A Niche is A Group of People Looking for Stuff

Last Update: August 18, 2021

Many folks are confused about the term “niche” and they read into it too much. Because of this, I want to simplify the term niche.

A niche is simply a GROUP of PEOPLE

These people are interested in something, but something specific. The key when choosing this group of people is to be very specific because if you are are too broad, then it is going to be difficult to talk to your audience.

It is like someone walking into a supermarket looking for advice on “how to improve their metabolism”. It is not going to happen and you are not likely to trust the source of the information. Definitely not like the experience you would get if you walked into a store that specialized in metabolism.

Within the online world there are 3.75 BILLION people. That is the biggest marketplace in the world by a long shot so you want to really become an expert within the very specific category you choose.

So, when you sit down and are thinking of what your niche is, think not of this imaginary and confusing word “niche”, think instead of a group of people.

But you don’t want this group to be too broad. That is the worst thing you can do when starting out. I want to give you some examples of a niche that is too broad and then I want to give you some examples of groups of people that are much more "niche" and specific.

A group of people interested in health. Not the best (TOO BROAD).

Health could be just about anything. I constantly see folks at WA trying to start off within the health niche. Well "health" isn't a niche, it's very broad. How do you target people within health? That is not an audience that you can effectively target, rather you need to dig down and get more specific.

A group of people looking to improve their metabolism. That is a targeted niche. There are MILLIONS of people looking to do this.

A group of people over 50 years old looking to lose weight. That is a targeted niche. There are MILLIONS of people looking to do this.

A group of people looking to fix their back problems. That is a targeted niche. There are MILLIONS of people looking to do this.

A group of men that are looking for help for hair loss. That is a targeted niche. There are MILLIONS of people looking to for this type of help.

A group of people that are looking for low carb diets. That is a targeted niche. There are MILLIONS of people looking for these.

See where I am going with this? People are not looking for health, they are looking for something much more specific. There are 10,000’s of niches within the broad "health" industry. Tens of thousands of groups looking to accomplish something, looking to buy something, looking for help solving a problem.

All you need to do is target one of these and you have yourself a niche and a very big group of people.

Let’s look at another example...

A group of people interested in babies. Not the best (TOO BROAD).

People interested in “babies” is going to be very difficult to target because it is far too broad. People don’t open Google and search for “babies” online, they search for things that are much more specific.

A group of people looking for organic baby products. That is a targeted niche (but still a little broad).

A group of people looking for organic cloth diapers. That is a targeted niche. There are MILLIONS of people looking to for these.

A group of people looking for stimulation toys for infants. That is a targeted niche. There are MILLIONS of people looking to do this. There are MILLIONS of people looking for these.

A group of people looking for learning apps for babies. That is a targeted niche. There are MILLIONS of people looking for these.

A group of people looking for jogging strollers. That is a targeted niche. There are MILLIONS of people looking for these.

A group of people looking for cribs and information about cribs. That is a targeted niche. There are MILLIONS of people looking for this.

A group of people looking for classic children's books. That is a targeted niche. There are MILLIONS of people looking for these.

A group of people looking for information about colic babies. That is a targeted niche. There are MILLIONS of people looking for help.

A group of people looking for information on how to treat babies that are sick. That is a targeted niche. There are MILLIONS of people looking for help on this.

See how I am narrowing things down to a much more specific group of people? Sure, these are targeted but they are still massive. Millions of people are looking for information, for help, and ultimately are spending billions of dollars online buying things throughout the course of a year and you are going to be able to capitalize on this with your website.

Massive opportunity resides just about everywhere you look within the online world because there are specific groups of people everywhere (also known as niches)

But What About the Niche Competition? Shouldn’t I Be Concerned?

No...No….and NO!

Within each of these more targeted groups of people, there are 1,000’s (sometimes millions) of low competition keywords you can target. What you are learning here at WA also gives you a huge competitive advantage over your competition and is going to help you capitalize on any niche.

And please do remember, there is a reason there are a million of every type of store in the world. There are a million hardware stores. There are a million baby toy shops. Millions of people are buying stuff in the smallest of categories.

To put this into perspective, there are 4 million babies born in the US alone each and every year. That means there are 4 million mom’s and dad’s online looking for information about their new babies, looking for help, looking to buy products or services...and this is where you step in with your niche website.

This could be for organic cloth baby diapers or for information on colic babies...or anything that targets a specific group of people.

I don’t want to blow your mind too much here, but there are 120 million babies born every year globally so the audience that is online and looking for stuff within this niche is much larger than the 4 million people in the US.

Crazy right?

Now, when you go to choose your niche, dig into it a bit and find a more specific group of people. Recognize that there are MILLIONS of people within every niche you can imagine and that is the beautiful part about this Internet “thing”. It is not going anywhere and as every year goes by, there is opportunity absolutely everywhere you look and it only continues to grow.

Now go out there and find your GROUP OF PEOPLE. If you want any help in regards to this or want to get feedback on your ideas for a niche, drop a comment below and we will be more than happy to help you out.

PS. If you still can’t come up with a niche after this and want one that is “chosen” for you already, go through the Affiliate Bootcamp. This is dedicated training as to how to create a successful business within the internet marketing/make money niche. You will love the interactive training over there if you do decide to choose this.

