A Dozen Years Later, The Future Has Never Looked So Good!

Last Update: September 13, 2017

A few days late here, but we have a lot going on behind the scenes. We are busier than ever, in a good way!

A few days back, on September 10th, it marked Wealthy Affiliate's 12th birthday! Although this day felt like any other day of the week or month, this particular marks a significant point in our history here WA.

12 years ago, when Carson and I launched Wealthy Affiliate we were not sure what to think. We had a goal and mission, and that goal and mission was to help people succeed within the pay-per-click (PPC) world. Wealthy Affiliate started out as a keyword list site.

We decided we would charge $29.99 per month or $359.88 per year for our service. We simply offered one keyword list in a new niche, to our members each and every week. People absolutely loved the service and felt that it was under priced at $359.88 per year. Literally.

Lots of people were seeing results from what we were offering, but there were constant requests for "additions" that we could add to the platform. Hence the start of the EVOLUTION here at Wealthy Affiliate.

We have changed, A LOT.

Anyone who has been with us for any amount of time will truly realize how much we have changed over the years. We have changed and improved the platform here A LOT in the last year alone, let alone the past 12 years! Wealthy Affiliate has gone from a keyword list site, to the most comprehensive platform in affiliate marketing industry for creating, growing, and managing a business online.

We continue to push the envelope, we continue to lean on new ideas and new technology to improve "efficiency" for aspiring and successful entrepreneurs, and we continue to think outside of the box and do things that simply are not be done elsewhere.

Our goal over the years has been to evolve our services, and to do so faster than the industry. I feel that we have done a really good job of that, but Carson and I also feel that we are just getting started. In every respect, from the tools, the platform, the training, and the support....our best is yet to come.

Although we have changed a lot and we will continue to do so, something that I have found fascinating is that with all the technological advances, how you operate a successful business online has not really changed that much.

Things Haven't Really Changed Online.

Let's have a look back in 2005 and how some key affiliate marketing concepts were then, and how they are now.

Back in 2005, keywords were just as important then as they are now. They were important to PPC and they were important to SEO. That is why I cringe at the very idea that you have to be doing something NEW, in order to be successful online these days. The fundamental CORE of all success within the search marketing world is the idea of a keyword. That has not changed.

Back in 2005, websites were just important as they are now. Without a website, you have no platform to build your business upon or to sustain a long-term brand. Surely people are trying to get away without a site these days by running "lead page" or "funnel" style campaigns, but you are putting your entire business and brand in someone elses hands. At a snap of a fingers by Facebook or Google, your business could be gone (and it is happening en masse).

Back in 2005, customer relationships were just as important then as they are now. If you're not helping people within your given niche, it is difficult to turn a potential customer into an actual customer. This has gone unchanged in the last 12 years that we have been in business at Wealthy Affiliate.

Back in 2005, search engines looked for the most relevant, and highest quality content. That has not changed and will not change in the foreseeable future. The way we create content and the way we display and distribute information may change slightly, but search engines are focused on delivering the best results to their users. That has not changed. Those that treated SEO as a process of creating quality content for search engines back in 2005 are still ranking today with their sites. Those that chased things like article directories, spinning or curating content, and backlinks likely don't exist at all.

Back in 2005, relevant PPC campaigns are what lead to conversions. This meant a relevant keyword, going to a relevant ad, going to the relevant landing page, going to a relevant offer. This is still what converts in the PPC world.

Sure, there are some things have changed. The inception of social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Snapchat. The types of websites that we can bill as a dynamic aspect of the internet world as a whole. The speed in which we can access information and how often we are accessing it. The proliferation of the Internet and how many users there are (3.7 billion now versus 1.0 billion in 2007).

Some things will change, many things will not. For the most part, the principles we taught then still are very accurate and still work to today's date. That is amazing when you think that 12 years have gone by, and 12 years of evolution in affiliate marketing and Internet marketing space.

A KEY Goal of Ours. Simplification Through Design.

Building a business online was once a very complex process. Back in 2002 when I started out, a simple task today like building a website then took close to a month to build (and they were ugly lol). I am not even talking about content, I'm talking about just the design aspect of a website. Building it from scratch. Laying down some code. Creating some graphics and images for the menu. It was a pain in the rear.

