I was very annoyed and frustrated. But then I strated digging deeper into my analytics and quickly saw that given page would rank for variations I didn't think of. And I was still getting traffic even if I didn't rank for the initial keyword I wanted.

I think this is why Google eventually made it difficult to track keywords with some of their tools They realized it was an unhealthy fixation that we all had. Hopefully this is an ah ha moment for everyone.
Kyle Premium
When you think of what you are doing in a very "narrow" way, as is typically done with keywords, it often can feel like playing roulette. Maybe I will rank, maybe I won't and you and I both know that not everything you create will be a home run.

But sometimes stuff you create without the intention of being a home run, actually does become one.

It's a good feeling when you realize just how many keywords you can rank under with one post...and how many keywords a longer tailed keyword is actually targeting (all of the smaller variations within it).
EddySalomon Premium
So true Kyle. It's like Christmas when I look into google analytics and see all the weird ways I'm ranking for a given page. It also helps spark my thought process on what other type of keywords to include in future articles. By the way, you should make this part of the training so people can stop downing themselves when they don't see rankings. This thought process is also why I wrote this article in the past:
Kyle Premium
Yeah, that is a timeless post! I am definitely going to be incorporating this into the training moving forward so people are not so paranoid about every keyword they choose.

Sometimes I go for keywords that make sense to my business, that are very long tail, but get very low traffic for this reason...they are targeting LOTS of keywords with the actual phrase.
Ibhar Premium
actually i do that, i write posts just helpeing or thinking is helpfull for people, not about wanting to rank, and one day may be it will hit!
Kyle Premium
Yeah, that is a good approach. :)