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artbyfemine Premium
I decided today to promote phone covers using my own paintings. I recently sold 3 of them on Fine Art America. This is definitely a niche. If it needs to be narrowed, I don't know. So I need to know how best I can do this. I know its recommended not to sell your own products at first but my goal is to be a successful artist as well. I've started looking at them on Amazon and there's quite a few.
JeannineC Premium
Couple things you could do here - find a merchant that can turn your art into phone covers (I know a couple), create your own Etsy store and point to that (you could also join the Etsy affiliate program and make money from people who came through your link but bought stuff from other stores), or produce your own products and have an inventory of them in all shapes/sizes (that requires a financial investment though).
help!!! i have two niches and both are passions in my life!! one, is i have been an optician helping people with eyeglasses for 30 years. I am an expert, and i have a growing business of helping people in my area going to their homes and helping them buy eyeglasses i sell them, it is not a global business but more of a one on one eyeglass buying service, and i also do eye exams, with a new device that just came out on the market. the other thing i am passionate about is self development, specifically, helping people understand "the secret", because the concept is simple, yet most people do not have what they want, so there is a major disconnect, and i want to help people make their lives better, that really juices me. thank you!!! Tim Hennings
MelaniLukito Premium
In my opinion you should choose the most attractive topic for you to discuss about. You can talk about it everyday without feel bored and you can offer the best solution. Focus on your first niche first then you can start with other niche after the first running well.
DeborahDF Premium
Well, I'd say you just found your niche. Congrats.
JeannineC Premium
Eye health is a huge topic these days, so with your experience it could practically write itself. There are many merchants out there too which you could use:
Ocular nutrition
Something like Etsy for great eyeglass cases
Hats and visors - to keep the sun out of your eyes

Tons of possibilities!
hello community fellows:

need some advise and help related to my niche ideas.

I am an interior designer and a writer and passionate about writing about interiors/home decors etc.

i was thinking my niche to me Elegant Home decors or just home decors. is it too broad? I don't know how to narrow it down any further. Help please

MelaniLukito Premium
How if you narrow it based on the home design style such as minimalist, Mediterranean, Europe, American, tropic, mini house, etc? Or specific area such as living room, dining room. You can try googling with the keyword "home decor niche"
paulgoodwin Premium
I think nothing is ever too board because when you start you will simply find tune along the way

JeannineC Premium
Let keyword research be your guide. Both areas you've mentioned are quite popular for bloggers, and I'm sure your designs are unique to you, so doesn't matter who else is out there - you are special and different! There are so many advertisers out there too - LBCModern.com, TheWhiteCompany.com, ArtRepublic.com. You can find/share anything you love and recommend and still find an affiliate link to benefit from that recommendation!
buildyournow Premium
Hello MauzzamaJ, another idea for a niche could be specifically about dining room, bedroom, patio or kitchen decor, etc.. I believe most people are interested in one or the other decors to suit their home improvement needs.
JanePerry Premium
I have 2 niches. I'll introduce the first one and wait a while to introduce the second one.
I am a life coach and have been coaching on a regular basis for over 13 years. The vast majority of my clientele have been French-speakers. I am now translating the 6 months-long program into English. The program is titled: "Mastering the Art of Attention & Transformation: A Personal & Practical Coaching Program".
My domain name for this program is www.evolvemyself.com . The tag line is: "The Path to Self-Transformation". I am thinking of using the tag line as my niche for this program.

Thoughts? Feedback?

eosegueraf Premium
Great niche Jane! Just go ahead.
Great success to you from México.
Wreckastow86 Premium
I'd appreciate some advice on my niche. I'm choosing travel (too broad, I know) because I'm passionate about seeing the world. More specifically, I'm passionate about seeing the world and sharing my stories and advice so others can live their dreams. I'm thinking: a travel journal based off of traveling cheaply and developing a certain adventurer style. I can help my audience develop their own style of travel that works for them and encourage readers to share their stories on my page for others to see. Thoughts? Concerns?
Maybe you can narrow down your niche to people with a similar profile as yours? If it were me, I would choose women travelers. After a quick search, three to be exact, I found a domain that could be worked into a brand: thetravelingwoman.com. I then put "the traveling woman" into the keyword search tool and found one keyword that I liked - gifts for the traveling woman...
I think Solo Woman Traveler would be a great niche. The travel cheap niche exists so you can look at nomadic matt (if I remember correctly) who write on how to travel on a budget. Or maybe combine solo woman budget travel? I haven't done any research like Rezmama. Good luck.
Wreckastow86 Premium
Thank you! I hadn't thought about doing a blog geared toward women travelers, and I love the domain name.
You're welcome! You have a lot of great hobbies that you can share with your niche. I hope to see what articles you come up with and feel free to message me with anything. :)
eosegueraf Premium
Hi Lindsey! Cheap traveling is a great start.
I do not know if you have heard about couchsurfing.com but it definitely is a great way to travel and meet people.
Greetings from México.
Wreckastow86 Premium
I have heard of the couch surfing website. I actually have plans to do an article about the service once I use it. Thank you for the input!
Wreckastow86 Premium
I think I'll take this idea one step further and do simply "how to travel through sponsorships". Most of the popular travel bloggers don't take sponsorships, so I could focus on teaching people how to get sponsored to travel. Maybe I could get even more focused and get into the niche of companies that sponsor female travelers. Thoughts?
JMankanda Premium
Following your line of thought. ...you are definitely on the right track all the best