Because of this, I would say that the amount of people building online businesses probably was not as high as now, but they're certainly wasn't nearly the opportunity that there is today. There isn't the pool of customers there is today, there wasn't the confidence in online spending (and it was awkward to do), and there certainly wasn't as diverse a set of products/services you could promote as an affiliate.

As time has progressed so has technology. We think of ourselves as a technology company and that is at the core what we focus on and the basis of all of our improvements...innovation and evolution here is to promote and advance the technologies to make your life easier in EVERY respect to running your business.

In other words, we don't want you focusing on technology, we want things to just work for you so you can focus on other, more important tasks within your business. As we progress through the year next year, you're going to see much more integration between our platforms. The beautiful thing about Wealthy Affiliate is that there is the segment of the many technologies all in one place.

This includes:

  • Content
  • Keywords
  • Research
  • Websites
  • Hosting
  • Training
  • Help
  • Community

Having all of these within one all-inclusive environment is going allow us to do some really incredible things. For example, you should be able to master SEO without being a master at SEO (understanding the relationship between keywords and content through technology). You should be able to research keywords and have them integrated into your SiteContent platform immediately and either build content out, or get someone to build it out for you.

Many, MANY things that we can do and what we will be doing.

I don't want to divulge too much where we are heading, I just want you to know that there is an incredible opportunity for us to continue to simplify your life as an online business person and as an online marketer.

Our Future is Bright and So is Yours

One thing will always remain a constant with us that Wealthy Affiliate. We have YOU in our best interest and every step forward we take will re-emphasize this very point.

There's a reason we haven't raised our price in 12 years.

There is a reason we continue to amp up the technology here behind the scenes.

There is a reason we continue to hire more employees and more senior programmers.

There is a reason we release brand new platforms throughout the year, no extra cost.

There is a reason people continue to love the service here (and will hopefully love it more with every day that passes)

We care. Plain and simple. We will continue to care.

Will every update we make be perfect out of the gate? No. Is every single platform here to our liking? No. But this excites us and this will always give us room to improve and to make our platform better. We will remain progressive in every aspect and remain the industry leaders in this space.

Some things that we are doing behind the scenes already, simply are not being done in industry and this includes the website, content, education, and hosting platforms in particular.

We want to push the idea of an all-inclusive environment, but we don't want to lack in terms of the product quality or the service quality in any way. If we create anything, our focus is making it BETTER than what exists and do so in a way that is much more integrated into your business.

You can expect the utmost quality from us moving forward from a design perspective, from an efficiency perspective, as well as a "make your life easier" perspective.

Here are some things that you can expect from us in the next year.

  • More help. Quicker.
  • Entirely new, never seen before platforms.
  • New & More Advanced training.
  • Improved UX and Perhaps a Complete Redesign.
  • A Beautiful Mobile Design.
  • Improvement on our existing platforms.
  • Fun and exciting challenges and offers.
  • Integration of all the platforms here to communication with one another.
  • And much more...

Our 12th year is going to be another fun ride. Hold on tight, the future of affiliate marketing training, technology, and integration is about to arrive . Expect brilliance from us. We will not disappoint.

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Congrats for 12 years and still on going success wealthy affiliate, I know I'm a newbie here,.im just starting taking my trainings,but i really feel the excitement and care from you Kyle and Carson. Your an amazing persons,who encourage people to be success.. God bless us all here!!
Thats truly brialliant.you guys are doing a worthy job online.I have always wanted to do something worthwhile and rewarding through the internetworking but honestly i have not found a platform as this before.
I see that WA had been and is continuing iimprovement in different angles. I feel excited to read through your history from the birth of WA till now.I wish everyone WA is excited and is learning and teaching applying and exploring.
These are the reasons WA continues to be successful.
Happy 12th. All the hard work does pay off in more was
than financial goals. Yet, the thought of the time spent
learning all you needed to know before launching WA?
I remember back in 94 when it took eight hours to render
a graphic image on a 286. It was ugly as well, in comparison.
I thank you for the time it took for you to learn enough to
launch WA. That is probably just as impressive.
Gmatu Premium
congratulations for your great platform , in the same time one school for many beginners like me
all is new for me, never i worked on line but is very interesting, , i dont want to come millionaire, but if i will make little money from my work with your help i will be very happy and greatful my english is not well, im from Romania, but hope to understand what im going to follow
Yoweasie Premium
I am so look glad I found WA!!! I have tried other online venues only to find out once I get in.......money, more money AND I was having to pay for a coach otherwise on my own. I have only been here a short time and I am very impressed.
Thank you Kyle and Carson.

