Act Now, Fix Later. A Journey of 1,000's of Decisions.

Last Update: March 29, 2016

Anyone that has achieved any level of success within the online or offline business world will completely relate to what I am about to talk about. Decisions.

There are many decisions that entrepreneurs have to make in their journey to success. Some very easy ones, some difficult, and sometimes it happens so naturally that you don’t know that you are actually making a decision.

But one thing is in common.

Decisiveness will lead to much quicker success, even if you are WRONG.

It is natural to want to be right all the time, but unfortunately for ALL of us we are human beings and a good percentage of the time we are going to be wrong in our decision making.

Sure, as we become more well versed and knowledgeable in a particular subject, we get better and better at making the right decision. Sometimes you won’t know that right decision, it is purely intuition or it is purely a gamble. That is OK.

You are making a decision to propel you and your business forward, the “inaction” in any business is actually the only way you can stifle progress and stifle your ability to advance your business.

To grow, you must make decisions!

It is BORING to be RIGHT all the time in business.

If you woke up in the morning and you already knew everything you were going to be doing, you knew all of the answers to your the questions that will be demanded of you that day, and you could seamless do your job without hitting any roadblocks, it would be the DREAM right?


There is nothing more that drives an entrepreneur than the unknown. What is tomorrow going to hold? It is going to mean failing at something? What am I going to learn? What sort of interactions am I going to have? What sort of improvements or setbacks will I experience with my business?

These are all the unknowns. These are what drive me, these are what drive people that are looking to push their skillset and their knowledge to the next level.

I have Failed 10,000’s of times, I am Willing to Fail 10,000 More.

I know there is the famous quote by Thomas Edison, “I have not failed, I have just found 10,000 ways that will not work.”

That is absolutely the case within business, but the misconception is that you spend a lifetime doing stuff that won’t work until you achieve success. That is simply not the case.

You fail a few times, you succeed a improve, you evolve, and you move forward. Through time you can become incredibly skilled at your craft, within your niche, within your business and it is a matter of time before you become an authority within your space.

As in, you can accomplish this in a matter of a year. People can start viewing YOU as the expert, take your advice, share your information with others, and follow your every move. BUT the interesting part, you are still failing all the time. You are also IMPROVING all the time though, getting better with every misstep and every correct step.

It is true though. I have never thought of failure as a hurdle, the biggest driving force in terms of motivation for myself is not doing enough. Not working hard enough. And complete and utter failure as a result of not accomplishing enough.

I don’t get scared about what the unknown is, I fear that by doing nothing or not working hard enough I will never get the opportunity to discover the unknown.

Get Out of Your “Comfort” Zone.

The biggest suggestion I have to you is to get out of your comfort zone as often as you can. This will mean that you are working within a foreign or very new territory within your business which means that you are improving and expanding your skill set.

If everything you do feels comfortable and normal, then you are likely not pushing yourself hard enough. You are taking the idea of “failure” in many cases and letting it inhibit you from moving forward within your respective business.

If your day to day feels comfortable then it is time to push forward with your business. Do something new, research some new topics, spend some time researching your audience, watch a training video or a live class, test out a new strategy, trying writing 2 posts in a day, do something that takes you outside of that and you will not only move your business in a positive direction, you will learn a lot about yourself.

Your success will be the result of your ability to MAKE decisions, good or bad. :)

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stevej98 Premium
You're right Kyle. A lot of people come across failure and immediately turn round and go back the other way not realising that success lies on the other side of failure.
The solution is to keep going, push on through failure to reach your success.
Nazmi524 Premium
Thank you Kyle. I believe many newbies and me in WA needed that motivation.
Nayro Premium
I agree we gave to get out of our comfort zone and face the challenges of life. From this we will definitely get stronger and become more aware. I am up and ready :)
KatieMac Premium
Great insights Kyle I cannot remember the last time I was in my comfort zone inspirational post and I knew when I started I would be here for the long haul
peter65 Premium
What a valuable blog. Decision making is a vital part of every business organisation. Sometimes, we should tell ourselves the truth, am one of those that has failed in all that said, But now after reading this blog I am now feeling a sense of guilt, I will get this fixed.
Thanks for sharing, God bless you.