Circle The Wagons Empower Network Is attacking

Last Update: August 09, 2013

Back in the days before the computer age (way back) the pioneers would circle the wagons as a defensive strategy against Indian attacks. Well folks its time to circle the wagons Empower Network is attacking with new promotional video campaigns. While the danger is minimal for marketers who have previously experienced their unscrupulous campaigns the danger to the new and unwary get rich quick seekers is extremely high.

So join the defensive circle, help get the warning out to the gullible before the twin Dave's suck them in and spits them out like yesterdays trash. A veritable heap of wussies unworthy of the great Empower Network climb to infamy is growing in leaps and bounds. Although many Wealthy Affiliate members have written scathing reviews of the empire it is not enough prevent the onslaught on the babes of marketing from taking a terrible toll. Already proficient at convincing the innocent they can jump tall buildings with a single bound they continue to hone their glossy hype slinging techniques. Warning! All marketers beware Empower Network has spread their nets even wider than ever, Don't get caught by their scam.

On the positive side Empower Network does give gullible victims a quick education in how the scamy side of online marketing functions, a lesson they are not likely to forget. The result is that the victims of Empower become excellent prospects for legitimate opportunities like the Wealthy Affiliate. Amazement sets in when they find the Wealthy Affiliate and realize there is still hope with an opportunity that doesn't try to clean out their bank accounts.

Skepticism is hard to overcome after an experience with the Empower Network and a little time is required before new arrivals to Wealthy Affiliate can accept the fact that the Wealthy Affiliate is really trying to help them. They often inquire about the hidden charges and up-sells they expect to find lurking around every corner and are amazed that there are none. They are often totally surprised that founders Kyle, Carson and thousands of Wealthy Affiliate members genuinely want to help them build a successful online business.

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KevTomlinson Premium
Great imagery, great blog post, well done!
caylynn Premium
Like that 'circle of wagons' imagery of the old west, victims fighting off EN and the WA members will come to the rescue! After their trauma, they'll be needing the special treatment of TLC - tender loving care. Good post kws. ^_~
AnnieB Premium
It'll be interesting to hear about them in the future. They are going into China and Europe, I think this year. If they get a grip of China with a billion+ population, heaven help us. I know that not everyone has a computer over there but most do. EN members with family over there will rake it in. Hopefully they will not be gullible victims, but I don't see why not. Many in the west are. Oh, well they don't have my money anymore. I'm safe here with WA. Superwoman I am, I know about their tricks :)
kws123 Premium
You would think their bad reputation would overtake them at some point.
lo24x7 Premium
favorite line: "A veritable heap of wussies unworthy of the great Empower Network climb to infamy is growing in leaps and bounds." Honestly i'm still cracking up and umm... I'll add something useful when I finish reading it... hahaha
kws123 Premium
Thanks- my favorite too...