Wealthy Affiliate has amongst other things, QUALITY CONTENT. This is a perfect example for us to follow.
You see I'm a little bit fascinated about the quality education here than about technology.
Every thing here is quality, quality, quality, honesty, honesty, honesty, for the success of all. This is unbelievable in this modern world of greed and deceit.
tkysar Premium
As an 80 year old senior citizen, who has had virtually no success in my many attempts to earn an online income, I must applaud you guys for what you are doing. I have looked at, and participated in several "this is all you need to succeed" programs, and I have found them severely lacking.
I have completed my "due diligence" with WA, and have decided to join up with the yearly membership fee just as quick as my next social security check comes... I'm not kidding!
I'm looking forward to being a member, and have several niches already to go. My only concern, and it's not a huge one that will prevent me from joining, is you do not offer "telephone support." I am from the old school that likes to talk person-to-person to somebody who can help solve my problem... at my age, patience is not necessarily a virtue. We older adults like answers right away.
Nonetheless, I am very impressed with what I have learned with WA, and if the creek doesn't rise, I'll be signing up quicker than you can blink an eye!
CMD2012 Premium
I wish you good luck!
Hello, I am not yet a premium member either, but while I was working on my first free website, I had a lot of questions. I just added my questions to this forum and I got answers within minutes. So, I think you will be happy with the responses on here. They were great, and one person went back and forth with me trying to figure everything out. I also plan on joining as soon as I can! Good luck to you!
Kyle Premium
Wonderful to hear Carmen, that is what we are all about here at WA. We care and we truly are a community of like minded entrepreneurs (of all skill levels).

I look forward to seeing your progress moving forward!
I will be 81 years young on Nov 5, 1937 } great to see I'm not the only one still looking for Riches\!/
GENE The King
tkysar Premium
It isn't so much, "looking for riches," as it is the need to keep moving forward, be active, stay young or a least not brain dead, and feel a sense of self-worth. It also keeps me out of Maria's hair!
A Dozen years later the future,,, should I have start here with WA, maybe I will be some where naoi by then, any thanks foro quite, easily I will follow the others with WA ,,

Thank to you kylie for great notes here for WA citizens in system,

and I'm learning new things I don't know before now for better and looks promising like others say, great to be here in WA and meeting new friends is a great thing to happen.

thanks to all who link here with me and offer help and assistance since I'm new for first time here..Great thanks

Thank you:But,I do not understand English Language
Hola, busca a Lucanunez, tiene el curso en español, enviale un mensaje, saludos =)
StefanieT Premium
Thanks Kyle, I am still pretty new here so know nothing of what WA was like before, so this was a very interesting read. Joining this platform is one of the best and most exiting things I have ever done and I quickly recognised the potential of it, which is why I am giving it my all every day.
Thanks a million and keep up the good work, it is much appreciated :-)
Kyle Premium
So wonderful to hear Stefanie, and so glad you are enjoying your experience here Wealthy Affiliate thus far. One thing that you are going to find is that we always have you and your business in our best interest and as a result, that is how we grow in popularity and grow our business. :)
BPryga Premium
I am so glad I found Wealthy Affiliates. I know there are lots of scams on the internet & I feel so fortunate to be here at WA. I look forward to all the new things coming. You and Carson have done a superb job in developing & maintaining this program!
Thank you!!
AK007 Premium
Excellent article Kyle.

Wealthy Affiliate is without question, the best online school/university/community, for building websites, designing websites, hosting websites, teaching people how to become successful online entrepreneurs, and for providing an online community (which by the way I'm very proud to be a part of) which can literally answer any question pertaining to affiliate marketing and online businesses.

If Wealthy Affiliate allows me, I'll be slightly humorous, and make an ironic reference to the concept of "thinking outside the box".

