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Hi Folks,

looking forward to interacting with you all here at WA, and of course learning how to turn this IM field into a profitable home-based business down the road.

I'm not totally new to IM, as I did attempt to educate myself in this field and gave it a solid attempt back in 2005.

Unfortunately, I did not have the guidance then, that I do now with WA. Sadly, back in 2005 I gave up PPC marketing because my campaigns were not profitable enough! But I was in profit to the tune of $500-$700 per month. I was thinking bigger, so these sums were a true disappointment.

However, after browsing through WA, I now realize that I was probably poised to really do very well back in 2005, but I had no one around to tell me that, or nudge me in that right direction to build on that initial success.

Anyhow, lesson learned. I'm here at WA to stay, and intend on looking to build and IM business with strong foundations, starting with Bumm Marketing and expanding into PPC in do course.

In the off line word, I'm a marketing manager for a large California based Industrial Bank. However, this type of job will never allow me to relocate to my future beach side home in Brazil, so lets get going with this!

Good luck to all,

take care,

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Leon Premium
Hello Kyle. I hope all is well. Today is my first day as a WA member and I glad that I have taken this opportunity. I believe with persevearance and specialize knowledge I can be succsessful. I would like to ask if you may have any recommendations for an aspiring entrepreneur since you are a season WA member I am thinking you may have some suggestions that you don't mind sharing.
Gelend Premium
Hey Kyle. Great goals you have there. If there is a lot adjacent to your lot at the beach, how about giving me a holla.
ToJo Premium
Hello Kyle, i'm new with WA and looking to meet new people and friends to share ideas and tips with. Brazil eh! what a place to live also a very good soccer team
MR DJ KC Premium
HEY this is Mr dj kc sounds like you know what you are doing lets keep in touch thanks. just started on friday 8/28/2009
ShawnJ Premium
What's up man. Welcome to WA.
ShawnJ Premium
Hey my time here at WA has been great. I am setting up my first PPC account at the moment. It is hard balancing university and IM, but this is something I would love to turn into my career.
Kyle MacRannell Premium
Thanks for stopping by! How's your progress going with IM? I'm sorta inbetween week 2 and 3 right now working on my 1st Squidoo Lense! Wish me luck bro.