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I do not understand how to get my about me post onto menus?

I do not understand how to get my about me post onto menus?

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I am trying to get my "about me" post onto menus. I can see them in the templates and have published them. When I go into appearance - menus- posts I can see my about me post I

Did you click click add to menu after you click the box in menu. when you have done that you have to decide where to to place it- normally Primary is where one would place it.

I have a question on step 8 creating menus ?

I have a question on step 8 creating menus ?

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I went through Step 7 and now on Step 8 creating custom menus on website
I created my about me page and the private policy page in Step 7 and cannot see them on the posts?

Thank you so much Marion!
I got it figured out

Try Appearance > Menus > Pages (instead of Posts)

How to change credit card information on my account?

How to change credit card information on my account?

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I just purchased the premium but would like to put this on a different credit card than the one I put in the system. How can I change that?

Hi, Kim.
Go to "account settings" left, very bottom.
opens to a page and look for "Subscription Settings"
click on "payment source".
Here you can insert your new C/C information.
Hope this helps!

you will have to cancel your account and then reopen it with the credit card you want to use.

Don't worry you will not be charged again because you will still be able to use your account until the membership was set to expire from when you bought it on the first card.

It will just renew it'self under your new card information when it is time for it too.

Thanks so much!

- Click the arrow that appears in your Profile Pic in the upper right corner

- Select "Account Setting"

- Select "Payment Source"

You should be able to make your change from there.

I would assume:
Log into WA.
On the top right hang side is your profile link. Click on that. A drop down menu appears, select Account Settings. A new page opens up. There is a section called Subscription Settings, select Payment Source there.
I would assume that you can change credit card information there.
I know that you can change paypal to credit card.

If you cannot change credit card information there, I would suggest that you go to your letter box icon, again on the top right (3 icons to the left of the profile icon), select that. Find an email from Kyle, and reply back to it.

Just do not provide credit card information in that reply in case the correspondence is not as private and is not as secure as you would like.

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