Wealthy Affiliate progression timeline:
Step 1: Let's create a box.
Step 2: Let's redesign and improve the box.
Step 3: Let's think outside the box.
Step 4: What box? Sky is the limit.
Hi to every one
It all sound great I am looking forward to ,growing
With WA .
It is as it should be no business can stand still,
It has to progress to grow and survive .
Good on the both of you

Denise Allan
BPryga Premium
By pure luck, I found Wealthy Affiliates when searching for a Company that could help me pursue a goal of internet marketing. I received an e-mail from you, Kyle, that told me about your on line community.
I am so thrilled to be a part of this awesome group. Every day I learn something new, either through direct training or from another associate in WA. I hope to be here for many years and look forward to all the changes and advancements coming!
Grazka Premium
Big Congratulations Kyle and Carson!!! Thank you very much for creating this amazing opportunity for all of us. I was looking for a long time for an honest and affordable way to work from home, and then I found Wealthy Affiliate. I just received a 6 Month Badge and I really hope that soon I will start generating income. I started building my website with no prior experience. At this point, I made a nice progress, and I am proud of my website. Thank you for creating an amazing training and wonderful community, thank you for all your support. I wish YOU and all of us, many years of success to come.
TBaldi Premium
Congratulations to both of you Carson and Kyle! Your story and the WA story is truly an inspiration!! Been hear with you guys just for a couple of weeks and have gone premium today and I got to say, by every minute I spend on this platform I get just happier and happier to have joined such community!

All the best!

derekmarshal Premium
"The speed in which we can access information and how often we are accessing it. The proliferation of the Internet and how many users there are (3.7 billion now versus 1.0 billion in 2007)."

This kind of goes hand in hand with advances in technology over the past 12 years, namely smart phones and tablets which being low cost are offering internet access to the developing world. I'd still put the "buyers market" of users around the 1 billion mark due to a massive lack of confidence in ecommerce in non-industrialised nations due a common societal problem of corruption, there is still a huge distrust over using electronic means to buy a product from a website. Also, a lot of natives don't actually have that much actual cash in their bank accounts or access to credit.

(Source: Personal experience living and traveling in Asia for 6 years, I will balance this out though, by pointing out many companies such as Lazada (a serious rival to Amazon in the Asian Market, probably actually more popular, and 11th street offering cash on delivery options).

"There isn't the pool of customers there is today, there wasn't the confidence in online spending (and it was awkward to do)"

Not actually true Kyle, Sure the pool of customers is much larger now than it was 12 years ago, referring to spending online being awkward to do in 2005 totally false! By then I had been a regular user of paypal and purchasing regularly from Amazon and ebay, in fact my very first online purchase 1999! a flight ticket, of all things! I do remember being a bit nervous and making sure the site had SSL and was direct from the airline. Not sure if those search sites for flight tickets existed back in 1999!
Anh Premium

Happy 12th birthday to WA! Man, I can't believe how long you guys have been around, and I'm just glad to be here for 2 of your birthdays. :) I wasn't so sure when I joined that you guys would change my life, but you really did.

Oh and WA's birthday happens to be the same day as my mother's, funny coincidence. :)

D-AnnTaylor Premium
Kyle, you wrote an awesome post about the evolution of Wealthy Affiliate (WA), which was first a keyword list site. My, my, my, look at what it has evolved into, WOW! Talk about an accomplish, you and Carson I know are feeling quite proud of yourselves.

Big congratulations to the both of you for evolving Wealthy Affilate into the leading online business it has become and for sharing it with a diverse group of people worldwide.

It is wonderful you all are working on ways to improve and make WA more efficient as well as innovative. This is precsisely how we stay ahead of our competitors.

What I find equally as important, is that while you all are working on ways to improve the platform of WA, you all are also keeping US in mind alone the way. That my friend, is a major plus and that is how WE remain apart of the WA community and tell others about this great place.

So many businesses outside of the online world do not care about their people or want to hear their ideas, or even take them into consideration (although they claim they do), which leads to low morale in the workplace and a communication disconnect.

I have to say, from the initial moment I became a member of WA, I receieved nothing but warm welcomes and much support and it continues as if I joined the platform yesterday.

Caring about your members and treating them well is a MAJOR aspect of having and sustaining a long-lasting business. So cudos to you Kyle as well as Carson for having an awareness of this.

Onward, as we continue to grow and evolve into the best onine marketing platform ever!


phildora Premium
Wow Kyle and Carson! Firstly, Happy 12th Anniversary in building a phenomenal business training platform which I believe is the best on the planet!

I wish I knew about Wealthy Affiliate 12 years ago. However, I'm very impressed with what you are teaching us and how very supportive you are in the WA Community!

Thank you for sharing the various timelines in the Internet Marketing industry, how it has evolved and how you plane to catapult us to an amazing futuristic platform!
LouisaB Premium
Happy 12th year anniversary! Kyle and Carson this platform is awesome and one of the best yet. I look forward to sharing this wonderful opportunity for another great year.

What I have to say in words, cannot explain how intriguing and compassionate the WA community is.

But that's not all, most importantly, the courses, lessons and trainings are exceptional. One year ago, I have learned so much more than what I would have accomplish ed in 4 years. I am a very happy camper.

Thank you for sharing this awesome online opportunity to me.
NWTDennis Premium
The word EVOLUTION may not adequately describe the changes that have taken place at WA. I think WA has reinvented itself (maybe more than once) since it's keyword listing service beginnings.

The mind set that continues to push the envelop to develop new ideas and technology is what has made WA the leader of the pack. Using technology to simplify the business building process for members is a very forward thinking strategy.

It's pretty cool to be a member working up the Affiliate Marketing learning curve knowing that as good as it is right now here at WA it's only going to get better.

Thank you Kyle and Carson.
Kyle Premium
Expect more reinvention as we do move forward Dennis. Thanks for your kind words and our goal is to keep everyone far ahead of the curve in every respect, from education to the environment and the tools they are using to build and scale their businesses.

Expect big stuff from us in the year ahead!
GiuliaB Premium
12 years ago my son was starting school. It was a turning point for me too, where I could have given up working full time to look after my child after school, hence enriching my life by spending more hours with him, or carrying on working full time while my son was at after school club. I opted for the latter solution. But my full time work was only paying for my son's child care. I didn't come out any richer, in fact empoverished by not spending as long with my boy as I would have loved. I begrudge life for that. I begrudge now not knowing then about affiliate marketing. I begrudge not coming across WA 12 years ago, and I don't want to miss another opportunity now that I have encountered such a caring community.

Kyle Premium
Don't begrudge past experiences or "missing out". I missed on a lot of hypothetical events, we all have. We can drum up any experience we want. What if I bought money.com in 1995 or became and astronaut? What if I bought bitcoin when it was $1? etc

Look forward to the exciting future you have ahead, we can all create something special and very much significant. ;)
GaryJr Premium
I wish I had found WA 12 years ago. I have only been here 1 year, and you've made many improvements this year alone.

You guys have created an incredible platform, and I'm excited about the future. I feel fortunate to be a part of it.

WA just keeps getting better. Happy Birthday WA!

Thanks for everything you guys do.
Kyle Premium
Lots has happened in the last year, lots is going to happen in the year ahead. We are moving to a position of ultimately integration and communication between various elements of your business.

It will make more sense once it takes shape, but our ultimate goal is making your life much more efficient as a marketer. :)
AfqmBiz Premium
My warmest congratulations to Kyle & Carson and thankful to them for their gift to the world and the global people in the name of WEALTHY AFFILIATE, truly the best affiliate marketing university and community in the world today!

You help me, just another guy walking down the street, from being clueless, unsure what to think, and where to start, to another level with great knowledge and education in online affiliate marketing world!

Kyle Premium
Thank you kindly bro! Great to see all of you progress in the recent year and I know you have nothing but a bright future ahead of you. We hope to make it even brighter (and more efficient) from our end.
Vansino Premium
CONGRATULATIONS on 12 successive years Kyle.

As you stated; "12 years ago, when Carson and I launched Wealthy Affiliate we were not sure what to think. We had a goal and mission, and that goal and mission was to help people succeed within the pay-per-click (PPC) world."

Maintenance of your Goal & Mission "Help People Succeed" has brought you both this success.

As a "Newbie" I have just started to benefit (mostly in knowledge at this point) from your innovative platform, training & support.

I'm in for the ride..Helping People to Success - Pay It Forward
Kambas Premium
So proud to be part of this community Kyle!

Thank you for creating an awesome platform where we can all learn and connect.

WA is so much more than this of course but you only notice how fortunate you are once you get involved and take daily action.

To the next 12 years then! :)

Best regards,
HarveyBrown Premium
Congratulations Kyle and Carson, 12 years is a very longtime, and a very significant age in some cultures. It is the transition from childhood into adulthood. So we could look at it that Wealthy Affiliate is Continuing to mature. Time really does fly when you are doing something that grabs you physically and mentally and by the things in the pipes the best is yet to come.
herinnelson Premium
I am SO excited to get back into Wealthy Affiliate after my injury, and after reading your post, Kyle, I'm FLOORED! What an awesome way to define the last 12 years of existence!! You got ME pumped..and I feel so proud and confident to be a WA Member!! Thanks!! Here I go!!

Great work! Congratulations! Happy 12th Anniversary! :)
wendyg53 Premium
Just having access to hosting and Wordpress site management in one convenient place is invaluable, never mind all the other stuff. . You really have created an amazing place for anyone looking to master affiliate and product marketing. Thank you for all of your hard work on our behalf. :-)

heikob Premium
As it is your anniversary i am very happy to be part of this community. Great Job and it prompted me to come up with a slogan where some part the tag line might sound familiar. United with the WA community we stand, divided we fall Once again congrats to 12 great years and counting.
LindaClark1 Premium
Kyle and Carson Congratulations on your 12th anniversary. I have been here only a few days and have learned more than i have in the last 5 years with other programs. I can't tell you how grateful I am and how much fun this is. I wish you many more successful years. Thank you for all you do.
JohnSweet Premium
Hi Kyle
You are saying all the right things here. Obviously your injury recently and anything else is not going to stop you leading things forward so well. Good to be part of WA and hope to be able to take on and contribute more over the next few months. Best Wishes John
Nrichards Premium
Good morning Kyle and Carson I just want to say Congratulations I believe that WA has the best training and program on the planet. The training, the tools and the community is just so awesome.
I am truly happy to be a part of this wonderful community and I would encourage anyone to become a member of WA.
Wish both of you continual success. God bless and have a wonderful day.
Anandhijohn Premium
Hi, Kyle
Congratulations! Thanks for the post, definitely for the people who are interested in learning and earning through affiliate marketing, WA Community would be the right choice so thanks for all the efforts making to develop WA. We all wish you and Carson and your team much more success towards your goals.

AlexEvans Premium
Congratulations Kyle and Carson and your team on your 12th anniversary, It is some acheivement, in this industry it is massive. So many of us get so much from the platform and the thing is that it just continues to innovate and grow, thanks for the opportunity to grow with you guys as well.
sagi39 Premium
A very happy formation day & Birthday of WA . As newbie of a week I can only say that opportunity looks very bright with the resources available in W A . Thank you Kyle & Carson for the platform you created for all of us . Wishing you and all of us best of luck
MoniArora Premium
A Very Happy Birthday and looking forward to the next 12 years and beyond with WA... :-)

Thank you Kyle and Carson for providing an opportunity to help people change their lives for the better...

Kyle, Carson and the WA team I want to say all your efforts are very much appreciated!

Stay Blessed!
boomergp08 Premium
It is amazing how time flies when you are busy and having fun. I just recently celebrated my 4th year here at WA and I cannot believe how far I have come.

When I came here I just wanted to learn how to build my own website so I could take my ecommerce drop shipping business to another level and move away from eBay.

Then you introduced me to affiliate marketing and I became intrigued. I put the ecommerce website on the back burner, continued on with eBay, but embraced affiliate marketing too.

Little did I know back then how much more I enjoy making money in this way. I enjoy making money from the WA affiliate program and all of the others I have become affiliated with.

I also enjoy creating training here at WA and seeing people benefiting from them. It warms my heart when members say good things about the training I create.

I love helping people with the knowledge I have gained both here at WA and with my other online experiences outside of WA. And since as affiliate marketers we are to help our website visitors, this form of marketing is my new goal for the future.

I want to thank you, Carson and everyone else at WA for this amazing community. I have not found, nor am I looking, a better place to learn, start, grow and operate an online business.

I now have many other niche markets I want to tap into so I can continue to grow the money I am making even while I am asleep. The only problem...there is only 24 hours in a day.

Thank you for all you have done for making my 4 years here a pleasure. I guarantee I will be here for another 4 years and beyond, because I know a good thing when I see it.
ValerieJoy Premium
Kyle, it is exciting reading about the future of WA, I wouldn't have imagined it could get much better than what it is. Of course, I realize technology doesn't stand still and that WA needs to constantly move forward.

My online journey started in 2007 and over eight years I tried various programs. My best decision ever in respect to being an affiliate marketer was when I joined WA Premium in 2015.

I know from past and vast experience that Wealthy Affiliate is the very best program for learning how to become a successful affiliate marketer. There is no other program that can come anywhere near WA in terms of training, support, hosting and a myriad of other essentials such as email, domains and so much more.

Now into my third year at WA I honestly don't know how I would survive without this amazing program and community. It is a way of life for me and I couldn't happier, no matter how much I tried!

I thank you Kyle, Carson and Jay for all your fantastic training, support and much more. Also, not to forget the people who work behind the scenes. A big thank to those people also. Wishing you all wonderful success and happiness over many years ahead.

NadiaWP Premium
Kyle, I must say that WA is one of the best things that have happened in my life. I am now getting closer and closer to earning a full-time income online. The past few months have been the best ones yet when it comes to affiliate commissions!

I have never seen a better platform on which to learn about online marketing. I hope that one day, I make it to Vegas. My next project will be one where I promote WA, so maybe in a couple of years.

I am excited at what the future holds for the WA iterations on design. I have enjoyed seeing WA progress throughout the years to something quite wonderful. I still remember the days when WA had a forum, lol.

Keep up the good work. You are changing people's lives!
Loes Premium
Congratulations Kyle and Carson, you did an awesome job, and are still doing it! I am so glad I found WA in 2014. Wished I found you earlier.
This is a terrific blog to share around on Social Media!
So many internet companies who offer online services are one-day flies. 12 years of success proves the world the worth of your platform!
DebbieRose Premium
Kyle....Reading your post and seeing your plans for the future is really exciting. It makes me want to put more energy into my efforts and I know WA will support me every step of the way. Congratulations on your success, which helps all of us in our success.

Thank you,
ContentBySue Premium
I just knew it was kismet when I joined WA. After all, we share the same birthday. Happy Birthday WA!

So much has progressed just in the last year since joining and seven months as premium. I could not have gotten as far with my business if I had not discovered WA.

I love being challenged (at my age) and testing my learning curve, but most of all I love that I can use the knowledge I've gained to help others who are just starting out.

Here's wishing you and all of us many, many more years to come.

rwagener Premium
All I know about building websites and internet marketing has been here. I can't say I've built a successful business but I have built some successful sites for various charitable causes. I've been able to add value on Boards etc through what I have learned here.
One day - one of my own websites might just get the TLC it needs to start to make money - but in the meantime I'm very happy with what has been achieved.
Thanks WA.
TammiP Premium
It was fate the day that I stumbled across WA. It was one of the best things that has happened to me in a long time.

I love it here and have no plans of leaving.

Thanks, Kyle and Carson for the most wonderful online university in the world!!!

Happy Birthday!!!!

PAULttk333 Premium
Hello Kyle,
Thank you for creating this Wealthy Affiliate platform with Carson twelve years ago. Happy Birthday to WA.
Although I haven't earned any money yet I still enjoy the training here. I still have a full time bus driving job which is the reason not commiting more time to WA.
From WA, I learn to create my first website and also about internet marketing.
Thank you for the low price of yearly Black Friday deal which is a great help.
I will continue to try my best in WA.
jimk43 Premium
I have never regretted the time spent here at WA and only regret 15 years prior wasted effort in chasing get rich schemes which only enriched the promoters. Here at last I have found true value and site owners and members who truly want each other succeed in their chosen business niche and who offer top notch support to all. I am looking forward to seeing the upcoming new changes which I am sure will benefit us all. Thank you very much Kyle and Carson for this memorable experience.

Wayne66 Premium
I am so glad that I found this platform before choosing something else that was either going to bust me or well, I don't even want to think about because I know that there are others who haven't been so lucky.

So, thank you Kyle and Carson and all the rest of those behind the scenes. I'm proud to be a member of this community.

Rock on
Thomas2011 Premium
I always look forward to reading your insightful post that inspires me and gets me excited for the future here at Wealthy Affiliate.
I knew back in 2011 when I joined it was going to be the most informative online training facility. I think I was right as back then there was even 10k member now we are a community of a million strong :)

Wealthy Affiliate has changed my life and has taught me how to become an online business owner.

Big THANKS to Carson & Kyle and all the other who make this all possible, I look forward to many more years of evolution, learning, sharing and helping other Pay It Forward.

Share our experience and knowledge with the world, to a brighter and exciting future.

Thank you WA,

heifly Premium
If what you have planned is anything like or better than the platform now....I CAN HARDLY WAIT!
I have started SO MANY websites, bought domain names and hosting services and then never finished them simply because I really had no support! This time, I have the confidence of knowing you guys and the other helpers and trainers here in WA have my back!
And....as I have stated before, with a very low startup and monthly fee so we can get going :) there are those like me, who are just starting out with a REALLY BIG and serious "why" but not very much money to back it for now. We all know that will change but my heart is full, knowing your desire is to truly serve all of us!
I can hardly wait to see what's to come!
God Bless! Heidi
Rick Jantz Premium
I've been here almost five years now and there have been a lot of great changes. I've recently discovered Site Content and am really enjoying it...to the point I've decided to start up a niche website (even bought it at Sit Domains) and I'm really excited about building it during the coming 12 months and beyond.

I've gone out there looking and trying different things but I'm grounded here because I trust WA. I haven't found anything like it. Happy Birthday and I look forward to other changes.
DianneWB52 Premium
Hi Kyle, Carson, Jay, and all the other people behind the curtain.

Congratulations for 12 years of Wealthy Affiliate. Thank you all for what I feel is the best training for someone just starting out like myself. Also thank you for creating a great atmosphere here for our awesome community to grow. Here's to another 12 years and more in the future for WA.

EddySalomon Premium
Here's to many more. As someone that has been here for a decade I can say that evey year WA continues to get better. And it's because you guys focus on helping people and not just making money. It's why I feel proud recommending this community to thousands of people every year. People have tried to convince me to promote their programs which could probably make me more in the short term. But I would feel I'm selling people short because I know the quality and support wouldn't be anywhere what WA offers at a fraction of the cost.

I look forward to many more years with this community. Keep up the good work.
MKearns Premium
I remember well those days when WordPress wasn't around Kyle I still have reference books on HTML, PERL, Dreamweaver, SQL Server, Active Server pages and other largely coding intensive practices Cascading Style Sheets was the predecessor for themes. WordPress has certainly taken site building to a great level just as you And Carson have taken WA to a great level!!
sdcarcamo Premium
Happy Anniversary Kyle and Carson for your 12th years of success and WA Community also.
You've brought a great summary since you started your business.
Thank you for everything you do for us. Finally, I want say that your success is also our success. My best wishes for you and your family.


Rich908 Premium
Inspirational as ever .. From a tiny acorn a mighty oak has grown

We have all benefited from your experience and knowledge and will continue to do so in the near future. You and Carson have given hope to thousands of members seeking a better way of life.

Our Success is Your Success

JeffL61 Premium
Kyle, without a shadow of a doubt you and Carson have created the ultimate learning/educational program that is Wealthy Affiliate!

There simply does not exist a rival online program that comes anywhere near to what WA has to offer to its members.

Happy 12th birthday WA as well as many more in the future!

Stella2 Premium
I have only been here in a consistent way for a few months, but I love this community. It has become an important part of every day for me.
The more I learn (and the learning has become such fun!), the more I appreciate what a unique entity you have created here at Wealthy Affiliate.
I admire what is behind all of this in the form of the mindset that went into bringing it to this point with such an awesome pay-it-forward attitude.
Congratulations on 12 years and every wish for many more!!
Stella :-)
JohnDen Premium
Keep up the great work with moving forward, I don't know if I would be working online if I had not found you guys. I have learned so much from WA. And can't thank you and Carson, as well as the support from the great community we have here. Looking forward to the future.
Compsol99 Premium
I've only been with Wealthy Affiliate for 18 months and I've seen numerous changes, all for the better! You and Carson and the rest of your team continue to do wonderful things and should be applauded for your forward thinking!
I'm excited to see what changes are in store for the next 18 months!
Happy Birthday to Wealthy Affiliate!